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Bommalaatam Episode 338, Saturday 01/02/14


Santosh bumps into Kathir and Ram standing in the middle of the street. Santosh offers them a lift - Ram gets in the car reluctantly. Santosh says that his mother-in-law's house is also in Adayar. Madhan says that his future mother-in-law's house is also in Adayar. Ram mumbles that you are both talking about the same house. Ram stops the conversation from progressing and makes Santosh stop the car. Ram tells Santosh that Kadhir's love was living in that street but not anymore. Santosh leaves.


Ram says that he will go to Bharathy's house and come with Bharathy. Bharathy's dad comes by and spots Madhan (in his mind) but Kathir. Bharathy's dad says that he is the reason for Bharathy's happiness and that she has told everything. Kathir is over the moon that Bharathy has told her parents about her love. Ram is very puzzled.


Devi and Chithi are in hospital talking about how good Madhan is. Devi cries because Madhan is wandering around the streets while she is pregnant. The doctor gives the usual advice. Devi says that first she will wait for him to turn to Madhan and tell him the news before Chithi breaks the news to everyone else. Confusion prevails in Kadhir's house as Kadhir tries to set the relationship between Chithi, Bharathy and Ram straight. Chithi leaves as she cannot bear this confusion


The Dance Continues

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Monday Feb 3rd updates

Episode 339


Devi chases Chithi before she olarifies the good news. Devi Kathir vaya pudungi tries to get details of his kadhali.. A tensed Ram tries his level best to stop. Kathir says I went to meet my kadhali, could not meet her but met her father. Devi taunts Ram for helping Kathir without informing her. Kathir continues I tried to avoid him but he spoke to me very nicely and invited me home too. So looks like she has updated our love at home and they have accepted. I am so happy. I told him that I will come home when my aalu is around. Devi asks if you go out on date. Kathir angrily says ganiyamana kadhal. He asks if Devi dated with her lover. Devi says we loved after marriage. Kathir taunts how can love after marriage be called love marriage. Ram interrupts, gives the tablet to Kathir and prays that Kathir should sleep ASAP. Kathir asks about Devi's aalu. Devi describes him as an fashion-outdated guy wearing big fat glasses. Kathir says only intelligent guys were spectacles and asks his name. Devi says first say your aalu's name. Kathir says I shall give a clue and you guess the name. Clue: A Mahakavingar's name. Ram tensed. Devi guesses it as kannadasan. Kathir teases saying You are a guessing a guy's name whereas I love a girl. Devi guesses it as Thamarai. Kathir gives additional clue.. He is a very angry kavingar. Ram chases Devi saying something burning in the kitchen. Devi runs in and Kathir falls asleep. Ram heaves a sigh of relief. Devi asks Ram Did you go to that girls' home. Ram says they have shifted home. Kathir is unaware. Ram questions why did Sivagami come. Devi says Shall disclose it after my thalaivan gets up.


Sivagami is trying her level best to hide the good news and is aavala waiting for Devi's green signal. Chids is reading thirukural to find solutions for the problems/confusions he is facing. Bharathy says this is exactly what my father does too. Chids worries about Devi. Bharathy cheers him up saying Ram will manage. Chids says if truth has to come out it will and we have to face it. Santosh walks in and questions Bharathy if she knew Madhan earlier. Chids and Bharathy shocked. Bharathy says no. Chids tells trust Bharathy. Santosh says Bharathy you are lying. I have a proper evidence to prove that you know him. Come on tell the truth. Bharathy stands still.  




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Roja is gearing up for Tuesday kOdumai Ouch


Updates by Nithya
Tuesday feb 4th Updates

Santosh clears the air by saying was just kidding.. met Kathir on the way and he claimed his kadhali lives in your area.. So was wondreing if you know him. A relieved Bharathy scoots.

Chithi unable to hold the secret and is desperately waiting for Devi's call. Rajesh plays around and gets the matter out form her that Devi is pregnant. He runs and updates Chids,Santosh and Bharathy. All are excited.  They decide to keep it as a secret till Devi reveals it  but celbrate amongs themsleves by having sweets. 

