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New OS - Jealousy = Confession

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Hi everyone.
I know I said I have no new ideas, and that' still true. This is something I started writing out months ago, but I didn't know how to complete it. I felt the urge to write yesterday, so I decided to try and see where this story would go.
Saying that, I must warn you, it is looonnngg and a bit direction-less... so I am not sure how it will be received but hope you like it anyway :-). Apologies if you find it all over the place (I did warn you LOL)
Much love, as always
Jealousy = Confession

"It's not a date or anything" she muttered, annoyed at his irritation. "Excuse me?" Asad asked, looking confused at what Zoya had just babbled on about to him. "Come on Mr Khan! I booked the tickets already and only now did Najma realise her project is due tomorrow and can't come with me, and Phupi is tired; she was out shopping all day" Zoya tried to hide her lie by babbling. "Did you ask Tanu if she wanted to go with you?" Asad asked, not really wanting to go to the movies alone with Zoya. He was at breaking point with her. He couldn't understand his feelings towards her and being around her made him nervous, and then angry at himself. He'd noticed something that seemed like jealousy emanating from Zoya towards Tanveer but then dismissed it.


Zoya looked down, trying to come up with something to tell him. Of course she hadn't asked Tanu! Ever since that woman had arrived, she'd taken all Mr Khan's attention away. Of course, not all the attention Zoya received from him was positive, but still... even when she knew she annoyed him, it was better than the indifference he'd shown to her once his childhood best friend had arrived. Zoya didn't even realise why she craved his attention so much.


That is, until this afternoon, when she'd heard Asad tell Tanveer that she could stay however long she wanted to in his home. He'd never been that welcoming of her. She'd felt such a stab of jealousy that she almost doubled over. "Allah Miya Zoya! This is ridiculous... lying to him, just to spend time with him. And you'll probably end up having a miserable time anyway" she thought to herself. Asad watched the flicker of emotions pass her expressive eyes. "Ms Farooqui?" he called her when he realised she wasn't answering him.


"Uhm... I-I didn't... see, Tanveer was not feeling well this morning...so" she stuttered, not being able to lie so easily while looking at him directly. Asad almost jumped off his couch, and started walking towards Zoya, but looking past the door. "Not well? What happened? I should go check if she's ok?" he muttered to himself. "Mr Khan!" Zoya shouted and Asad turned to look at her. She waved the confirmation page in front of him, trying to stop him before she could get caught out in her lie.  "Ms Farooqui, you just told me Tanu is sick, and you're still going on about the movies? I can't believe you, really!" he snapped and walked off towards Tanveer's room.


He stopped outside her door and looked back towards his bedroom, then closed his eyes. "She drives me mad. But now... she really wanted to watch that movie and I... I- Why can't I hold myself back from shouting at her?" he shook his head regretfully, before entering Tanveer's room. Asad looked momentarily confused. Tanveer looked fine. She was sketching some designs at the desk in her room. She looked up and smiled at him sweetly. "Jammy" she greeted happily. Asad gave her a tight smile, still feeling guilty over shouting at Zoya. "Uhhh... Zoya mentioned you weren't well this morning?" he asked.


Tanveer crinkled her nose. "I... I was fine. Seriously Jammy, where does Zoya get this stuff from?" she said, blatantly annoyed. "What do you mean?" he asked, not really liking Tanveer's tone of voice when she spoke about Zoya now. "She's just so strange. I mean, I asked for you at breakfast this morning and she said you'd left for the office already". "And so Tanu?" Asad asked, confused. "You hadn't left yet" Tanveer answered, looking up at him. "Hmmm, maybe she just thought I left" he said. Tanveer shook her head slightly, showing Asad she didn't believe that one bit.


An idea struck Asad, seeing as Tanveer seemed fine. "Tanu, do you want to go to the movies?" he asked and she stopped sketching to beam up at him. "Now? Of course Jammy. I would love to go with you" she said, already gathering her things. Asad mentally slapped himself. Did he just make it seem like he was taking Tanveer out alone? On a date? And why the hell did she look and sound so happy about it? Before he could say anything further about her joining Zoya and him, Tanveer had whipped past him.


They came face to face with Zoya walking towards her room. Her eyes were red and puffy. She had definitely been crying. "Asad, you idiot! You do this to her all the time" he chided himself.  Ms Farooqui, I...-" he started speaking softly, but Zoya's eyes flew to Tanveer's hand holding onto his. He noticed this and self-consciously tried to remove it but Tanveer's grip was too tight for him to casually remove himself from it. Tanveer smiled sweetly at Zoya. "Asad is taking me to the movies! Isn't that so sweet?" Tanveer cooed. Asad frowned at Tanveer. "What the hell is she doing?" he thought to himself.


