NEW KRIYA FF:Playing with fire Part 9 pg 18 (Page 6)

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nice update khushi di...k is somewhat descent and p is bold...and precap is interesting waiting for next Embarrassed and thanks for the pm Big smile

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Great update KroopaTongue

So K's plan worked she was under the influence of the bhang and told him why she kissed him.
He also found out an unexpected response that she wants to be with him.  So he also feels that something is not quite right in their relaionship.

Precap P blaming him looking forward to hear his reply.

Waiting for the next updateTongue

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Very nice update kroopa !!

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Thanks everyone Hug will update next part maybe on weekend 
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Wow awesome holi update.just loved it..thank you for pm

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thanks for all the comments here is next part Wink  and please note there is a index added now on the front page in case anyone has missed earlier parts they can be found here INDEX 

Part 5

Next morning Pratigya wake up.. her head was banging. "what.. what am I doing here?" she said seeing the guestroom.

"good morning jaan" tea?"     

"thanks.. she took it and  placed it on the side table."I will just go to the bathroom and come" she applied tooth paste to her brush, as she cleaning her teeth flashes of yesterday came to her mind, she was shocked at what she could remember.. it all came back to her, how she acted with her saas, she threw rang over krishna, the kiss, him carrying her up.    "I'm going to kill him!"  she quickly hurried with things, as she saw her saas at the table and she avoided her, the way she acted was too shameful for her to face her this morning she  left without having breakfast,  "your late" he said in a low voice opening the door.  She looked at him the nerve of him..'she didn't give a reply she went to her seat. "now where was i..." he continued with the presentation, really focused he didn't look at her once. Soon the  presentation came to an end. Pratigya wanted to give him a piece of her mind she just had this feeling that he did this to her, but he  was busy today after the presentation he had a video conference in his office.  It was late afternoon Pratigya went into his office, but the door was locked. "Where is Krishna"  she said to the receptionist.

It's sir to you!.. and he had to attend  another meeting he should be back later I think.." she said in a rude tone.  Pratigya didn't notice the tone as she was distracted she walked away rolling her eyes.


Krishna came back around 7pm.. he went into his office ,loosened his tie  and rested his head on the table. peace at last' it has indeed been a busy day! He heard the door open and slam! He groaned looking up. Pratigya came towards him keeping a little distance. "you are unbelievable!.."  He got up from his seat with his hands in his pocket walking gracefully towards her.  "what?"

"don't play dumb with me.."

"oh so you remember what you did yesterday" "uuhhh! what I did?!"

Hmm..what your back here for seconds" he circulated her. "what was it.. you wanted the..." she could feel the anger boil within her. he stopped in front of her.

"oh yeah the Krishna experience" he smirked. She could feel anger rise.

"if you have time now I'm free" he pulled her wrist.

"let go of my hand." But he didn't listen. "come on we both know you wanted it yesterday, why fight it" "Krishna let me go!" he didn't listen, he kept pulling her forward,

"let go of me!" she slapped him hard on his cheek. He held his cheek and looked at her, with his jaw dropped. She looked like she was going to cry. "I.. I  thought there might actually be something decent in you.. but I was wrong, the way you took advantage of me yesterday" he listened quietly. She was so angry that tears started to spill out of her eyes. "you act like you're a saint so good in everyone's eyes. But the truth is your conceded,  you disgust me!

"Now just hang on a minute, your no saint yourself, you kissed me first, and you should never have lied about it" He caught her out, the expression on her face said it all.

"Fine! fine I did

 but let me tell you something I will never ever repeat that mistake again!  He smirked. She was not liking the way he kept getting one over her.



"for all I know you planned it?" She pointed her index finger at him

"excuse me?"

"yeah I mean what a coincident I come out of your car and you come to the rescue. and almost"

"almost get myself killed.. Seriously you think I would do something that low?! She saw in his eyes that he was being truthful. Oops she didn't mean to go that far with her accusation.. just enough so she could justify the situation best as she could.

"Krishna you just stay the hell away from me!" she went to the door to open it. but he stopped her and turned her roughly.

"you act so noble let me tell you some home truths" .he pointed.  "you and I are the same"

"Pshhh we are no where near the same" 

"fine ask yourself one thing, what does intoxication do to one..."  she looked at him with a whatever look.

"let me go" she said not wanting to answer that! But he was going to get his answers. "it's no secret that your attracted to me, no matter how much you want to hide it, or bury it for the sake of your pathetic marriage.

"my marriage is not pathetic, I love my husband! He chuckled "love really?"

"you think everything is a joke you wouldn't know serious if it came and slapped you in the face!" she turned and tried to open the door.

