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Blast from the Past Thread #23!!Catch up and some ott!! pg 114 epi 230 (Page 137)

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Originally posted by ArshiHamesha


rshi's Index  



Titliya ,Sanka Devi, Parmehwari and all, Buaji gave these names to Khushi but if you ponder upon,all of these are associated with transformation ,a metamorphosis process .Butterfly , different crazy layers for survival and Parmeshwari as Parvati ,Devi Maiya with tiger next to it to control the transformation of nature for bringing new colors everyday by opening layers upon layers.All these are bringing changes in Arnav's layered nature and today's epi is showing that.Today's epi is my King's episode whose shrewd and killer attitude along with his varying emotions showed the real meaning of this story to me.Barun is simply maginificent...


"Kuch rishte ajeeb bandhan main bandhe hote hai"...[Some relations have a strange bond] ...Khushi will understand the pull of this later but he is realizing it today.  Trust Binding accords need the link of trust but these walls are shaking with Arnav's fall.His trust on Khushi is shaking his feet to move forward.As I mentioned in 228,Shyam's words " "Khushiji, iss golmol ke chakkar ko todiye, aur apne khayalon ko alag ki jiye aur phir sochiye"? are applying on him and this whole episode showing his confused, conflicted, and quizzical side at each step in between his heart and mind..He knows for sure Khushi's concerns and cares were so genuine but he is getting entangled in his own web of painted pictures of her which is making him flummoxed and ambiguous ever than before.He has patches of bandage which can't cover his whole wound.Khushi took care of his office matters regarding with "Sethis"...,his throat ,and covered him from Nani and Anjali.This much info he is processing when his heart shows him her innocent and caring side that she can't even think to commit anything against his sister but his mind directs him otherwise because he has seen Khushi and Shyam together after Heer Ranjha  which triggered his heart to pin her down.That toned down by her silence and absence and his heart calmed down with her glimpse after two days.Now he knows her concerns but he is equating em with her "swami avatar" but his heart beats for her true and genuine care..Excellent nuances and acting of Barun made me spell bounded and helped me decoding his war within a lot in this epi.


1-Triquetra ,which always remains in between Arnav-Khushi and Anjali because three of these are bonded together tightly and Anjali is the epicenter who always keeps this accord together in all weathers.

2-But there is another temporary Triquetra Arnav-Khushi-Shyam [outsider] because here Khushi is the epicenter but according to Arnav's brain he is the center because he is fighting with two of them Khushi and Shyam because they want to ruin his Di's life together.Arnav is tackling Shyam in his way till Shaym's next move but his judgments against Khushi are proving wrong.All of his shrewdness is making him damn confused and putting his intelligent aside in understanding Khushi's innocence .

~"The greatest conflicts are not between two people but between one person and himself."~ Garth Brooks

Anjali is the one who binds their accord as always and today she tells him how Khushi took care of him all night and the moment Anjali mentioned - "Humain khushi hai ke tumne apne liye eik aisa jeevan saathi chuna hai jiske liye tumhari sehat aur tumhara khayal rakhna sabse ziada zaroori hai", Arnav couldn't match his eyes with Anjali's.A lot of emotions like bewilderment, confusion, confliction, anger and slyness were lingering in these seconds on his face over Khushi's acts .He was amazed to know that his Di has not only accepted Khushi but also approved too.But He knows the girl ,his Di loves is after her husband.He also has seen Khushi and Shyaam's encounter twice, he is aware of her taking care of his family and Anjali, now he knows she has taken care of him and he also has experienced that Khushi knows deeply the meaning of his silence and managed to convey the message he wanted to. All these factors are enough to challenge his intelligence as Khushi said"baazi tou palat gayei kyuonkeh fadak tou aapko pdta hai, pyar,mohabbat,ishq se..." and now he has to change the game plan to come out of this confused circle and keep her on her toes to justify his actions.

1st Triquetra Arnav -Anjali-Khushi  is getting over shadowed by 2nd Triquetra Arnav-Khushi- Shyam here. I am going to join couple of scenes here to get the bottom of this.Anjali's words," humare Chote apno ki pareshani ko door karne keh liye jhoot bhi bol sakte hain." [our Chote can lie for the ppl he cares for] ... are showing her sister's concerns to him without knowing the reality of Arnav's relation with Khushi or his own equation with Khushi from which he is very much unaware of too.His interaction with his Di is totally different than his Khushi.Anjali is his sister and Khushi is the one who is after his Di's marriage.He can't forget the Shyam and Khushi's created image in his mind"Chup gaya hai..."[It has been printed] ...But still he can't hide showing his Right , Command, Dominance, and Control over Khushi.


