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Hi friends i'm here adding another kriya ff just an idea that came to mind, this is the first part of my ff if you all like it then i will continue it. Pratigya's character bg is from her role from kmh, that's why in the first paragraph i have incorporated that way.
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Playing with Fire


Part 1
Pratigya married Salil a year back, it was a big uproar as she was a widow and previously was married to her childhood sweetheart  Hamesh but he died in the army. Pratigya's sister Arohi got married to Arjun and then they wanted Pratigya to be happy so when it was Arjun and Arohi's engagement they introduced her to Arjun's brother Salil.. Salil instantly fell for Pratigya as she was such a beautiful girl  but Pratigya took sometime to get over Hamesh.. Eventually she started to like Salil's company and sense of humour but wasn't thinking anywhere near marriage. Untill one day during his brother's wedding Salil told him he wants to marry Pratigya.  Pratigya wasn't ready for this but Salil chased after her for months and even Arohi helped and after sometime she agreed to marrying him for companionship. She made it clear to him that she will never forget Hamesh, but as time went their rishta got finalised but Salil's mum was not happy for him to marry a widower as Salil is from a rich background and Pratigya's family isn't so wealthy and it won't look good in society and so she stopped the wedding midway, Pratigya ran away from there feeling humiliated, Salil found her and convinced her she can be happy again. Moved by his words Pratigya got married to him  and her mother- in law eventually accepted her. As time went by Pratigya slowly fell in love with Salil after all he stuck with her even after his mum refuses her.
There bedroom it was 9:00am

"Pratigya I think you should do what makes you happy" he said from the cupboard then shut the door.   

"Salil I am happy being a house wif.. its fine with me, its enough I don't need to work" Really she did but her mother in-law refused her to work its better she stayed at home.

"I know your just saying that. Its what maa said right"

"no really I don't need to work and yeah mummyji won't like it so what's the point.. I don't want to cause any problems.. its taken her this long to except me.."

"Hey" he raced over to her. He held her shoulders.

"Listen I want you to be happy and don't worry about maa leave it with me"

"but. Sa-

"I will go talk to her right now"  she shared a smile with him.

"ok.." she smiled, and he left from there and raced down the stairs.


"come beta your breakfast is ready"

"first maa I want to ask you something"

"sure go ahead"

"Pratigya wants to work...

"Oh Salil haven't we been through this many times"

"but she is qualified journalist and she has 5 years of admin experience.. and right there a idea popped into his head.

"Beta where are you lost.. what are you saying?"

" I have the perfect idea.. he went on to tell his mum.



Pratigya. Pratigya.

"hmm why are you acting like a child let me go Salil"

"ok" he released it.

"Listen you want to work right, then I have the perfect job, do you remember Krishna?

"oh yeah your cousin how can I forget him he got you drunk before your wedding night that same krishna.. the one I meet at our wedding?"

"yes him he still is crazy but he just returned a month back from the UK and now he is slowly taking over his family company."

"ok.." she was lost what job was he referring to her.

"well my mamaji is looking for someone to cover their company and you have done journalism and my Rama kaka owns a newspaper he will for sure print I think it would be a great idea and also they are looking for a secretary too"

"oh my gosh Salil this is excellent.. but wait what about ma.."

"ma? Don't worry about her in fact go thank her she arranged it all just now and told and Sajjan mamaji you will go. She smiled she was so happy to finally be starting a job.

"thank you Salil for always making me smile" Salil plastered a silly grin on his face.

"So anything I should know about Krishna?

"Like what..?

"the company what exactly I am interviewing him for?"

"oh silly me.. I will fill you in on what exactly before you go




Next day Pratigya got ready early in a green sari with a red contrasting blouse, sindoor and a mangalsutra, not her choice but ever since she got married her mummyji told her to always go out with sindoor and mangalsutra...  she was told to be at Thakur mansion at 10am sharp, she had all her notes in the file. she just rephrased what she remembered and what Salil told her about Thakur industries


"Pratigya beta come in remember me?" Pratigya smiled.

"I think so.. Krishna's papa?" he was jolly looking and had a long beard which covered most his face.

