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This OS was specially written for someone special on her birthday.. then because of some technical difficulties, I lost that word document! Last night, I got it back with a recovery software so here you go! Its very long...

A belated birthday wish to my Vandy Poetress (vandana.sagar)
I know I am bloody late..but still...tu manage karle..Tongue

And there's a chotu sa surprise to (PhoenixTears) for being my one n only Dosa ji forever!!


*Warning : 
Bas aise hi...meri aadat hai logon ko warn karne ki!!


All Good Things For Those Who Wait!!

Arnav Singh Raizada never felt anything so relaxing and stress busting than long drives. He loved his car and driving it during the night, through the deserted roads of Delhi was something he enjoyed every weekend. It was his only hobby other than firing his employees around the office.  

He smiled to himself, when he recalled the scared looks on the faces of his employees whenever he walked past them. He enjoyed the fear, which oozed out of them, it always gave him a satisfaction he never felt doing anything, not even cracking unbelievable deals on his own.

He was not that arrogant, as he loved to show. Instead, he was a very sweet and caring person deep inside, when one try to understand the real him.

And he loved to smile and joke around, but the bad news was he never found someone who could understand his way of sarcasm. People always kept themselves away from him, and he never dared to dare them.

He looked at the dark road in front of him. It always provided him a calm and serene feeling. 

There was lightening, there was thundering. 
A storm was brewing up; he could sense it as he looked at the calm and beautiful sky. He no longer recognized the road; he headed to as he drove elegantly. Soft music was playing in the stereo. He preferred violin the most, his mother's interest in violin made him addicted to that instrument and its peaceful sound.

He noticed a car trying to overtake his and he was in no mood to have a race right now, so he did give them the space they needed. They were over speeding and he assumed them to be some people from DU, who have probably, drank too much from some pub and were out with their cars to kill people.

He looked at the champagne bottle lying next on the passenger's seat. It was a gift from one of his business partners. 

They had insisted him to take few sips before they wind up the party, but he refused. He had to drive and he never took drinks before driving. Not because he cared for his life, he knew this kind of absurdity would affect his family and the people. 

It started raining suddenly and he noticed that his vipers have suddenly stopped working. He without any thought, parked the vehicle on the sideway and got out of into the rain to check the same.

He heard someone calling out for help. The heavy rain did not let him see to the other side of the road, from where the voice was coming. He quickly grabbed his torch, flashed towards the direction, and was totally out of breath when he noticed a small car on the side of the road, which was definitely coming from the other side. He quickly started towards the wrecked car. There was a woman stuck in the front seat and he could only manage to pull her legs out of the door when he heard another sound from the backseat.

"Are you alright, Miss?"

He asked laying her down on the road while the woman refused to and rushed towards the backseat not caring of her injuries.

"Wait, let me check..."

He said stopping her from moving and then kicked open the door with difficulty. There was a small girl, dressed in her school uniform and without waiting any more moment he pulled her out and lifted her in his arms. The woman came rushing to his sides and snatched that little girl from his hands.

He muttered walking towards his car, while the woman stood there too confused to move or do anything. He turned around and gives her a quizzical look, his eyebrows rising for explanations. She was all wet with the rain, and her sari was hiding nothing. He regretted looking at her like an animal and then removed his already soaking wet blazers and handed over the same to her.

She took the same from his hand and tried to drape the same around her upper form, but failed miserably. She could not manage to do, with the little girl in her hands. Arnav walked towards her and draped the same over her shoulder hanging the sleeves to her upper front.

She shivered with cold and he stepped away, feeling awkward.

He walked back towards his vehicle and then turned around, only to find her standing there with a lost expression on her face. Her hair all wet and framing her oval face. While droplets ran eagerly down, her cheeks and chin.

"What? Why are you standing there? Come on; let's get you two to the hospital...?"

He said politely while she took steps towards him, hesitantly. 

"My car, it's..."

She hesitated and Arnav looked at the condition of the poor thing.

"I don't think you'll get to have a ride on the same anytime soon. I will arrange for a tow truck to take the same to a garage. Well, if you really want me to..."

