The Culmination of Love: SaMud Wedding Celebration Thread

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The Wedding Celebration Thread of

The most Gorgeous Couple of all time,

The couple who depicts innocent, intense and passionate love as no other couple can do,

The couple whose love has gone through all the tests of life,

Defeating all and rising above all,

To become stronger and conquer all.

True Indeed

"The course of true love never did run smooth."

Yes, we are all here to celebrate the Culmination of Love of our

 Sweet, Adorable, Mind-blowing, Unique and Drool-worthy



Shehnayion ki sada keh rahi hai,
Khushi ki mubarak ghadi aa gayi hai.

Saji surkh jode mein chand si Kumud,
Zammen pe falak se pari aa gayi hai.

Chamakta hai Saras ka haseen chehra
Sajaya hai sar pe umeedon ka sehra.

Duain detey hain farishta saare,
Har khushi daman mai ho tumhare.



The auspicious date has been fixed.

31st January 2014 is the D-Day

The day when two Soulmates, Destiny's favourite children

Our Saras and Kumud,will be officially Husband and wife

You are invited to participate in our SaMud's joy and happiness.

Engagement is done.

Saras and Kumud have finally put the ring on each others finger, that special finger whose nerve is supposed to go right to the heart.Embarrassed

So join us in the Mehendi, Sangeet and every single rituals our SaMud will go through and go through these moments with them till the D-Day.

Keep this thread alive and rocking.

Let us all discuss our favourite couple here all through the week.

Let us reminisce good old days of their life and love journey and also their trials and tribulations.

Let us celebrate our SaMud in the same unique way that they are.

Let us be happy and rejoice for them right now.

Let us not forget also that SaMud's life will always be a roller coaster ride.

So give them our love and blessings to conquer it all.

Let us relive the journey of these two soul-mates,

 who are connected by love and pain.

The Epic Love Journey of the Epic Lovers

How will it ever happen?

A love story between a man who had no dreams

And the girl whose dreams he ruled!

Do love stories begin with a no?

This one did!

With a no and a dare

While it was his eyes that mesmerized her

It was her dainty waist tantalizingly embraced by her beautiful kamarband


It was enough to bring him all the way from Dubai to Ratnanagri

Where to get a glimpse of her pretty face was a challenge

But even though he hadn't seen her,

He knew it well, when the kamarband circled the wrong kamar


When methi ka laddoo finally met teekhi mirchi

He knew he had more than met his match

Sparks flew, attraction grew

And the Sanyasi felt the first stirrings of love

"Kuch toh hai hamare beech jisse jhuthlaya nahi ja sakta"

She often asked her self

What did he mean to her?

Why did he affect her so?

Why could she not put him out of her mind?

She wanted him to go away?

Or did she?


She fought with him

She fought for him

She hated him

She hated seeing him so hurt

She stood by him strong in his defense

And she felt weak and defenseless

At his touch

He came alive, with her

She unlocked his heart

And brought him peace and joy

She taught him how to smile and laugh

She also gave him the biggest gift - his father

And he gave her the gift of a magical enchanting birthday

And love blossomed, by the magical poolside, under the stars

Blessed by their fathers, and their mothers

Inspite of Guman.

And they sealed their love with intimacy

And awaited the day of the most beautiful day of their life

Their wedding

Alas the day came, and with it brought pain and heartbreak

Saras was a man broken

A kumud a girl destroyed

Kismet was not ready to give them the happiness they deserved

And so while he defied death to try and reach her

She faced life as a dutiful daughter

And married another

A monster, a brute, and abusive

But she met her fate with courage

And he stood by like a friend

He had sent her to this prison

And he would face any punishment

Including his own shradh, at her hands

At that shradh who died?

He or she? Doesn't matter

Because love lived and survive 

He was her savior, her pillar

Her strength and her rescuer

And so she returned to the safety of her home

Under her protective care

Evil did not let go,

Divorce? No divorce? Will the evil finally rest in peace?