Pondering connected Dots: Payesh Mehndi when he comes late and became ecstatic seeing Khushi worried for him and turns the table to relieve her from that worrisome avatar"Tou tumhain kya fadak padta hai."[Why does it matter to you]..and her abruptly confessing her concerns makes the luckiest man of this planet.."Fadak padta hai..."[It matters.]...But he answers his Di in a totally different way by keeping his hawking eyes at his prey "waise acha  hua main gaya, pata toh chala mujhe kitna miss kiya jata hai"[It's good to know how much I've been missed by going away]...His approach towards different people and situation is totally different.

We can see this in future too when his anger remembering Shyam's words and Anjali's stubbornness to bring him back makes him to break vase but when Khushi comes he calms down just by her presence.Even connect this with his interaction as a child to his mother by breaking the Rose plant and all.He reacts according to his situation with different emotions and with his pure heart.Right now Khushi is not standing at that purity pledge for him and he will react differently and that exactly happened but Anjali is the foundation of their relation and today again her advice is making him not only confused and but also conflicted with his unaccepted emotions which only can see her purity from all sides.

When Khushi came with the tea, Arnav remembered Anjali's praised words ""Humain khushi hai ke tumne apne liye eik aisa jeevan saathi chuna hai jiske liye tumhari sehat aur tumhara khayal rakhna sabse ziada zaroori hai" [I am happy you have selected the perfect partner for yourself for whom your health and care is the upmost duty]...He hated to see his Di approval for this gal who asked her hubby to leave her.His emotions change right away and I loved seeing him gulping , folding the paper like he is folding his vulnerability in his shrewdness by gulping his slightest guilt.He has to keep playing with these two ppl who are after his Di.But he is making Khushi confused more than ever ,YES he wants to keep her sparring with him forever so she has a chance to make mistake "kitte dinno se janti ho mujhe"[since how long you've known me]... and he can take over this whole situation and honestly I felt for this poor soul here who is sinking in this shallow sand without any straw to hold on to.

 ymbolism and connection:Here comes his slip, his fall this morning right after waking up... He knew and observed her care and concern for him but he dejected himself from that and kept her at the same spot that she is a betrayal and actor and that's all.I absolutely don't blame him.He is 200% right in his way of thinking.

 He wants Khushi to believe that he won this round because  he was tired of her overdose  of her LOVE. He knows Khushi's concern was real but the epicenter of his anger is Anjali who is unaware of Khushi's the fact that Anjali is unaware of Khushi astute nature. Barun's expressions  and my Psychology  boring classes paid off here to understand the real meaning of his actions . Love Love Love Barun today and that's why I said it was his epi.

 PONDERING CONNECTED DOTS:Arnav's statement to Khushi -"Pehele yeh bataao, poori raat pareshaan hokar kaisa lagta hai? Kaisa laga bina galti kiye guilty feel karna", .[How does it feel to be at guilt without doing anything wrong ? do you feel staying up  all night being worried...haan] ...I love this dialogue of Arnav  because this is what he was trying since yesterday, to make her feel that her actions always hurt him . He wanted her to realize how her actions since guest house incident were making him restless and at the top she never gave him a chance to justify himself.The resignation day Khushi's words "aap haarte bahut bure hain Mr. Raizada, kyunki haarne ke baad bhi aap yeh nehin manenge ki galti aapki thi". But did she ever let him explain.

Then Teej and the store room, all these places he tried to clear his side but she didn't let him.He has spent many nights up with guilt .Even the night his heart first time got his beat , or the night when she was being tortured being engaged with Shyam.But the most torturous on , their wedding night when she was in shattered state by the pool without guilt and he was on the recliner with the guilt.

             I love Khushi who is more determined to continue "Swami, pyar , ishq,mohabbat " act. I don't blame this girl who was ready to be hungry and punish herself for her actions  but ends up having biscuit talk with Lakhmiji .How can any one blame her for her irritations over this confused and conflicted nature guy.At least not me... 

Now when Anjali took him to her room and explained him to meet the eye of his real action vs shrewd action.She took him to the ride which always makes him emotional.She reminded him how he lied to her for making her feel better and  my grabber is his worry over Anjali's words " iss liye keh hum jante hain tum Khushiji ko iss tarah se" where he stopped her right in the middle with the fear that she might know about their marriage. Barun's expressions throughout that scene are mind blowing, simply fantabulous.

 .Pondering connected dots:This scene took me straight to the night when Anjali met with an accident .He was totally shattered and devastated but that day Anjali's advice made him come out from his flirty shrewdness to embrace the courage to just follow the rhythm of his heart,towards his LOVE ""Hum jisse sabse ziada pyaar karte hain usey kabhi door jaane nahin dena chahiye, kisi bhi halaat main".[ We never let that person go away in any situation ,the one we love the most.] and that...

