NEW KRIYA FF:Playing with fire Part 9 pg 18 (Page 3)

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Nice Update Kroopa,

P already kissing K and he was surprised.LOL   very interesting FF.

Agree with Snigs, something doesn't seem right in P's marriage, looks like K may a valid point.

Update soon.Tongue

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Originally posted by Snigdha_Khanam

Nice update.this kst is very office he is a gentlemen,but at home he behaves flirty.but he s good 4m heart indeed.loved the way he treated d kid.and d fight seq.omg i felt me watching it while reading.very well written.i think something is not ok between P n her hubby , k have got it.waiting eagerly 4 the next update:-)

K is confusing that's true LOLbut he  professional and very focused at work has a diff personality with different layers.. p n hubby don't have problems at such but because the marriage was more for companion ship rather than a love marriage she sort of just gone with it a a duty of a wife.. she says she loves him but whether she means it or not who knows...k has made her question that and further he will too..  

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Originally posted by rekrn

Nice Update Kroopa,

P already kissing K and he was surprised.LOL   very interesting FF.

Agree with Snigs, something doesn't seem right in P's marriage, looks like K may a valid point.

Update soon.Tongue

Thankyou Rekrn Tongue
yeah p kissed k already next update will have more on that.

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I am already loving it... I agree with Sniggy n rekhs... waiting... I'm in for ur words .. that we should imagine ArJa here... Blushing

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thanks babs great to see your comments will post the next part later today Smile

Originally posted by babithaj

I am already loving it... I agree with Sniggy n rekhs... waiting... I'm in for ur words .. that we should imagine ArJa here... Blushing

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Originally posted by Khushi96

thanks babs great to see your comments will post the next part later today Smile

Originally posted by babithaj

I am already loving it... I agree with Sniggy n rekhs... waiting... I'm in for ur words .. that we should imagine ArJa here... Blushing
Our pleasure darling Kroopa... waiting eagerly...Hug

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I m waiting. ...u promise for update on 6/3...
Plsss update asap...

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thanks for all the commentsHug glad you all are liking this uncommon ff LOL thanks
  manissha  simmi.friends03,  Snehal21,  Uma-Arhaanfan,  rekrn,  HamiSky,  babithaj, Snigdha_Khanam,renu a_uma,  manissha,  simmi.friends03,  Snehal21,  Uma-Arhaanfan,  dhakarn, aka.aier 

your comments inspire me to cont this ff so please do leave themTongue 

Part 3

 Her lips were upon his, even her palms were pressed against his shirt he could feel the warmth of them on his chest. When he had felt her lips press to his, his hands  hands gripped her around the waist when felt his lips make movement upon hers. Her mind registered where his intentions were heading and she pulled away to meet his confused eyes. She took a step back folding her arms. Looking everywhere but at him "Ahem your ok then?"  he looked her.

"w-what?" he replied..

"what just happened?"  she didn't know what to say.

"nothing, I'm just.." she turned away walking and talking.

i thought they would've killed you. But they didn't your I guess" she turned around saw Krishna holding his head.

"oh no Krishna!  she rushed to him. "what's wrong?" he held on to her shoulders for support, he was too heavy she managed to move with him and stand against the wall, this was not what she pictured after what she just instigated she wanted to run from there but his condition this bad how could she do that. She helped him to stand.

"P?" he murmured she tried to keep him steady and he was  passing out clutching the wall from the back he sagged down against it, his knees bend and his head flopped down. ."oh no" She went down to his level and cupped his face.

"Krishna listen to me"   he opened his eyes faintly and then shut them.."What shall I do. I can't just leave him here" she grabbed his phone from the jacket. And quickly dialled a number at the same time kept one hand on his shoulder to stop him from sleeping.   "Hello mamaji its Pratigya".. she explained the situation.

"Krishna don't worry someone is coming" she touched his forehead and he was getting cold. "oh no, try to stay conscious Krishna please." she took off the jacket and tried her best to cover him with it, his head started to fall to the side, her eyes widened and she acted fast. she quickly moved to his side his head rested on her shoulder, she sighed with slight relief if she didn't move it would've hit on the concrete ground. She turned her head slightly to him wondering whether to make  him comfortable and place his head in her lap.. her thoughts were distracted. within in minutes 2  cars arrived to pick them both up. "thank god.. where here!"" she waved to the car, 2 men came over to them.

"Krishna what have you done to yourself" said the man whilst examining him, he will need to go hospital, shankar, ronak take chote thakur in the van" . Pratigya gave him a curious look.


"don't worry dear I am his family doctor I have been seeing Krishna since he was just 2yrs old at that age very pyara bacha..  Pratigya couldn't help but smile.  and got up as both men helped Krishna into  a stretcher.

"Mr Singh has informed us we will take it from here and beta that car there is also sent by Krishna's mama..Karan his driver will drop you home?"

"ok thanks" they shut the van doors.

"will he be ok?" she asked.

"yes he has a few cuts and bruises.. we will fix him don't worry"  he smiled reassuring her.  Pratigya saw the van drive off and she went into the other car. Her phone started to buzz.