But true love thrived, blossomed and their hearts started to beat again

As they broke chains that bound them, new shackles grew

He promised never to leave her and never to see her again

That's how strange their love was

Finally when happiness came knocking

As the beautiful payal from Ma, adorned her pretty feet

The kamarband ominously changed its kamar

And mor pankh choked their hearts

Once again, obsession of another

Became the bane of their love

But he would not squander his love

He had walked through fire for her

So he did what he thought was best for all

She was not so sure

For it was her sister's life at stake


But he proved his love and his faith in his brother

And today, free encumbered with the pain of the past

Khushi once again awaits them

And their love

Purified by raging fire, cleansed in water, dragged through the thorns

Is stronger than ever

So dear friends, you are invited to the most awaited wedding of all times

That of our beautiful Kumud and our handsome Saras

When we will celebrate a love that is true and special and beautiful

And if anyone deserves this union and true happiness

Its Saras and Kumud together

Joined together in love and in matrimony

For the next seven janams and more!!!



The Divine connection

Here comes the eve of wedding of our Saras Kumud .

The couple who oscillated from being Radha Krishna to Raam and Sita. When Saras first saw her face all he could murmur was Radha , awed by her beauty and love .

But for Kumud being Radha of Saras  was so less,  she wanted to be his Sita ,his ardhangini his and only his .

When Saras potrait got blotted blue and Kusum exclaimed "Arey ye saras to nile ho gaye bikul krishna ki tarah"  and  Kumud's heart sank in despair as she feared her dreams to be sita may not come true as  in words of Kumud "Mujhe radha nahi saras ki sita banana hai ".

Kumuds fear did come true,the lady was left at alters and her destiny took her on a thorny walk of tortures.But even her destiny had strange ways to keep her near to her Raam,her Saras .

He was there and always there beside her and like her real life partner  did bring her out of hell she inflicted on herself as punishment for being in love with a man who rejected her twice.

Saras Kumud life had been a Kalyugi Ramayan where  Sita was tortured for sure but she fought her own battle with Raam taking seat of a saarthi .

Through all twists and turns Kumud never lost her sacrifacial stints for family and people around which made Saras turn a bit selfish for himself and Kumud. Its saras love and self promise of never loosing Kumud again that has kept us glued to the show till now .

At last Saras never ending love for Kumud is paying off and he is going to wed his Kumud.
At last Kumud's  dreams to be Saras ki Seeta  will turn true, not coz she worked for it but coz her Raam  will have her anyhow and wont sacrifice her for people like Kusum or Pramad ,  she is too precious  for him and only thing that belongs to him and only him after his mother.

But Saras Kumud marriage does not mean their life will be bed of roses.No it wont be as they still have many past demons to fight with and many new enemies to battle for.

Virah is their destiny just the way  Milan is.
But then sweet are the fruits of love ,the more u pine ,the more u lounge
 the sweeter they taste
So r the ways of love


The celebration will be incomplete without sweets.

So here are every SaMudian's favourite

Besan ke laddoos for sweet ones

and methi ke laddoos for the karela ones.

Sweet or Karela, dont forget we are family

So let us share our SaMud happiness so that it doubles!!




                                                              Write-ups: Arshi, Shana, Anete, omshreejaanu

                                                     Graphics: baki, naureen,jennyholic Linda,allbut1

                                      Compiled by: omshreejaanu

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Celebrating The Epic Wedding
the Epic Lovers of All Time


One beautiful VM on one of the most beautiful song in the fim Vivaah - Mujhe Haq Hain to celebrate our beautiful SaMud

                                                          ...PerfectLove (aradhna)

'Shiv ji ne hume ek dusare ke liye chuna ho par ek dusare tak pahonchne ka rasta to hume hi tai karna hoga...'

And what rasta these two had travelled to reach the ultimate destination!

We were supposed to be together ... and I knew it. I knew it the very first time I felt your ehsaas. It was like coming home. .. only to no home I'd ever known.

Now it seems that all I've ever done in my life is making my way here to you, to be with you; never to loose you again.

Will you marry me?

