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tum se pyaar huwa updated prt 79 page 116 completed (Page 53)

Afy10 Senior Member

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Posted: 27 March 2014 at 5:58am | IP Logged
Amazing update
do continue soon

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honeybees22 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 March 2014 at 1:34pm | IP Logged
wowowowowow m totally speechless right now yaar this was osam
congoo for becoming a senior member yippee
antara saved him aww
reema ka track hatam karo na pls cant bear her anymore
adi hmm liking him
thank god rantara are alone for some time now
ur making me restless now
pls cont asap cant wait anymore

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Sanjh30 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 March 2014 at 8:07pm | IP Logged
Ok friends I'm back with my blah blahs!
Thanks for feedbacks it means a lot.
Continue to comment and like.
Please enjoy next part and let me know if you have suggestions.

Part 39

Antara came out of her thoughts when raghu bit her fingers! Ouch!! She hissed in pain and
put her fingers in her mouth! She glared at him angrily while raghu only smiled. Hasi aa rahi
hai abhi batati hu may tumeh! Antara thought. Raghu was taking advantage of feeding her.
He touched and rubbed her soft rose petals with his rough fingers whenever he put food in
her mouth. But this time when he shoved the food in her mouth..she bit his fingers ! He winced
in pain while antara giggled! "Ab maza ayaa? "Tumeh to may baad me bataonga! Blowing on
his fingers he took all the utensils and headed towards the kitchen. Antara sat and watched
him go with a wide grin. Then suddenly her heart sank thinking about the things that happened
today. Antara was trying to figure out how to get to the root of the things that were still in the
dark. Sameer's little voice was echoing at the back of her mind. "Mom pagal hai". "My real
papa is dead". "Real papa told papa not to send momma to the hospital" . Antara was confused.
Why did Raghu listen to sameer's papa? What is going on? Reema should be in a treatment
facility but raghu is keeping her here! He is putting his life as well as others life in danger.
"Kiya karu may..I only have one week to find out while I'm staying here. Kaash sameer jald
wapas aajaay. She leaned on the headboard and was still lost in her thoughts that she didn't
realize raghu standing in front of her with a glass of milk. Raghu snapped his fingers in front
of her eyes then she jerked out of her thoughts! "Kaha kho jaati ho achanak se ha? Antara
wanted to tell him everything that sameer told her and that she wanted answers! Then she
realized how difficult that will be because raghu is tight lipped about everything. He never
answered her last night. There's no way he'll open his mouth now. "Ye lo doodh peelo you will
feel better. Antara took the glass from his hand and gulped everything down then handing
him the glass she slide under the covers. Raghu froze at her confused behavior. Under the
covers her mind trailed over to reema and sameer. How did his papa die? Where was raghu
at that time? Fighting to come to a conclusion she finally dozed off. Raghu sensed her being
confused and disturbed. He knew something was cooking in her mind. She was upto something
and she will not rest until she gets full satisfaction. Leaving one table lamp on he also slides
under the covers beside her. Hearing her soft snores he smiled and closed his eyelids.