She nodded her head taking huge strides towards him and he opened the backseat for her. She placed the little girl onto the seat and got inside, making her lay straight on her lap.

"Thank you"

She whispered.

"I bet the black land rover was the one who hit yours?"

"Yes, and they did not care to stop. Such inhuman here..."

She muttered under her breath.

"Not everyone, though"

He smiled to himself and put the seatbelts on for his own safety.

"Don't worry baby, you will be alright! Mumma's with you..."

She said caressing her daughter's head while she wiped the blood of her forehead, caused during the crash. Arnav looked at them through the mirror and pulled the engine into life. He drove really fast to the nearby hospital, while his eyes kept wavering towards the woman in the backseat.

She was constantly mumbling something to the little girl, probably her daughter. Arnav thought smiling sheepishly. He parked the car into the pavement and got off immediately, helping the woman and the little girl. The nurses soon came holding a stretcher and took the little girl inside the hospital. Arnav almost pushed her towards the casualty while she hesitated to one nurse's offer.

She looked one last time at her daughter and then at Arnav who was standing next to the door of the ICCU. 

One of the nurses thrust a fully filled admission form into his hands and he looked at the columns with a pounding heart. His eyes almost popped out when the nurse asked him to sign in the column

Father -

"Sorry Miss. I am not..."

Before he could complete his words, another form came in front of him, asking for the permission to operate the little girls, left leg that was injured and needed few stitches.

"Sir, can you please make it fast, otherwise the doctor can't really start the procedures... please?"

The nurse said and left from there. He looked at the column and then filled it with trembling hands.



"I am Arnav, by the way. And you are?"

He asked while sitting next to the little girl, who was now sleeping peacefully on the hospital bed.

"Khushi and she is my daughter Vandana.."

Khushi said down casting her eyes, and Arnav found it really hard to look away from her. She was nothing like the women he had connections or relationships with. She was completely different and unique. Easy to read and hard to pursue. Yes, he had figured that out with just a night's company. 

"Did you inform your family about this accident? They must be worried for you"

Arnav said going through his phone while Khushi remained silent.

"It's okay. I don't want to panic them..."

She whispered and Arnav did not felt like pushing the topic further.

"How about yours? They too must be worried upon not finding you in the house? Did you inform them?"

She asked out of pure concern and Arnav smiled at her, looking at her angelic face. He was already losing it. He did not know as what was so special about her that he could not take his eyes off her form.

Come on man. She is married and a mother to a little girl. Behave!

His mind chided and he got off from his seat. 

"Actually it's the weekend. And they don't go worried looking for me during these two days. I am used to this kind of escapades, lately... so no problem..."

He said, feeling awkward sharing something very personal with her, in the other hand it felt right, too damn right.

"Why don't you go and take rest. We will be fine here. Thanks for your help last night, if it was not for you, we would have never made it to the hospital and saved my daughter...I owe you my life Arnav. Thank you..."

He looked at her small form, her hands extended towards him. He shook hands with her, accepting her thank you and then stepped away. She was forbidden. She was someone else's. Moreover, he had no authority to fancy her. He thought looking at her pale form.

"Fine. I will see you later, then?"

It was a question; he asked more to himself while she smiled cutely at him in return.

"Bye, Khushi"



Khushi patted her daughter's cheeks lightly and she opened her eyes, adjusting her vision to the lights of the hospital room. Khushi's face lightened up as soon as she saw her daughter open her eyes and smiled at her cutely.

"Vandy! I can't tell you how happy I am.right now."

Khushi said hugging her daughter close.

"Mumma, where's that uncle?"

She asked out of the blue checking every corner of the room, with her curious eyes. 

"He... he just left for his house... he was here all night. With you..."

Khushi whispered kissing her forehead while she sighed heavily.

"Mumma, we'll still go to the new years eve party, right?"
Vandy asked hesitantly, trying to read her mother's thoughts with difficulty. Khushi looked at her daughter, who had her forehead covered with bruises while a huge plaster was covering her whole left leg. She shook her head at her and looked away instantly, her eyes brimming with fresh tears.


Vandy called out for her mother, with a breaking voice while a familiar face appeared in front of the door.

