Arakshi : Pyar ki yeh kahani suno epilogue (page 64) updated (Page 4)

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like this sakshi... jo kabhi haar nhi manti

waise bhi mohabbat aur jung me sab zyaz hai

aur rathore ka expression jab use pta chala k aisha ko pta

and rathore bhi sakshi ko help krne ko taiyar ho gya

ahaan usne plan bhi bana lia...aur uss pr kaam bhi start kr dia

hehehehehehe poor sakshi uska to gift gya

chup rehti to syad arjun sach me gift de detaLOL

and don't forget to pm me

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Thank you friends for your comments and support :) You can find the 3rd chapter below
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Chapter 3

 Maa why are you here at this time? You should have called me, I would have come to pick you up. And Sam what are you doing here? " Asked a shocked Arjun

" If you can come home so late, then why can't I wait for you here at this time?" Said Mrs Rawte

" Arjun I told you not to make them work until midnight. You never care about others" said Rathod angrily

" oh hello. I would have reached earlier, if the publicist didn't decide to work at the last moment. I waited to finish her work so that I can drop her. All the others left early" said Arjun 

" Oh is that the same publicist Sameer beta" asked Mrs Rawte with a naughty expression

" The very same Mami " winked Rathore

" Aww you already started caring about her beta" teased Mrs Rawte

" What are you talking about" asked Arjun with a shocked expression 

" I know everything beta, Sameer told me about her. From what he told I think that she is a nice girl" said mrs Rawte

Arjun glared Rathore and asked 

" Are you serious Maa? I can't marry her" shouted Arjun 

" Who asked you to marry her? Mami just said that she is a nice girl. But idea is good , I don't think there will be any other foolish girl who will like you. We should not miss this chance "said Rathore while trying his best to hold his laugh

Mrs Rawte laughed hearing that and said
" Beta it's time to move on. Sameer said she is a nice girl and I believe him. And the most important thing, she loves you.Please Arjun, think about it"

" Maa how can you forget Roshni so easily? You know I can't move on before finding the culprit of Roshni's murder" said Arjun

" I know, and you must find that person. Even I want to give him a tight slap. But your love should not depend on others Arjun. Everything should happen in its proper time. And do you know why you can't forget Roshni? Because you are still not facing the fact that she is dead. You have to accept it. You have to talk about it. Believe me when you talk about it you will feel free.And never think it's your mistake. It was time for her to go. Those things were just a reason. Just accept that Roshni has gone. I remember once you told me that Roshni will be with you forever and you don't want any other girl. But beta all these dialogues are nice just in films and love stories , not in real life. You need someone's support to live not just memories. So please think about it seriosly"

Arjun didn't say anything.He didnt expect that Sameer will make a big deal out of it. He was just sitting on the sofa listening to his mom. He knew his mom is right, but something is holding him back. He doesn't know what. 

Then Rathore came to him and said

"Arjun, Sakshi is a nice girl. And she loves you even after knowing that you won't love her back. Give a chance to her, life is not so short Arjun"  To make the mood lighter he added
"I am sure you like her even though you never admit it.  So it won't be a big problem Arjun but I know it will take time for your ego to accept that " Rathore said and winked to him

At last Arjun said " I don't know Sam it's too complicated. I think her major goal in life is to irritate me like hell and whenever I see her I just want to shout at her"
Both of them smiled listening to that

"That's the magic Arjun.  I have never heard you shout this much at Aisha or Liza. It's not that they don't do any mistake. But why just her? Because you want to interact with her. Your sub conscious mind just need a reason to talk to her. You cant scold someone if there is no relation.Take your time and think about it. Okay? Now go and try to sleep"  said Rathore

" You can sleep here tonight Sam. No need to go home now" said Arjun
And both of them went to sleep

 Next Day

ETF office at 8 AM

Arjun entered the conference room and saw that Sakshi is sitting there sipping her coffee while reading a news paper.

" Reading your own article Ms Anand? I don't think its readable even as a time pass . " taunted Arjun  

Sakshi just lifted her head and looked at Arjun and then again went back to news paper.

 Well that's odd. She didn't give any reply thought Arjun. He was expecting her to taunt him back. Was he a bit disappointed? No no it's better like that. Good let her be quiet"

But after 2 minutes he couldn't stop himself from starting another conversation.

" What happened Sakshi ? No words are coming out .. Thats a rare treat.. I think i should celebrate this " Arjun taunted her again

 Sakshi just looked at Arjun but this time she gave him a sad smile but didn't give any response.

Suddenly the door opened and Rathore and Aisha came in." Team we have a case. A family got murdered in their own house"

" Sameer are you talking about Advocate Mr Pandey and family? I was just reading the news"

" Yes Sakshi the same. Come on let's go"

They went to pandey's house and  was shocked after seeing the crime scene. It was sure that all of them got tortured before the murderer killed them and all the family got murdered in front of the youngest daughter of Pandey and that girl is in a very bad state. 