"yes beta come in I hear you  have studied well and got a 1st wah wah!" she smiled at the praises "thank you "

"how is Salil I'm meaning to come and see the family but we have been so busy in the factory we just don't have the time."

"He is fine and mummyji sends her regards.."

"I'm a little tight for schedule, Krishna isn't very busy so can we do my interview first?"

"yes sure"

"that's great we can do in the drawing room,  Shaguna get her some tea and call Krishna too."

"yes sir"

"ok so how much do you know about the company?"  Pratigya and Sajjan went on about the company Pratgiya wrote all her notes down and also recorded his interview through an audio device, Krishna was a no show.


"thank you sir"

"aree sir.. beta we are family call me mama

"ok" she smiled.

"is that the time  I better head off beta"   

"thanks for your time and your son?." She looked around

"yes Shaguna take her to baba"

"yes sir, Pratigya follow me" Pratigya went with Shaguna.

"chote malik is outside just go down the left and the garden door is there and just so you know he has company."

"thanks" Pratigya went over to the side she opened the garden door and went out it was a big garden and it had a massive pool. Pratigya walked over and saw Krishna but he wasn't alone he saying sweet nothing's in a girl's ear. Pratigya immediately felt awkward. why do I have to get into situations like this.. well Salil was right about his cousin being a ladies man... She walked alittle further so she could get his attention.

"Ahem, but she wasn't heard, then she coughed a little loud. Krishna stopped what he was doing and turned.

"well well bhabhiji? we meet again"

"Ahem Krishna"

"what brings you here to my home"  he smiled at the girl next to him then back looked back at her.

"I um need to um don't you know?"  He chuckled

"If  I knew do you think I would be asking you?"

"right of course silly me.. I'm covering your...

"company and you want my interview blah blah blah right?"

 "oh you know?"

"of course so shoot away what do you want to ask me?" he still had a his arm around the girl

"um.. you want to do an interview in your pool?

"yeah if you like but I don't think your sari is the appropriate dress code.. Anita baby get Pratigyaji a bikini like the one your wearing..and she can join us if she wants"

"sir" she giggled.

"hey mind your tongue Krishna you are being very shameless I'm not joining you in your pool"

"hey chill P I'm just kidding"

"don't call me P! clearly your not serious about the interview so I won't waste your time"

"aree chill Salil's patni didn't he tell you that I like to mess around don't take so serious na, let's do the interview its fine.

"I think I should go sir" Anita looked at Pratigya.

"why its fine her being here right?" said Krishna

"not really  I need you too be focused and with her here your clearly not" Anita felt insulted.

"Its fine I'm going.."

"but"  he protested

she took her towel and left.

"you insulted my guest" he was a little annoyed.

"no I didn't i_"

"Its fine.. so fire away.. ok she took her paper and pen out.

"ok so first question" she got into serious mode.

"ok wait I'm just coming out.." she nodded waiting.. he took the stairs like a Calvin Klein model he was in tight white speedos that were a little transparent now. Pratigya looked up for a minute and saw his frame, his wet hair he slowly took the towel and began to rub his hair.

"so ask what you want now, I'm all yours?" he smiled coming towards her still rubbing his hair. She took a mini step back she didn't know why..

"so first question?"

"Krishna can you go get changed.. its just that.."

"what?" he asked waiting for an answer.

"well your kinda.. tell him everything is visible and no.. don't say anything her mind reflected.

"I got you, I'll go get changed into a clean shirt

"that would be good"

"I know I'm irresistible right? it's a gift"  she laughed.

"you wish.. more like irritatable" she looked away annoyed

"really?" he said..she sighed getting further annoyed.

"yes and your clearly not interested in this interview"

"I'm interested"

"oh really?"

"really" you know I always thought that Salil got lucky"  he looked at her and to her surprise she did too.he placed his arm around her waist and pulled her close, Pratigya jaw dropped, his hand began caress her soft bare skin. how dare he I am his cousin's wife!

"let go of me!" she moved.

"I told you.. see even you felt it like I said it's a gift I am irresistible to women.

Thud! Krishna held his cheek.


"I am your bhabhi, your cousin's bro's wife and this is your behaviour" Krishna was amused, he could already see his effect on her.

