Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

~| Happy Birthday BalamPichkaari aka Ritchelle. |~

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Visha: Guys! Faster come. It's time to watch Koffee with Karan!

Saraa: *sighs* There's nothing interesting about that. It's all scripted.

Visha: Nooo! I've heard speculations about someone very special coming in for tonight's episode! Didn't you check out the promos? 

Saraa: Now get the TV started, otherwise if you start talking, we're going to have to miss the entire showdown.

Visha: Oops *Silent*

*switches on the television*

"I'm baaack, bringing you stories you've never heard, the juicy bits on the boys and girls, the hottest stars, I'm baaack!"

*excited Visha and Saraa have their butts on the couch to see the special guest*

Karan: The guest we have tonight. She is still a teenager, she just recently joined India-Forums.

Sonia: OMG this one's gotta be me!

Saraa: *rolls eyes* calm down child. You've passed the teen years by far.

Karan: She got recognized for her outstanding contribution towards the Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai forum as Coolbie, then got promoted as Viewbie in early 2013. Within a timespan of barely three months, she got promoted to getting newer and better shows such as Ek Boond Ishq, and Nach Baliye Season 6. She is, none other than the gorgeous beauty, Ritchelle, aka BalamPichkaari! Lets welcome her on the hot seat to spill some beans Wink

As Ritchelle walks down the stairs, she is rather excited to see the baby piano set in the side, and it's hard for her to definitely ignore all the cups signed by celebrities. Lastly, her eyes fixate themselves on the couch that her favourites have sat on.

KJo leads the way for her holding her hand and Ritchelle cannot handle the excitement no more.

Karan: So Ritchelle, tell me how does it feel to be here? You seemed to be excited by the Piano more than my presence! Shocked

Ritchelle: I'm sorry Karan but I have this hidden talent. I have great passion for songs and musics. That pretty much sums up the reason of my username on IF which I really love.

*Gunia and Munni have by now joined Sonia, Saraa and Visha.*

Karan: Yes, moreover the name of the song you have as your username is a movie under my banner LOL But why BalamPichkaari? Why not Badtameez Dil or Dilliwali Girlfriend?

Ritchelle: Oh no, have the rapid fire round started already? Shocked Well Karan, there were too many Badtameez Dil on India-Forums already. Trying to stand out among the others, BalamPichkaari was it. More over, I love the song. Colors and excitement well describes my nature too. Its shocking that you don't know that about me Karan Confused

Gunia: Not bad yaar, she is going good so far Clap

Munni: I'm just waiting for the Rapid Fire round. Lets see how she gets caught Evil Smile

Karan: So tell me what brought you on India-Forums? 

Ritchelle: Basically the show Navya brought me to the forum. I loved the show and thought of it as an awesomesauce show as it was more youth based show.  I liked the show in the initial days cause of the romance and the college romance was very cute. Then it became saas-bahu and I was like mehhh. Initial few episodes till their graduation from uni was very nice. After that...no so much

Gunia: Atta girl!

Karan: So you are not a fan of saas-bahu saga?

Ritchelle: Nope, seeing the regular saas vs bahu is not my type of thing. I rather watch some fantasy movies instead. Something like Harry Potter?

Karan: Wait, so you are a Harry Potter fan also?

Ritchelle: Correction Karan. A HUGE HP fan. But I prefer canon. So Ron-Mione are my favorite HP pairing? But I like the entire trio + Weasleys + OoTP as well. Huge huge fan of Emma Watson as well.

Munni: Don't we all know that?! Hmph, her HP discussion has always annoyed the crap out of me!

Karan: Ahaaa, so you have crushes on girls also. If it's crushes on a bollywood actress, who would it be then?

Ritchelle: Deepika Padukone. 

Karan: Okey, so you happen to have crush on girls too Wink

Ritchelle: There is nothing wrong in this Karan LOL

Karan: So we did had a well intro with Ritchelle. So coming up is the Rapid Fire round and we shall get Ritchelle to spill more beans. Stay tuned.

*After the break*

Welcome back and we are in conversation with Ritchelle and this round is about to get hot as we have a hamper for grab. This is my favorite round as its the Rapid Fire round.

