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Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

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Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon ! The name says it all . A story about 2 individuals coming together and creating a epic story . Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon if the name has so much power in it than just wonder how the couple of this drama will be . Well they are not that any typical couple where at first look they fell in love or go to the girls house and ask for the girls hand . No this story and this couple were totally different , Their first sight of seeing each other was hate , That's all they could think about each other when they saw each other that how much they hate each other . They could not Stand each other . But slowly , Slowly as their story began we saw how these two individuals became one soul .

How Rishbah Kundra and How Madhubala Rishabh Kundra became Rishbala Heart

So let's begin with their epic love story ka trailer Ahahhaaa Embarrassed

Rishabh Kundra

Rishabh Kundra known as Rk the superstar . A spoiled egoistic, rude ,
Passionate and a person who will go to any level to get his love , a self obsessed person ,heart less who thinks he is always right , he hates people going in front of him , he wants and thinks he is the best in the world and no one can ever beat him ! His ego is his first love and his ego and his attitude is what made people love him . The way he smirk and the way he use to say those dialogues and end it with a smirk nobody could beat him with that . He   Hated making relationships because of the pain he went though in his past . He did not believe in relations ships because he got so hurt with them in his past . He only loved him self and his ego and only trusted only him self and no one else . So You see what kinda guy he is now and now just imagine a guy like this what will happen when he falls in love with a girl , You will find out soon. How a ordinary girl will become his habit his obsession his JUNOON !
So this is Rishbabh Kundra For You

Madhubala Rishabh Kundra

Madhubala Rishabh Kundra , a simple sweet ordinary girl . Who was borned in film studio , as the studio lights touched her feet the min she opened her eyes and started crying . As she started getting older she started working in a hair salon shop . Her biggest dream and her most important dream was to live a simple beautiful normal life . Her sister and her mom worked in the film industry but she never wanted to do anything with the film industry . She loved her family so much who she will do anything for them even sacrifice her life for them . But that one sacrifices she did for her father Malik changed he whole life ! Ever since that day her life became different . But slowly slowly just because of that sacrifices she founded that person that she will do any thing in the world for her she will find the other part of her soul she will find her ISHQ !
So this is Madhubala Rishabh Kundra for You

Their first meet ! The moment they first saw each other . The moment where they lead eyes on eyes each other . Their love story started in Natraj studio. Rk playing in the piano and than suddenly out from the back when he looks up he sees her . He sees her beautiful eyes from those eyes that he could not take off his eyes from . Rk never admitted but Rk fell in love with her in his first sight when he saw her . He never understand that and never wanted to admit it but the reality was that he fell in love with her the moment he saw her . But everything does not end here the minute you start thinking awww he fell in love and their love story will begin but no from their first meet their "Hate Story Began " yes that was the day the both challenged each other that will make the other one lose , they will win this game , they will end it how they want it because if Rk had ego madhu was no less she also wanted to win this game but in her way .Rk thought she is one if those typical girls who will stop her game ,The min he tells her to take her case back that she has accused him for but no Mahdubala was not that girl she believed everyone should have the same amount of justice if u do something wrong you have to pay for it . Than suddenly this bachni in Rk heart started that how could she , Why she is not like the other girls and that's what made her more attractive to him . He loved how she was different from all those other girls but at the same he hated it . He hated how she just did not give up and than he became how little babies become "if that baby wants something he wants it right now . "Rk wanted her to give up and just loss because he could not stand a regular Chawl girl winning from him . He tired everything he tired every possible for her to take that case back and make her defeated . He than started mess with her family members , he broke off her engagement he messed up her sister career he made her father in a
Condition where he has no chance of living , when he saw that she is broken and he has won he say back and relaxed ! But no Madhu got more stronger and she did not wanted it to end this way she went back and to that same studio where they first met and gave him his answer back with her four slaps in front of the whole cast and crew !
She told him that the game he has started has now ended ! Where
Madhu thought it end but no she was wrong that's where it actually started !
Fight of Junglie Billi and Right kameena

Yeh Tho Trailer Hai Flim Dikana Ayi

Guyz , Guyz that was just the trailer here is the full movie ! Get Your popcorn ready because the movie is about to start ! I will be showing You their epic romance their epic wedding their epic SR and their twist and turns ! Their epic love story well let me say this is the spoiler alert from the movie and as soon as You go to the second post you will see all their epic moments ! You will feel like Your a watching a movie and don't want to stop watching !
Rk and Madhu love story was just a longer version of a blockbuster movie

