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Blast from the Past Thread #23!!Catch up and some ott!! pg 114 epi 230 (Page 126)

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Originally posted by ArshiHamesha




Arshi's Index  


Binding Accords...

Triquetra is getting deeper and deeper each day.Arnav , Khushi and Anjali equation is getting a new angle in shaping and strengthening their  relationships.Security in a relationship lies neither in looking back to what it was, nor forward to what it might be, but living in the moment of present to accept it the way it is now and that is what these two nut heads are scratching their heads for.This epi flows from frolicsome to dignifying note in their relationship of this courtship under six months banner.Do they remember it , no way.They are fighting for their rights by pressing their rights over and over but today without any fuss and that is my grabber.He is fine with her for not having food and she is with his pushing her away attitude but neither he forgot to show his mischievous right "saath baith keh nahin khana hai"[don't u want to eat with me] and nor she could resist exercising her wifey right"humain karne dijye.."[let me do it]...What a change in these months???

"Khushiji, iss golmol ke chakkar ko thodiye, aur apne khayalon ko alag alag ki jiye aur phir dekhiye maaza"[ Khushiji, break this round cycle of thoughts and put them separate to analyze and then see the result]

These are Shyam's words which came to my mind after seeing this epi.Sometimes there is a lot to offer by the opposite too "Dushman kare baat unhoni".He told Khushi in episode-30 and today Arnav at the end is compelling to think more like that as compared to Khushi regardless he thinks she is acting to torture him but we are heading towards where Anjali will make him meet and see his denial side in his own visage in front of the mirror"tumhain Khusiji ki kitni parwah hai"[you cares for Khushi a lot] .

Two dining table scenes, in the morning where Anjali's expressions knowing Khushi's swami's acts and how she is using  her piece of advice is worth watching .She makes this face which is not showing her disapproving but shows that she is using her information but she is  puzzling over her ways.Other side Khushi can't meet Anjali's eyes and that shows her extreme care for Anjali's thoughts and her own acts towards it but she has to do it her way to get the bottom of  this problem and that is to find the ANSWER.

good observation

Second Khushi is determined to wait for Arnav for dinner.Naniji calls Arnav and he declares his irritation but he didn't ignore Naniji's pressing words"theek hai Khushiji ko bhooka rakhiye"[ok then leave Khushi hungry]...Khushi waits for him till late but then enjoys the party alone.

Pause here:This scene has some significance for me.Khushi's declaration backfires her and she falls in her own digging pit.Second, Anjali did see a glimpse of hope that Khushi will bring some zest with her actions in her Chote's life.She might not be aware of Khushi's  plan and motive but she is content the Khushi is heading towards it.Naniji said "aapko unka samman karna chahiye toh sneh hai."[You should respect's her gentle care]...Because as a wife she supposed to know your likes and dislikes and all.This is my grabber a man who used to mock the concept of relationship and marriage is giving Respect to Khushi's feelings "Kyuon saath baith keh nahin khana hai..." while she is uncertain of the foundation of this relationship because she doesn't know the reason of it at the first place but she  accepts it from the bottom of her heart but acceptance of him is still in an oblivious state.Third, regardless Khushi started as an irritation but didn't she wait for him as a wife,yes she did till she gave in.This is pointing at her finishing her 101 mission.Fourth, it really hit me to the core when the whole family said "Arnav is used to eat alone"..He is so dragged to his loneliness and everyone just left him there and they or he never felt missing each others' presence.Now they are heading towards where Khushi is going to be his world , and time will come when he will not eat without her.[during Karva chauth]...

I felt a pang of pain for the lonely man. 

Arnav comes home and hadn't eat since morning .But why? Doesn't he always say to his Di, I ate outside.He just told the other day I will eat in the office when he left home without break fast and he ordered Pizza when Khushi took meal for every one in the office while thinking how to pay him 300 rupees.My grabber is why? He wanted her to realize how her actions are affecting him and he does care what she does and think of him unintentionally , the very same way she waited  for him and remained hungry or stayed quiet to make him realize that his actions and words do affect her.

Good catch. he is an independent man. he is very much aware of his disease. he knows very well that he can't skip meal. but he did it deliberately to make her realize.

