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Names of Karna Smile 

Vasusena - His original name, being born with wealth (i.e., earrings and natural armor)
Radheya - because he is the adopted son of Radha, who nurtured him as her own son
Karna - The cutter or peeler of his own cover (Natural Armor)
Vaikartana - because he had cut his natural armor and earrings and gave it to Indra
Vrisha - 
Devoted to Brahmanas, truthful in speech, engaged in penances, observant of vows, kind even unto foes.  Vrisha also means bull, and Karna was a bull among warriors

Karna is also known as

Angaraj - one who ruled the kingdom of Anga
Mrityunjaya - one who conquered Death
Rashmirathi - one who is riding the chariot of Light
Daanveer - for his undying charitable nature
Daanshoor - one who fought and died like a true warrior
Kaunteya - because he was born to Kunti
Suryaputra - Son of the Sun God
Shaktidhari, Vijayadhari, Kavachadhari, Kundaladhari

No figure in the Dwapar Yuga, much less the Mahabharata, is as controversial or as polarizing as the first son of Kunti.  His struggle through life began as an infant - abandoned by his mother, terrified of the opprobrium that would follow had it been known that she had a son out of wedlock.  From then on, his life was a struggle - adopted by a charioteer, ignored by his mother, humiliated by his brothers and insulted by his elders.  By the time the truth about himself was revealed to him, there was no turning back.

Despite all that, he did his utmost to live a righteous life - being extremely generous, courageous & loyal.  Unfortunately, the course of events forced him to ally w/ the forces of adharma, much to his own disgust.  

Nonetheless, he lived - and died through it all, and carved himself an eternal place in history.  After his death, he finally received the love & respect he always craved.

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Name: Vasusena
Father: Surya-dev
Mother: Kunti
Foster-father: Adiratha
Foster-mother: Radha
Wives: Vrushali, Supriya, Prabhavati,...(?)
Sons: Vrishasena, Sudhama, Shatrunjaya, Dvipata, Sushena, Satyasena, Chitrasena, Susharma(Banasena) and Vrishaketu


Karna was born to Kunti as an accident.  As a young princess, Kunti had just been blessed w/ a boon from Rishi Durvasa - that she'd be able to get sons by invoking any deva.  She tried that experiment using Suryadev, who she saw first thing next morning, and Vasusena was born

A terrified Kunti begged Suryadev to take back his boon, but he couldn't, due to the power of Durvasa.  He blessed the baby w/ a pair of earrings and armor.  The earrings guaranteed immortality, while the armor insured that any divine weapon sent @ him would get dissipated by its power.

Kunti then set the baby afloat, and downstream, a charioteer named Adiratha found the baby & took him home.  They named him Vasusena and raised him in their household.

When Vasusena came of age, he approached Parashurama, pretending to be a Brahmin, and soon got to learn that and more.  One day, however, an incident occured when Parashurama was resting on his lap, and he was bitten by a worm, but bore the pain.  When Parashurama saw that, he knew that he wasn't a Brahmin, and Vasusena confessed.  Parashurama then cursed him that he'd forget the mantra of the Brahmashira when he needed it the most.  On another occasion, Karna accidentally killed the cow of a Brahmin, and was cursed that in battle, his chariot wheels would sink, and he too would be slain while helpless

Vasusena's first appearance in Hastinapur happened @ the tournament, when Drona declared Arjun to be the supreme archer in the world.  Vasusena contested that claim, and challenged Arjun to battle.  

Kunti saw his armor and earrings and recognized him instantly, but was at a loss of how to deal w/ the situation.  Duryodhan, recognizing his potential, had him crowned the king of Anga, and that was the start of a friendship that brought Vasusena both prosperity & respect, as well as becoming the cause of his undoing.  Ironically, due to Kunti's silence, Vasusena's own brothers - the Pandavas, insulted him and caused the start of a lifelong enmity, particularly w/ Arjun.  From that point on, he became a steadfast ally of Duryodhan. 

