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Blast from the Past Thread #23!!Catch up and some ott!! pg 114 epi 230 (Page 132)

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Originally posted by sohara

credit goes to the maker Clap Clap Clap Clap Thank you for sharing, they are among my most favorite scene.



Arnav's mind is a vortex of incisive thought. As much as I'm analyzing his character it seems to me that it's written like a butterfly's wings of gossamer, very delicate and very intricate. He is not ostensible like most of the people, but a very genuine and giving person. He claims that he hates khushi, but despite that he is always around her to ensconce her, or to save her from any distress or calamity. By keeping the facade of the hate mask, he is the most caring soul. And today's episode is all about that. His love and care for his family proved several times that he is a much better person that he let on in the world. And this world of  pretense it's rare to find such people.. Though he is a bit penchant for Anjali, but the circumstances made him like that. He lost too much in his short span of life what made him over possessive for his mother like sister. Very true Sohara, he is the real ASR who lost so many precious things at a very tender age which turned him over protective especially for his sister and now Khushi is also becoming a part of him because she is the girl who lives in his heart and make him feel alive just like he used to be in old days.


Khushi is awe-inspiring; what she has done, she has made him slip on the floor! To give him more comfort she put oil on his head when he was sleeping. But she didn't realize that she accidentally dropped some oil on the floor. After relapsing, Arnav sees the oil there. Apparently he gets flagrant in rage, "are you crazy?" he knows she was doing it all to comfort him, but he is also annoyed at her extra care.

Two Raizada bahus are already in the kitchen, preparing breakfast. Anjali comes there, she is happy that Arnav is fine now. Now they have to take care of his diet and medicine properly. While she was talking with Payal, they hear the sound of snoring. When they look back they see that Khushi is sleeping in a standing position. Not impossible for sanka devi who can sleep in taekwondo style and can eat bowls full of food all by herself! Anjali is baffled to see her like that. khushi tells them that she didn't sleep whole night to took care of Arnav. Anjali gets elated to hear this. She cares her cheek lovingly; finally her chottey's life is settled. He has got the perfect life partner who takes care of him so well. Payal is also worry for her baby sister; she gives her ginger tea. Before taking a sip Khushi thinks that she should give Arnav this tea, so that he will feel better. Seeing such tender love of Khushi for her brother makes Anjali delectable again.


Babli thinks Akash is admirable. While playing scrabble with him she makes this word to describe Akash. This little devil is infatuated to his much older cousin. When Payal intrudes their game time with her breakfast, she gets annoyed on Payal. She is not affable to Payal at all. She addresses Payal by name. Akash sweetly tells her to call Payal vhabi. But babli didn't like this. Akash suggests her to call her bhabs then. Though she agrees, but gets jealous again, when Akash made a word "cute" for Payal. Mami also joins them. Payal wants to make a four letters word what ends with "E". Akash understands it and makes the word "Love" with the letter. What make both Babli and mami annoyed. To humiliate Payal, mami makes the word khoon bhari tang. Mami's act against disgruntled me. It was not nice to humiliate her DIL in front of a kid. What lesson she is teaching to her small niece? But I loved how Akash consoled Payal with a comforting pat on her shoulder. Mami tells Babli that Payal is feeding her fattening food to make her fatter and she will remain slim and trim. She takes Babli with her to feed salad. Akash beckons her a comforting gesture. Before leaving Babli reminds Akash of their plan to watch movie.

 So Payal is not that sharmilee, what we thought. She was expressing her love sweetly in front of her mean MIL. Good go girl. Loved your attitude.


Anjali catches Arnav in the hall. She looks scrumptious and content. Khusi awoke whole night to take care of his brother. She also knows that Arnav is aware of this too.

"Pata he di."

How gently he said this with a mixture of annoyance and a bit of admiration. Only my sexy boy can deliver such dialogue so accurately! She is so happy that he chose the perfect life partner, who takes care of him so well. Now she is making ginger tea for him. Arnav cogitates to hear that. He recollects how Khushi took care of him whole night. She atoned more than her guilt. He feels a pang of compassion for her. He doesn't want her to feel guilty.

Arnav has taken the responsibility of his family well being by every means. He wants to see their happy growing faces but when other wish and do something to cheer him and showing their utmost concern he shooed them away. Arnav never wants and expects others to return the favor he does on them especially when it is related to show their utmost care for him. He knows Khushi wouldn't listened to him and that's why he planned to stage an act of making fun of her fake care she showed previous night. He just want Khushi to stop everything, the swami act, care for him and most important the guilt. Isn't this the same that no matter how much he wants to punish her but he just can't. In the end he will bow down.

Khushi comes by the poolside to give Arnav tea. She is still in compunction. Anjali's words reverberate in his mind that Khushi is so concern of his health. His astute mind concocts something. When khushi gives him the medicine he says her,"Swami nahi kahogi." (won't you call me swami?)   His caramel eyes crinkle in humor, playfulness gathers at his lips.
khushi is not in a mood to play prank. She is still in embroilment to play with his health. Arnav wants to delineate his illness fake to her.

"So my idea worked."  He adds wryly with his lips curving humorously.

Khushi perturbs to hear his sarcastic way of talking.

"Now tell me how does it feet to remain tensed whole night long. How is it to feel guilty without committing even any mistake."

He moves away to put the cup on the table and again comes closer to her. there is a sheer conceit in his demeanor.

"Now tell me you know me for how many days? Forget it, sometimes it's difficult to know some people". 

He is trying to mislead her. Khushi's ambiguity is increasing.
"Nothing happened to me yesterday night."   He quips her with a sardonic smile, as if he also played prank with her.

"surprise? Right? I did take my medicine. I was not hungry and top it all, I didn't faint as well. Everything was a pretense. pretense, understand?" He says curling his lips derisively. Confusion is clouding the hazel depths.

"hisab jo barabar karma tha. Yesterday whole day you troubled me with your extra love." And extra care. No one has did this with him and I think not especially after his mother death. And when Anjali tried to take care of him he became annoyed  and that's what's stopped his sister because seeing her chotte annoyed is the last thing she wants. But Khushi tu Khushi hai, she won't breath until she rightfully make up of her Pity mistakes or blunders just like she once took decision to pay Arnav Singh Raizada for hitting his SUV even it meant for working a Rakshash.

He turns back in a perfunctory manner. Khushi still can't believe that he feigned it all. She says in a quick repartee,
"aap kitna chalak ho." (how clever you are!)

"chalak nahi, shatir. After all I'm Arnav Sigh raizada"..he is lofty in his tone.

