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Kaan pakad ke sorry for writing another one and torturing you guysEmbarrassed Thank you so much for your love on last OS of mine, For The First Time! :D This OS is dedicated to one of my sweetest friends on IF, Nickysweet (Nicky Di). I hope you will like it! Love u a lotHug

Banner by Khirad (-RabbaVe-)

All I Want Is You



It had been three months since he had not said a word and was lying lifeless on hospital bed. He was involved in a terrible accident. He was driving fast when he saw a truck coming, in order to avoid the collision he lost the control of his car and his car spun 180 degree, hitting a tree before bursting into flames. Fortunately he jumped out of the car before it turned into the ashes. He had suffered multiple traumas including severe head injury.


When some local people found him in that state, they admitted him to the hospital. Since then he was unconscious, in coma with doctors waiting for his family to appear.


Arnav, aj aap kaise hain? (Arnav, how are you today?), a girl in in light pink salwar kameez wearing doctor's coat with stethoscope around her neck, entered his ward. She was holding fresh bunch of lilies in her hands.


Khushi you are crazy, how forgetful you can get some times! I did not even ask about your physiotherapy, so how was your today's session? Did it hurt? Dr. Khushi Gupta asked looking at him curiously. Khushi did not even know if he could hear her or not but she liked talking to him. She knew nothing about him except his name that was too because of his bracelet. After his arrival to the hospital, authorities had tried a lot to find his family, they even gave his photograph to every local and national newspaper but they never got any reply.


Dr. Khushi Gupta, a junior doctor, when came to know about his case initially she was curious as she thought she would learn something new but later she felt bad for him. At such a young age he has to go through so much, thought Khushi. And now she was so attached to her patient that not even a single day went without talking to him, conversation in which she was the sole participant. Like everyday today too she was here asking about his day.


Do you know Amma and BuaJi are finding a boy for me! I do not want to get married, she pouted as she sat beside his bed, in a stool. Most importantly. I don't want arranged marriage; I will have love marriage, bas!! I want a total filmy love story and filmy guy! She giggled. Waise, what about you? Have you ever been in love? Khushi's smiled dropped when she thought about him being committed or married but then she shrugged her thoughts and she continued talking.




Aaj toh bade achhe lag rahein hain aap? What is the matter? Khushi giggled. she entered his room with lilies in her hands


You know, I talked to Dr. Bakshi today and he said there is a hope that you will get okay soon, she said with child like enthusiasm in her voice. I cannot wait Arnav, at least you will reply to my rants! But till then my talks are enough for both of us, she giggled.



I hate that Shyam Manohar Jha! I am telling you Arnav, I am going to kill him some day! How dare he say that we are an item? I mean seriously! He is such a cheap guy. He is after me since I was in medical school! He used to throw leering glances at me. Aj toh hadd hi kar di usne, Mawali kahin kaa! By the time Khushi finished she was completely red due to anger.


Oh My God, I didn't ask how was your day? And what about new nurse, is she taking your good care in my absence?


Today Arnav had completed a year in the hospital and most of the doctors had lost the hope because of no progress in his condition but Khushi knew that he would wake up someday and talk to her. She had not known when he became her habit, a habit she never wanted to let go. Her daily encounter with Arnav was her stress buster, she looked forward going to his ward, ward no. 104 and tell him about her day.


Khushi, don't you think you are spending too much of your time in that patient? Payal, another junior doctor asked Khushi. She was Khushi's childhood friend and knew Khushi more than anyone.


Payal you are thinking too much. He is a patient, I am looking after him, that is it, she said and got engrossed in her novel again.


Looking after doesn't include sharing your experience with a man who cannot even hear you! Besides, Dr. Bakshi has almost ruled out any possibility of improvement in his case, Payal was concerned for her best friend. She knew that for Khushi, Arnav was way more than just a patient.


Medical science is all about miracles, Payal, Khushi tried to argue with Payal. Hope and optimism was something Khushi never lacked. She knew Arnav would wake up and she would never loose hope even if this whole thing took years.


Fine, even if he wakes up what is the guarantee that he doesn't have anyone else in his life? Finally Payal said directly what she had wanted to say since a month and she got what she had expected, Khushi's silence and her shocked expression.