While she makes food, he waits for her calmly because right now the FOOD is the center not EGO.She brings food and playfully wants to feed him with her own hands,but too late and he faints.Bam !!! That's all she needed, a realization of her own actions against her caring nature.This is Khushi who always acts before thinking consequences and remains focused on her mission without digesting or applying any new or processed info.She didn't even think for a second, or paid attention of his words or connect any dots that there is a possibility that he didn't even eat anything and she didn't recall the previous memory that his blood sugar gets low because not eating on time.Why she didn't act as in Nainital where she created the whole drama to stop him because he didn't eat or was feeling well? Because that time he was not the person who accused her of "chot" which she gave him..He was just tired of her nautanki.But Here she is the reason of something because of which he married her...forcefully? Why? And that WHY... Is her focus which is not letting her see  or think anything else.Just like during kidnapping her focus was Arnav and she was underestimating Shyam...

good question. she was so immersed in her mission to make him reveal the secret of the marriage, that she became a bit insensible. It was also true that her incessant effort made him reveal the reason. or moreover his complex nature was making her dubious. right after the heer-Ranjha how he denied to answer her and later how he behaved so rudely with her,definitely made her ambiguous.

Family comes in.BUT here is her sharp mind, she knows what to do right away while everyone else is busy doing nothing .She rushes and brings Jaggery and gives to Anjali to revive him.Both important women are right next to him.She is the one who understands his murmuring about meds.That indicates she will always understand his unsaid or diverted words to bring him out of trouble

PONDERING CONNECTED DOTS: During kidnapping he calls her" I love you" but the way he said it , evokes her suspicions .When he lost his voice, she knew exactly what he is trying to say.Later she wil tell her"u don't have to say anything, I know you want to live those moments too"


Anjali fed her Chote while an extrinsic quiet Khushi watches from a distance with contrition preventing her from getting closer to Arnav...Anjali notices  Khushi's  discomposure state and assures her "everything is alright" ... Khushi in her guilt,"Sab Hamari Galathi hai ..." This is when Khushi finally realizes that her one decision to keep silence  made his and every one's life disturbed and today she is realizing the consequences of her constant silliness which led his health at stake .

Pause hereA small yet powerful notion for me, when Arnav brought to his room, by his family which includes Payal but not Khushi , not yet part of Raizada's but she is the one who holds the sweetness of joy in her hand..

Anjali leaves the room but my grabber is she pauses, give a final swivel look and then leaves after being convinced that her brother is safe and sound. Anjali   has realized what this two nut heads have not understood, Arnav is changing because of his love for Khushi "tumhain Khushiji ki kitni parwah hai..."and Khushi is changing him because of her love for him.. She did see her waiting for him on dinner and giving him extra attention regardless what so ever was the motive of Khushi but he was her focus.

Khushi closes the door and Arnav wants to get up but Khushi knows at this point how to tame this roaring Lion and she uses Anjaliji as a bait and totally ignores his rejection like it's a normal thing.Good girl!!!...but my grabber is ,even in his unhealthy condition, Khushi's comfort is in his head and he is ready to leave the bed for her regardless he thinks she is acting or this is a part of her prank.This is Real husband and wife shwing and casting rights at each other without knowing it. ..

Symbolism and connections:Today for the first time Khushi draws the curtain, shutting the outer world ..showing she is putting a lid at  her pranks and will use a different strategy.Same is with reclines...facing each other and distance is getting closer but the attempt is made by Khushi

Lovely Pondering Connected Dots:I love how CVs connected this scene to guest house and almost close the loop.Yes we can easily connect this scene normally with his taking care of her with Nainital or when she got fainted but that is not extreme.It is Guest house where His guilt sending him at that place and he takes care of her and takes her home so gently.Go back one step, seeing her wet and all in the parking lot ,he felt first time that he is doing something wrong.."kyuon pheli bar mujhe aisa lag raha hai keh main khuch ghalt kar raha hoon.." but he denies it in front of his focus.."nahin main ghalat nahin hoon"...his focus was to keep her away and put her in trouble because of her entrance into his heart and mind and making him feel which he disallowed himself at any cost without thinking that it is not her fault which Payal made him realize"kya bigada hai iss ne aapka" and he had no answer. Yes, if he would have known this then he would have never sent her there but neither Khushi nor Gupta ladies believed him.But the moment Payal called ,he sensed the danger and left for her without thinking anything else or about her destroying his peace. He intentionally didn't hurt her but it happened and he didn't see that coming at all. He doesn't think in anger and she doesn't in her sankiness.

good connection.