"Hey there, ready to go to the party?"

Vandy smiled at the man while Khushi shifted on the chair, hesitantly.

What was he doing here?

She thought standing up while Vandy tried to get up from the bed only to be stopped by the man, immediately.

"You better rest, otherwise I won't take you to the party"

He warned and Vandy smiled at him sheepishly.

"I can't walk"

She said sadly while he winked at her in response.

"How about flying?"


Vandy looked at the huge building in front of her. Arnav smiled and carried her towards the main door while Khushi followed him, taking huge long strides, trying to cope up with his speed. She really did not had any idea, as where they were, and why Arnav had taken sudden interest in her and her daughter.

Vandy seemed very comfortable around him, unlikely to her nature. She used to be very shy and all with strangers, but here in front of Khushi's eyes, was some another story, which was slowly unfolding. She sighed and waited right next to them both. Vandy winked at Khushi while Khushi looked at the door, which flung open, revealing a beautiful lady clad in a pink netted sari.

"Chottey... Finally.. I thought I'd end up in the same hospital searching for you, while my whole family celebrated New Year..."

Anjali said her hands on her hips while Arnav rolled his eyes dramatically.

"Di, please! Will you let us inside, or is this the way you treat your guests? Hmmm...?"

He asked gesturing towards his left and then into his arms. And Vandy flashed one of her rare smiles at the lady. Khushi scrunched her eyebrows and then stared down, onto the expensive carpets of the floor. Anjali without any words grabbed Khushi's free hand and pulled her inside. 

Khushi could not believe her eyes as she noticed the amount of people were gathered inside. It was surely some party and she felt like an alien between everyone there. It was the party of his family and friends, and here she was, who belonged nowhere. Neither she was his friend, nor family but still he insisted her to come, nor could she not refuse because she owed him so much.

"You look tensed"

Khushi almost jumped out of her skin as she registered him standing right behind her, with a cute glint in his eyes. She placed a hand over her heart and nodded her head, disagreeing with him.

"No. I am not. I am not used to this kind of crowd and almost everyone here is a stranger to me..."

She let out hesitantly and he crossed his arms over his chest, as if lost in thoughts.

"Not me. I do know your name and your daughter's and now you know my whole crazy family... So, we are not strangers, I guess..."

He said looking at Vandy who was tying bands on Lakshmi's head with the help of his Nani. He smiled and gestured Khushi towards the trio, who were lost in their own world. Nani, Lakshmi and Vandy. Perfect! 

He grinned while Khushi looked at her daughter with open mouth.


"Arnav is too cute, haina Mumma?"

Vandy asked snuggling closer to Khushi's form, as they both lay on the huge bed of Raizada Mansion. Khushi was lost deep in thoughts, and her tension was visible on her face.

"Mumma? Are you even listening to me?"

Vandy asked pouting and Khushi turned to her side, kissing her button nose.

"Yes sweetheart. He is cute! Now go to sleep.."

Khushi said caressing her baby hair and Vandy opened her tired eyes, drifting into a sweet slumber.

Khushi's eyes moistened when a certain photograph of Aman flashed in front of her eyes. Which was surely taken during his office days. That day was the best day of his life, he had got promoted as the Manager of Raizada Groups and it was quite a proud moment for him. Khushi was happy for her husband and she had straight shared the same with her sister Payal. Who was the only family member she had connections with. 

Aman and Khushi had a hard time convincing their families to agree for their marriage, but their parents were against them. Aman lost his cool completely when Khushi's parents fixed her marriage with someone else. She had almost gone into a depressed state when Aman had managed to rescue her from her own house with the help of her sister Payal.

They had straight went to the court and registered their marriage before their families could do anything to stop them from becoming one. Khushi's parents had filed a complaint against Aman for abducting their daughter. But the case soon vanished from notice because of their marriage registration.

Life was perfect after that. Aman got a job in Raizada groups while Khushi completed her studies. After three years of blissful married life, they were gifted with a happiness called Vandana. Whom added more colors to their already colorful life. Sometimes Khushi felt overwhelmed with all the happiness which surrounded her. 