"I don't buy all this crap..your just scared" hearing that she turned to him. "what!?"   yeah of taking a risk in your life..he took a step forward. "to enjoy.. to have a thrill.." he came really close to her, she held on to the door like she was leaning for back support.   

"that was the real you yesterday, which you keep suppressed"  her mind actually started to register to what he was saying.

"but if you want to stay in this pretence then be my guest" he took a step back.  .

"I mean it just stay away from me" she moved away from him.."and listen Krishna you will never have me, I will not be part of this sick game in your head!" He chuckled

"want you?.. please.. you've got tickets on yourself you think your so beautiful don't you? let me tell you, your not all that.. now leave my office" She left feeling angry but little low at the same time. She slammed the door shut "how dare she speak to me like that!" 

Two weeks passed they both avoided each other, if he came into the room she left it and vise versa, they were professional enough in front of others.  It was a Friday night and Pratigya was in the office it was 9pm, she left from there making her way in the kitchen to get some coffee. "its finished.. there must be some in the back cupboard.  she opened it and found some.  she didn't even see the sparks coming out of the toaster, she made her coffee by the time she turned the toaster was on fire "oh my god!" the cup fell out of her hand. The flames started to get bigger.  Krishna was done for the day but he needed a file from her as much as he wanted to avoid talking he had to keep his differences aside at work. He went to her office but she wasn't there, then he saw a light from the kitchen. "she must be making her night coffee" he sighed he went closer to the area and saw that it wasn't a light, it was fire!  He rushed to it at the same time asked for help "Hey Sunil listen call an ambulance and contact the fire department  asap" Sunil went for help and  he quickly went into the kitchen hoping no one was there, hoping she wasn't this last week she tried to make an effort but he shut her down


he quickly went forward and opened the door, to his horror she had already fainted from the deadly smoke. Krishna took his blazer off outside  he was all ready to go in. He tried his best to avoid the flames but there were many, he quickly asked someone for a big sheet. Then he took it, trying to avoid the flames as best he could. He sat down next to her, quickly taking her in his arms cradling her.. trying to wake her up but it was hard..she didn't move, but stirred alittle. Good she's still conscious" he wrapped the sheet around her "Pratigya hold on" she did literally, she held tightly around his neck. and then he got up with her. The fire was closing in, he made a run for it. The ambulance people were already there. "Here take her" he quickly gave her to one of the doctor's  who put her on the ready stretcher. The fire department people were there too they rushed into the kitchen to put the fire out.  Pratigya was rushed to hospital, but luckily she was ok nothing major that a night in hospital couldn't fix. The next day he had called Salil he was relieved to here she was doing well..but he  didn't go to visit her. The next day she came in to his office.

"Krishna" he said in a soft tone..he looked up from his desk.


"I um.. I wanted to thank you for what you did"  

"its fine.. I would've did the same for anyone" he said gathering some papers obviously ignoring her.

"ok.." she replied, she usually had a lot to say but right now her mind was blank.

"is that all?" he said looking up. "um.." she thought. then heard the bathroom door click..

"Krishna.."  said a chirpy voice.. Pratigya looked over.. the girl  walked over to him and stood behind him, wrapping her arms around his neck.  

"Anita" he said looking up and pulling her hands in his. Pratigya felt awkward in front of them. 

"hi.. how do you know my Krishna" she said playing with his ear.

"she's just my secretary.."

"oh I'm Anita krishna's... "

"Anita shhh" he smiled. "Pratigya if that's all then I'm kinda busy so.. if you can.. he waved her off.  She left without a word shutting the door. What's his problem, I'm saying thanks and he... uhhh he makes me so angry! she said closing her office door with a loud slam.



 "Let her in" said Krishna putting the phone down Pratigya and staff memebers wondered who. Krishna  saw his bua coming towards his office. "mummyji what you doing here?" she said.

"not here.. beta I need to speak with you and Pratigya alone"

"sure, we can go in my office." He was so sweet and gentle when he spoke with his bua, he held the door for Pratigya then shut it.

"Salil hasn't come home since last night.. pratigya I lied when I said he was a sleep the truth is he hasn't been home"

"what's happened?" said Pratigya she felt worried.

"bua where is he?"  she explained to them both when he last called and where he went out of town for business.

"ok don't worry bua it will all be fine" he reassured her.. "Anita get her some water" she nodded.

"please find him.."  Savitri said sitting down on his office swirl chair.

"I'm on it, I'll make some calls and  I will go right now with Anita"

"sure" she nodded

"beta take Pratigya with you.. you both go, I've even packed both your things there in the reception area."

"yes I will come" she replied.