 He attended Draupadi's swayamvara, but was disallowed from contesting, due to being a suta's son.  Following those events, the Pandavas returned to Hastinapur, got their own kingdom and performed the Rajasuya yagna.

The point of no return in the enmity b/w Vasusena & the Pandavas finally came during the game of dice.  After Draupadi was dragged to the assembly, Vasusena rebuked Vikarna for protesting against Yudisthir staking Draupadi after he had lost himself.  In his remarks, he called Draupadi a prostitute, and later, Bhima announced that while he himself would kill Duryodhan & Dushashan, Arjun would kill Vasusena and Sahadev Shakuni.

During the Pandava exile, Vasusena continued to scheme w/ Duryodhan & Dushashan.  On one occasion, they went w/ their womenfolk to the forest where the Pandavas were staying just to gloat about their plight.  That got them into a battle w/ the Gandharva Chitrasena, during which an intoxicated Vasusena was badly defeated & had to flee.

Following that incident, he resolved to repair his tarnished reputation.  Duryodhan decided to perform a Vishmi yagna, (similar to a Rajasuya yagna, which Duryodhan couldn't perform since his father was alive) and Vasusena went on a conquest tour.  He defeated most of the rulers that the Pandavas had defeated, and turned around a number of kingdoms (like Ayodhya) from the Pandava alliance to Kaurava.  That built up confidence in him again.

When the 13 years of exile were over, Indra, worried that Vasusena would be invincible as long as he'd have his armor and earrings, decided to approach him in the evening after his evening pujas, and ask for it.  Surya appeared b4 his son in a dream and asked him to decline.  Vasusena refused, and when Indra appeared b4 him, he gave it to him w/o objection.  This act earned him the name 'Karna', by which he's eternally known.

When Krishna's mission to Hastinapur failed, he approached Karna and revealed to him that Vasusena was actually Kunti's son.  He offered him all the privileges of being the Pandava leader and invited him to reconcile & join the Pandavas.  Karna refused, saying that he already owed a debt of gratutude to Duryodhan, and would die fighting for him.  He also swore Krishna to secrecy on this from the Pandavas.

Finally, at this point, Kunti too approached Karna just after his sunset pujas, and begged him to join her sons.  After an emotional confrontation w/ her over how he had been treated, Karna finally promised her that he wouldn't kill 4 of her sons, so that after the war, b/w those 4, and Arjun vs himself, she'd still have 5 sons.

Due to his longstanding arguments w/ Bheeshma, Drona and Kripa, Karna was excluded from the war - Bheeshma made it conditional that Karna couldn't fight as long as he was commander.  As a result, for the first 10 days, Karna was a mere spectator  in the war.

After Bheeshma's fall on day 10, Karna joined the Kaurava army and fought the Pandavas.  On day 16, after the death of Drona, Duryodhan, on Ashwatthama's recommendation, made Karna the commander in chief of the Kaurava army.  It was a much reduced army than the ones led by Bheeshma & Drona.  Despite that, Karna defeated the Panchalas and held several Pandava & Panchala warriors @ bay.  On that day, he defeated Nakul, but remembering his promise to Kunti, refrained from killing him.

Day 17 was Karna's last day.  That day, he defeated and wounded Yudisthir in battle, but due to his promise to Kunti, he spared him.  That was taken by the Pandavas as an insult, and Yudisthir ordered Arjun not to return b4 killing him.  In the battle that followed, Bhima killed Dushashan.

Nakul was battling Karna's son Vrishasena, who was getting the better of him.  Arjun, seeing this, reminded Karna about how he had caused Abhimanyu's death in his absence, but Arjun, in contrast, would kill Karna's son right in front of him.  Arjun then killed Vrishasena right in front of him, and Vrisha was infuriated.  Thus started their final battle.

The two Kaunteyas then fought an epic battle, in which all sorts of divyastras were used against each other.  Finally, Karna's wheel sunk, as per that curse, and Krishna goaded Arjun to slay Karna, reminding him of the way Abhimanyu was killed.  Karna then tried invoking the Brahmashira, but now, Parashurama's curse kicked in.  Arjun then invoked a divyastra called the Anjalika, which slew him.