Payal's question startled Khushi, it made her feel uneasy. Payal was correct but what happened even if he was married? Khushi asked herself. Initially she rubbished Payal's talk but then after contemplating a lot she reached to the conclusion that she would not be able to tolerate if he had a wife or a girlfriend. She was in love with the guy and the only thing she knew about him was his name. What if he loves someone else? What if he fails to recognize me? What if he just goes away? Khushi pondered over these and some other questions all night long.



Khushi came inside silently and placed fresh flowers in the vase. She was sad, last night had made her think over her behavior and feelings a lot. And the consequences were not very good so she decided to stay away from him. She turned around and saw his comatose form and her resolution of staying away melted then and there.


You are having fun, aren't you? You love seeing me like this! And she started again, their one sided conversation.



India has again won the match, Arnav! I am so happy! She said sitting beside him.


Do you watch cricket?



This went on for another two months until a day when Khushi entered the hospital and she heard the staff talking about him. She was on leave for three days and had gone to her Nani's place in a village near Lucknow and she could not contact anyone because of the connectivity problem.


Laxman, what is the matter? What are these people talking about? Khushi asked to the ward boy who replied grinning ear to ear, ek sau chaar wala mareez uth gaya madam Ji. And with his reply her world stood still, wasn't this the moment she waited for since a year? Then why was she feeling nervous? She took small steps toward the ward number 104. As she reached the door she took a deep breath and turned the knob and then something happened making her heart skip a beat, her eyes met with his, they shared an eye lock. She realized she was holding her breath only when Dr. Bakshi called her inside.


She came inside and stood beside Dr. Bakshi who was asking some questions to him to make sure about his memory being intact.


Do you remember your name son? He asked to which Arnav nodded and replied, Arnav Singh Raizada. Khushi's breath hitched, she had not heard such a husky voice ever.


Where do you live? She heard Dr. Bakshi questioning again.


I live in Mumbai. I had gone to USA for MBA but had come back a couple of days before accident, he replied not looking to anyone present in the room.


Do you remember anyone from your family? This was Dr. Bakshi's next question.


Arnav sighed and said, I am an orphan. Khushi could feel the pain in his voice. I have some friends but they are in US. You can call Akash Malhotra, he is my only family. Dr. Bakshi nodded and continued, she is Khushi. He said looking at Khushi and then again at Arnav, she was the one who has taken your care till now and she will be taking your care till you recuperate completely, which will take some two months more. He said and left the room leaving Arnav and Khushi together.


Arnav tried to get up and sit on the bed a cry escaped his lips making Khushi alert. At next moment she was beside him, supporting him.


Don't try much Arnav, you are weak now. Moreover, you were unconscious for a year, you need a little physiotherapy, she said making Arnav smile lightly and mumble a thanks.


Khushi was mesmerized seeing him smile, she had fallen in love with Arnav Singh Raizada once again. The only question was that if he had heard her talks?


1 month later


Aaj ap kaise hain Arnav? Khushi came inside making Arnav put his newspaper away and look at her. She was wearing red Kurti and black leggings; she looked fresher than the lilies in her hands, thought Arnav.


Much better than before, Dr. Khushi, he replied smiling.


That is great, she replied with a big grin on her face. Dr. Bakshi and I were discussing your reports and everything seems great. You know.. Khushi was interrupted by his husky voice.


Can we go out for a walk? This room is making me sick today, he looked at her with pleading eyes and Khushi could not help but nod.


As they went out, Khushi could see a glint in his eyes making her happy. Arnav still could not walk properly but he would in few weeks.


So do you belong to Delhi? He started talking.


He never heard anything! Khushi thought painfully. Khushi remember telling him about her hometown Lucknow once but he heard nothing. She never asked him about it and even he had not said a thing, which would hint her for him being aware of her talking in unconscious state. Gradually she was loosing hope but today it got confirmed. She gathered herself and answered, no I am not from Delhi. I belong to Lucknow. You? She asked him.


They started talking about random things. Arnav told her about his experience in USA and she told him about her childhood memories. They did not realize about time and sat on the bench talking and laughing. Khushi glanced at her watch and screamed, Hey DeviMaiyya! It is the time for your medicines! She got up from the bench when Arnav held her hand. He stood up and pulled her against his chest. Khushi heart starting beating at abnormally high speed.


You are beautiful Dr. Khushi, he whispered in her ears, which gave her goose bumps. He pulled away and started walking towards his ward after leaving a peck on her lips. Khushi stood there, stunned and blushing.



