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Heart~Welcome to the Thread 2 of The SS~Heart

 Heart~*~ Is it Hate or Love ~*~Heart
First of all, I would like to thank all my readers from the bottom of my heart, for all the appreciation and love they have bestowed upon me in the last thread.Big smile The love, affection and appreciation from you people mean the world to me.Big smile Had you guys not supported me so much, I would never have thought of writing a story.Embarrassed I again thank you all so much. I am so touched and overwhelmed from your love that I really go emotional at times.CryBig smile I hope that you people will continue to bless me with your love and appreciation and I also hope that I don't disappoint you. TongueBig smileThank You so very much again.Big smile
I cannot express in words, of how it feels to have completed a thread, and moving onto new thread.Big smile This simply shows how much you people love me. I really really am so happy. Big smile
I hope this thread too gets filled with your love. Big smile
Bhavini Big smile

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Thank u all readers... for ur support
Chapter 22

Jodha with witty complaining tone while hugging him; Shenshah, do you know that I am so scared of your anger...  He break hug with smile and said oh really ... my junglee billi is scared of my anger...

Jalal with smirk added, I do agree... When I get angry, I can be ruthless and scary but do you know that, I am scared of your silence?

Jodha; What... I didn't understand ... what you are trying to say...

Jalal; hmmm... remember that night... You accepted my condition to stay with me for one day and night, when your parents were coming to Agra for pag fere rasam... and that night you followed everything what I said without saying a word, I was waiting for your one word... Your silence was killing me inside and again In Amer... in my Jealousy and anger, I told you to pick Amer or Me... And your silence without any justification, you accepted to come to Agra with me... I was worried entire night with your retort ... and then you tried committing suicide with complete calm... I really felt like slap you that time... I am really terrified of your silence attack... My anger is way better than your silence. UR SILENCE IS DANGEROUS.

Jodha looked at him exasperating look... If you don't want see me silent than don't get angry at me... Jalal with humorous smile pull her towards him with romantic and loving look... how I can get angry at my precious beautiful wife... and took her in his embrace.

Jodha with little serious and worried tone; Can I request you for something...  Jalal with approving look waited for her respond...

Then with anxious tone she requested Jalal; can you please keep a secret about our relation? I don't want anyone to know that we have accepted each other... especially in harem... I don't want anyone to play any dirty politics to keep us apart and don't want any more humiliation... they all hate me because I am a hindu Rajvanshi begum... they all laugh at me all the time...  If they know that you have accepted me as a begum... then they will make my life miserable... You have no clue, when you said that you will spend night with me... entire harem was discussing about us... By mistake Reva mention to Rukaiya begum about our plan to spending night together...She was really upset and angry with me...  I think it is best we hide about our relation... I am tired of the all troubles & difficulties... I don't want anything other than you... Please give me a promise Jalal that you will hide our relation.

Jalal knew what was going on in her mind... why she wanted to hide their relation... he saw all bunch of harem women were mocking at her with laugh and accuses... she was crying helplessly...  Recalling that entire incident of this morning... he felt guilty with rage inside him, why he didn't speak up that time... He knew that most of the women in harem were not respecting Jodha, they treated her like insignificant begum... She is one of the three officially wedded begums... He came up with conclusion, because of him every one do not respect her ... he never gave her importance in anything... She was never invited for to discuss in any major political decision like Salima begum and Rukaiya begum... To hide his emotion and love towards her, he always acted in front of others that she is not that valuable... To break her apart, he insulted her many time in front of many people... He accused her for having affair... ruined her reputation... Entire Agra knew why she was send back to Amer... She was being humiliated so many time by him... apart from being his wedded begum her value was not more than mamuli dasi... She was completely depended on Rukaiya for her every single needs... Rukaiya and Salima begum both had their personal ten dasi's and Jodha has only Moti and Reva to take care of her... She never complained about anything... She always seemed satisfied... She never asked for any materialize thing... She just want my time... It was a high time, she needs to be recognize as a Jalal's khaas begum...

