Arakshi : Pyar ki yeh kahani suno epilogue (page 64) updated (Page 6)

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Awesome story continue soon Hug

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Dear Friends,

Thank you so sooo much for the comments and encouragement. Will update the next chapter tomorrow.

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amazing update.
like the concept.
cont soon.

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Chapter 4

Hi guys here is the ch 4

Sakshi is sitting in the passenger seat. She is thinking about the young girl of Mr Pandey. When she saw the crime scene today all the memories of that terrible night started to come without invitation. The day she lost all her loved ones in front of her eyes. She was in ninth grade that time. And she reached home from her extra class and she saw that there are some men inside the house and felt that there is some big problem going on. She got scared and went to the window side and witnessed the terrible scene.She fainted that instant. And when she got her conscious back she was in a hospital. It took her more than three months to recover from that shock. Then after that she did all her studies in boarding school. 

Sakshi opened her eyes suddenly when he heard Arjun opening the door. They drove silently and when they reached Sakshi's home she got down. Sakshi muttered a thanks and was waiting for him to leave 

" I will go only after you locked your house's door from inside. Go" said Arjun and when Sakshi locked the house he drove away.

One week has passed. After Sakshi's crying incident Arjun tried to use his words carefully. Otherwise everything is normal now. Sakshi came back to her normal bubbly self.

One morning in ETF

Shree is sitting in the conference room chit chatting with Sakshi while Chotu came with a burger in his hand.

Chotu : just two of you? Looks like our punctual rani is late today

" Punctual Rani ko late aana na mumkin hain bacho" Said Aisha smiling while entering " So no case yet?"

" Nothing for now" said Sakshi " Sameer has gone to visit commissioner sir and Arjun is sitting in his cabin. Must be practicing " Samjhe ya Samjhavu" lines in different pitches " said Sakshi and everyone laughed

"If you concentrate more on cases and less on gossiping I don't have to practice SYS these many times Ms Anand" Said Arjun crossing his arms and went straight to the cupboard to take a file and left

" Why does he always has perfect timing guys?" Said Sakshi in an irritating tone. 

" So how is your love story going Sakshi?" asked Liza

" Do you think that akdu cares. I have never seen a man in my life like him. Oh god" said Sakshi

Suddenly Rathore came and called Aisha

" Aisha can you come to my cabin for a few minutes" 

" Yes sir" said Aisha and she left

" Don't you guys think they are doing so many cabin meetings now a days? Ka hi kuch choot raha Rathore.." Said Shree imitating Arjun and everyone started to laugh

Inside the Cabin

"Aisha I need a favor from you" said Rathore 

" Tell me sir"

" I told Arjun's mom about Sakshi's confession and she wants them to get married"

Aisha was shocked hearing this and said
" Sir I really appreciate your effort. But don't you think it's a bit fast? And to be honest, even though I respect Sakshi's decision  still I am not sure if Arjun sir is good for her. I don't think he will treat her well"

Rathore didn't expect such a frank response from Aisha. His like for this girl is increasing day by day

" Arjun is not bad Aisha, it's the circumstances that changed him. We just have to bring that old Arjun back and I think only Sakshi can do that. I know the marriage decision is very fast. But he has to live with someone to know what he is missing"

" I don't know sir. I will talk to Sakshi. Let's see what she says. And do you think Arjun sir will agree?"

" Don't worry about Arjun I will convince him. And about Sakshi, you don't have to tell her this. Arjun's mom wants to ask her directly. So here I want your help. Bring Sakshi to your home for lunch or something on this Sunday and Mami will also come there."

" Ok sir I will do that" said Aisha and left

A new case came and everyone became busy with that. 

At night Aisha called Sakshi and told that on Sunday Sakshi and Liza can have lunch from her place. She told Liza about the plan and asked her not to tell this to anyone.

Same time Rathore came to Arjun's home. After Arjun's mom has came, Rathore is having dinner from there. 

