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#2 - AsYa/KaBhi FF: AsYa's love story... Link to 3rd thread!

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Hey guys, Big smile
I cant believe this! New thread! Party
And all this because of all my readers' love!! Hug especially my favourite spammers: zola007, --SH7_Sunny--, AsyaManeet and recently joined akaswan!! Love u guys a lot!! Hug

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This update is specially for Nia12345 who loves my story so much, thank you so much dear for loving it so much and sending me pm to update, i would not have updted today if it was not for you Hug


After the call, Asad told Dilshad his decision, which didnt shock her further because she knew that Ayaan was very wrong and what he did was unforgivable. A mother cant be angry to her son for long, but when that same son didnt care of what his mother, the woman who gave him birth will be going through because of him when he will leave her without asking her, if not asking, telling her but no, he didnt find it necessary to tell his own mother that he's going away, didnt even let a mother hug her son to her chest because he was going away from her. And as a woman, even by mistake she couldnt forgive him for what he did, he left her on her wedding day and that too by a TEXT MESSAGE!

And on the other hand there is Asad, a mature, responsible, caring, loving, kind and intelligent son, who will never go against his mother, because she means the world for him, when Asad loved somebody, he loved with all his might, he will do anything to protect them.

Both were her sons, both got the same amount of love, they have been brought up the same way, so why, why were they so different?

"Ammi, i dont want the mention of Ayaan in this house from now on. Zoya is now MY wife and a part of our family, and i know that the mention of Ayaan would make her uncomfortable , so..." Asad said while leaving his sentence incomplete for his mother to understand him, to complete him.

"But Asad, tomorrow Najma is coming back from her fashion designing course in Paris, what will we say?" Dilshad asked Asad and he said that we will see that tomorrow.

"Ok now Asad, go and wake Zoya up, here is your food and hers, both of you need to talk, so have dinner in your room, even i'm tired so i'm going to sleep"said Dilshad while handing him 2 plates of biryani.

He took them and went towards his room.


Meanwhile, Zoya woke up and saw that she was not in her room, of course how could she be? After all she was married now.

But she couldnt deny the fact that the room was breath-takingly beautiful (same as Asad's room in KV).

Zoya felt a bit awkward, after all, she was married and she was on her wedding-bed, even though it wasnt decorated with flowers, she did felt awkward. She didnt know what to do, she was still in her bridal-dress. She knew Asad, she was comfortable with him, but that was before knowing their nikkah, before knowing about his feelings. It was awkward for her to behave the same way as before, she felt odd now being HIS wife, Asad's WIFE, before becoming Mrs. Zoya Asad Ahmed Khan. "Wow, the name seems powerful!" And she chuckled at her own thinking.

Then she heard footsteps, she knew they were Asad's, she quickly layed down again and pretended to be asleep.

Asad took a deep breath before opening the door and when he did , he couldnt help but smile at how cute she looked while sleeping, he came near the bed and put the plates on the side-table while he sat on his knees on the floor facing her with a little smile , then called "Zoya." She didnt respond so he shook a bit her shoulder while calling her out "Zoya..wake up..come on, you have to eat.."

Zoya turned around still pretending to be asleep, making him face her back. "I'm not hungry..."she said in a sleepy voice, thats when her stomach grumbled and he chuckled.

"Really? Ok, dont eat i will eat these 2 plates of biryani myself and it wont be hard since biryani is my favourite dish..." Asad tried with a smirk.

Zoya's mouth watered, if there was something that she couldnt resist was biryani, she just loved it, it was her favourite dish too and when her stomach grumbled again, she sat up and turned towards him, only to see him crossed-arms with a devilish smirk on his face and eyes filled with amusement.

Zoya pouted and turned her face away, Asad chuckled at her expressions then sat up on the bed in front of her, she looked away.

"Ok, ok, here is your plate" said Asad making her smile, when she was about to take her plate, Asad pulled it away from her, making her pout again. "Before eating, go and change, you must be very uncomfortable in this heavy lehnga , Allah only knows, how you slept in this..." continued Asad while making faces.

"No, i want to eat before, i'm hungry!" Zoya exlaimed while trying to grab the plate from Asad, but he pulled it away.

