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FF ..restart of new beginning UPDATED page no 12 (Page 7)

ronshaan IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 09 March 2014 at 6:29am | IP Logged
kehne ki baat hay heheheheh maine kab kaha k aap bhai ho Day Dreaming

Vinnie79 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 March 2014 at 6:33am | IP Logged
Nice  chapter   Mansi  ... What is  this  now she  will think  vickram  has a wife :(
 ab kya hoga?   lets see
keep it up  next chapter soon please
Vinnie79 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 March 2014 at 7:49am | IP Logged
EmbarrassedCHAPTER  11  (TRANSLATED)
 Today  I  am  doing the translation as  Ron  is a little bit busy...


 At the night mallhar house--- 

( neha's driver dropped her and Preety and after changing,   Mallhar is laying on the bed and thinking somethings.. Neha's word moving in her mind ..preety comes and ask..

P -What are you  thinking...can't you  sleep ?

M - No  just..thinking about the party

P - The party  was very  good...had alot of  fun!

M  --hmmm!!!!

P -what  hmmm?  are you very  tired?  and Vickram  sir came there  Neha   told me so.

M ( she wakes up) And did she say  anything else ?

P --No but she was asking about  vickram.

M-- What?

P - Nothing  special...but what happened ?

M - nothing .. go to sleep we have to go to the office in the morning.. ( she laying again )


Next morning .. Vickram's house"

All are enjoying breakfast and Rajeev ask to vikraam

R - Vickram ! you  went out  some where last night.. ? I  herd the  car.

V - Yes...Malhaar  forgot her  phone in my   car and I  went to  return it to her.

R - So late  ?

V - Yes  he  grandmother  called me as she could not get on to her  so I went to  give her the phone.

R - Oh!!  You  seem very  attached   to   the granny.

V"Yes she  also sees me as her son...she is a very  nice lady...OK  I  am  going to get ready   other wise we will be late for the office.

( he leaves, then Sumi ask to her husband..)

S - Who is this  Malhar ?  and  her grand  mother ..What is  going on ?...You  never mentioned anything

R - Malhar works at the  office..last few days  her  grandmother was bery  sick.. As  usual Vickram  was helping them.. He  got  attached  to the  grandmother

S -  to the grand mother or the grand daughter?  ( she smile)

R - Please Sumi..don't take it worg , it is  nothing like that  he just cares  for the grand mother.. I am  just  happy  that he is  finally  comming out  of  his  shell and meeting other  people.

S - ok fine. BUT if it was anything  like  that   I  would be more happy  than  any  one else..( she giggle) 

(Rajeev about to leave when she say)

S - Listen! can you give me some money.. I  have to go out today.. Nanita  is  getting married.. I  need to go shopping for her and us...

R --  I  remember... that is why  I  took out the is to teh left  side inside the closet ..take it ..if  you  need more tell me  ok ok I  am going to the office now...


At the office ---

 Mallhar is trying  to concentrate, but she can't, because Neha's word continuously pinch her..

M - (pondering)  how could she say this .. oh ! god what I do..  

( her colleague Nishant, call her twice but  she din't hear.. so now he comes and say lil loudly )

N - mallhar ! what are you  studying ? I  have been calling you for so long, Where are you  lost,   to make a simple  report is taking you so long?

M  -- oh sorry nishant ... I.. Tha...  you are right  my  thoughts are else where

N - I  am  seeing since  morning...You   are preoccupied   with  something other than work

M - I   I  am  not feeling well na  maybe that is  why

Ok you  should go home and rest then

M - I was thinking the same

( she want to go home, so she goes to inform to vikraam, but hesitate but at last she decided and entered to his cabin.. -

V - ( vikraam is busy to write something) so he ask while writing..

V - what happen mallhar ? 

