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Another bout of crazy randomness hits Shikha!Stern Smile

And I owe you an explanation... Again...
I was casually surfing on the net during some free time, looking for wedding videos that should set me in the mood for writing the next chapter of Shopaholic but all I get it another inspiration. It took me ages to write with the painfully small amount of free time that I get and I am feeling so ashamed of myself for not writing Shopaholic instead, but this story was driving me crazy. I'll continue working on Shopaholic and the others soon too, though! Promise!
It's cheesy, I'm warning you. This story, I mean. Cheesy!
And these are the vids that sparked the idea in my mind... kind of...
I said KIND OF, okay?LOL 
It's a generally known fact that weddings, especially Indian weddings, are not just the joining of two people or two families. It's MUCH MUCH MUCH more than that! In weddings, people meet, aunties gossip and conspire to form couples or fights, children do silly things, young people get the chance to find some esh-pecial...Tongue You get the idea, eh? Well, this story is also not about the bride and the groom, it's about two people in the background, who are not necesaarily noticed since the focus is on the to-be-married couple.
Anyway, I hope you like it!Big smile


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Part One

"Ouch! You didn't have to hold my hand so tight, you know?"

"Well, I am a very strong boy."

"Haww! You could have said sorry, at least!"

"I don't say sorry to anyone except my mother and sister."

She [earrings - the oufit is kid-size,K? =P] rubbed her wrist angrily while shooting daggers at him. He was the most insolent and arrogant boy she had ever known! "Why did you bring me here?"

He shrugged, reeking of smugness. "Because the other kids were too annoying."

His high-handed tone made her eyebrows rise. What did he think he was? A business man? Or the prime minister of India maybe? It only deepened her scowl. She hated kids who tried to behave older than what they were. Like this one, he was ten, he was acting like a hundred. Idiot!

"As if you are not?"

"No, I am not. And you are not either. So, we should not be wasting our time with them?"

He watched her pout thoughtfully. She was cute, but there was no way he was telling her that. He was a Raizada, a young man as his father always said, and young Raizada males did not to tell girls they were cute. Why? Because girls were clingy and whiny, and young Raizada males did not like clingy and whiny girls.

"Hmm... Maybe you are right..." she muttered hesitantly a few seconds later. And he was. The other kids were getting more and more annoying. Jay and Samar were constantly fighting about who was stronger and faster, Maya cried for everything, Simran got frustrated every time she lost a game, Nupur and Vikash were planning to get married already even though they were just nine and eight respectively, Abhinav was eating grass from the lawn... And she had been thinking of only those she had tried to calm down!

She seemed to be the only sensible kid of all those who had been grouped at her mother's sister-in-law's brother's wedding. It was crazy, as if a simple wedding was pumping some kind of monstrous frenzy in all the kids but her. Well, this boy, it seemed, had been equally narrowly missed. Or maybe not? Maybe he was expressing his own madness differently? His mother had practically had to blackmail him so that he would agree to stay with the bunch of children and throughout the night, he had sat, sulking, in a secluded corner of the Kiddo Zoo, until defeated, she had decided to sit down for a bit, a couple of chairs away. He had promptly jumped off his seat, grabbed her wrist and run.

"But why are we hiding under the table?" she blinked at him.

"Obviously because no one is going to look here!"

Again, she nodded in approval. Sure, he did look like a mini King Kong who was ready to tear anything down, but he was intelligent. The tablecloth fell to the floor, shielding them from everyone else but since the silk was off-white, it let some light through. He sat facing her, his hair brushed to the side of his forehead and his lips upturned in a scowl. She brought her knees close to her chest and hugged them. Okay, she was certainly not going to just sit there silently!

"What's your name?"

He looked up at her shy smile. It was hard not to smile back and he mentally cursed himself. How did dad hold himself back? Hmm, he would need some training to manage that. "Arnav," he stated with a grim look that suggested she should have known that already. "And you?"

"Khushi," she grinned at him.

Yeah, she was definitely a cute thing and her name matched her well but he was not going to befriend her so easily. What if she turned out to be like those clingy and whiny girls who threw tantrums for anything and everything? So, he wrinkled his nose instead.

"Khushi? Ugh! That's such a common name!"

She narrowed her eyes that flashed with hurt pride. "As if your name has got copyrights on it?"

"It is a rare name. It's a name you will never forget." She snorted and he realised he had crossed the line, perhaps. But he was not going to apologise! As a young Raizada male, he could not apologise to a girl. What could he do then to dull her anger? "How old are you?" he asked meekly.

"You don't ask a girl her age!" she retorted, still looking away. But, slyly, she slid a glance at him. "Nine."