Swallowing the lump in her throat, Zoya nodded and thrust something into Asad's hands before walking to her room. "Zoya, wait!" Asad called to her but she'd slammed her door by then. Tanveer, inwardly smiling at the painful exchange between the two, chirped "Let's go Jammy" Asad looked down to his hand. It was the confirmation for the tickets Zoya had booked. Asad berated himself internally. He was just offering for Tanu to go with him and Zoya and now how did this happen?


Why couldn't he have skipped this whole thing and just said yes and taken Zoya to the movies, like she'd so nicely asked him a while ago.  Asad decided on a change of plan, and massaged his temples dramatically. Maybe Zoya was rubbing off on him after all. "Tanu... I'm sorry. I have an awful headache. I don't think I can sit through a movie like this..." he said apologetically. "That's ok. We can go another time. Shall I massage your head?" she asked, slipping in next to him on the couch and reaching her hand to his head before he'd said yes. "That's ok Tanu. I'll be fine" he protested but she ignored it.


"You haven't left yet?" Zoya enquired softly. Asad stood up abruptly. "Actually, Jammy has a headache so he will take me another day" Tanveer spoke up for Asad, who was now clearly tongue-tied looking at Zoya. She eyed the crumpled up confirmation on the coffee table. She smiled at Tanveer, and then bent down to pick up the piece of paper, avoiding all eye contact with Asad. "I'll take this back then" she said. Asad realised he was staring and closed his mouth. Zoya's face was scrubbed clean, devoid of any evidence that she'd been crying just a little while ago, and she had changed into a beautiful red silk shirt, and skinny black jeans.


She looked amazing. "Zoya, you going out?" Tanveer asked snidely, her eyes enviously skimming over Zoya's attire and her spiky heels. Zoya forced a smile, still thinking about Tanveer sitting so closely to Asad on the couch a few minutes ago. "Yes... I was going to the movies as well, then... I had no one that wanted to go with, so I called a friend" she said softly, eyes downcast, not trusting herself to look at Asad.


He stepped forward then. "Uhm Ms Farooqui... we could still go... if you want to" Asad said softly. "It's ok Mr Khan. You and Tanveer can go ahead as planned some other time" she answered, looking over his shoulder to the front door. "She's right Jammy" Tanveer said, holding onto Asad's arm. Not for the first time, Asad saw a hint of jealousy pass over Zoya's face. What he did see for the first time though, was hurt. That look in her eyes punched him in the gut. Was his... behaviour towards Tanveer... hurting her? But why?


Asad had to admit, he kind of liked jealous' Zoya, but Zoya that was hurting? He didn't like that one bit. Zoya made a beeline for the door. "Ms Farooqui?" Asad whipped around, removing himself from Tanveer's grip. Zoya halted, hand on doorknob and eyes closed at his voice. "Ms Farooqui... uhhh, how will you go?" he asked quietly, and Zoya heard the footsteps getting closer to her. "My friend is collecting me. I will just wait for him outside" she said softly, still not turning around.


"Jammy, I'm going back to my room" Tanveer called, hoping to take his attention away from Zoya. Seeing as he didn't even acknowledge she said anything, she slipped away, annoyed at him. "Zo-Ms Farooqui... I mean... which friend?" Asad asked in the calmest voice he could manage. He didn't even know she had any friends here in Bhopal. That confusion, coupled with the sudden rage he felt at her meeting a male friend made him want to shake her to answer him. "It's Rabaart, Mr Khan. He said he'd take me" she answered. Asad almost let out an audible sigh of relief, knowing it was just Ayaan she was going with. He didn't understand why.


"Can I go?" she asked. "Can't you wait inside until he gets here?" Asad asked. "No, I can't. Now please. Just let me go" she snapped and walked out. She wished he could let her go... then she wouldn't feel so miserable every day. She had had it with him. She should've lied and made up another story. She would've liked to see his reaction to going out with some other guy. Zoya knew she was plain down jealous of Tanveer's closeness with Asad, but it's not like she hadn't seen signs of slight jealousy from him either. She'd seen it a couple times, actually. The fact was, Ayaan wasn't coming to get her. She was going to the movies alone. She just needed to get away from Mr Khan and from his "Tanu". Asad was left gaping after her. Boy, she sounded really mad.