Ritchelle: Oh no, this is the part i was getting goosebumps all the time Confused

Karan: Firstly i want you to do the Coffee Swear. 

Ritchelle: I swear on my IF Username Tongue

Karan: Haha, lets start  and here it goes.

Ritchelle: Hope they don't kill me for this. Saraa and Gunia Tongue

Saraa: WHATTT... A ring, ladies and ladies! I wear a ring! LOL

Karan: Okey, we shall move on to the next round now.

Ritchelle: I'm so tensed Karan. This is just not me LOL

Karan: React in one word for the following people. Gunia

Ritchelle: Best-Mate *smirks towards the camera*

Karan: Visha

Ritchelle: Neighbors

Karan: You both are neighbors for real?

Ritchelle: *laughs* Nah, our countries are neighbors LOL

Karan: I seee, Saraa

Ritchelle: Work-a-holic *hmph-ing*

Karan: Ahaaa... Sonia?

Ritchelle: Buddy *grins widely*

Karan: Playing safe ah.. At gunpoint if you had to kill Munni, what would you do? 

Ritchelle: I shoot the person pointing the gun because I love Munni, she's awesomesauce! Hug

Karan: WOW! Now rank the following in their humor ability. Gunia, Saraa, Visha, Munni and Sonia. 

Ritchelle: Hmm.. Gunia, Saraa, Munni, Sonia and Visha

Visha: WHATTT! She thinks i'm not funny? Hmppp!

Karan: Well Ritchelle, I think we have done with the Rapid Fire round. I shall announce if you get the gift hamper or not after this. But before that, we had given a task to your friends to look for you a groom. And do you want to see the names they had suggested?

Ritchelle: Oh no, you didn't! I'm wondering what names they would have suggested.

Karan: But before that, lets take a short break and we shall return with our 'Gabru Jawaan' segment next Wink

Saraa: If you still don't know what's going on in here, then well, let us enlighten you.

Visha: This

Sonia: *takes the microphone* Is

*takes the microphone from Sonia* Ritchelle's

Munni: *screams at the loudest she possibly can* Birthday bash! Dancing

Saraa: And we managed to get Karan's help in this Big smile

But on a serious note, taking a minute away from all of this! The 4 of us (Gunia, Sonia, Visha, Munni and Saraa) would like to add something to *maybe* embarrass Ritchelle, because no party is over without the birthday girl/boy feeling..guilty for talking a wee bit too much! LOL

It all started on the day when Ritchelle decided to talk toMunni about her birthday plans. Let's just say that the birthday girl was very upset to not see any birthday planning. She hunted and hunted all around IF but to her disappointment, she saw nothing in regards to her birthday thread. That is when she might have thought of talking to her friends about her birthday thread and how she wanted it look. Don't believe us? Look at the screenshots below then:

And that is not where it ends, she had declared the week of her birthday as "Ritchelle's Birthday Week" while talking to Visha on Facebook as well.

And then approximately, 5 and half hours before her birthday (IST) she had decided to start talking about her birthday yet AGAIN!

In other words, we love you, Ritch. Remain the same enthusiastic chick!

appy_indy-KD for the graphics.

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Karan : Welcome back and we are in conversation with Ritchelle. So Ritchelle, like i said before the break.. We had asked your friends around on what do they think should be your prospective groom and lets see what your friends have said.

Ritchelle : Am i supposed to be happy or sad?

Karan : We shall see that now LOL


Munni: Meri Pyari behania banegi Dulhani ... sings dreamily *

Visha: You have a sister Shocked and her marriage Day Dreaming

Gunia: Naaa Munni doesn't have a sister, which is why all her friends are her behnas! LOL

Saraa: Ohhh wait a sec, are u talking talking about Ritch?

Sonia: Her marriage Shocked When? How? She didn't even tell me! *sulks in a corner*

Munni: Naaa it's not her marriage, I am searching for a groom for my behna Embarrassed

Gunia: And how would u that ?

Saraa: Rishta.com ROFL

Visha: Munni knows Ritch's choices na.

