NEW KRIYA FF:Playing with fire Part 9 pg 18 (Page 7)

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thanks dear will update soon, Kriya will try to avoid this bond especially P  but it will keep resurfacing Salil will be fine and is very much around..but P mind set will have changed and thinking rebelliously, krishna's  way of life will make her second think what she wants in her life more on that in the upcoming part. Wink 

Originally posted by rekrn

Wonderful update KroopaClapClapClap

So Kriya are feeling that bond between them.  P couldn't stand that K was giving her the silent treatment, and as soon as she told him, he started talking again.  P is having a hard time staying away from himEmbarrassed and now the call about Sahil wonder what happened and the precapShocked
 why do I feel that something may have happened to Sahil that effects his relationship with P.

Update soon eager to find out what happened. Tongue

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thanks dear Tongue
thrill another word for excitement 
precap she's talking with her sister you will get to know more in next part Wink

Originally posted by Renu111

very nice update di and thanks for the p is not denying the feeling for k...and where is salil...and precap i m little bit confused ..pratigya wants thrill...update soon Day Dreaming
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good update...P is so bold here ShockedLOL  ... n K too Wink  waiting for the next update

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nice update .Thanks for pm.

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Originally posted by Khushi96

thanks dearTongue
thrill another word for excitement
precap she's talking with her sister you will get to know more in next partWink

Originally posted by Renu111

very nice update di and thanks for the p is not denying the feeling for k...and where is salil...and precap i m little bit confused ..pratigya wants thrill...update soon Day Dreaming

update soon di... Embarrassed
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please.. you've got tickets on yourself you think your so beautiful don't you? let me tell you, your not all that.. now leave my office"
@red-I couldn't control my laughter while reading this lineROFLheights !! Really !! I found their arguements very cute n hilariousLOLCute Romcom updateTongue!! So K was showing attitude n it's justified afterall she slapped himGeekbut P couldn't take it n tried her best to remove the silence.and omg what they didShockedEmbarrassedlove is in the airErmmThe title of the ff is really apt.playing with fireShockedwhere this Sahil is ! I wish he disappears for goodLOLTongueupdate soonHeart

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Wow romantic update:).loved it.precap is confused,cant wait for the next part

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thanks everyone for the comments and encouragement on all ffs Tongueincluding this one too here is the next part hope you like 

Part 2 of 5 

Pratigya saw Anita and Krishna exchange words as h held her hand. she looked away and then quickly went back inside closing the door. "It's almost 6am if we leave now we shall be home in a few hours, where did she go?" he looked to see.

"Inside.. Krishna don't you need to change?" he looking down, he was in a vest and thin night pants.

"oh yeah.. I forgot".. you wait here and I will just come. Anita nodded. He opened the door and saw Pratigya she had quickly changed in a simple sari. He took his clothes and went into the bathroom. "You can change here.. I'm just going to give mummyji a I call and tell her we found him" she replied.

"don't do that yet.. let's just wait" he replied. "ok?..." she nodded in confusion and he went in the bathroom to get changed. She took her phone to distract herself.. shortly Krishna came out, she wanted to say something..

"Krishna i..."

"Let's go".. he said opening the door.  She didn't get to even finish her sentence.. Anita came in.

"Ready?" she said walking to him. Krishna nodded, he looked back to Pratigya.. "come" they both went ahead whilst she trailed at the back. The car ride was annoying, she tried to pretend she wasn't interested by punching the keys on her phone, but all she could here was Krishna and Anita flirting and she just wanted to leave the car.  "Where here.." he said parking up.. "Finally" she said under her breath she couldn't wait to open the car door and leave them two.  She walked ahead. "careful this road is slippery" he yelled. She turned to them as she walked.

"It's fine.. Salil is more important than some road" she turned back continuing. Anita and Krishna exchanged a look. 

"yeah we get it Pratigya. but Krishna is right.. be careful".

" Fine..tell him.." she turned a second almost loosing her balance.. "to-to keep his comments to himself!" Krishna shook his head  at her remark it humoured him. "fine if you fall in a muddy ditch then you only have yourself to blame" he replied..

"whatever.." she mouthed rolling her eyes She kept walking 2 steps ahead.. Anita looked at him with a go help her look' but Krishna didn't move.. he kept ignoring her. They came end of the slippery part.." Aaah! She lost balance. He raced to her side running in front catching her by the arms steadying her with his hands on either side of her arms. She looked up gripping his upper arms.  