Big Wala Twists

Like Every movie has a big twist at the end but Rk and Madhu life had two twists that changed their whole life !
The first twist the 4 pero wali wedding like I said the story did not end their destiny and Rk had something else planned . This was first time on televisions this kinda wedding was taking place Rk and Madhu started a whole new epic thing in the world . That's how they become different from all the other couples .
Rk and madhu got married but like a normal couple would get married 7 phero shahdhi but like I said they were not a Normal couple they were a epic couple Rk toke revenge from her by marrying her not seven but only four peros because she only gave him 4 slaps , also for the rest of the 3 peros he had to walk behind her which he did not like , because the world walks behind Rk not rk ! "Why did madhu agree " ? She agreed because Rk was ready to give her money for her father operation . Like I said Madhu would do anything for her family ,
And the situation he was in it was because of her so she agreed to the wedding ! Every pera they did he did not promise to keep her happy but promise to make her life ruin make her love turn into hell ! He did make her wear a mangal sutra but just throwed at her he did fill her forehead with sindoor but dropped
in front of her ! They got married in Natraj studio where they first met and where she slapped him he showed everybody what will happen to you if You mess with Rk ! Madhu did not became his wife she became his Adhi Adhori Biwi Which he consider as a servant , Which he will call "Biwi "
But will treat her like a servant !

Twist number 2 , the Unwedding night , this twist was just the biggest shocker to all the RM fans and actually to the whole tellywood industry . Nobody ever thought that a man ego will get ever this big and do something like this . The one person who only new was Rk nobody else ! After he told her he loved her and wanted to get marry to her he told her after they fix everything here and solve all their problem they will go and create their own world ! Rk showed her so meny dreams , they did their romance they did their nok jokes , but once it came to the wedding night everything was fixed the bride was their the groom was their the pandit was their the mandap was their but...he told her it was all a prem game . He pretended to fell in love with her because the only way to destroy you was to break you heart . He told her he did meny thing but nothing ever destroyed her it made her stronger the only way to destroy her was to break her heart . He still did not forget those 4 slaps she gave him because he wanted to take revenge he played the prem game with her and left her , and broke her heart he wanted her alive but dead inside . One dialogue that he said that everybody remembers
Paglosa Ishq Pagolsa Junoon Kya Khoob banya Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

Four Weddings

First wedding
4 phero wali shahdhi
Like, which he promised him self to make Her life into hell !

Second wedding
which Rk was showing her where they will get married so while he was showing her that they did their peras it was like their private wedding while they were talking it they both held hands and started promising each other , but they were also incomplete because Rk wanted the rest to be completed while they Actually get married .

Third wedding
where Rk told her it was all a prem game and that he did all that just so he can take revenge of the four slaps she gave him .

Their fourth and last wedding
where they got married with full rituals . Where they toke 7 peras . Where he fill her forehead with sindoor and wears her magalsutra !

Romance da Chance

Come on if a movie is without romance it is incomplete , and if we are talking about RM their will be romance !

The first time they tried ! Yes this was a big step to RM life before the Unwedding night . This was their first that they got this close to each other .RM got stuck in a village and Rk had a difficult time ,Getting use to the stuff they do around their . But finally he was good . On that night they got stuck , Madhu got all dress up and looked like a typical wedded village girl . It was night Rk came to the room he did not see her he saw a string and when he held it , and it toke him outside to madhu , Madhu started dancing on the song "Bhindaiya Chumka gi " Rk also shock a leg with her , they did some nice romantic moments . At the end of the dance rk picked her up and toke her to the room , Madhu told him that "she can't wait no more , he can't control herself " Rk said "You won't stop me right " madhu was like no do whatever you want ! As Rk
Picked her up and laid her down in the bed he toke of her ear rings touched her face , Madhu was closing her eyes Rk was leaning for a kiss , Madhu was ready to give up her self to him , but rk stopped he stopped because he wanted them to take their relationship after they properly get married to each other . Madhu did not get mad but she actually got happy and gave him a hug ,
But this was the first time they got this close!

