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SS:  Lessons in Love..  (Thread 2)

A powerful, rich, arrogant and ruthless Arnav Singh Raizada marries a just turned 18 year old Khushi a traditional, obeying simple small town girl he had no intention of falling in love with her, he had no intention of falling in love with anyone for that matter. There was no shortage of beautiful women in his life, women who were much more prettier and satisfying of his needs than an barely turned naive 18 year old could be but none of them were 'marriage material'. 

 Khushi was marriage material,  a scape goat, a formality,  a girl that his family would approve of, a girl that would probably go on to bear his child at the most if that. He had chosen her with purpose.. a purpose in which he could carry on living his life as he deemed fit yet keep his family happy and Khushi was perfect. Too  traditional and innocent to question his ways. For her a family such as his and  his permission to complete her studies made her happy, she looked for nothing more, it was  a picture perfect world.  She would spend most of  her time studying, and when she wasn't  she would play amateur  bahu to Raizada house. Khushi was still young only just having turned 18, Nani, anjali and the rest of the family members were accepting of the fact that Khushi was still teenage at heart and they didn't have a problem with that, especially when Arnav himself did not seem to care either. In time she would mold into the ideal bahu and wife well that was the general conscious for the family members, Arnav however had didn't care in the least, he had chosen her for this naive quality of hers, a quality which meant he would be dominant.

For Khushi she hadn't thought about all that yet, nor had she thought much about being a wife, she just continued being the  way she was, with the extra addition of A. Raizada at the end.  Arnav was too engrossed in his business life and Khushi still very much a teenager at heart her world was about finishing off  studies which were just, eating, dreaming, cooking ..enjoying life with an innocence like no other.

Arnav Singh Raizada had played things just the way he wanted them to be he was living on his own terms and others were too. Khushi kept the family happy and Laavanya kept him happy that is until meeting with an serious accident..and realizing in time of need his 18 year old newly wed bride was the only one by his side.  Not Laavanya, not any other girl Khushi. 

Thus acknowledging Khushi properly for the first time, as Innocent and naive as  Khushi  was she was young,  pretty, virtuous..pure.. untouched and awaiting his love.  Introducing  her to a world of desire and intimacy and  unintentionally paying  her  more attention that he had planned to he  may have been giving his  innocent wife lessons in the physical form of love but she was teaching him something far more valuable...a more purer form of love.

Thread 1  (chapters 1 - 10 )

Thread 2 (chapters 11 - 20 )

Chapter 11: Pg 1 
Chapter 12: Pg 15
Chapter 13: Pg 31
Chapter 14: Pg 45
Chapter 15 Pg 59
Chapter 16: Pg 71
Chapter 17 Pg 84
Chapter 18 Pg 98
Chapter 19 pg 111
Chapter 20: pg121
Chapter 21 pg 133
Chapter 22: pg  147 conclude

(Feel free to pm if you would like links to my other works, thank you for reading.)

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Waiting for the new update:)

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Waiting for update
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congrats for new thread waiting for chapter
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Congratulations for new thread

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congrats for the new thread!!
Waiting for the update already!

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Important note please read.

Okay guys, before I update you should all know that I am going away for 3 and a half weeks, abroad which means I will not have access to internet or typing materials. I .e no update during that time I'm afraid. I know it is a long time to wait but there is nothing much I can do while I'm gone but there are amazing writers to keep you entertained in the mean time.  Its been hectic preparing for my trip and I've just managed to get this out on time so I hope you enjoy it.  Look forward to seeing all your comments when I return.

Chapter 11

Why did he have this impact on her? She was constantly on edge around him, felt her heartbeat pulsate and her words unattainable in his presence. When proximity between them was prominent it was too much for her yet now that he had left she was disappointed. So she desired his intimacy after all? God what was wrong with her she thought as she looked towards the door he had closed behind him and then that tray of food he had just eaten from.


12:30pm and the publicity stunt in the name of  ASR's come back party had come to an end, ASR  himself least enjoyed it hence the early closure.  If it was up to him there would have been no such event but being the man he was he had to keep in public eye from time to time.  Unfastening the first button of his collared black blazer ASR walking  into the room doesn't give a second thought to Khushi. The lights in the room dimmed as per always at this time of the night he happens to catch sight of Khushi unexpectedly awake but scurries away into the washroom as soon as he enters the room.  If ASR's eyes had not faulted him, Khushi  was up to something, something he had an inkling of yet couldn't be sure about. "Khushi..."

