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Vinnie79 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 February 2014 at 5:03am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ronshaan

Hi vinnie
the chapter was very nice, I felt really sad on one thing when shanti was telling vikram a story and sugni said to her does she has to remind her about not to talk to strangersDead I felt so sorry for vikram , i wonder what he might have felt at that point.
how ever the chapter was good, may b our thakur vikram singh may get the 2nd chance ... well if u are the writer em sure he will get itWink but how .. hmm let's see
good progress 
keep it up

Thank you Ron!!!  Well   she was right  as a mother, it is not safe for kids to talk to strangers  yet be so comfy  with them... Poor Vickram...:(  even  i  feel sorry  for him... Kya  kare...:(... Keep reading

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Vinnie79 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 February 2014 at 5:06am | IP Logged
Originally posted by payal7

Nice story progression Vinnie

TVS better  tread carefully. i know he feels guilty for what happened as a result of his mistake (and he should) and wants to make amends but if he is not careful he will end up hurting Sugni and in turn himself all over again.

I am sure the Thakur who did Sugni's sardhakai did it not only for the obvious but also to score points against TVS and no doubt made no secret of it to Sugni (that this the kind of environment we saw at the beginning of the show). 

So if TVS steps in now and tries to either rekindle their relationship or help by taking away all her problems she will see it as him being no different from the other Thakur in that he is doing it for his own gain - ease his guilt, wanting a relationship with her etc.
Personally, I think he needs let her know that he understands how daunting it must be to move from village to city so is happy to help/guide her as she finds her feet so he is there in case he can be of help. Once she is more comfortable with him being around then build a new relationship with her as she is now. May be in time they may be able to talk about the past and put it to rest but right know if he walks in as knight in shining armour she will tell him to go to hell. 

 Hey  Payal,
 I  always  said  that you di understand  TVS and  PSh  so much  like  the way  I  do... But you  know when it  comes  to  Sugni   His  brain  takes a back  seat  Let's see how  he  handles  this situation...

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Vinnie79 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 February 2014 at 5:11am | IP Logged
Originally posted by JulieD

Vinnie, it was a very good chapter.
I love how you write the interactions between Vikram and Sugni. You really capture them perfectly.
I think that it is realistic that Vikram is not the father of Shanti. In reality, the bednis would be having these thakurs babies as i am sure contraception would  never occur to these deadbeat fathers. Or do they support their kids financially? I am not sure but anyways you know what i mean...
I am glad that Vikram has accepted the child and it would be fun to see their interactions and his fatherly role.

Hello Julie...
  Thank you for your  review...
 TO answer your question, ... The  thakur  in the show   never really  cared  about the bedni's  and   in the case of Sugni ...her  mother  brought her  up  wholyy and  soley   with out  his  help.
I think it was mentioned once the   children of these  unions, did  not get thier fathers  name  much  less  anything else... But I  guess  every  one know who the fathers  were..:(  Sad  really.
Well keep reading ... I  hope you  enjoy  the rest!

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Vinnie79 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 February 2014 at 5:16am | IP Logged

Chapter 4

Two days later Sugni was in her kitchen making dinner. Shanti was in her room doing homework.  She was dog-tired, from her day running up and down the stairs for her boss lady. Mrs. Flam. Mrs. Flam was nothing Sugni discovered but a slave driver.

She distrusted people and was always looking at you funny.  Taking a break was not allowed unless it was lunchtime.

Living in a house   that large should be a crime, Sugni thought for one person.  Mrs. Flam was a middle-aged widow, whose husband left her a wealthy woman, but she was very bitter. She needed a domestic   and Sugni needed a job.  Since beggars could not be choosers, she stuck with it for now.

Five  years ago when she left with  nothing to her name except her clothes and a few hundred dollars he Mami's felt  sorry  to give her she had no idea  where she was going to go  or what she was going to do.

She did not want her child being caught in the cycle she was in and swore the day she was born she would not. Sugni had only one reason to live and that was Shanti.  She named her Shanti, which meant peace, because with her birth she brought to Sugni's heart some peace.

She moved to a neighboring village, picking up odd jobs where she could get it which was not easy being pregnant.  Staying at a shelter because letting a young   pregnant girl sleep on the streets did not rest will with them.

After she had  her  baby, she  was looked after by  some of the women at the center,  paying her way  by helping with the   work load to  in keeping  the place cleaned. When she was well enough, it was back to looking for jobs.

