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Monday Feb 10th updates

Episode 345


An unconscious Kathir rushed to hospital. The jing bang crowd aajar.. Dr examines and announces that Kathir in permanent sleep. He may wake completely as Kathir. RKO by the clan. Dr says only one person who can save Kathir is his ex-kadhali. Bharathy stands shocked. Dr says only that lady can explain to Kathir that she is married and he (Kathir) too is married. Dr walks off and a weeping Bharathy stands recollecting all post accident incidents between her and Kathir . (Indha flashback kodumai yendru oyumoo.. ) Devi Chidsa katti pudichu mega RKO. My avasara budhi made him swoon. But the sole reason for Madhans's state is his ex-kadhali who met him some time back. If I ever meet her I will strangle her. I don't mind Madhan sleeping eternally. But I will not live a life given as alms by that lady. I swear on my unborn child that I will bring Madhan back with my efforts alone. (ss habba.. ennala mudiyala.. San media .. please stop this crappy story line..)


Night time, Bharathy and Santosh in deep sleep. Devi bangs the door and screams for Bharathy. Bharathy walks out and Devi tries to strangle her. Santosh pushes Devi and slaps her . Devi screams - Bharathy is Kathir ex-kadhali. Screen freezes on shocked Bharathy and Santosh's faces.





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Tuesday 11 / 2 / 14 Episode No 346

Kodumai kOdumai enru kOvilukku pOnaal ange rendu kOdumai jingu jingu nnu Aaditham - Enna da Roja kku vantha sothanai?? She just got out of a bad viral fever and now puppet show fever?? Aandavaaa

Well, it was Bharathy's dream ( uh huh what else did you guys expect?? Some original twist?? go, figure ) Another midnight masala ...oops midnight meet of FIL - DIL - FIL does his usual talk of "this too shall pass" and DIL is not so optimistic - tells FIL that the dream better come true "Devi will kill me and I will finally be rid of my guilt " Nats wonders about this meeting ( Yovv, unnoda devious scheming episode kooda thevalam , intha blow hot blow cold Madan - Kathir kOdumai thangalai ppa ) OK, folks, don't forget to recall a few flashbacks - Roja's fingers are hurting and so she is not going in to those slimy details uh huh.

Ram and Rajesh are sleeping - hospital corridor, uncomfortable chairs - the works folks. Devi has more flashbacks (Yovv, intha flashback kOlai yai nirutha pOreengala, illiyaa?? ) She is unable to let the sleeping duo in peace, wakes Ram and talks about Madan's ex - Ram pEy muzhi muzhikka, Rajesh akka kku chayng chakk pOda - pocch, thookkam kaput. Vala Vala nnu pesittu Devi asks them to sleep - Aama enge thoongarathu ?? Roja joot


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Wednesday Feb 11th updates


Devi asks Ram if he knows by Kathir's ex-kadhali. Ram denies and wonders why disturn her peaceful married life. Devi says what if Kathir remains as Kathir forever. As per Dr suggestion, I want to try getting her here and talk to Kathir. I will beg her. If she goes not agree. I will fight and drag her here. Ram is perplexed.


Devi meets Priya, updates all matters and questions Priya if she is aware of Kathir's kadhali since Bomallattam was Kathir' own love story. Priya says agree that it was his love story but he did not divulge any personal details about that girl. In fact I don't know her name too. ( I thought Priya knew everything!) . Devi is upset and requests Priya to help her trace that Kadhali. Priyaa gives an idea. The other day Kathir has met his kadhali at the hospital and got to know that she was pregnant. So that lady has come for her checkup. Go to that hospital and get the list of patients who came for gyneac checkup and we will be able to trace her down. Devi appreciates the brilliant idea and zooms to the hospital to collect details.


Devi manages to get the list by bribing a ward boy. The jing bang crowd waiting outside ICU. Chids wonder why Devi is missing. Ram and Rajesh update that she has gone hunting for Kathir' ex-kadhali. Chids, Badri and Bharathy shocked. Chids scolds Ram for letting Devi go. Ram says Devi didn't listen. She bugged me with a million questions about the kadhali and I did not tell. Santosh correcta catches the point, did not tell means you know her is it. Ram fumbles and manages to says I don't know. Nats keenly observing all happenings. Devi walks in and says almost found that girl. Again shocked and curious faces around. Chids scolds Devi for doing such things. Devi says anything for my Madhan, pulls out the list and brags about her smart move. She tells Ram, I shall read the names one by one and you should be able to help me. She starts reading the names and Bharathy is trembling. Next name to be read out is Bharathy.



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Thursday 13th Feb 


Devi studying some list of names and speculating if anyone is Madhan's lover or not. Chids scolding Devi and grabs the list from her. Meanwhile doctor arrives and tests Madhan to see if he is fully recovered or not. Satisfied that Madhan has fully recovered, he informs the family tensely waiting outside. Everyone is very happy and Devi goes to meet Madhan alone and informs about her pregnancy. Madhan is ecstatic and becomes highly emotional.

