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Vinnie79 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 January 2014 at 5:56am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Sandy66

SmileVinnie, you certainly have a knock for writing FAN FICTION. The Title 'UNBREAKABLE BONDS' seems very appropriate for Sugni and Vickram relationship. Their connection is unwavering and indestructible.
Beautiful beginning. Brings back a lot of memory when Aditiya did Sugni's Sardhakai, and Vickram had to remain a mute spectator. 
Vickram's remorse is evident, and he ruefully regrets about not notify Sugni's about his marriage to Reva. 
Reva was always a selfish and self centered person, so ruining Vickram's happiness is no big deal to her.
Thank you for keeping PSH FORUM active and entertaining.Thumbs Up Looking forward to reading the next chapter. 
These gorgeous flowers are my gift to you, for keeping all of us entertained.Hug

Thank you  Sandy!!! Yes  the relationship  is strong. And no matter what happens  these 2  will always  be   the  other part of  one... Oh  well  this is my  way  of staying connected to  them and  lucky  for me  there  are so many  ways  this  story  could have gone...I am just letting  my  imagination run wild!!! Enjoy!

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payal7 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 January 2014 at 7:30am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Vinnie79

Originally posted by payal7

OMG Vinnie
I have often wondered how the story could have gone from when Reva came back. You have picked it up from Sardhakai but thats great.
I am looking forward to this tory.
I promise to read it if you promise to provide a chapter every 2 days please?

Hello about 2  chapters  a week. ... Monday  and   Thursday  you will get  new chapters. As I will give the people  time to read it... We only  have  5-6 of your comments  are really  my 
 I hope you   enjoy  this  journey !!!

Ok its a deal. You provide 2 chapters a week and i will promise to read them promptly and provide comments

BTW - I agree with your comments to Ronit - yes at that point Sugni would have one with anyone except TVS.

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rose.lavender Senior Member

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Posted: 29 January 2014 at 8:56am | IP Logged
Wonderful opening chapter Vinnie.Clap
Guess you'll keep me glued to your FF once again.
I am so looking forward to the next one!
Keep it up friend!Thumbs Up

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Vinnie79 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 January 2014 at 8:38pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by rose.lavender

Wonderful opening chapter Vinnie.Clap
Guess you'll keep me glued to your FF once again.
I am so looking forward to the next one!
Keep it up friend!Thumbs Up

Thank you rose i am looking forward to you and your insightful comments  on my  story...Enjoy  it!

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Vinnie79 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 January 2014 at 9:07pm | IP Logged

Chapter 2.

"Mamaji  are you  busy?"  Amrita asked as she stuck her head into Vickram office.  Vickram looked up at some of the estimates he was looking at . "Not too busy for you!" He smiled, "what can I do for you?" He asked her.

"A cup of coffee would be nice!" she said.

"Done!"  He said as he called his secretary and ordered the   drinks.

Amrita came into the office and sat.

"So how was the honeymoon...that nephew of mine treating you well?...Where is  he by  the  way? I did  not  see  him since your return."

"Oh he is in his  office was  great! Thank you for sending us!" she glowed.

"Oh it was took him long enough to  get the brains to ask you to marry  him. I just wish you two be happy!" He said genuinely.  Ever since those two were teenagers, they were together. Vickram could have bet all his earnings they would end up married. Only problem was Aditya, or Adi was to stubborn to realize that and it took her  almost  marrying someone else fo him to  wake up and stop taking her for granted...

Now they were married. At least they got the happiness they deserved he thought.

"we are happy all thanks to you...I know you had a lot to do in convincing him." She  said knowingly.

Vickram laughed. Noncommittally...

"Anyways...I have a proposal for you!!!" She smiled

"Oh..." Vickram looked at her suspiciously, as his secretary came in with the coffees.

" know that group that I go to ...The cooking thing."

"Yeah..." he said. By the way she was fidgeting on the chair and the expression on her face Vickram knew exactly where she was coming from.

"Amrita" He said shaking his head. This was just one in the long line of women she kept trying desperately to fix him up with.

" least look at her...she is beautiful, she is 30 and single very sweet natured very  helpful,  she would be perfect for you. She's  an instructor at the  university. Just a darling." She gushed.

"Amrita. No." He said.  "Come on I  told you stop trying to fix me up. I  am fine as I am.OK. Now drop it." He said seriously.

"No . I  will not drop it." She reached over the desk and   held his hand.  "Mamaji  I  know what happened in Mawhari all those years ago left you feeling guilty bu..." She stopped when he clenched his  hands into fist and   moved it, he was staring out the window.

"I am sorry. I am sorry I brought it up. But Mamaji it's been a long time. Reva has moved on,  she has moved on, but you remained  Stuck. I know you feel guilty...but you should forgive yourself  now. You do so much to help others. And I know you keep saying you are fine. But I  know you...I know you are loney, you just put up a front that you're happy and you're not" She said tearfully.

