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She walks in Beauty...Th4 Chap-48 pg 132

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The tale has entered it's another chapter...depicting the emotional matter in an imaginative form... in Voltaire's words a canvas furnished by nature and embroidered by imagination... imagination that is superior to reason...devotion to beauty...the delights of notion called love... She walks in beauty!...in smile that wins, in tints that glow, to tell of days in goodness spent...

Glad and beholden it has managed to capture your attention and entranced you to its elation's... Love you all!

And Thank you all for all the love.Hug

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                                                                                         (by ParmarA)

Chapter 01-19

Chapter 20-31

Chapter 32-40









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Congrats Pansy on the new threadStar

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WaitingDay Dreaming
And a big  Congratulations comment gifsOn the new thread

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Chapter 41

"Albeit the beauty of the moon, when (it is) full, is fine

Better than that is my moon with a sun's beauty"

His eye glued on her...he ambulates around to the other side of bed. The moment he reaches near, she lowers her eyes...he places his phone on the side table and glides on the bed...watching her for a moment he lies down placing his head in her lap...he takes her hand in his and pecks at her hand. Slight blush tinged Nidhi's cheek...the reminiscences of the night of their union...her husbands devouring eyes and anticipation of the moments upcoming...make her heart beat slightly faster. She slowly ruffles his hair...looking fondly at him.

Ashutosh bites at her hand saying, "not this time" she chuckles. He turns and snuggles to her...burrowing his face in her lap and looping his arms around her he nuzzles her navel and mumbles, "How come satin is holding this satin?"

Nidhi tries to pull him out but he nestles against her navel and trails his way up...nuzzling the bare skin of her neck he tries to fend off the embroidered facings of her gown and mutters, "Nothing can cleave to this satiny soft skin except"  

Trailing her lips with his thumb...he looks at her dazed form and she manages to ask, "Except?" not knowing he had already unfastened her gown he softly slides the gown off her shoulders and his eyes pop out...he forgets to blink seeing Nidhi in a semi-translucent negligee with lacy straps...he raises his hand to fling off her gown but she grabs his arms...he glares at her and whispers in a breathy voice, "Except your hubby Dr. Nidhi".

"Stop it!"

In same husky voice grazing her neck with his knuckle, "Really you want me to stop?"

She lowers her eyes and smiles shyly...Ashutosh chuckles and leans forward to take her lips...he was about to brush his lips to her when his phone rings...his breath gets caught he freezes for a moment... Nidhi too got down but she giving an anxious look to him moves to check his phone...her face glows and she answers, "Hello Arman Bhaya!"

Ashutosh heaves a sigh of relief and before she could answer Arman's, "How are you?" he snatches phone from her hands and butts in,

"She is fine...you got no time in the whole twenty four hours to call here"

Arman chuckles placing his hand on the phone, "when did I call her...I called you...this is your phone...and at what time I should have called you...I always call you at this time."

Ashutosh answers frustrated, "Arman!"

Arman chuckles, "Meri jaan...I know you have come home after two days...I thought you may be missing me...so I called you"

Ashutosh gives a frustrated look to Nidhi...she was smiling he pulls her in his arms and places the phone on her ear...she chuckles and answers Arman's call...Arman was laughing and Sneha was scolding him...when he hears Nidhi's Hello...he asks, "How are you my cutie pie?"

"I'm fine bhaya" Ashutosh placing her hand on his phone makes her to hold his phone and cuddles her in his arms. Resting his head on her shoulder...caressing her neck...he waits for her to end the call.

Nidhi: "How's Riya Bhaya? She was very cranky...when I talked to her in afternoon"

"She's fine...missing you...in her bed right now...okay you hang up before your husband throws tantrums like my wife"

Nidhi chuckles, "No Bhaya...he won't...he is fine...kissing Ashutosh's cheek...who was disturbing her continuously with his nuzzles...he was just joking" Ashutosh sulks.

