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FF ~His First Love~ Thread 1 *Closed*

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Hello people. The thought of writing an FF hit my mind today, during a really boring Biotech lecture! I decided to brainstorm and couldn't come up with anything!Unhappy. Finally, after I came home from college, I just impulsively decided to type on the laptop and ideas came to my head just like that!Smile I have based the story on Jalal-Jodha of the 21st century. I know this has been done on the forum many times and I will try to keep my story as original as possible. And I am sorry to any creators of other FFs with whom my story might collide! It will be totally unintentional! As for updates, I will try to update as much as I can. Since I have exams coming up in a month I will be tied up. But I will try! Here is Part 1:
Part 1

"Jalal, my dear Jalal, don't worry, I will always be there for you. I know I left you when you were very young and vulnerable and I am sorry for that. I love you, beta and I will always watch you from above..."

Jalal got up. The dream made him very uneasy. It was already morning

Jalal - This is the 5th time in the week I have seen the same dream. It is driving me crazy. I need to talk to Ammijaan rightaway.

Jalal goes to his mother, Mrs. Hamida Banu who is waiting for him at the breakfast table

Jalal - Good morning, Ammijaan.

Ammijaan - Good morning dear Jalal. Did you sleep well?

Jalal - I have to talk to you. I saw Abbajaan in my dream again. It is troubling me a lot. Everytime I see him he is always apologizing to me. Why do I keep seeing him again and again. I think I need to see a doctor.

Ammijaan - Oh Jalal! don't worry so much. Probably your Abbajaan keeps coming in your dreams because he feels sorry for not being there in your growing up years. And he died with that guilt. Beta, he loved you a lot. So don't think about visiting a doctor or anything, just relax. Just think that Abbajaan is watching over you always. So now hurry up and eat your breakfast...

Jalal felt comforted by his mother's words. He sat down at the breakfast table and had the toast kept on his plate.

Jalaluddin Mohammed's father, Mr. H Mohammed died of heart attack when he was only 12 years old. With his death, Jalal and his mother had to go through many hardships. Jalal and his mother were financially dependent on his father who remained abroad most of the time on business. After his death, their company became bankcrupt. Jalal and his mother were finding it difficult to carry on with their daily expenses. When things were looking bleak, Jalal's uncle Bairam Khan came to their aid. He took them in and took care of them. He took care of Jalal's education and ensured that he completed it. On completing his education, Jalal started his own business and eventually became one of the most respected billionaires in India. He and his mother lived in his huge mansion in South Mumbai.When he had made his first profits in business, his uncle Bairam Khan passed away. This had made him very afraid of keeping anyone too close to him, as he felt that they would leave him. Even though he hardly saw his father, he really loved him. Whenever, Mr. H was in town, he would take his entire family out to the cinemas and for dinners. He was also afraid of losing Ammijaan, his only family. All these events in life had made him really insecure.
However, since Jalal had achieved so much in such less amount of time he had also become very proud and egoistic. He wouldn't like to be disrespected in any manner. Ammijaan, was aware of this about Jalal. She prayed to God daily, asking for Jalal to become a better person.

Jalal - Ammijaan, since our company has signed the deal with the American company, I have decided to throw a party for our employees. An evening so that they can let their hair down and enjoy themselves!

Ammijaan - Okay beta, also is Benazir coming?

(Okay, I know you guys are gonna kill me for this but I had no choice) Benazir was Jalal's girlfriend of four years. Jalal, did like her but he wasn't sure whether he loved her or not. Benazir was known as the most beautiful woman on Mumbai's social circuit. Whatever she did made headlines. But Benazir was only with Jalal for his money. She wanted to marry him only for his money and live a lavish life. Jalal however was not aware of this.

Jalal - Yes. Would you also come Ammijaan?

Ammijaan - No beta, you enjoy. What will I do in party full of young people? You and Benazir enjoy.

Jalal - Okay. I kept on Saturday purposely so that the employees are fresh since they have an off today.

Ammijaan - Good beta. Go get freshened up.

On the other hand, one of Jalal's employees, Mr. Bharmal was confused. He knew the party was a big deal and wanted to look his best. Bharmal was the Manager of the Sales department of Jalal's company. As one of the top employees of the company he had to look his best.

Bharmal(to himself) - Should I wear this or this?

Then suddenly Jodha came running in the room. Jodha was Bharmal's daughter. She worked as a PA in a smaller company. She was a beautiful girl full of life and enthusiasm

Jodha - Kya hua Papa? Why are you so tensed?

Bharmal - I have this party to attend in the evening and I am not sure what to wear.

Jodha - Don't worry Papa! Do not fear when Jodha is here!

She picked out the black suit he was holding in his right hand.

Jodha - Wear this papa. You will look so young and smart!

Bharmal - Thank you my daughter dearest!

Sujamal - Oh ho! Dekho kitna pyaar ho raha hain!

Sujamal was Jodha's younger brother who was studying in college.

Jodha - Sujamal, Don't you want to go to college today? Bekaar time waste karna to koi tumse seekhe!

Sujamal - Ha Jodha di, jaunga par pehle mujhe aapse lift toh chahiye

Jodha - Shaitaan! Papa tell him na not to bug me! Today is my holiday!

Sujamal - Please drop me!

Bharmal - Jodha, jaao usse college chhod aao.

Jodha - Okay Papa, I will go

Later in the evening, at around 7pm, it was time for Bharmal to leave for the party. Suddenly,

Bharmal - Oh no! my driving license has expired! Now I can't drive till I apply for it again!

Mainavati - Ajee kya hua? Itna shor kisliye?