Today again we are seeing the same sketch but in opposite way. I already explain in 228 how her heart has been broken more than once , has been forced to this relationship and has no success to break the ice of this frozen man to give her answer or reason.. She is frustrated and irritated with her prince, her  Arnavji. Today she just wants to get an "Answer" from this man and in the process of reaching for the goal "nahin Khushi apne maqsad se peeche nahin hanta..."...She forgot to take into consideration that he is diabetic. Do you all blame her?? I Don't... That day like Arnav didn't even take the phone call from Khushi today  she didn't even consider that he might be hungry or could sick because of his diabetes.  But the moment she realized her mistake she is the one who showed her presence of mind and rushed to get the jaggery so that his sugar level can reach to proper level. Now, At this moment she forgot all her mission of getting answer from him and her first priority is Arnav and his health. 

Of course she didn't try to harm him intentionally. she knows if he doesn't have his meal at home, he will eat outside. he is not a kid. But khushi's mission was to irritate him.

That day Payal  made Arnav realizing his mistake and guilt and today Anjali did the same with Khushi but at different level.Always these two sisters are the reason of their closeness.Clap


Couple of days ago ,Arnav lost his voice and Khushi didn't sit till he made him well by feeling guilty and same today and forgot everything but Arnavji and his health.


Arnav feels thirsty  in the middle of the night, he wakes up for water getting from pitcher and refuse Khushi's help"main ne kaha na main khud kar loonga"..{Stop I will do it by myself]...Arnav pays  for his stubbornness and begins to suffer. Khushi does not force  him , but  stands by his side the moment he begins to cough helping him out ...while Arnav watches enchanted,transfixed, mesmerized  by her unguarded face which is  revealing only her concerns and worries for  him...only for him.

Symbolism and connections: Yes Shadow is back... A Shadow of mother's love for his child... The shadow..of Khushi bowing down holding Arnav's chin and Arnav subdued look at he..It was a real nice touch of Love of mother for her troubled child .Excellent show of bowing down love...He did accept it as he is tired of fighting over these emotions and all and let her have her right and reducing to" na hi biwi ka darja doonga"

The scene was beautiful and so as your thought.

She is taking her darja, her right forcefull holding his shoulders"humain karne dijye" [let me do it].. regardless of his maintaining distance .But My grabber is , how nicely he obeys her command and at the top HE PLACES HIS HAND ON HERS...yes glimps of trust on her is coming and without being inebriated form.He sleeps peacefully but she keeps her Horus eyes on him as she can't have peace when her loved ones are in trouble and here is her own Arnavji. 

Symbolism and connection: The blanket represents security -that shows Khushi will protect Arnav with her love.  in hurt, pain, or in any condition and that's what she did always either to run after at Airport to relieve his pain or nearly have death experience saving his life during kidnapping...


Arnav in yesterday's episode - he refuses her help, and her suggestions repeatedly. But her insistence today makes him give in, though a bit reluctantly, but he secretly doesn't mind it. Besides that, he is actually confused by this woman's concern for him. 

In this journey unknown of theirs, they have started depending on each other and looking out for each other. Without even realizing, that an emotion that we call love is blooming in them, an emotion they are not even aware of. They say that love has many faces and hate is one of them. Khushi and Arnav have plenty of hate in between them. They both have done so many inexcusable acts , they both have given each other plenty of pain by making life as hell but the love in between them has become stronger than their hate. Hence in their ignorance, in their pursuit of their goals, in their hate for each other, they hurt the other but end up feeling the pain because they have not yet realized that love is like a two-edged sword, the one who cuts is the one who bleeds.Clap


Arnav had a great fall, shows his blindness and non trust nature will put him in trouble and throw him in sticky situation by slipping through the truth.




always love your poignant and insightful take.
so many symbolism and connection made your take deeper.
it was an important episode indeed. As you said, the trust is building between them in spite of the facade of hate. Absolutely loved your ending two para.  
All the blue lines grabbed my attention and my comments are in purple.

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Originally posted by ArshiHamesha

Durga your LATE buddy is here.I don't want to highlight anything  as this whole is expressed in such a beautiful way that I have no words.Yeh Faiqa has no words.Samjhi tum...

Ab kya bolun main. Feel happy that I've managed to render you speechless or be sad that I didn't get you to speak more? Confused Well, as of now, I will take this as a huge compliment. So, thank you Faiqa. Embarrassed Hug 

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Originally posted by MehreenB


Weaving Relationship

She teased him all day long without realizing the extreme of it , has no knowledge of consequences of her actions but the very same actions make her regret each minute of her life.She took care of him forgetting all what he did to her and what was her mission.His longing and denial eyes couldn't ignore either.Under the ups and downs of this relationship , the love and care under the skin of anger and frustration always keeps them , weaves them, strengths them in this emotional battle of Love and Hate.