"fine us 3 will go" he replied "come on" he said to both the girls. Krishna quickly made some calls and left with them both. Pratigya felt like a third wheel sitting in the back seat whilst Krishna and Anita sat in the front.  They reached midway.

in a small town not very rich by the looks of the road.. "Krishna I'm hungry"

"yeah Anita we will find a restaurant"

"Pratigya you hungry?" she called.

"no I'm fine"

"leave her..and" he parked the car  and turned to her. "and you listen don't open the door to anyone" he said leaving with Anita. Pratigya really wanted to go home she wish she didn't come.  Shortly they came back, with 3 small bags.

"yum.. I know its not much but atleast it will keep our strength up" she smiled to Krishna.

"yeah true.. he turned behind "oi here"  he handed her the bag.

"I don't want it"

"will you just take it! your no good to my bro if your going to faint from hunger" she swallowed her pride and took the bag. They drove around for ages asking anyone if he was seen. Then they came to a dead end. "Krishna it's getting late..i think we should pull up and find some accommodation for the night"

"Yeah Anu your right" they drove around again and found a place, Anita went ahead to enquire, she was taking so long so Krishna came out of the car, "come" he told her, she came out of the car too, he saw Anita leave and went over to the man who was outside the small cottage.

"your booking sir" he handed him the keys

"how many rooms?"

"two, she already booked them on your behalf, she is already staying at that one" he pointed across. "she booked you both for this one"

"but it's just one room and there is two of us" he looked to her then back at the man.

"look it's either this room or in the street.. up to you"

"we'll take it" she replied for him.  He looked at her confused, she was so tired she couldn't be bothered to argue.  

"here is the key" he gave it to Pratigya. She thanked him and they went to the room. It was small and only had one bed, a bathroom and kitchen area.

"that might be a problem" she thought seeing it. "whatever I'm tired I'm going to sleep" he took a sheet placed it on the floor and fell asleep. He slept on the floor and kept the bed for her. The next day it was similar routine again she tried to talk to him but he ignored her,and spoke to Anita. It was 10pm at night.


"I'm not hungry she threw bag back at him" getting up from the chair.

"what's your problem?"

"you are.. I didn't know you can be so mean"

"what does it matter, I'm conceited and deceitful I guess you can add mean to your list too." She turned to him.

"can we just stop I can't ..i'm worried about Salil and I'm just tired and.. I .. I just want us to talk again" she admitted. Looking at him.

"fine.. we can but first" he came close to her with the bag. "you eat" he smiled at her, she felt alittle at ease and took the bag and she smiled back.

"deal" she sat down and ate her food in silence whilst he was on a call. "done.. you full?" she nodded.

"good i'm tired.. so.. he said taking the sheet. she got up from the chair.

"look don't sleep on the floor today" she looked down for a second then looked up  "we can share the long as we keep to our sides."

"really?.. nah, I'll be fine on the floor"

"no Krishna please I insist, and besides it's predicted cold weather tonight.. so?"

"ok fine then, he went to the bed and got under the cover. She quickly got changed and  came in on the left side, the bed wasn't a double but a little bigger than a single, as soon as she came she felt his hip brush against hers. He tried to move away but it was difficult if he moves any further he would fall off.

"it's ok I'm fine" she said making him feel comfortable. she turned to her side, her back against him. Her mind thought seriously is this the same Krishna, he's being such a gentlemen.. maybe I was too quick to judge. "you asleep?" he asked.

"no.. you..?" she said feeling the warmth of his body next to hers.

"no.. I'm feeling hot, he took of his t-shirt and threw it to the floor " he was still in a vest. "that's better"  he turned the opposite way. He tried to get comfortable but it was hard, He kept tossing and turning every time he did his hand kept brushing against her bare waist and it made her feel a tingle every time. A few seconds later, his arm brushed against hers.

"are you feeling cold?"

"sort of." She said trying to move away, she was in her sari still as her saas forgot to pack her night dress and only packed saris "here he gave her the whole blanket"  she took it, then she turned her head to him he was turned the opposite way trying his level best to sleep. She tried to sleep but she just couldn't she didn't know why..he fell asleep but he kept turning and waking up apologising as he came too close. He came again and this time his hand stayed around her waist. She didn't know what to do, she actually found that   warmth  on her cold skin nice, she wanted to get warm, so she held his hand close to, in a few seconds he took his hand away, not releasing she was willingly holding it. "sorry" he said.