He moves away, but swivels in an instant to see her expression.

Khushi gazes at him in resentment and a mlange of confused, chaotic thought is running through her mind.

Anjali overhears their convo. She is annoyed to hear his shenanigan.

 Anjali thinks to show her brother his real caring nature what is shrouded in secrecy. She brings Arnav in her room and shows him their old childhood pic. This is the only belonging they got with them when they left sheesh mahal. And it's broken. Is it an indication of their shattered past? Faiqa can tell it better. But why didn't she fix it?

"it's been broken like this since then." Arnav adds.

"I don't know what I've learnt in these past days. But one thing I learnt for sure. And that is to catch your lies." 

Arnav doesn't get her sarcastic way of talking. Anjali continues,

" some years back, this frame was broken when I dropped it. but you said you dropped it. why?"

Arnav turns away from her to hide his face so that he can lie. But Anjali doesn't let him lie, because she knows the reason; he didn't want to make her sad. The only souvenir of their childhood is broken; he can't make his di tensed. Really, the abyss of Arnav's love for his di is unfathomable. She starts to talk about Khushi. But she can't complete as a panic invades his thought.

khushi, khushi ko kya?'

Finally Anjali reaches to her point. She turns him towards the mirror to see his reflection there.

ajj bhi humari chote ka jhalak in akho mei nazar ate hai. Even today I see the glimpse of my chottey in theses eyes, who just can't tolerate to see his closest people in any trouble or hurt. So to get rid off this feelings, my chottey also can lie. Khushi is in compunction for whatever happened. Whether she doesn't feel guilty, you lied to her, that you were fine. So that Khushi doesn't feel bad." Anjali Di hai sab sey Sayani. She knows her chotte every tits and bits. Arnav acting might fool Khushi but not his Di. He loves Khushi and that's the sole reason she can't see her in trouble especially if it relates to him. The mirror, which never lie always shows chotte, his ma son, in its reflection. It's good that he don't want other to be trouble because of him but it's hurts them too and now when Anjali is very happy with Khushi for being in his chotte life and taking her responsibilities as a life partner, Anjali doesn't want to see her dedicated and sweet bhabhi ever sad or hurt which could create any chance of misunderstanding in their marital life. Anjali wants their marriage to be perfect like her.

She wants to make him realize that how much he cares her.

"Even you don't know how much."

Anjali completely enthralled me in this episode. She seems really can read her brother's mind. She always was an astute woman. When Arnav brought La to RM, she asked him again and again, was he sure about La? She knew very well La was not her bro's choice, that's why she uttered that saanse rukhnewala dialogue.

Anjali left after showing him his real image behind the faade. Arnav looks at his reflection on the mirror. Di's words are reverberating in his ears, he is neither able to fathom his own mind, nor decipher the reason behind his pretense. Why he lied to her; not to make her feel guilty! Unbeknownst to himself, she had resided in his heart and seeped deep in his soul, slowly stealthily and with infinite gentleness. So his caring is leaning towards khushi. Dil hum ko jagah kar kyun soney laga hai


Arnav's pretence worked well on Khushi. She is guilt free now, pacing back and forth in her room and talking to laxmi, who is now sitting on their bed comfortably. She is mad at Arnav. Good that he told her the truth otherwise she planned to atone by starving whole day. She doesn't have to starve any more. Her mouth and stomach are back in action. She will go right now to fight with him. Suddenly she realizes that he wants; to make her fight with him. But she will not fight; instead she will be persistent in her loving wife drama. Because she thinks it's really affective.

I love this scene because her Khushi smartly almost caught Arnav's intentions. Arnav Singh Raizada ke saath reh kar Khushi Kumari Gupta apni taqdeer likna seekh rahi hai. The charades are on again. If Arnav plans for a change then Khushi is their to make his plan wasted. Sh won't leave Arnav that easily. LOL

"Hum uske zindegi mai itni mithas ghul denge ki unki haar saans uske chasni mei dubi huyi mithai ki tarah lage. I'll pour so much sweet in his life that he will feel that his life is sugar coated sweet. Now laad governor will not take diabetes medicine only, he has to take injection as well. I'll win in the next ride. Swami."

She laughs gleefully and puts the dupatta on her head.


Shyam is trying to find a way to get Arnav's locker key. He is trying to sneak in his room when he goes to the bathroom. Anjlai who was bringing juice for Arnav, looks at his room in incredulity. Did she see Shyam?

plz ignore typos

gifs credit goes to tumblr.

the wording of this song is just perfect for Arnav's present state of mind.

credit goes to the maker

Awesome review Sohara. Clap
My comments are up. I love the two creations you added on the top. I am waiting eagerly for the hug episode to be discuss. 

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Originally posted by indi52

Originally posted by Horizon

Originally posted by indi52



like we needed yet another reason to love him.

horizon, these two were fantastic at that other communication... often didn't feel like acting. i can quite undersatnd why many felt that barun and sanaya must have liked each other... so real it felt, not a streak of make believe at times...

they are a great jodi, somehow the camera reads them in this magical way,

i am always touched by the emotion they fill the frame with. ohhhoho, that fight in his room, when she stands at the doorway and he raves and rants and turns away and jabs his finger and tells her he does nothing because of her and she means nothing to him... and she shuts the door silently... suddenly came to me and drove me mad.

i don't think i have ever been touched to this extent by anything on a screen... they reached a part of me, nothing ever had... though i have loved and enjoyed many movies and books and stuff...

a quality of music in them.

like listening to a beautiful symphony as it plays, ups and downs and flow and all... it's on and it plays and suddenly something comes right out of it and touches your insides, your head moves without you knowing... it just stays in you taking up space and bringing peace and happiness... a bit like that these two guys... and i must get very angry with them for not coming back now. LOL
oh yes I don't need any more reasons to love him but only otherwise so that I can  take better care of my AD:)
I am aware that you thought that telepathy was silly :) but some how it touched  me at several levels not just the acting even the concept .. becos until then, these two never really conversed sanely when they are face to face.. and many a times it not always, one realizes the importance of a loved one in their absence.. especially true for ego stuck people like Arnav and Khushi.
Ofcourse Barun and Sanaya's acting took many scenes to a higher plane .. an immaculate perfection .. that these are etched deeply on minds...even if I get angry.. get mad.. break my head I know they are not coming back.. bitter truths.. but helps a great deal to be here.. thanks to you all!


indu, kuch gadbad hai.

i read that in red and almost passed out.

i thought telepathy was silly? what gave you that impression... i must have said something silly somewhere then.

i adored telepathy.