He allowed himself to smile slightly. "Oh? You look older than that."

Her mouth fell open in indignation. "What?"

"You are not like the girls of your age." Oh hell! Maybe she was not clingy and whiny, but she was a nut-head!

She grimaced. "Explain."

"All the girls whine a lot and throw tantrums. They always want this or that. Once you start talking to them they start clinging like chewing gum. You are not like that."

Slowly, she turned to him with a sweet little smile. "Really? How am I?"

He narrowed his eyes. "I will not tell you."

"Haww! Why?"

"Because... because I don't want you to know..."

"Fine," she sighed disappointedly. "But what will we do here? Do you want to play?"

"What do you want to play?"

She shrugged. "I don't know..."

They ended up playing silly games that made them forget the time, enjoying themselves so much that Arnav even dropped his facade. Khushi patted his cheek once, as they sat side by side while he laughed helplessly at one of her jokes.

"You should smile more," she remarked aloud. "You look friendlier and your eyes shine."

He shrugged. "My mom says I have beautiful eyes and they look better when I smile."

She nodded sincerely. "It's true." For a moment, he watched her seriously, and then, suddenly, he was on all fours, leaning so close to her that their faces were inches away. She squealed her surprise and tried to move away but he held her fast by the arm and leaned closer, frowning so deeply it looked like he didn't even know what he was doing. "What are you doing?"

"I am looking at your eyes. It's dimmer here, so I can't see very well, but your eyes are nice too..."

"Are they?"



"I don't know... But I like them..."

Silence fell as he continued to scrutinise her dark orbs and right then, they heard someone move around. He lost his balance in this abrupt shock, causing their lips to collide very briefly. Her eyes widened and she pulled away instantly.

"Don't do that again, you idiot! I will break your legs!"

And she scampered away, leaving him to chastise himself under the table. Yuck! Had he just kissed her? Yuck, yuck, yuck! This was the last time he was being so stupid.

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Part Two


"Excuse me." He barely looked up from his iPhone. She [earrings] sighed, glanced at the heavens and cleared her voice with an exaggerated loudness. With an annoyed grunt, he lifted his eyes to her. Poker face. He moved his legs and let her pass before returning to his pre-occupation.

The next time she saw him again, he was talking to Kamlesh chacha. Poker face. Again. She frowned to herself. He did look vaguely familiar... But where had she seen him? She shook her head and went her way. This was possibly the fiftieth wedding she was attending that year. Maybe she had seen him around...

"Arre, Khushi, come here!" her mother beckoned her excitedly. "This is my younger daughter, Khushi. She is twenty two, she is just about to complete her studies."

She smiled tightly yet again, but this was becoming more and more irritating. These days, it seemed to be the only reason why her mother and aunt went to weddings; to set her up with some eligible bachelor whose family would be hounding for a bride. She would probably have to get used to it. This was, after all, only the first night of this week-long wedding...


He clenched his jaws together, fighting against the odds to keep his face as impassable as ever but how could he? He had just been looking around for his mother when his eyes had fallen on her, the girl who had been irritated with him when he had taken his time to move his legs so that she could pass. Well, she could have simply walked over them, right? There was no real need to disturb him for that. But he could understand her. He was a Raizada, she wanted to attract his attention, perhaps. Girls had been throwing themselves at him for ages and he had not given her two hoots.

Although, now, it looked like he could give her amply more than those two hoots he had not cared for last night. And it was only because of those few inches of enticing, milky skin that peeked and winked at him teasingly, midway between her slim waist and curvaceous hips as she danced merrily. She had just spiced up this boring sangeet for him. It was with controlled practice over his feelings that he managed to stay put in his seat but there was no directing his eyes and... well, another very valuable part of him... Her choli rose and fell only slightly with every rhythmic movement of hers, but it was enough to arouse him. And its deep neckline, that showcased her cleavage and her smooth, silky back, only added to his fires...


She [earrings] stopped dancing, breathless, as soon as the song had ended and moved off the dance floor, shaking her head in refusal as her cousin tried to persuade her to stay for another dance. She was too tired and badly in need of some water to soothe her parched throat. Panting, she pulled her hair over a shoulder and fanned her face with her hands, only to pause with an uneasy tingling on the back of her neck...

It felt as if she was being watched... She turned her head and caught Poker face's eye. Even though she could not make out what he was thinking, her breaths suddenly clogged in her throat and she stilled, as if pinned by his gaze. Finally, someone came between them to talk to him and with a dizzying whoosh, air filled her lungs once again. Cheeks burning, she eclipsed herself quickly...