 Today, the same way Anjali helps him to meet his own eye in frot of the mirror"Isse pata chalta hai tumhein Khushiji ka kitna khayal hai aur kitna, yeh toh shayad tum bhi nahin jaante chote", Arnav couldn't meet his eyes in the mirror because he knows, he has hurt and crushed Khushi's innocent heart one more time. He knows her concerns for him are genuine and real and her eyes never lie to him , NEVER... Anjali one more time showed him the way towards her, towards his own heart to meet this confusion and confliction within and again one name slips through his concerned voice "Khushi" without whom he can't live.

                       Pause here: Loved the mirror use and reflections here. Especially the one where Arnav turns back to the mirror and remembers the  FBs of Khushi's concern and how he buried her concerns in her fake acting to shatter her pure soul. Love when he lowers his eyes for being so ashamed of his actions. Now he will use "Shyam's words to dissect each situation to dilute his confusion and to solve his confliction and that will help him later when he will be away from Khushi in abducted hands. 

Symbolism and connection: The glass is broken on Arnav' side which refers broken accords in his life since from his past and that is so beautifully shown here.His past is full of it but he is trying hard to keep his Di's life intact but his own is still shattered as his own shadow is at the top of broken glass [Sohara this is for you],but Anjali's words"nahin jane daina chahiye" is going to mend his over time and he will never let her go no matter what.

 Other side on a light note, Mamiji is slowly slowly accepting her son's happiness and giving them space while these two are coming closer physically every time but how much by heart ,that is a different story.

Loved the kitchen scene for two reasons, 

1-Anjali and Payal were both worried for their siblings and Anjali witnessed Khushi's genuine concern which remains always there even when she resents her later .

2-If Khushi was in the middle of these pillars and is the pillar herself keeping these two safe , standing at their positions , married and happy and all 



Arshi, comprehensive lovely take,
I esp loved what u said about he didn't like Di approving Khushi.. tahts what triggered yhis whole thing, of all his natak of faade of a natak yesterday. Thoroughly throroughly enjoyed the ride through those brilliant love blooming initial epi and the connection to how it feels to be awake all night. I can watch those epis and read about them almost for ever.
Very very apt quote, if one realizes what one truly would be happy with life that itself is a great victory.
And the mirror, for ever used best in our show.. the this is the bestest for me.. where he refuses to see the mirror after that realization of his love till now when Anj forced him to..
 I thought while looking into the mirror, he was only scared face his inner self which still loves her although externally he tries to push her away, and let her NOT get any credit for all her concern not sure if he was feeling guilty for hurting her again today.
Enjoyed your take for an interesting epi Arshi. Why NO pms??

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Indi, I will be back to your posts and 230 in a bit. I am dying to read what you have to say about this intriguing epi.. or so I saw it as..
Just read Faiqa's
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Originally posted by indi52



i know, i was hoping that i would be able to let this epi go and be thrilled about all the elaborate showing of love, both conscious and unconscious...

but something struck a funny note.

if you read what i have written later, i actually do not disagree with anything you say about this character... and i understand him as i understand him... we all will have individual takes on him. but something about this execution did not feel right... while lying there irritable, hating her loving her and grumbling "god knows kab aayegi" did.

some things can't be explained.

i love asr in mirror scenes... i adore his many confusions and levels of existence, his conscious acts, his subconscious underpinnings, his unconscious constant need of this woman he loves, who has become so much to him that even when he believes she is downright dangerous for his sister's happiness he can't stop loving her... 

yeah, that much he does love her... and his subconscious knows it while his conscious rejects it.

but here some gadbad, the way i perceive things.

sorry, my take had my confusion in it perhaps...

my only real take away from this episode is, it is about "pehchaan", about getting to recognise yourself... both for asr and khushi... since they will keep doing things unconsciously that show love while thinking they hate.

she will stop her mother from giving him sweets even as she plans to torture him. he will switch off that airconditioner because she shivered... things like that. beautiful things. 

Indi , I just read both now what I can say which you read mine as two unconscious ways of dealing conscious and unconscious is applied at both.Khushi is not exempt from this either.She is having the same as him , the only difference is not at that extreme.

Their "pehchaan" starts with each other and finishes with each other.They both have a severe past but Khushi got loving parents who didn't let her fall in the black hole of cruel life but there was no one who could save him and he went too far in this twister of black hole that every simple thing is like "chup gaya hai" and that's why even he knows she is not at GUILT but he can't let go off that night and Shyam's HOLD on her , his embrace on her...Her words are diluting with the friction within this twister each day but he still loves her and that's what he can't let her snatch away from his cozy embrace while spinning in this twister and she is not letting him lose himself in this dark hole either because she is on the other side of his cozy embrace.