"Hungry?! Says the person who just said "i 'm not hungry..."" Asad said while mimicking her voice and she gasped and sat on her knees on the bed with her hands on her hips.

"I dont talk like that!" Zoya said while pointing a finger at him while he reciprocated her, sitting on his knees on the bed facing her.

""I dont talk like that!"" Asad mimicked Zoya again and she was getting angry so Asad thought about stopping it.

"Ok, ok, sorry! But i'm serious, first you go to change, then you eat, because seeing you in this heavy dress and all these ornaments is making me uncomfortable, i wouldnt be able to swallow my food" said Asad while she giggled.

"Tss, tss, tss, too bad for you Asad! I want my biryani now!" Zoya said mischievously and he raised a brow.

"Really? Ok, then you can always try to take it from me!" He smirked and pulled the plate up his head, in the air with his hand.

Zoya struggled to take the plate from him, he was taller than her, then while trying she jumped and collided with his chest, making him lost his balance and he immediately grabbed Zoya's waist, preventing her to be hurt, he fell backwards on the bed with Zoya on top of him, and biryani falling on them, while the plate landed next to them, both were staring at each other, then the chicken piece fell on Asad's face, making both of them burst out in laugh, unknowingly making his grip on her waist tighter.

They couldnt stop laughing, where in films we see flowers falling on the hero-heroine, here, BIRYANI was falling on them and the chicken piece was the cherry on the top!

Then Asad calmed down and looked at Zoya who was still laughing freely, her smile warmed his heart, hoping to always keep her this happy. Zoya looked at him who had stop laughing and was looking at her intensely, he had rice on his cheeks, on his eyelashes, on his eyebrows, on his forehead , in his hair and the chicken piece on his throat. He looked so funny, she couldnt help but burst out in laugh looking at him, but then she realised their position and tried to get up, but Asad's arm was around her waist, gripping on her, she tried to get up only to fall back on his chest, when she fell back Asad came out from Lala-land and realised that she was trying to get up but his arm was preventing her.

Awkwardly, Asad removed his arm, thats when he noticed her blush, "she's so cute!" was all his heart saying.

Zoya tried to get up again, but still she was falling on him again and again, even though his arm wasnt around her anymore, he chuckled which made her blush even more, then he grabbed her shoulders and rolled over her, so that he was on top of her and she was under him, now she looked like a tomato! He grinned at her and shook his head so that all the rice fell on her, she closed her eyes tightly and this time it was him who laughed at her, then he got up.

"Cool! Now you cant do anything else than going to change!" He laughed while looking at her who was pouting, then he forwarded his hand so that she could get up with his help.

Zoya didnt know why she wasnt able to get up herself, maybe because she's hungry since morning, so she didnt argue and took his hand, he pulled her and she directly landed on his chest. Asad blowed on her face, so that some rice fall down. "Biryani!" He whispered.

"We should have a shower" said Zoya, Asad's eyes widden, thats when she realised, what she said rather what it sounded, she was RED! "I..i mean.. i then u...or u then me..."

Asad smirked but didnt say anything not wanting to make her even more uncomfortable.

"Uhm where is my suitcase?" Zoya asked trying to sound normal while she was very embarassed, Asad was speechless, he didnt know where it must, even if they brought it or not.

"I dont know" Asad said while looking down in a low voice.

"What do you mean by you dont know?!" Zoya asked while getting agitated.

"Zoya, please, its late now and we cant go to Appi's place for your suitcase at this hour, and asking them to send your suitcase will look odd" Asad said calmly.

"Then what should i do?!" Zoya was exasperated now, she sat on the bed with her head in her hands.

After sometime, Asad spoke. "I have a suggestion, please dont be mad! Think about it before lashing out on me" he took a deep breath, closed his eyes and continued. "Wear my clothes..." He said while expecting her to shout at him but surprisingly, he didnt heard anything, he opened his eyes only to see her blushing, he sighed in relief.

Asad walked up to his wardrobe and took two of his white kurta-pyjamas which he uses to wear at night, he walked back to her and saw her removing her ornaments, he cleared his throat and gave her the clothing.