After dinner Rathore decided to speak to Arjun

"Arjun did you think about it" ?

" About what Sam" asked Arjun indifferently 

" Don't pretend Arjun, answer my question" told Rathore in a stern tone

" Please yaar I told you it's not possible" said Arjun

Suddenly Arjun's mom came from kitchen and said. Her eyes are clouded with tears

" What's not possible. Looks like I have to die without seeing my grand child" 

" Oh god please Maa.. Don't start now."

" You will never understand Arjun.. If you are planning to go like this no one will be with you" said his mom 

Rathore decided to add more fuel to this Drama

" See.. You made your mom cry? What kind of a son are you man? "
Hearing this Arjun's mom started to cry more..

" Its better if I die here this instant.. What is the point of living now. I will not have anyone in my older age"
Arjun glared at Rathore and said gritting his teeth

" Okay mom I will think about it.. Just stop this drama.But even if I agree for marriage don't expect more from that marriage. Don't come asking for grandchildren then" 

Arjun's mom is getting happy now.. " ok. We will think about grandchildren later. Let this marriage happen first."saying this Mrs Rawte left for her room

Arjun can feel that things are already slipping from his grasp.. And he just blamed Sakshi for all this. "If she wouldn't  have confessed all these problems will never occur.. I will make sure that you suffer Miss Anand"

" Hello what are you thinking" asked Rathore

" Sam.. Get out from this house.. I don't even want to see your face" said Arjun angrily

" I will go now. But you will thank me later Arjun." Saying this Rathore left with a smile

Arjun was thinking and re thinking about all these.. Everything happened so fast. After sometime he was convinced that marriage is the best deal. If he doesn't marry her now his mom and that so called best friend will never let him live peacefully. But if he marries her , Sakshi will understand soon that this marriage is not going to work and she will get divorce. So this is the better idea. I will say yes to mom tomorrow. 

Next Morning

Arjun went to kitchen to see his mom making his tea.. 

" Maa I have decided to marry Sakshi, if she is fine with that. But don't ask anything from me again"
Arjun said and left

I will not ask anything from you beta.. But you will give everything to me.. I know that.. Mrs Rawte said this to herself and smiled 

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Chapter 5

Arjun was so angry at Sakshi for all these things. So he decided to give her extra work

Aisha's Home

Aisha was cleaning the house. She doesn't mind if Sakshi or Liza see the mess. But she doesn't want Arjun's mom to see that. That time phone rang and it was Rathore.

" Aisha what time should I say to Mami"

" Sir she can come at 12. Sakshi and Liza will reach before that" 

" okay then I will tell her. Thank you Aisha"

" No problem sir"

After some time her calling bell rang and when she opened Sakshi and Liza are already there.

" Wow house is extra clean today. What happened? Asked Sakshi

" Actually one of my relative is coming. That's why I am cleaning. Don't think that I cleaned the home for you guys" said Aisha

" Oh fine. So what is our lunch? Do you need any help? That's why we came earlier" said Liza

" It's almost done. Just have to make roti" said Aisha

" okay then you carry on with cleaning we will make roti" saying this Sakshi and Liza went to kitchen

After sometime Aisha also joined them and that's when they heard another calling bell.

Aisha ran to the door and opened the door.

" Namaste Mami . Come in. Saying this she touched her feet"

" Namaste beti" Mrs Rawte smiled and she came in

" It's a nice house, you have kept it so nicely" said Mrs Rawte

By that time Sakshi and Liza also joined them. Both of them went and touched her feet. 

Mrs Rawte is eager to know who is Sakshi and Aisha understood that and she introduced them" Mami this is Sakshi and this is Liza"

" You are also working with her?" Asked Mrs Rawte

They said yes. 

After some chit chat they started to have lunch. Mrs Rawte is hesitating to start the topic with Sakshi infront of everyone. That instant Saksh's mobile started to ring and Arjun's name flashed.

