T2 Sameer Rathod FF: betrayal of love new thrd pg 152

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Hi everyone,,

Thank you for all the love you have shown to this story of mine...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Yeah I am back with a new thread of Betrayal of Love...Big smileBig smile

keep on showing your love for this story of mine...SmileSmile


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Link to thread ONE (CHAP 1-17)

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Chapter 34A page 115 (pm update)

Chapter 34 B page 119,120

Chapter 35A page 125

Chapter 35B onwards updated in blog

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Here I come with a new chapter to start this thread...Smile

have finally tried my hand at making a new banner for this story...the second banner made till date...please do tell me how you find it...
Big smileBig smile

my regular reader who follow this story religiously(you people know who you are)...this update goes to you you  with all my heart Hug

ishita fulfilled the demand you had tell me if it was appropriate WinkWink

Have replied to all your comments in the earlier can check if you please EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Right so here we go to the next chapter EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Chapter 18

Rathore looked away avoiding his anger.He took out his phone from his pocket and hurried out of the room. Arjun kept looking at his retreating back and looked away irritated.He too rushed out of the room.

It was late evening and Arjun was going to his room after dinner.He was crossing Rathore's room.He found the door ajar and lights still glowing in his room.Rathore had not come down for dinner too.

Arjun was already quite angry with his decision of leaving the case.But what confused him more was what led him to take this decision.The 'Sameer Rathore' he knew of was not that trimolous to take such a course.Something serious had surely transpired with Sushma that day.

Arjun pushed the door slightly and peeped in.He found Rathore sitting on the sofa head leaning on the head rest with eyes closed.The phone was kept on the front table and a half filled glass of water and a strip of tablets kept beside it.

He walked in slowly without disturbing him and picked up the strip from the table.It was a mild sedative.Arjun had seen it before.Rathore always kept them with him during his training days but hardly took them.

He had seen him gulping down once when his parents had not spoke to him even after knowing he had bagged the award for best performing cadet in the batch.He had thrown the medal away angrily and fell on the bed on his stomach hiding his face in the pillow.Then later at night he had seen him taking a tablet before sleep.He had asked him about it but he had always ignored.

He looked at the strip.It had 7 tablets and three were missing.His anger increased another hundred folds and now he literally wanted to hit him hard at his head.He threw the strip on the table fuming.

He was about to walk out of the room when he heard the phone ringing on the table.Arjun picked it up.It was from the commisioner.The sound woke up Sameer too.He opened his eyes with great efforts and looked at Arjun and then at the phone ringing in his hand.

He jumped up from the sofa but Arjun had already recieved the call.

'Rathore,batao kiya baat hai?case ka kiya hua?'

'Jai hind Sir,Mein Arjun,'

'Arjun,Rathore kaha hai?'

'Rathore dinner kar raha hai sir,case ke liye phone kiya tha apko,kal subah kar lega,sorry to disturb Sir,'he said looking towards Sameer,

'Its okk,Rathore se kehena kal subah baat kar le mujhse,kuch important baat karna hai,'

'Yes sir,Jai hind Sir,'

'Jai hind'

The call disconnected and Arjun kept the phone back.Arjun looked back at Rathore who was a glaring tiger now.Arjun glared harder at him.

'Ye kiya hai Rawte?'

'Tumhe bhi pata hai Rathore,tum jo kar rahe the wo sahi nehi hai,'

'ab tum decide karoge kiya sahi hai aur kiya galat?rawte abhi bhi decisions mein leta hu,'

'agar tum galat decision loge to offcourse mujhe hi decide karna hoga,'

'Rawte tum,'Sameer started but then a sudden helplessness cumbered him and he dropped down on
the sofa.

'Rawte tum samajte kiyu nehi,mein chief hoke meri team ko aise khatre mein nehi daal sakta.Us din tum sab ki jaan ja sakti thi.Mujhe kabu karne mein use 2 minute bhi nei lage.Nehi Rawte,i cant risk so many lives.'

