NEW KRIYA FF:Playing with fire Part 9 pg 18 (Page 5)

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Very nice update...cant wait for the holi update.please update

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 thanks for all the comments, wanted to get this part out before holi is overTongue hope you like.. 

Part 4

"Bua that was very tasty!" said Krishna taking the last bite of his gulaab jamun.

"Savitri smiled "enjoy beta I will just come" 

"Mummyji I will come too" she went to get up.

"No it's fine you sit" Pratigya sat back next to Salil.

 "Mmm maza agaya" he licked his index finger followed by his thumb. Pratigya and Salil looked in his direction. "bhai if you want more there is in the kitchen" Pratigya looked at Krishna and laughed to Salil. Krishna smiled "really?" 

"Pratigya makes really nice dishes" said Salil  looking at her, she looked down smiling at his compliment.

"what, Pratigya made this?"


"oh actually in that case, I will leave it"

"why?" Salil laughed and Pratigya looked up.

"I don't want to poison myself further.. Pratigya rolled her eyes "suit yourself" she got up from her seat.

"Listen he is only joking" he held her hand. "come on are you two still not talking after what happened with the whole pool incident?" she sat her back down.

"actually forget that..Salil  why are you not eating the desert?"

"I'm not really fond of gulaab jamun"

"how can someone not be it's delicious " said Krishna

"exactly"  she replied agreeing with him.

"it's my favourite!" they said in unison.

"come on little bro you have to try it once"

"exactly.." said Pratigya taking a spoon.

"here try some.." she said holding a spoon to his mouth, with her palm underneath so it doesn't spill.

"Jaan.. I'm not fond of sweets"  he said moving the spoon away. She pouted "not for me even?"

"ok fine" he gave in and he ate it"

"good boy" she said.. and laughed when the sweet syrup went down his chin, Krishna watched them. "you both enjoy.. ok I will be going now.." both turned to him, she was still holding the spoon.

 I just remembered.. I need to be somewhere." He got up from the seat.

"ok Krishna we will see you on Sunday" said Salil Pratigya didn't say anything except gave a nod like she was just agreeing with Salil.

"tell bua I had to go and  I see you all Sunday for Holi"

"we look forward to it" he looked at Pratigya to say something, atleast a bye but she didn't.

"see you all" he said walking out taking a quick glance at her, her behaviour was normal to him.. he didn't take anything to heart, he found in fact he was finding it  amusing, he left from there with a grin. 

"Pratigya why can't you give him a break!" said Salil getting up from the seat.

"ok sorry I was thinking about something and do we have to go holi at his house,it's our first holi we should do here right?"

"I know it's our first one since marriage, don't worry I will put colour on you first ok"

"ok" she smiled.



The guest house was decorated very well there were coloured silk sari like sheets s hanging from the walls giving the effect of colors pouring down.  There were big  tables.. plates filled with different colours of rang. Outside in the huge courtyard there were big round tubs of coloured water, and a table with different colored tubes ready to be filled to squirt water. Krishna who was ready in a white kurti which was stitched with real gems around the neckline, exposing his chest alittle. 

"It's looking great" said Krishna to the 3 men who were setting everything outside, 5 were preparing freshly made bhang. There were 5 women helping inside.

"Beta this is great"

"thanks dad.. here, happy Holi" he said applying a tilak on his forehead.

"you too beta" he did the same to his son then they hugged.

"Hey Vikas!" said Krishna grabbing his young bro.

"happy holi papa, bhaiya" they all wished each other.



Everyone arrived on time, everyone had rang on them except for Pratigya.

"that's not right." Thought  Krishna. He  grabbed a color tube from the side table.

"happy holi"

"Krishna no..! she said but it was too late. he made her white sari, red with the colour.

"what it's holi your clothes are suppose to be covered in different colors..

"Pratigya ready... hey.." Salil looked at her.

"oops sorry I forgot the whole first holi after marriage right?.."  he patted Salil's shoulder. I guess I got there first' he thought in his head, he didn't know why but he was sort of happy he got to wish her first.

"sorry Salil, I tried to stop him..but"

"it's fine.." he replied.. not saying much.

"hey.." she called after him but.. "Salil what's this.. you are you so clean, why you not playing holi?" his mum scolded.

"maa.. I" before he could reply. "and you what's this you already played with someone else? what did I say before we left to wish Salil first!"  Pratigya looked down, it wasn't even her fault.

"Maa wait, it was Krishna he squirted her.. he didn't know.."

"of course Krishna.. he never does think before he does something.." she sighed.

"nevermind what's done is done!" she shook her head walking off.