" Oh god that akdu is calling. I don't know what he needs. I am going to ignore this call" said Sakshi and put it on silent . Aisha and Liza looked at each other with a puzzled expression

" Sakshi it must be something important, otherwise Arjun sir won't call you" tried Aisha

" If it's important Sameer will call. I am sure he just wants to give me extra work." Said Sakshi irritated

" Who is this beti? Your boss" asked Mrs Rawte innocently. She is liking this girl very much. So she decided to play. 

" Haan aunty.. But he thinks himself as Bhagwan. He never leaves a chance to taunt me or scold me. I have never seen such an egoistic man.. Akdu " said Sakshi in one breath

Mrs Rawte smiled listening to this
And again Sakshi's phone rang. This time it's Arjun's text:

" Sakshi, I know you saw my call but ignored it.. Come to the office this instant. There are some works for you"

Reading this louder  Sakshi started again " Can you believe this? Why is he giving work just for me? Not for you guys" pouted Sakshi "And how did he know I ignored his call" Mrs Rawte smiled again. 

Mrs Rawte was angry at Arjun for his behavior towards Sakshi this way but she liked the way Sakshi is dealing with it.
But what will she do now? She has to talk to her. So she said 

" Have lunch beti and go after that" 

" No auntie.. I am going otherwise I will get a SYS session.. Can't bear that now" said Sakshi and took her plate to the sink

" Ok I am also done I will drop you then .I have car with me" Said Mrs Rawte

" No aunty you relax and have lunch. I will go " said Sakshi

" Don't worry beti, I will drop you. Aisha lunch was really good. I will call all of you to my home one day.. Zaroor aana"

Sakshi thought it's really odd. Auntie didn't talk to Aisha at all. All the time she talked just to her and now she is even ready to drop her. They both are sitting in the back seat and the driver started. 

Sakshi and Mrs Rawte talked a lot while they are in the car. And Mrs Rawte liked her a lot. She understood that only Sakshi can deal with Arjun. 
After some time they reached ETF

" Thank you so much Auntie, it was nice talking to you. I felt that I am talking to someone who is so close to me. I hope to see you again" said Sakshi 

" We will meet again beti. Don't worry. Now go fast otherwise your akdu boss will be so angry" said Mrs Rawte

" Oh yes that's right. Bye auntie " saying this Sakshi ran

Mrs Rawte had a naughty thought in mind so she decided to follow her. She wanted to see how they fight. 
So she followed Sakshi and asked the security guard where Arjun's cabin is. 

She was half way and she already heard the argument so she followed that voice

" Seriously Arjun, this is your important work? And I came here without even having my lunch" Pouted Sakshi

" I don't understand Sakshi you always want to eat something. If Chotu says this I can understand, but you. And it doesn't even show any effect on your body" said Arjun looking at her top to bottom
Sakshi blushed listening to that comment and said

" Ok fine let me do the work" saying this she was about to open the door then Mrs Rawte entered 

" What is this Mr ACP you can't make your team work like this. Let her eat lunch first" 

Arjun gave an " are you serious" look to his mom

" Please don't interfere here now" said Arjun

Sakshi came to her and said

" Auntie ji please.. Let's go from here. Now he will get angry at you as well"

" Angry at his own mother? Let me see if he has the courage to do that "

Sakshi stood there like a statue wide opening her mouth

" Auntie ji Aap.. Arjun's mom..." Stammered Sakshi 

" Haan Sakshi, Arjun's mom. Now close your mouth"

"Auntie please whatever I said when we were at Aisha's place..." Started Sakshi but Mrs Rawte interfered.

" Whatever you told me about Arjun, will be between us I will never say anything to him" told Mrs Rawte in a naughty tone.

" Sakshii.." Called Arjun dangerously.. " What did you tell about me to my mom"

" Sakshi you are right.. He is a real akdu. Control your anger beta and  can you leave us alone for a moment?" then she turned to Sakshi and said " You come here sit with me Sakshi"

" Mom this is an office." Said Arjun

" If you didn't call her for work I would have done talking by now."