loved it.

owned it.

wanted it.

believed in it.

it was aired on a very special day in my life... 19 june...

let me see if i can find what i wrote about it when i saw it that first time...


tum mujhe sun sakti ho? can you hear me?


i believe in this more than i believe in many rational 5 sense ascribed stuff.


crooner 84: ocean of pearl is on the previous episode and this one... i realised i had been doing a countdown to the telecast in singapore having heard about telepathy...

then on page 32, i wrote this, straight after seeing the episode:

"need a word for word transcript of that dialogue in the heart. this is too beautiful."

this is on page 38:

"baat sach ya jhoot ki nahin hai
baat vishwas ki hai
ek atoot vishwas

instinctively i felt, these words will segue mellifluously from being about their parents to being about them and their life. it's not about what may or may not be true, it's really about belief. an unshakeable belief.

again a call to cut through the boundaries set by the purely rational; reach beyond and believe in whatever you do believe.

yesterday i kept on thinking this is telepathy, and today this conversation.
maybe it's time to go to a shrink. LOL "

here's me again on page 43...

while i did not cry, i did try to catch everything they said and pack it away in my memory somewhere. for this was some sort of supreme high point, and many more will come, i'm sure.
my string of pearls now not only has nainital, dust in the eye, fairy lights, new year, holi, teej, sangeet, waiter, poolside kiss, and other such delights, its's also got rare ones: sheeshmahal, engagement, farq padta hai kyonki (two of them), bangles, wedding, i love you, khushi's dream, arnav's reverie, mesh, all the hugs, the hut, the phonecall, asr's dream, and now the conversation. the last are perhaps three of the rarest of all.
moi feeling rich.

and later in the same page:

in the context of the conversation, the other world sequence of teri meri was kind of necessary, wasn't it?
thought triggered by priya's crooner assertion that all these dreams and things are not being suddenly created for trp's or even barun missing, minor adjustments here and there, but these have always been part of the larger thread, integral to story. i abs ageee.

it was a continuation almost, in fact the entire sequence possibly started with her surreal dream and went through all the other dreams, reveries, heightened realities to come to this beautiful talk.

viraha brought them to a supreme realisation. sometimes it's in adversity, when our comfort zone is utterly missing, truths clarify in the soul. without words, without fanfare, just a clear view. perhaps that's what happened? and that kidnap got inalienably integrated in that love?

"i seem to have loved you in numberless forms, numberless times...
in life after life, age after age, forever."


those are the opening lines from tagore's unending love. (bong hoon kya karoon)

forever. hamesha.

that word's significance will keep revealing itself again and again too, i get a feeling.
just thinking. need all your thoughts.

i remember, it was so valid and beautiful to me that i just called it a conversation. and i actually do believe love creates other communication channels... telepathy is very much a part of us. Embarrassed

Indi, Thanks much for sharing all this excavating from 2 yrs closed a loop for me as I always had a great regard for your viewpoint. thank you very much .. some where I thought you said you found the telepathy and the star gazing to be silly but for the acting elevating them. Perhaps I misread just like those tears I imagined in your FF.. maafi .kaan pakad ke..
Star gazing, the moment when he said "tho kya woh sach me tare ban jaathe hain" without turning  his head to a woman with whom he is not even in talking terms.. just felt her presence around and he instantly knew she can see his soul and mend it... I wish I could bestow some tangibility into that moment and treasure it deep lest it may slip away..
And this telepathy...kudos you remember the date.. I seem to have lost track of that post the kidnap track...I did cry for telepathy..that blue underlined summarized its crux..
Oh yes, that separation indeed unmasked their is always intriguing how one gets busy in dealing with one's own emotions in the presence of the other and suddenly the other disappears.. and that "me" in that ruing self also seem to..
 those Tagore's lines.. thanks for reminding those fav words I read years ago in a translated version of his works in telugu.. how aptly they fit here..
Sorry again for that misreading..

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God people.. epi 230 was THE mirror wala episode.. how did I miss that???
Some one please turn the clock backwards.. I don't want to move on from this epi.. want to talk about it at least a week!! Truce????
I see indi and Sohara's 230 up here .. arwen's in my inbox..faiqa ressed.. will be here shortly to dig and delve on it.

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Originally posted by sohara


first a sorry 
for not replying earlier 
but i swear now i got little time and you first i remmebered 
and cannt wait to read
gif already see so yummies 
even edit lovely yaar 
nice Big smile

aww so cute i miss my buddy she told me to give ideas lovely lovely but poor me LOL

He keeps her hand against his chest, where his heart is hammering away against his ribcage. he tells her with a deep husky timbre of his voice, 

Day DreamingStarDay DreamingStarDay DreamingStarDay DreamingStarDay DreamingStarDay DreamingStarDay DreamingStarDay DreamingStar Day DreamingStarDay DreamingStarDay DreamingStarDay DreamingStarDay DreamingStarDay DreamingStarDay DreamingStarDay DreamingStarDay DreamingStarDay DreamingStarDay DreamingStarDay DreamingStar Day DreamingStarDay DreamingStarDay DreamingStarDay DreamingStar

"jab tum mere pass hote ho to tumhari dil ki dhadkano ke sath sath humari dhadkan bhi tej ho jate hai. Humari dhadkan ek ho jate hai,,,"

a show stoler words aww so sweet na thanks for adding them  Big smile

When you are near me along with you, my heartbeats also fasten. Our heartbeat coalesce.

"humare dhadkane"(our heart beat)

"ek ho jate hai."(beat in unison)

Without any inhibition two lovers confess their love. They submerge in each other eyes. Their eyes are windows to their innermost thought. For me it was the most romantic moment of IPK. Since so long we had been waiting to see this confession. And finally it happened, though both were intoxicated.

wow , ya right how long there eyes could hold the passion the love the fire the attraction that both feel for each other today it came out 

Sitting on the edge of the pool, they are staring at each other, adrift in an ocean of love. The ambiance of the poolside is rife with fervent passion. Khushi wants to move away, but he doesn't want to let her go from his sight just for a second. He nods his head adorably, pleading not to leave. She lays down her head on his shoulder with complete rendition. He puts his hand around her shoulder. He feels exhilarated with the cascade of emotions pumping through him while being peacefully aware of her nearness as a gentle calmness seeps into his heart. He clutches both of their entwined hands on his heart. He wants to say that her place is in his heart. Khushi holds their entwined hand with her other hand. She wants to hold him tight and never let go. She slowly lifts her head to look at him. Is she dreaming? She is in the embrace of her prince. She smiles in coy. Time stood still as they gaze at each other with their eyes speaking of undeclared, unexplored emotions and holding myriad unexpressed promises. Her sweetness pervades his whole being and a sense of tranquility takes possession of his mind. Both of their mind drifts to the serene realm of oblivion.Big smile


Anjali is calling. Khushi wants to go, but Arnav pleads again like a little boy; Plz don't go. He wants to cherish this moment forever. He pulls her towards him. A sweet smile suffuses her face. And his visage is glinting with enormous love for her. Anjali again calls them to have lemon pickle to ward off their inebriation.