Jaan where are you?.. I heard what happen how is he?"

"I will be home shortly.. will explain then" she said bye and cut the call.  Once she got home she narrated what happened to her saas and Salil they were seated in the drawing room.

"poor Krishna I will call my brother and see" Savitri left to call.  Salil and Pratigya left to go upstairs, it was late and she was tired.

"Pratigya what happened after that man was threatened with a knife?" said Salil he hugged her catching her by surprise.

"um.." don't say I  kissed your cousin'  she hugged him, he genuinely did care for her.

"I'm fine"  she told and moved to her dressing table removing her clip from her hair.

"I'm sorry I should've been there for you..i would've"  

its ok Salil your cousin was a hero he saved me from being attacked' thought her mind but she didn't say this to him. "I'm fine now, just tired I'm going to sleep" she didn't want to talk about what happen in detail as she herself didn't understand..

"I will be there shortly"  she didn't hear him, she wanted to pretend that tonight didn't happen.

Next morning she got news Krishna was recovering well and he will be fine she was relieved hearing this. "Get ready?"

"what for you taking me out somewhere" she smiled.

"no me and ma are going to go visit Krishna"

"oh.. right.. um I can't come?"

"what..why not?"

"I I promised Arohi I will go shopping with her..sorry"

"Pratigya Krishna saved you from those goons and your not even coming to see how his health is?"

"Salil I will go later.. and.. he is fine now I will see him in the office anyway so..

"whatever. we are going if you change your mind come!" he left the room. She sighed..

"Salil!..wait I'm coming" she rushed down the stairs and they all went in the car. Shortly they reached the hospital, the ward boy directed them to Krishna's room. He was asleep, his head had a small plaster on it and he was connected to some machine. Salil banged into a table.. Pratigya turned to him. (tut) be careful". Krishna opened his eyes.

"sorry bhai"

"Hey Salu.. its ok I wasn't sleeping" Salil came forward to hug his bro but his eyes fell on Pratigya because she stood right behind Salil. He released Salil.. he wanted to say something to Pratigya but..

"how are you feeling beta" bua came in between blocking his view.

"better bua docs said I can go home tomorrow"

"well you do look better" said Pratigya. "thanks?" he said uncertain. Bua, Salil and Krishna spoke amongst themselves. He kept looking at her and her mind kept wondering why did I kiss him' she was lost in her own thoughts.

"right Jaan?" said Salil

"huh.. yeah?"

"where are you lost?"   It was just the three of them Bua had gone to make a phone call.

"ok well I'm going to go meet Arohi"

"wait I thought.."

"look i've seen him.. he will survive this..i'm going..bye" she walked off.

"that was rude and ungrateful.. sorry about her." Krishna just chuckled.. "it's fine no need for apology I'm use to her"  Pratigya walked fast she just needed to get out of the image and feeling replaying in her mind.  That evening her mind just wondered. that's it I kissed him because I thought he might die and I was relieved it wasn't nothing more.



Ok presentation over" said Krishna

"sir.. I hope your health is much better now"

"thanks Bhavna it is"  he smiled, everyone respected and fancied Krishna  the girls swooned over him and he obviously loved the attention.

"ok everyone you may leave any questions come to my office. Everyone began to leave. "Just a minute Pratigya" she stopped.. "shut the door"

"sir I really.."  she didn't want to talk.. "fine" he walked over and shut the door and turned to her.

"how are you?" he asked..


"me too thanks for asking!"

"what.. I came to the hospital to see you and you are fine.. now can I go?" she turned to leave.

"why did you  kiss me?" Pratigya stood frozen in her tracks she wanted to avoid this talk she walked to the door. He came fast and put his hand on the door stopping her from opening it.

"what are you doing let me go"

"first answer my question" he took the files out of her hands and threw them on the table.

"I kissed you..? when.. maybe in your dreams" she played dumb.

"don't play games, after the fight you kissed me." She walked away from him to the other side of the room. " I  honestly don't know what your talking about.. she turned to his direction. He was right in front of her with his hands in his pocket she took a step back "you were beaten badly maybe its all in your head sir Krishna." saying his name in sarcastic tone.

"oh ok then maybe I will just give Salil a call and ask why his wife KISSED ME!! " she looked around.

"Would you keep your voice down!"

"oh this will only take a minute" he took out his mobile. oh no what's he doing he really calling Salil?' "stop Krishna! I'll tell you what happened"  he placed the phone in his pocket. "you mean why you kissed me?"  with his right hand he pulled her roughly his palm around the waist..she stood stunned against his  strong frame. An eye lock happened "tell me..why did you do it" his face was really close to her neck as he angled his head, she sighed heavily she didn't know what her mind was going through,  

the door opened and both of them turned making the fastest distance.

"Sir its Mr Mishra on the phone"  Pratigya walked in the front and grabbed her file.

"thanks I will take it in my office.  The man nodded and left and so did she.

"Pratigya I haven't finished" he yelled

but she just clicked her tongue walking off.  She tried to avoid talking to him but it was hard as they worked together.



