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ArHi SS Collab: Temptation of A DARK Lover - Part 4 ~ PG 102

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Don't be too surprise after seeing my new story. Don't worry i will be regular as till now I have never delay any of my updates unless im busy. This is a short story, only with 10 chapters, will end on February. 

This story is inspire from a Malaysian Drama (Malay) Its only inspire nothing to do with the current show. Both are surviving on different scope. THIS IS NOT A DARK SS. So kiddos can still read freely. 

Not to forget its my group Collaboration with my bestie,  
Simmy Ara Akorshi Hiral and Ayushi
They are not a writer, they are readers just like all of u.  They will help me being my backbone in term of idea or any thing related to this story but it will be fully written by me. So dont worry about updates. 


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Mind-blowing banner by .Sandy.

Part 1

The huge mansion was decorated with fairy lights to bring the out the touch of celebration which are currently going on in the mansion. Paparazzi and media house reporter was standing outside the main gate to get the glimpse of the groom and his would be bride. None of them was allowed to go inside due to the strict order of Yash Pratap Singh Raizada. The guards were having extra work then before. They were securing the mansion and closed the entire door. The guests were checked before stepping in the Mansion. It wasn't a simply marriage of a middle class people but it was a huge marriage celebration of Yash Pratap Singh Raizada's only son, Arnav Singh Raizada. He is the most successful business tycoon in the world. His name is enough for them to know him. He don't believes in anything except Money. Money is his priority whatever he does it shall always relate to money.

The priest was chanting mantras while the groom and bride were seating on the stool. Arnav Singh Raizada was always seen in his three pieces so does nothing changed today. He was still wearing his famous suit designed by his own Fashion house designer. His bride was seating next to him wearing pink lengha choli with heavy jewellery. She is the daughter of Mahesh Gor business partner of Yash Pratap. They decided to change the partnership into a lifetime relation by marrying their children. While, this marriage also bring millions of benefits to Arnav Singh Raizada.. His project with Gor Empire would finally hit the success of European market. He don't care about this marriage. His only mission is to expend his business worldwide. This marriage is just a way of him to achieve everything in his life. Even he is a billionaire but it wasn't enough for him. His needs increase day by days. Some might call him greedy but he don't give damn as he was earning by his own.

The bride was looking little nervous. She was looking at the holy fire and her nervousness was increasing for each passing minutes. Her eyes looked side way to get the glimpse of ASR but she was failed to see him as he wasn't concentrating much on anything. Her veil was another thing which was blocking her view. She was getting restless, the touch of her mother's hand on her shoulder was assuring her somewhere.

Geeta: "Don't show your nervousness.. PRIYA.. You are the centre of attraction here.." Priya nodded her head even she wasn't willing to listen to anyone. The bride was none other than Priya Gor daughter of Mahesh and Geeta, business partner of Raizada's..  

The priest gesture the groom to fill the petition of the bride. Arnav took small pinch of vermillion and move forward his finger to mark her as his wife. He didn't show any emotion on his face. He was having his own goal and target. This marriage or commitment meant nothing to him. But at another point he is happy too at least he gets someone to warm his bed.

He was about to fill the shindoor but the sudden sweet voice yet attempting forced him to move his eyes to look at the person who were now standing in front of the mandap wearing blue red lengha choli and her face were covered with her dupatta. She didn't want anyone to recognize her. Her half visible face was literally visible to the opposite person eyes which was none other than Arnav Singh Raizada. But the next word of her was more terrifying then a nuclear boom.

"I'm pregnant carrying Arnav Singh Raizada's baby.."


Priya: "Please help me.. Please KHUSHI..??" She pleads to her best friend.

Khushi: "But Priya your marriage is fix.. What can I do now..?" She really couldn't find any way to escape from all this mess.

Priya: "I don't know Khushi.. Just think something... Something that can stop this marriage.. I don't want to marry Arnav Singh Raizada. He is a big Casanova. He has many girlfriends. I don't want to ruin my life by marrying him.." She was on verge of crying thinking of her future. Her parents don't give ear to any of her pleads. She had been forced into this marriage. Everything which happens was related to business and Money.

Khushi (Cupping Priya's cheek): "I will think something but I can't grantee.. I will try my best.."

Flashback end..


Khushi: "I'm pregnant, carrying Arnav Singh Raizada's baby.." The entire guests gasp on the news. They were looking here and there whispering and bad mouthing the families. All this didn't go easy with Arnav. He stood up in rage.

Arnav: "How the hell are you..?" with gritting teeth..

Khushi: "I'm the mother of your baby.. If you don't believe me you can read this report.." Yash Pratap come forward and snatched the report from her hand. He read carefully and his anger rose in him.

Yash Pratap: "Is this true Arnav..??" He looked at his son.. He knew the affairs that his son is having but he didn't knew his seed would be growing in his bedmates womb.

Arnav: "I don't know her.. I have never seen her before.." He defends himself.