But, like they say, nothing lasts forever. It happened with their life too... Aman got diagnosed for lungs cancer. He was in the final stage, and doctors had given up on him. Khushi took him to all those hospitals and specialists while Aman was getting into the depressed state as days passed.

Soon the day came, which Khushi feared the most. He was gone, just like that... without a final word to her, to her daughter. Those days were like pure hell to Khushi and Vandy as they breathed for the sake of one another. 

Khushi got a small job in one of the nearest telecom office while Vandy got her admissions in a school. They both pulled themselves together, taking the pain of loss in a positive sense, they lived as one another's support system. 

"I want to see the stars. Is it true, that there's a pot full of gold at the end of the rainbow?"

Vandy's mumbling got Khushi back from her deep thoughts. She caressed her daughter's chubby cheeks and closed her slightly open mouth with her index finger. She kissed her forehead and then drifted into a sleep, with her mind full of confused thoughts about Arnav Singh Raizada and his caring nature.


Arnav was having a hard time getting some sleep. Everytime he closed his eyes, a pair of hazel eyes flashed in front of him. And that hesitant smile of hers, which was his undoing. He tossed and turned on the bed, restlessly and then finally got outside his room to check on them both.

His mind warned him for his foolishness while he heart had another story to convince him. His eyes noticed the closed door of the room, where Khushi and Vandy were , sleeping probably. He did not care to check the time, the only thing he wanted was to check on them. He knew that they were safe and secure in his house, but the unbelievable man inside him wanted proof.

He stood right outside the room, his one hand hanging in the air, hesitant to knock or not. Before he could touch the glass pane of the door, the door flung open and Khushi stood there, in a crumbled state.

"Err... ummm... I..."

Arnav was stammering, which he never did until this date and he was surprised with the reply from her.

"We are... Fine...Arnav... I...just..."

She hesitated and stepped backwards.


He asked and Khushi's eyes widened.

"How do you know?"

She managed down casting her eyes, while Arnav was surprised with his own words.

"I was just going to the kitchen to have some water, so thought you might want..."

He trailed away rushing past the room, while a sleepy Khushi followed him. He walked hurriedly towards the kitchen his eyes checking her presence every now and then.

They both reached the door of the fridge at the same time. Arnav's large hands almost covered her small ones, and they both looked into each other's eyes before snatching one another's hands, as if burned!

"Sorry, I.."

"No. its okay.."


Vandy's eyes almost blinded seeing the lights and decorations at the huge garden of Raizada Mansion. It was finally New Years Eve, and there was only minutes left for the celebrations to start. Her eyes scanned the whole garden, and stopped at the figure of her mother, clad in a beautiful red sari and matching accessories. She never looked this gorgeous in anything and it was for the first time, her mother was wearing red after her father's death.

Her eyes moistened instantly, thinking about her father and then the next moment, she felt her eyes been covered with two large palms. She quickly grabbed those palms and giggled.


She said turning in his arms, flashing a smile at the incredible man she met few days back. But instead of a smile, there was a frown on his face.

"You were crying?"

He enquired touching her cheeks lightly while Vandy gulped the lump in her throat, avoiding meeting his gaze.

"No. It's the lights... or some dust might..."

She turned towards the balloons and stares while Arnav lifted her from the ground.


He whispered in her ears while walking towards his family who were all gathered in the middle of the garden.

"I am not a liar.."

She said poking his nose and he arched his eyebrows sexily at the little minx in front of him.

He passed Vandy to the waiting arms of his sister and walked towards the fountain to check with the music. The next moment, he felt the whole air being knocked out of his lungs. His eyes scanned her sari clad form, from tip to toe, shamelessly. Khushi, as if aware of his gaze upon her turned her head slightly to have a look at him. And what she saw him almost made her giddy the next second.

Arnav was staring at her, his eyes deep and penetrating. She felt a blush crept up her neck and her heart beat accelerated like never before. She tore her gaze away from him, breathing heavily and stared to the other side of the garden as if it was even possible to do.

Before he could know, he had already started walking towards her. His legs felt weak, and his mouth went dry. He wet his parched lips as soon as he reached her sides. She started fidgeting with the end of her sari while Arnav's eyes drank in her delectable form.