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Arshi, comprehensive lovely take,
I esp loved what u said about he didn't like Di approving Khushi.. tahts what triggered yhis whole thing, of all his natak of faade of a natak yesterday. Thoroughly throroughly enjoyed the ride through those brilliant love blooming initial epi and the connection to how it feels to be awake all night. I can watch those epis and read about them almost for ever.
Very very apt quote, if one realizes what one truly would be happy with life that itself is a great victory.
And the mirror, for ever used best in our show.. the this is the bestest for me.. where he refuses to see the mirror after that realization of his love till now when Anj forced him to..
 I thought while looking into the mirror, he was only scared face his inner self which still loves her although externally he tries to push her away, and let her NOT get any credit for all her concern not sure if he was feeling guilty for hurting her again today.
Enjoyed your take for an interesting epi Arshi. Why NO pms??

Thnx Horizon, sorry ..may be a mistake while sending the PMs.You are the third person today complaining...

OK...He can't see himself in the mirror because  he saw  and felt his first Dhak Dhak in front of the glass and one word "Khushi" came to him and this is shaping now for next mirror reflection before he says sorry to her this marriage always makes him shattered the way he did it and that is what comes at the end...eik eik aansoo and har bar...chot ...

I explained this in the last page how his personality is taking shape and that is the reason he was feeling guilty ...when he was standing after Di's approval...he was in guilt and pain ...yes with anger because he knows what  she went through all n ight..he just couldn't see her pain  and when he comes to poolside , she comes with tea...the thing which triggered his anger was Di's words and he acted the way he did to make her angry but unconsciously he was relieving her and that is what Anjali made him look through the reflection.