On the way back to ETF Sakshi was very quiet and Aisha gave voice to Arjun's thought.

" Why are you so quiet Sakshi? What happened"

" Nothing Aisha just feeling sad for that family and especially for that girl. How will she live now? Without any family? It's very difficult" said Sakshi

" Thats right Sakshi I am also feeling sad for her" Said Aisha

" Oh don't worry Sakshi, doctors will help her and talk something yaar it doesn't feel good when you don't talk" Said Shree

Arjun heard this and started " But I don't know why Shree but I am having a best time" saying this he looked Sakshi through the mirror and they had a small eyelock.  

Again Sakshi didn't respond . Even though he said that he is having a best time it wasn't like that. It irritated him like hell. He wanted to know the reason behind her silence.

They reached ETF and started analyzing the case. They got some more clues and again Saksi didn't talk much during these discussions. Just told some of her observations and other things which only related to the case.

It's already 12.30 am and team was still working on the case. At last Rathore decided to let everyone go home

" Team let's go home now. It's very late, we will work on this tomorrow. Aisha come, I will drop you and Sakshi"

" I will drop Sakshi Rathore" interrupted Arjun " you don't have to go to the opposite direction to drop her"

" Ok Arjun, Good night team and sleep well" Saying this he left

Arjun turned to Sakshi " Sakshi before we leave I have some more works to do. You can wait in my cabin if you want"

Sakshi nodded her head and went after him

Arjun was working on something but he was observing Sakshi. She was in a deep thought.Suddenly he spoke up.

" What's wrong Sakshi" she just looked at him but didn't answer

" Why are you so silent today? Is everything alright" he asked in a low voice

" Why do you care? If I remember well I don't think you liked my talk. And last night you were even ready to buy me a gift to stop me from talking.So where is my gift? Today I didn't talk at all"  told Sakshi with a small smile which didnt reach her eyes.

He knew there is a serious reason behind her silence but still he couldn't stop himself from saying this.

" Oh Don't tell me Sakshi that you did all of this just for a gift. Here I was thinking that there is something troubling you and you wanted your gift? You are such a great actress Sakshi. First faking your injury and now this. So this is also to get my attention right?" Said Arjun angrily

She became out if control after hearing this and shouted back

" Is that what you think about me? My life is not all about you Mr ACP. Stop giving so much importance to yourself. I am sure you have a feeling that ETF is running because of you. It's the other way Arjun, your life is running because of ETF and your team mates. Otherwise you are alone in your life. But you are too arrogant to accept that. And I am not the one who tries to get attention, it's you. That's why you always start a fight with me. But you always escaped putting the blame on me. I seriously don't know how I ended up loving you Arjun. It's true that love is blind"
Saying this she sat down on the couch and started crying

Arjun was shocked hearing this. Is she right? Am I the one who tries to get her attention? And he was surprised that no words came out of his mouth. He sighed and sat beside Sakshi

" Sakshi I don't know why do we always end up fighting " said Arjun. He wanted to say more, but he doesnt know what to say. He wanted to ask her to stop crying but he doesnt know how to say that. Even though he always scold and insult her he never wanted her to cry, he always wanted her to fight back. And he is surprised that she cried today. He had never seen her cry even when he said that she disgusted him. But now she is crying and he sat there puzzled. He never knew how to deal with women when they cried. He normally just go from that scene. But tonight he couldnt.  So he just sat there

After some time when he felt that Sakshi is fine, he spoke

" Let's go home. Go and wash your face after that we will leave" saying this Arjun stood up.

" I don't want to wash my face" saying this Sakshi started 

" Don't go to your home like this Sakshi" 

" I don't have anyone at home to check if I am crying or laughing , I am so alone in my life"  shouted Sakshi and saying this she stormed out of cabin to the parking lot

Arjun stood there petrified after listening to that..

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Awesome update
Love it
Cont soon

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Very nice
So sameer involve Arjun mom
Poor sakshi live alone
Very touchy
Please do continue soon

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love it
superb mindblowing
veri beautifully written
u r amazing writer plz continue soon thnx 4 pm

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superb update
firstly rathore ne rawte k liye mast jaal bichaya aur almost rawte fas bhi gya LOL

Mrs. rawte is right...zindagi bahut badi hai... aur yaado k sahare jeene walo ko sirf dard milte hai...

pehle to mujhe lga tha k sakshi ki chup k piche gift wali baat hai...but jaise jaise padhti gyi yakin ho gya kuch to gadbad hai...and arjun ko to pta hi nhi hai ladkiyon se kaise baat krte hai...ladki ko pehle rula dia...ab mr. rawte ko samjh nhi aa rha k kaise deal kare...LOL

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continue soon

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