"don't worry about her listen" he said turning her. "It's fine.." she shook his hands off her.

"Salil.. come here I need you to take this call" said his mum.

"but I'm busy with.. " he turned to her but she was gone. "ok maa I'm coming what's up" Krishna saw everything as he stood keeping a close eye from across her, but not making it obvious, she was standing across.. near the table. "she needs cooling down. "Piyush come here" he whispered something to him and the young lad nodded.  Pratigya was annoyed and extremely thirsty from all the heat the sun was giving out. 

"cold drink?" said a young man holding a plate filled up to the brim of cold drinks

"thanks" she took it, not evening thinking about what she was consuming she was so annoyed with everyone's behaviour. "wow" she said after she finished drinking it.  She licked her lips, "can I have another one?.  "actually... " she didn't let Piyush get a word in edge way, she took it without a second thought. Krishna saw her drink the second glass really fast. , he called the boy with a hand gesture and said enough take the plate away. The boy nodded from a far and quickly left from there. Pratigya looked and the boy was gone, where did he go I wanted another" she grinned to herself, she felt relaxed her head felt light buzzing from the bhang, she hiccupped. "oh why do I feel like I'm flying?" she said as she walked unsteadily.

"Krishna Bhai you haven't had any bhang.. here"

"not today Piyush I'm staying bhang free.. listen go give to Vikas and his friends." He nodded and left.  Pratigya walked seeing her saas with no colour on her, she walked in a zigzag with a silly grin  grabbing a handful of gulaal

"happy holi maa" she said throwing it at her.

"Pratigya what is this! You know I don't play holi ever!" Pratigya eyes widened in shock. "oops" she said and then giggled.

"what's wrong with you?" she said trying to keep her steady.

"nothing I'm feeling great" she shouted.

 "oh who gave her bhang?" Everyone started to stare at her, especially Savitri's group of friends.

"is your bahu ok" someone asked, Savitri  nodded."she is fine"   She is embarrassing me and.. she... there comes Krishna thank god.

"Krishna please take her somewhere she is making spectacle of herself. She pushed her to Krishna, he held her shoulders to keep her steady.

"where is salil?" he asked as he held her wrists  but in a way that was respectful to all others, like he was trying to tame her down.

"beta Salil had to go.. some urgent work came up he had to go to the office."  Krishna smiled hearing this.

"don't worry I will take her inside and give her some lemon water.

"thanks beta"  she turned to her friends . "Let's go" she said to her friends. . Pratigya looked at Krishna curiously he let go of her wrists.

"come" he said. She gave him a stern with mixture of confusion kinda look then her expression turned into a full smile.

"no" she replied with a cheeky grin pushing him, as she ran away giggling.

Pratigya" he called running after her.. he couldn't help but smile at her sweet face. she kept turning to see if he was following her, as she saw him she ran quicker and into the guess house.  It was very quiet no one was there, everyone was enjoying outside.  She ran straight through all of the coloured drapes her laughter echoed in the room. Krishna closed his eyes for a few seconds.  she has a sweet laughter so sweet' he smiled he looked ahead but she was gone. Where did she go' he walked around to the far end of the hall, looking around, she was in the corner watching him with a cheeky grin. Krishna turned.

"Happy holi Krishna she said tipping the whole plate of turquoise green  colour over his head.

"happy holi happy holi" she chanted jumping up and down like a kid. He shook his head, shaking of the excessive amount. He opened his eyes and saw her looking like a little child. She laughed. 

"I wanted to wish you in this way as soon as I arrived" she said turning shyly to him. She wanted to wish me first, this is news to me.

"I wished you first, are you annoyed with me because Salil didn't do it first?" she walked towards the wall her back to him, clicking her tongue.

"no.. I didn't mind at all..i don't believe all that rubbish first marriage you wish me or I wish you blah blah. Krishna smirked, she smiled to herself and walked towards the other  wall.  She laughed.  "Krishna, krishna" she held the wall for balance.

"Pratigya  I know it's not all in my head why did you kiss me?" he said as he walked  towards her.

"I did tell you it was in your head but that's not true..." she turned around to face him.  I did kiss you" she said with a silly grin. "And you know why sir Krishna..krishna sir?..thakur?. he laughed as she went on calling him random names.

"whoa.." she said almost tumbling down.

"Oh steady" he held her shoulders against the wall. Her eyes darted into his.

"Krishna. you know  seriously those goons".. she said now playing with his kurti collar which he couldn't deny he enjoyed it. Hmm what about them?"

" how dare they try anything on you, I was so worried.." she admitted in a cute childlike tone

"oh were you?" he mocked her voice in a kiddish tone.