"it's ok.. where here" she removed his hands and walked away from him going towards the police station. "a thank you wouldn't go a miss!" he shook his head, and saw Anita catching up. "can you believe the nerve of that girl"  he shook his head.  all three of them entered.. she looked around and saw  Salil sitting on the chair.

"Salil!" she called with a full smile.

"Pratigya?"  he said with a faint smile standing up.. she moved from them and  she ran towards him. He caught her in his arms hugging her. "Are you ok?"...she ran a loving hand through his hair. "we were all so worried"  he nodded "I'm fine listen I.." . Krishna came with Anita "Ahem..didn't mean to interrupt your husband and wife moment but..Salil has something to say"

"what?" she turned to him and then back at Salil.

"Krishna bhai.. I can tell her later.."

"ok as you wish.. but  I would put her out of her misery and tell her you were not attacked or anything.. just drunk and lost your way home"

"What?!" she pulled away from him. "Let's go this may take sometime" he whispered to Anita.. after fueling the fire. They both sneaked out of the station leaving them to, to their domestic.

"Here I was thinking you were a victim but instead you just had a little to many and got lost in this town?! She was livid..  

"Listen jaan I ..."  he tried to explain his way out of this but she didn't listen to him. She stormed out of the police station, he raced behind her. 

"Listen if you just wait for a second"

"I just want to go home now" she replied folding her arms at the side of the car.

"yeah we will just pack our things and then leave, I have a video conference I the evening I need to reach back as soon as possible " said Krishna.. they all got in the car.

"Anita can I sit in the front right now I don't want to talk to him" she said rhetorically as she was already opening the front door.

"ok...?" Anita didn't want to get in the way so she sat at the back with Salil. The whole way back it was silence in the car.. Krishna looked at Pratigya but she was not in a mood she gave him a look but it was not a good one. He just found it amusing and continued to drive. They parked up and four of them exited the car. Salil tried to calm her down but it wasn't working infact the voices just got louder untill Krishna couldn't take it anymore.

"Enough!" all 3 of them looked at him.  Pratigya was shocked she had never seen Krishna raise his voice this much.

"now let's solve this.. its' a long drive home and I don't want to hear silence or arguments.. I'll go get my things and Anita you too.. leave them to, too  talk it out" he said going into the room and Anita went the opposite way. Ten minutes later Krishna came out and saw Pratigya and Salil smiling and laughing about something.

"Finally" he replied coming out of the room... "Solved our differences have we?" they just exchanged a sweet smile.. "good" he took the case and put it at the back of the car. In the corner of his eye he could see them talking and smiling.. he didn't know what he was feeling, but he felt a little jealous though he would never admit it.   Anita came out of her room. "Anu did you get your suitcase.. one is missing?" he looked.

"oh mine I will go get it"

"I'll help you" said Salil she nodded. They both went in, shortly  Krishna  joined them he saw  Salil coming with her case.

"Where running late where is she?" he asked.

"she's getting something from the bathroom.."

 "oh I forgot my shaving kit there too.. excuse me" he passed Salil and went into the   the  room, once he left Krishna pushed the latch on the door so it shut. Pratigya came out of the bathroom.

"Salil.. did you call your ma?" you know how she .." she s not looking up and collided  into his strong frame  she looked up immediately.     

 "you?!.. her expression changed to irritated.  "out of my way"  she pushed him but he was much stronger than her, her tiny hands on his chest were not able to do much except making him admire her efforts..

"stop.. stop!" he held her shoulders to reason with her.

"Listen to me" he held her wrists in his own. "this much pride isn't such a good thing"

"let me go.." she tried to remove his hands off her.

"what's your problem..hey.. keep still..Listen!" she looked at him and he lost his train of thought.    

"did anyone tell you when you get angry you look really cute" he said with a twinkle in his eye, her wrists relaxed in his grip, she looked down.. a shy smile crept on her face, what girl didn't like compliments? What was he doing to her mind, then she felt his hand slide on the side of her bare hip, what's wrong with you Pratigya! Said her mind untill she remembered why she felt this way. "why did you..." she tried to raise her voice.

