Chapter17: Rudra-Paro: Uska mere paas hona zaroori hai.

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Rudra's Chaachu...

That is the man you take home from today's episode inspite of some riveting and intense moments between Rudra and Paro.

He loves Rudra and like, loves him a lot and lot. He is the one who  acts as the hand of fate for Rudra and Paro - by giving Paro a glass of water, by tackling Paro with such sensitivity that he manages to stop her from shooting Rudra or shooting herself. He is the one who gives Paro a subconscious hope for the future , he is the one who stops other officers from taking even a step towards Paro. He is the one who fondly remembers Rudra as an innocent child , who misses his elder brother and Rudra...Seemingly a common face , a constable under Rudra , but he is his beloved Chaachu. Two scenes and he seeps into your heart- because he saves Rudra's and Paro's lives from an insane Paro. Because he manages to fill Rudra's eyes with tears  Because he gives hope to Paro in her suicidal hours. Because he convinces you that they maybe a disintegrated family , but he totally loves Rudra...Rudra did not look at his face even once - but his Chaachu  touched a chord in him and tears rolled down Rudra's eye corners...Haan, lagta hoga Rudra ko pyaar se darr zaroor , but that doesn't change the fact that the ones who love Rudra, they all love him for REAL. 

Coming to Rudra and Paro today - INTENSE writing and there is so much passion and emotional connection that even the running hatred screams of disguised sentiments.

Rudra , when he returns to the office, his first question is about 'Wo ladkee'. The moment he comes to know that she is unattended, he runs across the office complex , bleeding, in pain , staggering , but running to her as though his life depended on her- or maybe one glimpse of her. In the hospital, when he comes to his senses, his first question is about that girl - angry, desperate, possessive , almost violent - how is she? Why is she not here? Why  is she another ward? She has to be here - with me. The doctor's and Aman's reasons and pacifying dialogues, not withstanding , he wants to rush to Paro , even though he is no longer in a state to get up on his own. On the surface, its an abnormal worry for a witness who , in any case, is under protection. But if you read Rudra, its his unconscious rising need to keep her under his hawk-eyes. A fixation that will become more and more visible as the 'special witness' porcelain paint begins to chip away. 

Rudra knows no rest until Paro is brought to him - in his room, in front of his eyes, in his proximity. And even after she is brought a la sleeping beauty to him - his eyes , his attention stay on her. She sleeps under his amber gaze. Rules and regulations? Rudra makes paper rockets out of them and throws the doctor out of the room. Paro stays with him and that is that - You can decipher and interpret what you like, Rudra doesn't give a fig about it. 

From his intense possessive and almost obsessive protection charade, creatives take you to another interesting juxtaposition. Rudra and Paro protected each-other today, in a rather twisted manner. Paro's "nahin" in her nightmare convulsion stopped Rudra from taking tranquilizers. And Paro, undergoing a severe convulsion fit in her is controlled, restrained and calmed by Rudra. Its not like he really knew what to do - if he did, he wouldn't have been calling for a doctor or spending seconds to figure out what to do. IN THAT MOMENT, he knew what to do. It just came from the instincts within him - her body had to be restrained and then, her mind. He did both - restrained her body and what is not to be missed is how he put his hand protectively under her head so that she does not hit the steel bar of the cot. If you didn't know the story, you would never believe that he is the same guy who had held a gun to her head and manhandled her. .. In those moments, he cradled and calmed her like a baby. And yes, she looked like a baby indeed, in his arms. 

Rudra is both Paro's destroyer and her nurturer - interpret it as you like. 

Coming to Paro. She is still in PTSD- she flows in and out of it . She may have her bouts if 2-minute maggie noodle courage but she is TERRIFIED of Rudra . The way she drops the glass tumbler on seeing and hearing him, the way she retreats from Rudra even as he lies unconscious at her feet and knees. Paro is still not seeing him as an equal or a human being. He personifies terror for her and you can see it at various moments in today's episode. 

That said, the scene of the day is :

Paro taking aim at an unconscious Rudra lying at her feet , then, trying to shoot herself and finally, collapsing on her knees , sobbing - her tears falling on Rudra's face , the gun going off and the gunshot bringing Rudra back to semi-consciousness. And Chaachu being the voice of calm - saving Rudra and Paro in one go and giving hope to Paro. This scene is layered beautifully and you could pull a 100 interpretations out of it. The most basic one being - Rudra and Paro's relationship will always be wrought with the violence and silence of the heart. And this will always be the conclusion - one will collapse and the other will collapse next. 

On a lighter note for today, please do not miss the following:

1. Rudra bashing the doctor like a punching bag and making him wonder ki wo aakhir paida hokar doctor banke Rudra se kyun milaa?