Asad walked back to his bedroom dejectedly, but once in, he'd eyed his car keys, his mind working overtime. Grabbing them, he made his way out of his room, feeling thankful that he'd glanced at the confirmation paper to see where Zoya had booked tickets. "Jammy, where are you going?" Tanveer asked shrilly, peeking out from her bedroom door. Asad distractedly glanced at her. "Forgot something at the office" he answered before walking out the door. Tanveer wasn't an idiot. She knew Asad was probably going out to look for Zoya. She'd noticed the furtive glances between her best friend and his houseguest and was probably more aware of their feelings towards each other than they were themselves. Nothing irritated her more. She'd dropped everything to come back here - for him. To fulfil her childhood dream of becoming Mrs Asad Ahmed Khan. Sure they didn't love each other, but damn... she could learn to love him. It was everything else that came with him that attracted her more. Only she wasn't expecting some stroppy American to be here spoiling her plans.


Zoya been driving herself mad and acting so unlike herself, doing all sorts of things to get Asad's attention and keep Tanveer away from him. "Enough, Zoya!" she said, as she hailed an auto a few steps away from the Khan Villa. Sure she had lied and now she was going to be all alone at the movies, watching some romantic comedy, but some time away from that house, from that man... was a welcome exchange.



Asad walked into the cinema complex and eyed the crowd, hoping to catch sight of Zoya or Ayaan, but he couldn't see either of them. Well, he was a bit early for the movie. He'd decided he would join them. Even though he'd been relieved that Zoya was only meeting Ayaan, somehow there was an uneasiness in the situation that had driven him to join them. He wasn't exactly jealous of his brother or the friendship between Zoya and him, but the fact that they would be spending time in a darkened cinema watching a romantic movie didn't sit well with him.


A sudden commotion nearby brought him out of his thoughts. A flash of red silk caught his eye. "Zoya!" he said, as he noticed that and a yelp from her. He'd know that voice anywhere. But when he'd got close enough, the sight in front of him burned him to the core. Zoya was being held just above the floor by a very good looking young man. Not only that, but they were staring at each other. She was looking at this guy... like she would look... at him.


Zoya looked at the man whose arms she was in. She blinked once, twice. Asad? She almost whispered out Mr Khan' but when his grip on her tightened, she realised she was in the arms of a stranger. He watched Zoya shuffle out of the man's embrace and thank him. Asad almost rolled his eyes. She obviously tripped on her own two feet again. He was about to call out to her when she turned to walk away from the man, when he held her wrist to stop her.


Asad clenched his fists. "Wait. What's your name?" the guy asked Zoya. She smiled at him and answered in her ever-bubbly manner, "Zoya! Nice to meet you. And thank you again. I fall a lot, but usually my... uhhh... the person who's house I live in, catches me" she babbled, not realising that Asad was close by and heard every word. What was she going to call him, Asad had wondered. The stab he'd felt at her latter description didn't go unnoticed by his heart either.


Asad's eyes tightened as he realised the guy was still holding onto his Zoya's hand. HIS Zoya? Asad felt like punching the guy's lights out, but kept his cool. The guy chuckled at Zoya's reply and smiled widely. "I'm Rehan" he said. "Were you going in to watch something?" he asked. Asad noticed Zoya's eyes cloud over. "I was... but. Not now" she said. Asad's heart clenched. Had Zoya really wanted him to go with her so badly? And where the hell was Ayaan, he thought as he gave the cinema a cursory glance once again. Zoya politely removed her hand from Rehan's grip. But Rehan wasn't one to give up easily. "Are you here alone? I was going to watch something, and I am also alone. Join me?" he called out to Zoya as she took a few steps away from him.


"I- Sorry, I should get going" Zoya responded. Although grateful to the stranger, she didn't want to put herself in any kind of dangerous situation. "Hey, I won't bite. We're in a public place. You can trust me. Even sit two seats away AND I'll share my popcorn with you" Rehan bartered playfully. Zoya broke into a smile. Asad felt his nails dig into his palm. "This girl never learns..." he thought to himself, about to step forward.


"Ms Farooqui" he called to her and she turned to him, her eyes wide. "M-m-mr Khan? What are you-" she started but he cut her off. "I'm here to watch the movie with you" he said, glaring at Rehan. She turned to face Asad. "How long have you been here?" she hissed and though he was momentarily shocked at her tone, he managed to answer calmly enough. "Long enough to see you're about to get yourself into trouble. So I'm here now. I'll go collect the tickets. Give me the confirmation" he whispered back urgently, holding his hand out for the piece of paper.