Sonia: So there goes Rishta.com version 2 ROFL

Munni: Ruko yaar... rule #1 to the eligible Gabru Jawan for my Behna Embarrassed

Gunia: Is she for real !! she would dump her BF for a nickname?! Shocked

I wouldn't ever do that.

Sonia:  You are not Ritch! *Hmph * And the guy should very creative Wink

Munni: And for the next one, the guy should be very rich 

Saraa: Huh?! What's the next one? Tongue

Visha: London
Sonia:  Norway 
Gunia: Are you playing antakshari with places Confused

Sonia: Nope it's a requirement from the birthday girl.  Wink

Saraa: Huh?! You guys are confusing me!  Confused

Munni: Isn't that super easy to find gabru jawan for my behna Embarrassed

Gunia: Let's find out what her friends think, perhaps?

Visha: This sounds like a segment in KWK Wink

Sonia: VishVish, come out of your KWK LOL

Saraa: So here's the list of Gabru Jawan's picked by Ritch's friends.

Who else than Siddhart Malhotra? Wink I think you and Sid make a great pair. Big smile His looks.. he's hot girl! Blushing And you're no less! Approve So shaadi to banti he. But.. don't forget to invite me! Stern Smile

Ritch i want u to get married to Salman..as i love bhai...bass...

Ur Gabru Jawan Wink

My Gabru Jawan for Ritchelle is Ranbir Kapoor TongueCool because he is simply awesome .

Siddharth Malhotra

I feel Ranveer will fit her best! Shocked Ranveer of TBP? LOL Yes, age wise look wise they'll make a rapchik and cute couple Tongue

I think the fiction character Virat from EHMMBH, Ritcy is sweet, pristine n classy in her conductTongue so one of them should be a nautanki Wink to spice things upLOL

a gabhru jawaan for you has to be someone other than ranbir (he has my copyrights Wink)
so for you i wanna choose kavi shastri, coz a, you like him, and b, he acts real well, with a serious intensity.. so yeah, him...

Gabru jawan.. possible match.. i don't know her that well.. but going with "BalamPichkaari".. I'd say Ranbir Kapoor.. :)


P.S; Rich boy se yaad aaya, how is this gabru jawaan as your hone wala woh?Wink

*runs away*

Karan : So Ritchelle, what do you think about your friend's suggestions?

Ritchelle : I'm actually shocked. Some got it right while some made me shocked but in a good way LOL

Karan : Well Ritchelle, we actually have more surprises for you.

Ritchelle : More Surprises? Shocked What else?

Karan : Before that, let me give you the gift hamper but we had made some changes this time. We shall give you a cake instead Big smile

*Brings in the cake singing 'Happy Birthday' song*

Ritchelle : ShockedShockedShocked

Karan : Well Ritchelle, firstly.. Happy Birthday to You!!!! And your friends had informed us of your birthday and we had decided to make it special for you.

Ritchelle : I am seriously lost for words. My friends know i like the show but to give me  a birthday surprise like this was a total surprise and i totally love you all.

Karan : Ritchelle, it was great having you on our show and we wish you once again  'Happy Birthday' and below is love your friends have showered you and hope you have a great fun.

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Ritchelle, here are some love and messages from your Development Team members: 

*See the gift below*

Wishing Balam Ritchkaari LOL many many happy returns of this day. May this day bring in lots of joy, happiness and memories to cherish for a life time. Have an amazing day. Enjoy!

E N J O Y  your day to the  F U L L E S T... P a r t y  hard, P a r t y  all night! Cool

*See the gift below*

A very happy birthday Ritch!!! Enjoy this day and don't go crazy over the sweets!!! Wink And if you do remember to save some from all your friends here on IF! Wink

Hey Ritch,
Many Many Happy returns of the Day. Here's wishing you a prosperous and successful year aheadHeart. Have a wonderful dayHug


Ritchelle, Wishing you Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day.
May your birthday brings a whole lot of happiness in your world and May be always be blessed.
Happy Birthday Ritch

With Love,

Happy Birthday Ritch Party

May all your wishes and dreams come true. May this coming year bring you loads of success and happiness into your life. It's been a pleasure working with you and getting to know you! Have a great day and year ahead Hug

Lots of love, 

Hey BP..A very very happy bday to you...
God bless...And rock the yearBig smile

Hey Ritch!