The next day, 3 of Karna's sons - Chitrasena, Sushena & Satyasena - fought Nakul.  Chitrasena broke Nakula's bow & chariot, and Nakul then grabbed a sword, jumped onto Chitrasena's chariot & killed him.  Sushena & Satyasena were then slain by Nakul in battle.

After the war, Kunti revealed Karna's identity to the Pandavas, and Yudisthir included Karna in his list of favorites from that time on.  Karna finally received the love & recognition he always desired - unfortunately posthumously

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Radheya - Duryodhan's ally

Radheya first met Duryodhan at Drona's gurukul [1], and his main motivation was the desire to exceed Arjun.  It was on Duryodhan's desire that he wanted to learn the Brahmashira, which he did from Parashurama.  After he was cursed, he went back to Duryodhan and told him that he had mastered the weapon.

At the tournament, after Arjun had put up a stunning display of archery, Radheya arrived there and duplicated every feat of Arjun's.  Arjun felt insulted and threatened to kill him.  Kripacharya denied a duel since the 2 were not of equal stature, to which Duryodhan made Karna the ruler of Anga.  Thus started their life long friendship.

One of Karna's early exploits was helping - Bheeshma style - Duryodhan disrupt a swayamvara.  A ruler of Kalinga, Chitrangada, was holding a swayamvara for his daughter, which was attended by several major rulers at the time - Jarasandha, Bheeshmaka, Satadhandva, amongst others.  When the princess ignored Duryodhan, amongst the many rulers there, Duryodhan grabbed her and abducted her by force.  Karna followed Duryodhan and battled all the rulers who gave pursuit, and defeated them.  The end result was Duryodhan marrying that princess.

On another occasion, Karna defeated Jarasandha, who befriended him in return and gifted him the town Malini.  As a result, in addition to Duryodhan's Anga, Karna got to rule Champa as well.

As mentioned above, in Duryodhan's Vishmi yagna, Karna went on a campaign to conquer several kingdoms, and brought them under Duryodhan's sway.  He forced Drupada to pay tribute, and curbed Dhristadyumna and other sons of Drupada's.  On the negative side, Karna, rather than encourage Duryodhan to seek a compromise w/ the Pandavas, encouraged him to go to war.  As a result of Duryodhan's confidence in him, all peace initiatives failed.  When Indra took his armor and earrings, he gave him his Shakti weapon, which Karna reserved for Arjun.

While the battle has been described above, Duryodhan's love for Karna is no better illustrated than on day 14.  Karna had been defeated by Arjun and Satyaki, who passed him and proceeded on towards Jayadrath and Bhurishrava.  Bhima was the next and on the rampage.  Karna and Bhima fought a furious battle in which Karna was often at the receiving end.  Duryodhan sent several of his brothers, including Vikarna, to fight Bhima so that Karna could be saved, but they all ended up getting slain by Bhima.  Karna mourned each of them, and that intensified his fight against Bhima.

On night 14, after the death of Jayadrath, Bhima's rakshasha son Ghatotkacha was playing havoc w/ the Kaurava army.  Karna was reluctant to use his Shakti, but then had to watch his armies getting massacred.  Finally, Karna used the Shakti on Ghatotkacha, and it was no longer available for use against Arjun.

Finally, on day 17, after his son Vrishasena was killed by Arjun, Karna fought his final battle against Arjun, and was slain by him while trying to remove his chariot wheel.  After his death, Duryodhan tried to rally the army, but was totally overwhelmed by his loss.  With Karna's death, the Kaurava war effort was effectively over

[1]  Most authors usually have it that Drona rejected Karna as a pupil, and that sent him to Parashurama.  However, in the KM Ganguly translation of the Mahabharata, in Shanti Parva, Narada narrates to a grieving Yudisthir the story of Karna, and there, it's mentioned that Karna actually did learn his arts from Drona.  It was only after Drona refused to teach him the Brahma weapon (more likely the Brahmashira) that Karna approached Parashurama.