"You don't need to save me! I've never asked you to. Just please go and spend the evening with your precious Tanu! In fact, why don't you bring her to watch the movie Rehan and I will be watching now!" she retorted, her eyes throwing flames at him for his audacity. Rehan didn't catch everything that was said but he couldn't deny the sparks flying between these two. "Lovers that had a spat?" he wondered to himself. He decided that pretty as she was, the girl wasn't worth being torn alive by the pitbull she was arguing with, especially not with all the glaring coming his way. He slunk away as they continued arguing.


"Tanu? Why are you bringing Tanu into this?" Asad asked incredulously. Zoya rolled her eyes at him. "Oh nevermind!" she said and turned to where Rehan was, but... he wasn't there anymore. Zoya sighed. Her only alibi for a night out and they'd probably scared him off. It hit Asad then that Zoya really was jealous of Tanveer - he hadn't been imagining it. She felt Asad grab her wrist. "Don't even think about going to look for him!" he ordered. "Let go Mr Khan, you're hurting me" she said, her words double-edged. 


He let go of her abruptly and she started walking away towards the kiosk to get her ticket. "Damn him" she thought as she avoided looking in his direction. As she walked into the cinema hall, she briefly wondered whether he was even still there, but shrugged slightly and carried on. She settled into her seat with her box of popcorn and Diet Coke, unaware that Asad had got his own ticket and was now sitting three rows behind her.


The cinema hall was mostly deserted so Asad crouched into his seat, praying she wouldn't notice him. He knew he'd really upset her, but he just wanted to make sure she was ok, and be there to take her home because it was already so late. He closed his eyes momentarily and thought back to all the times he and Zoya had been so close. So close he could almost smell the scent of her shampoo... so close, that if he'd inched forward just a few millimetres, he'd have been able to brush his lips against her soft ones. How he wished he was sitting next to her now. He would slip his arm around her and she would lean closer. He opened his eyes abruptly. "You're going mad Asad. She is driving you mad" he chided himself.


Asad saw Zoya's shoulders shaking ahead of him and it looked like she was wiping at her eyes. He didn't even know what movie he was watching. He looked at the screen to figure out what happened and his heart constricted. The couple on screen were lovingly dancing to "Bol Na Halke Halke". This song always reminded him of the night they'd spent together at that abandoned farmhouse. How they had danced... almost confessed their feelings under the influence of bhaang. Was Zoya thinking about that too?


Asad couldn't take it anymore. Not when he was right there and Zoya was crying. He got up from his seat and discreetly walked to her row and sat beside her. Noticing the movement next to her, Zoya dashed her tears away and startled to see Asad sitting next to her, holding out his handkerchief. She turned towards the screen again, ignoring his gesture. "What are you doing here? Didn't I tell you to go home to your precious Tanuuu" she hissed.


Asad leaned in towards her. "Why do you keep bringing Tanveer up?" he whispered. She looked at him incredulously. "Are you serious? You're the one that can't seem to do anything without her!" Zoya spat out. "I'm mad at you! Get the hell out of here and leave me alone!" she whisper-shouted at him. "Zoya, please..." he pleaded, not exactly sure what he was pleading for. "Mr Khan, please. I want to be alone" she said in a more defeated tone. Asad made no move to leave, so Zoya got up and rushed past him to the exit.


What she had wished for was that he would slip his arm around her. She would've leaned onto his chest over the arm rest and snuggled into him. As she walked out into the light with blurry vision due to her tears, the realisation of just how deep in love with him hit her like a force unknown. She started walking aimlessly out of the cinema complex, amidst the crowd that had just come out of another screening. She bumped into someone. "Watch where you're going!" the grumpy man shouted.


"Zoya!" Asad called as she was about to cross the street. "Wait!" he called again, running after her as she started walking across. He grabbed her just as she stepped off the curb and pulled her back so forcefully, she collided onto his chest. Asad held onto her as he pulled her to a secluded space on the street and sat her down on a bench.

He let go of her once he felt that the closeness was becoming too much. "You ready to go home?" he asked softly when it seemed like she'd calmed down, and she nodded slightly, still looking down. He took her hand in his and led her to his car. She was obviously still very upset, so he strapped her in while she just sat there in a daze.

This was getting much too much now. They riled each other up, they fought too much, but the one thing that was suddenly clear to him, is through all of this... they were only hurting each other. Asad knew Zoya was no longer "just a guest" in his home. No point in denying it any longer. He could lie to the whole world, even Zoya... but how much longer could he lie to himself? He glanced at her quickly and caught her dashing another lone tear from her eye as she stared out of the window.