"shhh.." he said silencing her with his index finger. "you talk too much" He pulled her close with one swift motion, her breath hitched when she felt their bodies so close. His hand wrapped around her waist while with the other he tucked  her hair behind her ear. She sighed loudly as she felt his fingers brush against her lobe. "stop"  she whispered lifting her own hand gently placing her finger tips on his shoulder she couldn't break eye contact with him.

"Pratigya what taking so long.."

"Salil" they said in union  and  made a quick distance, Krishna raced to the bathroom. 

"Why am I taking long we wouldn't be here at all if you didn't do something stupid as get drunk"

"oh no your not still angry I thought we solved the issue.."

"a recap issue not solved" she replied.

"not again" said Krishna coming out with nothing in his hand.

"bhai I thought your shaving kit was left?". That was an excuse his mind reflected.

"no it turns out I left it in my case after all lets go" he looked at Pratigya then back to Salil and walked out of the room with them both arguing behind. 

"I call shot gun" said Pratigya racing to the front of the car she went to open the door but it was locked.

"yeah best to keep you both separate till we get home.. Krishna came from the other side and unlocked it.

"but me and Pratigya will need to go to the meeting" straight after so... he looked at her across him she was fiddling with the door handle but clearly listening.

"ok.. I'm exhausted so.." he went in the back and shut the door.

"let's hurry.. where is Anita"   

"here I what you needed?"

"yeah  but turns out it will take some time to get what I need"  he looked at Pratigya and saw she heard him, she smiled to herself and opened the door and sat down. The drive was long, Krishna and Anita made conversation, whilst Pratigya fell asleep. Shortly she woke up "where home" he said parking up.

"hmm?" she looked around.. rubbing her eyes "office?"

"hmm. Remember we have a meeting?"  she turned around and saw the backseat they were empty. "wait where is Salil?"

"I dropped him home.. it's just us two here"

 "huh?" when.. how.. why didn't you wake me? what mummyji must think of me"

"relax it's fine.. we are late, let's be professional and attend this meeting quickly.



"Krishna that wasn't your call to make!" she said in annoyance.

" Pratigya get out of the car and come with me, I need you to do the minutes.. ahem please" He knew he had to add the please' otherwise he would risk the meeting. Otherwise Krishna singh thakur never said please in his life to anyone. She got out slamming the door.  "hurry" he said as she was coming slowly behind him.

"what.. I'm tired I need a coffee to wake me up" they reached the lift, she yawned.

"can you look a little alive?"

"I will have coffee then the meeting can be done" once their floor came she headed to the kitchen.

" whatever you want princess" he shook his head, he could do without this attitude he himself was tired after the 4 hour after all he was the one driving.  



The  meeting was over.. she got up from the seat taking her cell out. He got up quickly.

"where did you go..listen you heard right it's paris this weekend make sure you pack western and a Indian mix of clothes?" 

"I'm not coming to Paris and my driver is  picking me up"

"why  not and why the need I can drive you home.."

"no thanks"

"stop! What's wrong?" he held her hand and turned her.

" I won't be that woman Krishna"

"excuse me.. what are you talking about?"

"you know what.. it's not worth discussing"

"what just tell me.."

"when I went to make my coffee I had some words with your..umm what  shall I call it conquests..

"oh.. who?" your not talking about...Sonia we were never serious and.. the others

" it's a long list.. so what do you do.. get into girls heads and then into their beds?" How dare she judge me..what the hell, she's no saint!

"really you want to play it like this.. I can say the same thing about you.."

"what, are you seriously comparing me to you?"

"if the cap fits..i know you like me, you have made it obvious on many occasions then one"

"that maybe but whatever.. this is, I will not be a notch on your bed post ever"

"oh please I would never take you to bed, your simply not my type" ouch that hurt she went quiet for a second but why was he was feeling bad.

"actually you know what P' your scared that's all"

"I'm what?"  she walked towards him.. he turned with his hands in his pocket  walking to her.

"you heard me scared, of unleashing your real self"

"you don't know my life" she came against the wall her back to him, not wanting to listen but she couldn't help but do so.

 I've notice when Salil is around you keep up this front like you tiptoe around him, you want to keep this ideal bahu image blah blah blah ." he turned her  and she was actually listening without a comeback? Amazing! 