'Kiya bakwas kar rahe ho rathore?tum ek sessioned officer ho,aur ye sab kamzoor batein tum nehi kar sakte.Hamesha mujhe emotional kehete ho,aj tum emotions mein ghir rahe ho.Aisa kiya hua tha us din batao.Tum us room mein kaise pohuch gaye?'

Sameer signed and rubbed his temple.He started narrating the whole incident to him.Arjun sat down on the sofa facing him.By the time Rathore had finished telling him everything,he was broken and shattered.His face showed a defeated look and Arjun got the reason for his resolution.

'Rathore tum is baat ke liye case chor rahe the?Duty ke beech emotions nehi ate,tum kehete ho na,fir Sushma ke ane se ye sab batein badal kiyu gayi hai?Sushma kitni bhi shatir ho,hum use pakar lenge Rathore.Usne sabse bari bewakufi ki hai tumse ulaj ke,ab to ye case sirf solve hoga,'

'Nehi Rawte.Sushma bohot achi tarah se janti hai ki sapna meri kamzoori thi..hai.Rawte we  shared a very strong relation years back which I still treasure somewhere in my heart,though i still hesistate to accept it,but its true.I have always spent a lonely life and she was the only one who had ever taken such a huge place in my heart.I really dont know if I could get her out of my mind,my body and my soul.She is a person who was an inevitable part of my life.My mornings,my nights everything started and ended with her.'

'Ise kiya fark parta hai Rathore?'

'Aj agar koi Roshni ka chehera leke tumhare samne aye rawte,tumhe fark nehi parega?'

Arjun straighten up.Yes now he understood the situation Rathore was going through.This is the first time in three years after roshni's death,Sameer had uttered her name.Arjun had always felt that Sameer harboured a special feeling for Roshni which he had hidden deep inside his heart,though neither sameer nor roshni had ever shown anything at all.

Sameer had blamed him for Roshni's death and that was the moment when he had seen a strange disappointment in his annoyance.Roshni has always been casual about her friendship with sam,though she had always taken care of him as affectionately as she could.

After Roshni's death Sameer seemed more vulnerable then Arjun was and thus,the anger he kept within had made him blame Arjun for the biggest loss in his life.Arjun felt a burden relieved of his heart when he heard her name from Sameer's mouth.

'Fark parta hai rawte.kal agar mujhe gun point mein rakhke ya kidnap karke usne tumse kisi ka murder karwa diya to kiya karoge Rawte?Aur kal jaise maine apna control khoya tha sirf ek kiss se,agar uska tattoo nehi dekhta to shayad humare beech..'
Rathore stopped his words,it was getting difficult for him breath,

'Tum usse itna pyar karte the,to kabhi hum se kiyu nehi kaha?'Arjun had cooled down,he could understand his friend's hesitation now.

'Kiya keheta?Pyar to mujhse kabhi koi nehi karta hai Rawte,Sapna,sushma koi bhi nehi,mein ye mission samhal nehi sakta.Mein akele...'
Rathore smiled dejected,

Arjun opened his mouth to speak but they heard a female voice from the door,

'Akele kiyu?Hum sab haina apke sath?I mean puri team hai apke pas,koi apko chorke kam nehi karegi
,'Ayesha looked at him meaningfully,

Both looked at her.

'Ayesha tum yaha?'Arjun shouted at her,

'Sorry Sir,wo mein apko kuch batane ayi thi per aplog baat kar rahe the is liye ruk gayi,sorry mein sunna nehi chahti thi,per..
'She said alternating between the two,

Arjun started,

'Rawte,its okAyesha,baitho,waise bhi tumhe to pata hi hai.
'Rathore said looking towards Arjun,who was rolling his eyes at sameer,

'kiya hua?'
Arjun asked ayesha,

'wo chotu ke pass uske informer ka phone aya tha,anurag ke bare mein pata chala hai,wo subah usse milne jayega,to mein sakshi ko drop kar dungi,'

'okk chotu se kehena mein bhi chalunga uske sath,'Arjun informed,

Ayesha nodded and turned to leave but Arjun called her back ,

'Ayesha sakshi kab ja rahi hai?'