Zoya couldn't stop the tears from flowing.  She didn't even know what she was doing. What the hell had happened tonight? She lied, lied and lied some more... just to get Mr Khan to go out with her... spend some time with her. Then he'd offered to take Tanveer out but ended up coming to get her anyway. She was confused, tired and her head hurt. She just wanted to go to sleep and pretend that none of this ever happened.

Zoya got off the car before Asad had even switched off and made her way to the front door. Asad jogged to where she was fumbling with her key. "Zoya, wait. We need to talk" he said, taking the key from her. "What about? It's really late. I'm sure you can wait until tomorrow morning to shout at me" she said in a small voice, looking down.

Asad grabbed her by her shoulders and pinned her against the wall. "I am NOT going to shout. I just... want to talk. Please?" She looked at him then. The tone of his voice stirred something within her, and then the look in his eyes melted her annoyance and tiredness away. Yes, she was definitely in love. She closed her eyes. A love that would never be requited. "Ok. Can I just... I need a few minutes" she said and he nodded, finally opening up the door and letting her in. Zoya walked straight to her room, confused at what Asad wanted to talk to her about. 

Asad waited patiently in the lounge, armed with a coffee for Zoya, just the way she liked it. When she finally came out of her room, his eyes softened as he watched her walk into the lounge dejectedly in her baby pink pyjamas that he loved seeing her in. She took a seat across from him on the couch, folding her legs underneath her. She silently took the coffee he'd handed to her and decided she would speak first.

"Ok, so I know what you're going to say. I wasn't going to go with that guy. I wasn't in any kind of danger. I lied about Ayaan meeting me, yes, but I was fine. I just needed to get out, ok?" she babbled before taking a long slurp of her coffee.

"I know. I'm sorry" he replied and she almost spat her coffee out as her eyes widened. "Huh?" she asked. "I know you wanted to go out... and I should've taken you, so I am sorry" he said sincerely. Zoya wanted him to stop or she was going to start crying again. "There's something else I want... no, I need to clear with you..." he said, getting up off the couch and taking a seat next to her. Zoya's heart started racing. She placed her hand over her chest to keep it in place lest it beat right out of her chest. Asad smiled internally. "She feels it too..."

He took her other hand in his. "Now or never, Asad" he thought to himself. "There is nothing going on with me and Tanveer. We're just friends. You know that, right?" he said softly. "How would I know that Mr Khan, and why do you think I care?" she snapped, taking her hand out of his hold. "You would know that, because... you know I don't look at her the way I look at you... I don't see her, the way I see you... and you DO care, Ms Farooqui" he said with a confidence he didn't know he had.

Their gazes locked after he'd said what he wanted to. Asad felt light; relieved. It wasn't everything he wished he could say but it was a start and for now, it was enough. "Hmm...?" Zoya asked, transfixed on what he'd just said. "Does that mean he... does he...?" she thought to herself incoherently. Asad leaned in and stroked her cheek. "I don't want to keep doing this. I know, I know I hurt you..." he said but she put her finger to his lips to keep him quiet. "When did you start talking so much, Mr Khan?" she asked mischievously. He looked up at her to find a small smile playing on her lips. "Huh?"

"Allah Miya, what's wrong with you now?" she teased. A sombre look passed over her face then and she took his hand once again. "Mr Khan, you do hurt me, but I know you don't do it intentionally. I know that behind your scolding and harsh words, somewhere deep down you do it because you care..." Asad listened to her intently.

"Also, about Tanveer... I don't even know what to say about that, and I think it's better if I say nothing at all" she said, looking towards the staircase. "There is nothing to say about it. We're friends, that's all" he retorted. Zoya laughed sarcastically. "Yes, a friend' who can't seem to breathe unless she's propped up against you!" Zoya blurted, then put her hand to her mouth as her eyes widened, realising what she said. Asad chuckled and leaned in. "I'm sorry about that... I didn't think that that was what you were jealous of?" he smirked.

Zoya looked at him. "Sorry? Me, jealous? You must be mad, Mr Khan!" she said. "Yes, ever since you've come into my life, I will happily admit I've gone a bit mad" he said. This only made Zoya angrier. "I'm going to bed!" she said as she got up from the couch. Asad grabbed her wrist and tugged, the momentum of which pulled her onto his lap. Asad wrapped his arms around her waist, bringing her in closer. He nuzzled her hair, making Zoya forget why she was angry in the first place and she sighed in contentment.