Thank you so much Dr. Khushi, if not for you, I would not have recuperated. Myfriend Akash has come to take me home. Arnav said as he was leaving the hospital today. He was deemed fit by the doctors and there was no meaning of living here anymore.


Khushi could not speak anything, she just nodded and mumbled, apna khayal rakhiyega Arnav.


He nodded and left. He had left her broken. She was irrevocably in love with him and her Arnav just left. She ran into her room crying, all she wanted was him but he left her alone.


6 months later


Hey DeviMaiyya, now what excuse should I give? Khushi was sitting in her cabin chewing her nails and thinking about the excuse she would have to give to her family for rejecting another boy in the span of six months.


What is wrong with you Khushi? Payal entered her room and started yelling at Khushi. You once again rejected the boy. Don't tell me you are still waiting for that guy, who did not even bother calling you in last six months! Payal knew that Khushi was in love with Arnav hopelessly, because of which she was suffering so much. She had lost weight, she smiled a lot but her smile never reached her eyes like before, she cried buckets remembering him.


Payal had had enough. This is futile, Dr. Khushi Gupta. That guy has left you forever! She screamed, she was trying hard to explain her since six months but Khushi was not ready to listen. He has moved on Khushi, its time for you to move on! Stop spoiling your life for a guy who has left you alone! He was just a patient! Payal was on verge of crying.  She could not see her best friend life being destroyed.


It is not about him, it is about me, Payal, Khushi cried. I cannot forget him! He was a patient for you not for me! So what if he has moved on? So what if he is not coming back ever? It is not his fault if he has left me alone; he never said that he loved me. Khushi wiped her tears and said, I can never forget him. The tone of finality in Khushi's voice enraged Payal. Fine, sit here and cry for your so-called true love, saying that Payal stormed out of Khushi's cabin. Khushi was crying, she was heartbroken, firstly her love left her, secondly, her only friend was not ready to understand her feelings.


A knock on her door startled her. She wiped her tears, corrected her hair and dress before asking the person to come in. She was not looking at the person who just entered to hide her puffy, red eyes.


Kahiye, hum kya kar saktein hain apke liye? She said as pretended to find her notepad and pen.


Bohot kuch! The person replied. She stilled as she heard his voice. The same voice she wanted to hear since last six months. She looked at him and their eyes met, she started to feel warm, a tinge of hope was resurfacing. Is he here for me? Has he come to take me? Her mind was full of questions when she mustered all her courage and spoke, aap, yahan?


Yes, it was you who asked me to come, right? He said smiling at her. Khushi scrunched her eyebrows, when he replied comprehending her confusion, for check up! Her hope came crashing down. She was thinking about him being back for her but he was here for routine check up.


Okay, she smiled with a great difficulty. She got up from her chair and said, let me take you to Dr. Bakshi. She tried to hide her tears from him. She had asked her DeviMaiyya to make her meet him again but she did not know this would cause so much of pain.


As she reached the door, Arnav held her wrist and turned her around, she was now facing him. You look awful when you cry! He said wiping her tears while his other hand was snaked around her waist possessively.


She wriggled and tried to get out of his hold but he was stronger than her, it should not bother you, Mr. Raizada!


Really? Don't you want it to bother me? He cocked his eyebrow and smirked. Khushi was shocked, his smirks and touches were already creating havoc on her and now he was puzzling her with his talks.


No! Why would I want that? She hissed and replied.


I don't know, may be because I am way more than just a patient for you, he said in his perfect American accent.


His smirk enraged Khushi, she thought he was mocking her and enjoying her state. She replied, no ways! I hate you!


And that is why you keep rejecting guys! Isn't it Khushi? His words made her speechless. How did he come to know about her rejections? When she could not come up with any substantial answer she asked him, how do you know?


If you can wait for your love for six months, I can keep tabs on mine. His simple sentence made Khushi feel dizzy, his words implied that he too felt the same. Khushi was still thinking about his indirect confession when he spoke again, precisely 1 year, 10 months. That is how long you waited for me, didn't you, when I was in coma? He asked with a hint of guilt in his voice as her eyes brimmed with tears. She finally pushed him with all her might and started sobbing uncontrollably.


Just get lost Arnav! Just go away! Where were you all these six months? You didn't even bother calling me once? And you think you would just show up and I would come running into your arms, then you are wrong! She shouted making Arnav feel miserable. He tried to explain.