Jodha almost yell... Jalal...

Jalal... came out of his long thought... and said yes Jodha ...

Jodha; where are U...? I am talking to you... and you not paying attention... I have requested something...

Jalal with serious tone; Jodha I can't give you that promise...

Jodha with shock looked at him... and said Jalal I have never asked for anything... this is first time I am requesting you... I don't have any strength left to face Rukaiya and all other begums... They will apart us... and I will not be able to bear that pain...

Jalal with firm powerful argumative tone; Jodha, You are my officially wedded wife... and why should I hide our relation with anyone...

Trust me... everything will be fine...  Remember one thing forever... I need you more than you need me... I love you more than you love me... and no one in the world can apart us...

Do not forget... I am a king of the kings... Shenshah of Hindustan... and you are my life... YOU ARE MY DESTINY... I want you to be proud of our love... don't be scared of any consequence... I know you are very young and have not seen any dirty politics, betrayals in your life... but you have to learn and understand the wittiness of other people... I will protect you from everyone...


He stopped... and waited to see her reaction... she responded with very calm but firm voice...Jalal, I have seen dirtiest politics played on my own life... You have played big politics to get marry me... I know when some dirty games played, what other person suffer... I have no strength left... I don't want any power... I don't want a label to be a khaas begum... I just want you... only you... I don't want to lose you... without you my life has no meaning...

Jalal realized that Jodha has completely lost her self-confidence... and her foremost concern is to lose him.

He again beheld in her eyes and said... Jodha, you are very nave, pure and acquitted... Do you know, why I love you so much... because, you never afraid to face the truth... You have never bend down after many of my cruel torchers... You have always fight back... You are loyal to Amer and your family... You have proven yourself as a savior of your state Amer... Today, Amer people and family is happy just because of your bravery, sacrifice, and loyalty... I am gratified of your self-respect...

I want you to be my support and strength... I want you to stand next to me with full of pride and confidence... I know because of all filthy games... you have lost all the confidence but I want you to know that... You have won my heart... My heart is beating just because of you... You have power to change Ruthless Cruel person to pleasant, loving person... Don't underestimate your power... I want my fiercely Jodha back... who can defeat ten soldiers by herself to save her friend... I know you have gone through a lot... but this is the time to show every one real JODHA... with proud he added... MY RAJPUTI KHUKHAR JUNGLEE BILLI... I love you so much that can't wait to scream out load to announce to entire world... that JODHA IS MY LOVE... and SHE IS ONLY MINE...

Jodha's tears rolled out with so many encouraging words... this words filled energy in her entire body... She felt that she is a queen of Hindustan... She suddenly felt power in herself... With proud look she said to Jalal... YES I ALSO CAN'T WAIT TO ANNOUCE THAT I LOVE JALAL... AND JALAL IS MINE ONLY... and with smile she wink at him... Jalal with smile and witty respond... can you keep JALAL IS MINE ONLY' sentence inside bedroom only... and looked at her with romantic look without a blink...

Jodha with witty answer... OMG!!!! After this long lecture of power and confidence... King of Kings... Shenshah got scared of his begum's confidence... Than with giggle she almost yell and said... I will scream out load... in entire harem... that JALAL IS ONLY MINE... I LOVE JALAL...

Jalal with her witty answer and innocent love confession... got so thrilled... Carried her in his arm... and gave her lustful look... and said you want to trouble me, my Junglee billi... You will have to pay for it... and you have to prove it now that I am yours only...