"I'm leaving I'm not doing your interview when your like this" but he just chuckled

"tum to bura main gay I was only joking and you made my cheek red with a slap but.. why are you blushing " he raised a brow  he crossed all limits and she shook her head  and walked off.

"did you get your interview" said Shaguna as she passed her through the hall. she faked  smiled and walked off

" He is nonsense!" she walked out of the front door.


"Krishna came into the hall.. he was still wet from the pool. His brother came down the stairs.

"kya bhai there is water everywhere, and if I'm not mistaken that was Pratigya bhabhiji right?" said Vikas he was wasn't that much younger just by 2 yrs  

"hmm" he smiled.

"what happened she looked angry..  Krishna laughed to himself.

"Kya bro what did you do this time?"

"Vikas you know Salil.. how did a clown like him land himself a gorgeous item bomb like her"

"Krishna what you saying Pratigyaji is your bhabhi and your calling her a item bomb?"

"aree chup kar!  She is your  Pratigya bhabhiji .and.. she will come to me you'll see.. they all do in the end, I will have some fun with her that's all! He winked at his bro.

"bro.. but Salil is your cousin"

"so what- all is fair in love and war!" and he threw the towel at Vikas, but it missed Krishna looked at his young bro's confused face.

"Aree I'm just kidding of course I wouldn't do that to Salil, and Pratigya she is in a family now..

"oh thank god you seriously got me worried."

"don't be anyway I'm going to go get changed. Vikas smiled with relief.

"Krishna came into his lavish bedroom. He went to the mirror saw his cheek it has her finger marks imprinted, but Krishna didn't mind, he found himself smiling, he took his own fingers and rubbed his cheek.. the image of her in her red and green sari came to his mind, followed by how soft her waist felt.. Followed by the slap. And then he smiled again.



Krishna and Pratigya were in a room together,

"Pratigya you in here open the door"  Sahil knocked.Pratigya looked at Krishna and he has a dangerous smirk on his, Krishna was unpredictable..
"If Salil sees us here together he will get wrong idea. Her mind panicked.
"Yes we are" he smirked yelling to Salil at the same time looking at Pratigya's who's eyes had widened in shock.  




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Interesting concept KroopaSmile

Don't know if I like this KShocked but curious to see how the story unfolds please do  continue with it.

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interesring di...continue plz...k called her bhabhiji LOL ..
waiting to read how thry will be together... Embarrassed

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Oh my my P is wife of K's cousin n K calling P bhabhijiShockedROFL???!! Interesting and uncommon conceptTongueand KST character is kinda weirdConfuseddon't seems a good human beingLOLno problem !! P will make him good human rightTongue??Waiting for the next updateBig smile

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good start  Smile  but don't like P being widow,married n then falling for such a man!
well, lets see... Embarrassed do continue

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k is calling p Bhabhi..than flirt with her...Confused Shocked LOL 
hmmm but its KP i m intt...

pls cont...

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Hi friends i should've said this in the start  when reading this  ff forget mkap concept in this  ff just the names are the common factor everything else from personality to perspective of each character is completely different, Krishna isn't illiterate and no allahabadi accent just normal hindi, pratigya is taken from kmh but just elements not all of her character..  just imagine arja are in a new show just their character names are the same all else diff. they can pull any role of right Wink and if i didn't make her character a married one then i can't keep the title what it is.. the concept itself is based on that, and i don't want to give too much away that would be boring. Here is the next part.  

Part 2


"Where is Pratigya?" 

"I just rang her ma she's on her way"  Savitri  nodded.

"ok beta I will just be in the puja room.. call me when she comes"

"ok"  a few minutes later Pratigya came in through the front door.

"oh here you come" she sat down on the sofa.

"what's wrong..?"

"that idiot cousin of yours"

"oh what happen tell.. he went and sat next  to her.


"Pratigya you're here good.. did you get Krishna and my brother's interviews I will need you too write them up and then we can..

"actually mummyji I got only mama's interview..

"oh... why not krishna's ?" she looked at Salil 

"Pratigya.. I told Mr Rana  you will have article ready so I will have it in print by tomorrow and you..

"wait, first ma I was asking something"

"honestly Salil you deal with this I just.." she walked of.

