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Welcome Bvians to the Appreciation Thread of one the most handsome and talented young actors  on Indian Television , Shashank Vyas , whom we all appreciate and love  for his brilliant portrayal of  character Dr Jagdish Bhairon Singh / Jagya  If you are a fan of this really wonderful actor and above that wonderful person, you are more than welcome to join this appreciation thread 


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Standing six feet . one inch  tall ,  with stunning good looks, Shashank( we call him ShankyEmbarrassed) was born on 30thNovember in Ujjain in a typical middle class family. The young Ujjain boy was always fond of acting  He came in Mumbai in 2009 to try his luck in acting on encouragement of a friend  to pursue acting.   His stay in Mumbai was full of struggles His friend left him in the lurch  by not answering his calls after he got off at Dadar station. He stayed at a gurudwara in Andheri , where beds were provided on a first-come-first-serve basis. That meant many sleepless nights for him   He joined Anupum Kher's acting academy to learn acting from there  A month later he shifted in Mumbai his dear mother passed away and he had to go back to his home town to attend her funeral In between he was discouraged not to pursue acting but then remembering his mother's wishes he decided to pursue what he started He returned to Mumbai and started struggling to make his place in glittering showbiz world  His struggle boasts to 275 auditions in 18 months.  He managed to get modelling assignments and some cameo roles a  one-day cameo in Sony TV's, and in Farah Khan's film Tees Maar Khan To Shashank all these assignments are dearer to him as they helped him earn his bread in Mumbai  
Finally in mid 2010 his hard work paid off when he was selected to play the male protagonist Jagdish Bhairon Singh /Jagya in Colors TV's most popular show Balika Vadhu when show took leap of 5 years .Shashank entered show on 26th July 2010  as teenage Jagya .With his good looks and sweet , cute , naughty nature in his character as well as in real it didn't  take him much time to become new heart throb in Indian Telly world .He along with Pratyusha Banerjee was whole heartly accepted by viewers as their new beloved  Jagya and Anandi. But as soon as Jagya's character began to shape up Shashank proved to viewers he is not just only a good looking boy but besides he is also a very talented actor. Jagya's character carried many twists and turns and Shashank has been through out praised by critics and viewers alike for flawlessly playing all shades  of his character so well
Shashank has been nominated for many awards and  won Best  Male Debutant at Global Indian Film and TV Honors in 2011.In 2012 he was honored at colors Golden Petal Awards for Best character portrayal  Jagdish  His pair along with Pratyusha was also very much appreciated by viewers which brought them Indian Telly Award for popular couple on screen in 2011 . In  July 2013 Shashank successfully completed his three years in the serial showing viewers his variety of awesome acting skills and is still going on .
He has received massive people's and critical praise for playing such a complex character so well . In his debut show playing a character carrying so many shades so well he proved what other actors take many roles to prove and he surely has a great future ahead of him . He surely is here to stay for a long time.
Shashank is also praised by media and people for being  one of those rare actors who has fame but still no starry tantrums , a complete down to earth and humble person who is dedicated to his work and  also a level headed person with no starry airs affecting his charming personality He is a down to earth , humble and modest person in real life

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Birthday: 30th November

Nickname: My mother used to call me Kanha otherwise everybody calls me by my real name.

Sun Sign: Sagittarius

Hometown: Ujjain

Describe yourself: I am a simple person and honest to my work.

Strength: I dream big and I consider this as my strength. Without a dream a man is nothing.

Weakness: I am not a punctual person. I am always late by fifteen-twenty minutes for my shoot and I want to change that.

What can easily impress you: Hard work and dedication towards work.

You're crazy about: I am crazy about Hindi movies. I don't miss a single release every week.

Hobbies: I love to meet new people and talk to them. I also love to observe them as I feel an actor is a very good observer.

A cloud 9 moment for you: It has to be getting Jagya's character. For a newcomer like me, when my track was on air I was on cloud nine and will cherish this for a long time.

Do you believe in destiny: Yes of course I do believe in destiny. Hard work can change anything in life. 

Songs you're humming these days: I am a big Kishore Kumar fan so in my car the music is mostly by Kishore Kumar and I love to listen to O mere dil ke chayen and Chu kar mere maan ko.