"You can use the bathroom i will go in the guestroom's bathroom" said Asad and she just nodded.

He was about to leave but then turned around and saw her struggling with her earing, he walked back to her and stood just behind her, then asked softly. "May i?"

Making Zoya realise that he was just behind her, close behind her, she was fidgeting with it since 5 minutes so thought of letting him help.

When his cold fingers touched her skin, she felt a current through her spine, he detangled the earing and left it on the dressing table and left silently.

Zoya had her eyes closed since he touched her and she was trying to control her breath, she didnt know why was he affecting her so much.


Asad showered and was wearing his famous kurta-pyjama, when he got back into THEIR room, she was still in the shower, thats when he remembered the mess that they created on bed, he looked at it and was shocked to see the blanket curled in a side while the bedsheet was covering the bed and there was rice all over the bed with the chicken piece in the middle, pillows covers were also dirty, so he thought of "doing the bed".

When he finished arranging the bed with a clean bedsheet, another blanket and clean pillow covers, thats when a click brought him out of his thoughts, he looked towards the door to see Zoya in his kurta with her wet hair dripping water on her shoulders and was wearing a black tights, he was just mesmerized by her beauty.

When she came out, she saw him fresher, glowing and it seemed that he just arranged the bed.

"Uhm, the kurta's pyjama was too loose so i wore again the tights i wore under the lehnga." Zoya explained while looking down, thats when he snapped out of his thoughts.

"Its ok, now come, you were hungry? Here have your biryani!" Asad spoke smiling, filling the awkward silence much to Zoya's relief.

Zoya was about to sit on the bed.

"STOP!!" Asad shouted, Zoya got alarmed and stood up. "Zoya, do you want me to become a maid?" Asad asked sadly, while she was getting confused.

"" Zoya asked in confusion.

"Because if you eat here, i will have to change the bedsheet again.." Asad smiled sadly and she frowned.

"What do you mean by that?! You mean that i'm messy?!" Zoya asked angrily while putting her hands on her hips.

"And what if i say YES?" Asad asked mischievously while smirking at her, she gasped and ran after him around the room, while he laughed at her for not being able to catch him. Exhausted, both decided to stop and sat on the couch while laughing.

Then Asad got up and went to heat the plate of biryani, thats when he saw that there was nothing left to eat, all the wedding dishes were distributed to guests at the wedding hall. Asad took the plate and went into the room handed Zoya the plate.

"You eat, i will just come back" said Asad while getting up.

"But where are you going?" Zoya asked him and he was trying to find an excuse.

"I will just bring some water" Asad said while getting out of the room. Asad didnt want to stay in the room because if he would, Zoya would want to share her plate knowing that he didnt ate yet, but he wanted her to eat the full plate because he was sure that she didnt ate since morning, her face was givint it all away, her eyes were twinkling when she saw the plate of biryani, how could he let her share her plate with him, when she, herself was hungry since morning! He couldnt let that happen, thats why he left while making an excuse.

In the room, Zoya was wondering about his strange behaviour, when she was about to have the 1st spoon of the rice, she saw the full jug of water on the side-table. Now she was sure that there was something fishy with Asad, without having the 1st spoon she got up , grabbed the jug and opened the room's door and she saw him making himself coffee while rubbing his stomach, she went to him quietly and stood behind him.

"Asad!" Zoya called him and he, startled gasped, she giggled.

"Zoya, what are you doing here? Go and eat." Asad ordered Zoya, who raised her eyebrows while looking at him.

"Actually, i wanted to have water before eating, and since this full jug, seemed empty to you, i came to show that there is water in it" she said sarcastically while showing him the jug.

Asad hung his head low.

"Why did you lie, Asad?" Zoya asked seriously.

"Nothing, i just came to have a coffee" said Asad casually, while avoiding looking in her eyes.

"Asad! I said stop lying!" Zoya said angrily.

"Voh...actually...there is nothing else left to eat..." Asad said in a low voice.

"So? Its ok, we can share!" Zoya stated obviously, while he shook his head.

"But you didnt ate anything since morning!" Asad exclaimed, thats when it dawned upon her that he didnt want her to fall ill and she smiled.