Beautiful title Mehr. Weaving Relationship. And with so much love and care it is being woven into, on its way to become a strong, unbreakable bond. You've summed up the whole epi in these few lines. Clap  Loved the edit above. Smile 

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Originally posted by sohara


Khushi was so immersed in her game to irritate Arnav, that she couldn't notice, when her temerity jeopardized Arnav's health. But at the same time we witnessed her extreme care and concern for him. There was no veneer, no inhibition in her care. Contrition assailed her heart after causing his sickness and she tries to atone it whole heartedly. In spite of so much asperity between them, their relationship had grown by leaps and bounds after the forced marriage. May be the relationship of a husband and wife is like that, the bonding is just inextricable. Don't know much about it, but can guess by seeing my parents. Or moreover Khushi is a giving and innocuous soul. When she saw sick Arnav, she couldn't bridle her feelings and poured it out as much as she could .

"baat aapki hai to phadak padta hai." can we deny her beseech to stop him leaving her.


Anjali is back. The whole family is on the dinner table. Little Babli's entry has made them jovial. Everybody is having dinner except khushi. She wants to wait for Arnav. Nani tells her that their family is different. So she can have her meal.

Khushi's demeanor makes Anajli incredulous. Anjali's ambiguity increases more to hear about Khushi's antics from nani and mami's mouth. Calling Arnav swami or making him wearing red shirt sounds more like mock than love; it's definitely is not palatable to Anjali's shatir dimaag. Did I just call her shatir? Isn't she? Don't know how she was so blind about shyam?. She senses something is fishy. Mami also wants Payal to do what khushi is doing. Anjali is shatir, she has all the time got all the hints and had all the right doubts in her mind, but her determination to have trust in her husband no matter what, made her ignore all the signs.

"do you always wait for my son without having meal?".. nani stops her with a quick repartee. LOL


Pause: this is so real. That's why I love IPK so much. Nowadays everybody's schedule is different, so it's not possible to wait for other family members. But things should be different for newly married couple. Arnav and Khushi's relationship was not a regular husband-wife relationship. So obviously if she would've wanted to wait, Arnav wouldn't allow it. He didn't give her that much of right to do such things for him. But I felt a pang of pain for the introvert orphan boy. I wish if somebody would've waited for him in the meal time. Why Anjali didn't take care of that?  She didn't need to starve for him, at least she should accompany him in the dinner table. Couldn't she do a little thing for her brother? Anajli's love was not tantamount to Arnav's love. every time we saw Arnav had to surrender to Anjali's whims. And how much she loves and cares him we definitely saw it after shyam's revelation. It was Arnav who always loved his sister more than his life. He might grown up in that way, not so fondled, very much strong and independent after his parent's demise.. Moreover Arnav was a workaholic, so his schedule might not match with others. When the MU was over, it would be great if they would've shown Khushi is waiting for him in the dinner table. Sigh things got messed up, especially after the remarriage.


Nani calls Arnav to come early as Khushi is starving. Arnav tells her to tell Khushi to eat. he is still busy with work and can't come early. Or moreover she shouldn't trouble him. nani refutes, it's not trouble but care. As a wife it's her duty to take care of her husband. Nani gets frantic and tells him not to come and keep Khushi hungry. Khushi gulps her fear. How long the foody will stay without food!LOL


Time is passing, but Arnav is not coming home. Drums are playing inside Khushi's stomach. She looks at the puri, smells it, but can't eat it. Is not that, She is not eating for Arnav, but she is doing it cause she bragged so much in front of nani. She remembers nani's words, that she should eat. She thinks to eat one puri and some aloos. She doesn't know when laad governor will come. She gets allured with the smell of the puri.  Instead of taking one puri, she takes two. After finishing the food she comes back washing her hand. She gets flabbergasted to see all the empty bowls. She finished all the food. Arnav also comes home at the same time. She is nonplussed, what to do. She hurriedly hides her napkin under the table mat.

Khushiki bachchi, you ate all the food of my ASR. By the way, what an exaggeration!. How a petite girl like khushi can eat so much! She can, remember the dhaba food order?


Arnav chides Khushi, why she was doing this drama to wait and eat with him. khushi can't even look in his eyes. He tells her to serve the food; he has been starving since morning. But khushi is standing there, inert, can't understand what to do. Arnav quips, "won't you serve food and eat together?"