With his sudden turned on reaction... Jodha' face turn red... with blush on her face... she hide herself in Jalal's arm...  Jalal carried her inside the cottage... (Hello... SR chapter done baba) and he close the door... (Lol)


After their honeymoon love session... love birds got ready to go back to the palace... It was evening... almost time for sunset... they both ride on the same horse...they both were feeling like first step towards their journey together... Jalal was hugging and kissing her and adoring their closeness... he was enjoying since Jodha was helpless while riding... and he was taking full advantage of this romantic ride... At the same time he was relishing to tease and annoy her... Jodha Whisper; Jalal... stop it... we are almost near the palace... People are looking at us... Jalal with teasing tone... Why you are feeling so shy ... you are my wife... Jodha with anger she almost yell... Me begum hu to kya... Kuch sharma baram hai ki nahi... Har vakt chipkne ki aavshykta nahi hai... AAp dur rahiye humse... He was enjoying how Jodha was feeling shy and angry at the same time... Finally with their nok jok they reached at their destination... Jodha's temper was at the pick... She Jumped out of the horse and walk out from their quickly... Jalal was watching her with smile...

While walking towards her room... Jodha saw Pinaz begum was coming towards her with few other begums... Jodha knew as usual they all going make fun of her... and annoy her... so she looked at other side and walk from their... Jalal was little far from them... Pinaz Begum Yell; Jodha begum, why are you running away from us... have you forgotten your all manor's... Jodha looked at back at all them and with little smile said pranam to all... and excuse herself... that she is in little rush...

Pinaz with taunting tone; Jodha begum you should run... probably Shenshah is coming to your room tonight like yesterday... you were in his room... and they all laugh...

Jodha with anger in her eyes and serious tone; Pinaz begum, Mind your own business... can you tell me when last time Shenshah came to your room... or are you keeping a record of Shenshah's night... and don't forget that I am his wedded official wife... talk to me with respect...

Pinaz and all other begum where shock to see Jodha's anger... They all took Jodha for granted... this is first time she respond back with anger... Jalal was standing and watching all this drama... it was dark so no one notice Jalal's present around...

Pinaz got so annoyed and surprise with response back from Jodha...She never said a word before... Finally with anger Pinaz shouted at Jodha; hhh... official wedded wife... and laugh loud... He only officially married to you just for political reason... your value is not more than dasi... so don't show your tantrum to us...Shenshah has not even touch you... You have not been invited to darbar... or any important meeting... Shenshah has insulted you many time... even kick you out of the palace... but no... you don't have any self-respect... you came back to the palace after this horrendous insult... and Now you are talking about respect... you should feel happy, we are at least talking to you... Remember your value in this palace is not more than a dasi... so keep your mouth shut... and get out from here...

Jodha was so shocked with ruthless behavior... she couldn't move... standing there helpless with tears in her eyes... what she said was true... she had no answer to it...

Jalal eyes turned red in anger... seeing Jodha condition... He knew that harem women were laughing at her but he had no idea to this extent... He decided to show every one importance of Jodha... He controlled his anger...

He walked there with clam... pretending nothing happened... Looked at Pinaz with fuming angry look... then moved towards Jodha... caressed her face and wiped her tears... Carried her in his arms... without saying a word walk out from everyone...

Everyone was shocked with Jalal's reaction... AWWW ... Everyone's mouth were open seeing Jodha in Jalal's arm... This is first time Jalal showed his concern for Jodha in front of others... Pinaz was shocked and scared to see this... Jalal had never showed this much concern about anyone... He carried her in front of that many people...

Jodha's was so much touched by Jalal's concern and care... He indeed came to support her... her tears were flooding out in love... She was gazing at him with care... She could read Jalal's anger in his eyes... He looked very upset and mad... he was not even looking at her... he was walking fast toward her room... somewhere inside his heart was bleeding with his guilt... It's all because of him...  He wanted punish entire harem for offensive behavior towards Jodha... He put her on her bed carefully... he couldn't look at her in her eyes... he was feeling guilty ... he wanted to go out of the room and punish entire harem... He turned to walk but before he walk...