"Ok, you wont eat the biryani so i will cook you something!" Zoya said excitedly but her excitement made Asad feel something wrong.

"Zoya, did you ever cooked?" Asad asked in a low voice, scared of the answer.

"No!" Zoya replied grinning. "But there is always a first time!" She continued while he looked at her wide-eyed.

"You know what Zoya? I think there is still some chicken in the fridge, i will heat it and eat it..." Asad tried to escape but he was caught once again.

"Dont lie there is no chicken in the fridge!" Zoya replied while pretending to be hurt.

"Asad, i was joking! I can at least cook some noodles!" Zoya said this determinedly and Asad smiled and nodded.

Asad helped Zoya in the kitchen , cutting vegetables to add with the noodles.

When it was cooked, they put some in a plate and walked back to their room not wanting to disturb Dilshad.

Both sat on the couch and started eating their respective food.

"Masha Allah! Try these noodles! They are just perfect!" Asad said happily.

Zoya reached with her fork into Asad's plate while he reached into hers.

"Delicious!" Both said in unisson and giggled, then went back to their plates.

After eating, there was the awkwardness of the sleeping arrangement, both didnt knew what to say or what to do, it was just something that they didnt thought before.

Asad didnt want to make Zoya uncomfortable by sleeping on the same bed so he took his pillow and a blanket from the cupboard and placed them on the couch while Zoya was looking at him.

"You can have the bed, i will sleep here" Asad said softly.

"Asad, i dont know about you but i consider you as a friend" started Zoya and he nodded saying "me too".

"Ok, and you agree that in friendship there is TRUST, because without TRUST, there is no relationship possible" Zoya continued while Asad was getting confused at what was she talking about.

"Zoya, what are you trying to say?" Asad asked softly looking tired.

"Look Asad, i know that both of us didnt know that both of us will get married to each other TODAY! And i dont want you to change your daily routine because of me, after all you are a businessman and you have a lot of work to do in your office all day, its a tiring work for which you need to be fresh and have a good night sleep, so i was thinking that you...if you could sleep on the same bed because you are tall and the couch is small, and it doesnt look very comforta..." Zoya blabbered nervously but was stopped by Asad' s hand on her mouth and he smiled.

"Do you know that you are too cute when you are blabbering nervously?" Asad started and Zoya started to blush. "I will sleep on the bed, only if you have no doubts about me..." Asad continued softly and let go of his hand on her mouth.

"I TRUST YOU Asad..." Zoya said softly to a now smiling Asad. "Thank you..." This was Asad's only answer.

Both were staring at each other, then Asad took his pillow from the couch and put it on the bed. Both layed down on the bed and switched off the lights, Asad fell asleep after some time but Zoya was far away from sleeping, thinking about whatever happened today, she turned to see Asad's peaceful face sleeping, he was her angel, who saved her...


PS: i hope you all liked it!! Buddy me for pms! Wink

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First of all congratualtions on ur new thread Dancing
May u make more threads like this...EmbarrassedLOL

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This update was really a very funny and cuteEmbarrassedLOL
Loved the way asad n zoya adjusted with each other...Embarrassed
AsYa showered with biryani instead of flowers ROFL
Chicken piece on asad face was very funny ROFL
Asad lied to zoya abt food Shocked but zoya was smarter than him Clap
Zoya in asad's kurta Blushing 
Loved the masti of asya in their room with their food Embarrassed
Both are being attracted towards eachother Embarrassed
Update soon and thanks for the PM Wink

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Bano update soon... 
When u will update ur next FF's.. Its been a long time...Big smile
Waiting for ur next update...LOL
Congratulations again Bano for ur new thread HugPartyDancing

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un res Abbu ke wajhe se mai 2 nd hun!!!! By d way CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! For ur New thread Phuppi!!!! love you!!! Coming to update!! it was cutest update!!! They couldnt stop laughing, where in films we see flowers falling on the hero-heroine, here, BIRYANI was falling on them and the chicken piece was the cherry on the top! ROFL ROFL ROFL hilarious Zoya trusts Asad!!! Trust much needed thing In relationship!!! Congratulations Bano!!!!

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congo on new threadClapClap

awesome update 
loved it

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awww so happy that they are not very ackward

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