Life is not the amount of breaths you take, it's the moments that take your breath away.
Seeing these eyes was THE moment for me.

I might be bapu ka beta, ghar ki badi beti, mai ki dheet kumud but after all... I'm just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.

I love you. You complete me.
Marry me!

Saras - Kumud: I DO :)

                                                                                                                                          ...aditi (ad_Mumbai_ girl)

Ye pal hai kuch khas
Aanewale hai do dil pass
Mit jayegi ye duri
Tham jayega ye pal
Unka milan dekhne aayenge sab
hogi khushiyon ki barsaat
Honewali hai ek nayi shuruvaat
Har taraf hoga pyar hi pyar
Is pal ke liye hum kabse hai taiyyar
Barson ki ye adhuri dastan hogi aaj puri
But this is not the end of their Love story..!!


The Sangeet

The bride and the bridegroom posing in their sangeet suits!!
Matching matching!!Embarrassed

The Sangeet Song sung by Nikki

For our SaMud

Sangeet ka ek gana, Meri taraf se dedicated to Saras ka kurta 

Haila, yeh aur gulabi rang! Iss ke bachche honge to unka naam 

Yehi rakhoongi main, gulabchandra and gulabosundari ! 

Shaam gulabi, sehar gulabi
Pehar gulabi hai gulabi ye shehar 

Main bhi gulabi
Tu hai gulabi
Din bhi gulabi hai gulabi ye kehar

Gulabi dori hai
Bandhi ye chori hai
Naa jora-jori naa seena zori hai
Gulabi dori hai
Bandhi ye chori hai
Naa roka-toki hai na seena zori hai re

Rang bhi gulabi
Ye naav bhi gulabi
Dariya me jo main bahun gulabi
Kahun bhi gulabi
Main sahun bhi gulabi
Lagta hai main rahun gulabi re

Jaane re jaane mann jaane hai
Rang, rang gulabi hai preet ro

Jaane re jaane sab jaane hai
Rang, Rang gulabi hai preet ro (x2)

Gulabi dori hai
Bandhi ye chori hai
Naa jora-jori naa seena zori hai
Gulabi dori hai re
Bandhi ye chori hai re
Naa roka-toki hai naa seena zori hai re

Nain* gulabi chain gulabi
Dawa bhi gulabi hai gulabi hai asar

Naav gulabi ye nain gulabi
Nain gulabi hai gulabi hai safar

Haule gulabi hain tez gulabi
Karte shararat lab bhi gulabi re

Choom le gulabi rangrezz gulabi
Haule le chal tez gulabi

                                                                                     Movie : shudh desi romance


Love n Happiness is in the air.
The next ritual after the sagaai has started.
SaMud Dancing on the song of "LOVE"

Kumud Ki Mehendi Saraswatichandra ke naam

"jitna gehra rishta chand ka chandni se hota hain
utna gehra rishta tumse hain...

jitna gehra nata barkha ka baadal se hota hain
utna gehra nata tumse hain...

jitni gehri laali khoon ka hota hain
utna gehra rang tumahre naam ki mehendi ki hain...

jitni gehri mohabbat duaoon ko ibaadat se hoti hain
utni gehri mohabbat tumse hain...


The haldi


chooke mujhe pyaar ki haldi...ab woh tumhe bhi chooyegi...
Jis ehsaas se main dhala hoon...tumko bhi dhal jaayegi...

zaalim bara ye rasmon ki diwaar...humein milne hi na de...
par humbhi sanam aashiq hain tere...diwaar ko beechme rehne na de...

todke har haad ko hum tere paas zaroor aayenge...
roop apna badal ke bhi,,,tera chamakta hua roop apne haathon se chookar jaayenge...

                                                                                                  ... Cornia

The D -Day is here!

Have any bride look as gorgeous as our Kumud Sundari??

Have any bridegroom look as handsome and dashing as our Saraswatichandra who looks like a blue blooded Rajkumar?