"nimboo ka achar."

Khushi repeats adorably. Arnav shrugs wryly. He is annoyed on di, why she is so intrusive!  She is not letting him love his girl. He wants to remain intoxicated; so that he can love his Khushi without remembering the terrace scene. He doesn't want to come back to his sanity. He stands reluctantly and pulls Khushi with him. She is so lost in his love that doesn't notice that her dupatta is falling down on the ground. She doesn't need to be demure in coy in front of her husband now. The dupatta is her protection, her abroo. They became so close to each other, that no abroo is needed now. She is now completely ensconced in her husband's arms. She clutches his hand tightly; she wants to hold him like this forever. They slowly traipse towards their room. 

khushi suddenly feels that her dupatta is missing. But she forgot what is missing. She wants to get the whatever and tells him to go. he wants to wait.

"kiska? humarai dhadkanka?"..she smiles sweetly.

"I'm waiting."

He is standing, crossing his hands across his chest. Khushi goes to get her dupatta, what is lying on the floor by the poolside.

mami is still in delirium of  mughal era. Mama as usual taunting her. Anajali is laughing to see her condition. Loved to see Payal's sense of humor; she calls her din-e-elahi. Anajli goes to call Arnav and Khushi. Gosh Anji the intruder, what's wrong with you, can't you leave them alone?

When khushi bends down to take her dupatta, Shyam holds her hand. He was seeking a chance to ensnare her in her inebriation. Khushi replies, she drank bhang that's it. Shyam asks her, what is the problem between her and Arnav. Khushi denies that she have any problem. Moreover their heartbeats coalesced. She doesn't know how, but what difference does it make? Their heart beat in unison that is important. She intends to go, but again Shyam stops her. He cups her face (eww disgusting) and asks her why she married Arnav in haste?. She will tell later. She is disgruntled that he touched her like this. Only her Arnavji can touch her, but nobody else. Shyam says he will not touch her but he insists her to say the reason of her marriage.

"He compelled me, threatened me, told that he won't let the marriage happen between jiji and Akashji. And I don't know why he did that?'

She blurts out everything to that rascal. Shyam is happy to know the secret of their abrupt marriage. But what he will do? His evil plan always backfires him.


Anjali comes to Arnav's room and asks her about Khushi. He is in impediment, just utters "dupatta". Anjali never saw her brother like this. She pats his face gently and goes to the poolside to look for Khushi. Anjali looks at her queerly. Seeing her baffled expression, I thought, she must have seen Shyam with her. But clever shyam already hid behind the tree to see her coming. Anjali is surprised to see khushi crying. Khushi also is surprised to see Anjali there. She was almost said her about Shyam, but couldn't say anything because of her grogginess. Anjali brings her to Arnav.

"Here is your Arnavji."HeartLOLDay DreamingDancingPartyHeartLOLDay DreamingDancingPartyHeartLOLDay DreamingDancingPartyHeartLOLDay DreamingDancingPartyHeartLOLDay DreamingDancingPartyHeartLOLDay DreamingDancingPartyHeart

Khushi clutches his hand and slowly starts to trudge with him. She can't fathom her conversation with shyam. Arnav is incredulous to know what's in her mind. But she can't remember.

this is kodak moment for me 
so pretective 
so cute 
so beautiful and 
love in air in one if to be said 

Day Dreaming

i will die seeing this actually on merge of it

All are finally out of intoxication after having the lemon pickle. Arnav looks at Khushi assiduously; trying to find out did she remember anything? Khushi also gazes at him with perplexity, what happened when she was drunk. Anajli is in a very jovial mood, she finally saw her brother happy. She wants to pull his leg now. She recorded all the activity of Arnav and Khushi during the holi.

"Listen everybody, humari chotey jo aab beheter. (our chotey who is refined now)"

She plays the video where Arnav put color on Khushi, then he drank bhang and danced with Khushi.

Both Arnav and Khushi look at each other in a jolt; can't believe, did they do such thing?

"And this is that chotey, who never played holi, never drank bhang and never, danced, now does everything and to this extent."

Arnav is enraging; he tells her to stop. But Anajli is in a teasing mood today. He plays the video again, where Arnav is chasing Khushi. mama quips that he always runs away from his wife and here Arnav is running behind his wife.

Mama got a great sense of humor, and always taunts mami at the right time. Mami makes another funny remark,

"Humari Arnav bitua bina dance aur song ki art filim jaise the, aur bhang pike nach ganewale super hit hindi filim jaise baan gaye, hello hi bye bye.'

"that's why you became the mother of mughal-e-ajam"...mama banters mami again.

Arnav is getting embarrassed now. but it is also true that he ran after Khushi before drinking bhang.

"when you drink bhang, all the words from your heart come out, right Khushiji?"

Anjali now pulls Khushis's leg. Shyam grimaces devilishly to hear this; he sure got the advantage of it.

"di delete it all."

Aranv is annoyed.

"delete! Never?'

Arnav wants to leave now. Mama teases him, he can go now, cause they are foorr (gone) from the video. Anjali asks him, where did they go? Arnav dithers to hear this; he also said his dil ki baat to Khushi. did she remember?

Uff Anji is too much. Does she want to know what her chottey does with his wife in privy?

 Mami and Payal had another saas bahu drama. Mami didn't ponder Payal's suggestion to remove color by cold water instead of hot water. As a result she got allergic reaction on her face, what made mama scared. Mami also gets frightened to see her face. So that she willingly took Payal's home made remedy. But she didn't escape from mama's suspicious mind,

"Tumne kaise pata hua ki tumahare sasuma ki gaal me kaan khajura nikla?"

(how do you know that your MIL has allergic reaction on her face)

Did he say kaan khajura?  Sorry I don't know what is the meaning of this word. Just guessed the meaning.

Payal prevaricates the truth and tells him that she came hearing his scream. Such a submissive bahu she is, but still her MIL is not happy with her.


Shyam follows Khushi. He derides her about her dil ki baat. Khushi embroils to hear him, she is thinking what she could've said to him in her intoxication. She leaves without retorting back.