This also explains why Karna participated in the gurudakshina campaign of the Kuru princes against Drupada

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Kaunteya - the posthumous reconciliation

While Karna himself got a raw deal from Kunti, what is little known is his soft corner for his brothers, particularly after he got to know about his real identity.  And their - particularly Yudisthir's - reaction once they knew who they had slain.

When Krishna offered Karna all the Pandava possessions, Karna pointed out that if he got them, he'd out of gratitude to Duryodhan for Anga, turn that over to him, and that would be injustice to the Pandavas in general, and Yudisthir in particular.  He also expressed regret at insulting Draupadi in court, and also swore Krishna to secrecy over this, so that the Pandavas didn't suffer more injustice than they already had.

Karna's opportunity to fulfill his promise to Kunti happened on 2 occasions.  One was on the 16th day, when he defeated  Nakul.  On the 17th day, Yudisthir too was defeated.  On both occasions, Karna, due to his promise to Kunti, refrained from slaying them.

In the Janemaya Mahabharata - a version written by one of Vyasa's disciples on his instructions, Karna's sole surviving son, Vrishaketu, is embraced by the Pandavas, who lost all their other sons.  Vrishaketu went on to serve the Pandavas in the same way that Karna served the Kauravas, and supported both Bhima & Arjun during the Ashwamedha yagna.

Karna also had a 'posthumous reconciliation' w/ his brothers.  After Kunti had revealed to the Pandavas Karna's real identity, Narada narrated to Yudisthir all the events in Karna's life that added up against him.  Yudisthir was filled w/ self loathing at causing Karna's death, and it took a great deal of persuasion to get him to accept the throne of Hastinapur.  Yudisthir's next act, after the death of Bheeshma, was to do an Ashwamedha yagna, which would atone not only for Brahmin hatya - Drona's death, but also the deaths of Bheeshma and Karna.

Years later, when Dhritarashtra, Gandhari and Kunti were in exile and the Pandavas were visiting them, they all got the opportunity to greet their fallen kin.  The Pandavas got to meet all their sons, and Karna too.  This time, there was no animosity b/w them, now that everything was known

After Yudisthir went to heaven, he wanted to go to where his brothers and supporters were.  In addition to his brothers, Kunti, Draupadi and allies like Drupada, Virata, Satyaki, he also asked for Karna's company.  Even though at that stage Yudisthir abhorred Duryodhan's company, he wanted Karna's, despite the lifelong enmity b/w them

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Aham made his debut with Imagine TV show Chand Ke Paar Chalo. He was last seen in Aasman Se Aage as Angad. Currently he is playing the role of Karna in Swastik Productions' Mahabharat on Star Plus.

Aham's Quote on Mahabharata: I got a call when I was doing a film. I got excited at being offered Karna and met up with the makers, I auditioned and went through look tests and ended up being selected. I was the last character to be finalised. I like the character of Karna. The role has many shades and characteristics. He never gave up despite all odds and rejections.


Blue Oranges as Kevin 

Karle Pyar Karle as Jass

Yeh Jo Mohabbat hai as Zorawar

Aham Sharma's previous TV shows

Bairi Piya   (Forum) as Nirbhay Pundir

Chhoti Si Zindagi   (Forum) as Shravan

Chand Ke Paar Chalo   (Forum) as Rehan

Aasman Se Aage   (Forum) as Angad

Hum Ne Li Hai... Shapath   (Forum) as Dr Ajay

Fear Files as Kushal

Fear files

Aham played a dashing boy named Kushal in Fear Files.The story revolves around three friends and a love triangle.The two girls loved Kushal but Kushal ended up marrying the first girl,Neeta because fo her true love.And the other girl,full of jealousy started doing black magic on Neeta.So,the story revolves around some paranormal things happening all around.  It was fascinating!

Aham's quote on this show:  Yes, am doing the show and the role am playing is really nice. Also, I would like to add that horror genre is something that always attracts everyone and Fear Files is doing an amazing job.