Khushi: "I didn't expect much from you Mr.Raizada. I know you won't recognize me either. I'm here just to inform you that I'm pregnant carrying your baby.." She wiped her made fake tear showing some emotion in her words. She can see successes are now knocking her door. She was able to convince them with the fake report.

Priya: "I'm not going to marry him Dad.. He didn't only insulted me but he have insulted our family.. This marriage won't happen Arnav.. Won't..!" She started to play her role. Arnav was in deep confusion. He don't know who the hell is this girl and now she is declaring that she is carrying his child..?


The huge mansion was only left with close family members. The bride and her family already left the house one hour ago including the NEW GIRL. There were numerous of question is family member were shooting at him. He was tired of them. Without wasting a single minutes, he walked out from the house and instructed his guard to get ready with the car. He barked orders to his Manager, Aman Mathur to find that GIRL.

After few minutes, Aman texted him the information and told him that she is currently seen at Laxmi Nagar road and their cars are following her from behind without her knowledgeable. Arnav command his driver to turn the car to Laxmi Nagar. He won't spare this girl. He would teach her a lesson which she would regret for the entire of her life for messing in Arnav Singh Raizada marriage.

Khushi was walking alone at the lonely strike. Her car breakdown in the middle of the road.. She couldn't find any vehicles and she told the driver that she would go back by auto. Her driver tried to stop her a lot but she was way too stubborn. She wanted to reach home early as it wasn't getting dark here. She was walking with a joy of happiness. Finally she was able to save her friend from the lion den. She was literally jumping in happiness till she didn't notice a white SUV blocked her way and pulled her inside. The door been closed and the car been drive away in the darkness..

She was struggling hard to come out from the strong grip which was wrapped on her waist tightly. She screams just to make the person frustrated with her.

Khushi: "Leave meee..." He wasn't able to control her. She was just like a wild kitten.

Arnav: "Not so soon.." He said evilly. She stops from struggling and looked in his eyes. They were dark and full with temptation. She slowly started to realize who is he and her eyes were widening in shocked.

Khushi: "What you want from me..?"

Arnav (with cunning smile): "You will know soon." She frown her brows not understanding his meaning.

Khushi: "This is not done.. You are kidnapping me.." She started to hit his chest. He holds her hand firmly and gets the tape from guard to stop her from speaking or shouting further by plastering her mouth.

They reached at the unknown place. Khushi was looking here and there trying to identify the place. She was scared. He come out from the car and gesture her to come out too but she didn't move an inches. He lifted her on his shoulder and walked in the Mandir. Everything was ready per his order. The priest was sitting with a gun pointing on his forehead. Any wrong move from his end he is dead.

Arnav put Khushi down and take out the plaster from her mouth. She was about to run but he hold her again and make her stand.

Arnav: "Start now..!" He commands the priest. The mantras been played and the marriage rituals yet to start to complete this marriage. She was struggling and pushing him away but her strength wasn't comparable in front of him. He was holding her tightly.

Khushi: "This is wrong.. This is wrong..!" Tear started to flow from her eyes.

Arnav: "You should think before messing with me.. You spoiled my marriage so now in return you have to marry me.." He filled her petition forcefully. A gold chain lay on her neck. He was pulling her to start the phere but she was glued on the ground. However, it doesn't stop his attention he lifted her up on his shoulder and started to complete the last ritual for the marriage. She was swimming on the air. Her yells wasn't coming to end. She wanted to run but she wasn't able too. She was cursing herself to get involves in this and HIM.

The last phere were completed and they been blessed as a husband and wife by the priest. The priest feels bad for Khushi but he don't have any choice as his life on risk to just like her. Arnav instructed his man to pay the priest and told him to get LOST from his views.

He put her down and the next moment she pushed him through his chest with anger, tears and frustration.

Khushi(Angrily): "You spoiled my life..!" She pushed him again but the next moment he held her wrist and pin her at the nearby wall..

Arnav(In rage): "You invited this so bear it now.. If you didn't stop my marriage then this won't happen.." He pressed her wrist breaking her glass bangles. She was looking in his eyes, she was tired. Exhausted after fighting and struggling. Her eyes were blinking and the next moment she faints in his arms.

To be continued.. 

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Part 2 - Click Me..

Part 3 - Click Me..

Part 4 - Click Me..

Thread 2 - Click Me..        


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Yipee m feeling so lucky to work with my wonderful group .
I can't forget the day we were discussing abt title it ws so fun LOL   
Talking about story u nw always what to bring nd ur concepts are always hatke nd there is no saying in this that i love all ur works 
Arnav at his arrogant best the way i like himBig smile  and khushi is so lively poor girl was helping her friend nd hv put herself into misery .
there 1st meeting is so filmy m pregnant aww 
Bring it on m awaiting eagrly to read 1 more stry by u tight group  Hug love u guyz 

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Amazing start
interesting concept
loved it
can't wait to read the next part Clap

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omg new collab story ..
excited.. s

awesome start..

poor khushi..

looking forward for more.

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continue soon ..
loved it

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Congrts on ur new thread yaar

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