Thnx again

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Originally posted by indi52

episode 230

truth was a mirror in the hands of god. it fell and broke into pieces. everybody took a piece of it, and they looked at it and they thought they had the truth.
~~~ rumi ~~~

it started with a fall. a big painful fall as arnav singh raizada slipped on something and lost his balance. it was chameli ka tel which khushi kumari gupta singh raizada had massaged into his hair the night before to make him feel better.

she looked on horrified, he raved at her. are you crazy? he asked the question not too politely. but she had put it on his head only to take care of him, showing that sneh nani ji had spoken of.

i wondered what was with that c oil thing. why out of the blue...

then came the beautiful reveal of a side of asr's personality... the way he loves. how he would never let anyone he loved feel guilty, he couldn't, he'd take the rap himself. it was totally (pronounced todally he he) engrossing and my jaw dropped at the kind of nuances shading this character. felt real... and sometimes, the karta type, especially those who have faced severe difficulties at a young age can be assiduous in their effort to make everything okay for those they love... to an extent that you feel like telling them to stop. to accept, everyone can grow up and face their own mistakes... but they do it out of gigantic love... you can't hate that. especially in asr, who is completely non interfering otherwise.

the episode puzzled me still. so we were being shown a lovely side of the gussa boy, but why, just to tell us how wonderful he is? felt empty.

as he stood before the mirror, and killed me with his looks, the word "pehchaan" to know someone, went through my head.

and i recalled the huskily delivered dialogue:
"kitna bhi jaan lo, kabhi kabhi kissi ko pehchanna bahut mushkil ho jata hai..."

no matter how much you know some people, sometimes to really know them is very difficult.

when his di turned him toward his own reflection, told him a little bit about himself, said she realised his action showed how much he loved khushi, i thought oh, okay... so that dialogue is really meant for him... he knows himself forever. yet he doesn't... not really.

and then i realised nor does khushi.
if lakshmi ji had turned around and articulated through her mehhh a simple question: why did you stay up the whole night, khushi, just because you're feeling guilty? would you have stayed up if you didn't think you were responsible for his condition in some way, would you have massaged that foul smelling oil into his long dark locks still? i am sure khushi would have said, "no", even though her heart would've answered something else. only the forlorn look on her face would have indicated things and we'd know how little she knew herself... or was willing to.

neither does he know his own self, his reason for doing things, nor she. both believe they dislike the other, and yet their actions say other things. she with down market chameli tel and he with elaborately set up lie by the pool, show and express the same thing...


a love they don't "know" of, yet their heart knows and expresses, even without their knowledge. in his case, his sister pointed him in the right direction... wish lakshmi ji were as useful.

oil and freeing her of guilt were details, they could have been anything..

as long as they were tell tale signs of an emotion, of feelings they had, and didn't know how valid and absolute those feelings were. how they were driven by these feelings, acting on their compulsions.

something seemed to indicate a track change, not the physical one of shantivan to gh, but the internal one. now on, they will again and again let slip expressions of care, of need, of desire, of love without really knowing why they were doing it.

because both are fighting hard not to love the other. they have even before shown signs of those feelings, gotten lost in each other, confessed during holi and on a stage before all, but somehow you get the feeling, it's all getting deeper, more compelling and now it feels like a certain turn at road is being taken.

maybe i've interpreted it all wrong... but i like the thought, so am going to stay with it.

especially those three women in the colours of a traffic signal, a tongue in cheek hint at crossroads and a change?

fall. stop start go. natak, sab kuch natak tha. kabhi kabhi kissi ko pehchaanna bahut mushkil ho jata hai. the episode was somewhere about all that.

paas mat aana mere...
how he whipped it out. why? why didn't he want her to come close to him? was it getting too hard to handle? he wanted to do things he had sworn not to?

she sleeps standing up and snores. hai re nand kissore, since when did khoosie bitiya need such funny ha ha writing. with her penchant for comedy, sanaya can make almost anything light frothy zany... but even writing ishtyle has changed track.

adrakwali chai shuruwat. why am i thinking this is interesting. and please... no wonder the man drinks coffee. give him some fine darjeeling in a bone china or porcelain teapot... tea leaves steeped not boiled.


three women in the colours of traffic light in the kitchen... khushi is stop... anjali start, payal go... hmmm, there's a change being signalled i felt even as i watched. a happiness... junction maybe? or am i imagining this because i know what's coming.

something nice about the kitchen at rm, i always get a good feeling around here. and there have been just too many nirvana bringing scenes here for me not to forget, this is sacred ground.

in akash's room an abnormal emotion... a little girl feels an infatuation with a much older cousin. might have been terribly interesting if they understood this emotion well and portrayed it. as it was, it was


and someone tells me, pilleejh... what was that love and cute stuff... luv kush? suddenly, in front of a kid and ma in law, the love birds are in full trill... seemed strange. and what's this love is a four letter word thing. then of course not to be outdone, along comes mami and teaches a nine year old to call her bhabi, sorry "bhabs", kbt. not the best place for a child to grow up i am thinking.

because no one bothered to work on the payal akash story or characters, somehow this sudden injection of lovey dovey felt awkward. the undercurrents made me uncomfortable. and if so much in love, why can't he tell his mom not to call his wife kbt? some day nand kissore no doubt will explain all this to me.

chhotey walks with news paper, a very tired and unwell air... was barun beginning to flag around this time?