Aham was playing a vigilante scientist named Dr Ajay in Shapath.  In the episode, he and one of his colleagues were confronted by traitors, who demanded that they give up a secret formula to an enemy country.  They refused, and Dr Ajay's colleague got killed.  Dr Ajay blew up the formula, and killed the assailants as well.  However, from that point, he became a vigilante and that got him in the crosshairs of the Shapath police team.  He abducted one of the businessmen that he had marked for revenge, but his girlfriend joined the police and managed to distract him from there, and feigned being injured.  Dr Ajay finally had a confrontation w/ Inspector Abhigyan, which resulted in him being blown up.

Although one would have thought he died, Dr Ajay returned in a couple of future episodes.  In one, he was one of 4 supernatural ex cons the cops hired to confront another group of ex cons.  In another, which featured a living car gone berserk, he was hired by the Shapath team to catch up w/ the car & maneuver it, but failed: the car threw him out & tried to kill him.  Ultimately, that car was destroyed by hosing it w/ acid. 

Aham's Quote for this show: I am very much excited for my role in Shapath. I have been always loving special powers. I will do my best...And Hope everyone will like my new kind of role.

Aasman Se Aage

Aham was playing a character named Angad in Aasman Se Aage. Angad is a male dancer. Show starts following the journey of Meenakshi and some other participants - Karishma (a cut-throat competitor who is ready to do anything to win), the brothers Angad (who is good-natured & extremely supportive of his brother) & Akshat (who always needs to win at any cost, but suffers terrible performance anxiety), Sameer (a young desperate school kid whose parents want him to become a doctor rather than a dancer). It is for a dance competition held by charismatic & unscrupulous producer of the show, DC. Angad is the younger bro of Akshat. For TRP,DC makes Karishma kiss Akshat, telling them its important for them to be seen together in order to be seen as stars. This pisses off Anagd because he loves Karishma who challenges Akshat to a dance-off and defeats him. However, Angad is disgusted by the show and leaves ASA.

Aham's quote on this show: Feeling great!!!! Like all of us, I am equally excited about the show and my character Angad. Ever since, I was explained about my character, I had no doubts about it. Infact I am very happy with it!!! I am very sure that our show Aasman Se Aage will do extremely well. I wish all the best to everyone who is associated with ASA (Aasman Se Aage)

Chand ke par chalo

Aham Sharma is playing the role of Rehan. Rehan is a young boy from Lucknow and is very much filled with attitude.Rehan's mother sent him to a big town hastily as soon as his father died.Rehan pursued and became a successful man.But he was very much depressed of being thrown out in this vast world by his own mother.So,he came back to Lucknow to meet again with his beloved Dadi,his fun-loving childhood friends and his true love Sana. He had many troubles on his way of this.But he conquered them all and married Sana.Then,the two together lived happily.

Aham's quote on this showI am from Bihar but have stayed away from my family for a long time so I can relate to Rehan. Every character in this show is simple and viewers can relate to them easily.

Choti se zindagi

Aham is playing Shravan in Chhoti Si Zindagi.  The show revolves around two sisters-Isha and Ira.  He enters when he saves the ring and Ira from the robber who Ira hired to steal Isha's engagement ring that Samarth gives her.  Shravan loves Isha but hearing the engagement news, he gets depressed. And so,the story moves on. Isha marries Samarth and Shravan gets married with Ira. And the most funniest thing I seen in the show was Aham in mustaches.LOLLOL

Aham's quote on this show: Well!  I am very much excited for this show.  I hope viewers will like my act as they loved it earlier.  I will be playing a bit negative role in the show but I am not like that in reality.  

Bairi Piya

Aham played a character named Nirbhay Pundir in Bairi Piya. He is the shown as an ideal son. He is the son of a Thakur named Viraat Pundir. The stroy revolves around a long-lasting family drama. And then comes Nirbhay's wife- Surbhi . Surbhi has a negative shade in her chacter.

Aham's quote on this showI will play the dutiful son of the house. It's a very soft and sweet character. Viewers will enjoy my act.