Their first Suhagraat . Their first night after their wedding . This night was really special for us and for all the RM fans we got to see Rishbala love for each other . This was not a typical SR this was a RM kinda SR . Yes of course RM kinda SR . First the first SR ever to be done in a studio and also where they both did switch of roles where Madhu played Rk and RK played Madhu. We RM fans thought they won't do it but than we got another shocker they actually did it ! Rk first danced on "Tum Jo milgaya ho " He was acting like Madhu so Madhu started acting like Rk . After their dance They both started remembering their moments that happened in the studio after that
Rk picked her layer her down BG music was "Saaso Mai "Rk was
On top of Madhu They both were leaning closer and closer to each other for a kiss . And than lights off .
Next morning we see Madhu in Rk's Arms .
It was also special because it Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon completion of the 300th episode

Their third one and the last one before they said a farewell to us ! This one happened after Rk came
Out of jail . And Rk was mad at
Madhu because she was .Not telling him stuff that he needed to no , so in order to make him not mad at her anymore , she decorated the whole room with candles , she told him about the one secrete she kept away it was that she had a dream about him before they met they they both we're dancing together , she also told , him that this night belongs To him and she won't Stop him , and he also told her his lil secrete that she does not no but Madhu said she knows everything about him but he was like You don't no one thing and she was like what she does. It
Know how much he loves her . She started blushing , he picks her up takes her to their bed he laying for a kiss and she is going down to her bed than they stop , next morning they both are holding hands and
Rk says why is she blushing of shyness , and we all no why she is smiling


A movie without songs , the movie seems bheegi bheegi . So here are the 3 most important songs in MEIEJ and for RM

Rk and Madhu official song
"Hum hai deewana Tera deewana " this song came in our life in October , 17 2012 the first time this song was used on RM . This song was their official song . This song defined their love and Junoon for each other . The first scene it was used was when Rk was in the hospital because he got shot and Madhu could not see him like that in that much pain so she got of the room and than on the other side of the door she looked and him and was crying and so this song came on .
Hum Hia Deewana Tera Deewana

Rk and Madhu movie song !
"Tera Ishq pa Tera Waqt Pa Bas Haq hai Ek mera "
20th august 2012 this song came
on . This song was not RM song but it defined RM so much at that point . The song looked like this song was just made for them . It defined Rk junoon for Madhu it defined that he only has haq over her , that song showed
Madhu was only Rk private property !

RM official song after wedding
"Ishq Thohi Mera Musq Thohi Mera "
This song came on October 17 2013
This song was gift to us because tho song came out on the day "Hum hai deewana " completed 1 year anniversary ! It was first used when Rk was applying cream on Madhu wounds because of this rat bites . That was one magical and cute
Moment for us !

Dance Pa Chance

RM lil movie with no dancing Hmmm not possible ! RM were known for their dancing . The amazing dances they did all the different kinda dances they did , whether romantic , hate , passionate , Hurtful , or just happy ones , You name it they did that kinda dances . I won't say all the dances but I will mention 3 most important dances in RM life's !

Aa Zara Kareeb Sa
This was Rk and Madhu very first dance. This dance was full of passion . The way they had their expressions were just mind blowing . This song showed their hate for each other . They both were lost in each other and did not care who were around them they just kept on dancing and dancing . Rk was trying to insult madhu but Madhu was not that week she gave him a answer back by dancing back with him . This dance was one if the most
Memorable dance ever on Rk and Madhu . The clothes they wore the way they looked everything was just perfect ,
ufff that was just a memorable dance for us and for RM.

Rang de
Also know as the HOLI dance one
Word we have for that dance is PASSION . That day and that dance we saw Rk junoon coming out . We saw and he showed us that only Madhu belongs to Rk and nobody else
We don't have any words for this dance !

Mera Haath Pa Thera Haath Ho
RM last dance before they bid farewell us to us . The same song was first used when Rk and Madhu first met each other . The way they were looking at their daughter while dancing was just amazing . The way they ended that dance with their official post was amazing .
This dance will always be left in our hearts !

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Picture Abhi Baakhi hai Mera Doost

Rishbala Most Important Moments!