M - sir ! I would like to go  home.. I  am not feeling to well

V - What happened. ? ( he ups his head and staring her)

M - ( don't know but her palm is wet and she is not able to see him, her heart beat is getting high she is trying  hard  to compose)

I am  feeling  very  tired .the party  last night  and  i  did  not get any  sleep after   maybe that is why

V - ok !   ok you can go ...the office is about to close anyway. You can go and you  can  take preety  with you

M - thank u sir thank u so much.. ( she leaves )


She want to go home but preety want to do shopping so she drag her in a mall)

M - yaar, i  want to go home,  and your forced me to come here

P - Are Yaar !! We got off early  today... let's enjoy  it na... and  we  have to buy  some  things...

M - But I am not in the mood

P-- what is worng with your  mood.  It will get better  now.

M - Ok fine lets  go ( both entered in a shop and start to watching stuff and sudenaly mallahr herd a noise of sobbing and she  turned to see here and there and found a little girl in the corner who is sobbing..she goes to her and sit on her knees and ask her

M -- what happen beta why are you crying

Lil g - aunty I can't find my  mother ( she start crying loudly)

M - sh..sss beta don't cry ..  you  will find your mommy,what is  your  name...where is your mother

Lil girl"avani..

M---    A very  good name  ...    Where did you leave her ?

A - I don't  know !! I was running after a ballon ..and now i don't see my  mother,  she said cutely

M --  beta ! aap ..Do you remember a number.tell me  I  will take you home  ...please beta  try to remember your mom  or your dad , any  number...

She trying to recall and telling her slowly

( other side summi is about to faint .. she is not able to find her avani.. she is search her every possible way but not succeeded .. so she call to Rajeev but his phone is not reachable so she call to vikraam and explain everything to him..  he assure her and tell her that he is coming right now..

And there mallhar is now succeeded to get the no. so she make a  call and that no. was sumi's ,after two ring she picked the phone..

S - hello ! (she said in shaky voice)        

M - hello ! I am  mallhar ,Is your  daughter's name  Anvi

S - yes yes...where is  she is  she.. is she alright...?

M - please don't be worried,your  daughter is with  me,she is alright don't worry...

S - tell me where are you ? how can I get to you..

M ---    mam, I am  on the ground shop  number 2  you  can  come here...

Sumi rush to her and reached within seconds and grabs to her daughter ..and she hugs to her ,after a while sumi realize to presence of mallhar..

S - thank u, thank u so much.. if you won't  here I don't know what would have happened

M - its ok ..i can understand..  your daughter is smart..but next  time  put an address  card in her pocket

S - thanks for ur suggestion...I'll be more careful  form now on.

Just preety comes and ask her to what happens and she explain everything.. after a while ..sumi gets a call to vikraam..

S - Ok  now  I am  going. thanks once again.. ( she leaves)

P - you  did not buy  anything.. I   have shopped for you let's  eat something then go home

Both comes outside to the mall... and see that vikraam coming towards to her mallhar getting confuse why he is here, but just she realize ki he took to avani in his arms and say something to sumi ,sumi hold his hand and start getting emotional..

M---   vikraam sir what is  he doing here

P - obviously that is his   wife and daughter . That lady  was saying she was trying to get on to her husband  but could could be  she  finally  did and he came to pick them up!

( and mallhar ?   her face getting dark and she felt as she lost every things...


ronit ! all is urs now...Big smile







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croziaxx Goldie

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Posted: 10 March 2014 at 10:27am | IP Logged
 thanks my dear , love u ..
as u know now i m busy na can't be hurry ..sorry 
and this is for u .. 

 Thanks For Everything
ronshaan IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 12 March 2014 at 4:39am | IP Logged
hi mansi 
aaj maine aapki new chapter pari hay 
it was nice chapter, well i think agar vikram usey dekhta to yeh sochta  k yeh kya yeh to bimar thi aur madam mall me kya kar rhei hay 
dekhte hay kya hota hay agay 

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payal7 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 March 2014 at 5:26am | IP Logged
Hi Mansi
Nice chapter.
Tum Vinnie ko kahe rahi ho kai chapter bahot short hai par tumhara toh unse bhi zadda short hai. Please long chapter do na.Big smile
TVs was always kind and considerate which is seen and appreciated by strangers but is taken for granted by his own family!!!!
I agree with Ronit if TVS had seen Malahar he would have assumed she had lied about being ill so its a good thing he did not see her.
Malahar is clearly attracted to him hence not liking the thought that he is married, Unfortunately that is the truth. He may not be married to Simi but he is married.
i hope his married status comes to light soon.
Personally I would also like to know the family is doing without him.