Jodha grab his hand and pull him on bed and whisper in his ears... Jalal... I love you... and cupped his face with both of her hand... Jalal was so annoyed and angry... got up from bed and said... Jodha let me go... I need some time alone...  Jodha knew what was bothering him... she knew he was feeling guilty inside... it was killing him... she got up and hugged him tight... and said Thank you for supporting me... I am so touched by your love and care... you have no idea your little care in front of other... I am feeling so proud... I am feeling important... I am feeling that I am a queen of your heart... with her words... Jalal anger and guilt melt away... He looked at her and said... I love you too Jodha... I am really sorry for what have done so far... Trust me this will never happen again... No one will dare to talk to you like this... Jalal caress on her face with intense love and guilty expression... Kiss her on her forhead with love and care... he kissed her on her cheeks... Both of them looked at each other and then their lips touched with intense passion and affection...

Hamida and Jiji Anga both were talking about... Jodha and Jalal... both of them were so much worried about Jodha...

Hamida with sad face... I have no hopes left for Jalal... (She also thought that Jalal played game with poor Jodha)... he promised her for the first night together... gave her dreams and didn't showed up... Jodha was so happy when she told me about them and I can't face her anymore... I will not forgive Jalal for this cruelty at Jodha...

Jiji Anga with concern for Jodha; don't lose your hope... I am very sure one day Jodha will win Jalal's heart with her pure and divine nature... Jodha doesn't want anything... she is different... she is the only one who deserve to be Queen of Shenshah... Rukaiya is Jalal's best friend and good politician but she loves her power more than Jalal... I feel sometime Jalal is lonely in this big crowd of begums...

Dasi came inside and said... Shenshah has come back... and he has announced URGENT meeting at diwane Khaas in one hour and ordered every harem women to present their. It was almost night... they both looked shocked with this special late night urgent meeting with all harem women...

Hosiyaar informed Rukaiyaa, about Jalal carried Jodha in his arms to her room... Rukaiyaa in fuming anger at Hosiyaar and with yell... why you are telling me all this... I don't want to listen what Jalal does with his faltu begums... He came to my room yesterday night proved it that I am the most important person in his life... Showed Jodha her spot... I don't care if Jalal sleep with her and have fun with her... he will get bored soon... I know once... he sleep with her... spend time with her few days... His Jodha fever will be out of his body... I am glad they are coming close so soon... Jalal will be out of her spell soon... She has troubled me and him a lot... because of her I have face many humiliation from Jalal... I will teach that rajvanshi a big lesson.

Hoshiyaar also inform her about urgent Diwane Khaas meeting... Rukaiya was also surprised to hear that... this late night meeting... what is so important Jalal couldn't wait till morning...

Jalal is getting ready for the meeting... He called Abdul in his room... asked him if he has found anything from the letter... if anyone in the palace... handwriting matches with the letter... Abdul with disappointment said; No success... None of the worker in the palace handwriting match with the letter... Jalal again asked; did you match writing with Badi ammi and Rukaiya... Abdul with unsatisfactory voice yes... I have... ... Jalal with confuse expression... oh well ... I will find culprit no matter what... then he asked ...about watch man at the gate that night... any news about them... Abdul, I have sent horse rider to find him... soon will have some success... Gate man can tell us ...who diverted them from their duty night... but surprisingly out of four ... three already died... there is something suspicious going on inside the palace... who do not like Jodha begum... and want to keep us apart... Problem is there are many of them doesn't like Jodha... so hard put finger on few...

It was time for DWK...

Hamida, Jiji Anga, Maham,  Ruku, Salima, Pinaz and all Harem begums entire darbar was full of people today... Everyone where surprised in including atgha sahib... Only Jodha and Jalal was not in Diwane Khas... No one notice that Jodha was missing... Jodha was not informed about DWS urgent meeting... At the time of general announcement she was taking shower...

Finally Jalal arrival announced... Ba adab , ba mulaiza hoshiyar shehenshah e hind  padhaar rahi hai Jalal with smile and cheerful look... entered in the court... He looked very pleased... for the first time he stopped near by Hamida and respectfully did addab... then looked at the entire darbar... his eyes were looking for Jodha...  He sat on his throne... Thanked everyone for coming to the DWK at late night in short notice... then he asked Hamida ... Ammi Jaan... Jodha begum was also invited for this meeting... Why she is not here? Hamida suddenly realized Jodha was missing...