Rk and Madhu first dream dance ! This was dance that Madhu dream
About even before she met Rk . This dream came in her lil imagination . The song was "Maa Agar Kahoo" seeing this dance was just amazing feeling ! Both Rm looked really amazingDay Dreaming

Rk and Madhu first pose . Or we
Like to call it their signature pose.As Madhu was dancing with Mukand she was about to fall down but that's when Rk catched her and their did their signature pose. Day Dreaming

Rk and Madhu first hug ! They both were at the studio (studio night )
and as we no our dear Madhu is scared of darkness so as soon as it got a lil darker and she heard something drop that's when she went running up and hugged him really tightly .Day Dreaming

Rk and Madhu first time watching their fav movie together . Mr . indiais just a big part of RM life , this movie is really close to their hearts , and so meny moments were given to us by Mr.India , This one was one of the amazing ones , the song "I Love You " came on when Madhu was fixing Rk blanket .Day Dreaming

Rk and Madhu first KC together , we had two one was the normal one where DVD looked amazingly beautifuland another one which was "Rk Style KC "And in that one we got Rm first Kiss miss Day Dreaming

This was Madhu first time realizing she fell in love with Rk . She had 2
Dream dances with him one was just like a yash chopra movie song both dances were on the song "Mai Parashan "Day Dreaming

Rk confession to Madhu that he loves her. On this day he told her why that "I love You " he told her
How deeply in love he with her . We also got a kiss , but nobody knows wether they kissed or not because the curtains covered it up Day Dreaming

This was The time where Rk came to save Madhu life from Balraj . This was just an epic scene. The way he risked his life to save Madhu was
Just amazing ! The hug at the end they both gave each other seeing if the other person is okay was amazing . Day Dreaming

Rk and Madhu first tight wala hug ,
So meny things of their happened in the studio so did their first tight wala hug happened , It was their drunken night confession because they both were drunk that night and both just speaked out their hearts , and at the end of it we got a tight wala Hug !Day Dreaming

Rk and Madhu first HOLI together where they did the most passionate dance and where he showed his junoon . And told her " Tum as Raang Laga Na Ka Haq Sirf Mera Hai aur Asa Kapna ka Haq Sirf Tumhara hai "Those Dialogues made all RM fans go crazy! Day Dreaming

This was actually a epic moment of their 2 were Rk brings Madhu forcefully home and makes her say does she still loves her not or else he will kill himself . Madhu could not see so much of his blood coming out or him in pain and she finally could not Control it and said
"Ha Karti Ho Ma Tumsa PYAAR " DVD dialogues and DVD expressions were just amazing Day Dreaming

This was Rk second love
Confession he wanted Madhu to trust his love again but this time he did it in front of the whole world by proposing in front of everybody with a ring Day Dreaming

Finally the most awaited track came
The Herione track . On this day Rk launched Madhu as his new Herione DVD looked amazing . RM danced
On " mil gayi aaj aasman se " RM
danced so perfectly and so smoothly
They ended that dance with their signature post Day Dreaming

The most cutest and the most sweetest moment of theirs was when their first baby got borned . Gosh she is just so cute and adorable . She is a mix of her daddy and her mommy ! Day Dreaming

Madhu Giving Rk 7 slaps in total !

The end

Siggies and Avis credit to all the uploaders

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Rishabh and Madhubala will forever be the definition of Ishq and Junoon. They taught us the true meaning of ishq and junoon, and what it means to love someone endlessly, truly madly and deeply.

RK and Madhu who were different paths of the pole and who hate each other to the core were Destined to be together.

Right from the start their ishq and junoon for eachother was always at a constant level. be it the love/hate phase, when neither of them were fully aware of their feelings towards eachother. the revenge phase, when their junoon was at the peak. or the madly in love phase, which im sure had all of us in awe.

RishBala define the phrase, "Opposites Attract.."

The selfmade superstar Rishabh Kundra falls for an ordinary girl, Madhubala Malik, who is extraordinary in her own special way. From the first meeting itself, the spark between the two are clearly visible. If this isn't a modern day fairytale which has a more realistic aspect to it, then what is?

RishBala are certainly not your everyday soap kinda couple, they are truly one of a kind. what sets them apart from any other ordinary couple on television is the fact that they express everything in style. in their own unique way, which has managed to make them unforgettable.

They will forever be cherished and remembered with love for all the beautiful moments they have given us.

They were lovers eternal, theirs was love eternal...And RishBala will remain in our heart eternal...