"Joke and heartstone...hmn...I know Nidhi...I know him more than you...he must be gnashing his teeth this time...Nidhi giggles...okay bye"

"Bye bhaya...give my love to Riya...I'll call her tomorrow" Ashutosh was waiting for her to hang up the phone...the moment she hangs up...he snatches the phone from her hand and throws on other end of the bed and twirls himself making her to lie on the bed...pinning her down...the phone buzzes again and Ashutosh vehemently cries, "Oh! God have mercy on me" his face crestfallen he looks at nidhi...she winks at him and cupping his face she asks, "Answer your phone"

"I hope this in not Arman...otherwise I'm going to kill him" She chuckles and he gets up to search for his phone...his eyes catch the phone and he mumbles, "Malika". Nidhi frowns hearing "Malika" but waits and hears Ashutosh to answer his call.

"Yes Malika!"

"I'm sorry Ashutosh to disturb you at this moment"

"Since when have you turned so formal with me" Malika didn't answer...how she could have explained how turbulent she was before calling him...she was hesitating to call the friend he would call any time in the day and night...the right she felt she has on him...was no more..how much torturous the thought was that the friend, the love of her life she would call anytime may be with his wife and may not like her call this time.

Ashutosh's "Malika" break her resonance and she wipes her moist cheeks...gulping the clog in her throat...she answers, "Ashutosh we need your opinion on a case...I operated a patient in afternoon...but his prognosis are not good...can you...I mean if you could come and check him"

Ashutosh runs a desperate hand through his hair...giving a look to nidhi who was waiting for him to end his call...he answers, "Yes...sure...Is he the same patient whose wife is also injured...she is pregnant but her prognosis wasn't good either"

"Yes Ashutosh...she gave birth to a baby boy in afternoon and breathed her last"

"Oh! Okay I'm coming" 

Nidhi's face falls hearing his words but she quickly alters her expression and smiles at Ashutosh but Ashutosh's eyes couldn't miss the passing gloom on her face. He hangs up the phone and moves to dressing room...he couldn't meet Nidhi's eyes. It takes few minutes for Nidhi to brace herself up and follow him. She finds him wearing his shirt...she inches forward and help him buttoning up his shirt. Ashutosh closes his eyes...he was finding hard to meet her eyes...when she does the last button of his shirt he opens his eyes...pecks her forehead and mumbles, "I'm sorry Jaan"

She chuckles, "Why sorry? Your jaan his here...waiting for you...go and save someone's jaan"

Her words lighten the heaviness inside his heart...he looks fondly at her and embraces her, "Take care of my life"

She smiles and "You'll take care of mine...drive carefully"

He winks and turns to move...she follows him...descending the stairs he feels her following him...without turning to look at her...he rebukes her, "No Nidhi...you can't come out this moment"

She doesn't stop...he turns at the entrance and stops her... "Close the door...and don't come out now"

Her face falls but he didn't allow her...he waits for her, "Lock the door Nidhi...I'm getting late"

She pouts and raises her hands to close the door...he quickly pecks at her pout saying, "Go to bed...goodnight" and sprints out. Nidhi's eyes turn moist she gulps her tears and moves to her room and plops in the couch.


Nidhi eyes open when she feels herself picked up by strong pair of arms, She smiles at him and snuggles to the warmth...Ashutosh's heart wrenched the moment he entered and saw her struggling with cold in her sleep...he rebukes, "what are you doing here?" her eyes blurry...she pecks at his cheek and he lays her down on the bed, "you are back"... "Hmn"

He moves to freshen up and she asks, "How's the patient"

"He has gone into coma"

Nidhi feels bad and more importantly she knows how he must be feeling...she didn't miss the helplessness on his face when malika told him that her wife has delivered a baby boy and passed away...he feels more pain for the boy who has lost his one parent and another is on the verge of death. She checks the time it was 4 in the morning. Her heart wrenches he was now getting the feel how her husband has given his life to his profession but she smiles when he emerges from dressing room changed into his night dress.