"Zoyaaa... It's only you. Don't you get that?" he whispered in her ear, making her shudder involuntarily. "Really?" she whispered back, completely in her senses now, compared to earlier. "Yes. Ever since you've come into my life, I've gone mad... mad about you. If you let me finish my sentences in future, you may be pleasantly surprised" he said amusedly. Zoya giggled and hugged him tightly.

"What an ending to such an awful night" she said as he leaned back on the couch and she snuggled into him. "It's you and your dramatics" he said dismissively and she punched him in the arm. She couldn't believe this was her Mr Khan. So comfortable sitting here in the lounge, cuddling with her, expressing himself, confessing to his feelings so openly.

She realised for all he had said, she had said nothing back regarding any other feelings besides jealousy. "Ok... I was jealous..." she said softly. The tone of her voice made Asad realise now was not the time for teasing. "Why?" he asked, genuinely interested to know now. "Ever since she's been here... you don't talk to me, not even to shout. And you're always telling me to leave, but you told her the other day that she could stay as long as she liked, and and..." she sniffled. Asad pushed her back and shook his head at her. "No crying Zoya. I can't stand it" he said as he wiped her tears away.

"I thought you... liked her, more than a friend. And then Phupi kept saying what a wonderful bahu she would make... " she said. Asad pulled her to him. "Yes, I am sure she will make a great bahu; just not in this home. In MY home, I have someone else in mind. Someone I thought I couldn't wait to get rid of, but then I realised that if she left my home, she would still be in my heart forever..." he whispered.

Zoya couldn't believe what she was hearing, but decided to not interrupt him. Who knows, maybe she'd be pleasantly surprised. "And now that she's in my heart forever, how could I stand having her leave my home? No. I want her in my home forever too" he said softly, stroking her back.

"Who I she?" Zoya asked innocently, but mischievously. Asad laughed openly now. "You're really going to make me spell it out for you, aren't you?' he said. "No Mr Khan. Let me say this first" she said, pulling away from him. She reached out to touch his face. "I love you. I've known for a long time, now I need you to know" she whispered, her voice full of emotion. Asad nodded as tears welled up in his eyes. "I think I knew it a long time ago too... but just didn't want to admit it. I love you too, Zoya" he said.

"Say yes?" he asked. Zoya looked at him confused. "Say yes, to staying forever in my heart and my home... as my wife?" he finally got out. Zoya flashed her dimples at him through her tears and crashed into him. "I love you so much Mr Khan!" she cried onto his shoulder. Asad rolled his eyes, aware that she was crying again. "I love you too. Allah help me..." he teased. She pulled away from him and shot him a death glare. "Allah Miya, what's-" Asad dipped his forward and placed his lips on hers to shut her up. Breaking away, he smirked. "What's wrong with what?" he asked huskily. "Nothing... nothing's wrong" Zoya mumbled, looking down shyly. "You're right... everything is just right, right now" he said, before pulling her into a another kiss.

 The End

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shreya11mehra IF-Stunnerz

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Beautiful os dear

Da movie scene mk me remember the song ...PEHELA YE PEHELA YE TERA MERA SONI...

da whole jelly situation has been penned down amazingly..

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Edited :)
Really cute OS!!

Zoya behaving jealous was cute! Loved how she was making up reasons to get Asad to go to the movies with her Tongue
Tanu was annoying!!
It was great how possessive Asad got when he saw Zoya and Rehan!!
Loved the ending Big smile

Thanks for the pm :)

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Oh! The good Old days Heart

Glad you completed and posted as said Smile

Now get some new ideas Asap please.LOL
Your stories are much needed Wink

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long & lovely one :)

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Really nice do write more Smile

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AsYa confessed!!!
Thank god dat kabaab me haddi Tannu, billo rani was nt their!!!
Do write more!!!

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awww a cute one...sooo good to see you after a long time Buddy...are you starting any ff?

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Author: penfriend28   Replies: 16   Views: 3463

penfriend28 16 3463 18 September 2013 at 11:50am by -Crazy4AsYa-
AsYa hug/Imran's truth/Jealousy Track

Author: onedirection9   Replies: 6   Views: 1125

onedirection9 6 1125 27 August 2013 at 3:55pm by annanyaksgian
Adorable AsYa-Jealousy + Dance Pics :)

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Author: LoveAsYa222   Replies: 97   Views: 5442

LoveAsYa222 97 5442 07 July 2013 at 11:38am by ilovebieber

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