Arnav lifts the lid of each bowl. He is dumbfounded; all the bowls are empty!

"Where is the food?"

Khushi stammers, she will prepare the food right now; how can she serve him cold food? Arnav doesn't want her to take trouble. He wishes to order some food from outside. But in this late hour, it won't be possible too. Khushi insists to cook.

Aww my man is so sensible! Not like a typical husband. Though Khushi was literally dementing him, but he didn't get angry to play prank with his meal.


Arnav comes back after taking shower. But the food is not ready yet. He calls khushi, just like the way a loving husband calls his beloved wife to serve food. Finally khushi serves him the food. But she wants to feed him by herself. Arnav gets annoyed at her drama, cause his body needs food badly now. He is wilting. But Khushi doesn't relent; she tastes it before feeding him. After finishing all her drama, when she intends to feed him, he has already swelted .

"Arnavji,"... a coarse panic encased a shrill in her voice. Khushi is aghast, tries to wake him up. All the family gathers hearing her scream. Anjali sees that the food is still on the table.

"chottey didn't eat his dinner."

Mami as usual makes a silly accusation that there must've poison in the food. She stops at nani's rebuke. Khushi tells them that he didn't eat. Arnav got his sense back, when Anjali sprinkles some water on his face, but he is very weak. In impediment, he asks for his medicine. Khushi understands that his sugar level lowered down. She gets some gurr to feed him. He feels a bit better after having the sweet, but still he looks emaciated. Akash takes him upstairs; he needs rest. Khushi is in contrition. Because of her temerity, he had to go through a life threatening medical condition.

On a lighter note, I can't resist myself to say that Anjali was rubbing her hand too much on his chiseled cheek.LOL Lucky woman. I'm jelly.


In his room Anjali feeds her brother.

khushi is in compunction; she is standing aside like a convict. Babli also is there at his service. Arnav seems a bit reticent to Babli. May be he is uncomfortable with kids. But few days ago I loved his interaction Nikhil. And I just can't forget how he consoled a little girl in the mandir on the day of their parent's death anniversary. He extricated all the pigeons to fulfill the girl's mannat. Guess, he knew which were the cute ones and which were the not-so-cute ones. Wink

Let's come to the episode. He doesn't need any help, cause he is fine now. he tells everybody to take rest. While leaving the room, Anjali can see Khushi's tension. Khushi thinks, it's all her mistake. Anajli tries to assuage her, everything is fine and she should not feel guilty.


Arnav gets up from the bed to sleep on the recliner. Khushi runs to him. She  keeps her hand on his shoulder to stop him but he brushes it off. He is mad at her temerity and now he doesn't need her mercy. Khushi insists him to sleep on the bed today.

"You don't have to tell me what to do."..he is livid.

"If you don't listen then I'll tell di everything."

He agrees at her blackmail. Khushi tries to cover him with the comforter and he removes her hand. But still khushi does it, and he doesn't stop her this time.


Arnav falls asleep. Khushi looks at her handsome husband worriedly. His chiseled cheek bone, his aristocratic nose, his sharp jaw line, his perfectly arched eye brows, he is looking like a Greek God in his slumber.

Khushi's anxious face is devoid of all traces of sleep. A deluge of guilty feelings is gnawing at her heart.  How can she reconcile now? Whole night she keeps standing, leaning on the wall, watching him, whether he is ok! She drowses off several times but wakes up in a jolt at the same time. She checks him every now and then. At once he was on the edge of the bed and she runs to him to make him comfortable. She is also wilting. She has also gone through a tumult. She pulls the chaise beside the bed to sits down. So that she can keep an eye on him. She drowses off , but wakes up in a jolt to hear his movement. He is thirsty. Khushi runs to him to give him water, but he doesn't need her help. in spite of his admonishment she still gives him water He coughs; khushi gets panicked. She rubs his back. This time he doesn't refute. She holds his chin up to give him comfort, asks him is he fine. Arnav nods his head gently. Both look at each other intently. Rabba vey ascends. By gazing at her assiduously, Arnav tries to read her eyes? Her eyes are always windows to her innermost thought. Gazing at her worried, anxious face he thinks, is her concern genuine?  She looks at him with a veiled thoughtful expression in her face. Transfixed by the smoldering intensity of his eyes and intimidated by his hard, undecipherable facial expression, her perturbation increases moreand  she moves away. She asks him whether he needs more water? Arnav gently nods his head. khushi tries to help him lie down. He protests.

"let me do it."