Rukaiya with anger got up from her chair and told Jalal... It is a limit... How many time she will insult Mugal Saltant... When there was an announcement for everyone to be here... How dare she is not here... This Rajvanshi needs to learn lesson from me... You have given her little importance she thinks that she is a chief queen... then She added Jalal, don't worry I will teach her a lesson...

Jalal was shaken with Rukaiya's behavior... he had no indication Rukaiya also was considering her like mamuli begum...

Jalal looked at Rukaiya with disappointed and angry look and with his hand and eye expression... he told her keep quite... Rukaiya was stunned with Jalal's rude behavior towards her...

Jalal ordered to bring Jodha with respect to Diwane Khas... Then we will start DWK further ...

Entire court was waiting for Jodha Begum... Rukaiya was fuming inside with anger of Jodha's importance... Hamdia was pleased with sudden change in Jalal's behavior... Everyone knew there is something big going on... People were losing their patience... Ten minute pass... Jalal was waiting for Jodha with smile... He was satisfied to see entire court was waiting for Jodha...

At last... There was an announcement for Jodha's arrival... Jalal facial expression changed with happiness... Hamida could tell... Jalal was completely in love with Jodha...

Jodha was nervous to see that many people in the DWK...and waiting for her arrival... Her heart beat was running fast... She was shivering inside... but she collect her courage and with little smile and respect said pranam to Jalal... and apologies for her late arrival at the DWK... She also mentioned that she was not aware of this urgent meeting... Jalal could feel her tense tone... He gave her pleasant smile with look not to worry... Jodha went near Salima and Rukaiya begum to sit... Rukaiya gave her angry look... Jalal notice again how Rukaiya behaved with Jodha...

Finally Jalal started with strong but clam tone... The purpose of this urgent meeting at this hours... it is to share my happiness with everyone...he waited a little then with his strong powerful loud voice he announced that Jalallludin Mohammad is in LOVE... and he stop to see everyone's reaction... Every one's face AWWW with shock... For a few second complete silence... suddenly entire court was filled up with murmur sound... He started again with smile and looking at Jodha... that I am in love with Jodha begum... Jalludin Mohammad who claimed that he don't have heart... Today with proud I am saying that I love Jodha... Her innocence, bravery and purity... has won my heart...

Jodha was completely in shocked... She never imagined that Jalal will really announce this in DWK... Her cheeks turn red... Her entire face was blushing... she was feeling so shy... she couldn't lift eyes to see everyone's reaction... She felt like newly married bride... She tried not to smile but couldn't control her blush... her heart was jumping inside... Her feet felt numbness in excitement... In happiness her tears rolled out from her eyes...

Rukaiya was traumatized to hear this announcement in DWK... She never thought in her dream that Jalal will give her this much importance... Her entire body was burning from head to toe...She looked at Jodha with anger and extreme rage...

Hamida and Jiji Anga both had tears with happiness on their faces...

Maham was trying to hide her anger... She knew long back one day this will happen...

All the harem ladies were stunned including Pinaz begum...

Jalal looked at everyone's expression he got up from his chair and made another shocking announcement with loud powerful sound...

Today I would like to give Jodha begum a title of MALIKA E HINDUSTAN'

This was another shock for harem begums... and Rukaiya's eyes stretched wide in another shock... She was waiting for this title for long time...Her jealousy was at the pick...

Jalal with proud and content look...walk up to Jodha... with love and respect he forward his hand towards Jodha...  For Jodha this was all dream... She never thought this can happened even in dream... She was overwhelmed... she didn't know what to feel... her tears were flowing out... She smiled with pleased look at jalal and gave him her hand... both of them walk towards throne... Dasi came with big thal covered with red cloth on it...  Jalal... took of the red cloth... gorgeous beautiful diamond crown in the plate... He took the crown and put it on Jodha's head with honored look on his face... He made her sit on throne next to him... and announced that... From Today onwards... Jodha begum will sit next to him in Diwane Khas everyday... She is a second authority in Mughal Sultnat... Her insult will consider as a Gunah e Azzem... Jodha was looking at Jalal without a blink with love...  Everything happened so fast... she didn't know how to react...her tears were constantly flowing out...