Any TV show you follow: Unfortunately I do not follow any show and whenever I find sometime I catch my own show in you tube.

An unforgettable day of your life: When I bagged the first award of my life for the Best Debutant. The first landmark is always a special one.

Describe your daily routine in short: I am a very boring person. My daily routine is quite simple - in the morning I wake up, get ready and go to the set and in the night after the shoot I go to bed. It doesn't involve an interesting activities as such. 

What is your favorite pass time during free time on the sets: Well, I don't sleep on the set. I just love to chit-chat with the spot dadas and crew members on the set.

Favorite hangout places in Mumbai: I love my car and bike. Somehow I really like Bandra. especially Carter Road and Bandstand. 

Craziest fan encounter so far: It was in Shirdi where I met a family who came to visit Sai Baba and when they saw me at the gate and recognized me they wanted to touch my feet. It was really crazy and an incident which I will never forget.

The best compliment ever received: I am quite a perfectionist when it comes to my job so whenever I get any compliments I just keep it in my mind and then again work hard. But yes of course I enjoy getting compliments.

Your inspiration: Mr. Amitabh Bachchan for obvious reasons.

You're incomplete without: Without my work I guess. Shashank Vyas is nothing without his job.

Message to your fans: Be humble and honest in life. With your dedication and passion you can be a winner. And do keep watching Jagya as there is a lot to come in the show.

Shashank Vyas, best known for his role as Jagya in Balika Vadhu on Colors TV, is a fitness freak. His fit body adds charm to his face which is liked by every girl. He is also a foodie who believes in having only ghar ka khana (homemade food).

In a candid chat with, the actor shares his fitness mantras.

Personal fitness mantra: I make sure that I have a healthy diet with a proper jogging routine in the mornings. I don't prefer going to a gym because I have no interest in building muscles.

Personal diet mantra: I don't eat outside food at all and only have homemade food. I also keep in mind that my food is not too oily and spicy. Coconut water and curd is mandatory in my diet.

Exercise routine: I do jogging for one and a half hours every day in the morning.

Is food the elixir of life? Yes, it is very important for survival and as I am a foodie. So for me, it's part of my life.

Are you a foodie? Yes, to the core.

Are you a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian? I am a pure vegetarian.

Favourite cuisine: As I am a foodie, I love eating everything.

Favourite dish: Whatever I cook becomes my favourite dish.

Favourite restaurant: I don't go to restaurants at all.

A must on my breakfast table: Curd and coconut water with
some Indian dishes like upma or poha.

Sugar or sugar-free tea/coffee: Tea with one table spoon of
sugar and at times I even prefer green tea.

Lunch generally consists of: Three chapattis, dal, rice with sprouts and salad. This makes my lunch a complete package.

Dinner generally consists of: I am not really fond of dinner because lunch and breakfast complete my diet. Sat night, I prefer it to be very light with tomato soup or salad.

Dessert delights: I don't like dessert.

One thing I can't resist: Rice, because I need it during the day.

My favourite drink (non-alcoholic): Fresh lime.

My favourite drink (alcoholic): I don't have alcohol.

At parties I have: I hardly go for any party.

Most unusual dish I've tasted: Nothing so far.

Experiment with food: I do try different things with my
food but, whatever I make is for my delight.

On the streets, I love to have: I don't eat anything outside.

Do you cook? I love cooking, so you can understand my taste.

Fitness tip: Many a times, people go to late night gym without understanding that you can't let your body work anytime. Morning time is the only real and effective time for workouts. Have a proper diet and avoid oily and spicy stuff for your dinner. Make sure that you have a very healthy breakfast because that is the main meal of your day.


Revealing the real guy behind Jagya...over a scrumptious meal


It is Hornby's Pavillion at the 5 star ITC Grand Central Hotel, Parel, again but this time my guest is the tall, young and dashing Shashank Vyas hugely popular as Jagya of Balika Vadu on Colors channel. At a height of 6'1" with a lean figure, he reminded me of a young and more handsome version of Amitabh Bachchan.