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croziaxx Goldie

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Posted: 14 March 2014 at 3:01am | IP Logged
hey girls ! how r u ... Hug
thanks to the reply... and big thanks to those "chupa rustam" who never reply but always increase my hit no.  
vinnei ..thank for translation and reaction... keep patient ... aage-aage dekhiye hota hao kya ?Wink

ronit  ! see i remember your name..LOL yes if he saw her he could have thought as u said but not sure na..

 and payal ! u think that is short, but dear nowadays m super busy...  doing job hardly getting time.. chutti wale din hi kuch ho sakta hai but try haa ... Embarrassed
nowadays i m something like sleeping on keyboard emoticon  staying awake emoticon
and rose ! why not u response ,earlier u responded na so why this timy u lazy girl ...Embarrassed

Edited by croziaxx - 14 March 2014 at 3:17am

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croziaxx Goldie

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Posted: 16 March 2014 at 9:41am | IP Logged
 hey ladhkio ! Hug
i m here to share my new chapter.. so read it and tell me how is this .. this time this is lil long i hope this time somebody would be happy..Embarrassed 



after that day mallhar din't go to the office ... she  want avoid to presence of that man  who came to her life without knock and permission , preety is out of city, so nobody here to ask her main reason .. when granny asked she say that she is not feeling well  and she has a office project to want time... that's why she is not going to the office .. her terrace's garden is  her favorite destination now ..last few days she had been  here,  she walking all the time continuously until her mind and body  say enouh now ..she looks as she is fighting to herself... , her eyes filled with tears again, she wipes her tears roughly and closed her eyes, just a picture appeared in her mind... a man who became the most precious  for her, and tragedy is that, she even can't claim it..  tears again came back and this time she din't wipe it and let it be ..preety staring her for a while  she is not aware of her presence she decide to confront her ..

P"kya ho rha hai ?

M - nothing..!! tum kab aayi  ( she wipe her tear immediately )

P -  par maine to suna hai tumhari tabiyat thik nahi hai..(she avoided her que)

M - ha , wo mere sir me dard tha.. ( she is not able to meet her eyes )

P - to sir dard ke mare tu itne dino se office nahi gayi .. oh ! mujhe yaad aaya , tujhe to koi project mila hai..jiski wajah se tu office nahi ja pa rahi hai..koi aaisa project jiske bare me vikraam sir aur Rajeev sir ko bhi nahi pta.. yehi keha hai na tune dadu se, ( she said cynically and staring to her )

M --  tu... haa wo tha ..tum yanha nahi thi isliye tumhe nahi pta..

P - really ?

 M -- aaise kyo bat kar rahi hai, tu kehna kya chahti hai..

P - kehna nahi poochana chahti hoo... (she said in strong voice)

M - kya ?

P - kya hal ho gya hai tera, aaisa kyo behave kar rahi hai..

M - kya haal.. thik to hoo mai..

P - mallhar !  kyo kar rahi tum aaisa ? aaj me subah hi aayi, aur seedhe office gayi wanha tum nahi thi ,mujhe laga ki teri tabiyat kharab hai.. phir mujhe pta chla ki leave application lagayi hai tune..ur ye bola hai ki tu mere sath mere ghar ja rahi hai, kyo ?  aur jab  phone kiye to tera phone switch off tha ..

M - wo shyad bettary low ho gayi hogi..

P - achha ! aur grany ne mujhe abhi btaya ki tu kisi office project me busy hai.. mai bhi to janu kaun sa office project hai..

M"please preety ! mujhe akela chhodh do.. bad me btaungi..usme thodhi problem hai..

P - akela ? akela chodne se ye  problem khatm ho jayengi, pagalpan kam ho jayega... ?

M - kya pagalpan kar rahi hoo mai..?

P - ek shadi-shuda inshan se pyar karti ho,uske peeche apni zindagi barbad karne par tuli hai tu ye pagal pan nahi hai to kya hai..