"Dulhe ka Sehera Suhaana lagta hain, Dulhan ka toh Dil Deewana Lagta hain!!"



na jaane kabse tha mujhe tumhara intezaar...
kabse ho rahi thi main bechain aur bekaraar...
palko me leke khwaab tumhare...gin rahi thi har paal...
aakar le jaoge mujhe...sochkar dil mein humesha machi hulchul...

khatam hui aaaj woh saare anjaane se darr...
khushi se aaj meri aankhe gaye bhar...
mehendi tumhare naam ki rangi hain...
chehra tumhare pyar se khila hain...

baarat leke aaye ho tum...
doli meri tumhare liye sajaa hain...
bharke maang meri apne haaathon se...
banalo mujhe apna...
saath phere pura karke aaj...
sach kardo saath janmo ka ye saapna...


anjaan tha main pyar ke har ehsaas se...
door rehta tha main rishton ke har bandhan se...

himmat na ki kabhi kisiko apna kehneki
kyun  ki har apna paraya ho jaata hain mujhse meri kismat se

tumse mila toh jaana kya hai mohabbat
kya hota hai rishta,kaisi hoti hai ye chahat

banadiya khaas har uss rishtey ko jo the bohot hi aam
ab humari un saae rishton ko milne wala hai ek naam

sehra baandhke aaunga main, tum ghunghat odhke rehna
bhardunga maang tumhari sapnose, tum palkey bichhaye rakhna

le jaaunga apne saath tumko, basaloonga apni saason mein...
juda na honge hum kabhi ab na haqeeqat mein na fasaano mein...


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Celebrating The Epic Wedding
the Epic Lovers of All Time


Picture Perfect

A Blissfully Happy SaMud

To enjoy SaMud wedding preparations, masti and wedding ritual, 
Relive their moments " live " by watching these awesome videos .


Please go the direct link on page 5 for more:


Love Quotes from the film The Notebook sum up our Samud.

v  I love you. I am who I am because of you. You are every reason, every hope, and every dream I've ever had, and no matter what happens to us in the future, everyday we are together is the greatest day of my life. I will always be yours


v  So it's not gonna be easy. It's gonna be really hard. We're gonna have to work at this every day, but I want to do that because I want you. I want all of you, for ever, you and me, every day.- The Notebook



v  Poets often describe love as an emotion that we can't control, one that overwhelms logic and common sense. Thats what it's like for me. I didn't plan on falling in love with you, and I doubt that you planned on falling in love with me. But once we met, it was clear that neither of us could control what was happening to us. We fell in love, despite our differences, and once we did, something rare and beautiful was created. For me love like that has happened only once, and thats why every minute we spent together has been seared in my memory. I'll never forget a single moment of it.


v  They didn't agree on much

In fact, they rarely agreed on everything

They fought all the time

And they challenged each other everyday

But despite their differences,

They had one important thing in common

They were crazy about each other


v  You are the answer to every prayer I've offered. You are a song, a dream, a whisper, and I don't know how I could live without you for as long as I have. I love you, more than you can ever imagine. I always have, and i always will.



kumud :

I've spent the day thinking wondering if its real.

There has to be a special way 
to show you how I feel.
Your presence makes me tremble
your eyes alight with love
if there is a place called heaven
you were sent from up above
I think of all the memories
the times we spent together
The one thing that I'll always
know is we will be forever.
I think back to the day 
of when we said "I Do"
and you softly whispered in my ear
the words "I love you"
You have been in my thoughts all day
long and then it dawned on me

My love for you is so strong
I want the world to see
I want to take you in my arms 
and dance under the rain
So saras , will you do me the honor
of marrying me again?

Saras : 

 Can you see in my eyes

How much I hate our goodbyes?
I think about you all the time
I know in the end we will be just fine.
Touch me..Love with me
the way we are suppose to be
I've always wanted to be with you
and do the things that lovers do
Tell me you want to be with me
and that we were meant to be
This fire I feel...sparks...heat ...exotic...burning inside
My feelings for you I cannot hide
wishing..hoping...yearning..wanting..needing you near
Oh god ! you have always been my dear
I can't pretend anymore
It's you...whom I adore
It's you whom I've been longing for
I just want to give you my heart
and I never want us to be apart
in some days is our milan 

then we will be together for saton janam ! 