The vegetarian actor is a foodie and relished the Kebabs at the restaurant. He loves to cook and experiment at home with paneer and stuff. "The wife has to be a good cook," he insists, though there is no one in the scene right now as he puts it, "Girls don't like me. Even when I go back to Indore, my female friends call me home and leave me with their mothers and go away." Black is his fave color and his car is also a black Hyundai Verna. He had teamed a black shirt on cream trousers and looked intellectual in his spectacles. As I referred to him as Jagya more than once, he did not mind but rued the fact that actors' names are not shown in the titles of serials which makes the viewers identify them by their screen names only.

After tasting parathas with paneer pasanda and aloo ki subzi, he is too full to go for anything else. "I cannot multi task as I give more than my 100 percent to the job on hand I would find it difficult to do something simultaneously," he declares. No Bigg Boss as he would find it claustrophobic, dancing shows he would reconsider but anchoring is something he is interested in. Shashank believes that if you get everything then the craving which makes you work hard for perfection is lost. Is a firm believer in karma and marriage as he feels the need to have a woman about the house, especially since he lost his mother at a young age.

Furthermore, he considers himself lucky for having got Balika Vadu as his debut vehicle but at the same time he had the onus of fulfilling the brand's commitment to high value and acting. which we as viewers, can vouch for as he has done it in a flawless manner. Back home, his neighboring aunties want to feed him, his sister's sasuralwaale (in-laws) love him and his dad's feedback includes "Kalke episode mein thoda overacting thi beta."

Here's recounting an interesting FaceBook fiasco - around 20 fake FBs in his name with his images exist and some of them even exchanged their mobile numbers with some female friends of his and started texting crude requests and comments to them. Recollecting an incident, he says, "One day my friend's mom from Indore called me up and started her tirade of how I had changed as a person since I came to Mumbai and took up this show. Before I could ask the reason, she handed the phone to her husband and uncle started firing me for texting such offensive matters to his daughter. I requested him to calm down and listen to me but he went on for some time and finally when I got a chance to speak, I told him there were some fake profiles of mine on Facebook and those guys were playing this game." Gradually uncle cooled down but to this day the girl and her family are not on talking terms with him. And Shashank realized fame comes with a price of its own.

According to this youngster, "One has to go through and enjoy every particular stage of your life  ike childhood, adolescence, young adult and so on. By making children act in serials, I feel they lose the essence of innocence and charm of growing up which does not appeal to me. There is a right time to do everything and one has to go through and enjoy every phase of life in its fullness."

After a hectic day's shoot at Naigoan (outskirts of Mumbai), he reaches home by 11ish and goes to bed after midnight, gets up at 5.30 and runs for health, has a healthy diet and is happy working on a nearly 30-day schedule. He observes, "There are no offs in this industry, especially while you are doing a daily soap."

While having dinner, I got a call from my friend in Delhi to whom I had earlier in the day mentioned about dining with Shashank that evening. Being a die-hard fan ofBalika Vadhu and Jagya, she requested if he would speak with her. And the down-to-earth guy was only happy to have a telephonic chat with my pal.

Shashank likes sweets but avoids due to health concerns but being on Eating Out with Stars means you must have a go with everything edible. He tried Kaju Katli, Chocolate Mousse and some fruits but did not have ice cream. In all he enjoyed his dining out at the classy all-day dining Hornby's Pavillion at ITC Grand Central and I saw him off with promises of meeting soon for another dinner date


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  • This AT is only for Shashank not  with whom he is paired in serial .Of course you can praise his chemistry with his co actresses but cannot criticize here if you don't like someone does not mean no one likes here so in this matter no criticism allowed here 
  • If you find any member any where on  IF openly mocking the comments of this AT members  and targeting them  then please don't  reply here  but report to moderators If moderators are late in taking action report to global moderators but lets not bring it here on thread Use PM facility to discuss with each other and mods to take action 
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  • Follow the rules a must and enjoy a healthy discussion here

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Faryal -Malik
Shanu 1818
- Safia -*
Don-The -Evil
Charuluv- SV

PM me if you want to join this AT. Please PM ,don't leave requests here i cannot read each and every page so in this way your name will be missed then don't blame me

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Join his IF fan club and comment there daily two times to place him in top rank celebrities on India forums and also comment on all his articles from telebuzz

Follow him on twitter

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congo shong..

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