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Saath Nibhaana Saathiya

A milestone of 1000 Episodes Of SNS-Celebration Thread

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Buzz..,  Buzz..

Hot of the press!

Hit Serial Saath Nibhana Saathiya


1000 episodes

on the 31 st of Jan 2014

 First of all Jai Shree Krishna!!!


Time to get ur party shoes on



Meera: Party!!

Gopi: Ha beta party

Ahem: Party?

Jigar: Cool Party

Rashi: *thinks* Yay a reason to dress up

Koki: Mohti Bhahi?

Hetal: Jevna De...

Congratulations to the whole cast and crew of Saath Nibhana Saathiya on completing  1000 episodes,

 we fans wish you the best in the future and hope to see more good, we thank you for keeping us audiences entertained throughout.

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Saath Nibhanna Saathiya, that launched on 3 May 2010.

The series is broadcast worldwide on STAR Plus, with older episodes on STAR Utsav. The series is based on the lives of two female cousins after their respective marriages within the household of the Modi family.

Today the 31st of January 2014 marks 1000 episodes of this serial.


*in no particular order*

It all started with a promo introducing us to two sisters  Gopi and Rashi; giving us a glimpse of their hopes and aspirations from marriage. All Gopi wanted was a loving family and all Rashi desired to achieve from marriage was a lavish life. It's been over 3 years now and we have lived their joys and sorrows along with them, fallen in love and suffered heartbreaks too. It's time to sit back and recollect some major milestones in their life.

Gopi-Ahem aur Rashi-Jigar ki shaadi


It all started with the rich and influential Kokila Modi's search for a perfect bride for her pride and joy, her successful son Ahem. She wanted a girl who was docile and who would be a puppet in her hands, a Modi bahu first and then a wife to Ahem. And she found the answer to her prayers in Gopi, an illiterate docile girl who had lived most of her young life being oppressed by her vicious mami Urmila and spiteful cousin Rashi. Urmila and Rashi used this as a ticket to satisfy their greed and targeted Ahem's younger cousin Jigar for Rashi. They succeeded in breaking Jigar's marriage to Sonal and thus started Gopi and Rashi's journey as the Modi bahus.

Gopi took back  her wedding vows


The start  of Ahem and Gopi's marriage was as bleak as it could get. Gopi's illiteracy, Ahem's love for Anita, Rashi and Kinjal's kalakaris all played a role in drifting them further apart. But the darkest day in their married life surely was when Gopi had to take back her wedding vows. Rashi's kalakari led Gopi to wash and ruin Ahem's laptop; and that led to Ahem flying into a rage that could be appeased only when Gopi cut off all ties with him by taking back her wedding vows.


Rashi is kicked out of Modi Mansion


The return of Sonal spelt doom for Rashi. For the first time her kalakaris were revealed and Jigar and the family came to know how she broke his marriage to Sonal so that she could take her place. One of the best tracks in SNS and the only time Rashi actually got punished for her kalakaris. did not last long!

GoHem and RaJi in Switzerland !


landmark  track in SNS as Ahem and Jigar went to Switzerland for a business trip accompanied by Rashi. Koki and Gopi joined them too much to Rashi's annoyance. We got our first GoHem hug too as they reunited after a tense period of separation when Gopi lost her way and Ahem went about searching for her frantically. Gopi proved her worth by aiding Ahem and Jigar in winning the contract and the track gave us hope that maybe GoHem are coming closer?

Rashi's tryst with a borewell


We keep saying Rashi is digging a hole for herself with her kalakaris and lies but she literally did fall into a hole (read borewell) which almost took her life. For those brief moments when she was fighting to stay alive inside the borewell, Rashi did realize that somewhere deep within she loves her sister Gopi as they emotionally remembered and recited a childhood poem together. Her rescue idea surprisingly came from Ahem and Rashi was back in the SNS world toresume  her kalakaris.

Trouble in RaJi's paradise

Rashi's failed attempts at making Gopi's sister Radha her servant had drastic consequences. Radha went on a revenge spree and decided to cause havoc in Rashi's married life causing RaJi to come close to divorce. But Gohem gave it their all to save their relationship and eventually the whole Modi family came together to make RaJi see sense. It was particularly annoying to see Urmi trying to break her own daughter's marriage just out of greed for alimony.