Shaadi nahi, yeh hai doh aatmaon ka milan hai

Waisey toh samud kab se ek hain...par unki shaadi ke din, iss jahaan ka har ek farishta, dharti pe har ek ehsaas, hawaa ke har ek jhokha, samundar ka har ek boond, khushiyaan manaayega. Aisi prem kahaani hai humaari samud ki...aisi inki tadap thi ke iss dharti peh, uss falak peh, har ek jeeti  jaagti cheez ne unke dard par royaa hai..aur ab unki khushi par jashn manaayenge.

Saras aur Kumud ka pyaar...

Kaisa hai ye jab ek ki dhadkhan ruk jaati hai toh doosre ka ehsaas ruk jaata agar ek zindaa hai toh doosre ki dadhkan kaise saath chod sakti hain...maut se bhi ladh kar waapis aaye hai ek doosre ke liye...aisa ha inka pyar...

Kaisa hai yeh pyaar ke

Jab ek ko chot lagti hai, toh doosre ko dard hota hai

Ek ke chehre par muskuraahat aati hai toh doosre ke aankhon se khushi ke aansoon behte hai.

Aisi hai inki mohabbat...aisa hai inka pyar

Ab hone jaa rahein hai badan se ek, woh din aur raat hogi anekh

Jab honge poori taraa se, har ek haqq se, har ek maainey se EK..EK..EK!




Mere pyaare doston, awo ab sunaaoo apko inn doh deewano ki pyaar ki daastan...

Woh din thaa jab ek sadu sa ladka, kabhi na hastaa tha..akela akela sa rehta tha

Daddy ka hookum aaya ke ladki hai natkath si, thodi ziddi si, meri bahu woh banegi, naam hai uska Kumud Sundari.

Ladke ne kahaan nahin hai mujhe kissi se jhudhna, nahin hogi meri shaadi koi Kumud Sundari, na, naa.

Par yeh bawraa dil..kahaan jaanta tha ke yeh uske haath mein kahaan...yeh rishta toh banke aaya hai, upar kahin se...jahaan khuda hai bastaa.

Aur saat samundar paar woh ladki jiske sapney mein roz koi aata..kaun tha woh, kahaa tha woh..kya hai uska naam aur pataa?


Kyunke meri badi beti Kumud se uska rishta hua hai pakaa...shaadi ki shehnaai gunje ki iss gali mein, iss haveli mein..aisaa baapu ne kahaa.

Ladki thodi si sharmaai jab dekhaa uska chehraa, thodi si gabhraayi jab dekhi uski aankhein

Wahi aankhein joh meri sapney mein aati hai..wohi dard joh mere dil ko cheer ke rakh deta hain

Aisa usne kahaa...

Yeh hai mera usse rishta, dil aur rooh ka aur yehi banega kya mera dulha?

Nahin jaanti thi ladki, ke kya thaa ladke ka faisla...par jab ek chitthi ne iss dil ko thoda, tab jaana kismat ka yeh khel hai niraalaa.

Gussa usko aayaa..kaisa hai yeh ladka jo nazre churaa kar manaa kar raha...hai himmat toh saamney aah..mein bhi dekhoon kya hai yeh ladka!

Daastan hai ke yeh rajkumar ne jab ladki ke ehsaas ko jaanaa, toh hosh udd gaye..chain kho gaya..neend udd gayi...aisa hota bhi hai ussne yeh pehchaana.

Wahi ehsaas ne li, rajkumari ke ghar ke darwaaze par dastak

Naa kaise bolu soch raha tha ladka ek arse tak

Jab sunni uski kamarbandh ki chan chan

Tab uske dil ki dhadkhan tezz hui, dheere hui, phir tezz hui

Yeh kaisa ehsaas hai, kyu kar raha hai mera dil dhak dhak dhak dhak

Par ladki mein hain bohut saaraa akkad

Nahin dikhaayegi uska chehra, hai yeh baat usne li pakkad!