In the very middle of the night antara jerked out of her sleep panting heavily! She breathed
heavily as her heartbeats sped up! Raghu!!! She screamed and sat up! Hearing her scream
raghu jerked out of his sleep! "Antara! Kiya huwa tu theek hai? He saw her panick stricken
face. Without saying anything he took her in his embrace. She hid her face in his bare chest
and cried. Raghu felt her warm tears."kiya huwa bata na? Koi bura sapna tha? He rubbed her
back and ran his fingers through her silky hair. "Or are you in pain? Doctor ke paas jana hai?
She shook her head in no and continued to weep. "Woh reema tumeh maar degi raghu...woh..
woh pagal hai..tumare ja..ja..jaan ko khatra hai...tum mere saath chalo...ap..apne ghar..apne ke paas..sab tumara intazaar kar ra..ra..rahe hai please Raghu. She stammered
coughed and choked as her precious tears flowed. "Sshhh kuch nai hoga..raghu's heart
pinched while giving him excruciating pain! Her each and every word was true and it stabbed
him! Khatra! It was true he was playing with life and death! And pariwaar! He missed his family
and how he longs to be with them and with his life..his antara! "Sshh shaanth hojaao antara
woh ek bura sapna tha aur kuch nai. He leaned on her and kissed her maang and kept his
lips there for a prolonged period of time. Being in his embrace was calming and very soothing.
Gradually her tears stopped. He lifted her head from his chest making her face him. Antara
noticed how dangerously hot he looked in that dimmed light with his dark thick stubble and
that intense deep dark killer looks. Antara gulped at his hungry gaze which was ready to
devour her any minute! Her eyes shifted to his parted rough lips which was also ready to
melt her body down! She gulped again! A force was pulling her towards him to surrender
herself completely in his arms. Raghu was feeling the same force that was drawing him
towards her to drown in her. This time he gulped. Her hair was disturbing raghu to get a
clear vision of her. He blew on her face sending the strands back as antara closed her
eyelids. His hot breath on her flesh was driving her crazy! When raghu stopped antara
opened her eyes. As her long eyelids flicked he leaned on her slightly still supporting
her back he kissed her both eyes igniting her flesh with desires. Her body came alive as he
showered her face with his wet kisses. Antara caressed his bare chest and belly giving
him goosebumps. Antara parted her rose petals inviting him to invade and explore.
Raghu lowered his face upon her her and stopped. Their eyes met each other as their hot
intoxicating breath mingled together creating havoc in their systems. Raghu's other hand
got naughtier. He caressed and rubbed her belly and sliding it under her tank top his hand
grabbed her bare soft bosom. Antara wheezed as his hands played there. Her heart leaped
in excitement almost making her to forget breathing! Their eyes were rooted on each other.
She shivered shudered and jerked as his hand touched traveled and trailed under her top.
That was it! They surrendered to the their desires. Raghu squeezed her bosom and a soft
moan escaped her mouth as raghu captured her petals in his rough lips. Her half moan
died down in his mouth. He wasn't gentle at all! He was hot wet and wild! His lips were
driving her crazy! He kissed her deep and hard! He sucked licked and teased her with
his lips. They were lost in their kissing bliss when raghu's hand traveled further down
then antara shot her eyes open! She pulled away! Raghu knew why she pulled away.
She grabbed that naughty hand of his and protested and pleaded with her innocent
eyes. Her eyes read"not yet" and raghu reluctantly pulled his hand away and composed
himself. Antara ran towards the washroom and closed the door! She was all red and
burning with desire that only raghu can quench! Her chest went up and down with
her heartbeats. She wrapped her injured shoulder properly and removed all her clothes.
Getting in the shower she turned the knob as cold water came pouring down on her
to cool her desires down that raghu ignited in her a few minutes ago. She just stood
there as tears flowed down mixing with the water. The other side raghu was having a
hard time as well. Glancing towards the washroom he came out of the room and went
for a walk in the lawn. "Kahan se kaha tak pahuch gaya may! Kismat ka ye kaysa khel
hai? Kiya tha aur kiya ban gaya. "Apne patni ko haat nai laga sakta may! "Theek tarah
se pyaar bhi nai kar sakta! Usse dekhta hu toh taras jaatha hu usse woh sab karne
ke liye jo ek pati ka hak banta hai. Raghu talked to himself in the quite night.
Out of frustration he kicked so many plants! Looking up he said."kaha phasa diya tune
mujhe? Kab tak jeeyenge hum ek dusre ke bina? He didn't notice antara was watching
him from the open window in his room. He felt her gaze upon him and twitched his
head to see. There she was ..his life standing and gesturing him to come inside.
He made his way inside. She was already under the cover when he entered. Without
communicating he slide in beside her. Antara knew he was in pain and in suffering.
She slide her little palm inside his and he imprisoned it inside his hand. Assuring
her that no matter what they'll still be DO DIL EK JAAN FOREVER! "I love you raghu!
Antara whispered. "I love you too antara! Raghu said it in his heart and they both
closed their tired eyelids.

Next morning they got up late. They took turns to have shower. Both were very quite
but every now and then they stole glances of each other. The cook was there so
raghu didn't have to worry about cooking and the kitchen. After breakfast raghu took
her to the docs to change her bandages. Raghu was by her side all the time. He was
taking good care of her. And why not ? Uski jaan jo thi antara! "Tu theek hai na?
Every now and then he will ask and will nod in yes. They met the chief commissioner on
the way. He was pleased to see antara. Antara eyes widened when he asked about
reema's health! "I'm proud of you major! Commissioner said patting on raghu's
shoulder. " after major vinods death you have taken good care of his widow who is
mentally challenged and his son. Antara couldn't believe her ears! Raghu tried to
stop the commissioner but he continued. "The promise you made to your dying
friend you are fulfilling it quite well. "Duniya ke saamne tum dono pati patni ka natak
karte ho aur ghar phar strangers ki tarah! Wah major I must say well done! He again
patted on his shoulders and bidding good byes he left. Antara was speechless!
Now everything made sense to antara. Everything was out in the open. Raghu
was not able to meet her gaze. Antara's blood boiled! Of course it will boil because
raghu's blood was running in her veins! She had so much to ask him and so much
she wanted to know. But this was not the right time! She got in the jeep as raghu
followed. He expected her to freak out and explode on him but she was calm.
Her calmness was indicating the storm that was brewing in her heart mind and soul.
Raghu tu toh gaya aaj! Thinking about the consequences he got in the jeep and drove