He assents. He goes to deep slumber again. khushi is till in embroilment. She spends the rest of the night by incessantly checking him and pacing back and forth.

The night is over and the morning has arrived. When Arnav opens his eyes, the first thing he sees is  khushi's anxious face.

"How are you feeling now? do you need anything?"..she is extra alert.

"Excuse me"..Arnav roils.
"Tell me, if you need anything. I'll get that for you.".. Khushi's face reflects the anxiety and fears relentlessly beleaguering her heart and mind.

Khushi's too much attention embitters Arnav. He gets up from the bed in anger and strides fast to get out from her sight.


He slips on something and relapses on the floor. Khushi is awestruck.

plz ignore typos and mistakes.

credit goes to the maker


Loved the take Sohara. Enjoyed it thoroughly. Wonderful gif on top. Very nice edits. Thumbs Up My few comments in blue bold above. Smile 

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Originally posted by aarwen

Episode 230

From the night of soaring high in love, like Arnav, we literally slip down into reality. Panicky loud Khushi looks on while Arnav is still riled up. Did he think she played another trick which caused him to fall? Well devi maiyya has already played her master move and made him fall in love.Clap It doesn't matter if khushi's extra oil makes him fall on the floor. An almost uncharacteristic outburst from Arnav which lasted but a second... A grimace and calming down once he realizes Khushi was in fact trying to take care of him. yes.gif

Looks like someone randomly decided we need a lighter tone in today's narration and the resulting snore was simply awkward. But why belittle such an awe inspiring display of love? If Anjali needed to witness Khushiji's concern there were multitude of ways much more subtle to show it than have her fall asleep this abruptly. Ha ha I have done that several times, dozed off suddenly after a hard day's work, but mostly while sitting, very rarely standing and of course never snored. LOL I notice Payal also always asked Khushi "tum thik toh ho nah?". Of course it neither has Arnav's radiant charm or Barun's impeccable style Wink ..  though it does have a lot of elder sisterly concern...

Not too far away another elder sister catches up with a worn out looking brother..His hair still greasy ..Anjali reminds chote of Khushiji staying up the whole night to look after him.. "pata hai di".. The faint stress on hai. He does not like it.. an uncharacteristic show of vulnerability.How much all this affects him! Befitting choice of word by Anjali.."Jeevansathi".. her eyes already have seen that this bond of marriage will survive a lifetime. Khushi will remain by Arnav's side to have and to hold , for better for worse, in sickness and in health . One word encompassing all that a wife and husband are to each other.. companions in the journey of life.. Very well written. Clap

The child actor is not too bad.. But why was mami instigating Babli? Payash's saccharine smiles leave me with a feeling of diabetes. Although I quite like Akash and Payal but can we have less sugar piliij..

Near the poolside in their small little world .. an almost demure wife walks up behind Mr Raizada.. tender halting "Chai?" and you can almost feel something ticking in Arnav's brains.. In a deep voice masking hundreds of emotions causing hundreds of emotions "Swami nai kahogi?"  ..calculated expression.."kaisa laga bina galati kiye guilty feel karna?" Unknowingly Arnav gives us a glimpse of what is in his heart. His belief that Khushi deserved all the sadness yet his inability to remain unaffected by it. The guilt eating him up from inside of causing pain. The har baar of how her tears discompose him. And in the foreground the fluid graceful movements of taking a glass of water and having his medicine. Maybe his subconscious self already realizing now he has all the more reason to take care of himself for the sake of one other. Wow, Rhea. Very well written, again. Clap

Their hands have to touch because of all the searing untold unexplained chemistry. We hear a familiar strumming of the title song and look upon a flustered wife unsure of where all this is leading. "oh tum pareshan ho ri thi"? The last time he said this in the exact same place it was followed by some of the most breathtaking moments the show gave us. A name on someone's crimson mehendi adorned hand..and a lagi shart which spread a blazing crimson hue on a cheek and kept us all sleepless with dhak dhaks for nights to come.. Embarrassed Khushi can't seem to decide between hurt or anger as she points out how chalaak the man is. "chalaak" nai "shatir" .. after all I am Arnav Singh Raizada ..the pretense of nonchalance.. The hint of a smirk is the only clear sign of the pride he wears in the name he bears and all that he has made it stand for. Am trying to remember if I was convinced that he was lying the first time I watched this. I think I was as clueless as Khushi. Though unlike her I had a strong unshakable belief that even if he was tricking her he must have endured torture each second of the endless night. First time I saw, I knew he was lying, but why he did so, I couldn't get it, until Anjali came and showed the mirror to him and to us. Smile