At Kathir's home, he wakes up as Madhan and gets all lovey-dovey with his wife Devi. He tries to chase away the nandi Ram but Ram stay puts. Devi runs in to get the payasam to tell Madhan the good news. Madhan notices 26 missed calls from his mama and calls back. Mama says Kathir's mom unwell and she may need to be taken to a hospital in a bigger town for further diagnosis/treatment. A worried Madhan assures to come immediately and hangs up. Ram quickly dials mama and gets to know that mom isn't so serious that Kathir needs to come ASAp. Ram tells mama that Kathir is held up with his project and they will make it to the village in some days. Ram runs back and makes Devi undertsand that we need to prevent Madhan from going to his village. Devi nods and cries for not being able to conevy the good news in this tough situation.


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Wednesday Feb 5th Updates

Madhan's mother unwell. He wants to go to the village immediately to meet her. Ram and Devi lie that there is a bus strike and only option is train and the next available train would be the next morning. An upset madhan agrees but polambufies about how gr8 his mother is and how ungrateful he is. He has hidden his marriage too. Ram cheers Madhan. Devi goes in and breaks down crying that she is unable to convey pregnancy matter to Madhan.

Next morning, kathir wakes up and runs to tea stall with Ram. He is irked with Devi's closeness. Ram manages to answer. Santosh and Bharathy driving to the hospital for B's checkup. S decides to meet Devi en-route. B is perplexed. She tries her best to divert S. But an adamant S drives to Devi's home. B calls up Ram , updates that we are at your home. Please don't bring kathir here. Ram nods and turns around to find Kathir missing. Ram stands shocked.


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Thursday 6th Feb 2014 Updates

Ram asks Bharathy to leave Devi's house as soon as possible, cuts the call and gets shocked to see Kathir missing. Perplexed, Ram wonders if Kathir has left to his home and starts searching for Kathir frantically. Meanwhile, Devi asks about Bharthy not being present and Santhosh replies that she is outside talking to someone. Bharthy enters and enquires about Devi's health and asks her to take rest. Devi wondering if chithi had already spilled the beans and answers that she is doing well. Santhosh wants to know where Madhan is? Devi says that he woke up as Kathir and left the house to have tea in the nearby shop. Santhosh decides to wait and see Madhan while Bharathy's tension increases. Bharathy urges Santhosh to leave soon for check-up, while he says it wont be good to leave without meeting mapillai. Devi gives coffee to them.
Ram spots Kathir walking from nearby street and rushes to meet him. Ram scolds Kathir for leaving without informing, while Kathir gives back stating that he is not a baby anymore. Kathir explains that he saw an old lady carrying groceries and immediately thought of his mother, so rushed to her aid and helped her carry them to her home. Ram feels guilty. Kathir decides to go home, change his dress and meet Bharathy. Ram says that he wants to have tea again and insists that Kathir should be with him. Bewildered Kathir agrees to wait for Ram.

Bharathy says that it is getting late and finally Santhosh also agrees to leave. After goodbyes to Devi, Bharathy rushes to the car while Santhosh surprised to see Bharathy in a hurry. Inside the car, Santhosh feels bad that Devi didnt say a word about her pregnancy, despite knowing the reason for their presence there. Bharathy says without saying anything to Madhan, Devi cant say a word to others. Grumbling about unnecessary formalities Santhosh starts the car and leaves.
Inside the tea shop, Kathir is irritated to see Ram drinking his third tea. Unable to sit there any longer, he goes outside, while Ram is still drinking his tea. Outside he sees  a car
passing him with Bharathy inside. Wondering who the person is sitting next to her, Kathir starts shouting Bharathy's name and runs after the car. But the car goes without stopping. Still shouting Bharathy's name, Kathir starts chasing the car using Ram's bike. Alerted by Kathir's shouting Bharathy's name, Ram rushes outside to see Kathir giving Bharathy's car a chase. Immediately Ram hops in an auto and goes after Kathir.