So we met exactly 3 months agoLOL Time sure flies by fast, eh? LOL I was a bit nervous at first about working together as I had no idea who you were. But I'm glad that we got along from Day 1. Plus you're always on top of your game and very hardworking, so even that worked as a motivation factor for me.
Apart from the IF stuff, I do enjoy the random conversations, especially those that end with Harry Potter LOL
And now I'm just blabbering! But I think you got the point ROFL
Now back to the main event,

Many many many more happy returns of the day !
I hope this year truly turns out to be one of a kind for you and that you are blessed with happiness at each step! You totally deserve the best! Cool


Smiles and laughter, joy and cheer
New happiness that stays throughout the year
Hope your birthday brings all these and more
Filling life with surprise and joys galore

Happy Birthday BP

May all your wishes and dreams come true! May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer.  The candles on your cake won't start a fire if you don't light them, but that isn't what candles are for. Keep lighting up the world on your birthdayCool

Loads of Love,


Many Many Happy Returns of the Day, Ritchie. I cannot believe its my ladys birthday today and she is getting one year buddhi ShockedLOL You are such an amazing person so continue to be amazing and ROCK the upcoming year. Do NOT work on your day, take if off and enjoy. Have an amazing year and may all of your dreams come true. NB toli expect treat and cake from you *hmph*



*See the gift below*

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Ritchelle, here are some love and messages from the Bollywood Buzzers, Coolbies and other friends


Happy Birthday to the craziest, whackiest, weirdest and the smartest person I know HugPartyDancing

Here's your birthday cake (so what if you don't like cakes, you just have to cut it and give it back to meLOL)

AAAND Here's your birthday gift Embarrassed

Oh oops...Shocked

Sorry that was the only thing I could manage at the last moment.LOLLOL

Jokes apart, I am seriously angry with you because you didn't visit Lucknow this ChristmasAngry, but because I love you dearly, I forgive you with all my dil se Cool, and pray that you soon become a hugely successful and rich girl and marry a rich boy so that we can open a production house together Tongue.

With lots of lowe>earbuds
Nams Big smile

Happy birthday, Ritchelle! 

Here's wishing all the dreams you dreamed all come true. Have a good one!


PS: Can you please direct me to where all the cookies are at?

Hai Ritchelle Smile
I dnt know much about u and u dnt knw me..we never interacted here .hope we will get a chance someday. .but I love to wish ppl on their birthdays, so on ur special day I Wish you a very happy birthday .May life lead you 2 great happiness success and hope that all your wishes comes true! enjoy your day. Hug
mariyam Smile

*See the gift below*

May god bless you with lots of love, happiness and success ... Wish every moment of this year to be yours.  Have loads and loads of fun filled wonderful Birthday... And yea, don't forget to send my cakes..!!

Happy Birthday

*See the gift below*

Many Many happy returns of the day Dear!!
I wish that your life blossoms into many of your most cherished desires come true.
Happy Birthday!


*See the gift below*

Hey Ritchelle Wishing you a great birthday.Have a blast and enjoy each moment of this day.  Its your day and have all fun around. May your life be filled with luck,health and happiness. Happy Birthday hun


Ritchelle wish u many many happy returns of the day Hug
Hope u have a wonderful year ahead filled with loads of love, happiness, fun, laughter and success Smile

*See the gift below*


Happyy birthdaay RitchHug
Wish you a long life full of everything you need and want !! Big smile
May all you wishes come true !! Heart 

- Swetha

Hey Ritch! Hug Warning you.. I'm very bad when it comes to birthday wishes. Sleepy Wish you a really really happy birthday girl. Big smile May God bless you with lots of happiness and success. You're so cute and adorable and I am so glad to have you as my friend! Approve All thanks to you for pming and asking me to update NB. TongueLOLEmbarrassed But got to know you better after BC. Smile 
Keep shining like a star and have a great year ahead. Star 
Although I'm not good with creations.. made something for you! Embarrassed
Lots of love, hugs and kisses,

*See the gift below*

Happy Happy Happy Birthday Ritchelle!!!!! Hug Party

Wishing you all the best for your special day and may all your dreams and wishes come through!!! I hope the year ahead of you be successful with lots of love, peace and happiness!!!