His voice was extremely hoarse and deep when he uttered her beautiful name with so much of "love". She lifted her long lashes and looked at him, her heart hammering against her chest, brutally.


She managed and found him stalking more closer.

"I... wo.. main..."

He stammered once again while Khushi's fidgeting increased with every second.

"Khushi ji, Chottey... its time to cut the cake..."

Anjali's voice broke the spell and both came into the real world. Khushi felt utterly confused at her own behavior while Arnav's hands fisted on his sides. What was he doing? He was literally ogling at a woman who's his late manager's wife. Khushi walked past him, her legs turning into jelly when she got a whiff of his intoxicating scent.

Arnav closed his eyes, as she walked past him, the long end of her sari caressed his face in the light breeze. Her scent plunged into his nostrils, making him lose his patience and he followed her to the table, as if hypnotized.

Vandy stood in front of the huge chocolate cake, her eyes twinkling with happiness while Khushi joined her to cut her birthday cake. Arnav too took the spot right next to Vandy and she yanked onto the table with the knife in her small hands.

"Blew the candles, baby"

Anjali exclaimed and Vandy nodded her head, her cute ponytails dangling as she moved.

Everyone started with the birthday song, while she cut the cake and fed the first piece to Arnav. Khushi arched an eyebrow at her daughter while she fed the next piece to Khushi, with a sorry look in her eyes.

"So, Vandy...What did you wish for?"

Anjali asked taking the cake from her small hands and Vandy's eyes down casted instantly.

"If I reveal it, will it happen?"

She asked confused while Anjali smeared her chubby cheeks with the cake. Arnav stood there, his arms crossed over his chest, while he watched the little girl in front of him, with curious eyes. She was a total reflection of her mother. As his thoughts wandered once again, his eyes flew to the beauty right next him. Khushi!!

"Of course, if you doubt that, you can always whisper the same into my ears..."

Anjali said hugging her close and Vandy kissed her cheeks one by one.

"I wished for a Daddy like Arnav.."


Khushi's eyes widened at the innocent words left her daughter's mouth. She was been unaware of the mic that was been attached to her dress. Arnav's eyes flew directly to Khushi's and found her hesitantly walking towards Vandy.

"Vandy, what was that?"

Khushi whispered removing the mic from her dress and dragged her to a secluded corner. Arnav's eyes never left the mother-daughter duo as they both excused themselves from the crowd.

"I was just...I am sorry Mumma..."

Vandy said apologetically and started fidgeting with her frilly red frock. Khushi's heart soared at the vision she created, her insides melt as she pulled her daughter into a comforting hug.

"I am sorry sweetheart.."

She whispered dropping a butterfly kiss onto her crown and wiped her tear stricken face with the back of her hands. Meanwhile Arnav had managed to reach their sides along with Anjali and Nani ji. Khushi sensed their presence and tried to back away from the conversation, which she was sure going to take place.

Before she could make an escape the countdown blasted from the speakers and they all stood rooted to the spot. Khushi's eyes however betrayed her as she found herself looking at Arnav's directions. His condition was no different, his eyes never left her form, as everyone wished a Happy New Year to one another.

"Happy New Year Vandy.."

He said kneeling down in front of Vandy, while she hugged him in response and kissed his both cheeks soundly.

"Thanks, Arnavv.. and Happy New Year to you too..."

Khushi stood the ground, feeling too awkward as she knew he was going to approach her next. Her heart beats intensified as he came close, his eyes focused on the fireworks but his mind was elsewhere.

"May I ask you something?"

He asked hesitantly, his eyes still on the sky while Khushi gulped nervously. Now, what was he going to ask her? She was highly embarrassed because of Vandy's open wish few minutes ago and now, he wants to ask her something. And somehow she knew it, or had a wild guess as what its going to be?!


She felt a unknown shiver on her body while he stepped little closer, the soft fabric of his tux brushing on her bare upper arm. Her other hand automatically came clutching onto the same while he looked sideways at her hesitant gesture.