"Come on, Chhote! You are not going to sit in a corner with your phone all the time, okay? What are you even doing?"

He looked up at his mother with a bored expression. "I am fine, Ma."

"But I am not! Look, I keep trying to find a girl for you but you keep rejecting all of them. See, all your cousins are getting married, even your sister has gotten married too even if she had sworn she wouldn't and right now, I'm suspecting she is pregnant... I wonder when she is planning to tell us."

"Mom!" he winced. "Can you stop telling me all these things about Di? It's my elder sister you're talking about! I don't want to know if she had sex with jiju or not!"

It was with amusement that he watched his mother almost choke herself on her juice and he patted her back dutifully as she glared at him, her face red. "Arnav! I did not go there! I don't need such information about my daughter either! Anyway, since you are rejecting all the girls I find eligible, please, do me the favour of finding yourself someone. I do not drag you to all these weddings with me for my own pleasure."

"Yeah, whatever," he grinned, earning himself a sharp pull on the ear.

"I swear, mister, if you were still that little boy I could easily hold in place, I would give you a good beating! Now come with me. I have to introduce you to some families. Come on! And don't you dare pull faces at me behind my back, I can see you very well!"



She [earrings] shut her eyes tight, stopping dead in her tracks as she heard her mother call her yet again. Just when she had thought she would be able to go by without being noticed. She turned around with a big smile plastered on her face and walked to her mother, who was beaming at her adoringly. Strangely, it was a smile that made her feel like she was a cow being sent to slaughter, though.

"My younger daughter, Khushi..."

Her mother began the introductions again and she almost rolled her eyes. She knew that little speech perfectly now. Her smile almost fell. Not because of the speech. Because of the guy who was standing right in front of them. Poker face. God! How rude could people get? Okay, she could own up that her mother was being ridiculously enthusiastic about this groom-hunt and that it did give her little pebbly eyes a maniacal glow - pfft! Or at least to her! - and that the whole speech was boring, but he could at least try to pretend he was interested? Okay, not interested, but maybe pretend he was listening? Apparently, it was too hard for Poker face. He was, instead, watching the people moving around with such a bored face that is wouldn't surprise her at all if he suddenly yawned.

"What a beautiful girl!" his mother gushed, looking like she was just going to fangirlishly-batshit-crazy and start shipping her Poker-face-son with her any moment now. "This is my son, Arnav. He's..."

This time, her smile did evaporate. No, not exactly. It fell at her feet with such a loud clang that Poker face finally turned his eyes to her, briefly, and nodded once in acknowledgment, still poker-faced before looking away. Her eyes had rounded with horror and nausea rose up her throat.

It is a rare name. It's a name you will never forget.

Shit! Oh shit! Mother-shit of all shits! She needed to hide. Now. NOW! Oh shit! She hoped she was not getting as red as she felt she was. What was he doing here? Shit! That was why she had thought he was familiar! NO!!! This could not be happening to her! Why her? After all these years, she would have expected him to be dead or something... Shit! Why her? And why did he have to appear now?

Okay. Fine. Calm down.

He didn't look like he had recognised her, so she was still lucky. Now all she had to do was stay away from Poker face. Arnav... Whatever!

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Part Three



The thick gold bangle slipped from between his fingers and rolled underneath the table. He hoped it was not dented because his mother was definitely going to skin him alive. It was an ancestral bangle that she had been planning to wear that evening until she had noticed it had lost its lustre, so she had sent him with it to the jeweller's to be express-polished and now it would return to her shining but dented.

He got down on all fours after ensuring that no one was around and crawled under the table. There lay the bangle, thankfully undamaged, beside a lovely pair of ivory feet. Wait... Feet? Under the table? He knew that table were endowed with legs but human feet? He looked up to find wide, stunned eyes that were strikingly familiar in the dim light of the under-table.

"What the-?" Well, well, who else but the move-aside-girl who had turned him on just by dancing. "What are you doing here?"

She [earrings] blinked, still dazed and undecided about what to say. Was it him or did she look scared? He felt his lips twitch and twist into a tiny amused smirk and she seemed to have noticed it and been flustered by it because defiance instantly flared up in her eyes and she frowned at him.

"I am sitting."

"You are sitting?" he repeated incredulously, lifting an eyebrow. "Here? There are many chairs out there, you know? Are you sure you are just sitting here?"

Her lips pursed up, making him want to kiss that pout off her face, and she raised her chin. "Yes, I am just sitting. Now take your bangle and go!"

"Why?" he decided to annoy her a little bit more. Just to see how more beautiful could she get.

"Because your butt is protruding from under the table and if someone comes along, they'll have a look and I really don't want to be seen!"