"Salil thanks for..

"this isn't right Pratigya you know ma, really tried her best, you should've done this quickly but..

"I went to take Krishna's interview but he wasn't serious he..

"don't take Krishna too seriously he is that type of guy but really he has a big heart.

"heart my foot!" you know what he did?"


"he" it flashed in her mind how he misbehaved with her"

"he invited me in his pool"  Salil looked at her and bursted out in laughter.

"What Salil.. I'm telling you and your finding it a joke.. she walked off.

"sorry..but..  she turned around from the staircase. " listen Krishna sense of humour is different to others, but he is a really cool dude once you get to know him..

"No thanks..i have no intention of getting to know him and his badmaash mind" she stomped off.

"Aree Pratigya .. he raced up the stairs reaching their room  behind her and turned her to face him.   

"I have an idea.. ma needs this article done by tonight  I will come with you to Krishna bro's house and you can take the interview.. he won't bother you then.

"ok fine..let's go"


They reached Krishna's house.

"Salil beta said Shaguna.

"Hi aunty, I'm here to see Krishna bro"

"yeah through here.. he's in the pool"  

"is that all he does with his time.." she muttered

"shhh... come"   he took her to see Krishna.

"he's swimming.."

"oh so he does do something besides bringing girls.. he rolled his eyes, turned to her.

"will you give it a rest... hey Krish?"  Krishna stopped and turned.

" Hey Salu.. what's up man" he saw Pratigya hiding behind him.. " and you bought bhabhiji with you?" Namasteji" he said greeting his hands, which just further annoyed her.

"and twice in one day I must be popular"  he winked at her.. and she looked to Salil.

"actually Krishna she couldn't get your interview so we are back here if you don't mind.

"not at all..He sat at the edge of the pool.. "fire away ma'am" his comments were annoying her, he was such a smart alec, but she decided to ignore it.

"ok.." she took her notes out and began to ask him questions, he was cooperating well so far..

"ok that's done.. we will be off" she turned to Salil.. but Krishna had a cheeky glint in his eye..

"ok guys.. um bhabhiji can you just pass me my pen you will need my autograph right?.. how can I forget.. I need your permission before printing... she walked over to him with a pen

"sure" he went  over near the stairs of the pool

"here..." she held out the pen.. he didn't take it..she looked away from him.

"i think someone needs to cool down"

"what...ahhh!" she fell in the water.. Krishna saw her try to stand on her two feet he couldn't help but steady her as she kept falling over. "oh you idiot she kept pushing him away..  Salil rushed over...

"what happen" he quickly removed his hands from her waist. "come here" Salil helpd her out of the pool.. Krishna followed after her.

I'm all wet because of this idiot cousin of yours.." 

"what she slipped"

"uhh liar.. you pulled me"

"come on Pratigya.. he dried her with a towel that was left on the railing.. Krishna noticed it was his but didn't say anything. .. no harm done but you will need to change if ma  sees you like that then...

"oh so do you carry spare sets of women's clothing around with you?" she commented sarcastically, taking it from him and drying her wet hair. Krishna laughed at her disgracing him. She walked off...

"Jaanu..." he tried to stop her..

"hey let her go.. listen"

"Krishna, you can't do that.. you know she is my wife now, some boundaries you just can't cross" Krishna looked at him..

"sorry won't happen again.. anyway why has she got the hump, either she genuinely frustrated or you lack in the bedroom department. He patted his shoulders..    

"don't look at me like that.. I'm joking you know me I'm crazy you both make a beautiful jodi I can see her love for you.." Salil smiled.. and they both went inside.

"where is she?" he looked around..

"no idea.. by the way she's starts work from tomorrow she's knows right?"   

"I think so.."

"ok well make sure she does, maybe she is in the spare room.. Shaguna must've sorted some clothes out..

"ok.. you go I will wait for her here"



She came out of the bathroom cursing Krishna

"stupid, idiot,..fool..  Aaahhh! She turned the other way.. back against him, embarrassed  after seeing his naked behind.

"aree baap re!."   he slipped his towel on really fast followed by his boxers.. she quickly tucked her sari pallu

"what you doing here?"  