"Why have not you thought about a second marriage, yet?"

 Khushi stepped away from him immediately and walked towards Vandy, who was busy playing with Nani ji on the grassy lawns of the garden. Vandy instantly looked up at her mother and grabbed her outstretched hands.

Arnav looked at their retreating backs and sighed heavily. He felt his sister's comforting hand on his shoulder and he squeezed it lightly before excusing himself from the crowd.


Khushi tucked Vandy to sleep as soon as they reached the guest room. Vandy slept really fast and Khushi without wasting anytime started with the packing. She packed their stuffs into the small carry bag and took Vandy's medicines as well. Her heart was a mess as she soon finished with the packing and stared at her wedding ring, her eyes brimming with fresh tears once again.

There was a hesitant knock on the door and she wiped her face instantly. She knew as who might that be and thought of ignoring him as if it was even possible. 

"Khushi? I know you are up.."

He mouthed, his hands touching the cold glass pane of the door. She sighed and opened the door, to reveal a tensed Arnav. His hair was a mess and the blazers now hang on one his shoulders. He had his tie loosened while the sleeve of his white shirt was rolled up as he preferred.

"I am sorry for before.. tum theek ho?"

She nodded her head, not meeting his eyes. He controlled the urge to lift her chin and look into her deep eyes. He stood there like a lost man lost for words and assurances.

"I... I think I am in love with you..."


Anjali and Nani exchanged watery smiles as Khushi and Vandy stepped out of the gate, taking their small bag. They tried really hard to stop her, but she was adamant to leave. Anjali's eyes kept wavering at the closed door of Arnav's bedroom and Khushi's form.

The taxi came after few minutes and they both climbed inside. Vandy waved her good bye's to the two ladies and leaned back onto the seat. She was going to miss them like hell, and she feared if she would ever get to meet them in the future. She knew her mother inside out and she had heard her conversations with Arnav last night.

"Khushi, wait"

Arnav's voice boomed through the hall of the Raizada Mansion as he climbed down the stairs hurriedly. His heart sped up its pace as he looked at Khushi and Vandy sitting inside the cab.

"Where are you going? You just cant leave. Your car is not back from the garage yet and you still need to search for a house, remember?"

He said in one breath, opening the door of the cab, which was immediately stopped by Khushi.

"I will manage. I cant thank you enough for the help and the wonderful two days we spent here with your family..."

"Ohh cut the crap Khushi. You just cant leave already, I love you.. and I want to be with you..."

Khushi could not take it anymore and she climbed out of the vehicle. Vandy ran to Anjali with a scared look in her eyes. Anjali quickly turned her to the other side and took her inside the house. 

"I don't believe you! How can you love someone, whom you have known for only two days of time? What kind of love is that? Its just an infatuation, or the overwhelming sympathy you feel towards me..."

Arnav could not believe his ears, as she uttered those words. How dare she compare her love with infatuation? Hell, he had never felt a pull like this, towards any woman, in his life. And the one he fell for was almost mocking his feelings.

"I don't know the theory of love, but when I say this to you, I mean it. I love you Khushi and I cant imagine a life without you.."

"You know what, I had enough of this crap. Bye..."

She said and climbed inside the cab and a gasp left her mouth when she did not find Vandy inside.


She shouted from the top of her voice and Vandy came rushing outside the house. Khushi's furious eyes caught her and she gestured her to get inside the cab which she did without any protest.

"Cant you see how sad she is. Why are you forcing her towards something she does not want to? And ignoring her real needs? She wants a father, Khushi! She needs me..."

"I am her mother! And I know what is best for her. Don't tell me you brain-washed my 7year old daughter to have your way..."

"You are not making any sense. Why do I have to do such thing? I love her, and I am already a father figure to her. She loves me..."

"This was a mistake. I should never have come with you.."

With that final word, she climbed inside the vehicle and before Arnav could stop them, they were out of there.


One whole month passed after Khushi had left Arnav's house. He never called her, nor she tried to call him. It gave Khushi a feeling that, may be everything was an infatuation just like she had predicted. He was single, rich, handsome and moreover the owner of Raizada groups.