" run away from me, how much you want. You already told me the truth. Arnav compelled you to marry him, right? Why, you don't know the reason. So it means I shouldn't lose hope to stay with you."

the devil covets to get Khushi in his life. 

credit goes to Zoha

gifs credit goes o tumblr.

plz ignore typos, cause I do a lot.Unhappy

hey i cannt see vm 
do i had done anything wrong 
or link is not workin 
i loved it 
read after so long 
sorry fo rit 
but really amazing 
sohan papdi 

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Originally posted by indi52

episode 230

truth was a mirror in the hands of god. it fell and broke into pieces. everybody took a piece of it, and they looked at it and they thought they had the truth.
~~~ rumi ~~~

it started with a fall. a big painful fall as arnav singh raizada slipped on something and lost his balance. it was chameli ka tel which khushi kumari gupta singh raizada had massaged into his hair the night before to make him feel better.

she looked on horrified, he raved at her. are you crazy? he asked the question not too politely. but she had put it on his head only to take care of him, showing that sneh nani ji had spoken of.

i wondered what was with that c oil thing. why out of the blue...

then came the beautiful reveal of a side of asr's personality... the way he loves. how he would never let anyone he loved feel guilty, he couldn't, he'd take the rap himself. it was totally (pronounced todally he he) engrossing and my jaw dropped at the kind of nuances shading this character. felt real... and sometimes, the karta type, especially those who have faced severe difficulties at a young age can be assiduous in their effort to make everything okay for those they love... to an extent that you feel like telling them to stop. to accept, everyone can grow up and face their own mistakes... but they do it out of gigantic love... you can't hate that. especially in asr, who is completely non interfering otherwise. todally excellently written

the episode puzzled me still. so we were being shown a lovely side of the gussa boy, but why, just to tell us how wonderful he is? felt empty.

as he stood before the mirror, and killed me with his looks, the word "pehchaan" to know someone, went through my head.

and i recalled the huskily delivered dialogue:
"kitna bhi jaan lo, kabhi kabhi kissi ko pehchanna bahut mushkil ho jata hai..."

no matter how much you know some people, sometimes to really know them is very difficult.

when his di turned him toward his own reflection, told him a little bit about himself, said she realised his action showed how much he loved khushi, i thought oh, okay... so that dialogue is really meant for him... he knows himself forever. yet he doesn't... not really.

and then i realised nor does khushi.
if lakshmi ji had turned around and articulated through her mehhh a simple question: why did you stay up the whole night, khushi, just because you're feeling guily? would you have stayed up if you didn't think you were responsible for his condition in some way, would you have massaged that foul smelling oil into his long dark locks still? i am sure khushi would have said, "no", even though her heart would've answered something else. only the forlorn look on her face would have indicated things and we'd know how little she knew herself... or was willing to. I really like what you say here.. In words and actions Khushi would not delve into what everything actually meant but Sanaya sometimes gave that perfect forlorn look and you could feel the unease shine out. remember the episodes when she had handed the resignation and her decision to leave for lucknow.. the "kuch garbar ho gayi jiji" look which just radiated that feeling of longing and belonging with the rakshas.

neither does he know his own self, his reason for doing things, nor she. both believe they dislike the other, and yet their actions say other things. she with down market chameli tel and he with elaborately set up lie by the pool, show and express the same thing...


a love they don't "know" of, yet their heart knows and expresses, even without their knowledge. in his case, his sister pointed him in the right direction... wish lakshmi ji were as useful.

oil and freeing her of guilt were details, they could have been anything..

as long as they were tell tale signs of an emotion, of feelings they had, and didn't know how valid and absolute those feelings were. how they were driven by these feelings, acting on their compulsions.

someting seemed to indicate a track change, not the physical one of shantivan to gh, but the internal one. now on, they will again and again let slip expressions of care, of need, of desire, of love without really knowing why they were doing it.

because both are fighting hard not to love the other. they have even before shown signs of those feelings, gotten lost in each other, confessed during holi and on a stage before all, but somehow you get the feeling, it's all getting deeper, more compelling and now it feels like a certain turn at road is being taken. How ASR measures every word (since he would get such few crisp dialogues) and fills it with innumerable sensations that is what your words do indi di.. driven.. compulsion.. compelling .. getting drawn in however hard you resist with no way out..

maybe i've interpreted it all wrong... but i like the thought, so am going to stay with it.

especially those three women in the colours of a traffic signal, a tongue in cheek hint at crossroads and a change? Haha I had not noticed this. Your cap below makes me think I 
must be blind not to see this earlier. 

fall. stop start go. natak, sab kuch natak tha. kabhi kabhi issi ko pehchaanna bahut mushkil ho jata hai. the episode was somewhere about all that.

paas mat aana mere...
how he whipped it out. why? why didn't he want her to come close to him? was it getting too hard to handle? he wanted to do things he had sworn not to? I think you ahve hit the nail exactly on the head. It was becoming too hard to play the part of hatred for both. Time and again they are slipping. It is in fact no longer about winning just about surviving.

she sleeps standing up and snores. hai re nand kissore, since when did khoosie bitiya need such funny ha ha writing. with her penchant for comedy, sanaya can make almost anything light frothy zany... but even writing ishtyle has changed track.

adrakwali chai shuruwat. why am i thinking this is interesting. and please... no wonder the man drinks coffee. give him some fine darjeeling in a bone china or porcelain teapot... tea leaves steeped not boiled.

The colors do stand out LOL
three women in the colours of traffic light in the kitchen... khushi is stop... anjali start, payal go... hmmm, there's a change being signalled i felt even as i watched. a happiness... junction maybe? or am i imagining this because i know what's coming.

something nice about the kitchen at rm, i always get a good feeling around here. and there have been just too many nirvana bringing scenes here for me not to forget, this is sacred ground. I agree. Also this is one of the places in the house which looks lavish and spread out. An open kitchen befitting shantivan. 

in akash's room an abnormal emotion... a little girl feels an infatuation with amuch older cousin. might have been terribly interesting if they understood this emotion well and portrayed it. as it was, it was

and someone tells me, pilleejh... what was that love and cute stuff... luv kush? suddenly, in front of a kid and ma in law, the love birds are in full trill... seemed strange. and what's thsi love is a four letter word thing. then of course not to be outdone, along comes mami and teaches a nine year old to call her bhabi, sorry "bhabs" kbt. not the best place for a child to grow up i am thinking. LOL