The next next evening


"hmm? She looked up from her paper work..  "there a phone call from Mr Mishra again he wants to talk to sir right away.."

"ok he's in his office..."

"I know but I have to go now and we are short staffed today.. with Holi coming up everyone is taking some days off. She sighed "ok I will let him know" she got up from her seat. "why can't Krishna answer his calls himself" she knocked on the door. but nothing.. then she walked in.. closing the door.. "where is he?"  her mind wondered she saw the chair had a towel on it.. "towel?" she picked it up not getting anything.. the door clicked she saw his feet her eyes scanned up .. fast seeing everything. . "omg".. and then she got it, he saw her face, with a surprised look, arching a brow curiously.."you ok?" he asked standing casually, its was obvious he was very comfortable with his body on display,  she saw him .. "some warning wouldn't go a miss..your just standing there in literally nothing!"

"my office.. my rules ..and anyway I didn't expect any visits" now she felt embarrassed.

um.. Mr Mishra is on the phone again on line 2." She waved her hands to him from the back.

"ahem. I need that?"


"my towel...your holding it"  she turned with her eyes squeezed shut. He took it from her.

"Its safe zone again.. he wrapped his towel around. she squinted and saw he was covered from waist down opening her eyes.

why so embarrassed your married nothing new here"  he said with a cheeky grin she blushed scarlet.

"chup Krishna"  she said trying not to laugh.. covering her eyes trying not to look at him as she felt extremely embarrassed.

"listen line 2?" he said picking up the phone in one hand. Pratigya turned to leave but he pulled her by the wrist.

"just a minute.. she stood, but tried to release her hand. He smirked gripping it tightly..

"Mishraji I will just call you in 10 minutes?" she struggled trying to move his hand.He smiled at her efforts finding it funny.  "yes..ok..bye" he let go off her hand once he wanted to.

"that's  done"

 "ok now. I wanted to tell you something important.. he said

  "what?" he held her wrist again.

"its serious come here.."

"hmm I;m here..what.. tell me then?"

"next time.."

"hmm next time?"

"Next time I'm in the shower I will send you an invite"

"ugghh.. and here I'm thinking your being decent"

"I'm done"..  she turned.. and he came in front of her.

"Hey listen listen..i was just joking you seriously need to learn to take a joke yaar" but she was no mood to laugh.

"ok.. he took a step back.

"now I'm scared.." she rolled her eyes.

"ok listen, sorry about what I thought happened, it's probably my imagination I did get hit and kicked in the face that day, everything felt hazy.  Ab dost?" he offered his hand.He looked sweet, she couldn't say no. she shook his hand.

"friends" again he held on for longer for some reason she was expecting it, that when he let go she was a little surprised.. his phone rang.

"Mr Mishra.." he raced to the phone "Sir.. yeah I just." He said holding his towel properly. She smiled to herself shaking her head at his action. And walked out of the office. "good he thinks it was all in his head, I'm never making a mistake like that again!"



"Krishna beta your hosting Holi here?"

"yes papa, buaji did Valetine's day at her house so I suggested  Holi we will do here and she agreed and we have a much bigger house and we can use the guess house for this event.

" Krishna I like that you have followed my principals in life..that's my boy!" he patted his son on the shoulder.  "I'm so proud of you"

"dad you have always been there for me you never let me go without through studies, absolutely everything.. you are my god"

"come here beta" he hugged Krishna, Krishna had a lot of respect for his dad after all he got mother and father love from him so he didn't need his mum.

"Krishna you have always listened to me"

"and  I always will dad"

"Holi will be dhoom dham, and we will invite everyone. He smiled.

"and there will be bhang, rang everything,

"yep and bhang has the effect of getting the truth out..".  "what ? actually beta I just remembered something excuse me." he got up from the sofa. Krishna smiled.

"yes dad your principal's I intend to follow especially the one of   always going after what  you  want in life and if its someone else's take it" he smiled "and come holi I will find out from Pratigya exactly why she kissed me, I know its not all in my head" he smiled as his scheming mind worked.


She laughed.  "Krishna, krishna" she held the wall for balance.

"Pratigya  I know it's not all in my head why did you kiss me?" she smirked.

"I did tell you it was in your head but that's not true I did kiss you" she said with a silly grin. "And you know why sir Krishna..krishna sir?..thakur?. he laughed as she went on calling him random names.


 "ahem Pratigya Salil?"

"Salil? Oh my husband, Salil"

"shall we go find him?" he said.

"why..i'd rather be here with you.. she snuggled in his arms once again"

"ok.. why did you marry him?" she looked up at him.

"this is boring why are we talking about him"

"do you love him?"

"I don't know.. maybe who knows the stupid society and what not! ..anyway ask me what I really want to do right now?"

"what enlighten me?"

"this"  she kissed his lips, she looked at him her eyes.. Searching his. He held her face and kissed her, he couldn't resist her, he knew it was wrong but he went with his feeling.  

Where is this Pratigya gone and she consumed bhang!." Savitri sighed looking around. 


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