Watching an unsure, timid Khushi walk out of the washroom after a slight pause and click of the washroom door dressed in his whit shirt. A  ittle surprised yet impressed he took note of the way Khushi  looked a little apprehensive like she was about to be punished for some wrong doing of course it was nothing of the sort. He was impressed more than anything, maybe they wouldn't have to start all over again after all. Those initial nights introducing Khushi to physical pleasure may have not gone futile after all.  Being very observant of her ASR liked the way she had acted upon his words so appropriately, she took his words literally something that he didn't expect yet was pleased with and putt her in his good books  from this very moment.  It gave him authoritative feeling something his character flourished in. Feeling himself temped by her nervous yet attractive figure ASR's mind indulged in what it was to love Khushi...the inexperience, the innocence the fact that he was her first,  the first to touch her the first too kiss her the first to see beneath her virtue she gave him a sense of regard and ownership no other woman ever had done. The fact that he managed to dominate others was another matter but Khushi was different she obliged willingly and not for a moment  did it feel wrong.

Just the way she stood before him so innocent, hesitant yet she gave off aura of anticipation which aroused ASR. He hadn't indulged in any intimacy for weeks nor had she for that matter, he would enjoy playing tutor to her once again and there was much for her her to still learn.  Feeling his mind gray with seductive thoughts of how pleasing this scenario would be his eyes trail down Khushi's figure. Her perfectly in shape slim posture beneath that shirt,  the first few buttons of it  a stray giving him slight view of her chest, she had no bra underneath , her nipples visible  through the material, something ASR had asked for in the first few nights, and she had remembered. Impressed yet again at how apparent to detail she was from their last set of sessions she was doing well so far.  ASR was a man with  an strong need for female company and for far too long was he restrained from his sexual needs which meant he was going to enjoy this more.

Feeling his eyes  on her with such intensity, it was as if he was undressing her with his them yet there was much more going on in his mind then that she sensed but couldn't make out. This is what he expected of her wasn't?  it felt like such a long time ago now, those first few nights very much filled with his instructions and her attempt to abide my them , experiences unknown to her yet thrilling and enjoyable, at the same time testing for someone of her Khushi's character.  Trying to mentally see if she could remember any of it Khushi's thoughts become a  little disarrayed  as he steps closer. His footsteps profound, she flinches a little at his closeness but she seemed to remember what came next.

Her eyes a scattering under his close watch, fixate on his formal black shoes as he steps closer for a moment and then into oblivion.  She dared not look into his eyes, it was a confidence thing more than anything else. It was either him that would make the first move or her and the silence  meant it was going to be her thinking back to their previous nights she  recalled what came next and put her slightly unsteady  hands to the body of his blazer slowly starting to unfasten each of those buttons of his blazer.

Looking down at his innocent wife who was trying her level best, by all means there would be a lot of work to do before Khushi could classify as experienced in the intimacy department yet a part of him liked the innocence.

As Khushi continued to slowly unhook his blazer button by button ASR could see the stir of anxiety in her and himself being that little more impatient to bed his young wife. Continuing her task with the upmost caution under his watch Khushi faces her first adversity of the night. Unable to unfasten one of the buttons of his blazer, seeing her struggle he intervenes his words of a masterful yet calm nature.  Unfastening the last button or so himself

"Seen as its our first night after some time I will give you the benefit of the doubt.."   Khushis eyes which darted to and from him seemed wary of his reaction to this incompetence something he was aware of too. She caught a glimpse of him throwing his blazer to the side and seconds later she felt his lips take to her neck line just beneath her right ear, his lips slowly  hovering up to her ear to whisper words that left Khushi  motionless yet there was something very reassuring as well as sensuous about his words , "Aaj ki raat tumari har galti maaf Khushi,  Don't worry I wont be too demanding of you.."