*See the gift below*

Ritcy my pal.. Happy Birthday!Party
You have been always so kind and warm.. retain that awesomeness in u.
May you get all the Happiness, Love and Success in life.Big smile
God bless you.

Love & regards

*See the gift below*

Dearest Ritchie...
Sabse pehle toh big waala happy-da-birthday hai...
I don't know what to say when it comes to bday wishes...
So i shall just type whatever floats my boat, and yours tooWink
Mistaken Identity, that's what made me familiar with you (plus your username is ranbir ka gaana Tongue)
but things were cleared out (no thanks to Saraa for mentioning that to you)
anyways, later you joined BC, and i really like the person I know
totally amazing, that's what yo are...
so i just hope, pray and wish to God that you keep being this amazing person in BC, and happy birthday once again...
- pooja

Here's wishing you a very Happy Birthday, Ritch!!! :) It's been great working with you. May god shower you with lots of love, happiness and success. Hope you always stay blessed. God Bless! Eat lots of cake and party hard. 



Happy Birthday Ritch
I wish you a happy and cheerful life ahead. Happy birthday. Live every moment, today and always
Wish you all the best thing in life..! Hope ur all dreams comes true! I"m so happy that I have a sweet friend like you! I love you a lot..! And will always love Sweetheart! God bless you!! Enjoy your day with your family and friends!
Many birthday hugs from me! Love you! Heart


Happy Birthday Ritch! I hope you have a wonderful birthday filled with lots of sweets and smiles. You are an amazing person and it has been great getting to know you more through BC! Always stay the way you are. Lots of hugs and kisses. 


Happy Birthday Ritchelle!!  
Hope you have a wonderful day and a great year ahead.


*See the gift below*

Happy Birthday Ritchelle.. I wish you a great day and great year ahead with smiles, laughter and joy. I don't know you very well.. but i hope we can in the year that's to come.. :)


Heyy Ritch! 

Happy Birthdayyy! 
Have a great one. May this year proof to be one of great success and joy for you! 
Keep smiling! 
Love Ju!

happy birthday ritchie Hug

*See the gift below*

Happy Birthday Ritchelle Hug Hope you have a lovely day and may all your dreams and wishes come true Embarrassed

Hello Ritch,

Many Many Happy Returns of the day huns. May you have a great time and all your wishes come true.

I haven't interacted with you much but whenever i saw you the song invariably comes in my mouth...hope to work with you soon... have a blast.

*See the gift below*


Wish you a many many happy returns of your Birthday Balampichkaari. Have a blast with your near and dear God bless you.

*See the gift below*


Happy Birthday Pichkaari :) 

May your birthday and every day this year be filled with the warmth of hugs, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of being loved , the 

Saumya Heart

*See the gift below*


Happy Birthday Ritch! Big smile Haven't interacted with you much, but from what I've heard you are someone who everyone wants to work with, so looking forward to talking to you in the future! Hope you have a rocking year ahead girl!

I have a small gift for you, its not great since I'm a beginner. Anyways I hope you still like it. Embarrassed

Lots of Love,

*See the gift below*

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Ritchie!!! Love!!! I get an entire post to explain how much I love you and how much I wish you have an awesome day! And I need to make it epic since it's the first one! Wow... I feel the pressure now! But I think I can handle writing a book about you! LOL

Btw, did we manage to surprise you?! You're such an inquisitive person! We had to work so hard to keep this a semi-secret LOL But it all worked out! Yay! 

Anyways, on to the wishes! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY girl Hug It's your day to relax and PARTAYY... woot woot Party Definitely do something awesomely amazing and then tell me all about it!! I need to live vicariously through you for the next 6ish months, so get started on living king size Wink

But seriously though, I am so glad I got to know you through EHM and the Cool Crew Cool You deal with my nonsense with a smile - from my whining about school and venting about my sucky life to my random 2 AM calls and illogical talks!  Even though I can be such a sucky friend at times with my random disappearances, you're always there! And I love you for that! Your friendship is definitely something I really really cherish Hug I think I can keep going on and on about my sentiments, but you know them all, so I'll just end this wish with the hope that your 20th year is your best yet and you get everything you wish for on your special day!