Videos about Aham Sharma

Articles about Aham Sharma

"Midnight calls can be scary" : Aham Sharma

Threads about Aham Sharma

Interview of Aham Sharma aka Karna

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The story - in this serial


Karna's first appearance in this serial was at his birth, where Kunti gets flashbacks of her youth when she got a boon from Durvasa, and decided to try it w/ Surya deva.  Karna is born, and Surya-dev tells her that he'd be known by that name, and that the armor and earrings he gave him would ensure that he'd always be secure as long as he wears that.  Kunti sang him a tearful lulluby and set him afloat, in a basket filled w/ lotuses, and a cushion for his comfort.  (When Kunti got married, she wanted to reveal this secret to her new husband.  However, her close maid Priyamvada dissuaded her from doing so, and tied a black talisman around her wrist.  Initially, Kunti untied it and was all set to tell Pandu, but when Pandu returned from his war w/ a new wife Madri, Kunti decided against it.  Later, when Pandu's niyoga became the only way for him to get sons, Kunti tried to tell him, but an over excited Pandu was too happy to listen.)

When Pandu & Kunti come to Hastinapur as newly weds, Karna, who's now a boy w/ an enthusiasm for archery, wanted to welcome the new king & queen demonstrating his archery talents.  He shot an arrow into a lake, and set off a shower of lotuses on the new royal couple.  Pandu was impressed and wondered who it was, and a group of soldiers emerged to take the credit.  Young Karna was chagrined, but Adiratha, who was strongly opposed to Karna practicing military arts, dragged him inside and scolded him for using his bow.  That night, Karna discarded his bow.

Karna next appeared in a contest overseen by Bheeshma.  He was a charioteer to a warrior whose wheel got stuck in the mud.  Karna jumped off and pulled it out and kept advancing.  The warrior fainted, and Karna took over, and fired an arrow that penetrated the target.  Bheeshma was impressed but suggested to Adiratha that Karna leave for Magadha, since Hastinapur wasn't conducive to sutas learning warfare.

When Pandu died and Kunti along w/ the Pandavas were returning to Hastinapur, Kunti & Karna accidentally bumped into each other when citizens were rushing to greet her.  Karna was thrown on her feet, and she almost blessed him, when Yudisthir pulled her away.

Karna's next appearance came in Drona's gurukul when he tried to join, but was rejected.  So he approached Parashurama, and while the Kurus were learning from Drona, Karna practiced under Parashurama.  Until the worm incident happened and Karna was exposed & cursed.

When the tournament in Hastinapur took place, Duryodhan was frozen by Arjun, and Drona proclaimed the latter as the greatest archer worldwide.  When he asked Arjun to release Duryodhan, an arrow from nowhere melted the ice.  They looked up and Karna was seen, and he jumped to below.  Drona pointed out that the contest was just for Kuru princes, and Karna agreed, but pointed out that once Drona, in his excitement, proclaimed Arjun the world champion archer, Karna too was forced to respond, since he may not be part of the Kuru family but was definitely a part of the world.

After a number of barbs were exchanged, which included Karna being crowned Angaraj, a battle b/w Arjun & Karna started.  Both fought a fierce battle.  In course of the battle, a divine arrow from Arjun struck Karna, making his internal golden armor visible.  On seeing that, Priyamvada recognized it as Karna, while Kunti fainted.


The next day, when the newly crowned Karna was leaving, he called on Kunti, and told her that the position claimed by Arjun was actually his.  The Pandavas then joined and a number of barbs were exchanged b/w them & Arjun.  Karna finally left after Bhima insulted him by stamping a lotus that he had laid @ Kunti's feet.

A few days later, when Subhadra was visiting Hastinapur and Arjun was entertaining her on the veena, Karna accompanied Duryodhan and joined him in mocking Arjun.  This resulted in Arjun almost ready to stab him, and Shakuni alleged to Dhritarashtra that Arjun was about to start a war w/ a friendly country Anga.  As a punishment, Arjun was ordered to wash Karna's feet.