 Until one-day luck was with her as she was helping at a wedding for a Thakur's daughter, it was a week where they needed extra hands to help them clean prepare and decorate.  They provided room and board for the workers. Unknowing to her the  Thakurs eldest daughter was observing her work and was  impressed by the  way  she  juggled caring for her baby  and doing her task  efficiently.  She offered Sugni a  job as a live in domestic, which she gratefully  took.

The Thakurine was a kind woman, and Sugni finally  had a place to rest her head  and an income to get by.  All of her energies were now driven into taking care of her little one and keeping her job.  If at night, she would dream of her past, cry about what could have been, and what was lost, she learned not to dwell on what could not be.

Yes he would pop into her head from time to time, she would see something and think I have to tell Thakur Mallick about it, until she remembered, there was no Thakur Mallick anymore. It took a long while for that to happen

It took longer for her to admit to herself that underneath all the hurt, pain, and tears she still loved him.  He was the only  man she ever did and the only  one she ever would. She herd he had moved away shortly after  her Sardakhi, Vijay  Singh  was loud  in his celebrations about showing the great Vickram Singh  who was the man.

Sugni had  no idea what all the  enmity  was about with the two, but Vijay  nothing but a  life sucking leech  to all around him . When she found out that him winning that auction was a way to show up Vickram and she was nothing more than a prize he  took  from his enemies camp.

It mattered not to him that by the time she got to his place, some of her good sense had returned and she realized she made a huge mistake by agreeing to the auction. Vickram was right this was not her. She hoped and prayed he would be one of those understanding ones, but after she told him she was  willing to give him back all his money . He laughed in her face and asked if she was stupid to think it had anything to do with money.

He wanted what he paid for and that was her, although he was mildly surprised that Vickram had not touched her after so long. In all his drunken glory and to Sugni's utter humiliation he got what he paid for, regardless of her feelings on the matter.

Then she found out she was pregnant.  Vijai's initial response to that news was he did not want any illegitimate children and she should get rid of it. To her getting rid of it was a sin.  She begged him saying that she would not ask him for anything for this child and would leave and never mention it to anyone.

Since he already  got what he wanted, and had  moved on to other  women,  knowing all he had to say  was he knew nothing of her spawn, he agreed with her  leaving.

Then a few months ago  the Thakurine told Sugni that her husband got a job abroad and they  would be moving.  She  told her her husband had an aunt in the city who needed  a  domestic maid, and although she was  weird a bit she would pay her and  after talking to her she agreed to allow Sugni  the  hours off when her daughter was out of school.  Although she needed to find her own place to stay as  Mrs. Flam did not like other people in her house.

Sugni agreed to the deal, and with the Thakurine help she found a school for Shanti   and a small  apartment  that was with in her budget. So here she was in the city, starting over, and who should she find here...Vickram. What were the odds of that? She thought.

Sugni  was stirring her pot when  there was a knock on her door.  Must be Rita, her landlord. Ever since Vickram showed up Rita had been curious to know more about him as she felt he stayed extra-long. Sugni kept avoiding it but she would not give up.   Sighing she contemplated not answering but was stopped when Shanti answered..."Coming..."

"You're back!" She herd Shanti say excitedly, as she turned off the stove. Instead of the high pitch voice of Rita  she heard a baritone voice that she knew in her sleep. "It can't be..." She said as she walked into the living room.

Vickram was standing there with bags in his hands, as her daughter was looking at him excitedly.

"Mummy  look what I story  books!" she said almost dancing with excitement.

"What?" Sugni said as looked.

"Hey..."Vickram said as  he looked at her. "I was just passing by  and I  thought I'd see how  she was know..."

Sugni walked over to where they were in a daze.  She was just thinking about him and here he was.

"These are for you." He said holding out the bags, smiling.

It took Sugni a moment to realize that he was bearing gifts! Did he feel sorry for her? Was this some kind of guilt thing?  And he gave it to her child knowing she would not be able to refuse him. Suddenly she felt angry. He was wrong. Was he trying to buy his way  in  back into her life?

"Shanti  you can't take that honey. Give it back to him."

"But mummy this..."

"Shanti, no arguments."  She said. 

"Sugni  it's ok...It is  for her..." Vickram interjected.

Taking the books form her daughter she said. "Shanti go to your room please...Now."

After she left Sugni walked up to Vickram and handed him the books

"What are you doing here? Thakur Saab  What is all this?" She asked

"I just thought I'd stop by and  ..." She cut  him off

"And what? Help me out?"

"No ..No you don't understand..."

"Oh  I do understand, you are just going through some kind of guilt trip and trying to somehow make up for all your wrongs? Is that it?" she said.