At home raghu tried to talk to her but she avoided him as much as she could.
Antara switched on her cell phone and found so many missed calls from that
nut case adi. Days went by with very little communication between rantara. Raghu
was very worried about antara being so calm. Sameer returned and antara was
happy he came back. Antara's hand was much better now. Raghu took her for
check ups everyday. Antara found the souvenir of their love which raghu kept under
his pillow. She embraced it and wept remembering their moments together. One-day
sameer mistakenly put raghu's diary in antara's bag and forgot all about it.

To day antara freaked out when raghu brought reema home. He carried her in his
arms to her room! Antara couldn't believe her eyes! Her tears rolled as anger was
overshadowing her. Raghu saw her fiercely glaring at them. She ran inside and
packed her stuffs. Raghu came in to find her totally shattered. He touched her cheeks
but she pushed him away! He grabbed her hand but she jerked it away! He slide his
hand around her waist and pulled her onto him! She tried to break free as she sobbed.
But all her effort of trying was wasted! She couldn't control her anger which was at its
peak and about to explode! Finally she opened her mouth still twisting and turning in
his arms. "How dare you raghu! How dare you touch that women? What relation you
have with her? Have you started to fall for that retarded? Her eyes were spitting fire!
Answer me! She tried to kill you! How can you bring her back? Tell me raghu that
you are in love with her! "Antara! !!! Raghu's voice echoed in the whole house!
Antara covered her ears. She grabbed her phone and dialled Adi's number. He picked up
very quickly as if he was waiting or sleeping by the phone. "Adi its me Antara. .can
you pick me up? And antara gave him the address. Raghu went numb. "Please antara
mat jao na! "Why? Why shouldn't I go? Tum shayad bhool gay ho ki ye mera ghar nai hai.
"I'm leaving raghu..tum jayse jeena chahete ho tum jee sakte ho aur jiske ke saath jeena
chahete ho its up to you. I'm going from your life and I will not bug you anymore.
Hum sab se zyaada ..mujh se zyaada tumeh uss reema ki parwa hai? Kiyu raghu kiyu?
Her words were stabbing him. Tears were flowing from both of their eyes. Raghu tried
to stop her but she will not listen to anyone. "May tumare bina kayse jeewunga antara.
Raghu held her hand but she jerked it away! "Tum bhool rahe ho survived
without me for one year and you can still go on. So don't tell me you can't live without
me. Antara was shaking with extream anger! Raghu was devastated seeing her leave
like this. Looking in his eyes she said. "Raghu..agar hum do dil ek jaan hai to tum ye
sab kuch chor kar apne ghar aur mere paas laut aao ge. She picked up her stuffs and
left towards the door. Raghu ran behind her. "Please antara listen to me yaar. You cant
leave like this..! Meri baat sun please! "Raghu please don't create a scene ..adi is waiting
I have to go. Antara shut down her feelings and emotions but her tears didn't stop. It was
hard for both of them but to bring raghu back she had to do this. Raghu stopped when
he saw adi waiting outside. His palm balled into a fist. Adi opened the front door like a
gentleman. Antara wiped her tears and sat inside. They drove away leaving raghu alone.

At home everyone was waiting for her. Antara saw maa and collapsed on her lap and
cried! "Kiya huwa beta? Are you ok? She asked to bring water. Papa ji was shocked
seeing her in this state. Antara quickly composed herself. "Ha may theek hu..its just
that I missed you guys. The Guptas took a sigh of relief. "O ye baat hai..radha caressed
her head lovingly. Antara left for her room and shut herself inside in the dark and wept.
Her phone rang startling her. It was raghu! She clutched the phone so hard that her
fingernails dug in her palm. Turning off the cell she collapsed on the bed like a dead

On the other side raghu was pacing in his room. Broken and shattered by her words.
Did he just lose her for forever? This cant be happening. I have to fix what I have broken.
"May sab theek kardunga antara. .bas I need some more time. He needed to see her
now. He dialled her number but damn it was switched off! He was going nuts without her.
He grabbed bubbly aunty and gulped everything down. He also fell on the bed
and dozed off.