You know me and my lazy self... so it's still under construction! But it will be here soon... in a few hours or so!  

Gabru Jawan: 
So we just talked about this recently! LOL So I'll be nice and pick someone you actually like, even though I think you would make a wonderful couple with *cough* Kushal *cough*! I'll say Shivin Narang and his awesome accent and good looks. You'll make some cute babies Wink Though I still don't understand what mystical accent you are talking about! And remember how you gave me a long clip to watch to hear his accent... and the guy didn't talk through the entire thing! That was an epic fail! But yea, go stalk and marry him... and you better invite me to your wedding  Wink And make it happen soon! ROFL

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Ritch oh Ritch! 

What shall i say or where do i start from? Since i was given an entire post for my wishes, i better have something good to say LOL Actually i think our first interaction was on a promotion thread when you congratulated me and i was like 'When did you became a Viewbie' kinda thing. Then after that, we didn't really had much convo and i came across your profile on FB and i was like 'WHATTT', she is from Singapore. We are neighbors. And soon that came on our way was the DT Awards. We totally bonded through that awards thread and from there, i gained a very close friend. You should know you are a special friend as we share many things together like foods, 'woh' and also our conversation in Malay. And when you were away for a break, i totally felt bored as i was missing my chat partner. So you were one of the best thing that happened in 2013 and it was a great pleasure to have known you. Friendly, hardworking and humor best describe you. I really do hope that we get to work together as a team really soon Wink I wonder if you believed when i said i had not got any wishes for your birthday thread as i myself was doing it LOL The silly me talked so much and i didn't even wish you yet Confused

So Ritch, Selamat Hari Jadi and may god bless you always. 

Hmmm, your Gabru Jawaan shall be... Aditya Roy Kapoor. I think your name shall be super cool with his name added to yours. Ritchelle Roy Kapoor LOL

I know you have an endless list of likes but i selected the best among the best and came up with this masterpiece. So you are forced to use this in your siggy box Tongue

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Sooo you're finally twenteen Ritch! Hug Hug Hug

We're all very well aware about how excited you are. LOL

I wish you the best of success and happiness in everything you do! Today's your day, so party hard, and demand whatever you want from us. Tongue I remember back in the day when we barely knew each other, and things started to change once we began talking, or I should say spamming the EHM thread! From being strangers, to hello hi friends, to good friends, to cool crew members, and everything that we've done together, I've had the best time with you! I sometimes laugh at myself for whining to you about the nonsense I smell, but I know you love me and you tolerate all the crap I say. Anyway, before I go off topic and get all emotional, have a greaaat birthday on and off India-Forums, don't work up yourself too much, you've just grown a whole year older. Brace yourself, old age is not too far ROFL If I were to start saying stories about how I got to know the real -ritchelle- and her transformation to BalamPichkaari, I think I can write a whole essay. Remember that you're just amazing the way you are, and you don't need to change for shizzle. 


PS- I think we need to skype. I mean ALL of US.
PPS- Skype cos we need to discuss your wedding.
PPPS- And babies.
PPPS- And whine about the world being dumb, apart from us. ROFL

Loveee youuu forever and beyooond! Hug


Your Gabru Jawaan is Taran Adarsh! YES! He's the perfect soulmate for our beloved Ritch. Ah come on you people! Don't go by the looks! Ritch isn't looking for a Ranbir Kapoor, or a hero-like guy. She wants someone who understands her well, someone who connects with her; and since she LOVES appreciating and criticizing various tv shows, series, movies, actors, songs etc on FB, who BETTER than Taran will understand her feeling? Taran can come with two benefits. First, he will be on the same profession as Ritch, both can sit and fight over whose opinion is right. Second, from ranting on FB, Ritch will get an upgrade to cover a show alongside her "woh" on ZeeTV! Sooo whooop! Three cheers for our RitchRan! *notice the irony, Ritch-Ran* ROFLROFLROFL you know ILYSM Heartxx. TongueWink

*Go on to the second page to see messages from Munni and Saraa*

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