Then he announced with little anger and with roar... Entire Harem women will be administered by Jodha begum and Rukaiya begum... Both of them will have same rights...

After that he called up Pinaz begum to come in front with hatred look in his eyes... She came in front with fear... She was completely shivering... Jalal started with bitter tone... Do you know Pinaz begum that you are most beautiful women in harem but you are only beautiful from outside and  you are the ugliest women from inside... You have so much proud on yourself... that you have insulted Jodha many times just for your fun... Your punishment is... You will no longer have title of Begume Khaas... and for entire month you will serve to Jodha as a dasi... Pinaz begum looked at Jodha with tears and little anger in her eyes and agreed with Jalal.

Finally Jalal made last announcement that... tomorrow will have big Jasan in the honors of MALIKA E HINDUSTAN JODHA BEGUM...


Darbar dismiss... Jalal again forward his hand toward Jodha and walk together to his room...


Precap:  Jasan... Rukaiya & Maham gathbandan... Biggest twist on Jodha's and Jalal's life on his way IN FFW CHAPTERSBig smile...

please like this chaptersBig smileBig smileBig smile... and put your comments... Big smileBig smileBig smile 



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Finally! I managed to unres the post!LOL Im such a fattu! Okay first

unres for all res comments

Congratulations di!Party NEW THREAD! IS IT HATE OR LOVE IS ROCKING!ClapClap
The thread is really beautiful and i hope that you complete this thread soon.. Actually I know its gonna end soon seeing the popularity of ur FF.. CONGRATULATIONS on winning the award for this FFParty


Ur writing is beautiful! The love AkDha shares is very cute...Jodha is still afraid of Jalal's wrath and feel really bad for her.. The whole harem was taunting her.. Bechari.. But thankx to jalal that now she is the mallika E Hindustan! Im so proud of her! This Ruqqu and maham! the evil duo is surely planning against Jodha.. Poor Jodha! The room romance od AkDha was so cute... but what happened to Jalal?? He really loses his mind when he gets angry! How can he behave like this with Jodha? What's wromg with him?? Doesnt he love her?? Its true what they say.. Anger is man's worst enemy.. The person loses one's mind and they forget they are hurting their dear ones...I felt so bad for Jodha..At times Jalal is so nice with her and then again when anger shoots Jalal is just this different person! This story is different.. This does happen in real life.. Even when u love a person alot u misbehave with him/her when u r angry ou hurt.. I love this thing about ur story!Mahamanga and Ruqqaiya thought that Jodha would not be able to handle the DEK because she listens to her heart?? well maham and ruqqu u peeps are wrong! Look at how Jodha is handling DEK.. she was the only person who thought about the villagers! HEART made her do that! She is so pure and innocent! And what is this?? Jalal's manly ego got hurt?? Well Jodha was right.. There are levels of giving punishment.. She was totally fair.. But why would she want to show him that he is not a good ruler?? Whats it to her?? What is wrong with Jalal?? What happened to him?? Jodha is trying to give justice to one,not hurt Jalal! How can Jalal even think like this?? Doesnt he know how much he is hurting her?? Doesnt he love her?? Even her tears are not working for him! Instead of supporting her Jalal is giving out taunts to her... WOW JALAL! You are a really good husband... Jodha must be so broken...Poor she... Jalal should say sorry to her and repent his mistake... Jodha must have felt so bad when Jalal was kissing Ruqqaiya in front of her... WHY JALAL??WHY??? Is ur ego bigger then Jodha? Is ir more important?? Everyone except for Jalal is happy with Jodha... Im now angry at JALALAngry The precap sounds really exciting! I wanna know he realizes it and how he tries to fix everything up...BTW I LOVED THE UPDATE! IT WAS SO NICE! IT WAS DIFFERENT AND I LOVE READINF DIFFERENT STUFF! DI THIS FF HAS BECOME SO ADDICTING! I WANT TO READ A NEW UPDATE EVERYDAY! When r u updating?? Please do update soon and give long one this time! like really long! Di quickly give the update before the laziness again attacks me!



