Raesha 3shots:Tricked Snake part 3(final part) page 14 updt

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Hola people,

Scared of me??good you should me...i am quite scary i know..Wink

Me and my crazy mind..D'oh

I had to write a romantic OS for someone,but couldnt and something like this turned out...Wacko

As my readers know my stories are more crazier than me...LOL

and this Os has crossed all limits...Ouch

so you got to hold on to anything you wanna throw..u might want to throw me also...but hold on...give it a casual read and then do watever you want...Silly

bear with my madness please and tell me whether i should continue with another irritating part?EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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Part 1

It was evening.A man came dragging another man by his collor,whose hand was bleeding,due to a gun shot and had bruises all over his face.He pushed the man in front who tumbled onto the single sofa kept neatly onto the side of the huge room.The fallen man gatherd himself and stood up,looking ferociously at the man standing at a distance looking casually all around the room.

Suddenly the wall at the end of the room opened like a door and entered a well build strong man in an expensive pensive suit.He looked at the two men with a smirk and came forward sitting down on the sofa.The beaten man immediately walked to him and started speaking,

'Boss isine mara hai peter ko,'

'kiyu mara use?janta nehi wo mera aadmi tha?'the man sitting on the sofa asked the other man quite calmly ,

'janta hu,per wo police ka informer bhi tha,'the other man standing at a distance answered equally calm,

'acha aur tu nehi hai?'

'nehi mujhe gaddar aur gaddari,dono se nafrat hai,'

'batein to bohot bari bari karta hai,kam kaisa hai?'

'Boss acha hai.Jis tarah se police ko chakma de ke maal pass karwaya,hum nehi kar pate.dar nam ki cheeze nehi hai isme,'the beaten man replied with a grumpy expression,

'Koi bhi feelings sirf kamzoor banati hai,asli takat to paisa deti hai,'the other man said with a twinkle in his eyes,

'bohot khub bache,aj se tum mere sath kam karoge,nam kiya hai tumhara?''Boss' asked,

'shabir,kam mein sirf paiso ke liye karta hu,'

'ha ha ha ha,acha mere sher,ye lo gaddar ko marne ki keemat,'he threw a fat bundle of money to Shabir,

'per boss ap ise kaise...'the other man again started,

'Atif,Ruhana aa rahi hai hum use lene jayenge,gari nikalo,shabir tum bhi chaloge mere sath,''Boss' walked out ordering atif,

Shabir and 'Boss' reached the airport.The flight was schedule to arrive in next fifteen minutes.They waited for her arrival.Finally she arrived.A girl clad in an apealing offshoulder designer top and jeans with a luxury hat, came running and hugging his 'Boss',kissing him lightly on his cheeks,

'missed you so much Jacob,thanks tum aye,'

'missed you too baby,flight kaisa tha?'


'acha?dont worry interesting kam hum karenge,pehele ghar chalo'

'jacob,waise ye namuna kaun hai?'

'Shabir,aj se mere liye kam kar raha hai,shabir ye ruhana,my girl,'Jacob replied holding her close by her waist,

Shabir just nodded his head and looked around disinterested in all the affections they were showing in public.All three went out shabir dragging the luggage cart all along to the parking while his master and his 'girl',chirpily talking walked ahead.Shabir took the driving seat while jacob and ruhana sat at the back seat of their car.They were about to start when Jacob recieved a call and he walked out of the car to talk.

Shabir kept looking at Jacob from the rear window,his face showed some really serious matter was being taken care of.Shabir was lost in his thoughts when he heard Ruhana calling him from back,

'ohh hello,suno,?'

'kahiye,'shabir replied looking onto the front mirror,

'ac on karo mujhe garmi lag rahi hai,'

'ac on hai,thori der rukh jaiye,temp thanda ho jayega,'

'tum hamesha itne hi rudely baat karte ho?bulo maat mein tumhari malkeen hu,'

'jee nehi madam,ap meri malkeen nehi hai,'

'kiya?tumhari itni himmat ki tum mujhe..'

Now shabir turned around to face her directly,

'ap kabse jante hai jacob ko?'

'pichle 2 saalo se,kiyu?'

'apko sach mein lagta hai ap...'Jacob completed his call and returned back,that stopped their conversation.

Jacob looked at the two faces and understood something had transpired.He knew ruhana well and her arrogance too.Thus with a cheeky smile he asked shabir to drive fast.

They reached their place and Shabir left, leaving the two love birds in their Den.But Jacob called him back for some business talks and they went for the specail room behind the wall.