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Rishbala Dilogues

"When Rk said these Dialogues we shivered , when Madhu said dialogues we went awww , Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon is known for its Dialogues and Rishbala are known for how beautifully they say it "

"Kyon rang lagana chahta hu...Jis din khud samajh lunga, tumhe bhi samjha dunga...Bas itna jaanta hu ki tumhe rang lagane ka haq sirf aur sirf mera hai...Iss tarah tumhe rang lagane ka haq sirf mera hai...Aur mere chute kaapne ka haq sirf tumhara...Holi mubarak ho...Biwi

Pyaar vo jidh nahi jo RK kar raha hai, vo surrender hai jo meine kiya tha
Koi vaada nahi., par ankahe vaadon ko nibhana pyaar hai
Pyaar ek dusre ki pehchan mitana nahi, balki ek dusre ki pehchan banna hai
Pyaar vishwas hai, izzat hai
Dusron ki khushiyon ki izzat karna isse pyaar kehthe hai.
Pyaar rulana nahi.. aansu ponchne ka naam hai...
Pyaar haazil karna nahi, dene ka naam hai...

"Tujhe chaha hai is kadar toot kar, ki ek jhooth... Is dil se teri deewangi kam na kar paya... Tu khelti rahi jis dil se, teri daga... Is dil se teri mohabbat ko kabhi khatam na kar paya... Chahunga tujhe is kadar...apni aakhri saans aakhri dhadhkan tak... Fir chahe khod de tu kabra meri... Main apne aap ko us kabra mein kabhi dafan na kar paya"

"Har DHADKAN Tumhari Meri Hai..Har Saans Par Haq Hai Mera.. Tu ZINDA Kisi Aur Shareer Mein Hai... Bas Itna Sa HAQ Hai TERA!"

"KHATAM kar do, Aao MITA do...Taiyaar hu main FANAA hone ke liye...Dakh sako toh dankh lo khud ko, Kyonki ye AAG aage kaam ayegi mujhe JALANE ke liye"

"Madhu ye kahani hamari hai, tumhari aur meri prem kahani tumhari aur meri hai, ye 'Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon' 'Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon Aur Ek Sadakchap' nahi"

"Uff ye gussa...Ye tewar..Ye katal karne ko machalti Jungli Billi...Ye billi tatori se dhoodh peene ke liye nahi bani hai...Ye toh shikaar karne ke liye bani hai...Kuch tum mera shikaar karo kuch main tumhara..hai na"

"Kyon? Kyon aage nahi badhun?...Darti ho, darr hai ki apne aap ko mujhse haar jao...Kho dogi, ki pa lunga main tumhe...Darti ho ki tum mere kareeb aao meri dil ki dhadkano mein kahin apna naam na sun lo...Darti ho ki in aankhon mein tum apna chehra na dekh lo...Mohabbat jhoothi hai ya sachchi, kahin tum ye jaan na lo...Darti ho ki kahin main tumhe chhu lu aur tum bikhar na jao...Aur phir na keh sako tum jhooth mujhse...Dekho...Inn aankhon mein dekho...I...I love u..."

"Paglon ki si nafrat...Paglon ka sa ishq...Paglon ka sa Junoon...Dono ne milkar kya khoob nibhaya - Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon"

"I Love You Madhu , I love You , I love You , "Tuhi meri Chatat ho Thohi Mera Dhaadkan , Thohi mera Ishq aur Thomhi Mera Junoon"

"Ek arab logo ka yeh desh.. Kamse kam 10 crore ladkiya meri umar ki.. Par mujhe.. Mujhe pyaar hua TUMSE"

"Yeh PYAAR hai Tumara andar ka PagalPan , Junoon , Deewangi ki waja sa hai "

"Thik Hai, Diya Maine Tumhe Ye Haq.. De Sakti Ho Tum Mujhe Ye Dard,..Tum bhi Kya Yaad Karogi..Ki Koi Aisa Tha Jo Tumhe Itni Mohabbat Karta Tha, Ki Tumhare Dhoke Mein Bhi, Usne Mohabbat Dhundni Chahi"

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Drashti and Vivian also known as DVD!