2. Rudra reminding Aman that Paro is "Bhabhi hai teri"  by wishing him goodnight and basically telling him to get out. 

P.S- I think I am in love with Yahan-Bhi-Aman. LOL...He reminds of Saleema Beghum of Jodha-Akbar. Just like she is super-interested in JJ's love isshtory, Aman seems to be on the line of getting a new wardrobe to attend Rudra and Paro Bhabhi ki shaadi.

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Reserved-till I watch the episode!
Unres'd-Finally! I just caught the episode! Also, I have not been able to comment, regularly in a couple of your threads, I have been busy, but I did read your posts & I liked them a lot!
Onto the episode: Rudra-Paro scenes are beginning to seem like a work of art, so intricately woven with minute details-its a treat to watch! I love it! The Hospital scene was fantastic, obviously! I liked the scene in the interrogation room, too!
Ashish has been performing Rudra with such conviction, he has me saying 'What an ass!' everytime he is being a jerk! Well, he really is good!
Sanaya-is she just such a pleasure to watch or what! She does the most believable crying scenes I've seen on TV! The scene with the gun, showing a cornered, helpless Paro, grabbing the 1st opportunity she got to end her anger & misery was such a powerful scene!
Chacha seems to be nice, but I'll hold a neutral opinion on him until I see some more of him!
Yahan-bhi-Aman: because, he deserves a special mention, is my favourite thing in the show because he's Aman(we cannot have enough of those references), he's sensible & he's cute, plus, I crack up everytime I see him(blame the PP Posts by SJ)!
LOL at the red coloured poison-because a transparent, colourless fluid, simply doesn't look poisonous enough for Indian TV!
I liked the episode! My post seems abrupt, probably! I had a long day & I'm still trying to re-energize!
@MKM-amazing take on an episode with some of the best scenes in the show, yet!

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OH MY First Page...Shocked PartyDancing...No idea if it means anythingLOL
Woah... Rudra Rudra Rudra...so emotionally fragile.Cry  What is it that is keeping this guy standing?OuchEmotionally he is soo weak, one doesn't know who's door to lay the blame. The runaway mother, the bitter father, the extended family who despite loving him, looks like never maintained relations. And now Paro will enter his life & she believes he is the death of ALL her near, dear & beloveds.
Then there is His occupation where his or his colleagues life could go at any time.  Is that why he choose this? There is no attachment to anyone just do his job & when the time comes die in the field of duty. At least he was loyal to ONE Thing in HIS life.

Paro had only her Mamisa and from afar the Thakurainsa's love, that was enough to curb the fabric of her life disintegrating.

Rudra had everyone his own, his own father, own chaccha + family, yet ...he is ALONE. It was so Broken Heart watching that scene with his uncle. I don't know how, but when his Chacha asked to see him in the hospital, it just clicked with me, it would be him.  Although he maintained  a strong, indifferent front, keeping his chacha at a distance with their necessary positions, he could NOT STOP that tear rolling out.CryCryCry...

 I am at a loss with this character of Rudra. He is TOTALLY DESTRUCTIVE to himself and all around him. He doesn't nor will spare anyone. I don't know if it was you vicky, or someone in yr thread mentioned that no matter how much Paro or the others will love Rudra, his insecurities will always stop him from accepting.

Coming to the other part, I was shockedShocked, when Paro held a gun to her head. I know situations like these can compel someone in any direction, but it seemed totally contrary to her character.

The chacha saving his nephews life as well as his dilTongue... He is going to play a major role in getting Paro to understand Rudra and the why's and way he ticks.

Being a BSD officer, and aware of whom he us keeping Paro against to testify ...his senses are on hyper alert. I think he can feel the danger around her in every pulse of his veins.

I was waiting for that moment he was lifting the med to his mouth and right on cue Paro shouts 'no'Tongue... Not only Rudra, but they will both be each others protector  (unintentionally) and destroyer (intentionally)!!!LOL

Yes, the chacha scene took the cake today. He was guilty. His stance said it.

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Loved your post. Missed the first half. But ya, saw the hosp sceene...bye gta go.. Kal exam hai mereko..

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Amazing analysis as usual.. 
Such a breathtaking episode...
So gripping and I am completely spellbound by the last scene of Rudra calming Paro down...
Hats off SaNish.. Now that's called scorching chemistry...
Sanaya and Ashish both are gem of a  actor,  they are just living and breathing the characters of Paro and Rudra...

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Yet to watch the episode

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Originally posted by prpk525

Loved your post. Missed the first half. But ya, saw the hosp sceene...bye gta go.. Kal exam hai mereko..

Thank you. Study well and all the best for your exam. GOD bless you.Hug

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ohh  poor  aman,  why  Rudra  is  acting  rude  to  him??? LOL  may  be  scared  that  aman  might  have  an  eye  on  paro , there fore  told  him  to  get out , "aman  bitwaa  , yeh  tera  future  bhabhi hai" LOL
good  post,  ,  i  havent  watched  the  epi  but  looks  like  an  awesome  one  from  the  reaction  of  most  of  the  ppl  here Thumbs Up

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