He Devi Maiyya! Had she just mentioned his butt? His butt? Colour rushed to her face violently with the realization. But that too, embarrassing herself in from of people that is, was an art. And she was the master of it.

"You don't want to be seen, huh? Means you are hiding," he chuckled, crawling in completely. He pocketed his mother's bangle and plopped down facing her. "There! No one will see my butt now. What are you hiding from?" he smirked.

So after all, Poker face was not such a poker face? Well, she had to admit that the teasing smirk did suit him. More that the poker face... Urgh! Why was she even thinking of something like that about him? He was the ugliest man ever! The idiot who had stolen her first kiss without her permission... Maybe accidentally, but she was probably never going to forgive him that!

And how should she answer his question? What was she hiding from? Better ask who was she not hiding from?

There was he himself, to begin with. There was her mother who was constantly trying to set her up. There was her heavily pregnant sister whose hormones were driving her to annoy everyone who came her way to death. There was their father who thought he was too old to be the father of such grown up girls and hence he kept passing them as his little sisters. There was her brother-in-law who, poor him, could do nothing but lament over his wife's torturous caprices. There was her senile aunt who was practically selling her off in marriage to whoever came her way...

So, who was she not hiding from?

"Nothing," she grumbled, looking away and hoping he would leave. Why had he even come in? Hadn't he caught the you-are-not-invited-and-the-most-unwelcome-here vibe she was trying very hard to emanate?

She glanced at him with as much coolness as she could, only to find him staring at her with a slight, confused frown. "What?" she eyed him cautiously, then suddenly started feeling her face and hair. "Have I got something on my face?"

"Yes," he whispered and before she could realise, he was back on all fours, crawling to her. Her eyes almost popped out of their sockets. The sense of deja-vu was terrifying. "Those eyes... I know them..."

Oh crap! He would recognise her!!!! She moved back swiftly, intending to make a run for it, but he instinctively wrapped his hand under her calf and pulled her to him, so that she was almost lying under him, their faces less than inches away. But of course, he was hardly aware of that, again. His frown had deepened and she could practically hear the gears turn in his brains. No...

"I have seen these eyes before..." he breathed.

The shock that toppled on his face only moments later did not come as a surprise to her. He Devi Maiyya! What do now? Well, she was certainly not going to wait for a repeat performance of what had happened all those years ago! She quickly free herself and scuffled her way out of there.


"So. Khushi."

She [earrings] stilled, feeling horror ripple down her back. He was lazily leaning against the wall when she turned around. He pushed himself off the wall and prowled towards her, slowly like a predator, and she could only stand there, trembling, because once again, he had her rooted to the spot... What was he? Mind controller? She gulped as he stared down at her, poker face still.

"I haven't seen you since last night."

She refused to meet his eyes, of course. Let him see her fright and mortification so that he could use it to his own advantage? Hah! Never!

"So?" she grunted with an irritated tone.

Out of the corner of the eye, she saw him smirk. Damn him! She really preferred his poker face now. At least he didn't look so disarmingly handsome then...

"So I thought you might be running away from me?"

She gasped indignantly, feigning an outmost incredulity and outrage, although deep inside she recognised that he was perfectly right. "Me? Running away? And that too from you? Are you serious? I don't even know you?"

He snorted, taking another step forward, that brought him so close she could literally feel her heart threaten to bounce out of her chest. "You don't know me? Now, Khushi, you are not being serious here. You cannot forget my name so easily. Should I remind you?"

"Yes, please," she rolled her eyes. And that was probably - no - certainly the biggest mistake she could have made, because he smirked dangerously at her, and slowly, he was coming even closer. She shuddered, feeling his warm breath fan over her face gently. She should have moved. Really. Because he was just getting nearer and nearer. But no a muscle volunteered to budge and his proximity had seemingly frozen her brains. What was he? Liquid nitrogen?

The tip of his nose rubbed against hers, making her inhale sharply. He grinned, but without backing away. No. He only allowed himself to take a step further, let his nose slide across the side of her button nose. And suddenly, it was like her arm had been momentarily released from the freeze. She merely had the time to feel it rise, then her palm had connected with his cheek with a slight thud and she quickly stepped away with a loud, surprised gasp. He stared at her for a moment, his eyebrows raised so high they almost threatened to disappear in his hairline.

The smirk resurfaced. "Fiesty? You are still feisty?"

She glared at him, angry again. "And you are still as arrogant and rude!"

"So you admit that you know me?"