TAHNIAT *facepalm*

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Res...congo di !!Big smile
First of all, Hearty congratulations for the second thread !!!! PartyParty
Omg!!! WOW!!!Shocked ClapClapClap
Di..first of all, thank you bolna band karo plz.. Warna I am not gonna talk..alright !! AngryEvil SmileEvil SmileTongue Big smile
You are my sweetu di..and anything for ya is my pleasure!EmbarrassedEmbarrassedBig smile
And the chapter.. WOW !!ClapClapClap
Omg.. That was so so brilliant man!! I simply LOVED it di !!!HeartHeartHeart
Jalal and Jodha are just..
The starting itself was WOW!!! Just loved how they feared each other's one attribute.. Jodha feared his anger and Jalal her silence!EmbarrassedClapClapClap
The way they comforted each other was so so a delight to read..Hayye..Love you for this di !! Jalal's part was an absolute delight to read!StarStarStarHeartHeartHeart
The way you showed how Jodha doesn't want anyone to know that they have now become one was so so emotional and touching!CryCryCryEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
She's so sad and hurt, and she's scared..thats why doesnt want her and his relationship to be in open!!Cry SIMPLY FANTASTIC story di!!
I loved how Jalal felt guilt-struck for his mistakes..and that he assured her..!! How do you write so perfectly!!!ClapStarClapStarClapStar
I am blown over.. Amazingly MINDBLOWING!!! I just so much loved the first half of this chapter..!!ClapClapClap
Jalal's concern and comfort to her made me so so proud of him..!!EmbarrassedClapStar
I was rofling when you said SR ho gayi re baba!!!LOLLOLLOL
The next half had me in tears of pride and joy!! SUPERB AMAZING!!!StarClapClapClap
Pinaz...Uff...felt really bad, when Jodha couldn't answer back, coz she didn't have much strength to answer back such foolish adamant rubbish foul Begums (lol my bhaadaas)AngryAngryLOL
I JUST LOVEDDD when Jalal came to Jodha, wiped off her tears..and lifted her..and walked off!!!ClapClapClapEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Pinaaz Ki shakl dekhne laayak thi

What a scene!! I LOVED IT!! You are just awesome man..How do you write such fantabulous scenes..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed Heart
You portray the emotions and feelings so well di..That I cannot resist myself from giving you a standing ovation for this!!ClapClapClapClapHeart
I just loved how You made Jalal realise his mistakes..and mend up for them..I loved how he boosted Jo with confidence!!StarStarStarHeart
I loved how he cared for her.. I loved each and every bit of this!!!EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedHeart
The DEK scene was Amazingly Beautiful and superb!! I loved how he declared that he was in love..He was in Love with Jodha..HeartHeartHeart
Who was Now their mallika-e-Hind!!! Amazing..Claps!!!ClapHeartClapHeartClap
This chapter was soo much mind-blowing..I dont have enough words to praise!! I am in love with this story!!HeartHeartHeart
You rock di.. You are the queen of writing emotions and feelings!! Superb..Kudos!!!ClapClapClap
Love you.. HugPlz update sooon!!! EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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ResLOL yeayyy congrats bhaviiiPartyDancing

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congrates di for new thread
i hope this thread finished very early and you open new thread soon

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Originally posted by PrincessNancy

Res...congo di !!Big smile
Omg !!!Thanks u so much my sweet heart for making this wonderful 2nd thread for me...!!!!! U r way u sweety...big hug and kiss...

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