M - aaisa nahi hai..

P -  aaisa hi hai, mai sab janti hoo.. us din neha ne mujhse kaha tha..lekin maine tujhe nahi btaya kyonki mai tere samne jikr nahi  chahti thi..

M - matlab ( she gives full attention to her)

P - matlab , ye ki maine ye dekha tha ki tum unke liye bias ho, unhe dekar tumhari aankho me chamak aa jati hai .. jin nazaro se tum unhe dekhti ho.. mujhe kai bar doubt hota tha but har bar mai jan-bhujh kar anjan ban jati thi .. sochati thi ki ye mera wahem hai, but tekho aaj mera wahem sach ho gya ..  please mallhar ! don't do this... , rok lo aapne -aapko ... kuch nahi milega tumhe isse ..(she put her hand on her shoulder)

M - I can't .. (she remove her shoulder and move two step ahead  and seeing to the horizon) mai aaisa nahi kar sakti, infact mai aaisa karna nahi chati...

P - what ? r u mad ? ( she hold her shoulder and shake her)

M -  , mai janti hoo ki mai kya kar rahi hoo..

P - u mean tum keh rahi ho ki  tum ek aaise aadmi se pyar karne lagi ho jo kisi aur ka hai..jiske sath tumhare rishte ko koi future nahi hai ..aur ye sab jante huye bhi tumhe  kuch galat nahi lagta tum khush ho ?

M --  haa ! mai bhut khush hoo, to kya huaa agar is khusi ke sath thodha sa dard hai.. ( she said as she is in trance) ... lekin is wajah se iske mayne badal to nahi jayenge naa.. 

P - mallhar !  ( she seeing her as she is lost it)

M - mujhe aaise mat dekho! Mera dimag nahi khrab huaa hai.. mai janti hoo ki  tum jo keh rahi ho..wo sach hai.. but jaruri to nahi ki har prem-khani ki haapy ending ho..  tum aaisa kyo nahi sochti ho ki pyar karne ka matlab  sirf ye nahi hai ki hum jisase pyar karte hai wo humara ho jaye,humara ban jaye, usase shadi ki aur baas.. nahi mujhe aaisa nahi lagta..  "pyar ek manzil nahi hai jo shadi karke khatm ho jati  hai , pyar ek kabhi na khatm hone wali yatra hai.. jo dono me se kisi ek ke zinda rehte kabhi khatm nahi ho sakti"..

P - mallhar ! hosh me aao! Kaisi behki-behki bate kar rahi ho,kanha se sikhi ye sab, kanhi vikram ne hi to nahi tumhe behkaya hai..

M - shut up preety,!!!!  unhone kuch nahi keha ,unhe to pta bhi nahi ki mai kya sochti hoo unke bare me.samjhi...!!!!  "haa !!! ye sach hai ki mai unhe chahti hoo, bhut chahti hoo.. itna ki shayd shabdo me banya nahi kar sakti...wo meri zindagi me aane wale wo pehle insane hai jisne mujhe ye ehsas dilaya hai ki pyar duniya ka sabse jyada khubsurat ehsas hai.. sabse sundar,sabse pvitra.. mai unhe chahti hoo ye sach hai,aur wo mujhe nahi chahte, ye bhi ek sach hai aur ye mai janti hoo..par isase meri chaht unke liye kam nahi ho sakti ye koi wajah nahi ( her eyes getting wet and voice filled with emotion)

P--- but mallhar!

M --  nahi preety isme kuch bhi galat nahi hai, unhone mujhse kabhi nahi kaha, ki mai unse pyar karu.. unke liye kuch special karu.. maine bhi unke samne aaisi koi shart nahi rakhi hai..mai bas itna janti hoo ki, wo bhut acche hai,bhut jyada, mai unse pyar karti hoo aur bass ,isse jyada mai unse kuch nahi chahti , kio umeed nai rakhti..

( both silent for a while and finely preety broken this seal)..

P ---  to aage kya... is pyar ki wajah se ab tum apne -aapko band kar logi.. kisi se milogi nahi.. job chodh dogi ?