Arjun left the cabin shaking his head and closing the door behind him

" Sakshi, I know you will be having so many questions.. First I am not Aisha's relative. I just wanted to meet you. But I was afraid you won't come if you knew that I am Arjun's mom. That's why I did this plan. So don't be mad at Aisha. And I didn't want to talk this in an office. But my son didn't leave a choice and I wanted to talk to you as soon as possible" said Mrs Rawte

" About what auntie ji" asked Saksi. She somehow felt that it's related to her confession.

" I am going straight to the point.. I want you and Arjun to get married"
No words came out of Sakshi's mouth. One shock was enough for today and even before she recovered from that shock another shock came. Sakshi is not responding to her.So Mrs Rawte continued

"Sameer told me about your confession and how you take care of him everyday. After listening to Sameer, I felt that your love for him is not just an infatuation but very pure and deep love. I know it's fast, but to bring Arjun from his current self, he needs lot of love and support. And I know only you will be able to do that"

" Auntie ji, I don't know what to say. I love him so much. But his feeling towards me is pure hatred. He will never accept me auntie. What if he doesn't changes after marriage? I don't think I will be able to manage that" Said Sakshi

" Ok beti, let me make you one thing clear.. He doesn't hate you and he never will. Now he is confused with his own feelings. But he can never understand that feeling until you spend some time together. And from what I saw today I don't think you will spend much time together if you are not married" said Mrs Rawte smiling to herself.
Sakshi didn't respond anything so mrs Rawte continued

" I know it's not easy, and I will never force you. If you do not want to marry him I will respect that decision. But just think before taking any decision.  

" No Auntie, Its not like that i dont want to marry Arjun. But I am so scared. What if this marriage fail"

" I assure you that it will never be a failure. Arjun wants to move on but he doesn't know how. He needs a reason. And you know with marriage you have the right to do anything to make him yours "  winked Mrs Rawte and Sakshi blushed.

"But auntie ji, will Arjun ever agree to it" Asked Sakshi

" His ego will never agree to anything even if he is 60 year old. So I had to play some dramas and he is ready to marry you" said Mrs Rawte with a smile

Sakshi couldn't believe her ears.
" Arjun agreed? She almost screemed. Ok now I really don't know what to say auntie. I am not prepared for this.."

" Don't worry. Take your time and think. I am sure you can change him. It will not be easy but not very hard either. So just let me or Sameer know.ok? "said Mrs Rawte and she is ready to leave.

" Ok auntie ji" said Sakshi

" Call me Maa" saying this she smiled and left 

Mrs Rawte saw Arjun standing in the corridor. 

" I have told her about everything and she is thinking about it. Will tell Sameer soon. and one more thing please buy some lunch for her, she didn't get time to eat anything because of her akdu boss" Saying this Mrs Rawte left

Arjun shook his head and went straight to his cabin. He saw Sakshi sitting there looking down and in deep thinking. He entered inside and asked her to go to the cafe and eat something. He didn't ask anything about his mom's and her talk. Sakshi was about to leave then Arjun said 
" After lunch start your work immediately" Sakshi nodded and went out.

She is in deep trouble now. Even though she was hungry, she couldn't swallow anything. She loves to marry him, but she is scared that this marriage will fail miserably. So she decided to meet Aisha after the work


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Awesome blossom update di...thank you soo much for updating Hug

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nice update dear
so arjun agreed to marry sakshi 
loved arjun's mom's trick 

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wow awsum
kea update tha
maza aa gaya dear
wonderful Clap
amazing Star
superb Thumbs Up
love it
i dnt knw ur real name but u r such an amazing
writer veri intresting stories evri thing is veri well written love arjun, sameer n mom leg pulling n drama session n aunty n sakshi Convo n love team masti a lot,
Sameer ne kea plan banaya Arjun bechara...
5 stars 4 this update and thanx 4 posting such a long part dil khush kar dia eagerly w8ng 4 next
plz continue soon n thanx 4 pm

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