Ruhana entered her room and found it well decorated with her favourite items. Expensive glass hangings, candles,expensive carpets,shutters,clothes,accesories,everything was in ample amount.She took her clothes and walked into the washroom to freshen up.

Jacob was noticing Shabir for a long time now.He seemed lost in thought.He brought two drinks and held one to shabir.Shabir looked up and took the glass quitely,

'tum yahi soch rahe honge ki mein tumhe itna trust kiyu kar raha hu.'Jacob started sipping his drink,'waise to mein kisi pe itni jaldi trust nehi karta,per tumhari baat alag hai,'

'alag?'shabir asked sipping his drink,

'haan alag.Meine tumhara kam dekha hai,aur tumhare andar chupi hui ziddi insaan ko bhi dekha hai,'

'mera kam,lekin mein to raja ke liye...'

'Raja bhi mere liye kam karta hai,aur mera har kam,mein khud monitor karta hoon,mujhe pata hai,tum acha kam karoge,'

'Raja ke liye mein bas uska maal police se bachake ship tak paouchata tha,uske alawa kuch,'

'pata hai,mere liye bhi wahi karoge,bas amount thora zyada hoga,aur police complications bhi.Haan uske liye tumhe paise bhi kai guna zyada milega.kar paoge na?'

'meine pehele bhi apko kaha hai,paiso ke liye mein kuch bhi kar sakta hu,'

'right,tumhari yahi baat mujhe bohot pasand hai.Yahi baat ruhana ke andar bhi hai,use apna kam ata
hai,aur isi liye use pyar aur paise, dene mein bhi mujhe koi prob nehi hoti hai,'

'ruhana?wo to apki..'

'girl friend hai per kam bhi karti hai,uske kam pe hi impress hua hu mein.Per ab uska kam tumhe karna hai,samaj rahe ho na?'

'to ruhana abhi kam,'

'ab girlfriend dusre mardo ke sath kam kare mujhe pasand nehi,thora zyada possesive hu mein,'jacob said laughing,

'ab kam ki batein karte hai.kal raat mera ek consignment malaysia se yaha ayega,use mere warehouse thak pouchane ka zimma tumhara hai.Kar paoge shabir?'

'itna asan kam koi bhi kar lega,'

'nehi koi nehi tum karoge,'

'bohot batein ho gayi chalo ruhana dinner pe wait kar rahi hogi,'

They walked out but a man came to meet Jacob and they again went back to the room,leaving Shabir behind.Shabir waited there for some more time trying to hear the discussion inside but it was a soundproof room.He walked over to the dining area and stood there holding onto the wide railing of the balcony.

It was some time now he was standing there,Jacob had not yet arrived.He was thinking of leaving when Ruhana came and stood beside him.He felt her presence but didnt look towards her.

'Jacob ko kam se bahar jana parah,kaha hai tumhe dinner karwa doon,chalo'

'nehi fir mein chalta hoon,goodnight maam'he said and turned to go,

'Shabir,ruko,dinner karke jao,mere liye?'Ruhana said with a seductive smile and holding his wrist,

'madam apke ye harkato se dusre logo ko muzaa ata hoga,mein un logo mein se nehi hu,ap apna dinner kar lijiye,'shabir jerked his hand back and walked out,not sparing a moment glance at her,

Ruhanaa stood there rooted to the spot looking at his back walking out majestically through the door.A maid came to ask her about the dinner.

'nehi,mujhe bhook nehi hai,'she replied and walked over to her room angrily stumping her foot.

Atif called shabir and informed about the consignment that will get dispatched in an hour at the docks.He was suppose to be in charge of the consignment until it reached the warehouse safely.Shabir called up a few numbers before he went out to get his bike to reach the shipyard from where the consignment would be dispatched.

He reached the place and waited until the men finished loading in the truck.He spoke to the driver and gave him a few instructions.They covered the truck well and the truck was all set to leave.Shabir was suppose to ride the bike in front and he would be followed by the truck.They had to cross two check points to reach their desired destination.

Shabir crossed the first one quite easily taking advantage of tackling the two guards present at the spot.They didnt thouroughly check the truck and thus they escaped.

At the second check point,shabir was stuck with the police officers at the check point.He was searched,then the truck was searched properly,but since the boxes were covered and shabir was too eager to show them himself,they left the containers without checking more.

Finally they reached the warehouse.The men were already present who came forward to unload the truck.Shabir waited until it was done and informed Jacob about  it.It was almost early morning by the time Shabir came back to his rented room and fell flat on his belly.He was exhausted from the long day's event.But finally he knew his job was done.

He closed his eyes to sleep,but a disturbed sleep and a horrifing nightmare woke him up again.