"me.. this is my room.. I should be asking you this question".. 

"ahem.. Shaguna told me to come change in here because the other bathroom light isn't work..

"oh yeah I forgot about that.. anyway you can turn around now."  She turned around, her hair still wet.

"Salil is looking for you..he's outside"

"ok.. I will go now" she started to walk towards the exit door.

"you know no girl leaves my room without.. well.. the Krishna experience"

"oh your so shamless!" she ignored him.. he blocked her again.

"and you what's this 2 visits in one day.. can't you get enough of me.. " she pushed his hand away. "why fight it.. he touched her hair strand "the wet look suits you"

"I think you forgot the slap I gave you"

"that was...

"Pratigya you in here open the door"  Sahil knocked.

Pratigya looked at Krishna and he has a dangerous smirk on his, Krishna was unpredictable.. "If Salil sees us here together he will get wrong idea. Her mind panicked.

"Yes we are" he smirked yelling to Salil and Pratigya's eyes widen in shock. 

"what I can't hear you pratigya.? you there?"

"shhh" she whispered and gestured him not to say anything.. He looked at her mischievously.

"Salu she maybe in the other bathroom go check downstairs.." he looked at her.

"ok.."  he yelled and left.

"go.. get downstairs before he does" he opened the door for her.

"bye" she walked out..

"and tomorrow don't be late.."

"whatever." he shut the door.

"tomorrow what's tomorrow?"  she thought as she climbed the stairs.. she quietly exited the front door. 10 minutes later Salil rang her and she explained she was already outside waiting, that evening he explained to his reluctant wife that his mum sorted out things for her. She typed up the article and then went to sleep early.. tomorrow she will start work with Krishna as her boss.



She arrived a little late than planed, the building said Thakur industries, she went through the entrance doors and gave her name.. the receptionist at the desk gave her directions to where she was suppose to be.  She saw Krishna in a room full of people.. He saw her at the door window "excuse me gentlemen" he opened the door.

"your late... he said and then walked back to the presentation.

"take a seat Pratigya we are half way through, I think I made it perfectly clear that I wanted you to come on time hmm?" What a situation all eyes were on her..

"But Krishna...

"Sir!" he said.. she looked at him feeling irritated already.

"I mean Sir Krishna.." a woman on the table laughed..

"I'm sorry bhavna did I make a joke?" he gave her a stern look.

"no... sorry sir"

"enough time has been wasted.. ok come Pratigya I need you too take minutes for this meeting.. you are familiar with that aren't you?" she nodded and sat down.. Did he just mock her in front of people or was he being genuine it was hard to tell.  The meeting went on for atleast 2 hrs.. it came to an end and Krishna told everyone they could leave.

"Pratigya wait.." she turned to him.


"um.. oh forget it, Amel show her, her cabin..

"ok sir" he walked out of the room..



Salil I know but it depends.. ok its fine I will be there soon" Krishna saw her cut the phone call.

"Krishna?.." he was walking in her direction.

"sir" she said sarcastically.

"hmm.. did you get those minutes typed up of yesterday, lunch break is over you should be in your cabin by now.."

"almost.. its just I need to go home early and Salil he just.. he shook his head.

"what nonsense.. Pratigya, if I let you go home early because your my cousin's wife that would be special treatment and its only your second day do you think that's fair on all the other's who are working just like you"  she went quiet, she didn't know what to think of this office serious Krishna mode.

 "ok I'll finish off the minutes.."

"Good" he smiled with his hands in his pocket and went into his office.

"Tyrant!  now mummyji will have to speak with him.. I can't"


"Sir you have a call on the other line" thanks Sheena.


"Krishna beta"

"Hi buaji how are you?"

"fine beta.. you tell?"

"I'm extremely busy..

"ok  I won't take much of your time.. how is Pratigya settling in?"

Hmm yeah good, she's doing really well"

"that's great beta wanted to ask you a favour" now she is asking her favour through her saas.. "no I can't give her time off..

"its not about time.. today after work can you take her to the mandir please?" Krishna looked confused


Krishna entered her cabin. She looked up from the laptop.

"come on get your thing where going?"

"what where.. she got up..

"to the mandir..