A man true to his words, Khushi feeling his hold on her sweep her off her feet, he put her down on the bed and as promised forgiving her inexperience , undressing her from the shirt he kissed her milky skin with gentle warmth and tugged gently at her petite underwear to unveil her most intimate of assets.. Just seeing her unclothed before him took him to a state of no return.  Having been restrained from this pleasure for so long ASR who was now ready to indulge undressed what remained of his own attire, that unbuckling of his trousers..and rustle of clothes a familiar sound to Khushi who lay nervous yet in anticipation of re-living his intimacy.  It wasn't  long before he was with her again,  kissing, caressing the moulds of her body to relax her nerves and it worked. Feeling him at her entrance and his posture proximate over her so his  lips would meet hers Khushi couldn't help but close her eyes, her hands circling his back

as a sign that she was she was ready. Kissing caressing and indulging in his wife in a way that in sighted arousal within her.  Feeling her melt to his touch and loose her anxiety  with apt he pleased himself and her.  Although he wished to entertain himself till the long hours of the morning he had promised not to demand too much of Khushi and he stood by his words. The love he made to her was no doubt in aid of satisfying his needs that had been much neglected over the last few days but it was also true that subconsciously it was a  tender  delicate sort  of intimacy, keeping in mind Khushis  level of  tolerance at each stage. For ASR the pleasure of a sexual encounter which in turn gave him a sense of fulfillment of being back to his normal self. For Khushi rare moments of feeling esteemed, attractive and loved.


Morning rays of sunshine take into the room and ASR who is disturbed from his sleep by the sunrays turns to see Khushi  in his arms and by default thinks of the night before. She looked so peaceful sleeping and even more so innocent. A feeling of content within him upon seeing her he didn't know why but he felt relaxed around her maybe it was her nave nature that reminded him of the good in this world for he was used to a very different world to hers.

Moving her away gently as not to wake her, ASR slowly takes Khushi's  hand from upon him and her head from the crux of his neck . He didn't wake her but as he moved her noticed the way her face creased a little, wondering if she was in pain after their night together he recalled in his mind the last occasion on which she had refrained from telling him that she was hurt. She put up with it without expressing her feelings that time and although he was very gentle with her even more than their first few nights ASR wondered whether this was yet again the case. She didn't seem in pain or comfortable not that he remembered anyway yet it was easy to loose track when  overcome by desire especially as he was used to much more excessive forms of intimacy. Moving his hand under Khushis side of the bedding, ASR gently brushes his finger tips..against Khushi's most intimate zones which reassures him that she was indeed in no pain. Their was no blood, in fact she was of an warm aroused state which he couldn't deny put ideas into his mind for a moment,  but not only did have things to do Khushi looked too peaceful and gracious to disturb.


Sometime later in the morning, Khushi opens her eyes a little later than usual, hearing his voice behind the poolside divide Khushi thinks of their night  together and blushes uncontrollably at her state, bare beneath the bed sheets and how she had so willingly engaged and enjoyed his ways. Even though she was embarrassed about it a part of her had a warm, happy feeling fill her. The content  that her husband who she had such vivid feelings for was giving her his attention and time. Managing to walk to the washroom unnoticed as ASR is out on the poolside having a conversation over his Bluetooth, Khushi had an easy escape from any potentially  awkward situations.


Having missed breakfast,  Khushi walks down into Raizada dinning area to find Anjali having a late breakfast probably after retuning from her trip to the mandir and strangely Aman who had just picked up an apple casually from the breakfast table. By the sounds of it and Amans attire ASR and Aman had planned a game of golf hence his early morning visit to RM.  Having noticed Khushi  Aman was quick to wish her good morning and comment on last nights events too.

"Good morning khushi ji you must be starving, wicked witch of the west making you go hungry and all that."  Although it was a tad on the funny side, Khushi didn't really get the joke but knew it was something sarcastic and Anjali  was just a little surprised yet  a little disapproving at the same time.

Smiling in response to his good morning Khushi goes on to explain that she did eat last night .  "Nahin woh di ne khana bheja tha" ("Actually di did send me some food up") Anjali of course having done no such thing looks a little confused "Nahin toh ham ne toh nahin behja.."

There was only one other person that seemed to know of that incident other than the three of them and it was ASR, Aman already having put two and two together clears his throat perfectly in time with ASR's appearance, all eyes then going towards ASR who was walking down the stairs in his golfing attire. Khushi a little embarrassed as per their time together last night and now even more taken back after realizing that he was the one that had that meal for her last night gets a little out of place at his presence. Not that this was noticed by anyone Aman and ASR went off out of the house and Anjali went back to her breakfast. God she couldn't stop thinking about him even at the breakfast table, but now he was gone she could probably at least try to take her mind off him and  in an attempt to she was going to attend a social event organized by other students in her business class. A casual get together, not that she particularly got on with anyone in her class but it wouldn't do any harm to get to know some of them.