He deserved better, not a widow with a little girl. She sighed going through Vandy's school diary. She noticed that Vandy have not mentioned about the parent's meeting last week. And her eyes widened when she found Arnav's signature in the guardian's column.

Her eyes flew to her daughter, who was busy tending her plants outside the house. Her brand new hobby, which surely resembled someone else's. Khushi placed the diary back into her bag and walked towards the garden, where she was busy talking to herself.

"Vandy, is there anything you want to talk to me?"

Vandy dropped the watering can and looked at her mother with apologetic eyes. She could not hide anything from her mother, but if she shared it her mother wont be taking it lightly.

Her little heart was a mess while her mother waited for her to speak.

"You know, A secret for a secret?"

Khushi pressed the topic further and the next moment Vandy was crying. Her constant sniffling broke Khushi's heart like never before.

"What is it sweetheart? Look at me"

Khushi urged her to speak and Vandy hugged her, feeling guilty for hiding things from her own mother.
"You saw my diary?"

She asked between her sniffling and Khushi patted her head lovingly.

"Arnav, he always comes to meet me during the recess and I am sorry for hiding it from you. I thought you might be angry. I know you dont like him..."

She managed with few hiccups and Khushi carried her inside.

"You mean one whole month?"

Khushi asked, surprise evident on her features and Vandy nodded her head wiping her tear stricken face.

"Are you sure about this? You seriously want to make him your Daddy?

Vandy's eyes twinkled with happiness as she hugged her mother in response.


"Are you ready Mrs. Raizada?"

Arnav asked, his hands securely holding Khushi's waist. Khushi sucked in a sharp breath and opened her eyes to look down, at the huge slide.

Her heartbeats quickened as the pair in front of them disappeared into the water slide.

"Tumhe dar to nahi lag raha?"

He asked teasingly, his hot breaths fanning the side of her neck and earlobes.

"No. As far as I have you beside me..."

She said breathlessly and the next moment they were sliding through the water.

"Khushi, open your eyes, you dont want to miss this..."

Arnav said his hold on her waist tightening. No matter how fearless he was, when it comes to Khushi and his daughters he always lost his patience.

They soon landed into the pool with a splash and looked at their daughters jumping up and down in excitement.

"Dad, look Mumma's nose is red"

Little Vidhi said pointing towards Khushi's reddened nose.

"Dad, I am hungry! Shall we eat lunch? I want cheese burger.."

Vandy said wrapping a towel around her form while Vidhi jumped into Arnav's arms.

"And I want Pasta with extra sauce.."

"How about you Khushi?"

"Err... I'll have one pizza.. with extra cheese..."


Arnav looked at the four important women in his life, as they all ate and cracked jokes. His eyes caught Khushi's who was probably stealing glances at him. He winked at her in response as she gestured him to hide his upper body with a towel.

Vandana and Vidhi were all set to take a second round on the water slides while Anjali excused herself to the art museum. Arnav's eyes twinkled with mischief as he followed Khushi to the rest room.

"Arnav... you are not helping..."

Khushi said throwing the towel onto his face, which he caught in the air.

"Then let me take you to the bedroom. The girls will be fine with Shyam jiju...and he is too interested in the rides than anyone else... Please?"

He begged, clasping his hands together and Khushi's eyes softened instantly. Aww who was she to deny him, when he requested with such puppy eyes.


She whispered seductively. Before she could utter a word, Arnav's lips slanted against her quivering ones. She finally lost it, when his lips invaded her senses, making her giddy with want.

"Happy Anniversary, Wife"

He whispered and found her eyes moistening at his words.

"I love you so much Arnav... thank you for coming into my life..."

"I love you too Khushi... and shall we go to our room already? You know there is too much possibility of people barging in when we know..what I mean...?"

"I am starting to..."

Khushi whispered back as she traced the wide expanse of his bare chest with her trembling fingers.


Note : Hope you all enjoyed the story...sorry for the typos..and I know something is missing somewhere...Hopefully I will find out through your comments!
Thanks for reading!