"I disturbed your sleep...you're feeling chilly"

She shakes her head and waits for him till he lies down next to her, "Feel cold sometimes due to hypothyroidism"

He looks at her and opens his arms to her and she leaps to him...pecking at his heart where she places her head on his chest and closes her eyes...he turns and holds her in embrace...clutching her tightly her head resting on his arm and burrowed in his chest...his chin on her head...he softly straightens her locks and mumbles,

"This is my routine love...if you are going to hurt yourself unnecessarily...waiting for me...starving yourself...waking up whole night...this is going to make things difficult for me" her lashes touch his neck and he feels her opening her eyes...she pulls herself a bit and turns her head up to look at him...Ashutosh pecks at his forehead and continues, "I was on my way to hospital pondering how I've worked all these years...I never thought about my timings...in fact loved to stay at hospital...for days...kaka would even bring my clothes to hospital...and I never felt I wasn't sparing a moment for myself...stroking her cheek...but now I realise what I was doing...I never felt the urge to go back to home...except after few days for Baba...but I promise I'll check my timings now"

Nidhi smiles, "Why are you worrying that much? You won't be staying at hospital like this always...this is all because of emergency?"

Pushing her head snugly to his chest and closing his arms, "I know my love these days you couldn't see your husband because of train collision but the fact remains I've been working endlessly...earlier I would snatch a few hours to be with you...but now I want to live my life"

Nidhi chuckles and asks, "Who's stopping you?"

He gets irritated, "Laugh as much as you can" he takes a deep sigh and repeats "to live life after much has gone"

She stifled her anger and he could feel that...holding her more snugly he asks, "Why you came so late in my life?"

"Sleep if you have to...I don't want to talk to you"

Ashutosh chuckles, "Okay I'm sorry! Much is not gone...I've come to this world only yesterday and have a lot to live yet"

She bites his arm and he chuckles again...kissing her head...he pulls up the covers feeling her presence, feeling how her breath on his chest turned the ambient music and changed his mood...he snuggles to her mumbling, "Thank you for coming into my life...for loving me my love...thank you...em..love to be in your arms"


Sunrays peep in through the window disturbing Ashutosh's sleep...they're sleeping in same state as they tucked themselves in the duvet three hours before...he opens his eyes...the feel of Nidhi's breath on his chest...swelled his chest with joy...he slowly pulls out his arm and makes her head to rest on pillow...but she opens her eyes and burrowing her head in pillow she drowsily greets him, "Good Morning"...Ashutosh leans forward and uttering, "Good Morning!  Pecks her cheek... I woke you up...sorry"

"Why are you up so early?"

Ashutosh chuckles, "up so early... it's already 7...and if you have forgotten...let me remind you...we are going on honeymoon and our flight is in three hours"

Nidhi snuggles to him, "How can I forget? But there is still lot of time...let us sleep some more"

"You surely can sleep...but I need to go hospital...it'll take me an hour there...I'll be back by 9 and we'll leave by ten...our flight is at 10.50"

Nidhi gets up and he stops her, "Jaan please sleep some more...you haven't slept properly...I'll call you and wake you up...you can sleep till 8"

"No! You take shower...I'll get breakfast for you"

He pulls her back in his arms and asks, "Without my morning treat" she smiles and he cups her head with a slight tug he brushes his lips to her and tastes to his hearts content...only he knows how much he yearned to love her but seems like destiny has conspired against him and one or the other thing has been hindering their tryst...releasing her lips she hides herself in crook of his neck, Ashutosh softly caressing her head asks  "You can sleep if you want...I'm sorry to say... you won't be offered this amenity for a long time...be ready for that"

With slight blush tingeing her cheeks...she mock punches him and asks him to get up...he squeezes her in arms and moves to restroom...before pecking her cheek and ordering her, "I want my wife right here...when I come out"


Nidhi was ready waiting for Ashutosh to arrive from hospital. She got surprised when she saw her whole family including solanki's and Anji at her door when she was having her breakfast. Anji's concern was visible on her face and in her words when she asked, "Jiju wasn't here tonight as well"

Nidhi hugs her friend giving her the assurance and answering, "Come on he doesn't work always at night"

Anji smiles, "Thanks to Arman ji...at least you can get some time together"

After Ashutosh arrives they leave for the Airport bidding good bye to all. He doesn't allow anyone to accompany them. Driver drops them at Airport. After checking in and waiting for flight to take off he calls Baba one final time reiterating that he will call him if he needs him any moment. Col. verma who was still there takes his phone and asks him to rest assured he would be taking care of everything. Nidhi was hearing him talking to his father and how her fathers assuring words brought a relief to him. He answers, "Thank you papa" and Nidhi closes her eyes in contentment...feeling the joy seeing a bond sprouting between the two most important men in her life.