Bharmal - Maina, mera license expire ho gaya hai. Main gaadi nahi chala sakoonga jab tak naya license nahi aa jata. Main office bus se jaata hoon iss karan mujhe iska pata nahi chala. How will I go now? It is important for me to go for the party!

Mainavati - Arree, why so much tension? Just take Jodha with you, she has her license na. Jodha beta

Jodha - Yes ma

Mainavati - You go along with your father to the party. He can't drive because his license has expired. You drive the car.

Jodha - But ma, is it okay to go? Isn't it papa's office party?

Bharmal - Beta, that is not a problem. You can come. Many employees are bringing guests along so its fine. Go get ready.

Jodha - Okay papa!

Jodha was excited for the sudden change in the plans. She hurriedly went to her room and picked out her best dress to wear. She selected a beautiful cerulean blue anarkali kurta churidar she had bought just recently. She got ready in half hour and was ready to go.

Bharmal - Okay bye we are leaving!

Mainavati and Sujamal - Bye!

Jodha and Bharmal left her house. Jodha started the car and they left. After getting stuck in traffic and so for about 45 mins to 1 hr, they reached. Jodha parked the car and they headed towards the party hall

Jodha - Papa, which floor is the hall on?

Bharmal - 3rd floor

Jodha - Okay, let's go!

Precap - Jodha and Jalal first meeting...good or bad?

Index :
Part 1 - Above

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Luv-IKNMP Senior Member

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Nice... Clap
I liked it except d Benz being jalal's gf Tongue
Update soon... Smile
justlovetv IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by Jodha_Akbar_Luv

Nice... Clap
I liked it except d Benz being jalal's gf Tongue
Update soon... Smile
Thanks a lot. Will surely update!Smile

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Posted: 01 February 2014 at 5:35am | IP Logged
Awesome start
Plz continue soon
Plz pm when u update
NJAPA_Addict IF-Sizzlerz

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Hey Hey Hey Samy!Hug Look who's here.. Your Namy!Tongue
Sweetheart.. First of all, a Very Very Very Big Sorry for not commenting on your wonderful story till now!CryCry

And secondly, A BIG TIGHT HUG for you for this AMAZINGLY AWESOME Story!HugHug

Read all the parts and I have caught up on this FF!Wink Hug

Its such a..such a wonderful story!Clap I really liked the concept and it has already got me intrigued!Embarrassed

I liked how you gave us glimpses of Jalal's childhood.. He is insecure as he had to suffer losses..! Thats sad!Ouch Hence, the bitterness and ego, MAY BE!Tongue
So, he's a rich spoilt brat.. Khool !Tongue I like how he respects his mother, who is his life.. and I also like that he does charity to help people..Embarrassed Star

I like Jodha's side as well.. She's an innocent gal..but not the least stupid! She's smart, professional and enthusiast! Embarrassed Embarrassed

I like the characterisations you have done.. Salima the Secretary,Tongue Ben the gf..Oh Gawd! The less I say about her, the better!Sleepy LOL
Ruqaiya is receptionist... loool..!LOLLOLLOL (Sorry, but as soon as I read that bit that Ruqs was the receptionist, I was laughing out loud..not that I am laughing
on the post, its just that it giggles me out to imagine Ruqs there.. Purrrfecttly Deserved!)LOLLOL

Adham Khan the Vice president.. Well good enough!Tongue He seems smart as for now, hope doesnt turn out to be over-smart lol..!TongueLOL

I liked Jodha's small and happy family..Maina, Bharmal and Sujamal are all so loving and supportive!Big smile Embarrassed Sukanya her colleague cum friend is such a darling!Big smileEmbarrassed

Now coming to details, Jalal is sorta troubling her so much to satisfy his bruised ego.. yet he day dreams of her.. He looks really lustful currently..!AngryTongueTongue
Calling her hottie every now and then, and day dreaming hot scenes with her.. (But I like the scenes.. Uff.. EmbarrassedBlushingBlushing )
(Okay.. When he day dreams of her THAT way..BlushingBlushing I was listening to this song..and suited them so much..
Blue eyes..hypnotise teri..kardi hain mainuBlushing
I swear choti dress mei..BOMB lagdi mainu..Blushing
glossy lips...wolfy tricks..
Oh yeah..oh yeah..
Qatl kare tera BOMB figure..LOLBlushingLOLBlushingLOL)

Jodha, on other hand, knows his evil things, yet she's optimistic..!Embarrassed bviously, she's too smart to let him get his way.. But She wants to see her family happy, thence,
She's working without a word!  Cry Big smile
Lets seehow the story unfolds.. Great going!ClapClapClap

Now coming to your flawless and exquisite writing my dear Samy, I just have one word to say "WOW".Embarrassed Clap Embarrassed
ur writing is so fluent, enjoyable and its so modern.. StarStarStar yu write really really well..Clap
The way you describe the things, the details with your polished writing, compells me to clap for ya..ClapClapClap Hug

Great going dear!Hug Keep it up.. All the very very best for your exams.. I know you gonna rock them.. Clap 

Come back soon with marvellous updates!Hug Embarrassed
Love ya Hug

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justlovetv IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by SUMESHNI

Awesome start
Plz continue soon
Plz pm when u update
Hey will surely. but since I am a newbie IF does not allow me to send links in PMsCry. But I will send across a message definitely!
justlovetv IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by PrincessNancy

Hey thanks! But what does Res mean? Taking time to learn the IF language.Big smile
Woh.Ai.Ni IF-Rockerz

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Superb dear ClapClap Love this concept TongueTongue Curious beginning , interesting precap , LOVE IT HeartHeart Update soon dear Hug

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