Chids is much relaxed and Badri arrives. Both discussing about Santhosh and Devi and how they have changed. Now they both decide that it is time to concentrate on Rajesh and it is time he gets married.

Dance Continues Dancing

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Bommalaatam Episode 350, Saturday 15 February 2014

Mr and Mrs Samosa talk. Mrs Samosa says that it is bad luck for two pregnant women to stay under one roof so they will bring Barathy home.

Bharathy is drawing the rangoli. Madhan apologies for what he has done as Kadhir. He also reveals that he has decided to move house with Devi. Bharathy is against the idea and tells him to stay.

Mrs Samosa talks with Chithi and tells her about how Bharathy and Devi cannot see each other. Chithi says she will make sure that won't happen. Nattu eavesdrops and says that he will make sure that they will see each other.

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Monday Feb 17th updates

Koki apologizes to Sivagami for their mean behavior during Saku fiasco and justifies saying any girl's family would react like that. Sivagami says I have forgotten it long time back. Koki says two pregnant ladies under roof.. bad omen.. They should not see each other.. So request you to send Bharathy to my home. Bharthy still angry on us coz we tried to abort her child .. Trust me we assure to take good care and there will be no mistakes this time. Nats eavesdropping. Vows to use this opportunity. He walks in and greets koki. An uneasy koki walks off. Nats asks siva .. what matter. siva updates. Nats boils. How dare they talk about taking Bharathy to their home after trying to abort the baby. No question of sending Bharathy. don't even discuss about this with anyone. Erase Koki's visit from your mind. A confused Sivagami nods, walks aside and stands thinking how to keep the two away. Nats is all happy about the bad omen which would bring fortunes for him and wonders when siva will develop brain and help him in his goal.

Koki comes back home and shares the matter with Danda - Sivagami did not give a concrete answer. Wonder how she will keep the two ladies away from each other under one roof for next 8 months.

At Chid's home, Sivagami slogs to keep Bharathy and Devi away from each other without revealing the reason. B and D wonder why Siva is acting weird. Sivagami wonders  keeping them away for
8 minutes is taking my life wonder how I am going to manage for 8 months.


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Tuesday 18 /  2  / 14  Episode No 352

Ada da ada da peekaboo da Chithi playing peekaboo da - the whole episode is peekaboo folks !!  "Bharathy is coming down the stairs , drive Devi to the kitchen , Bharathy is coming in to the kitchen, block her way " game is on. Nats is enjoying his wife's plight and adds some fuel to the fire. Asks Bharathy to get some ice water when Sivagami is coaxing Devi to stay in the kitchen - Roja was tired and boy did the peekaboo got over as an impatient Santhosh kept honking - boo hoo

Intha Naidu kku vantha vAzhvai Paarunga da !! His life story is what Roja heard next !!  He replaces Shalini of Aalaipayuthe with his sister and how his mother singly brought them up. He manages to wangle some leave and money for his sister's "Bangle Protection " ceremony . After he leaves, Chids talks about Kathir's mom - about how she is  a single mother . Bharathy reminds that Kathir is also an only child. Finally they deem it fit that Kathir's mother should be kept in the loop - marriage, accident and now the grand kid - FINALLY uh huh.

Another Peekaboo session - not sure about Chithi but Roja can not swing this any more !!! Chithi talks about saffron milk for Bharathy, seasoning smell making her puke etc., etc., Devi is livid. Chithi wants Devi to read aloud about "how to bring up your kid" - so she can learn to help Bharathy with her kid - which irritates Devi more . Ayyayo , Bharathy is coming "athaiii" Peekaboo time doy Roja joot


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Wednesday feb 19th updates

Episode 353


Sivagami continues with her circus of keeping Devi and Bharathy away from each other. Bharathy wonders why Siva is acting weird and shares it with Madhan. Bharathy recollects Naidu's talks about register marriage and Chids worrying that kathir is hiding his marriage and Devi pregnant matter from his mother. Bharathy questions Madhan about the same. Madhan is scared that his mother might not be able to take it that he hid such a big thing from her. Bharathy advises don't prolong anymore. Devi walks in and scolds Bharathy for interfering in their matters. Siva tries to separate the two ladies. Devi screams. Bharathy walks off with Siva. Devi shouts at Madhan - I don't like Bharathy. Please don't discuss anything with her. Madhan cools her.  Sivagami polambufies and Bharathy is clueless.  

Danda arrives at Chid's home and pleads Sivagami - send Bharathy to our home.  Sivagami says I will manage to keep them away under same roof. Trust me.  Danda nods and walks off.  Sivagami prays to Devi's mom to help her out.

Sivagami dreams that Bharathy trips down the stairs and screams in pain. She runs to Devi's mom photo, cries and polambufies. She turns around and is stunned to see bharathy staring at her


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