Arakshi : Pyar ki yeh kahani suno epilogue (page 64) updated (Page 23)

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Arjun helping Sakshi with the saree Blushing  Loved it.  Continue soon

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wow...lovly arakshi moments...darlling...i wish arjun ke heart n brain ki fight jaldi khatam ho...taki ek romantic sa update mile...awsm thnx for pm...n plz update regular dear...

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read two updates both were nice
sakshi having nightmare and arjun is there with her to comfort her that was sweet of him
arjun trying to know abt her past from sam
then the remote fight they had was so cute just like real couples  LOL
arjun has started feeling for her probebly he is in love with her but does not want to accept it Wink
that saree sessionEmbarrassed was kind of bit eye opener for him D'ohdude u r in love with ur wife
so will he atlest accept tohimself that he is in love in next part Question
and when is he going to know abt sakshi's past
thanks for pm

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Blushing wala update.  ThanksWinkWinkWink

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The like button not working..soo sorry Disapprove
Awesome the teasing arjun sooo much..its fun and also romantic Big smile
Thank you soo much and do continue soon Hug

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superb update.

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Dear Friends,

Here is the new update. I am sorry for not replying to your comments :( it's very busy here
But thanks for your encouragement :)

Chapter 15

Arjun woke up to find Sakshi is not beside him. He did his morning chores and went downstairs. When he was on 2nd level he could hear a rhythmic sound of anklets. It sounded like dancing. He came down and moved towards that sound . It's from Mom's other room downstairs. She used to take rest in this room during the day time. He walked to there and slowly opened the door a bit . He was shocked and amazed by what he saw. Sakshi was dancing there in front of mom. She is doing a classical dance and that too with very professional style. Her expressions are changing so smoothly.
He opened the door fully and went inside. Arjun half expected her to stop when she see him. But she didn't, she continued with so much concentration. One can understand that she is totally in to it. Mom smiled to him and he sat beside her. She was doing a fictional piece , a romantic talk between Arjun and Subhadra. She is doing it so beautifully that he felt he is in that world now. He felt that She is talking directly to him.
Arjun came back to the real world by his mom's clap.

"Beautiful, Sakshi.. I am really happy. You should not stop this ok?" Said Mom

Sakshi was happy and she looked at Arjun. He looked her for sometime and said "no wonder how you do your dramas so convincingly"

Mom laughed listening to this
"He is right Sakshi" and she laughed again
Sakshi glared Arjun but with a small smile.
"Is that a compliment patidev" asked Sakshi

"May be" said Arjun looking at her

They are walking towards the dining area and mom was talking

"I used to dance a lot . But then after he came it was very difficult for me." Said mom pointing Arjun

"Oh Maa what happened? Was he very difficult to manage" asked Sakshi looking at Arjun

"Difficult? That's not the word Sakshi. I have never seen such a stubborn baby. Even his dad was better. So I never go time for a long time and then I lost the touch" said mom

"Now I can really connect to that problem Maa. Arjun is really stubborn" said Sakshi to anger him

"It's not stubbornness, it's my personality ok?" Said Arjun

Maa and Sakshi laughed listening to that and then mom said

"Hopefully your child will be like you Sakshi, otherwise you will be also in the same path.. Stubborn husband and stubborn child. Sakshi I forgot to ask you.. What happened to your hand? Why is it dressed? I saw it while you were dancing."

"Actually Maa,Arjun held it so strong... " Sakshi started but Arjun interrupted
"It's nothing Maa, she will be fine" said Arjun gave her a look to keep quiet. Mom saw this and smiled

"Come we will have breakfast" said mom and everyone followed her

That day passed quickly Arjun and Sakshi reached their home by evening. Arjun could see that Sakshi is very happy and in her non stop talking mood. She doesn't even care if Arjun is listening to her or not. When she stopped for breathing he asked
"Sakshi, why are you in ETF?"

Sakshi was amazed by that question

"Why means what? It's my job" said Sakshi

"You should be a dancer, you will do there better" said Arjun

"Better? So you think I am not good for ETF" pouted Sakshi

"Of course you are good for ETF.. But you don't need to use your brain when you dance. And that will be little more easy for you right?" smiled Arjun

Sakshi smirked and said

"Arjun why don't you just say to my face that I danced well"

"Of course you dance well. That's why I am asking you the reason for joining ETF or doing any other job. You should dance" said Arjun

Sakshi smiled and said "I hope that time will come soon"

One day in ETF

So Chotu you go and bring those agents, me and Aisha will go to the Parekh's manager's house, Sakshi go to the college, Arjun go to that professor's house and Shree sit here and track all suspect's phone calls and Liza check the body and let me know the details"

They are investigating a girlscalled Praneeta's murder case and a possible rape. Their main suspect is the driver with whom the girl was seen last. Rathore and Aisha went to him and when enquired he said that he dropped her at professor's house for tuition. They didn't believe the driver but they had no proof.

Arjun went to the professor's house. A man around 45 opened the door and asked them to come in. He looks and talks like a perfect gentleman. When they asked about the girl, he said he didn't have any batch that evening. Arjun called Rathore and told that he is not getting any clue. So they took the driver in custody.

