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Originally posted by sara1993

Hi VinnieTongue, first of all really sorry for my late review...hope i'm forgiven...congrats on starting a new FF by the wayClap...i'm absolutely positively  sure that this will be just as superb as your others...chapters one and  two were absolutely mind's really interesting that you took  it from Sugni' s Sar dakhai but much better handled that what they did in for VikramCryCry... it hurts alot to see him like heartbroken...i mean i know he lied...but his heart was in the right placeEmbarrassed...there is one thing that i'm really happy about though ... no more RevaAngry...she's out like southBig for chapter 2ShockedShockedShocked Sugni is a mom? OMG...that means Vikram is a father Dancing (maybe if even so the biological fatherWink ) anyways, now the  story  will be even more gripping now that they  have met after so long...i'm happy too that poor Amrita has finally got her Adi's about always fantastic job and can't wait for the next chapter Vinnie...please, please can we have it nowEmbarrassedBig smile

 Hey  Sara
 Yes yes  you are forgiven  lol,  I  know  seeing  vickram so broken is really  hard , but the man is  blaming himself , which  to a poing he  should because  like it or not  thewhole mess started with him not coming out with the truth and  on top of it  trying to manipulate Sugni into  marrying him.
 I  hope yu  enjoy the rest of the  story  now that  they  found each  other  again... Lets  see what happens.

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Vinnie79 IF-Rockerz

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"OH Sugni!  This is Vickram he was the one who found her and called me!'  Rita said, snapping both of them out of their shock. Slowly Sugni stood up. The last person she   expected to see was Vickram.   This was a double shock to her and she did not even get down from the last one of finding her child missing.  

 When she went to the school to pick up Shanti and  did not find her where she normally  waited for her,  Sugni was   frantic no one saw her leave after looking all through the  school she  was about to  make a police report. She called her neighbor, Rita and owner of the building she was staying at and informed her of what happened.

After looking around with no luck, she was on her way to the station when Rita called her and told her Shanti had been found safe and was on her way home.  Immensely relieved she rushed home, only to find the person who found her child was not other than Vickram.

"I was just offering him a drink, the least we could do right?"  Rita continued.

"Y-Yes of course."   Sugni said.  "Please come in." She offered.

"Sure."  He said.

Retrieving the keys to her apartment,   Sugni   led the way   opening the small one bedroom hall.

"What can I get you?"  She asked. "Tea, juice..."

"Juice ..would be fine." He answered.

Have a seat...I'll be right back." She said as she went into the Kitchen.

Vickram looked around the small place. It was furnished with mismatched furniture that had seen better days, the walls were peeling, it looked beaten up but it was clean. There were a few pictures scattered here and there, mostly of Shanti...a few of her...but no one else.

"Would you like to see my story book?' Shanti asked at his side.  She was holding a little hard cover book at in her she smiled. Again, Vickram was struck by   how much her eyes looked like Sugni's. Her Mother.  Even thinking that felt   weird.

"Sure..." He said. Promptly she climbed onto his  lap  shocking him. She opened the book. "I can read it for you!" she said.


"Uh huh...once upon a time..." She began  the tale,  pointing to the words but  making up  her own was  very  obvious to him that she was reciting the story  from memory rather than word for word, but she was so dedicated to the task  he had to smile.

"Shanti...what are you doing?" Sugni asked as she returned to the living room with the juice. "I am so sorry..."  She apologized.

"No  it's ok..." Vickram said as  Shanti  scrambled   to  the floor.

"I was just reading to him  mummy!"  She said.

"You can't do that..did'nt I tell you about .  We need to have that talk about strangers again."  She said sternly.

"Sorry  mummy...but he  was nice and  he  helped me home."

"I know that...Shannu, but not everyone like  to be  crowded ok?  Go read in the room alright?"

"Ok..." She said as she turned to Vickram.  "Bye Uncle...thank you!"

"It's alright...just be careful now  you  hear."   She nodded as she went inside.

"She's very sweet." Vickram said after a few minutes of awkward silence.