"in here" he tapped her chest gently getting his point across, his fingers lingered and she sighed slightly, and he quickly withdrew them. "you say no but the way you response to my touch..i can tell you can't wait to experience us. be spontaneous, take some risks  . the excitement, the thrill the chase, of what this could bring" He said in a hoarsely tone making her muscles in belly twist and turn, She didn't know when she began to caress his nape as he placed sweet kisses down the left of her neck.

"its obvious my cousin isn't fulfilling your womanly needs" he kissed her at the pulse point.. "st-stop.. stop! Her eyes snapped open she pushed him off her.

"this is.. i..can't do this" Krishna was annoyed with her hypocrisy.  

"oh for god sake, I can't do this, yet I kiss you when it suits me? but otherwise I'm just a innocent timid girl?"

"I've got to go"

"why truth bitter is it. But fine you.. go, because I know what you want and if your too thick and always thinking about everyone else then I'll tell something for nothing girl! You are going to have one unhappy life, but fine let everyone control you, don't live your life and be free, be a prisoner is this sham marriage, no matter what you say I can tell you don't have a intimate relation with my cousin, your so tense up all the time and he can't give you what you need and believe me you need it!."

"oh why because you can? that the best you got? you what manipulate girls and that's how you get what you want from them and then dump them?"

"hmm.. I guess seeing as we are being honest, if I didn't get a call that night, would you have stopped, because so far you have initiated every kiss between us"  He was blaming her how dare he.

"why, I mean why me, what exactly do you want.. I'm not your type after all and Anita or shall I say Anu she is your girlfriend go to her then.." now he was silent if only she knew the truth about this.

"what no comeback, I guess the great kst never had to chase a girl this hard, because girls drop their pants for you all the time from what I've heard.. I won't be that girl" she shook her head both went silent, and Krishna office phone went off. He rolled his eyes.

"what?! fine. I'll send her" he hung up. "your ride is here"  Krishna went passed her and opened the door.

"Krishna listen...

"bye!" he gestured her to leave. She was a little shocked at his attitude "fine.." she said in a low tone and left, Krishna slammed the door. Whilst in the car her mind kept drifting to the conversation, she didn't feel great about the way she spoke to him did I go over board, was that really necessary?" she questioned herself. I will sort it out in the morning.



Sheena, did you get the list all who are going to Paris for this social yet business meeting?"

"yes sir.. but Pratigya's I'm not sure she's not here yet"

"she's not coming! He snapped "who's next?" on the list, Sharman he is going, Nikita yes.." Krishna went through the list.


Pratigya went over to her dad's house for atleast half hour they were discussing the future, of how many kids she will have, being the eldest girl.

"when Pratigya you will give us some good news?" said her dadi.

"right now I'm concerned making a career for myself" she replied.

"oh beta that's not the answer we were hoping for , it's been a year and well even Arohi is waiting in line to be a mum.. once you give me my first grandchild.. set the example beti" he said sweetly everyone was in a mood for joking except her.

"Di papa is right, when you will make me a masi" for godsake I came here on the wrong day surely.

"I'm just going to get some fresh air on the terrace.

"oh she's becoming all shy" said dadi.

"sure beta" he replied. Arohi saw her attitude.. she followed her to the terrace.

"di  just imagine you and salil with a kid, you both would have the funniest time, playing mum and dad"

"enough Arohi, I have practically been a mum to you and Kavya, I'm not ready for kids yet who knows maybe I don't want to have them ever!

Pratigya di what's got into you?"

"I don't know but ...  I'm saying I will live my life the way please, I want to live, take some risks, be spontaneous, rebel enjoy life. have a thrill,

"What thrill?"

"you won't get it.. anyway I won't be around for a 2-3 days.. I'm going to Paris it's a business meeting thing.


"yeah.. Pratigya got up. I'm not boring I want some excitement and I know exactly who can give me that' she smiled.

"ok I've got to go make a phone call it's urgent..

"di wait, are things ok with Salil."

"yeah... couldn't be better" she fake smiled but it was enough to convince her sister.


Ok everyone ready all are here.

"wait.. where waiting for one more person.."

"no Nikki that's the full list"

"no sir I made a extra booking.."

"oh for who?" Pratigya came with her suitcase.

"me I'm coming to Paris too" she said with a smile. Krishna stood there with confusion.


He opened his hotel room door.

"It's you.. What?"  Pratigya stood there in a pink robe her hair slightly damp

"the shower in my room stopped working.. can I take one here?" she asked. Krishna swallowed hard. 

tbc Embarrassed

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