because no one bothered to work on the payal akash story or characters, somehow this sudden injection of love dovey felt awkward. the undercurrents made me uncomfortable. and if so much in love, why can't he tell his mom not to call his wife kbt? some day nand kissore no doubt will explain all this to me. Confused I do think Akash did not want to interfere with the name calling as it might end up causing added tension. It is quite a typical male reaction to stay clear of the nok jhok. But when she goes crazy about the medicine etc that is when he definitely should have stood up and been a man. Also here teaching all this to a child that too a guest is really bad. You know we keep saying mamiji has a good heart and that is true for a lot of things but these actions were very mean and not really different from what you would call a terrible hindi serial sausma. 

chhotey walks with news paper, a very tired and unwell air... was barun beginning to flag around this time?

"di main theek hoon" di, i am fine he says, exasperated curt.

"theek toh hogay hi na jab tumhare biwi ne raat bhar jaag ke tumhara khayal rakkha hai..." di is sugary sweetness and happy, of course you'll be fine, your wife stayed up the whole night and took care of you.

a long look, a certain unhappiness in chocolate eyes, an anger most beautiful in its quiet smoulder...Day Dreaming quiet smolder..aah Indi di the way you have with words.. uff

"ab yeh mat kehna ki tumhe pata nahin hai," now, don't say you didn't know, continues the smiling elder sister.

"pata hai di..." he knows and he is not happy.

but di is delighted because she was a bit perturbed by stories of swami, wondering why her sis in law was using her advice about how chhotey needed to be shown love his way so strangely.  Interesting this would explain why she seemed almost overjoyed.

and she tells her brother how pleased she is that he has chosen such a perfect girl for himself... and again it looks like her words will have the reverse effect.

he recalls khushi covering him... her look of concern, a song rises in his heart. he remembers... "humne kaha na dhyan se" oh i recall him saying it to her just the day before... yelling.

a set of memories. a beautiful sequence, perfectly put together by creatives, i can feel tears gather even while i pause and make caps and go back for an interrupted viewing.

he looks away and back again as if thinking, a bit in pain even... something dark gathering to him...

okay, the first time round i had no idea what that faking was all about. I know you said this in my review as well. I did get taken in too. had no idea what the point of this was.


the best things in life start with a tea, so did this sequence. he sat reading and frowning, she was all contrite and careful with a cup of adrakwali chai made with all her concern for her arnav ji.

he looked up and di's words about his jeevan saathi came back...

he slowly folded the paper, a dense, thick with emotions look on his face and a tiredness... arnav singh raizada was getting ready for something.
very nicely put. In your words from 188 I think .. Arjun was getting ready to pierce his own heart.

after a pause, decision made, he slapped the paper on the table and got up swiftly all set. direcetion and acting laudable here. to understand a moment and to interpret with thsi intensity with minimum words and action and paraphernalia, wondrous.

uff you captured the pout!

"aap ki dawai," she is gentle. as he took it from her, his expression started to change, a little smile there, a turn of head...

"swami nahin kahogi?" won't you call me swami?  a slightly mocking, maddening air was here, in the look, the voice...

she noticed the change instantly.


"not bad, after all mera idea kaam kar hi gaya..." not bad, after all, my idea did the job...

and the man revealed a ridiculous plot to get back at her. really? i thought that first time, is that really how asr is? he would do all that just to teach her a lesson? maybe he isn't the man i thought he was... maybe the writer was having a particularly bad day and frayed nerves had led to fickle writing.Shocked 

"ji?" khushi is lost.

with a major look at me i am cool stance and husky, leisurely, i am on top of this game voice he drawled," i think, ab toh tumhe bata hi sakta hoon..." 
stylishly put just like the man enacting it out

think i should tell you now...

"pehle yeh batao ki poori raat pareshan rehkar kaisa lagta hai?" first tell me, how does it feel to be worried the whole night?

i thought well, he had had restless nights because of her, so had he really put on an act? no no can't be.

"kaisa laga bina galti kiye guilty feel karna..." how does it feel to feel guilty without having done anything wrong?

"chalo woh sab chhoro..." oh let those be... the playing continued.

pull out to a long shot, slightly from below, a lovely zany angle by the poolside, a return to asr...

baiting his quarry...

"yeh batao ki mujhe kitte dinon se jaanti ho?" tell me, how long have you known me?

tea cup is set on the table. an audible sound like a punctuation mark.

he turns back to her.

"well, dino se kya farak padta hai..." well, what difference does time make... voice growing huskier, more combative, he completes, "kitna bhi jaan lo, kabhi kabhi kissi ko pehchanna bahut mushkil ho jata hai... right?"

and he reveals... "kal raat mujhe kuch nahin hua tha... main bilkul theek tha..." nothing happened to him, he was fine.

a shocked khushi looks at hi,. while an equally shocked di looks out through slats along the corridor upstairs... I am remembering the edits you shared yesterday. 

he grabs her hands before she drops everything, "surprised, haan?" that instinct to protect, to save, never stays down.

uff that little got you smile, asr is so back. i want to smack his face yet let him come even closer to me than ever before... Hahaha

what was this game being set up i wondered.

he circled her... i had my meds i wasn't hungry and to top it all (up?!) i hadn't fainted.

he took a step closer threateningly... "sab kuch ek natak.. natak tha..." everything was a charade. voice low and intimate and jeering.

a nod and, "understand?"

apparently he did all this to do settle a score with her.

as always he looked away while lying. i was perplexed, but i didn't read that sign. i was equally taken in.

capable of downright meanness this man, i thought.

"aap natak kar rahe the? aur hum itne pareshan jo hue.." you were acting and i was so worried... khushi is confounded, shocked.

"oh..." pause, "tum pareshaan ho rahi thi?" oh you were worried?

and a palat... a classic asr look back with a mocking smile...

aap kitne chaalak ho... you are so clever.

chalak nahin... shatir. after all, i am arnav sigh raizada... not clever, intelligent/brainy, after all...

this time while watching, all i could think was: how tender is this man.

he walks away on asr tune. so desperate is he to assert himself over those wayward feelings of his, to take the equation back to distant, cool, apart. he possibly can't deal with it otherwise.


his sister hauls him to her room and tells him she knows why he did what he did.

a beautiful sensitive interaction between an elder sister and a younger brother, two people who suddenly found one terrifying night, when their lives were shattered, everything scattering like those pearls in the first episode, that the two of them had each other and really nothing much else left. they had walked away with a picture from their home, never to look back again...

hansel and gretl came to mind... their father led them to a dark scary forest and left, the trail leading back home erased... nowhere to go but wherever the path leads. only each other to trust, love, and care desperately for

"khushi? khushi ko kya?" why does his voice touch another plane whenever he mentions her... like a string ties her to his heart?

and she takes him to the mirror... a beautiful sister.. i wish i had it in me to show my brother who he really was and what ails him...