"hmm I was scared for you.." she pouted.

"but your ok.. she leaned her head on his chest turning her head to the right side, her felt her left cheek burn his chest. .. "thank god your ok" she smiled closing her eyes leaning on him holding him around the waist,his hands closed around her small waist. she looked up at him.

"Krishna.. I want you...the.. the- t-the" He was confused.

"the what?"

You know. The.. the  the Krishna experience" she said shyly angling her face.her lips pressed against his neck. Krishna did not expect that, he swallowed hard, feeling her lips at his sensitive spot and what she was suggesting was making his head spin.   

 "hmm you smell so good" she inhaled in his neck, pressing her nose against it, then exhaling out. Krishna could feel his whole upper body begin to sweat.    

"Where is this Pratigya gone" said Savitri looking around in the hall. 

She leaned up and looked at him. "you have a very handsome prince" she giggled.  Running her index finger down his handsome face. my prince?" his mind thought he chuckled.

"ahem Pratigya.. Salil?"

"Salil? Oh my husband, Salil"

"hmm shall we go find him?" he said now feeling like maybe this wasn't such a good idea getting her this way, he wanted her to admit that the kiss wasn't fake, but he didn't expect to get more than he bargained for.

"why. I'd rather be here with you.. she snuggled in his arms once again" but when she did things like this to him  his body hummed.

"ok.. why did you marry him?" she looked up at him taking a step back.

"this is boring why are we talking about him!" she walked forward , back faced to him.

"do you love him?" he called.

"I don't know.. maybe who knows the stupid society and what not! .. he ran his hand through his hair. why are you asking her all this who cares how she feels for Salil. He was in his thoughts he turned to find her in front of him in a crazy mood again.

"forget all this. anyway ask me what I really want to do right now?" she raised her brows.

"what enlighten me?"

"this"  she grabbed him by his kurti top and kissed his lips, feeling her soft lips against his,Krishna didn't want to move he closed his eyes for a second to embrace the feeling, he wanted to kiss her ever since he first saw her.   she broke the kiss and  looked at his eyes searching them her heartbeat was raising  He swallowed hard just to collect his thoughts, she was making it hard for him to concentrate as she  kept arching up to him. He snapped out of his thoughts, he looked at her eyes reading desire for him, he brought both his hands up towards her face holding either side and   kissed  her lips he  couldn't resist her, he knew it was wrong but he went with his feeling, her hands  roamed around his back and neck, she was lost in his kiss, like she couldn't get enough of him, arching up to him so there body caressed in a intimate way.     

Where is this Pratigya gone and she consumed bhang as well." Savitri sighed looking around she still couldn't find her.

"Krishna, are you here?" Krishna's eyes opened  as he heard his bua call, the sound echoed through out the hall. He tried to break the kiss gently pulling her hands off him  but she kept reaching for him to resume the kiss.

"shh..  he put a finger to his lips looking at her confused face.

Bua's here" he whispered to her.

"oh"  she nodded and he nodded back.

"then shh" she whispered back she copied him and placed her index finger to her lip.

 "wait.." he bent down, she  clung her arms around his neck like she already knew where this was going he  lifted her up in bridal style.  She giggled. "shh" he replied.

"but krish.." he put his palm to her mouth  and quickly took the stairs up, he opened his guestroom bedroom door and placed her down on her feet then quickly closed the door. He closed the door and locked it discreetly.


"Savitiri what are you doing here.. everyone is outside come.." said her brother.

"bhai I'm just looking for Pratigya, we will be leaving shortly, Salil is already home and you know Pratigya had bhang she is in no state to come home on her own.

"don't worry Krishna is with her, he will look after her, have you checked the main house she maybe there.."

"no I will do so now.."

"listen don't worry if she isn't then you go I will send her with our driver it will be fine" he replied

"Ok, thanks bhai"  she said and they both left the guest house. Krishna heard the door shut, I think the coast is clear he said unlocking the stopper lock "Krishna" she hugged him from the back

He was about to turn to her but she was pressed against his back, her hands were holding him around the waist.  But palms flat on his chest and abdominal. "Krishna.." she inhaled kissing his nape sensuously, he held both her hands in his breathing hard. Holding her hands he turned to her.

"Krishna" she hugged him, her one hand slipped under his kurti top. He lifted her head to look at him, the bhang effect was really making her feel weird feelings. Her gaze fell on his lips again. She wrapped her arms around his neck he let her do so, he found his hands hold her  wrists softly he really should remove her arms from him but instead he brought his face close to hers, their lips almost touching

"Krishna you're here good" His dad pushed the door open. .. "listen have you seen Pra..." his father saw Krishna and Pratigya in a close position he felt embarrassed and shocked all at the same time.