Ashutosh smiles seeing a contented grin on her face...stealing a chance he pecks her cheek and she opens her eyes startled, "What are you doing?" she looks around... "You are turning shameless"

"Shameless! You are naming the one who couldn't get a moment with her wife in his four days wedded life"

"Whose fault is that?"

"The profession I'm in"

"Don't say that...you should be proud of your noble profession"

"Four days before I was... but didn't know that this will turn to be my greatest rival"

She smiles "I know"


Landing at the Srinagar Airport...Nidhi who was wearing her black churidar with a light, white colour sweater... wears a jacket...the cab from hotel was waiting for them. The hotel was one of the oldest hotels in Kashmir perched around a hillock near Dal lake, 18 kms from Airport...just 45 minutes ride.

On their way Nidhi exclaims, "the city has changed so much"

Ashutosh feeling amazed asks, "You have been here"

She nods her head "Many times...and during kargil war...Baba sent us tickets to visit Kashmir...that was his way to keep me away from worrying about him...he was in kargil at that time"

He stares at her fondly and in response she asks "what?"

He shakes her head and answers, "Papa brought you up very dearly and preciously" Nidhi smiles in response and he adds after a pause... smiling, "for me! That's why I say you are precious to me" he pulls her in his arms mumbling, "my treasure" she chides him muttering, "what are you doing?" gesturing him towards the driver. He releases her and she locks her arm in his...he returns a wink and a smile of gratitude. 

When they reach city's centre she enlightens him, "This is lal chowk"

Ashutosh exclaims, "Very busy city" he asks driver, "lot of traffic here"

Driver answers, "Yes sir the Srinagar city is full of traffic...at times it is hell to cross the jams...you get stuck for hours" when the car moves towards the Dalgate (where the famous Dal lake begins) Nidhi exclaims, "In autumn this road looks awesome...when chinar trees shed their leaves the whole valley looks like a bride...the golden hue adds a different shade to its beauty".

By that time the reach the Dalgate and cab turns towards boulevard...the enchanting mesmerising Dal lake captures their attention...Ashutosh exclaims, "Wow this is so beautiful" enjoying their drive watching the serene beauty around Dal lake...the sparkling quiet waters of Dal surrounded by snow-capped mountains on its three sides...Ashutosh adds, "undoubtedly this is one of the most beautiful lakes"

Nidhi asks the driver to stop the cab...she gets off and Ashutosh follows her...watching the exotic view of the splendid scenery on its shores...Nidhi grabs Ashutosh's arm and entwines their hands...resting her head against his arm she speaks, "these houseboats and shikaras"

Ashutosh gestures towards the small boat and in a questioning look asks, "Shikaras"

Nidhi nods her head, "yes this is called Shikara...they form an indelible part of the Dal"

"Hmn...the floating shikaras they are like small ornate versions of the gondolas of venice"

Nidhi smiles, "Yes...taking a ride in these shikaras is so romantic...once nerves soothe when these shikaras float over the slightly rippling waters"

Ashutosh raises his eyebrow, "How do you know...ferrying around the Dal in these houseboats is so romantic"

Nidhi in a smirk answers, "I know"

Ashutosh holds his tongue in cheek and gives her a sidelong look. Her hands turned ice cold she slips her both hands in his armpit...her chattering teeth make Ashutosh grumble, "Get into the car Nidhi...its so cold here...let us first change into warm clothes"

Nidhi says excitedly, "yes but after lunch... I want to visit the temple there...motioning towards the hillocks overlooking the lake...there are two temples Shankaracharya and Hari Parbhat temples...and that green structure there is a shrine"

"Okay we'll go there...let us check in first" Nidhi nods and they get into their cab. Within moments the cab enters "The Grand Palace" earlier known as Gulab Bhavan built in 1910 for royal family. The Palace surrounded by hills, vast garden area, Dal Lake, and Palace of Fairies presents a majestic view. Nidhi was mesmerised to see snow clad mountains and the huge palace and the chinar trees. The lawns still have the chinar tree where Gandhi ji once had a conversation with the then king of Kashmir. The modifications and changes that have been brought in are in consonance with the same architectural style as the existing palace.