"di main theek hoon" di, i am fine he says, exasperated curt.

"theek toh hogay hi na jab tumhare biwi ne raat bhar jaag ke tumhara khayal rakkha hai..." di is sugary sweetness and happy, of course you'll be fine, your wife stayed up the whole night and took care of you.

a long look, a certain unhappiness in chocolate eyes, an anger most beautiful in its quiet smoulder...


"ab yeh mat kehna ki tumhe pata nahin hai," now, don't say you didn't know, continues the smiling elder sister.

"pata hai di..." he knows and he is not happy.

but di is delighted because she was a bit perturbed by stories of swami, wondering why her sis in law was using her advice about how chhotey needed to be shown love his way so strangely.

and she tells her brother how pleased she is that he has chosen such a perfect girl for himself... and again it looks like her words will have the reverse effect.

he recalls khushi covering him... her look of concern, a song rises in his heart. he remembers... "humne kaha na dhyan se" oh i recall him saying it to her just the day before... yelling.

a set of memories. a beautiful sequence, perfectly put together by creatives, i can feel tears gather even while i pause and make caps and go back for an interrupted viewing.

he looks away and back again as if thinking, a bit in pain even... something dark gathering to him...

okay, the first time round i had no idea what that faking was all about.


the best things in life start with a tea, so did this sequence. he sat reading and frowning, she was all contrite and careful with a cup of adrakwali chai made with all her concern for her arnav ji.

he looked up and di's words about his jeevan saathi came back...

he slowly folded the paper, a dense, thick with emotions look on his face and a tiredness... arnav singh raizada was getting ready for something.

after a pause, decision made, he slapped the paper on the table and got up swiftly all set. direction and acting laudable here. to understand a moment and to interpret with this intensity with minimum words and action and paraphernalia, wondrous.

"aap ki dawai," she is gentle. as he took it from her, his expression started to change, a little smile there, a turn of head...

"swami nahin kahogi?" won't you call me swami?  a slightly mocking, maddening air was here, in the look, the voice...

she noticed the change instantly.


"not bad, after all mera idea kaam kar hi gaya..." not bad, after all, my idea did the job...

and the man revealed a ridiculous plot to get back at her. really? i thought that first time, is that really how asr is? he would do all that just to teach her a lesson? maybe he isn't the man i thought he was... maybe the writer was having a particularly bad day and frayed nerves had led to fickle writing.

"ji?" khushi is lost.

with a major look at me i am cool stance and husky, leisurely, i am on top of this game voice he drawled," i think, ab toh tumhe bata hi sakta hoon..."

think i should tell you now...

"pehle yeh batao ki poori raat pareshan rehkar kaisa lagta hai?" first tell me, how does it feel to be worried the whole night?

i thought well, he had had restless nights because of her, so had he really put on an act? no, no can't be.

"kaisa laga bina galti kiye guilty feel karna..." how does it feel to feel guilty without having done anything wrong?

"chalo woh sab chhoro..." oh, let those be... the playing continued.

pull out to a long shot, slightly from below, a lovely zany angle by the poolside, a return to asr...

baiting his quarry...

"yeh batao ki mujhe kitte dinon se jaanti ho?" tell me, how long have you known me?

tea cup is set on the table. an audible sound like a punctuation mark.

he turns back to her.

"well, dino se kya farak padta hai..." well, what difference does time make... voice growing huskier, more combative, he completes, "kitna bhi jaan lo, kabhi kabhi kissi ko pehchanna bahut mushkil ho jata hai... right?"

and he reveals... "kal raat mujhe kuch nahin hua tha... main bilkul theek tha..." nothing happened to him, he was fine.

a shocked khushi looks at him. while an equally shocked di looks out through slats along the corridor upstairs...

he grabs her hands before she drops everything, "surprised, haan?" that instinct to protect, to save, never stays down.

uff that little got you smile, asr is so back. i want to smack his face yet let him come even closer to me than ever before...

what was this game being set up i wondered.

he circled her... i had my meds, i wasn't hungry and to top it all (up?!) i hadn't fainted.

he took a step closer threateningly... "sab kuch ek natak.. natak tha..." everything was a charade. voice low and intimate and jeering.

a nod and, "understand?"

apparently he did all this to settle a score with her.

as always he looked away while lying. i was perplexed, but i didn't read that sign. i was equally taken in.

capable of downright meanness this man, i thought.

"aap natak kar rahe the? aur hum itne pareshan jo hue.." you were acting and i was so worried... khushi is confounded, shocked.

"oh..." pause, "tum pareshaan ho rahi thi?" oh you were worried?

and a palat... a classic asr look back with a mocking smile...

aap kitne chaalak ho... you are so clever.

chalak nahin... shatir. after all, i am arnav sigh raizada... not clever, intelligent/brainy, after all...

this time while watching, all i could think was: how tender is this man.

he walks away on asr tune. so desperate is he to assert himself over those wayward feelings of his, to take the equation back to distant, cool, apart. he possibly can't deal with it otherwise.


his sister hauls him to her room and tells him she knows why he did what he did.

a beautiful sensitive interaction between an elder sister and a younger brother, two people who suddenly found one terrifying night, when their lives were shattered, everything scattering like those pearls in the first episode, that the two of them had each other and really nothing much else left. they had walked away with a picture from their home, never to look back again...

hansel and gretl came to mind... their father led them to a dark scary forest and left, the trail leading back home erased... nowhere to go but wherever the path leads. only each other to trust, love, and care desperately for

"khushi? khushi ko kya?" why does his voice touch another plane whenever he mentions her... like a string ties her to his heart?

and she takes him to the mirror... a beautiful sister.. i wish i had it in me to show my brother who he really was and what ails him...

mirror mirror on the wall, who is the the most spectacularly loving of us all...