Yeh dono kahaan jaante the, ke inki rooh hai ek

Ladte ladte jaangaye pad, ke woh ke dil ek hai, jaan bhi hai ek

Na hosakenge kabhi judaa, jaana ek din anekh

Phir...khushi aayi jaise ek nayi bahaar aayi..

Dono ko dil aur jism se kareeb laayi

Ehlaan kar diya saraswatichandra ne

Kumud hai meri, sirf meri aur goonje gi yeh baat jab bajegi shehnaai...



Bichde woh par milney ki khushi ek nayi ehsaas laayi

Nahin reh sakte the ek doosre se judaa, naa ek pal, na ek samaa

Kaisey katenge yeh din soch ke unke dil ko dard ek nayaa hua

Par jab socha ke choti si duniya hogi unki, jahaa honge woh dono aur na koi dujaa..

Toh khushi se yeh mann paagal hua!

Pad nahin pehchaana ke iss khushi ko nazar hai lagi

Jab Gumaan ke haath Saras hua shaheed

Ab kaise woh khushi dega Kumud ko, kaise banayega rani usko apne iss bhikhrey huwe dil mein

Khushi usko raas nahin aati, nahi woh karegaa tabaa, jisko woh apni jaan se zyaada pyaar karta..

Haseena ka dil jo woh deewane ne maut hi chahaa

Jab ehsaas hua ke nahin ye ho nahin saktaa, kaise rahegi woh mere binaa

Tab woh deewana bhaag ke gaya..par jaana ke faisla ek huwa

Kismet ne yeh khaisa dhoka diyaaa...




Kumud ne usko nafrat karna chahaa, par woh uske dil mein hai basaa

Kaise kissi aur ko who degi yeh jagaa, kyu usne aisa ruswaa kiya

Kyun mere dil ko tabhaa kiya, kyu bewafaa banaa,

Aisa usne sochaa

Nahin jaanti thi yeh kismet ka hai khel par woh bhagwaan hai anekh

Diya hai usne dard, toh dawaa bhi karega samet

Kyunki yeh ek pareeksha hai joh dono ko laayega aur bhi kareeb

Jaanenge dono ke unka pyaar sirf saat janmo ka nahin, har ek aalam mein honge ye nazdeek.

Jab haseena ko dard bhi hua, tab tha yeh deewana dhaal hi banaa

Rakshaa karega woh har ek kadam pad, har ek mod pad

Nah aane dega uski aankhon mein aansoo

Jism na sahin, pad unki aatma hai na judaa kar paaye koi

Apni jaan peh khel kar yeh rajkumar ne aise har ek pyar ka vachan hai nibhaaya

Honge phir se ek, teh karna hai yeh raastaa.



Pad jaanaa nahin tha ke kissi ne apnaa rang hai badlaa

Kehti thi usko apni khud ki saayaa, pad aisi bhi hogi unki behnaa

Joh junoon se hai paagal usko jiju se hai infatuation!

Kumud ne jaana toh kadmo ke neechey se zameen phat gayi,

kya karegi woh..yeh choti si behna hai uski parchaayi

maang li saras se bheek mein uski behen ki zindagi

Saras ko yeh manzoor nahin thaa, uski jaan thi kumud mein, kaise basaaye woh kissi aur ke saath ek nayi zindagi

Faisla joh Saras ne kiya, dhoka sa sab ko lagaa

Par phir soch ke lagaa, Saras aur Kumud na honge kabhi judaa

Behna ko yeh ehsaas hua, sharm se sir uska jhukhaa



Daastan hai yeh ke ab khushiyaan hi khushiyaan iss jahaan mein hai

Saras aur Kumud ka har ek sapna mukammal hona hi hai

Sindoor se maang woh bharegi, khoob woh sajegi

Saat phere ke vachan ko nibhaayegi

Fakhr se woh kahegi








All my life was a paper once plain, pure and white

         Till you moved with your pen, changin' moods now and then
                               Till the balance was right