Her cheeks reddened violently. She had fallen into his trap. He winked wolfishly at her, and she huffed, turning on her heels to leave and wishing this wedding would be over soon. She had known this idiot for a brief time only and he had already turned her world upside down. What was she to do? No, this wedding had to be over. And soon!


"What do you want now?"

"You had told me to find a girl?" Her glittering eyes turned to him excitedly and he did his best not to get scared at the madness that he saw there. "Mom? Are you on drugs?"

That seemed to calm her down because her eyes narrowed before she smacked him on the head. "Shut up! Tell me about your girl."

He only grinned at her cheekily. "How can I shut up and tell you about her at the same time?"


"Okay, fine! Chill. You know those boring serials you watch?"

She frowned at him thoughtfully. "Yes... What about them?"

"Don't they give you precaps? To keep the suspense high?"

"Yes," his mother nodded slowly, unsurely.

He shrugged, standing up. "That's it. I am giving you a precap too. You might know who it is tomorrow, or not. It will depend on my mood. For now, enjoy the suspense. I love you, mom."


His hard body pressed her firmly into the wall, making it harder for her to breathe, as if his mere presence was not enough, and she stood there, too stunned to react. He groaned as he ran a hand across her bare waist to the small of her back.

"Did you have to look this beautiful?"

"Huh?" she [earrings] gasped.

He smirked and planted a kiss on her neck, making her gulp. "And do you have to be this innocent?"

She blinked, trying to put her mind at work. What had happened? Oh yes. He had cornered her just as she had been about to leave her room... Getting back her senses, she hastily, pushed him off her.

"Have you gone mad? What are you doing?"

He nodded nonchalantly, back to being poker face. "I had wanted to talk to you but... I won't apologise, your looks are to be blamed."


He chuckled. "Nothing. What do you think of me, Khushi?"

She clenched her jaws tight and looked somewhere above his shoulder. "That you are an arrogant prick!"

That pulled a brazen grin out of him. "Great!"

"Is that all, because I want to go now?"

She shoved her way past him to the door but he grabbed her by the waist and pulled her back against him.

"Listen to me!" he insisted, chuckling lightly at her efforts to get away. "I would like to change the way you think about me."

"Excuse me?"

"I know that I look like an arrogant prick, as you put it. But I am not always like around the people who mean something to me. And I would like you to know that side of me too."

"M-mean s-s-something t-to y-you...?"


She stilled, as if struck by lightning and swallowed with some difficulty, which only made her more adorable.


"I like you, Khushi," he laughed. "A lot. So, I want to change the arrogant-prick image that you have of me. Is that a crime?"

She blinked blankly at him. "N-no..."

"Okay. You can go now. I will meet you downstairs." Pleasantly enough, he stepped away from her and started for the door, only to turn around with a strange smirk. "Actually, wait. There is something I need to correct."

Under her aghast gaze, he strode back to her and before she had had the time to catch up with whatever had just happened, he had kissed her soundly on the lips, letting go of her just when she had unconsciously started to respond. She gasped as he pulled away to gaze at her. A furious blush stormed to her face when the realisation her own behaviour had dawned on her.

"That is how our first kiss should have been but we were kids back then and it was an accident, so I think it deserved an upgrade," he explained with a quick wink. "And, you'll want to re-apply that lip-gloss and right your hair. Not that you're not looking good. You're looking very sexy but you are also looking like someone just ravished you and people may speak wrongly about you, which I will not tolerate." He kissed her cheek possessively. "But I'll allow you to look like that when we are alone, okay? When we are married..."

He pecked her lips again and casually walked out of her room, wiping her gloss off his mouth whilst she glared at his retreating back in outrage. The nerve of him! How dare he-? Her fingers rose to her lips absently. She could still feel his lips move over hers, coaxing, feel his tongue stroke hers passionately, his taste in her mouth... And a small smile grazed her lips.

Think of it, his arrogance could actually be adorable if he tried...

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Shikha kuch post kare aur main na aaoon?? Aisa ho hi nai sakta...evn if m busy..ill jst read and 'like' atleast..

but anyways...*giggles* Indian!! They are jst the besht!! And u knw wat...i recently attended exactly my mom's SIL's bro's!! ;) :P

And the first part was so so so cute and perfect...I love it when ppl write abt little Arnav and Khushi...imagine karne ke liye bhi kitnaaa zyada cute hota hai!!! And this akdoo Raizada "man" was so adorable..i wanted pull his cheeks so much!!!

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I really good start
Indian weddings are hilarious and too big sometimes
Please update more

Finally they meet after so many years
And both their mothers are looking out for potential spouses for their children

Third part was hilarious
They both were under the table again and he remembered
Nice way of proposing and keeping your mother in the suspence

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its cute

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