she clearly told him that his action simply said he loved khushi a lot, and how much even he perhaps can't fathom. "aur kitna... yeh toh shayad tum bhi nahin jaantey, chhotey."

yes, he didn't know, didn't know that no matter what, even if she was with another, a cheat, a liar, anything, he could not not care for her... he couldn't bear her suffering, that is all he knew... har baar he would step in any way he can to make her world secure.

he whose world had tumbled and there was no safety net, nothing to save him, he would not let his loved ones ever suffer, he will do whatever it takes... a primary urge.

a primal urge.

what he would do to protect his sis, he would do for khushi. he had no idea how important she was to him already, as important as di, in fact.

perplexed, he stared after his sis, and turned back to the mirror... what did he see there? his sister's voice floated, even you don't know how much you care for her, again he remembered khushi's concern.

into the mirror he looked, to see his heart maybe? what was happening to him? he remembered his feelings watching her so close and caring, he remembered his lie.

"unhone jhoot bola," he lied to me. she paced. back in form, just as he had wanted, he hated seeing her down, guilty, contrite... no, khushi always as khushi is.

she read this whole thing as a nasty mean ploy and decided to give him more of what he can't stand. chashni sweetness, mega show of love, swami...

it is possible to know someone forever and still not know them really.

Indi, I don't think the point is to tell the viewers how wonderful he is.. we have already seen enough layers of rajkumar under that rakhsas but  that he himself doesn't know.. accept what his heart yarns for.. rather
But I can understand if this felt  empty to you. but you got the crux juts perfect with that pehchan..  apt quote on top. Yes that chameli ka thel came out of no where.. may be that at the very start is what put you off.. may be you should write an OS about Khushi massaging his thick locks to get over it. But id the intention is to show his fall on that thel as symbolism for his wrong judging of her I thought that was plain pedestrian to very blunt.
But after marriage, except when he looks through to her lying by the pool side.. that struggle between his love and anger wasn't portrayed at all.. or not as much as it was initially.. so I thought this was required to show that conflict in him.
Great catch of that color code of the three women.  indeed cross roads.
The little girl, she be almost disgustingly possessive about her cousin was un watchable..

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indi52 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 March 2014 at 9:34pm | IP Logged

thanks, indu...

that fall... no idea why... really. and agree if it's to indicate how wrong he was.. ugh.

but i decided chameli ka tel was that tell tale slip, it said love... as did his act of lying just to get her off the hook. both of course completely unaware why they are doing it.

that conflict between head and heart how terrific it was. you know i just felt the whole thing was a bit too ornate and anjali-ish... but yes, every time they showed the conflict it was uff. in fact in these times, the conflict is a full fledged civil war in him. he believes she loves another, she plays games, she is out to break his sis's marriage... yet...

in gh, there are moments that kill me, that night when he gets up, her words, her desires about a good husband, how she lied and the hurt in her voice that hurts him, and finally he switches of the ac...

thanks for liking that pehchaan thought... and the crossroads.

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Originally posted by indi52

Originally posted by Horizon



i so miss that asr... smart, sharp, concentrated, a man who ponders things but only in his mind, i so miss him. issues of right and wrong, how he wants to live, and the strange doubts about and thoughts of a woman... the broken voice in "yeh mujhe kya ho raha hai?" the inner, completely guileless voice of asr, in the rain, after hurting her, after meeting her and being terribly struck...

why did he stop that, i wonder. is it because everything shut down inside him when he saw her in shyam's arms?

in gh will return "kis mitti ki bani hai..." and then at the airport, why is it hurting me so much to leave khushi...

i loved kidnap, despite its ultimate meaninglessness. there was an intensity. and asr khushi to that time. and i am not too good with too much ott... so it was a relief and a return to things i watched ipk for.

i can quite understand your loving this scene. i wish i could.

and while sabi is possibly right, because i believe that that love started to assert itself despite his fear that she may not love him, in my head, he did this wanting to free her of guilt. and his sister seeing this, had to let him know that she knew why he lied, so that her bro and sis in law can come out of this strange phase in their relationship. and the same sister who knows when he's lying could not make out he was lying when the kheer incident happened... ah well.

Indi, that red that is the very reason why that phase was considered golden and the latter one not! How much I missed..nd how terribly I missed his monologues.. if there is ONE thing that separated this story for me from others it was his initial struggle with himself. Once we knew that is not coming back, the golden seems even more rhodium, platinum.  I think I saw that comment of yours about the golden phase.. but for me always felt that. pre and post marriage were poles apart.. the latter a pale shadow of its old golden predecessor.
But there were flashes of it during that wooing.. becos he wasn't all too smiling just yet. It is rather strange how a arrogant smart man makes more sense and is endearing than a malleable one who lost his thinking cap.
Kidnap was reverie for a couple of weeks just relieved to bid adieu to that testing OTT track may be but after a while even that started testing me. 
In this epi  perhaps I  tried to look into what is not there.. adat se majboor of the initial taut script. if this epi is watched just at the face value I guess it is indeed rather empty. But as I said loved to see introspection of this man and the mirror usage for that.
And thanks for reading the little I scribbled for this epi.

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Originally posted by cinthiann1758

*All pictures credited to uploader and google images

Episode 229

All Night Long