When Drona came for his gurudakshina, Karna was all set to join the Kauravas, when Drona told them that he'd not have his achievements contaminated by having someone who wasn't his pupil attempt to pay the gurudakshina.  Karna therefore stayed out, and the Kauravas were defeated by Drupada.  Later, when Dhritarashtra denied Duryodhan the yuvraj role, Duryodhan asked Karna to avoid dharam for his sake.  Karna refused, but stated that from that day, obeying Duryodhan would be his only dharam.

When Duryodhan, Dushashan & Shakuni were plotting the house of lac, Karna protested, and Duryodhan emotionally blackmailed him into agreeing.  When they saw off the Pandavas, Kunti blessed Karna that he'd always follow the path of dharma.  Karna was tear stricken, and that raised Vidura's suspicions.  On top of that, Adiratha too reported strange things to Bheeshma, who set off to prevent any untoward incidents.  Shakuni told Duryodhan that Karna's piousness would make his very appearance betray them.

After the news of the house of lac arrived, Duryodhan, Dushashan & Shakuni rejoiced, but Karna was too grief stricken and refused to join in the celebrations.

After the coronation of Duryodhan as yuvraj of Hastinapur, they went off to Draupadi's swayamvara.  On the way, they had an encounter w/ the disguised Pandavas, who Karna helped in getting their cart wheel out of the mud.  The Pandavas were appreciative of his gesture.

Along w/ Duryodhan, Shakuni & Dushashan, Karna attended Draupadi's swayamvara.  After everybody failed to even move the bow, when Duryodhan's turn came, he asked Karna to contest on his behalf.  Karna went, but was forbidden by both Dhrishtadyumna & Krishna from participating on Duryodhan's behalf: he could only participate on his own behalf.  Duryodhan then permitted him to do so, and Karna went.  He plucked the bow from its stand and picked up the arrow, but just as he was taking aim, a nervous Draupadi announced that she would not marry a sutaputra.  Karna then withdrew from the contest.

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{|Rules which everyone must follow|}


* This thread is meant purely for the discussion and appreciation of Aham Sharma playing Karna in Mahabharata. Please refrain from discussing other shows or other co-stars (unless they are related to the show).


*No fighting, no fan wars.


*Clean and healthy conversations & discussion. 


*Bashing of the show's actors and characters will not be tolerated. Consider this a warning before you enter. Any member caught bashing shall be given a warning, and if it continues, will be asked to politely leave the AT.

*Analysis of controversial interpersonal enmities b/w the characters, particularly Karna & the Pandavas/Draupadi should be discussed in the Pandava or Kaurava ATs, and avoided here

* Discussion of distortions in the story by the show should be done only in any of the following threads

*No discussion of characters who have their own dedicated ATs - so far, namely Arjun, Krishna & Draupadi

*If one wishes to post anything in languages other than English - be it Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Marathi, Gujrati, et al, one must provide translations of whatever they write into English


*Refrain from quoting more than one post, It makes the page look messy, and it increases loading time. No spamming or chatting in this AT.


* Discussion about this show in general is allowed. Discussing other shows isn't. 


*Comparisons between this show and any other show are not allowed.


*If an AT finishes, only a notified member is allowed to open the next one. 


*Mocking or making fun of Physical appearance of any actor or his getup  for the role he/ she plays is strictly not allowed


* No chatting between members

*Also, note this message from our moderator regarding what can be discussed regarding this Mahabharata - IMP: FINAL GUIDELINES FOR YOUR POSTS

Courtesy: {| Mahabharata DT |}

TM/DT Notes:

AT #1: Pg 19558083

AT#2: None Clap

AT#3: Pg 18, 85, 89


Hello Everyone,

Dedicated Appreciation threads (ATs) for an actor/actress/characters of the show will be subject to specific rules, from here onwards. These rules will apply to all current ATs in the forum and any new ATs created in the future. 