            Then you added some music, ev'ry note was in place
   And anybody could see all the changes in me by the look on my                                                  face

       And you decorated my life, created a world where dreams                                                        are a part,
      And you decorated my life by paintin' your love all over my                                                           heart
                                           Heart   You decorated my life Heart
                                                                       ... Gul

Message from every SaMudian/Scian

isne dekha ek khwab
inke man main aya ek soch
kitab ki panne main chupa huva
 saraswathichandra aur kumud sundari ko jeevan dene ka
aur uski adhoori daastan ko poori karneka
phir usne  likha ek kahani
aur doondna shuru kiya  heera aur moti ko
doondne per mila  gautam aur jennifer
dekthehi pehchanliya yeh hai
uski saraswathichandra aur kumud sundari
gautam rode ban gayi saraswathichandra
Jennifer ban gaye kumudsundari
usne hum sab ke samne lekhar aya  ek kubsoorath prem kahani
shuru huva ek anokha safar.
usne socha ki  2000 episode banavunga
adhri dasstan ko poora karunga
lekin kismet ne kuch  aur socha
trp game ko o nahi samajpaya
bada director hokar bhi kuch nahi karpaya
apne sapne ko kisi aur ki haath dekhar chelagaya.
sochatha ki jab  slb ne samud ka shadi karenga
sari dhuniya wala dekthe rahengi
sapna sach nahi huva lekin samuda ka shaadi ho raha hai.
sir hum sab aapko  invite kar rahi hai
aapka aur hamara sapna poora ho raha hai
mukkamaal mohabaath ki adhoori daastan poora ho rahi hai
samud ki shaadi mein jaroor ana aur usko khoob ashirwad dena.
from  sc family
                                                     GAUTAM RODE
jisne saras ko likha agar aaj aapko dekhliya to jarror kahengi
aap hi ho saraswathichandra.
jisne aapko choose kiya  o garv se kahengi main ne sahi chuna.
saras ki har ehsaas
uska akelapan,sahcayi,maasumiyath
dard, pyaar,kamoshi,nafrath, kushi
ko jubaan se kum
ankhon se zyada dikaya
saras ko itana sacha banadiya
hum ne bhool gaya ki ek fictional character hai.
 you are born to be sarsawathichandra.
no word can make justice to your acting.
    from all sc fans
                                                        JENNIFER SINGH GROVER
maine socha tha ki shuru main ganga ya ridhima ko dekhenge
lekhini unke chaya bhi kumud pe nahi pada.
har actor ki sapna hothi hai kumud ki role karna
har kisiki bas main nahi hote aisa character karke
shabhashi lena
lekin apne karke dikhya
kumud ki har ehsaas ko itana sacha bana diya
sab yahi kehrahi hai
tum hi ho kumud sundari.
                     from all sc fans


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anisaf Senior Member

Joined: 28 August 2011
Posts: 818

Posted: 26 January 2014 at 3:25pm | IP Logged
PERFECTION!!! No other words to describe our Samud...Can't wait til 31 Jan...Bring it on!!

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dazzzling Senior Member

Joined: 02 April 2011
Posts: 546

Posted: 26 January 2014 at 3:54pm | IP Logged
This is simply gorgeous as gorgeous as our Saras and kumud. I will write about our SaMud and come back again.

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KK84 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 27 April 2009
Posts: 7130

Posted: 26 January 2014 at 3:57pm | IP Logged
Aww super cool idea! Will surely write a poem on our samud's beautiful journey! Yay bring on the celebration of love!

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april12 Goldie

Joined: 22 March 2012
Posts: 1624

Posted: 26 January 2014 at 4:55pm | IP Logged
awesome post 
i'm so excited for the wedding!!

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pasumarthisa IF-Dazzler

Joined: 19 March 2012
Posts: 3212

Posted: 26 January 2014 at 5:46pm | IP Logged
Wow, kamaal kar diya aap logon ne.
I wish to congratulate all the writers Anu ji, OSJ, Shana and Arshi. Awesome. Lyrical it was.

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