Umang - Radha saga

Radha was already disillusioned at having being discovered by the Modis to be the cause for RaJi rift. She found solace in the wrong man - Umang. The return of Kinjal's ex-boyfriend, who had almost destroyed the Modis in the past, caused havoc in their lives again. Umang and his wife Tripti laid a trap to get their hands on the Modis' wealth by marrying Radha. However, the nightmare actually began with Umang's death in MM and Gopi insisting that she was the murderer. But Koki and Rashi joined hands again and got the real murderer, Tripti, behind bars.

"I love you Gopi"


Along with Gopi and Ahem many of us shed tears of happiness (and relief for some) when Ahem finally finally FINALLY confessed his love to Gopi. But even that did not come easily to them as Gopi faced many tense moments with her pregnancy being announced and Ahem looking clueless instead of deliriously happy. But Kanhaji did another chamatkaar and Ahem finally remembered their SD on Holi. And just like that Ahem's guilt and Gopi's grief turned to bliss as he kissed her hand and said "I love you Gopi..I love you so much!!!"

Toluram aur Moolchand aa gaye!!! 


Yep...a major milestone in the RaJi love story; the birth of their adorable twin boys. Urmi had such grand plans of sending Rashi abroad for delivery and getting a free  trip for herself too. But they all came to naught (usual for her) as Rashi chose an auto rickshaw for the historic event. Gopi came just in time to her aid and we finally got the first glimpse of RaJi's adorable babies! However, much to their shock and dismay, the family decided to name the babies after their great grandfathers. Till date, unfortunately we haven't seen much of cute Tolu-Molu but hope to see more of them in the coming episodes!

GoHem's pride and joy - Meera arrives !!!


Gopi's nightmare turned to bliss  when she was finally reunited with her Ahemji; and in the picturesque Bhuj desert surrounded by camels and in her Ahemji's arms, Gopi delivered a cute baby girl! The bundle of cuteness brought Koki back from her death bed and is GoHem's pride and joy. The family bantered a lot over the baby's name but Gopi smartly took a letter each from their name suggestions and named her daughter Meera! Meera's innocence and love has won over not only us but Rashi too! She surely is the only one who is unequivocally adored by all SNS fans!

Gopi ka Rashi Aachaar!!!


Rashi's dreams of superstardom thanks to her tryst with a borewell  were shattered when a mere achaar stole her thunder! Gopi's meetha achaar took Rajkot by storm and brought a mini storm in Modi Mansion as well. Koki was not in favour of a pregnant Gopi turning into a businesswoman. But Gopi's Kanhaji (read Ahemji) believed in her abilities  and he helped Gopi believe in herself. Gopi faced several problems in her thriving achaar business; an exasperating Urmi-Rashi,and a menacing yet entertaining Ramji bhai Garodia. But it also brought the family together and for the first time we got to see the Modi family at their entertaining best as they each took a new disguise to trap Ramjibhai.

The KinWal Love  saga


Well it was not a love story for a long time even after they got married, but surely their marriage has to count as the starting point. It was not a happy marriage for Kinjal atleast who was blindly in love with no-gooder Umang and even ran away from home on her wedding day. But GoHem (their first successful collaboration ) ensured Kinjal's return and finally they got married. But even they were not spared from Urmi's kalakaris, Kinjal's hatred towards Dhawal and finally the great Falguni saga before they FINALLY realized that they love each other.

Gohem Remarriage


We all were waiting waiting and WAITING for this one and Kanhaji did a chamatkar for us too! Gopi's mother made our wish come true by expressing her desire to do Gopi's kanyadaan. Ahem got an opportunity to atone for his past mistakes both looked radiant as a happy bride and groom . Yes, as usual there were hiccups but it all ended well. Gohem took their saat pheras and an adorable Meera applauded along with all of us!

Gopi is not "anaath"


Gopi's biggest sorrow was growing up without her parents' love and guidance. Kanhaji answered her prayers and a chance outing with her family brought her face to face with her father and eventually her mother and younger sister too. It broke her heart to see her mother still in shock after losing her but her prayers and patience paid off; she succeeded in healing her mother and her family was complete .

RaJi's romantic moment  


It was triggered by Urmi's constant nagging at Rashi to get pregnant  following Gopi's impending motherhood. But it was a treat for us fans to get a romantic scene between Rashi and Jigar as they finally consummated their marriage. But even they faced roadblocks before they reached there(read a non-cooperative water bed!).