mirror mirror on the wall, who is the the most spectacularly loving of us all... You mentioned hansel gretel and now a bit of snow white.. we got beauty and the beast some days back.. no wonder this story has the quality of a fairytale.. as magical much more meaningful.. and a prince charming to die for.. 

she clearly told him that his action simply said he loved khushi a lot, and how much even he perhaps can't fathom. "aur kitna... yeh toh shayad tum bhi nahin jaantey, chhotey."

yes, he didn't know, didn't know that no matter what, even if she was with another, a cheat, a liar, anything, he could not not care for her... he couldn't bear her suffering, that is all he knew... har baar he would step in any way he can to make her world secure.

he whose world had tumbled and there was no safety net, nothing to save him, he would not let his loved ones ever suffer, he will do whatever it takes... a primary urge.

a primal urge.

what he would do to protect his sis, he would do for khushi. he had no idea how important she was to him already, as important as di, in fact.

perplexed, he stared after his sis, and turned back to the mirror... what did he see there? his sister's voice floated, even you don't know how much you care for her, again he remebered khushi's concern.

into the mirror he looked, to see his heart maybe? what was happening to him? he remembered his feelings watching her so close and caring, he remembered his lie.

"unhone jhoot bola," he lied top me. she paced. back in form, just as he had wanted, he hated seeing her down, guilty, contrite... no, khushi always as khushi is.

she reads thsi whoel thng as a nasty mean ploy and decided to give him more of what he can't stand. chashni sweetness, mega show of love, swami...

it is possible to know someone forever and still not know them really. So so true.. and it is this process of discovery that keeps the wonder alive in love..

Indi di maybe we have just been talking about this so much recently that I may be wrong, but while reading I couldn't help feel that you are missing the old days of IPK very much. I was reading your take on 48 and 49 before reading this and can't tell you how much it gripped me. What you said and how you said and the feelings that brought out was pure poetry. Didn't get a chance to say it before so mixing it in with this reply Smile . In fact am thinking of doing this with every future post of yours.

As usual I have lots of pink and green above. Really love your choice of words. How you manage to get that one word that suits the moment perfectly is beyond my comprehension.. Your description of the man makes him even more attractive, if that is possible. And your delving into why Khushi was actually taking care of Arnav was very sweetly put. Your edits and the effects are amazing.

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Originally posted by Horizon

Indi, Thanks much for sharing all this excavating from 2 yrs closed a loop for me as I always had a great regard for your viewpoint. thank you very much .. some where I thought you said you found the telepathy and the star gazing to be silly but for the acting elevating them. Perhaps I misread just like those tears I imagined in your FF.. maafi .kaan pakad ke.
Star gazing, the moment when he said "tho kya woh sach me tare ban jaathe hain" without turning  his head to a woman with whom he is not even in talking terms.. just felt her presence around and he instantly knew she can see his soul and mend it... I wish I could bestow some tangibility into that moment and treasure it deep lest it may slip away..
And this telepathy...kudos you remember the date.. I seem to have lost track of that post the kidnap track...I did cry for telepathy..that blue underlined summarized its crux..
Oh yes, that separation indeed unmasked their is always intriguing how one gets busy in dealing with one's own emotions in the presence of the other and suddenly the other disappears.. and that "me" in that ruing self also seem to..
 those Tagore's lines.. thanks for reminding those fav words I read years ago in a translated version of his works in telugu.. how aptly they fit here..
Sorry again for that misreading..

aiyo, indu,

in red... you may be absolutely right... i may have said exactly what you read... see i often feel that what got written in ipk was nice but not really spectacular, certainly often not original. when you've grown up watching hindi films, a lot of all this stuff is seen as "filmi". telepathy, star gazing, etc., are somewhere wrapped up in a film world for me.

as a person i do believe in telepathy between people who love each other (and i get routinely looked at as though i am nuts LOL)... but i still do not have any feelings for the stars as a place where the people who leave us reside.

yet with ipk i was willing to respond to all of it, the filmi, the non filmi, everything. why that was so i really haven't been able to fully fathom yet.

but i do really feel, the directors and actors did a wondrous job, again and again... i saw in ek tha tiger, a spot of star gazing, i almost guffawed audibly. you can write telepathy or whatever, but when it is an extra rational space, and you have an audience trained from birth to be rational, it is hard to get the point across and believed... loved.

the actors bridged this rational extra-rational divide so smoothly. i was touched by that.

however much i may believe in telepathy, i will not be blown away by any and everybody portraying it. here i was awestruck.

i love what you write in pink. really if only one could find something tangible in those moments to hold onto... but that melting away feeling, makes it more ethereal, doesn't it... beautiful observation, he didn't even look at her when he asked... a girl he had just said he was not talking to... she was the only one who could answer his questions and how badly he needed to believe that "nonsense" today. i adored what came from her...

the vishwaas thing. that i must say was inspired writing. a truth in its heart.

and please do not say sorry shorry, i am often wrong.

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*All pictures credited to uploader and google images

Episode 229

All Night Long

She has waited all night long for him to come home so she can feed him dinner and then she too will eat.  Even Naniji has called him and told him Khushi is waiting for him before she eats.  Frustratingly he says that he has lots of work and Khushi should eat without him.  Naniji  tells him that it is out of affection that Khushi is waiting for him and he again tells her that he will be late with work and Khushi should eat.  Nani hangs up the phone aggravated at her grandson's attitude and tells Khushi it is okay for her to eat. But Khushi refuses she will wait for her husband.  The discussion at the dinner table ihad been about the new and improved "husband" Arnav.  The family members told Anjali that she had missed Arnav wearing Khushi's red shirt.  

He is a changed man.  

Hmmm, is he?

Khushi's idea has backfired.  He is not falling for any of it.  She says it is her stomach that cares and not him.  She pines for the flavor of the food, lifting the covers and smelling the wonderful aroma of the delicious food.  Maybe if she has just a little...


By the time he comes home she has eaten all the food.  What the?

He comes in and he is tired, hungry and wants nothing to do with her drama. He looks all the food has been eaten. She says, as she burps guiltily, that she will make him fresh HOT food and she goes off to the kitchen. He says for her to wait he will order the food.  Aww, perhaps he is thinking no need to put her through all this trouble? And then he realizes no one will deliver at this hour. 

He is sitting waiting, feels a little funny, gets up and goes to change.  When he comes back to the table all freshened up and in his night wear his head starts to spin and he becomes foggy.  I am sure he is diaphoretic too.  Pouring himself a glass of water he calls for Khushi.