On the other hand at a golf course of ASR's choice Aman and ASR are in the middle of a game when a member of staff on the golf course approaches, handing ASR a white envelope the handwriting familiar. As Aman continues the game..ASR pauses to open up the envelope inked in a royal blue to uncover a card with just two words. "Thank you" but he knew of that handwriting it was from Laavanya,  the on the card reading  Mehta fashion label confirmed so. She had got the job and this was her way of thanking him. Unexpected indeed yet as ASR but the card into the back pocket of his trousers and prepared to resume his game there was a rewarding feeling knowing he had helped someone.


Late afternoon as Khushis meal and get together comes to an end, she had a great time getting to know her fellow classmates, they were not at all indifferent as she had first assumed, quite the contrary she took a shine to them. Just as she leaves college one of her class mates stops her asking for help with a certain accountancy method that he seemed to get wrong repeatedly. Khushi in the name of good will agreed to help. He wasn't a person of bad intentions that she was aware of and helping someone was always a good thing, stopping  at a near by caf for a few minutes, Khushi takes out some time to help her fellow class mate and they sit down together to work through the problem.   How contradictory it all was, just a few days ago she was the one that required the academic help from her husband yet here she was helping someone else.

At a distance outside the caf on the roadside, A Raizada car driving past slows down and dadi who was being driven to the temple by Mohan winds down her window after spotting Khushi in the coffee shop, that too with another male.


As Khushi returns home  a little later, innocent per own self, she is faced by the likes of Dadi and Anjali as soon as she walks into the lounge.

Whilst Anjali seemed to be her usual, calm understanding self  as ever willing to hear all sides of the story, Dadi was the total opposite. Dadi had seen Khushi in the company of another man and had jumped to an unreasonable conclusion. Anjali not for a second believed what  dadi had to say yet she wasn't really in the position to tell Dadi what to think and what not to.

A stunned silence in the lounge, Khushi could sense that there was something wrong, never had Dadi seen eye to eye with her but Anjali she was never this way.

Anjali simply asked Khushi one question very sure that her explanation was going to Dadis claims and doubt to rest. Khushi saw a very tense look grow in Anjalis eyes, a little despair even like what ever she was going to ask her the answer would be imperative.  "Khushiji aap ..appne class mates ke saath bahar thi naa?"  (Khushiji you we're in the company of your classmates weren't you. )Unsure of why she was asking her this when Khushi  had informed her before leaving the house Khushi with the upmost ease answers with a yes but is brutally attacked by dadis words who label Khushi a liar, giving her no time at all to explain herself.

"Jhoot ..hamne khudh dekha tha aapko.. coffee shop mein kisi..gher mard ke saath" ("You're lying I saw with my own eyes in that coffee shop with that boy")  After of few seconds of taking in what was going on..Khushi felt her heart sink at what dadi was implying. Hurt immensely by the distrust and defamation Khushi  felt her eyes cup in  tears and her heart cry out to be heard.  Was this really happening.? Whilst Anjali fought Khushis corner and  was sure it was a misunderstanding Dadi gave her no chance to speak for herself, her words harsh forcing  Khushi to drop all  guard.  No one had ever accused her of such a thing, she wouldn't even dream of something like that, unable to speak up whilst  Anjali continued to reason with Dadi Khushi could only get away from the scene as quick as her body would allow her for it was all to much for her.  Her tears now gushing down her face, why was dadi being this way with her, she had done nothing wrong.

Anjali had not let this matter get ASR and neither did she want It too get to that stage but it was too late, unaware of his presence in their room Khushi running upstairs in a flood of emotions just needs somewhere to get to terms with what was going on.


Within the bedroom ASR who was back from his game of golf some time ago, had  taken various business calls, showered and was just adjusting his appearance after a quick change into a shirt and fresh knitwear circles  his head through grey shade of knitwear over his shirt and adjusts it around his figure. Only when hearing a silent sob in the background behind him does he realize there was someone else in the room too. Turning around to see Khushi crying behind him as if trying to approach him but too upset to speak, his expression turns inquisitive, what was wrong with her?, tears making her way down her face, she looked mortified. 