"Yes she is. Thank you for bringing her back."  She said as she offered him the glass, which he accepted.

"It's ok...any one would do it." He said

"No she could have been picked up by  someone else or gotten into all kinds of trouble. " Just thinking about it made her blood run cold.

"Don't think about what didn't happen.  She is fine, she is safe and she is back home! It's all good!" he reassured.

She nodded.  She was silent again as Vickram was thinking what to say. He had so many questions going through his mind at the moment.  He decided to start   with an easy  one.

"So you live here? Since  when?"  He asked.

" I  moved  here  two  months ago." She said.

"And her father...I mean   where is..." He began as her head shot up at his question.

"It's just me and her..." She said. "How is your wife?' 

"I am not married...I got divorced over five years now."  He said

"Oh I am sorry." She said

"I am not.  We never had a marriage any way." He said. She said nothing to that. Really, what was there to say?

"Sugni. What...happened..."

"Thakur Saab..."She shook her head. ..."Look  I am thankful to you for what you did today, I really  am. But why I am here and how I got here and where I came from...I don't discuss it with any one," She said

"Don't say that...Sugni I know you didn't believe me then and I don't expect it to change...but I never meant to hurt you.  And I know that I am responsible for ruining everything...Sugni I just..."

"No ..Thakur Saab. Listen we both made choices and we both have to live with the outcome.  You know something, in the last five years I learned a lot. I do not blame you for my choice that I made. My life is not ruined ...I have my piece of happiness." She said as she looked towards the room.

"I am not angry with you anymore." She stared at him as she smiled slightly.


"It's getting late. Thank you again ..." She was obviously dismissing him

"Ok..." he said as he stood up.   He needed time to process this. "Can I..."

"Good bye Thakur Saab!" She said. Addressing him as though he was a stranger rather than the man she once loved. That hurt.

He nodded somberly as he walked out.

Sugni closed the door after Vickram left as she turned the lock leaning her head against the door. She wrapped her arm around her middle as she closed her eyes and let the tears fall, that she was fighting  so hard to  hold  since she  saw him.

After all this time, seeing him again brought it all back. He was always the one person she thought she could turn to, her rock, her security, and today when she felt her world falling apart he brought it back. Yet he was the one that tilted her world once. It was good to see him. Why was it good to see him?  She should hate him. However, she could not. Although he probably would now after seeing, what her life had become. .

"Mummy?"  Shanti said behind her

Quickly wiping her tears Sugni straighten up, no time to be weak.

"Yes?" She said

"I am hungry."

"Ok...let's get you something to eat!" She turned and smiled.

"Did that uncle leave?"


"He was nice...did you know he has this big car and it was so cool inside...and..."  Sugni listen as she chatted about her adventure today and Vickram.

"Will he come visit us?" She asked

"I don't think so honey, I am sure he is a busy person"

"Oh..." She sighed.

"Now,  we need to talk about you  wandering  off   by  yourself..."


Vickram walked into his mother's house still in a daze about his meeting with Sugni.  She was here in the city thousands of miles from Mawhari.  He ended up at her doorstep without even meaning too.

What were the odds of that?  Could this mean? Against all his   fighting it somewhere in the depths of his cold   heart, hope began to form.  Maybe this time...there was a chance!

"Vickram...are you alright? You got back late. I was beginning to worry."   His mother said.  She knew Vickram   would normally be at home at the stroke of five. It was almost six and he was just returning.  "Is something wrong?" she asked.

"No Maa, nothing is wrong was just helping someone who was lost."  He said.

"Ohh...did they find their way?"

"Yes." He said.

"Good ...did you get my cake?"

"Yes Maa..." He said handing her the bag.  Godavari took it, waiting to hear the lecture on it being bad for her health, but Vickram said nothing. She looked at him, normally he would be here have dinner with them, which she insisted as she did not trust him to eat once was by himself.