Next day antara shut herself in her room most of the time. Raghu went to the school but
antara never showed up. His heart sank.
Papa brought adi home and asked antara to accompany him to a party. Even though
she was not in the mood to go she didn't refuse as she promised papa last time.
Antara came down looking breathtaking in her red and black sari. Adi was lost in her
beauty! Outside raghu parked his jeep behind a bush of trees and waited for a golden
opportunity to enter antara's room. His jaw tightened when he saw antara and that
cockroach coming out and headed towards his car. His anger rose to its peak! "Aaj
agar may tujhe hospital na pahuchaya to mere naam raghunath nai! He banged on the
steering wheel! Adi drove away but the danger was behind him! Raghu followed them.
They stopped at a pub and bar. Raghu couldn't believe adi brought her to this filthy
and disgusting place! His blood boiled as his temperature rose. Antara and adi entered
the was dark and very few dim lights. "Adi I dont like this place please lets go
from here. "No no Antara you will like it as you'll get familiar with the place and the
people. "Lets go I will introduce you to some of my friends. Antara was really scared.
People were drinking and dancing. Music was very loud. Antara felt like throwing up on adi's face!. The
smoke and the alcohol was getting on her nerves! Antara met with adi's nerd friends. Finally she
found a place to sit. She twitched her head and looked around as she felt that familiar presence.
Adi sat very close to her making her uncomfortable. Someone from a far table in a far corner
was glaring at them. Raghu sensed antara's discomfort. Adi went to get some drinks when
raghu approached antara. Antara's eyes widened when she saw him! He grabbed her hand.
"Chal yaha se! Antara tried to break free! "Nai aaongi may..kiyu aao may? In all this commotion
her phone fell down. Raghu left her hand and bent down to pick it up when antara ran towards
the dance floor! Adi caught her hand and sliding one hand around her waist and the other
hand entwined with her small hand while Antara's the other hand went around his neck as they
danced. Antara's eyes met raghu's burning gaze..she quickly shifted her gaze as his gaze was
burning her down to ashes! His anger rose another level when adi's hand roamed her back!
"Stop it adi or else im leaving! Adi quickly said sorry! Antara wanted raghu to leave everything
and come home. Thats why she was doing all this. Maybe if he sees me and adi close
together he will get jealous and might confess in front of the family that he is husband!
Antara thought.

Precap:agar aaj ke baad kabhi bhi meri patni antara ke paas aaya toh I will twist your neck
and throw you out in the field and you will land like dead chicken! Ambulance took adi away!
Raghu carried drunk Antara in his arms to a remote place where no one was around except
the two of them.

Please like and comment for such a long update. Uff my fingers!

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ankusanu IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 27 March 2014 at 8:58pm | IP Logged
Sanjini another wow wala update..
Seriously i got everything...romance
Anger; jealousy...everything in one update
Seriously im laughing thinking bout
Adis plight aftr reading d precap
Gaya ab toh yeh adi...
N yes antu burst on raghu saying if he
Is in love with reemaCryohhh nooo
Raghu loves only antuHeart
N yes waiting fr jealous raghu n drunk
Antu..plz update soon cnt wait
Thanks n hugs dear

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Sanjh30 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 March 2014 at 9:11pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ankusanu

<font color="#ff0000">Sanjini another wow wala update..</font>
<font color="#ff0000">Seriously i got everything...romance</font>
<font color="#ff0000">Anger; jealousy...everything in one update</font>
<font color="#ff0000">Seriously im laughing thinking bout</font>
<font color="#ff0000">Adis plight aftr reading d precap</font>
<font color="#ff0000">Gaya ab toh yeh adi...</font>
<font color="#ff0000">N yes antu burst on raghu saying if he</font>
<font color="#ff0000">Is in love with reemaCryohhh nooo</font>
<font color="#ff0000">Raghu loves only antuHeart</font>
<font color="#ff0000">N yes waiting fr jealous raghu n drunk</font>
<font color="#ff0000">Antu..plz update soon cnt wait</font>
<font color="#ff0000">Thanks n hugs dear</font>

Yay you are the first to comment! Thanks my darling. .hugs to you too!

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Roy.nikki143 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 March 2014 at 11:08pm | IP Logged
Omg it was an awesome update Big smile
Hopefully in next update we'll see some dhishum dhishum LOL
Continue soon

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ankusanu IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 27 March 2014 at 11:22pm | IP Logged
@sanjini yeahh i am frst to read n cmt
Update sooon

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gargi21 Senior Member

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Posted: 28 March 2014 at 12:20am | IP Logged
Oh jyada lamba ho gaya kya but mujhe toh still chota laga...LOLLOL
Coz i want to read on n on your story n it should be never ending...
I cant tell u sanjini how much i luv dis story...
D update was awesssooomeee...!!!
Do update soon...precap is very interesting...
Oh woooww raghu beating adi...Day Dreaming
Continue soon... :)

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