Nidhi asks when Ashutosh was talking to the Receptionist, "Can we change our presidential suite with their palace cottage"

Ashutosh asks, "Palace cottage?"

"Yes...they have palace cottages near the chinars"

Ashutosh denies "No! He nods to receptionist and moves towards their suite... I have all the time lived alone in these suits...let me erase those memories"

Nidhi smiles and winks at him. She remembers how he felt alone in the suite during conference in Mumbai. The bellboy opens the door of their suite and informs them, this is one of the Maharani suites of our palace"

Nidhi have a look around...the suite was a mark of lavishness, the way a queen must have, epitomizing luxury. The Suite had a master bedroom accompanied by a living room with dining and sofa. The interiors of the room were tastefully done right from the linen to interiors to the furniture; each element of room exuded the aura of the royal era. Ashutosh paying the tip to the bellboy looks for Nidhi. He catches her moving towards the window to have external view in the bedroom. Nidhi excitedly yelled, "Wow the lake view"

He back hugs her... she turns her head and he kisses at her cheek. Tightening his hold "hmn...Love you" he makes her to release the curtain she was holding and turns her to face him...pecking her cheeks...he utters, "Dal is here...you can look anytime...have a look at your husband...who's yearning for the one"

She chuckles "One look! I'm here with you"

Picking her in his arms and laying on the bed, "Only I know...what I've gone through all these days"

Nidhi raises her eyebrows... her arms hanging around his neck, "You think only you were despondent"

"Oh! Really! raising his one eyebrow...then show me"

"Why do I need to show that to someone?"

Almost crushing her under him, "No someone...dr. nidhi...in a breathy voice near her ear biting her earlobe...your husband...call me I haven't heard you calling me for a long now...what's your husband's name"

"I don't remember"

"You don't remember" in a smirk... "Okay! I'll make you to remember" he tickles her with his mouth and nose and she giggles...pleading after sometime, "Stop it"...he relentlessly goes on and keeps asking, "What's your husband's name?" giggling unable to stand his sweet torture she finally blurts out, "Stop it...Stop it Ashutosh!"... He asks, "What? I can't hear...what did you say?...Repeat that"...giggling and puffing she repeats, "Ashutosh!...Ashutosh...please!"

Smirking he pecks her lips and mumbles, "Hope you won't forget that again!" She feigns hurt though he was quite protectively holding her under him...he quickly glides to her side and asks, "Sorry! Did I crush you?"

She quickly slips away and giggles, "No! Get up and get ready...I'm feeling hungry"

He shakes his head and sulks giving her an intense sidelong glare...not able to stand his sulk...she retreated and extended her hand to pull him up...he continued his intense stare...she asks, "Please! We have to pay our obeisance at temple and shrine...we'll get late"...his unblinking stare continues and she narrows her eyes...he relents and grabbing her hand pulls her back in the bed...pecking her cheeks...he asks, "why do we need to go there...let us pay our homage first to this bed"

Nidhi's eyes pop out...she mock punches him... "Get up...I'm feeling hungry"

"Ah! me too...very hungry" eyes displaying the desire. She lowers her eyes shyly and he mutters, "Ah! this kills me"

She sulks and utters, "Okay! Sit here I'm going" she turns to move but he grabs her hand, "Please! take your husband along"

Nidhi giggles looking fondly at him, "Is this Dr. Heartstone?"

Their eyes locked he takes a deep breath and shaking his head he responds, "No...Dr. Nidhi's Ashutosh!" she smiles and their eyes locked she pulls him up to get ready.


The moment Ashutosh emerges from restroom Nidhi offers him, "Kehwa" he takes the cup and asks, "What is this?"

"This is called Kehwa...having lots of almonds and saffron in it...and in her typical style...I just love it"

He takes a sip...taking in its aroma... "hmn...it tastes good"

"I've ordered veg. soup in lunch...let us have quickly and move...not much time left"

He answers, "Only if you can come and help me"

Staring him for a moment she asks, "Who used to help you before me?"