He would lounge around for a bit but eventually go next door to his own apartment and emerge in the morning.   She   wondered why he did not stay  with them  here, as the place was big enough.  But she herd Adi and Amrita talking  one  day, and she  knew Vickram stayed there  because that was the closest he could be to her, he turned the place into a Sugni shrine  according to her  grandson.

It broke her heart watching him waist his life away over that girl. Like everyone else she was against the relationship, and like everyone else she thought it was all a passing fling. All the Thakurs do it, especially living in that environment.

But she was wrong  in the past five years she had to watch  as her  son slowly  transformed from a happy  loving  man into someone who just walks around  living life as though it was  a sentence he had to  endure  rather  than enjoy.

He had everything he could ask for, want and she knew if he chooses to, he could probably have woman fawning all over him. Yet he chooses to pine a way in guilt because he thought he ruined her life. Godavari wondered if there was an end to this. She once toyed with the idea of insisting he marry again, but no she already ruined his life with one forced marriage, she would not make that mistake again. Nevertheless, watching him alone was heart breaking.

"Come lets have dinner, I am hungry!"  she said. As they went into the  dining  room.


Vickram   sat in his room looking at the smiling pictures on the walls of a time when   all was right in his  life. Vickram  closed his eyes...

"Thakur Mallick !! Stop it...stop ..." She laughed as she batted her eyes at the camera...making silly faces."

"wow...what a shot!" he laughed as  he looked at the picture.

"Let me see..." she said as she looked at the photo  on the small screen of the  digital camera...

"Haai Sita miya...get it off...!" She said in mock horror.

"Nope I love it looks beautiful..."

"No it doesn't it  I look like a monkey...erase it." She said.

"No way  I am keeping this  one !"  he insisted...

"Thakur Mallick you  erase that picture you hear otherwise..I'll I'll...I'll"

""You'll what?" He said looking at her with raised eyebrows.

"I'll stop talking to you!!!"

"Oh really?" He laughed

"Yes...! " She said seriously.

"Never! won't ..." he said confidently.

"I will.."

" can't  keep yourself  quite for five  minutes...if you are not talking to start talking to yourself  you can' t help it its natural.  So I am not worried."

Oh really?  Fine...I am leaving and I won't talk you ever again!..." she said  as she stomped off, leaving him staring after her.

Vickram   laughed as he jumped in his jeep and began driving after her...

"UM  did  you forget something ?"  he asked.  Indicating the big pumpkin she had in the back of the jeep that he   caught her   struggling to get home with.

She reached into the back silently and   removed it.

After  a few more steps, Vickram sighed exasperated ashe came out the van and took oversized vegetable   from her.

"Sit!..."  he said indicating the  jeep as he put the bag  back.

She sat in silence as she looked out.

After humming for a few minutes to himself, he figured she cooled down enough.

"So why did Hukum ask you to go get him a life sized Pumpkin...couldn't he get it  himself?" Vickram asked Why does he need one anyway?" Vickram asked confused at the strange request.

Silence... He saw her purse her lips. Oh this must be a good story...

"come on you know you want to tell me...what??What???"

"Tell tell what is it?" Unable to keep it in any  longer  She turned to him as she began to animatedly  tell the story.

"He was returning home last night drunk and he fell   into Roopa's mousse yard accidently crushing a pumpkin she had left out in the yard.  She came out and ranted that she needed the pumkin to prepare food for a puja she  is  having tomorrow...and how he needed to get her one. Oh Thakur Mallick you should have seen him!  He looked so funny  with the yellow  stains all over his white  pants...Haai Sita Miya...everyone was laughing" She said as she laughed..."Any ways...he was to ashamed to  walk out the house today and I knew she needed I came to get one for her...and met you..." she was still laughing.

"AACha...that was funny...Sugni??"

"Hmmm" ...She said looking at him

"I told you!" He laughed as she swatted his arm

" are like a breath of fresh air. You always find something to be happy about. Promise me something." He said.


"You'll never lose that spark you have..."

"How can I long as you are here I am did you say it...oh you're my other half!

"No...better half" he corrected.