She brings out the fresh, hot food and says wait she must taste if it's perfect for him.  She wants to aggravate this man!

By the time she is ready to serve him he is out cold.

 Hypoglycemia has taken over!

Khushi freaks out rubbing his hands and calling his name loud enough that the entire Raizada family comes to the rescue.

Mami goes into her drama Khushi is trying to kill Arnav.  Nani shushes her.

They sprinkle water on his face, he asks for his medicine.  Medicine?  Sometimes I dislike when the nurse comes out in me...give the man some sugar fast!!!  Thank the heavens Khushi remembered!  You take the medicine before the meal, when you are awake, and put something in your stomach.

They bring him to bed; it looks like his sister has fed him by hand.  Everyone leaves husband and wife; Khushi will take care of him, her guilt meter is way too high and she will stay up and watch him all night long!  Anjali tries to pacify her letting her know it wasn't her fault but Khushi's guilt has taken over.  She feels terrible.  She closes their door.

Arnav tries to get out of bed and Khushi runs to him.  She will get anything he wants.  She places her hand on his shoulder and the stubborn man slides it off.  

How much pain should this girl bear for you, Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada?

They banter back and forth how he will sleep on the sofa; she refuses to let him by blackmailing him with telling Di.

 Ahhh, the power of the almighty Di!  His heart is not dead.  She has got him there.  He obeys.

He leans back in the bed and tries to not let her help him but she insists the lioness is protecting her mate! He has to give in.  Oh, how I would love just a peek inside his mind right now.

 So very vulnerable. 

So very tired.

 So very tired of playing the game.

But he will never let her know...he will never be defeated!!!

All night long she paces back and forth.

All night long she watches over him.

All night long she does not give in to sleep making sure her husband is okay.

All night long her heartstrings have been plucked and pulled.

All night long she has wrung her hands with worry. 

She pulls over the sofa right next to his bedside and sits like his guardian angel, getting up if he moves, fixing his head position and his covers. 

He may need her at any moment.  So she sits on that sofa waiting with worry...sitting, sitting, watching, watching, until finally she nods off.

They both wake at the very same moment.  That happens to John and me.  He opens his eyes and I know.  It is a strong connection between husband and wife, soul mates.  

We just feel their essence.

He tries to move and she jumps up.  Just a minute she says.  She will get the water he wants.  He tells her a bit nastily he will get it, he doesn't need her help.  Deep down, Arnav you long for it!  She tells him not to drink lying down and sure enough he chokes.  Didn't she tell him to be careful?  She asks him to look up and places her hand under his chin and he looks up into the face of his angel and is lost for the longest Rabba Vey moment.

She finally realizes and abruptly lets go of his face while still in the moment and then gets off from leaning on the bed.  They are both in an uncomfortable, restless moment then and she asks if he would like some more water.  This seems to break the spell. She helps him to lay back down with some resistance from him but he finally gives in allowing his wife to take care of him.  

She covers him with his blanket and places his hands on his chest.

 He goes back to sleep as she worries for him again all night long.

Morning has broken and his eyes open up to hazel eyes boring into him questioning if he is okay?  He startles and sits up like a rocket.  She fires a zillion questions about his health at him and if she can do anything for him.  He jumps out of bed maybe to get away from this pagal wife of his or is it that all this caring scares the living day lights out of him? As he gets up he slips on some oil on the floor and falls flat on his back. 

Khushi is aghast.

All night long she was worried and had taken great care of him 

but now...



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Originally posted by aarwen

Originally posted by indi52

episode 230

Indi di maybe we have just been talking about this so much recently that I may be wrong, but while reading I couldn't help feel that you are missing the old days of IPK very much. I was reading your take on 48 and 49 before reading this and can't tell you how much it gripped me. What you said and how you said and the feelings that brought out was pure poetry. Didn't get a chance to say it before so mixing it in with this reply Smile . In fact am thinking of doing this with every future post of yours.

As usual I have lots of pink and green above. Really love your choice of words. How you manage to get that one word that suits the moment perfectly is beyond my comprehension.. Your description of the man makes him even more attractive, if that is possible. And your delving into why Khushi was actually taking care of Arnav was very sweetly put. Your edits and the effects are amazing.

hi aarwen,

thank you so much and really this time i rambled too much. must find a way to cut down...

you are reading some of my older rambles? aww, thank you... i am a most ordinary writer, i am all over the place, but i guess it's the pyaar i have for the show that is enjoyed by readers.

you are perceptive. i am missing the early days of ipk. there was a power in those days that i can't explain. characters were getting established, norms were being set, an excitement clung to ever take. the screenplays were tighter, the dialogues more alive, and acting all the while getting better and better. not a moment felt boring or wasted. smooth well written bits to reveal this that or the other... people talk of a golden period of things, never meant much to me, now it does. that was the golden period of ipk... right up to wedding. there was an anticipation, bated and throbbing in everything. uff those very early days of meeting, of him not being able to fathom why he was so affected, her in a tizzy... yes, those gadbad days, when the first feelings got recorded forever within each of them and me... 

and that superb handling of lavanya and the issue of a man already with another, now feeling a pull of the heart, even shyam, how tender the opening... he might have really fallen in love. happens... he was so much more nuanced... even the anjali shyam relationship... everywhere there was a sign of deeper understanding, and the blessing of the lightest touch.

how deftly asr was revealed with one sentence... and a little pause as he walks into the house. what's up with mami? ah... the next thing, the necklace arrives in mami's room, in anjali's hands. chhotey doesn't want any fuss to be made.

again and again, sharp insights and sharper direction and acting.

i started watching regularly only middle of october onward i think, 12 midnight telecast in singapore. stay up and wait. i never did mind. i loved it. after marriage it all felt a bit different... but i stayed trying to not get too frazzled... then during holi my mood really picked up. 12 to 16 march... perfection.

it was really the gh track that completely shattered me. khushi dragging asr for a bath at the public tubewell? really? i can never explain to anyone how terrible that felt. in desperation, i came to the forum, seeking some sense, something that would help me calm down and keep watching. 

because i did not want to stop.

today when i come to this stage of ipk, that is the feeling i hold onto and see the best i can in what i see. only when i really can't keep quiet, i say something negative... because i love this show, no matter what. but maybe i am tense and it is showing i the writing.

love huh. LOL

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