"You think I existed before you"

Her eyes giving an affectionate look to him...She helped him wear his sweater...Ashutosh continues... looking outside through large window panes that were presenting the entrancing view of Dal Lake surrounded by snow shrouded mountains, "I never enjoyed being in such places...a strange kind of loneliness loomed my heart...as if the menace of years used to hover me...feeling Nidhi's concerned glance he smiles...but today it feels so different...the world seems changed...cupping her cheek...only because of you"

Nidhi smiles back at him and answers, "That's so right...when your life is enveloped by love...everything around you changes...you feel redefining every joy around you...I've been here but today the place is presenting a new meaning...a new feeling...No wonder this is called the place of love...so many priests, sages and saints have found solace in this place...and made this place their abode and quenched their thirst for search of truth...for eternal and ever lasting joy and the divine feeling called love"

Ashutosh back hugs her, "Hmn..no wonder this is called the city of Sufis and saints" he turns her head and pecks at her cheek.

Staying like that watching the mesmerising view of lake...she asks, "let us move now". Reluctantly he releases her...his eyes presenting a passionate gleam...Nidhi offers him a jacket...he gives questioning look to her, "I bought this in London for Baba...but the size turned big for him...it was lying in my cupboard...I thought you can wear it here...this is so warm"

He loves the jacket... "perfect fit".

"I guess I bought this for you... before you came in my life...precognition I guess"

Asuhtosh grins hearing her words and taps her head, "Come let us have your favourite soup...I guess in one night you decided your husband needs to lose his weight"

Her eyes wide open...she takes the bowl from his hand, "I'll order something else for you..you need not have this"

"Why? You changed your mind...allowing me taste my favourite food?"

She looks crossly at him, "No you are having this soup"

Ashutosh grins...and states, "You are a sweetheart love".


The cab takes them first to Shrankacharya temple named after a great philosopher who visited valley some ten centuries ago...a beautiful Shiva temple situated on a picturesque location on the Gopadari Hill on the South East of Srinagar. The summit of the hill is crowned with a picturesque edifice...situated at a height of 1100 feet. The Temple built on a high octagonal plinth is approached by a flight of steps. Ashutosh and Nidhi climb the steps holding each others hand...capturing the views of Dal lake...They take each others picture's...capturing Snow clad mountains in the background...Nidhi stops a passer-by makes him to take their pictures together. Ashutosh shakes his head at her excitement. After paying obeisance in the temple they move towards the shrine.

Ashutosh asks, "Nidhi are we going to see this shrine"

"No! This is another hill ...You have to go there from other end...we are visiting Hazratbal shrine...situated on the western shore of the Dal Lake...you'll love to be there"

Ashutosh certainly loved to be there...he accompanied Nidhi to the entrance meant for ladies and entered himself through men's side...after offering their prayers...they sit sometime in lawns and enjoyed the picturesque look of lake...shrines pristine white marble elegance reflecting in the waters of the lake was captivating...but the cold breeze made them frosty...Nidhi's hands lost sense...she rubbed her hands to get some warmth...Ashutosh smiles...Nidhi responds seeing his smile, "You love to sit in its lawns...in summer the breeze around shrine sanctifies equally but doesn't make you frosty"

He chuckles, "Get up...let us move from here...otherwise you'll get sick...it's so cold here" he checks his mobile and exclaims, "Nidhi the temperature is -5"

She chuckles, "Yes I know...that's why we are about to freeze"


Feeling warm in the cab...she insists for taking a shikara ride near the hotel till Char Chinar'...a small cute island in dal lake...it's called Char chinar because it has four chinar trees at the four corners...just for the cold wind wafting from lake made them to come back...otherwise they loved to enjoy the Dal's beauty being glued to each other...Ashutosh enjoyed to and fro shikara ride as Nidhi remained almost snuggled to him...her face was ice cold...Ashutosh so wished to warm her face with his caresses but she was hell-bent to watch the sunset on the bank's of lake...though sun wasn't visible...she enjoyed the twilight there.   After watching lake in twilight they return to hotel. Ashutosh wasn't willing to move out but Nidhi makes him to take a walk again on boulevard and in hotels lawns after freshening up and sipping some hot coffee.

He was more than happy to take the stroll when Nidhi snuggled to him to escape the cold wave.