'subah 8 baje ki flight hai,'

'okk dhyan rakhna,its not safe here for us,'

'I know sir,goodnight sir,'


Ayesha left the room.Arjun looked towards rathore and found him lost in thought.

'Rathore,'arjun called him,'tum ye case nehi chor rahe ho.Ab to Ayesha ne bhi kehe diya.Hum sab hai.Aur tum bhi ho.Rahi baat sushma ki.Jaise wo tumhari kamzoori janti hai,tum bhi to uski kamzoori jante ho,we can use that,'

'uski kamzoori?'

'tum rathore,abhi tak nehi samjhe?samjhau?'Arjun asked with a smirk,

'kiya kehe rahe ho rawte?main uski kamzoori kaise ho sakta hu??mein jiyu ya maru use kiya fark parta hai?'

'Fark to parta hai rathore.Think,the day we caught her,Raja was about to shoot you,but sushma shot him and saved you.If you didnt matter then why did she save you?'

'but she did shoot at me,'

'ya just for you to be saved or a target missed.Ayesha came in between remember?'

Rathore started thinking keenly.

'then when we were attacked in the car,it was just a warning,why?she wants to keep you safe.She is threatning ,Rathore for you to leave the case.This is a strong reason why you cant leave the case,samjhe ya fir samjhau?'

'You are right rawte,I cant leave this case.We will have to crack it..'

Arjun nodded and looked at him.This time he seemed convinced.The defeated look and the slunked shoulders have gone back to the strong broad muscular chest,capable of taking up any strength.His features and facial expression showed he had relaxed.

Arjun walked towards the door,but suddenly stopped thinking about something.He turned on his heels and walked back to the sofa.Sameer looked at him with questioning eyes.Arjun ignored his gaze and bend down to take the strip of tablet on the table.

'Rawte,kiya...'Rathore jumped up,

'ab se ye tumhare pass nehi hona chahiye,warna mein tumhe khud sushma ke pass chor ke aaunga,fir tumhara ki hoga,tum samaj gaye na?'

'Mera kuch nehi hoga Rawte,thori der pehele tum hi ne sher ko jagaya hai,
'rathore replied smirking,

Arjun threw the strip in the dustbin smirking all the while looking away from Rathore.He walked out of the room and went back to his room.He was happy today.Even a smile was present at his lips all the way to his room.It was dark in the corridor but his smile was not missed by two people who were surprised to find Arjun Rawte smiling in the dark corridors in the late hours of night.

Ayesha was going back to her room from Sakshi's after setting everything for the morning,when she found Arjun walking in the corridor towards his room.She called sakshi and both looked at him.He was looking different.Smiling and looking around,probably avoiding attention.

They were surpised,but a smile spread on their faces too.Ayesha waited until he closed the door of his room and went away.

Next Morning Rathore,Arjun and Dixit went to check the room where rathore was kept.Arjun wanted to company Chotu to meet his informer,but chotu had declined stating his informer wants to meet him alone.He was a vendor near the ship yard and doesnt want to be noticed with them.

Thus,Arjun landed up with Rathore and Dixit to the room.They had just entered when Rathore recieved a call from mumbai ETF office that Ayesha has met with an accident and is admitted to the Health Care Hospital.

End of this and give back your reviews...dont forget the banner...Big smile

No PRECAP this time...Embarrassed

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Congatulations For The New Thread ! The Update Also Was Very Beautiful !

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Awesome update
Cont soon
Thanks for pm

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awesome updateClap
loved the convo between arjun & rathore... arjun finally convinced him to stay backThumbs Up
and now they knw that rathore is sushma's weakness... waiting to see how they use it...
hope aisha is fine...

why no precap?

p.s congrats for the new threadSmile

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superb di..
thank u so much 4 d lovely update!
ha .. ek cop se maine melodrama n rona dhona expect v nai kia..
both arjun n aisha handled the situation quite sensibly!
sushma.. yah.. sumwhere she does want to keep sam safe!!
bt hw did aisha meet an accident?? plz update verryy soon...
loved it..

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superb dear.. Love it.. Rowdy rathore back in action.. Loved samjun convo.. Their understanding.. Thanks for pm..

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