Aman kidnaps Ahem!!! 


GoHem had so many dreams of surprising  each other with gifts on their second wedding anniversary but they all came crashing down when Ahem failed to turn up for his own anniversary party! Gopi and Koki's agony over Ahem's disappearance took Gopi to Bhuj and Koki to almost her death bed. Thanks to Koki, the family finally realized Ahem's business partner Aman had kidnapped Ahem. But even Aman could not stop GoHem from reuniting and it was sheer bliss to see Ahem (with Jigar's help) break Aman's bones for threatening his wife and unborn child.

Gopi is not gawaar!!!


A huge turning point in SNS surely and the start of the GoHem love story. Gopi's biggest weakness was her illiteracy and she tried everything to get rid of it. But Urmi and Rashi foiled all her attempts. But they could not stop Ahem as he went even against even his own mother Koki and decided to educate Gopi himself. It brought them closer; yes there were kalakaris but all we remember is Gopi's genuine "Thank You" to Ahem after he got her exam result and Ahem's proud look every time Gopi learnt a new word or even recited her tables correctly.

Ahem cries for Gopi


It all started as a master plan to rescue Rashi from kidnappers but it went horribly wrong when a false ceiling crashed on Gopi. For the first time Ahem had to face the fear of losing his wife. Though he never confessed then, we all know that was the time he realized what Gopi meant to him and that he could not live without her. When nothing else worked, it was Ahem's angry outburst that brought Gopi back to him. The accident also made Gopi realize how much Ahem cares for her as he healed her.

Happy Holi!!!


All Ahem wanted was to be coloured by Gopi and wish her Happy Holi!

But Urmi played her bhaang trick yet again and this time Ahem was the victim. The bhaang laddoo made Ahem lose his inhibitions and express his love to Gopi. It surely was Gopi's happiest moment when she finally saw love in Ahem's eyes. The festival of colours brought new colours of love in GoHem's married life too and took us all to la la land!

Radha's revenge

Tripti tricks Radha into thinking that all wanted her in jail and puts it her head that it wasn't her that murdered Umang but infact it was Gopi. So Radha goes and makes it her plan to kill Gopi but fails. She starts seeing the love and affection of Meera in her dolls wedding and makes a plan  to kill Meera instead.

Whether Meera is alive or has died we are yet to find out...

After 6  years


Saathiya takes a 6 year leap from the 3rd of February

In which changes will occur

 To know further keep watching the show at 7pm IST

Monday to Friday!

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2011 New Talent Awards, New Show of the Year

2011 Indian Television Academy Awards, Best Serial

2012 The Global Indian Film and Television Honours, Best Fiction Series




A strong-willed woman in her middle age, Kokila wants things to be under her control. She expects things to go the way she wants them to. She loves her son Aham and has kept him under her thumb too. She is responsible for making him the man that he is today. She is very pure-hearted but she is a strict disciplinarian at the same time. She wants her daughter-in-law  to obey her and wants her to be as docile as a cow. Hence, she chooses Gopi over Rashi for Aham.




A nice man in his late forties, Parag loves to live his life. Married to Kokila and well aware of her controlling nature, he keeps mum over the subject because he wants to be happy in life. Deep down, he is a little scared of his wife because of her screaming and lecturing habits.




A soft hearted woman in her early forties, Hetal is a homely and motherly woman. She is the complete  opposite of Kokila Ben, even though she is theJethani of the Modi household. People frequently mistake her as the Devraniand Kokila as the Jethani. However, Hetal holds no grudges against anyone and does her work very affectionately. She is a woman  who does not even treat servants poorly, but feels terrible if Kokila does it.



A man who believes in hard work, he is a strong pillar of the Modi Empire. He is also a family man but gives more important to work.



A very sweet and polite old woman who is loved and respected by everyone.


A very dominating woman in her late 30's who dotes on her daughter but hates the heroine  equally. She thinks of Gopi as an extra mouth to feed unnecessarily in the house and treats Gopi like a servant and is the brain behind all the cruel things that will happen to Gopi in the longer run.


A flamboyant, urban girl of today, she believes in living life to the fullest. She doesn't like to take up too many responsibilities, but is capable of going to any lengths to make her dreams come true. She does not believe in traditions or rituals. Rashi is the apple of her mother's eye and she thinks that life is full of fun and games.