He woke up startled rubbing the sweat beads on his forehead and neck.He looked around and calmed down.His body had given up and he was feeling tired.He lied down again and his eyelids drooped.Within few minutes his forehead lost the worry lines and he clamed down,smiling happily.He had again gone back to the memory lane.

'Roshni meri baat suno,hamare kam mein bohot khatra hota hai,pata nehi kab emergency aa jaye,isi liye maine tumhe apne sab se ache dost ke ghar bheja,'

'tum aur tumhari excuses,kabhi khatam nehi hoti sameer,mujhe tumhare sathe nehi jana,aur waise bhi kal fir tumhe kuch emergency aa jaye to?'

'arre nehi ayega meri maa,chal na please,ab kan pakar ke uthak bathak karu?tab to maaf karegi?'

'haan karu pehele,'

Sameer was shocked at her reply,but like an helpless man he held his ears and sat down and then up and then down,it went on for some time,

'ho gaya ab chalo,'

'nehi sameer mujhe mood nehi hai,mujhe yahi rehena hai,tumhe milna hai to yahi aa jana,bye sameer,'she said smiling sweetly,

'roshni ki bachi,ruk,'he said and ran behind roshni.

Within minutes roshni was struggling in his arms.Sameer had picked her up and was taking her to his car to drive back to his home.They settled inside the car and Roshni angrily punched him hard taking her revenge this time.

They talked and laughed the whole journey.He was meeting her after their college days,almost 7 years now though they were in contact but being the busy person he was he didnt get the time to meet her.Roshni was continuously taunting and complaining him.Those few days with her went like hours.Visiting their favourite spots,eating delicious meals,burning and wasting food too,movies,gossips,shouting and giggling all over.Roshni had even mingled well with Sameer's training buddy,Arjun.

Roshni was about to leave in a day or two.She came rushing to him in the morning.He was snoring hard in his sleep.

'Sameer utho na,mujhe tumse kuch kehena hai,'

'rosh abhi sone do kal sunta hu,'

'kal,subah ho gayi hai hai,sameer get up,'

'mujhe sona hai bas,rosh tum jao'he said and covered his head with the blanket,'

'sameer,'she make a face and got up from his bed.She pulled the blanket from him and kept it neatly folded into the cupboard.

'roshni,kiya kar rahi ho?ek din chutti mili hai,sone de na'

'nehi pehele meri baat suno.'

'kiya hai?'sameer asked sitting up sratching his head,eyes closed,sounding disinterested,

'sameer wo mein na,mein,'

'kiya hai?'

'mein na arjun se pyar karti hu,'

'acha.ab mein so jau?'he said and lied down and roshni looked over.

She sat there for a few more minutes and signed.She got up to leave when Sameer held her hand.

'mujhe pata hai,tum arjun se pyar karti ho,mein itna bhi bewakuf nehi hu,'

A beautiful smile spread across her lips and hugged him.

'tumhe pata tha?kaise?'

'tumhari aakho se,baton se,hamesha kan ke pass arjun arjun karogi to pata nehi chalega?'


'shh rosh,arjun bohot acha larka hai,per apna dhyan zaroor rakhna,wo police wala hai aur tumhari safety kisi aur ke pass nehi,wo sirf tumhare pas hai samjhi ya tumhare arjun ki bhasa mein samjhau?'

'jee masterjee,'

An shrill sound of alarm broke his sleep.He woke up and looked around.He was in the same small room alone.The dream had brought a smile and a tear,both still persisted.He rubbed his tear and took his phone.The alarm had snoozed.He closed it and got up.He had lots of work to do today.

it was long??well...tell me should i continue torturing you?

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Loved it rimi really nice 
Sameer arjun n rosh bonding so good 
So shabir is sameer haan Wink
That's interesting 
continue soon 
Thanks for the PM Smile

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Awesome start
loved it
Loved Sameer-Roshni bond
So shabir is Sameer
waiting for the next part
continue soon

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Nyc dear.

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really interesting...Thumbs Up
so this shabir is sameer undercover?
continue soon

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raisha kidhar tha..????
well... d beginning is interesting!
i wont kill u 4 ths..
just punish u by makin u write one more 4 me... tht wl b my bday gift...
jacob shabir.. n d grl..
all hv mysterious interesting shades!

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Originally posted by GOLD.A

Loved it rimi really nice 
Sameer arjun n rosh bonding so good 
So shabir is sameer haan Wink
That's interesting 
continue soon 
Thanks for the PM Smile

thanks goldie...glad you best motivator and the most tortured victim..LOLLOL

next sat next update as i told you..

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