M - kisne keha ?

P -pichle dino se aur kya kar rahi ho..

M - mai bass apne -aapko sambhalne ki koshish kar rahi thi ,apne -aap se swal pooch rahi thi ki jo mai kar rhi hoo,wo sahi hai ya nahi, taaki unke samne koi galti na kar bathu,..kanhi kamjor naa padh jau .. but ab maine apne-aapko sambhal liya hai.. kal se sab kuch pehle jaisa ho jayega..

P  -- pehle jaisa kuch nahi hoga mallhar,aur ye  tum bhi janti ho.

M - hoga !! tum dekhna!

P - ye aasan nahi hai

M - aasan to zindagi bhi nhi hoti, par hum jeete to hai na...

P - mallhar ! kya koi rasta nai..( she said as she accepted her defeat)

M - nahi hai..mai janha khadhi hoo wanha se koi rasta wapas nahi jata..itne dino se maine yahi to koshish ki hai.. bhut bar apne aapko samjhaya hai.. kai bar khud se ladhi hoo, aur phir is natije par phunchi hoo ki "wo mujhme... andar... bhut gehre tak  bas chuke hai..., mai chah kar bhi unhe apne se alag nahi kar kab huaa ? kaise huaa mai nahi janti, aur janna bhi nahi chahti, par jo hai bas yahi hai.. aur isi ke sath mujhe jeena hai,ye jante huye ki mai unki hoo par wo mere nahi hai.. par is wajah se meri chaht kabhi kam nahi hogi itna mai janti hoo,( she looks so determined and sure, preety is so worry for her and say to the god... Please ! help her).


Next day vikraam's house...

Rajeev and his family r ready to go to the Mumbai for  nandita's all preparation has done vikram comes along with him to do see off  them...

R - accha vikraam apna aur sabka khyal rkhna..

V - please ! bhaiya ..mai baccha nahi hoo ..aap chinta mat kriye..

R - janta hoo.. par tum yanha akele rhoge, maine to kha tha ki tum bhi sath chalo..but tumne mna kar diya..

V - aap to jante hai na kyo, mai nahi chahta ki meri purani zindgi ka koi bhi mujse mile .. mai wapas un sab bato ko dohrana nahi chahta .. aapke bhai sahab ke yanha log mere bare  me janege to "mhuwari"  tak bhi khabr phuch sakti hai maine bdhi muskil se un purane rasto ko band kiya hai.. unhe dobara kholna nahi chahta..

R --  mai samjh sakta hoo, isiliye to tumhe insist nahi kiya.. but vikraam ! hmesha ek baat yaad rakhna

V - kya ?

 R --we love u... ( he hugs him)


At the office"

Mallahr proved to herself, she looks normal and behaving normal, she pretend as, nothing happened exept preety nobody can say that she is carry  a strom with herself .. vikraam comes and call her to his cabin.. when she comes..

V --  hello malhar ! how r u ? kab join kiya tumne..

M - do din pehle sir ,jab aap yanha nahi the..

V - haa wo mai kaam ke silsile me bahar gya kaisi rahi chuttiya..

M - bhut bdhiya ! bhut enjoy kiya..

V - that's nice, aur granny kaisi hai?

M - bhut achi hai..

V - kisi din mai aaunga unse milne..

M - kabhi bhi sir..wo sir mai ye file dikhna chahti thi aapko..

( she open up a file in front of him and bent towards him to show a important point, she can smell his fragrance, she can feel his warm breath on her cheeks, this is very tough  for her, she staring to him ,he is busy in the file, he is so close to her, her palm is wet and when she feel that she is about to loose her control  she collect her courage and forcefully pulled her attention to the file  )

V - aur kuch  .. ( he ask very gently and up his chin )

M - no sir.. mai chalti hoo.. bhut sara kaam pending hai..

( she come out to the cabin and taking a fresh breath and say to herself  "vikraam thakur tumne to aaj meri jaan hi nikal di thi.. I must say u r a charmer ..   agar mai tumse pyar karne lagi hoo to usme meri koi galti nahi hai.. ,

   she seeing him through window and  smile slightly...








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