An innocent, docile girl with few expectations, Gopi is content with the simple things that family life has to offer. She is very fond of her her Mama and Mami(Jitu and Urmila) and stays with them after losing her parents at an early age. She has no big dreams and her only regret is that she is uneducated. Hermami treats her almost like a servant, but Gopi stays mum. She happily does what she is told as she feels its her responsibility towards her family



A 27 year old modern man, he is the son of Kokila and Parag. He is a workaholic and believes in himself. Although not outright mean, he is insensitive towards others' feelings, mainly  because of the way his mother has raised him. He is a mamma's boy and blindly follows whatever his mother asks him to do. He single-handedly runs the whole Modi empire.



He is a good-hearted 25 year old boy. Son of Hetal and Chirag, Jigar adores hisBaa and can do anything for her. He is very fond of his mother, but scared  of his father. He is slightly lazy sometimes, but it is generally because he loves to live every moment to the fullest.



Ahem's sister and the only daughter to Kokila and Parag she is married to Dhawal



 Gopi's and Rashi's cousin brother who gets married to Kinjal


Gopi and Radha's mom


Gopi's sister who marries Umang and starts to hate Gopi


Gopi dad



 Rashi's dad

A very compassionate man of around 42 years of age. Gopi's mama adopted her once her parents died and adores her like his own biological  daughter. He is scared of his wife but still does small things for Gopi.



 Koki's mom


 Koki's sister


Anita's brother, was in love in Kinjal then marries Radha, but then is relived that he is married already


Umang's sister and former girlfriend to Ahem, she made a re-entry into Ahem's life when she was getting married


Jigar's person he was meant to marryshe made a re-entry and gave the audience the truth about RaJi's marriage


Umang's wife but plays the charade of being Radha's bhabhi


Neighbour to Umila, friend/college of Dhawal 


Maid of the modi household




who kidnaps people for money


super expert in fraud and cheating for money


 who is a baby stealer and criminal


 who is a evil in mask of friend ,kidnapper and fraud


who is a monster who can murder for dowry and fakes as people server

Younger generation:


daugther of Ahem and Gopi around 2 yrs old

Tolu and Molu:

 Twins to rashi and jigar

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Congratulations the cast and crew of Saathiya for completing 1000, successful episodes!!!! I wish all the cast and crew good luck for the future and hope Saathiya still continues :D Congratulations to everyone!!!! All the very best to everyone :D And congratulations once again for completing 1000 amazing fantastic episodes!!! x x x x x  x x


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Story so Far: -dispy80- and Deepzpadukone

Characters: Starplus site, Deepzpadukone

Pics: DevnaFC, SNS Gallery, Raj Vihare Photography

General layout: basuanasuya and -dipsy80-

Cap Edits: basuanasuya

Tags: Deepzpadukone

Achievements so far and a little about the show: Wiki


Thank you to all that participated in this thread.

A shot out to Basu for her continuous help

and to Deepa for taking the time to write.

Thank you all again have a bee- utiful  day!!

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Celebration Pictures.. From FB/Intasagram/Twitter ... Shared by cast 

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Many many congratulations to all saathiya casts n team members ClapClap...from bottom of my heart ,,Saathiya is a wonderful experience for me , a addiction, a love , a emotional attachment that I can't ignore through thick n thin...the journey began long back...but the journey from 500 to 1000 was the toughest one,not a bed of roses... people told it can't continue ,may be  one month, may be two months,,no future for this ...nobody can save it,,..hahah...but destiny played it's own role hereSmile ,,..sometime it went though turbulence , sometimes joyful summit reaching...but the spirit of team never gone down,,,they have shown such a wonderful unity n lovely efforts in all situations...they faced it with courage, hard work and love,..and today they won the battle ..they won the challenge...they made a history ...yesss...u have done it did itThumbs you all..adore you...and will support till end...and still ruling TRP  chart is such an amazing result ... ...kudos to team saathiya and of course my gohem  HeartEmbarrassed Keep  it going with new beginning   ...hope it continues with same glory ..Smile

Congrats to mohammad nazim , devoleena, rucha , vishal and all casts n crew members ,,,Clap.Thumbs Up

Deepz wonderful thread ...truly amazing,Clap..thanks for  keeping my name with this wonderful thread ,Tongue Embarrassed

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