When for the first time I saw Anjali peering from far was wondering what all would she end up overhearing.  Would something else slip from the lips of this estranged couple ? Would the heavily guarded almost forgotten secret of the contract marriage come out in the open? Then for quite some time I thought Anjali herself would be hurt or enraged on behalf of Khushi that Arnav tricked them all. So what happened next was quite a surprise and a really heart touching one at that..  Eggsactly, same feelings here. Big smile

I guess whenever Anjali wears this yellow saree she is extra wise like the time she tried to explain to Khushi how her brother did not like display of love but needed it just the same. They are wrong when they say the photograph, a memory of yesteryear, is the only thing they brought with them from Sheesh Mahal. They brought something far more precious.. They brought each other.. And the love that helped both to survive. In one case a love that ensured a person would be able to keep her innocent idealistic beliefs.. And in the other case a love that ensured a person would leave no room for room for failure.. the certainty to excel.. "matlab?".. rueful and abashed chote stood in front off the all knowing gentle condescending di.. A heavy weight settling in.. constricting breath as he utters an urgent "Khushi?".. An irrefutable irrepressible eagerness to know whatever di has to say about her..  Am surprisingly touched by this beautiful depiction of what some might consider an almost mundane relationship. His sister understands him. "Ab bhi humein humare chote ki jhalak in aakhon mein nazar aati hai"..  Clap

A fourteen year orphaned adolescent could be this thoughtful and dependable. No surprises that the man we see today is this perceptive and selfless. A man who carries all burdens single handedly with such a high sense of morality in his unique way that he was in deep remorse when he did something unjust. Who forces himself to learn to say sorry and mean it. Not just with Khushi but he also apologized to Payal for breaking her wedding and to buaji and amma for unintentionally hurting them. A man capable of facing the truth head on. Be it the decision to tell di about Shyam's treachery or come clean with Lavanya once he realized how unfair he had been about their relationship. A man feared for his anger in office but also revered for his ability. Loyal to a mami whom everyone takes for granted. Kindhearted to a little stranger who wanted pigeons to fly to be reassured that her world would be all right. A man who had confidence to engage in astonishing gentle yet drop dead teasing courting, but also a boy too new and scared to bare his soul to the one he loved still brave enough to take the leap of faith. ClapOk am definitely digressing now.. And enjoying every bit of it. Embarrassed 

We get treated to a soothing shot of a brother and his sister looking into the mirror.. do they see their past? or can they visualize their future? .. A chagrined self conscious feeling of exposure seems to catch Arnav offgaurd ..  On my first watch my mouth formed a Khushi style "haw he was lying?" followed by "yeaaa he said all this to make her feel better".. The sometimes bewildered, often clumsy, spirited when needed and bewitching always was the Khushi who gave him sukoon. Arnav was willing to lie so that his feisty fully of life Khushi came back. Incoherent to his own self and too scared to admit again all that is within his heart he is still ready to damn himself to spare her the guilt. And what cannot hide in the mystic recesses of those eyes or in his slightly awestruck look has been caught by his di. The complicated introvert stands enthralled by the discovery of all that he sees in Arnav's reflection and I gaze on captivated by Barun Sobti's performance.. 

For some crazy reason I get reminded of these lines from a comic book turned movie, Dark Knight .. "Because he's the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So, we'll hunt him, because he can take it. Because he's not our hero. He's a silent guardian. A watchful protector. A Dark Knight.".. Aranav Singh Raizada does not need acceptance or gratitude. He will silently bear everything and go to any lengths to protect the ones he loves.  And somewhere while watching the last scene a realization has hit me that being good , as the term seems to imply, is highly overrated. You don't require to mouth promises, follow customs, like kids, be kind to everyone around you, agree to conventions or even embrace religion to be a good person or an exemplary icon of love .. it sounds like an understatement but all you need is a good decent heart.. and on this rewatch I am learning this invaluable lesson of life from a 27 year old fictional character Arnav Singh Raizada. At this point actually hurts to call him or for that matter any of them a figment of someone's imagination. In only 20 mins they manage to become more real than a lot of the real people that take up the rest of the 1420 minutes of my day..So true. Clap

Finally Shyam's face in the foreground and sinister music in the background leaves us with an unsettling feeling.. except that we know none of all this that Shyam did was ever significant enough to matter or actually ever made any sense at all..
Awesome take Rhea. You are too good. Loved all underlined. My few comments in bold blue.