Sakshi also didn't get much from the college but one student said that Praneeta used to hate tuitions but her parents forced her to go as she is weak in maths.

Everyone reported to Rathore by evening and discussed the details. Every clue is pointing towards the driver. Then Sakshi remembered something and said

" Haan Sameer, one of her classmate told me that she used to hate tuition. Some of the boys in her class are also going to tuition at his house, but when I asked them, they said they love tuition class and he is such a good teacher. So what's the reason for this girls hatred? "

Suddenly it clicked Arjun

" Sam the driver said he dropped her at Professor's house right? And professor said he didn't have any class that day. So why a girl who hated tuition this much goes there if there is no class? I think he might have called just her. Shree check with her parents about that day's class"
Said Arjun

Shree called them

" Sir parents said they didn't know anything about tuition that day"

" Professor must have blackmailed her, that's why she hated to go.but we don't have any proof" said Arjun. " Sam we need to do an undercover operation. Sakshi call that professor and tell him that you are studying for next week's engineering entrance exam and you need a full day help. And then you need to search the house for proof without his knowledge. Ok? "

" But Arjun I know only basic math, how can I go there for engineering level? And when should I search ?I am supposed to sit and study right? And what if he tried to do something with me. It's better if Aisha goes, she knows how to defend" Said Sakshi

" No, Aisha doesn't have a college girl's immature attitude and silly stupidities .You are the best option" said Arjun

Aisha looked down to hold her laugh.

" What do you think I am immature and stupid?" Asked Sakshi

" Obviously, now don't argue and don't worry.. We will be waiting near the house . As soon as you get the proof come out saying some excuse. And we will come there if he tries to do something with you. Ok? Nothing will happen to you. Trust me" Sakshi nodded

Sakshi called the professor and he asked her to come

Shree fixed all the gadgets she needed in her kurti and then they left

Sakshi reached the home. She felt that he is a perfect gentle man. He is living in that house alone. Sakshi didn't understand anything he said. And professor also thought why is she trying entrance exam as her math is very weak. Sakshi made the excuse of going to washroom in every hour and searched. But she didn't get anything.

As the time passes, she could feel that his attitude is also changing. Now he is trying to touch her without any reason. If an outsider sees that he would think its a normal touch but Sakshi could understand his intention. She again excused herself for washroom and searched his room but this time she saw a piece of a painted nail piece under the bed. She was sure that it's the girl's nail. If they test on it they might get traces of his skin and then they can bring a search warrant to search the house properly.

Sakshi kept that safely in her bag and came to him. " Sir there is something on your hand" said she and scratched his hand hard
" sorry sir I wanted to remove it but my nails came in between"

" No problem" said professor

Then she said an important call came so she needs to go. She muttered a quick thanks and ran before he tries anything

She ran to the SUV.

" Got anything?" Asked Rathore

She showed the bag to them.

" Possible DNA traces" smiled Rathore " but how will we match"

Sakshi took her nail cutter and cut her nail and gave it to them with a smug look on her face

Rathore was surprised to see that
" Wow good job Sakshi"

" You should have searched more, we still had time" said Arjun who is not satisfied with that nail

" I just wanted to get out from there. One side that big math book and other side that professor himself. I don't know how I sat there. And you want more proof? Go and find by yourself Mr Rawte" said Sakshi angrily and sat in the car

They reached office and Liza found the professor's skin traces and after proper search they got more proofs to prove that professor is the real culprit.

They arrested the professor. Arjun and Sakshi were driving back to home

" Sakshi, you are not as stupid as I thought " said Arjun
Sakshi just turned her head angrily to window side and sat

" That nail scratching plan was good" said Arjun

" Arjun, I know you are making fun of me. Stop that right now" said Sakshi

" No Sakshi believe me, it was brilliant.. Otherwise you have to go to his bathroom, check his comb and take a hair to check DNA. That is very difficult right comparing to your " by mistake" scratch on his skin" said Arjun and controlled his laugh

Sakshi realized her stupidity now. She didn't know what to do. She knew that was stupid but didn't want to accept that

" I knew that but I did this for a change" said Sakshi

Arjun laughed listening to her excuse

" you know what Sakshi I knew you were going say exactly these line" said Arjun

Sakshi also got a smile on her lips " you look nice when you laugh" said Sakshi and he smiled

" Ok now the serious matter, did he try anything with you" asked Arjun with concern

Sakshi was silent for some time

" I am waiting Sakshi" said Arjun

" I don't know Arjun, I felt he was making excuses to touch me, like appreciating me by touching my shoulder or hand. It isn't much but I felt the difference. " said Sakshi " that's why I wanted to run from there and that's why I ended up doing stupid things"

" It's ok Sakshi, what you did was good. I understand and I am sorry, believe me I didn't want to send you there. But our case needed that" said Arjun. Sakshi nodded her head

They reached home after some time and went straight to their rooms to sleep

When Arjun was about to sleep he heard a knock and he opened the door of his bedroom. Sakshi was standing there tears are coming from her eyes

"What happened Sakshi? Are you alright?" Asked Arjun

"I am getting nightmare. Can I sleep here? I am scared." Asked Sakshi so innocently

"Of course, come" said Arjun

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awesome super duper part
loved the way sakshi handled the situation
continue soonSmile

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