"Kya hua Khushi.. whats the matter, tum roh kyun rahin ho.??speak up!!  (whats wrong Khushi why are you crying? ) "answer me for god sakes and stop crying!!" She looked up at him as if to ask for comfort and understanding, for him to help yet she wouldn't tell him what was wrong, how was he supposed to help. His heart took to a very unfamiliar feeling, a combination of helplessness and distress  on seeing her this way.

She stood before him, innocently crying her heart out, unable to  string together any words yet she didn't need to say anything for Dadis  voice could be heard from the ground floor of the house which explained enough. His expression taking to a very serious yet controlled state, he looks towards Khushi demanding she follow him.

Walking into the lounge where dadi and Anjali were still debating the state of affairs however stop at the sight of Arnav followed  by Khushi at a distance who is still in tears.  "Can somebody please tell me what is going on?!"

"Yeh aap apni patni se phuchyey Arnav.. Puchye ise ke woh ek gher mard ke saath coffee shop mein kya kar rahin thi."  (you should be asking your wife that question Arnav, ask her what she was doing with that boy in the coffee shop.)

ASR didn't really have much respect for his dadi, and this was just why, there was a very thin line between ASR's level of tolerance and anger and Dadi was overstepping the mark.  He didn't expect  anything more from her, she had always been this way from the day one so instead of being shocked at Dadis accusation he was going to deal with this with sophistication. Addressing Khushi who was stood behind his posture, almost in his shadow out fear of what was going on, without taking his eyes off Dadi is voice a firm instruction for Khushi to return to their room.  "Khushi, upar jaaon"

Khushi in no state to think, was unsure what this meant for  her yet she did as was asked of her and left. Waiting for her reach the top of the stairs and close the door behind her ASR didn't want Khushi to upset herself anymore. Walking towards Dadis his steps very defined and expression and eyes of a very cold fashion, his words as ever were very view yet apt non the less.  "What Khushi does is non of your concern nahin aapko koi hak hai use kuch poochne ka.." (nor have you the right to ask her anything. ) Starting off with in a rational state of mind Anjali who was stood at a distance knew her brother well, it wasn't long before anger would spark and Dadi continued to add fuel to the fire.  "Woh is ghar ki bahu hai Arnav, Raizada khaandan ki bahu hai..woh  kisi gher mard ke saath.. aur aap..  (She is the daughter In law of this family Arnav, she was with someone else but you.. )

He didn't want to hear it, interrupting dadi with a very distinctive roar. "ENOUGH!! woh Khushi kumari Gupta Singh Arnav Singh Raizada are not just insulting Khushi you are also insulting me aur yeh mein kisi had tak bardaash nahin karunga!!."

His response had shun all corners of the house, their was just silence  in the room before  he spoke again this time his words of a more controlled silent sort. "Aap jaa sakti hai" (Leave! )

Anjali watching the situation escalade into something so big didn't know how to reason with this. Dadi as ever arrogant of her position in the house agrues. "Aap apni dadi ko ghar se bahar nikalenge ..Arnav??!" (You are going to throw your dadi out of the house!?) "Nikal chukka hoon"  .. ("I already have.")

Whilst the two were seemed to be adamant Anjali had heard enough, unable to see her loved ones fight this way she had no strength to see or be apart of anymore more of this, delicate per her character upset seeing such upheaval she pleads to her brother in silent tears and a facial gesture as not to take such an action.  "Chote.." seeing her sister that way, in tears was the one thing that ASR could not oversee. For her and only her did he go back on his words that too unwillingly but he wasn't finished with dadi  making sure she knew where she stood with him.

"Di ke kehne par aapko chor raha hoon, agar aapne Khushi ko phir se hurt karne ki koshish ki ya use ke paas bhi nazar aayey toh mujse bura koi nahin hoga."  ("I'm letting you off this time on the account of di but if you try to hurt Khushi again, If you as much as go anywhere near her dadi I will not be responsible for my actions.")

Walking past dadi, and towards Anjali for a moment ASR's eyes soften a little for his sister asking her not to take the situation to heart and Anjalis eyes very much grateful for ASR's change of decision mixed with an admiration for the faith he seemed to have in Khushi.


Next chapter/ chapters

As Arnav straightens the cushion at the recliner ready to take a seat with his paper work he finds a piece of paper folded in four under the pillow.

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