She has waited all night long for him to come home so she can feed him dinner and then she too will eat.  Even Naniji has called him and told him Khushi is waiting for him before she eats.  Frustratingly he says that he has lots of work and Khushi should eat without him.  Naniji  tells him that it is out of affection that Khushi is waiting for him and he again tells her that he will be late with work and Khushi should eat.  Nani hangs up the phone aggravated at her grandson's attitude and tells Khushi it is okay for her to eat. But Khushi refuses she will wait for her husband.  The discussion at the dinner table ihad been about the new and improved "husband" Arnav.  The family members told Anjali that she had missed Arnav wearing Khushi's red shirt.  

He is a changed man.  

Hmmm, is he?

Khushi's idea has backfired.  He is not falling for any of it.  She says it is her stomach that cares and not him.  She pines for the flavor of the food, lifting the covers and smelling the wonderful aroma of the delicious food.  Maybe if she has just a little...


By the time he comes home she has eaten all the food.  What the?

He comes in and he is tired, hungry and wants nothing to do with her drama. He looks all the food has been eaten. She says, as she burps guiltily, that she will make him fresh HOT food and she goes off to the kitchen. He says for her to wait he will order the food.  Aww, perhaps he is thinking no need to put her through all this trouble? And then he realizes no one will deliver at this hour. 

He is sitting waiting, feels a little funny, gets up and goes to change.  When he comes back to the table all freshened up and in his night wear his head starts to spin and he becomes foggy.  I am sure he is diaphoretic too.  Pouring himself a glass of water he calls for Khushi.

She brings out the fresh, hot food and says wait she must taste if it's perfect for him.  She wants to aggravate this man!

By the time she is ready to serve him he is out cold.

 Hypoglycemia has taken over!

Khushi freaks out rubbing his hands and calling his name loud enough that the entire Raizada family comes to the rescue.

Mami goes into her drama Khushi is trying to kill Arnav.  Nani shushes her.

They sprinkle water on his face, he asks for his medicine.  Medicine?  Sometimes I dislike when the nurse comes out in me...give the man some sugar fast!!!  Thank the heavens Khushi remembered!  You take the medicine before the meal, when you are awake, and put something in your stomach.

They bring him to bed; it looks like his sister has fed him by hand.  Everyone leaves husband and wife; Khushi will take care of him, her guilt meter is way too high and she will stay up and watch him all night long!  Anjali tries to pacify her letting her know it wasn't her fault but Khushi's guilt has taken over.  She feels terrible.  She closes their door.

Arnav tries to get out of bed and Khushi runs to him.  She will get anything he wants.  She places her hand on his shoulder and the stubborn man slides it off.  

How much pain should this girl bear for you, Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada?

They banter back and forth how he will sleep on the sofa; she refuses to let him by blackmailing him with telling Di.

 Ahhh, the power of the almighty Di!  His heart is not dead.  She has got him there.  He obeys.

He leans back in the bed and tries to not let her help him but she insists the lioness is protecting her mate! He has to give in.  Oh, how I would love just a peek inside his mind right now.

 So very vulnerable. 

So very tired.

 So very tired of playing the game.

But he will never let her know...he will never be defeated!!!

All night long she paces back and forth.

All night long she watches over him.

All night long she does not give in to sleep making sure her husband is okay.

All night long her heartstrings have been plucked and pulled.

All night long she has wrung her hands with worry. 

She pulls over the sofa right next to his bedside and sits like his guardian angel, getting up if he moves, fixing his head position and his covers. 

He may need her at any moment.  So she sits on that sofa waiting with worry...sitting, sitting, watching, watching, until finally she nods off.

They both wake at the very same moment.  That happens to John and me.  He opens his eyes and I know.  It is a strong connection between husband and wife, soul mates.  

We just feel their essence.

He tries to move and she jumps up.  Just a minute she says.  She will get the water he wants.  He tells her a bit nastily he will get it, he doesn't need her help.  Deep down, Arnav you long for it!  She tells him not to drink lying down and sure enough he chokes.  Didn't she tell him to be careful?  She asks him to look up and places her hand under his chin and he looks up into the face of his angel and is lost for the longest Rabba Vey moment.

She finally realizes and abruptly lets go of his face while still in the moment and then gets off from leaning on the bed.  They are both in an uncomfortable, restless moment then and she asks if he would like some more water.  This seems to break the spell. She helps him to lay back down with some resistance from him but he finally gives in allowing his wife to take care of him.  

She covers him with his blanket and places his hands on his chest.

 He goes back to sleep as she worries for him again all night long.

Morning has broken and his eyes open up to hazel eyes boring into him questioning if he is okay?  He startles and sits up like a rocket.  She fires a zillion questions about his health at him and if she can do anything for him.  He jumps out of bed maybe to get away from this pagal wife of his or is it that all this caring scares the living day lights out of him? As he gets up he slips on some oil on the floor and falls flat on his back. 

Khushi is aghast.

All night long she was worried and had taken great care of him 

but now...



That was an adorable take on he episode Cyn.Day Dreaming I so enjoyed reading you after a long long time.Big smile I hope you get the time to write regularly again. I loved the peeps into Cyn the nurse and Cyn the soulmate of her husband John. That was so very sweet and touching. HeartAnd loved the edits.Star
After he fainted, Khushi felt guilty and her caring ways scared him. For the first time he realized that she was not pretending but was really concerned for her husband. And he too in his heart of hearts wanted her near him since he was not feeling well. She was his healer, his guardian angel. No wonder his heart gave in to her. Its really sad that the two want each other so much but were trapped in the net of hatred woven by them.

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