"Look  Thakur Saab, I  told you I don't blame you . As you can see I am fine. I have all I need. I don't need your sympathy, and your help, I do not appreciate you coming here and using these gifts on a little child."

"I wasn't trying.."

Sugni folded her arms and looked at him with raised  eyebrows pointedly  looking at the  books in his  hand.

 "Ok maybe I was  ...I' am sorry." He said. "I just had to see you again and I couldn't think of anything else to do." He admitted, with a look of guilt on his face.

Sugni looked at him...she was not expecting him to agree with her.

"Please I did not mean anything bad with this, and I swear it's not some guilt trip." He said, "Don't take it from her."  He held the books out to her.

Sighing Sugni  took the books   "Fine but only the books.  And  only because you  gave it to her  before I could see it. Why are you here?" She asked.

"I wanted to see if you were really here or I was dreaming you up again." He said, as he sat down on the single chair.

"Umm..." She looked at him.

"Please have a seat..." He said. She sat, realizing too late that she was the one who was supposed to be offering him a seat.

Sugni sat awkwardly as he kept staring at her almost as though he expected her to disappear or something. She kept averting her eyes around the room afraid she might do the same thing.  Behave yourself Sugni!  Her brain kept shouting.

" is it you wanted to see me for?" She asked.

"I  - I  just I wanted..."He paused. Vickram closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "Sugni...I know there is a lot we have between us and our past.  For the  past two days  I have been thinking  of what to say to you and what not to say...what'll  sound right , what is appropriate and  I came up with nothing except..."  getting up Vickram  sat next to her on the couch.

Sugni looked at him in  shock. Oh no he was not going to ...she recognized that look in his eyes...she saw it before. She was about to get up when he held her hand.

"No please!...Sugni  I know I  hurt you in the past. I know I have no right to ask this.  But Sugni I love you, and for the past five years there was not a day, a moment I don't think of you.  Worry about you. Every night I pray that you would forgive me one day...

Seeing you again so unexpectedly just a shock to me, but I have to wonder is this fate. Maybe this is a way   for us to..."

"STOP...Please..." Sugni said removing her hands from his and standing up. She turned away  from him. Wrapping her arms around her middle.  Haai Sita Miya don't do this to me. She prayed.  Don't  play  with  me like this. I am  happy as I am, keep it this way.   Taking a breath she gathered her thoughts as she tried to deal with this  situation  as  logically as she could.

"Thakur Saab...stop it. Five years ago was a long time.  A lot has happened in my life , a lot has changed.  I am not the same girl I was back then. Who had stars in her eyes!  I understand things now. I am a mother, who is responsible for a child...a child who is my world. Things like love, relationships, none of that is for me.  You wanted me to forgive you. I do.  Don't feel guilty. You can move on. But please don't do this. Don't come here with some sort of whatever this is...Whatever we had five years ago it's over. Bringing it up will serve no purpose." She turned to look at him.

"Please would be best if you left." She said.

"Sugni ...don't say that. I am sorry I came on to strong. Sugni staying away from you is as impossible as stars staying away from the sky. I know,  I know a lot has changed but  what has not is my  love for you. And that never will..." he said  earnestly  looking at her.

"Thakur Saab."  Sugni said as she blinked her eyes trying her best not to cry. She had to harshly remind herself she fell for his words once before, thinking there was some sincerity in them.   And once again she  was  feeling that sincerity.

But she had to protect not only herself but her child as well, and no longer could fall for his words no matter how much  she wanted to...No no..cause  her actions affected  Shanti and she was not about to do anything  that would hurt her daughter.

" first you say  you are sorry, then you say  can't stay away." She scoffed. "You say you love me, what do you want from me?, to say Ohh I love you to, let's pick up where we left off? Forgive and forget? It does not work that way. I did not know you were living in this city, believe me if I did I would have refused the job.  After five years you saw me two days ago   and suddenly you come here bearing gifts, and saying you love me and expect me to agree to that?"

He shook his head

"What are you trying to do here?, embarrass us both, humiliate us. Look. Forget it ok. Think of it as a dream  ...hmm you  never saw me. I am not here.  All I want is to have a quite existence no drama...and I am begging you do not do something we will both regret. Please leave." She said.

"You're right. I am sorry again.  I messed up.  I did not mean to pressure you. How I feel about you is me, and I don't expect you to return it.  I will leave you. And if you never want to see me again you won't." Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a call card. Taking a pen he wrote his personal number and address onto the back.