"mandir why.. oh because its tuesday?" he came closer.

"no because where getting married (tut) of course because its Tuesday bua rang and told me now come on."

"ok..." she was a little apprehensive but went with him as her saas had said it.



"you go mandir every Tuesday?"



"why you interested?"

"who said I was interested... anyway we are here now" he parked the car. They both got out.

"ok you go I'll wait here"

"your not coming?"

"no I have a call to make"

"ok suit yourself.. she went over to get a pooja thali..  she had been in the mandir for th2 past 20 minutes Krishna looked at his watch..

"why didn't bua tell me  we could've had the valentine's day party at my house instead its much bigger'

"uncle.uncle" a kid tugged Krishna's trousers he looked down at the little girl, cute maybe 6 yrs of age.  Pratigya came down the stairs will her pallu on her head and thali in her hand. Krishna was holding a little girl and she couldn't stop staring at the sight, she came down the stairs but she didn't interrupt.

"ok tell uncle thankyou"

"thank you uncle for buying me all these balloons"

"your welcome beta" 

"thank you bhai saab.. you really didn't have to.." said her mum.

"aree please don't make me ashamed by saying this.. its made her happy that's what matters. Pratigya looked on and she couldn't help but smile.

"ok.. say thanks to uncle give him a puppy. The little girl kissed krishna's cheek.

"awh" and he kissed hers.

"chalo Ishu" she smiled and Pratigya finally came there.

"sorry for ruining your husband and wife moment.." Krishna and Pratigya looked at each other ready to correct her mistake but didn't get a chance to as little Ishu waved.. they waved back.

"ahem.. bua called I'll just drop you off and be on my way, you have a Valentine day party she is hosting it. Pratigya listened but sort of switched off.

"that was sweet. What you did for that little girl"

"I don't know what your talking about.. get in the car" she smirked and sat down.

"I saw it all.."

"so not such a monster after all then?" he started the car.

"when did I call you a monster?"  he laughed and she smiled, they exchanged a friendly look and that too for the first time also for the first time she saw a  complete different side to Krishna she didn't know existed.



The party was in full swing.. Pratigya and her sisters were present with their better halves.

"Pratigya how is working with Krishna you know I've heard he has a reputation with the girls.."

"come on bhabhi so did my brother untill he met you"

"yeah Salil Is right all Krishna needs is a good woman in his life,let's set him up..

"no Pratigya that's not a good idea besides he's not here... oh there he comes and he's not alone.. said Salil

"Krishna beta glad you could make it and you have bought a date"

"who's she'...?"

"I don't know.. maybe a work colleague.. anyway lets go dance.." he pulled Pratigya to the dance floor.

"wait first lets go say hi to bhai" Salil went pulling her with him.

"hey Krishna bro.."

"Hi,Salu.. bhabhiji.. he turned to his date. "baby why don't you get us some drinks"

"ok" she went leaving the three of them.

"what's up Salu.. him and his cousin chatted for a bit..

"Krishna who's your date is she long term?"

"Pratigya leave him alone.. Krishna doesn't do long term am I right bro" he looked at Pratigya "exactly who wants to be trapped in a life long commitment when... I'm not boring you with this talk go and have a good dance you too its your party.". his date came back "we will join you shortly"   Pratigya danced with Salil but kept going on about Krishna.

"ok fine mere maa, find him a sutiable bride and let me know the update"

"ok done., because the girl he is with clearly isn't his type" she uttered.


Oh nothing its not important" she started dance with him again..



Pratigya had been working with Krishna for over 2 weeks, he had been a gentlemen no rude remarks, at work he was very focused and made sure she had lunch everyday if not himself  asking directly he made sure from other workers.

Pratigya you should get home now its really dark outside I will drop you off"

"ok just want to finish this last.." he came over and switched her laptop off.

"home.. now!"

Ok.. fine" they were both in the car.

"so that girl who you brought at our house last week..

 "before you get the wrong idea she is not my girlfriend.."

"oh I forgot you don't do marriage.. well how about love then?"

"how about changing the subject.. or better still let me ask you a question"


"do you love my cousin?"

"what.. what sort of question is that..