"Amrita please...I don't talk about it, you know this. But since you brought it up..let me tell you  something...She was only  one person I loved...and I loved her so much  that I sent her to hell right in front of my  eyes and I couldn't stop it.  I am going to live the rest of my  life  with that on my conscious. What you call moving on I call hell.


"Amrita, dear I know you mean well but please I am asking you don't do  this.  Don't ask any  more of me.  I am only here to see that my family is taken care of and happy.  I know mother won't be able to take another shock. So please leave well enough alone." He said.

Amrita looked at Vickram her heart breaking for him.  If anyone deserved happiness, it was this man.  She knew  they  day  he lost Sugni he was living the life of a zombie. Only  the near death of his mother pulled him out of his depression and  because he did not want to put his mother through any  more he pretended all was well in his life.

But she saw  him, always alone. He would stay in his apartment all by himself basically   spending bear minimum  time with any  one.  His social life was no existent.

He would go out of his way to help others but would take nothing for himself. She wished there was a way to get him to forgive himself and move on. They may have moved from Mawhari back to the city all those years ago...but she knew he left his life and heart behind.

Taking a breath she dried her eyes. "Ok...forgive me...for digging all this up." She said.

"It's ok..."

"At least look at the  picture?"  She  said  as he looked at her in exasperation.

"Ok O I'll drop it. God I see where Adi  gets his stubbornness  from!"   She said

"Amrita?" Vickram said looking at her


"You may be family...but that won't stop me from firing you if you don't get back to work!"  he said.

"Haha  you won't" She   said getting up, she moved over to his  desk and  gave him a hug.  "I love you Mamaji"

"I  love you back to work..."
"Yes sir." She left.



Vickram   drove around down town aimlessly just trying to clear his head.  After his talk with Amrita he began to feel claustrophobic and he knew he had to get out of there.

He knew  Amrita meant well,  but  everyone knew better than to bring up Mawhari   in front of him.  He never talked about it. 

After knowing he  could not save her  from  her self-destructive path, and  knowing he could not bear  watching her do it Vickram   insisted that they  come back to the city. He explained to Reva  that  the marriage was over and it was in her best interest if she left after signing the  papers which  she did.

His mother after pleading  with him not to blame himself and  telling him  that Sugni  made her choice, and that he should not  feel guilty over something that happens all the time here.  Nothing was working until she collapsed of a heart attack. Forcing Vickram out of his path to curl up and die.

For his mother's heath sake he did his duty, but made it clear he did not want to hear about Mawhari again. She agreed. And they came to a compromise he pretended he was alright and she pretended to believe him.

Everyone understood him except Amrita who insisted that he needed to find a companion; it was like she was on a personal mission to find him one.  He kept   blowing her off but she was nothing if not persistent and would come up every so often with some "prize catch "she was sure he would like. She was yet to be successful.

He knew that although she knew the story, since she was not witness to it she wouldn't understand, as her eyes were still filled with the naivety of young romance.  Hopefully   he made her understand today and she would put an end to her silly quest to find him a mate. He highly doubted it though.

The ringing of the phone   interrupted his thoughts.

"Hello maa..."  he answered.

"Vickram beta...I forgot to pick up my prescription, can you get it for me please?" She asked

"Sure maa...anything else.."

"No no all is fine...beta  next door  the  guy  sells  some  very  soft  cakes ...maybe...:

"Maa! You   know you can't..."

"Oh come on Vickram a piece of cake won't  kill me...besides...I am old enough to eat what I please Mr." She scolded.

Vickram chuckled.

"Ok Ok...fine  I'll get it for you..."  He said as he hanged up.

Yes Vickram everything was fine. He sighed as he stopped in front the drug store and went in.


A few minutes after  armed  with his purchases, Vickram   was making  his way back to his car  when he noticed  a little  girl standing  on the side walk obviously  very  upset.   She could not be more than five or six. Vickram looked around but could  not see any one   around with this little  girl.

She was wearing a school uniform, and had a school bag on her back, he wondered if she was lost.

"Hello?"  He said.

She looked up at him, and Vickram was suddenly  reminded again of another  pair of brown eyes. Shaking his  head to get  her out of his  head, he focused on the matter at hand.

"can I  help you?"  he asked

She stared at him not saying anything.

"Are you here with some one?"  he asked. She shook her head.

"What are you doing here?" he asked.

"I   was following the doggie and I  got lost..." She sobbed.

" see." Vickram said  Kneeling down so that he was eye level with her   he said. "You are far away  from school little girl.  What's your name?" he asked. It was after four   and school was over two hours now.


"Shanti...pretty  name...Ok Shanti... Where  do you live?" he asked.

"Reed street..."  she said..."but  it's far..." She said

Reed street...that was about  fifteen  minutes from here

"Ok Shanti...I am sure your parents must be you have a number I can call for you?"

"On my  bag...! He said pointing  to her back pack..."

Noting the two numbers  on their Vickram called the cell  number  but was met with a busy  signal... no doubt this childs parents must be frantic.  Seeing the  land line number he tried that hoping against hope some one answered.