I was not sure about myself when I left the hospital. I was emotionally wrecked. I did not have any job, I wanted to be something and then ask your hand for marriage. I could not risk your life that is why I went away. And Khushi believe me if these six months were difficult for you then it was hell for me! He said cupping her face while she just cried. I love you, I love you more than anything in whole world. All I want is you, Khushi.


Before he could say anything more she asked him to leave.



It had been 2 weeks Arnav was following Khushi everywhere she went. She knew he was correct, but at least he should have called. He even accepted his mistake and apologized for not calling but she did not listen to her pleas. Few minutes back he called her asking her to meet at hospital's terrace, after that he would never bother her.


What do you want? Khushi asked him when she reached terrace.


Marry me! He said directly coming to the point.


You are crazy! She said was going to leave when he said, I will jump off the building if you won't say yes today! Khushi could not believe he said something so stupid.


Fir se sar par chot lagi? She asked sarcastically making him chuckle.


Uss din lagi thi jis din tumse pyaar hua, he replied and her face formed a cute 'O'. And see the effect is still there, he replied seriously making Khushi smile.


Arnav saw her smiling sweetly and asked, should I take it as yes? Her cheeks blushed furiously when he came to her and hugged her tightly.


You are so stupid, this stupid suicide act was not needed, she said while they continued to be in same position.


Hey it was you who said you like filmy guys, didn't you? Khushi laughed, after few seconds she pushed him away and stared at him incredulously. When did I say that? She asked.


May be when I was sleeping! I mean when I was in coma, he smirked.


You heard everything! Each and every thing? She asked as tears made their way down her cheeks.


Every damn thing! He said.


Then why did you ask about my hometown that day? Didn't I tell you once? She was confused.


Seriously woman?! Don't you hear yourself, you talk non-stop!! How do you expect me to remember everything? Khushi hit his chest, tip toed and pecked him on his lips making him smile widely. Not so easily Doctor! He said and slammed his lips on her.


 Thank you for reading:)

My On going SS:)

His Inglorious Deeds

Today, two of my favorite stories ended:( I loved both of them very much. If you guys have not read them already, do read them!

  ArHi SS: Tumult By ShikhaKhushi

ArHi SS: Forbidden To Love By ShikhaKhushi


Love you allHug

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Tu best hai nd u prove it day by day

D os is Clap

I loved d cncpt.. It was beautiful lovely emotional Day Dreaming damnit khushi showed a lot of patience nd trust. ..

He was unconcious for whole one year yet she took care if him

I loved how she chatted nonstop without bothering whether he is listening he wil wake up or wil he remember any of dose still she kept on going

I really feel sad for her smtym.. Bt somewere it was her love ..

D love wich seemed to happen while taking care

Nd he woke up for her for voice.. Three days she wasnt dere nd he impatient LOL Dats y he woke up

I loved d way he flirted wid her.. Nd she kept rejecting proposal

D last part was hilarious

Wen he was warning her den proposed nd he cnfssd he remember her every single chat

Meri cheeni best hai Evil Smile

Loved it Heart

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Posted: 18 January 2014 at 5:56am | IP Logged
Wow Cheeni...
This was incredibly beautiful and magical OS...
I have not read something soo incredible before...

Hatts off to ur writing Cheeni... Clap  Clap  Clap  Clap  Clap  Clap  Star

I was crying from the 1st line...Arnav met with an accident and then the entire description...
It was hard for me to read it...I wonder how u had written it...

And then later I had tears in eyes and smile on my face...

I will not quote any line of this OS coz every line was beautiful...This OS has not only touched my heart but it will stay in my heart... Heart

Khushi was simply mind blowing and I am saying this for the 1st time...I loved this Khushi...
Her love was as pure and beautiful as a child's smile...
And Hatts off to Khushi's faith...
1yr and 10 months... She actually showed what true love is...

And what to say about Arnav...I love him always...But I dont want him to be in such a condition again...

And I love u the most Cheeni...A big wali jhaphi for u for writing this OS...  Hug

For me now u r the best writer on IF and this is the best piece of work...
I wonder from where do u get such amazing and different concepts...

Keep writing Cheeni...

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astha di...

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what the!!!ShockedShockedShocked
mindblowng cheeni cum...iss os ko jitna b tareef karo kam hi hai...EmbarrassedTongue
really magical os!!mai to aapki bohuth badi fan hogai hu...
ur a beautifull awesome writter ho love u!!Hug

cheeni cum tusi great ho tohfa qhubool karo...Embarrassed

love u HugHug

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