Their Chemistry

DVD, their chemistry is unspeakable . As soon as you see them on screen
Your hearts starts pounding faster and faster . The way they portray Rishbala is just fantastic . Like when they show you their romance or when their is a crying scene or any typical kinda scene of RM you feel the emotions because of how beautifully they show it us . DD charm beauty ness and VD hawwwtness and sexy ness combine with their dimple Smiles
You will get an amazing chemistry .
The kinda chemistry DVD had no one can ever match that or can ever do it like them because DVD are only one Heart!
Because when DVD come together they create MAGIC Day Dreaming

Their Off screen Dances

As RM were known for their dances DVD were no less than them , they had a total of 3 dances Off screen and each time they created different kinda magic and left everyone with their mouths open Day Dreaming

Their dance on Raabata on the Colors golden Petal awards 2012 . This was the very first dance we saw
Of DVD off screen . They danced on the song Raabata and on Ishq wala love . Their first song was Raabta , and than Ishq wala love , when people were seeing them dance they were lost in it . The chemistry they showed on screen they showed 100 times better chemistry off screen.
Also this was the first time we got to see DD sitting in VD lap and hugging him while dancing Day Dreaming

DVD second off screen dance , on the song "Roop Tera Masta " in my opinion one of their best dances ever Day Dreaming this dance happened when VD visted DD in Jhalak Diklah Jaa . When we saw the promo we went crazy , they danced so perfectly Day Dreaming both giving their dimple
Wala smiles Day DreamingFirst of all the entry VD made was amazing Day Dreaming with hum hai deewana as the BG and than the way he said "Biwi " and than they gotta request to dance Day Dreaming and they did , I still can not forget how both of them could not smiling and not showing us their dimples wala smiles Day Dreaming the way both were looking at each other was amazing Day Dreaming and the way they ended the dance with RISHBALA pose was just so beautiful . VD also said this dialogue to DD
   "Biwi Tumara pas do option ek ki Tum yeh award jitka aw yeh do Tum yeh award jitka aw " and DD said " Okay Pati "Day Dreaming
by the look of the judges and Karan Johar if Karan was given a choice to get a couple of tellywood and make a movie with them he would have defo chosen DVD Day Dreaming and also
We also got to see DVD first hug off screen Day Dreaming

DVD third off screen dance Day Dreaming This dance happened in Berlin where both DVD went to promote Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon . We still did not get to see how they danced but we got pics and this was one of the pics Day Dreaming
Which showed DVD doing RM signature pose Day Dreaming

Best Jodi Awards

DVD the best on screen couple as we no are the best but they have also has proven it to us by winning awards for the best Jodi 2 Times in a
Row, they have won meny like in polls or like in e 24 segments but these 2 were special onesEmbarrassed

Their first best Jodi award , which was in the Indian telly awards 2013 ,this was a proud moment for all the DVDians and for DVD receiving that award and beating all the other coupes who had been in that category and have been on screen longer than them but no DVD beated them all and won that award . That award was present by KSG and his wife Jennifer Embarrassed .
We had really cute stage moments while DVD went to receive those were pleasure to see . Day Dreaming

Their second one which was given in
The colors golden petal awards
2013 Embarrassed . Us DVD fans knew this was coming because in that whole colors channel whoever were the nominated Jodi nobody could have beaten up RM / DVD in that category . This award was given by Madhuri Dixit . The way they both held the award together in their hands was just the best feeling ever .
And while they were walking to get the award they both a gave a hug to each other before walking up the stage Day Dreaming
They both looked so lovelyHeart

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Fans Messages


RM Lovestory HeartHeart.. Epic Love Story of Epic Couple I want my RM back soon .Cant live without seeing them onscreen. Missing my RM terriblyHeart RM HeartHeart.. Most Beautiful,Gorgeous,Stunning , Sexxxy, Hoottt Amazing n Awesome onscreen couple i have ever seen on tv. EmbarrassedRM HeartHeart Hum intezaar karenge Tera Qayamat Tak Khuda kare k Qayamat ho Aur Tu Aaye


I dunno what to say I really liked them will miss them I liked all the nhok jhok between them.[//B]


Rishbala was an epic couple and i am going to miss them so so bad. now days i feel empty and sad b/c my couple is gone but those memories will be always with me.