Ahem..." Krishna turned and saw his dad  and quickly removed her arms off him

"dad, I didn't.. she "  Pratigya wasn't really getting the situation all she kept doing was take a step closer to him.

"Krishna .. a word"  Krishna nodded.

"I'm just.."  he said pointing to Pratigya.

"I'll wait outside" his dad left.  She clung on to him, both her hands wrapped around arm. He once again removed her hands gently then turned to her  and held her shoulders

"Listen um I just need to speak with him"  he spoke to her like a little kid.  She nodded  "so why don't you.. he lifted her up in his arms " and  gently placed her on his bed.

"lie down.. and I will come back in a few minutes" he was peering over her with both his palms pressed down on either side of her pillow.   

"ok hurry back" he nodded, but she didn't let go without getting what she wanted.

"Wait" she wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him down, he tried to keep steady with both palms pressed down on the bed, she arched up slightly kissing his lips, he felt her tongue flicker over his bottom lip then her mouth envelope around it, he could taste the sweet bhang from her. Ok don't get carried away. He quickly pulled away.

"I will just come", she smiled. He left the room, I hope she goes to sleep and I need a cold shower! He shut the door and saw his dad.

"Dad I can explain everything" His dad looked at him with curious eyes.

"Son its' your life I've never stopped you living it and I won't start now. Just make sure she gets home properly" he smiled and left. Krishna and his dad were more friends than father and son. He never dictated his life. He quickly went back into the room, he saw her angelic face, her eyes were closed she'd fallen asleep waiting, a part of him felt disappointed but at the same time he was relieved. right what to do shall I take her home or ask Salil to come pick her up.. "Let me try Salil.." he quickly dialled the number. "hello bua, I found Pratigya she fell asleep in the guestroom, she's still asleep so can Salil come get her now?"

"oh beta Salil has gone to sleep.. he can come get her in the morning if you.. or if you can send her home with the driver"

"ok I'll do something" he said and hung up. He looked over to her. I could just keep her here tonight damn I have that meeting tomorrow early.  "Ok" he went to her and gather her up in his arms. He took the stairs and left the guesthouse. He went into the main house.  Lakhan get the car out I need to go to bua's. He nodded and took the car out. Krishna went to place her down in the back, but the grip got tighter around his neck, she stirred "unn".. whinged like a child. "ok I will just place her on my lap. Krishna held her as he went into the back seat. As the car was midway, she stirred snuggling into his more, her forehead touched his neck, and she shifted bringing her knees towards her chest., her feet pointed outwards on thighs,  she was literally like ball curled in his lap. When he felt her come so close, his arms wrapped around her small frame.  They finally reached her house, he managed to carry her out quickly, she was still clung to him. He hoped when Salil came to get her she didn't refuse. Bua opened the door. "where is Salil..

"beta he's asleep. bring her in and place her in the guestroom.. Neela show Krishna where the guestroom is." She nodded and he took Pratigya up the stairs, Neela removed the cover and he quickly placed her in the bed, luckily she was in deep sleep she turned to the side and continued sleeping, when he got downstairs he quickly said bye to bua and left. He got home and quickly had a bath washing the rang off, he had to look presentable for tomorrow, as he washed his hair his mind kept drifting to her and the way this holi had been..the way she made him feel, how she felt in his arms, her kiss, the way she touched him. He  rinsed off and came out of the shower deep in his thoughts.


I thought there might be something decent in you.. but I was wrong, the way you took advantage of me yesterday" he listened quietly. She was so angry that  tears started to spill out of her eyes. "you act like you're a saint so good in everyone's eyes. But the truth is your conceded , deceitful.. you disgust me! 


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nice update khushi. I think pratigya dont love salil. Holi part is soo nice. Thanks for pm.

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good oneSmile...P playing with fire...who will sweep off the ashes?TongueEmbarrassed

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good update Big smile 
   update soon ...waiting to see what P thinks after she is out of bhang effect

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nice update khushi di...k is somewhat descent and p is bold...and precap is interesting waiting for next Embarrassed and thanks for the pm Big smile

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Great update KroopaTongue

So K's plan worked she was under the influence of the bhang and told him why she kissed him.
He also found out an unexpected response that she wants to be with him.  So he also feels that something is not quite right in their relaionship.

Precap P blaming him looking forward to hear his reply.

Waiting for the next updateTongue

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Very nice update kroopa !!

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