He breath a sigh of relief when a woman answered on the  second ring


"Yes  do you know a little girl by  the name of Shanti?" he asked

"Ohh thank God! ...Is she alright she with you..." The person said frantically.

"Yes yes she is fine...she got lost..."

"OK  where are you I'll come get her..."

"That's ok Ma'am I can drop her  off if you give me  the address" he said.

"Oh so kind of you sir... ok I am on Reed   Road ..Bellaview apartments, number   5 is my   apartment number!" She said.

"Ok I got it...I'll be there in a few minutes." He said.

"Oh thank you so much  you have no idea how worried we were."

"I understand ma'am"  He said .

"Ok Shanti. I am going to take you home...You'll be  fine...come with me." He said as he opened the passenger  door and sat her inside buckling her belt.

"Thank you..." She said.

Vickram sat in the car as he pulled off. He looked at her, she looked  scared and lost.

"You know your mummy  is very  worried about you."  He said.

"I am sorry." She said in a small voice.

"Its ok we all get lost sometimes...but you know you should not wander of by your self any  more ok?"  He said.

"I won't." She said sadly.  

Trying to cheer he up Vickram said...

"That must be quite a puppy  for you to follow him...what kind of  dog was it...?" heasked

"A white  one,very  small and hh had  a black spot on his side..."  She  became more animated the more she  talked about the  dog, and Vickram could not help smile as he knew she was feeling better.

Pretty soon they  got to the apartment building and Vickram Knocked on the door.  A young woman answered the door with curly  brown  hair and a soft  round face. ...

"Shanti...Oh My  God...You had us worried  to death!"  She said as she hugged her.

She turned to Vickram..."Thank you so much for returning her..."

"It is  ok..."he said "Apparently she was   following a  dog..and made a wrong turn and got lost...I just happened to  find her."

"Well thank god you did...oh  how rude  of me I did  not introduce myself  I am  Rita...come  in come in...have a, tea, juice..."  She offered

" I am's ok I understand with all the confusion... that is  not necessary...really...I'll be going now" he said as he turned  to the child who was standing  quietly .  "You remember what I said about wandering right?" he smiled. She nodded and smiled back

"Oh but you can't leave yet haven't met her..."

"Shannu!" said a voice from behind them.

"Mummy!"  Shanti said as she ran forward to greet the person.

"OH You scared me...don't you ever do this  again...are you ok?...I  been looking all over for you...!'

Vickram froze as he heard a voice that had been   haunting his dreams for the past six years. No it couldn't be.

It felt as though time had stopped as he slowly turned only to find the owner of the voice blocked by the little girl she was hugging, apparently she was on her knees.  Feeling like he was walking to his execution Vickram walked toward her as he saw her brown hair, the unmistakable voice...

"Su-Sugni?" He said

She looked up in shock as she stared at him, her face mirroring his own expression.


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JulieD IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 January 2014 at 11:11pm | IP Logged
It is always so nice to read about Amrita. That is the only character who I think remained consistant for the longest.
Thank God Adi is married and I dont need to despise him here Thumbs Up
Just over six years they were apart? Wow!
Sugni a mommy. So she did do bedni stuff with that thakur. I dont know why I imagined nothing would have happened.D'oh

Great chapter Vinnie. Looking forward to the next soon.

Edited by JulieD - 29 January 2014 at 11:07pm

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croziaxx Goldie

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Posted: 30 January 2014 at 1:35am | IP Logged
love it love it ... beautiful beginning of new FF..story started nicely ... Clap
but i liked 2nd part more then first... it is a big surprise .. sugani as a motherShocked while reading .. i was thinking that that picture was belong to sugani ..which amrita gave to vikram.. but no.. u r brilliant writer... moving us on ur finger ...LOL

now tell me who is father of shanti  ?  don't know why but my gut saying  its  "Vikram" .. Wink 

but i have a big complain ... don't like name shanti and rita .." Kya Baba Aadam ke jamane ka naam chun ke rkha hai"..Angry Cry   and shanti naam normally dadi-nani ka hota hai..Ouch Pinch

so now i have to wait for monday ... bad,bad,bad... Sleepy 

ANY WAY...this is for u my dear...Embarrassed 

   Flowers Scraps and Graphics            Flowers Scraps and Graphics

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ronshaan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 January 2014 at 4:06am | IP Logged
I had the doubt when he met that lil girl.. that she has to be sugni's child.. then u broke my doubt by introducing Rita.. then in the end.. the doubt was cleared that yea.. its Sugni who is the mother of the child Shanti

well.. nice progress !!! i wonder what sugni does there and how that idiot let her leave the place and yeah.. why i doubt its vikram's daughter LOLROFL uff my wild mind with its .. romantic thoughts.. they were in love were going to marry she might have been already pregnant b4 their marriage but sadly she did not know that and... had to b sold.. but still.. its posible.. vikram is the dad of this small Daughter Shanti WinkLOL yeah yeah i know its wild guess .. but what to do ..I want that girl to be vikram's not any vijay thakur's child WinkTongueLOL

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