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Horizon IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by indi52



like we needed yet another reason to love him.

horizon, these two were fantastic at that other communication... often didn't feel like acting. i can quite undersatnd why many felt that barun and sanaya must have liked each other... so real it felt, not a streak of make believe at times...

they are a great jodi, somehow the camera reads them in this magical way,

i am always touched by the emotion they fill the frame with. ohhhoho, that fight in his room, when she stands at the doorway and he raves and rants and turns away and jabs his finger and tells her he does nothing because of her and she means nothing to him... and she shuts the door silently... suddenly came to me and drove me mad.

i don't think i have ever been touched to this extent by anything on a screen... they reached a part of me, nothing ever had... though i have loved and enjoyed many movies and books and stuff...

a quality of music in them.

like listening to a beautiful symphony as it plays, ups and downs and flow and all... it's on and it plays and suddenly something comes right out of it and touches your insides, your head moves without you knowing... it just stays in you taking up space and bringing peace and happiness... a bit like that these two guys... and i must get very angry with them for not coming back now. LOL
oh yes I don't need any more reasons to love him but only otherwise so that I can  take better care of my AD:)
I am aware that you thought that telepathy was silly :) but some how it touched  me at several levels not just the acting even the concept .. becos until then, these two never really conversed sanely when they are face to face.. and many a times it not always, one realizes the importance of a loved one in their absence.. especially true for ego stuck people like Arnav and Khushi.
Ofcourse Barun and Sanaya's acting took many scenes to a higher plane .. an immaculate perfection .. that these are etched deeply on minds...even if I get angry.. get mad.. break my head I know they are not coming back.. bitter truths.. but helps a great deal to be here.. thanks to you all!

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Originally posted by indi52

Originally posted by aarwen

Originally posted by Horizon

Btw, indi, faiqa, anyone, any thoughts on meera bai vs sufiism..they seem similar.

Miss issk.

Me joining in on this conversation.. have always been fascinated by meera. At some point our hindi poetry book had poems by Meera and our teacher would talk about devotion to god and I would sit and dream about love. Remained confused why this poem that spoke about a girl's love was being categorized as "bhakti" and not "ras" till at some point it dawned on me that both were the same.

Kailash Kher's songs bring this surreal connection out so well.. The lines from Saiyyan..
"Ye nayi nayi suhagan..ho gayi hai teri jogan..
ye prem ki pujaran mandir sajaye"

I would wonder why a man was singing voicing thoughts of a female till my mother in law, a hindi professor, explained that in Sufism one of the key concepts is that the human body houses an amalgamation of male and female in its soul.. at this level the love becomes divine.. But I also really liked another explanation... that the man sings this way to show how he would like his woman to love him... The thoughts, the extent of love, the devotion that he knows exists somewhere in the woman's heart for him or that he longs for is what he is confessing about.

lovely, aarwen...

both the sufi belief and the thought of how a man wants his woman to love him...

this thing of male and female in the soul... lovely and has a deeper understanding of us and our nature.

meera... i know too little to really delve... but grew up listening to mother humming mere toh giridhar gopala doosron na koye. was also intrigued by this girl who believed she was married to krishna and withstood extreme torture but would not abandon her faith and love...

the whole vaishnava bhakti thing looks at complete love and the submission of the "me" as a way to reach and merge with hari i think... though this is my surmise, haven't read enough. father comes from a practicing vaishnava fam that believes in the gaudia vaishnava way of sri chaitanya. they worship radha krishna together and believe in one god... and there's this whole thing about singing kirtans, being ecstatic and meeting with the supreme one in that state... i just read, gaudiya vaishnavas also "believe that the absolute truth, or god, is all-attractive and has both a male and female nature that is beyond the influences of this temporary world".

Thanks both of you for the dwelling.. Thanks aarwen, loved what you said about bhakthi and rasa.. at the end they are both same..
Isn't it that the devotee is always a female.. seeking to unite with her loved on.. the God.. so goes Meera and sufiism. Krishna and gopikas are the same altho it was looked at a more material way.. altho there is a lot of surrealism there.. gopis being his bhaktas..
That erasing of the "me" in one is an essential part of seeking God in all most all faiths I thought. Many stories convey how controlling one's ego is of prime importance before seeking God. That's what Krishna told Arjuna too  that he is only the performer but not the decider.

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Originally posted by wiwy

Originally posted by Barun_Gf

Bookmarking d thread Big smile

Hey great to see you here!Hug

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