"obviously not the right one for you if your taking this long to answer"

"of"course I love h-him"


"what.. you think I don't?"

"I didn't say anything.. he said taking a turn.

"and your bedroom life.. does my cousin make the earth move..

"oh Krishna I knew you didn't change.. your still misbehaving asking such ghatiya questions to me..i'll rather walk home"

"fine walk" he replied and she opened the door. He sighed.

"god she can't even take a joke..." he drove around.. for a few seconds.. where did she go' his mind thought. Then he spotted her, she drove near her.



"Get in the car Pratigya"  she ignored Krishna

"hey chamak chalo is this guy bothering you?" she turned around to a guy and behind  Krishna saw in the rear of his mirror and quickly parked his car in that spot and came out.

"you get in now" he said with a serious tone holding her hand.. she was about to go with him, the guys blocked her.

"is he bothering you?".. I'm taking the girl with me.. he held her other hand..

"Hey! Don't touch her with your filthy hands!!.. angry Krishna pushed his arm off her.

"ok relax bro, she looks cold we can share her keep her warm" he laughed. Krishna was really annoyed, his hand became a fist. "and also get our release" that was the most vile thing Krishna heard and he couldn't stop himself.. Smack went his fist knocking the guy out to the ground. Pratigya jumped back.

"what the hell don't you know who you are hitting..

"a low life cheap man I know.."

"and you just standing there.. is he your yaar" Pratigya didn't know what to say.

"husband actually I will kill anyone who misbehaves with my wife you got that" Pratigya looked upon shock.. then saw Krishna's expression and she played along..

"yeah he's my husband"

"listen" he took his jacket off and put it around her shoulders.. "go in the car and wait there.. and don't come out untill I get there.." Pratigya looked behind and saw 4 more guys..

"i.. don't think I can leave you alone.." he just ignored her comments and walked off..he turned for a second ..

"please just go" he mouthed.. she began to walk to the car.

"oh look 4 more clowns.. you decided you want a make over too like I have done on him..

"sala.. grab him" said one enraging the rest.. Krishna was aware and thanks to his black belt in tycondo he managed to hit all 5 of them, there own sticks became his weapon, he hit them, Pratigya sat in the car watching she felt uneasy 5 of them against just him..  he seemed ok but then one of them grabbed him and kicked him in the face.. Krishna fell to the ground.. he got up again, he didn't give up.. watching all this Pratigya struggled she didn't know what to do.. she was feeling bad for him, she tried to come out of the car, but stopped because it was just make him angry that she didn't listen.. since when did she listen to him ever. Again he was being kicked and punched, in the chest, he still didn't give up.

"ok grab him.. let's just end him here".. Pratigya eyes widened in shock when she saw one of them with a knife.. now she couldn't just seat there she had to do something especially seeing his white shirt stained with blood.she came out of the car with something in her hand.  Krishna struggled 2 men held his arms back and one was ready to hurt him..

"What is this b*stards name?"

"Krishna singh thakur bhaiya"


"go on then.."

"ahem we have done enough why should we get out hands dirty for the law.. just beat him to a pulp and leave him there"  Just then near his leg a fire bolt came..

"what the hell" he dropped the knife..

"something isn't right let's go from here.."

They pushed Krishna to the wall and left.. he was still conscious but hit badly.

"Krishna.. Krishna tum thek ho.." 

"I t-told you to stay in the car..and this is your doing I suppose" she quickly put the fire out

"I had to do something I couldn't...I" she sighed heavily and then threw her arms around him.

"I thought they were going to kill you" she hugged him tight, feeling her warmth he hugged her back..  she squeezed her eyes shut to stop tears coming but it was too late they flowed.

"I'm fine.. he said releasing her, but she was still clung on to him, then she cupped his face.

"are you in pain?"  she gently caressesed his cheeks with her fingers, which he found comforting. 

"no" he lied but tried to smile. "hey your tears are too precious don't waste them on me" he said making her eyes moist more..

"Krishna.. uhh..i.. i'm sorry i..." her thumb raced his lip, his eyes didn't leave hers, there was still feeling she didn't know what it was but it was building up inside her. And with that thought  she  smacked her lips against his.



i hope you all like this story. 

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