Rishbala will always be One of y FAVS . I would badly going to miss them . Already missing them . Lovedd each & everything about them . Their Hatred , Their Passionate love , Their Ishq , Their junoon , Their Fights , Their nok-jhok , Their Comic funny scenes ..EVERYTHING !! .Cry


Farewell RM Cry
RK-Madhu, you were a very special couple, funny, loving, passionate & unforgettable.I'm unable to watch Meiej now because everything reminds me of RM (their ishq & junoon) and I start to cry.Missing RM a lot.


Will miss the magical chemistry of amazing DVD...Loved them to bits...Their last dance sweet...will treasure Rishbala ...ALWAYS..


will miss rishbala loadz!!!thanks to DVD for giving us such an amazing couple!!!


Rishbala was a magical couple they had redefined chemistry no other couple can be like them.


I love RishBala. I always will. I owe my life to RishBala and DVD.I'm speechless, I don't know what to say...but yes, I will never forget RishBala as they played an important role in my life.


Jo dil aur yadoon mein rehte hain, ...woh kabhi nahi jate Rishbala ne humeray diloon mein khas jaga bana le hai...tu Alvida tu hum kabhi keh he nahi sakte.Sada jeete raho gey Rishbala , humari yadoon aur diloon mein.


I am gonna miss RM a lot ...They are the most passionate couple Tongue !!RK has always reminded me of Rockstar Jordan (Ranbir Kapoor) for all the passion, obsession, love, hatred, craziness, "larger than life" love towards his biwi !! Me gonna miss RK for his sheer ISHQ and Junoon and his style of calling "Biwi" heheh !!Whereas Madhu , that Biwi who brought out all these emotions in the superstar coz of her boundless and seamless love and devotion !! They are eternal for me !! Guess no other pair can replace them in my heart !! They have been etched in my memory so well that, it's easy for me to imagine them whenever I read any OS, SS or FF !!RM defined MEIEJ period ! It hurts to realize that they are actually are no longer part of the show anymore !! Without them there is no MEIEJ for me !!ek Ishq Madhuwala ek Junoon RKwala ...what defined...Madhubala ek Ishq ek Junoon !!They are irreplaceable and are CHERISHED FOREVER !!!
My RM Hug


I love RishBala/DVD a lot
Will miss them badly :(Best jodi ever <3


miss you rishbala ,i always remember ,your awesome jodi


Just want to thank Drashti and Vivian for portraying Madhubala-R.K so perfectly and giving us Rishbala who are an EPIC. They will be forever in our hearts. Love them loads and going to miss DVD.


I quit watching this show after a few episodes of RishBala. But I still do watch their old episodes and scenes. I am going to miss them so much!! #RishBala #MEIEJ Heart


Rishbala are the most beautiful gorgeous couple on TV u are live in our heart always


I dont no what to say...i wish i would see them again in the show...


There can be no enough words to describe RM Embarrassed They were EPIC a STAR couple StarMissing them badly Ouch


Well Rishbala thought me something. RK thought me to love passionately and possessively. Madhu thought me to accept everything in love.They were beauty and magic. With Rishbala dies Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon end for me.They will stay in our heart forever and you know there is one beauty of this couple they lived and die together no matter what. Even dead cannot separate them. Even God knows they cannot live without each other and this is most beautiful thing about this couple. Thanks for this thread.Smile


RishBala...The Pair which close to my heart and i Adore a lotEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedNever wanna see this Pair to get such an End..AngryThank God Bcz the story bcm crap, i already stopped watching the shw...or else i might be watched such an End to Fav Couple, whom i love lyk MAD...Cryill Never watch itCryAll My RishBala scenes will be always there in my heart and My RishBala ll be the Couple, whom i Love the Most .EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedThanks Razia for the PM and For the Beautiful ThreadHugWill Miss My RishBala Madly and BadlyCry


I've been a viewer of Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon from the very first episode. But I was attracted to our most lovable jodi, Rishbala after the special episode, 'Aa zara zara kareeb se' aired on 14th September 2012. It was a special day as I joined India forums after that unique episode, for my own Rishbala. From September 2012, to February 2014 through almost 1& a half years I've been with them.Rishbala holds a special place in my heart. They've been a part of my life.

I'm terribly missing them. Missing the cute romantic moments, nok jhoks, intensive & passionate moments, love, hate, betrayal, sadness, twists & turns almost everything.Specially missing RK's 'Aaahan, Biwi.. biwi.. dialogues, Killing smirks, cute dimplewala smile. I just can't believe they are no more. Missing my Right Kameena & Jungli billi.