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Posted: 24 January 2014 at 2:22am | IP Logged
I am so touched and humbled by this dedication and the gesture, one that has surprised me completely and come timely ...yes the celebrations continue...even though the birthday is king thank you for that too...a small poem in the form of my comment ...hope it justifies your story and the gesture...thank you...

Driving around relaxed him completely 
On weekends of his favourite hobbies
Another one was firing his employees
Fear in their eyes he relished devilishly 
More so than the deals he cracked daily 
But his attitude everyone deceived easily 
Cause from inside he was really a softie

Looking for the perfect partner was he 
Someone he could himself continue to be 
And then one night he met his Khushi
By her he was mesmerised instantly 
And hopelessly in love he fell with Vandy 
Who wanted him to be her daddy 

In time he helped them thankfully 
To the hospital he took them carefully 
He appeared like an angel magically 
Mingling were both so happy like family 
When a bombshell he dropped suddenly
He admitted he loved her immensely 

Her past was revealed to us shortly 
Misfortunes she had dealt with bravely 
Mother daughter on the road to recovery 
Dealing with circumstances positively 
But Vandy he continued to see secretly 
Till his love for Khushi she felt him worthy 

The rest as they say is now history 
Completing their perfect family was Vidhi 
A daughter to them & sister to Vandy 
Content & happy were Aranv & Khushi 
Celebrating now their wedding anniversary 
With a love so strong to bind them till eternity ...

Thanks my Ash for your proof reading are my star! 

Edited by vandana.sagar - 26 January 2014 at 9:47pm

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Posted: 24 January 2014 at 2:26am | IP Logged
Aww fried rice ji... Thank you for this, will be back soon.. In office abhi Embarrassed

And I m back... Again a big thank you for including me in ASRs family, beti hi sahi but atleast I got to hug him (haha, I know I m crazy Wink LOL). This is the first time someone has included me in their story so I m big time obliged to you... And the best thing was you made my V, my elder sister.. she is one of the most talented and beautiful friend I have in my life so thank you for this too. V, thank to your friends on IF, we can celebrate your this birthday till Jan 2015 Embarrassed Party

OS was fantastic as usual, you can't go wrong with your stories and this was amazingly beautiful. Love the way you showed bond of Arnav n Vandy... Arnav's attraction towards Khushi and Khushis apprehensions in responding to them. Such an emotional journey for all of them and it was happily ever after in the end. Loved the sweet and happening story... 

I dont why, feeling so overwhelmed but again thank you fried riceji, you are the best. Lots of love to you and little fried rice Hug

Edited by PhenoixTears - 24 January 2014 at 8:04am

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Posted: 24 January 2014 at 2:36am | IP Logged

oh I loved it really. .. I love the way you describe the significance of second chances .

love can happen twice and it's true no?

I love arnav vandy relationship here and how vandy wished that arnav will be his dad..

and then khushi arnav's intensity is always rocking...

this is beautiful. .

very well written

and dedicated to my V.

Thanks V :)

Edited by .Avanti. - 24 January 2014 at 7:39am

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Posted: 24 January 2014 at 2:52am | IP Logged

That was an awesome piece of work Big smile

I loved it!! Love happening twice in an individual's life Embarrassed 

You have described each and everyone's feelings so nicely that when I was reading Khushi's sorrowful thoughts I had tears in ma eyes !!! Though there wasn't nothing so sorrowful...!!! But I don't know I felt bad!! Ouch

Very well written!!! Hats-off Clap

Thanks VS foe suggesting this OS Smile 

LOVED IT!! Smile

Edited by LOLWAsAalu - 24 January 2014 at 11:22pm

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Posted: 24 January 2014 at 2:54am | IP Logged
I liked it Di.
Its simply awesome.. :)
A light hearted short story!

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Posted: 24 January 2014 at 3:01am | IP Logged

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Posted: 24 January 2014 at 3:07am | IP Logged
ASR proved to be a prince for Khushi and her little daughter after all.
Who would have thought that a man who derived pleasure out of scaring his employees will turn out to be such a big softie.
Good things indeed come to those who wait...
Vandy, we continue to celebrate your birthday...
So ASR is kind of a father-figure for you now, eh?
Leave all the lusting after to me...

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