Ram loses Kathir and so gives Bharathy a call but Santhosh picks up the call (as Bharathy is inside for checkup). As Santhosh is about to answer Bharathy's phone, Ram drops his phone inside the auto and has to restart it. Meanwhile Chids calls Santhosh's phone and wants to know the checkup details. As they are talking Ram tries Bharathy's phone again. Santhosh finishes his call with Chids and is about to take Ram's call, while Ram hangs up. Now both Ram and Santhosh are trying to reach each other but the line is busy. Meanwhile Kathir arrives at the hospital and wondering what could be Bharathy doing here, goes inside. On seeing Santhosh, Kathir hides and wondering what the doctor is doing here. In the checkup room, the doctor finishes her examination and declares all is fine with the mother as well as the baby. Orders a test to see the baby's growth. Kathir manages to evade Santhosh and comes searching for Bharathy, sees her stepping out of the examination room. As he takes a step forward to meet her, the doctor comes out and talks with Bharathy. The doctor says the baby's growth is fine and asks Bharathy not to worry about anything. Kathir hears all this and is shocked Shocked. Santhosh comes there and doctor tells him to take care of his wife and leaves. Santhosh konjufys with Bharathy while Kathir is stunned to see and hear all this Broken Heart. Kathir stumbles and leaves the place.
Santhosh informs that someone was trying to contact her and goes to collect the report. Ram calls Bharathy and updates what had happened and asks her to leave the hospital with Santhosh immediately. As Bharathy is about to enter her car, Kathir calls her name. Shocked Bharathy turns and sees Kathir standing there.

Dance Continues Dancing  

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friday update -7/2/14


Kathir calls Bar and she shock to see him. Kathir very angry and sad that Bar has cheated him for fall for a doctor. He questions and questions her turuvi turuvi. She unable to answer and asks him to leave. She is very scared that Santhosh will come there any time. Kathir vidathapaillai... keep scolding her. She pleads and pleads him to go away and tell him that he will not understand. Kathot ask her whether her love is true and why he cheated him. Thank god Ram comes there and pleads to Kathir to leave Bar . After so much haggle, Ram finally managed to drag Kathir from there. Santhosh come there and Bar relieve and left the place .


Inside the car, Santhosh feels that Bar look sad. There talking casual about baby. Then Bar slowly start about her love story before marriage and ask Santhosh whether he still remember that. She said that she met him at the hospital. Santhosh ask whether he disturb her. Bar say, his ex feel disturb to see her. Santhosh asks. Bar feela kastham or not. He also ore feel telling that he has cross in her life otherwise she would have married her boyfriend. He regrets that at that time he didn't realise that and iny his anger has superseded everything. If he did not married Bar, she could continue to be poruki. Bar has sacrifice herself to make him a man. He apologises to Bar for everything.


Bar also also confess that her love is true and also and her marriage also it truth. She never thinks about her ex lover after her wedding. She starts her life in her own desire. She affirms to Santhosh that she has thrown away her love and accepted him wholeheartly. She also reveal that the last tme she didn't et him bear her not coz of her ex lover but just to ask him realise her true love towards him. Santhosh is very proud of Bar and happy for him. He thanks her for everything.

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Bommalaatam Episode 344, Saturday 08th February 2014


Kadhir tells Ram that he wants to go to his village and seeing his mum's face will make him better. Kadhir says that he cannot stand this painful situation but promises not to speak of it again. Kadhir recalls a gift exchange scene with Bharathy. Devi asks why Kadhir is crying to which he mallupyfies but later spills the truth. Devi weeps as Kadhir is considering suicide. Devi offers a tablet. Kadhir gets emotional as she has no idea about their love. Devi says that everything is finished, even he is married. Kadhir refuses to believe anything and says that he is going crazy. Devi tells him that this is the reality and that he forgot everything including her when he had an accident. Kadhir holds on to his head with running memories and falls on to the bed.


The Dance Continues

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