[Credit for Rules: -Deepzz-/jyoti06 - Zee Tv Forums] 
  1. The word "Appreciate" in itself means to have a highly favorable opinion of someone or something. You are supposed to appraise the value of the work of the actors and express them in positive light. A thread where all the fans of the Actor/Character/s gather to discuss what they liked.
  2. In an essence Constructive criticism/Positive Outlook towards Actors/Characters, must prevail in these threads.
  3. Members must understand that, discussions are restricted in ATs.  ATs are safe zones for the Actor/s fans to exchange information without being subject to negativity. You have the main forum to present opinions which calls for discussions and debates. All discussions related to actor's performance, looks, style and personality can be confined to  ATs  and keep the discussion of story tracks restricted to just the character and his/her scenes with other characters. Please refrain from analyzing and discussing scenes which are not directly/indirectly related to the actor/character of this AT , in particular when they imply stating negative opinions. However we do  allow minimum chatting in ATs, provided it is related to this AT alone.
  4. Please refrain from bringing and discussing other general topics of the main forum into  the AT. If you find anything offending in the main forum, report it with crisp and clear notes, without bringing them to the ATs.
  5. Please refrain from any negative/bashful/insulting comments against any actor/character/member/DT. If members of an AT are caught discussing other actors/characters/fan groups/DT negatively, then AT will be held liable for it and may be subject to warnings & eventual closure/Ban as follows.
  6. Admins/Monitors of the AT (Those who are opening the AT will be called the Admins/Monitors) will report  the troublemakers or problematic members of the AT to the DT  in a timely manner, so that the AT/other genuine fans are not penalized for it. Here the Admins have a big responsibility and so we believe them to be totally unbiased as the whole responsibility of a AT is on them.

Note to Karna AT members - Karna and Draupadi has no love angle so any inappropriate speculations or  any excessive romantic imaginary scene about them will NOT be ALLOWED here!The scenes being discussed/speculated should normally have some basis through the show/storyline (direct scenes between them). From the past record we understand Draupadi has been criticized a lot, it should be done in the context to the scene. We welcome constructive criticism but demeaning destructive criticism that is meant to tear another character or insult will not be entertained here. Remember there is a very thin line between criticism and bashing which the members easily forget. Just because a character is negative or disliked by particular fans , it does not give members the license to resort to extreme character bashing so please co operate with us as we have amended the AT rules for Karna AT members and expect the members to met us half way by taking up the responsibilities! A forum can function well only if the mods and members cooperate and have the same goal - to achieve a peaceful forum.

Lastly - When an AT reaches 150 pages, hit the report button and add this "AT reached 150 Pages", the DT will close it as we can not have two ATs open at the same time.

Admins of the CC - One member of the AT along with the Mahabharat DT (mnx12) - When the AT is about to end, please wait until one of the AT admins create the next. If the assigned admin for a certain AT isn't around, drop in a quick PM to the Dev Team member (mnx12) to open the next AT, any other ATs which are made by any other members will be closed without further notice 

If the DT notices more than 3 people violating the AT rules constantly for a week, the effects of violations will kick start, which go as follows:

First Violation - Warning Note
2nd - Another Warning Note
3rd - Another Warning Note
4th - Close the AT for 24 hrs (1 Day)
5th - Close AT  for 72 hrs (3 Days)
6th - Close AT for 1 week (7 Days)
                                               7th - Get rid of AT completely from the Mahabharat Forum/Shift it to Celebrity Fan Club Forum

Having said that, please do not assume that every report submitted by opposite fan group will be entertained. We will go through the reports and only if we find the report valid based on above rules, then we will speak to the Admins of the AT and action will be taken accordingly as stated above.

List of Current ATs in the Forum:

  1. Krishna AT 
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  3. Draupadi AT 
  4. Karna AT
  5. Kauravas AT
  6. Pandavas AT 

NOTE: All AT admins should make sure that the second post in every AT on the forum, has these rules posted for members to be aware of the rules at all times.

If anyone has any questions/queries/concerns regarding the AT Rules imposed in the forum, feel free to PM the Mahabharat DT member (mnx12 , *Resham*) 

Mahabharat Development Team

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