The moment they enter the hotel...Nidhi's teeth were chattering...Ashutosh talks to receptionist...and orders dinner and takes her to their suite...she was shivering...he holds her in embrace for sometime...caressing her face...and rubbing her back softly she recovers and withdraws herself...he rebukes her, "Stay here sometime...you'll feel better"

"No I'll take shower"

"Are you sure?" She nods her head. But he doesn't allow her to take the shower in master bedroom...he almost forces her to take shower in the other room that amazes Nidhi but she assents.

Ashutosh quickly changes into his night dress...and waits for Nidhi in the living room to have their dinner...his heart leaps when he watches Nidhi in wet hair and in her night gown emerging from bedroom...but he restrains himself...making her to sit next to him...he almost feeds her the dinner. Hot shower, dinner and the warmth of suite recovered Nidhi and he takes a breath of relief and asks her, "You would have loved to see whole Kashmir on very first day"

She smiles sheepishly...and he looks fondly at her...pulling her in his arms he asks, "Nidhi can I ask you something?"

She gives him a questioning look with a mingle of surprise...he smiles and utters, "I want to see you in that Olive green dress...you intended to wear to our reception party"

"But that's in lucknow"

He smirks and answers, "that's in this bag" 

She looks at him stunned and checks the bag...She gives a questioning glance to him and he gestures her towards the room where she just had her shower. Nidhi moves towards the room and gets ready...her  mind starts pondering "He wants to see me decked as a bride" She smiles shyly looking her image in the mirror and comes out...but he wasn't in the living room...she moves towards the master bedroom of their suite and gets rooted at the sight...the room was illumined like their wedding night...the TV was on but Ashutosh was fiddling with remote waiting for her impatiently...the remote falls on the floor changing the TV's channel...he stands to pick up the remote when he notices her standing at the doorway...his eyes stuck on her he forgets to blink...his eyes gleam and the song plays on TV... 

Aankhon ki Gustakhiyan.. maaf hoon
O aankhon ki Gustakhiyan.. maaf hoon
Ek tuk tumhein dekhti hain
Jo baat kehna chaahe zubaan
Tumse vo ye kehti hain

Not able to stand his stare...Nidhi lowers her eyes and walks in..

Aankhon ki
Sharmohaya.. maaf ho
Tumhein dekhke jhukti hain
Uthi aankhein jo baat na keh sakin
Jhuki aankhein wo.. Kehti hain
Aankhon ki Aankhon ki
Gustakhiyan.. maaf hoon

Reaching near him...he cups her face in his hands and pecks her forehead and mumbles, "looking beautiful" he places her dupatta on her head and watches her mesmerizingly...his eyes lock with hers...displaying all his desires...

Kaajal ka ek til tumhare labhon pe laga loon
La la la..
Haan chanda aur suraj ki nazron se tumko bacha loon
Oh palkhon ki chilman mein aao main tumko chhupa loon
Aa.. a..
Khayaalon ki
Ye shokhiyaan... Maaf hon (hhhaan..)
Har dam tumhein sochti hain
Jab hosh mein hota hai jahan
Madhosh ye krti hain
Aankhon ki sharmohaya
Maaf ho

Nidhi lowers her eyes and their eye lock breaks...he lifts her up in his arms and carries her to the bed...laying her softly on the bed...Nidhi locks her arms around his neck...staring him for sometime...he pecks his forehead.

Ye zindagi aapki hi amaanat rahegi (aye hey)
Dil mein sada aapki hi mohabbat rahegi (aye hey)
In saanson ko aapki hi zaroorat rahegi
Haan is dil ki
Naadaniyaan maaf hon
Ye mere kahan sunti hain
Ye pal pal jo hote hain bepal sanam
Toh sapne naye bunti hain

Aankhon ki Aankhon ki Gustakhiyan.. Maaf hon
Sharmohaya.. Maaf ho

Song ends and Ashutosh gets up to switch off the TV and room lights...he comes back and unwraps dupatta on Nidhi and kisses her passionately...the pinning of past three nights ripens and he forgets everything...

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Thanks of to read

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bc123456 IF-Dazzler

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Very sweet , romantic, with Kashmir in the back ground loved it, will review later now goodnight and thank uHug

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Congrats on another thread

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