"If you ever need anything, any time, you can reach me. I'll always be here for you Sugni, no matter what." He held out the card to her but she refused to take it. She shook her head.  Sighing he laid it on the center table.

"Good bye.!"  He said as he walked out the door sadly.



"Dman Damn damn!" Vickram said as he hit his palm on the steering wheel of the car in frustration..  "What did you expect Vickram? Her to welcome you with opened   arms.  Thanks to your foolishness you   will probably never see her again!'

Vickram had no idea why he said that. That was not his intention when he came here. All he wanted was well talk to  her, maybe find  out if she would   accept his  offerings  as a friendly  gesture  and maybe they could start  a fresh as friends.

One look at her and all his plans flew out his head, and he blurted out he loved her without any forethought.   But he was not one to play games, he said what was in his heart.

What was in his hear, however was not necessary in hers.  Why should it be?  Oh damn it what did he  do here. Oh he messed up this time.  Now what? Vickram looked at her door wondered what she was doing.  How did he make it up to her.

Starting his car Vickram went driving around.   In his head, he kept hearing Sugni's words.  Talking about her life  being different now , her  responsibilities , her child. Her practicality. He also knew she was alone and he would bet anything she was doing it all with help form no one.

Ok ...all right... he moved to fast to impulsive. He let his emotions cloud his judgment.  Time to regroup.  Boy he was out of practice with this.  He needed to take things slow and not push her. He needed first of all to somehow get her to allow him back in her life somehow.

After this stunt that was going to be a task. He faced challenges before he could do this.  All he know is that he loved her, and  at one point  in time she  loved as well.  The fact that she did not chase him  out of her house with a pitchfork , well he took as a sign she no longer hated his guts.

He just needed to find a way in. Vickram smiled as he went home.  This was the closest he came to feeling alive in the last   five years.  He knew it was a tough road and he might be  on a path  that would probably  break his heart again.  But he  decided he would  make things right for her somehow,  and if it took him his life time  to achieve that  he would If he was lucky  she would accept  him back in her life , if not well he would make sure  he did all he could to see that she was happy  and   comfortable.

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ronshaan IF-Stunnerz

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1st of all... well u broke the bubble i was living in Cry so shanti is not vikram's childCry fine... fine u made sure that was not the case.!!

2nd... hmm yes vikram rushed and may b ruined every thing.. let's see how he makes it up to her 

keep writing 
nice progress

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Sandy66 Goldie

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Posted: 06 February 2014 at 6:58am | IP Logged
SmileBeautifully written Chapter 3 Vinnie. 
Shocked and surprised are written on both Vickram and Sugni's faces upon seeing each other. "It's a small world." Imagine their surprises in seeing each other, after so many years, and under such circumstances. 
Shanti's a adorable child. Wondering who's the father?
Sugni's living condition is poor, which sadden Vickram tremendously.
Vickram's so remorseful about snatching Sugni's happiness, and until he restored it back into her life, he'll never have any peace of mind.
Hope Vickram approached this matter carefully, or else he'll drive Sugni away. He'll have to gain Sugni trust again, and I think he'll 
befriend the little girl Shanti, in order to get to Sugni.
Enjoyed reading this Chapter. THANK YOU VINNIE.
Looking forward to the next Chapter. 

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payal7 IF-Dazzler

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Hi Vinnie
I read the chapter yesterday but it was too hard to post comments from the iPhone!!!!
My previous comments were what he should do not what he would do!!!! I completely agree with you, where Sugni is concerned TVS's brain has a melt down/short circuits I guess she is his achilles heel.
Actually chapter 4 was exactly how I expected their first real interaction to go both in terms of his actions and her reaction.
He has promised that if she does not want to see him, she won't. I hope no matter how hard it is he keeps his promise because he needs to build the trust he has lost which means keeping his pormises.
Let's see how he handles thingsConfused

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croziaxx Goldie

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nice chapter vinnei, good going.. but feel lil sad .. i know sugani has self respect but i think some time ur self respect cross the limit of arrogance ...i m not saying that she is arrogant ... but she is harsh .. i m sorry but i feel as it is.. 
she know ,vikram know that she is not his, since her sardhakai... he know shanti is not her daughter ? ..but despite of all that he still love her .. want to be with her... so i think her behavour is lil rude..
if i was sugani, then i would have said to him " look i know in the past we both made  mistakes... but we still love to each other deeply .. 
and  life is too short, so let forget to every thing and start afresh because i know without u my life is incomplete...  Embarrassed Wink LOL 
love u Hug

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