No no !!!...You're my other I am the better" She  guffawed...


Vickram   opened his eyes from that memory.  She was so innocent, full of life. Like a plague he took it from her.

However, maybe this was his second chance. To make it up to her, to somehow a-tone for all that he put her through.

The more he thought of it the more he convinced himself that this was his chance. He just had to find a way to convince her.

As he sat thinking more and the shock wore off Vickram Realized there was a lot he had  to deal with.  For one thing, she had a child, a child that probably belonged to his sworn enemy.  She had ties to that man in a way that was undeniable. That was not a nice thought.

No he would not think that way. She had a child. Obviously, she was raising her alone. He wondered how she was managing that.  By the looks of the shabby apartment, he could tell she was probably doing it on her own without the help of any one.

She said she was here only a few months,  so she was probably still getting a feel of this  place. She would need all the help she could get to tackle life in the city.

Vickram spent the night coming up with possibilities and plans on how to reach out to her. Making them, disregarding them. It was a long time since he felt this flustered or unsure of himself.  It was a weird feeling

It's been a long time since he felt anything else other  than guilt.  Now he was beginning to feel like a nervous fool. Part of his brain was telling him to slow down and not rush into anything. He did not know her situation, she could be involved with someone, she could hate him to the core, and he was just setting himself up to get hurt.

His heart however, was telling him he had no time to loose and if she slipped from him this time he would never get her back.  This was the only woman he loved, the only one who he was happy with and if there was the slightest chance, he could get her back into his life he should take it.

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croziaxx Goldie

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u know what i want ? reading all chapter at once ... this is fantastic Approve 
this is torture to wait ...  really, curiosity  istaking my shanti.. Wink  please show some mercy  .. Cry

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ronshaan IF-Sizzlerz

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Hi vinnie
the chapter was very nice, I felt really sad on one thing when shanti was telling vikram a story and sugni said to her does she has to remind her about not to talk to strangersDead I felt so sorry for vikram , i wonder what he might have felt at that point.
how ever the chapter was good, may b our thakur vikram singh may get the 2nd chance ... well if u are the writer em sure he will get itWink but how .. hmm let's see
good progress 
keep it up

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payal7 IF-Dazzler

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Nice story progression Vinnie

TVS better  tread carefully. i know he feels guilty for what happened as a result of his mistake (and he should) and wants to make amends but if he is not careful he will end up hurting Sugni and in turn himself all over again.

I am sure the Thakur who did Sugni's sardhakai did it not only for the obvious but also to score points against TVS and no doubt made no secret of it to Sugni (that this the kind of environment we saw at the beginning of the show). 

So if TVS steps in now and tries to either rekindle their relationship or help by taking away all her problems she will see it as him being no different from the other Thakur in that he is doing it for his own gain - ease his guilt, wanting a relationship with her etc.
Personally, I think he needs let her know that he understands how daunting it must be to move from village to city so is happy to help/guide her as she finds her feet so he is there in case he can be of help. Once she is more comfortable with him being around then build a new relationship with her as she is now. May be in time they may be able to talk about the past and put it to rest but right know if he walks in as knight in shining armour she will tell him to go to hell. 

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ATTENTION ATTENTION!!!!!! Don't MOVE SO FAST!!!!!! Repeat what I just saidOuch  Thank U... 

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Vinnie79 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 February 2014 at 1:38pm | IP Logged
SIMMMIII Big smileBig smileBig smileHugHugHugHugHug
 Goood to see you  here  baby!!!Big smile

  I  am not moving  fast  ,,,I  made a deal with  Payal  every  Monday  and  Thursday  new  chapter  now  catch up  fast   you have 3 days  !!!  Waiting  for your review!!!

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Originally posted by Vinnie79

 Goood to see you  here  baby!!!Big smile

  I  am not moving  fast  ,,,I  made a deal with  Payal  every  Monday  and  Thursday  new  chapter  now  catch up  fast   you have 3 days  !!!  Waiting  for your review!!!
I'll see what magic I'll workOuch 

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