"it's fine..." his eyes shut again. she looked at him and was feeling really hot all of a sudden, she sat up on the bed, her breathing was escalating she needed some air so she got up, taking her gown and slipping it on, she then opened the front door She came out feeling the cold breeze, she could breathe again. Krishna opened his eyes, he looked next to him she was gone. Where did she go.. he got up  looking for her he checked the bathroom and kitchen area she wasn't anywhere, then he opened the front door and spotted her, her back against him.

"you ok?" she heard his husky voice.


"I know your worried but don't be.. we will find him" he said.. If only he knew what she was worrying about.

"I know we will.. but I'm thinking about something else.

"Oh what?" he was clueless to what else she could have on her mind.

" you" she said "I..i..can't stop thinking about you, and then us in the same bed and.."  she moved her hair behind her ear nervously.

"Krishna  I.. she stopped talking when she felt his hands wrap around her waist. She sighed heavily enjoying his touch, he also felt her  response in his touch.

"its ok.." he said..she leaned back against him.

"is it?. here Salil is missing and here I am..with you and.. she turned to him holding his hands. 

"and?" he asked caress her fingers with his.

"and all I want is..." her eyes locked with his tantalizing ones. this is dangerous what am I doing' she thought. "tell me" he said  pulling  her closer, one hand behind the small of her back and the other behind her nape. take a step back Pratigya' her mind screamed.

"what's your mind thinking hmm?" tell me.." he lowered his head angling to the inner of  her neck.. "I um.." she didn't even finish her sentence when she felt his lips press against her pulse point on the right side of her neck, she felt so soft and tasty against his mouth."hmm" she sighed she was feeling numb all her senses where focused on what he was doing and how it was making her feel, her mouth involuntarily become an o'  her left hand came up to caresses his nape, she closed her eyes.  She could feel her breath hitch in her throat, as he kept trailing wet kisses up her neck, reaching her chin,his hands held her face as he kissed up her jaw line followed by the lower cheek. She couldn't deny the pleasure she was receiving from this. She could feel him hands turn her face to his. Her eyes opened and she held on to his fingers moving them off her.

"stop" she said breathing heavily meeting his lustful gaze. 

"I'm um going back inside" she said, she turned.. "nope" he said pulling her back a little roughly and came against his chest "what?" she asked. He knotted his fingers behind her lower back so she couldn't escape.

" don't you want me to kiss you?" he said adjusting her so she was close, their  lips just inches apart.

"no..." she said with hesitation, looking straight into his eyes.        

"hmm you don't sound very sure" he teased.

"Krishna I mean it.. if you..try" her breathing increased he could feel her mind was saying one thing and her body was saying another, she wasn't pulling away, her hands were gripping his arms unintentionally

"Krishna i... she didn't finish her sentence when she felt his lips capture hers in a ardent kiss, her hands gripped at his arms tightly, then he felt her hands coil around his head pulling him close.  encouraging another kiss, they kissed again and again. Krishna broke the kiss looking at her, her mouth dropped. "this was wrong" he replied turning away, she looked at him.. her senses all over the place. She placed her hand on his shoulder turning  him.

"no i.." she pulled his face to hers resuming the kiss.  Krishna traced his tongue on her lower lip, she let a moan out opening her mouth to invite him..The phone in his pocket went off loudly" bringing them back to reality. Pratigya pulled away, both were startled and out of breath. . He took out his cell "Hello.. you think it's Salil? Now?. yes we will be there shortly" he looked at Pratigya. She looked confused but at the same time happy Salil was found. "yes we will be right there.. thank you"

"listen we have to.. he wanted to talk to her but was interrupted.

"Krishna.. I got a call.." said Anita coming from across..

"so did we.. let's go" he said holding Anita's hand.  



"enough Arohi, I have practically been a mum to you and Kavya, I'm not ready for kids yet who knows maybe I don't want to have them ever!

Pratigya di what's got into you?"

"I'm saying I will live my life the way please, I want to live, take some risks, be spontaneous, have a thrill

"What thrill?"

"you won't get it.. anyway I won't be around for a 2-3 days.. I'm going to Paris it's a business meeting thing.


"yeah.. Pratigya got up. I'm not boring I want to have a thrill, some excitement and I know exactly who can give me that' she smiled.



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very nice update di and thanks for the p is not denying the feeling for k...and where is salil...and precap i m little bit confused ..pratigya wants thrill...update soon Day Dreaming

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Wonderful update KroopaClapClapClap

So Kriya are feeling that bond between them.  P couldn't stand that K was giving her the silent treatment, and as soon as she told him, he started talking again.  P is having a hard time staying away from himEmbarrassed and now the call about Sahil wonder what happened and the precapShocked
 why do I feel that something may have happened to Sahil that effects his relationship with P.

Update soon eager to find out what happened. Tongue

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