I would like to thank specially for Vivian & Drashti for bringing life to RK & Madhu.The endless efforts they have put on to entertain us. Rishbala's memories will keep us alive. They will remain in our hearts forever. Love you Rishbala. I'm proud to be a Rishbalian.


Rishbala managed to be a magical couple not only because of but many times despite other lacks in the series and the story.
Miss them for the chemistry and the magic that could compensate for so much and make their moments a viewing pleasure. They were worth watching, and far more important, dearly missed. A visual and charismatic delight individually and collectively, RK and Madhu were superb as two halves fitting to make a perfect whole.Day Dreaming


Don't know what to say..Confusedmissing rishbala very much..CryThey are my favourite couple & will always be...StarThank you DVD for giving us rishbala..StarU guys are the best onscreen couple Starwill always cherish u rishbala...Embarrassed


I don't have words to describe what RM means to me they r an epic and magical couple...i will miss them always they made me smile,laugh,cry,get angry they entertained me so much u can't get enough of them i loved the chemistry and how their relationship was different and unique they actually talk and communicate which is never see in tellywood. I love their love for eachother i've never seen it before in tellywood. I LOVE them.


What can I say about these to . These two are just my life . They changed my whole life . I love them more than I love myself . These 2 means the world to me . Half of my heart belongs to DD and the other half VD . I love them sooo much that I can't explain . Love them to the core . For me RM will never die I think they are not leaving me because they will always be in my heart . Love You 2 the most and You guyz mean the the world to me and I don't over anybody more than I love You 2 .


Rishbala was truly the love to end all loves for me. Im going to miss them forever, and they will always be special to me. Always in our hearts, and never forgotten; the show is over, but RM will live on.

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DVD most amazing off screen Moments !

My most fav! Day Dreaming Here are all the amazing DVD moments
Day Dreaming

As we no we DVD are the most sharif actors we have ever seen . They would never show their off screen masti and we were the most deperaste fan group ever for a interview together of DVD , but we never got it ROFL but to make our self happy we use to watch their on location videos so we can find something that DVD does and we can drool on it ROFL and we did no matter what kinda off screen moment it was even if we have to use a magnifying glass we would get a moment out of DVD ROFL But we all knew that DVD were masti partners ,
They were one of the cutest masti partners we had seenDay Dreaming so here are some of the most amazing moments of DVD off screen
well let me say this here are the most amazing masti moments of DVD.
And one more thing that's what made those moments even more special because like other couples Day Dreaming
DVD never showed off their friendship but they kept it very low and decent and when we got to see those kinda moments their would be this feeling like different kinda of happiness you get when you see these kinda moments Day Dreaming

GC and DVD masti on PYEK last day shoot and interview !

DVD SBS interview and masti

DVD masti during 4
Phero wedding

DVD Diwili segment !

VD touching DD feet !

DVD marjawaa
Masti moments

DD playfully slapping VDDay Dreaming

Aa Zara Masti

VD helping DD with her dialogues

MEIEJ completion of 100 episodes

MEIEJ completion of 200 episodes

MEIEJ completion of 400 episodes

DVD press Conference

VD says I love You to DD

DVD confession night interview

A day with DD

Links to all Bollywood Royal Videos

DVD masti/ Interviews

Jori number 1

DVD Feet on the same table

VD helps DD with makeup

Vahbz and DD[/Font][/Size]

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Rishbala... Guyz I just wanna say is that Rishbala will always be alive in our hearts... They have just moved up in heaven and are romancing their because they got sick of romancing in the earth so they just moved to heaven Day Dreaming Rishbala will always be alive in our hearts . They gave us so meny beautiful memories and will always continue to Day Dreaming . The love and the junoon they had for each other was amazing and that's what got people stuck to this drama seeing Rk junoon and Madhu Ishq . I just want You guyz to remember one thing Rishbala will alway be alive in our hearts are just romancing in heaven for some time Day Dreaming Love You
Rishbala so much HeartHeartHeart

Credits : Rishbala At , Rk dialogues Thread, Madhu farewell Thread and all the credit to the Avis and siggies goes all to THE UNLOADERS!

Now Get a smile on Your face and spam this place UP !!!

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