CID completes 16 years of GREATNESS : Still Going Strong !!!

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sheroo9000 - Hurray! It's party time !!! Party

Person1 - Party??? Confused Is there any special occasion?

astonish - Today CID completes its journey of 16 long yearsDancing

Person2 - CID?? Ohh!  You mean that crime thriller that is probably aired on Friday and Saturday at 10 PM on Sony?Stern Smile

Mansi - Yeeeaaahhh.Approve

Person1 - You guys still watch it?? Pinch No way! I stopped watching it 2 years back.

astonish - Why ? Shocked

Person2 - Don't you think CID lost its charm? Now they have become over dramatized with silly stories ending with the common dialogue - 'Yeh sab to humara plan tha!" Sleepy 

Person1 - Every week officers are either being kidnapped or being hospitalized. CVs have forgotten the actual essence of CID.Thumbs Down

pinkpearl5 - Is this reason really enough to stop watching the show which has been running since 16 years ? Ermm

Person1 - Of Course it is! It's after all a mere show. Without a proper story, why should one waste their one hour every Friday and Saturday? Sleepy

Aditi_97 - Well, I believe you guys should consider the thoughts of loyal fans also. Smile

saman0 - Loopholes and dull storyline may produce dislike. But extensions are produced because fans have prolonged affiliation towards the show. TRP's drop due to intolerable or repeatable mistakes which can be overcome by effort of these actors, for whom each hurdle could easily be ignored after thinking of their million fans who stuck their eyes at 10:00 p.m. on their television just to admire their heroes. It's our duty to praise them. No matter how unbearable FW becomes, all the errors can be ignored if a 24 hour struggle is kept in mind. CID Zindabad!! Thumbs UpClap

visrom - I understand there are some really bad episodes being shown once in a while, but I still love watching it...I am used to seeing trio on my TV every weekend...and it has become a habit. I think of how hard they have worked for 16 years and admire their perseverance.Star

swagatamghosh94 - The most important word in my dictionary is Loyalty and I will always be loyal to the stalwarts like Shivaji Satam and the duo who have stood by this show for 16 long years.Approve This everlasting, unflinching loyalty is the reason I will keep watching CID. 

binod.abhijeet - CID is my all-time favourite. It is connected to my life. It will always remain my favourite.Embarrassed

gadhadada - It's not Good to cut a part of your daily Life just because now it is not entertaining you.Smile

maria-rock - I am a great fan of CID and like it from the bottom of my heart. EmbarrassedWill always do!

Srishti. - We have been attached to this show for like 16 years, it's not very easy to dislike it even though the quality is deteriorating.Approve

neha_dna - I "watch" it to stay connected with my favourite actorsCool
; I "like" it because of its thrill and amazing performances by the actors; I "love" it because it is an integral part of my life and makes my life more beautiful!!!

Reshma. - CID came into my life just 6 years ago but I have a feeling like I am united with it for ages. How can something that has become a part of my life, become a bane just because of the stories. Never! Embarrassed

cutie006 - It has became a special part of my life. I can't even imagine my life without this show. Actually I am used to it. I think the main reason of my attachment is the Trio.Star

rishabgosavi - Yes me too still love it & watch it. Big smile

ANGELICEYES - This show is a part and parcel of my life and one can't omit a part of one's life.Blushing

buublly - I wait for the weekend just because of this show & our superb Trio.Clap

neerkhan88 -  CID is a show that I can never leave...Chahe jitni hi buri episode kyun na ho I still watch this show.Embarrassed

Snehal - For the sheer love and respect towards the Trio and especially Aditya sir and we won't see them anywhere else together except CID. Approve

nsapo - CID is a guide , friend and inspiration for me to seek for justice and hardwork and as to why i watch it , the first word escapes my mouth is Abhijeet and then duo & trio.

Sonali. - I still watch CID because of my emotional connect with the characters as well as actors.

KhotaSikaShreya - For me it's still a "yes" and will always be. It's a habit to watch CID. My weekends are incomplete without a good dose of the Trio or Dr. Salunkhe or maybe a little investigation and even Pankaj's comedy. I like the thrill, adventure, suspense, mystery, investigation that CID brings to. Big smile

DemonStar - As a loyal viewer I feel my humblest acknowledgement of their efforts is continuing to watch the show every weekend. Smile And as has been excellently put already, CID is still far better than most other shows on air. There's a certain element of warmth, bonding and positivity that I always love in it.

-Twinkles- - The kind of attachment the fans share with CID cannot be explained with logic but only with the profound emotions which has been binding the show with its loyal fans even when it has nothing good left in it.Clap

Bhavanab - Trio, especially Adi sir, Day Dreaming is extremely special to me. For trio I started watching CID & for them I still watch it! I it will continue to watch it as long as they are a part of the show.

Shagnika - If actors of such caliber can sacrifice better opportunities just for the sake of one show, why cannot I give 2 hours of my week to these superstars of my heart? They have been a source of inspiration to my life and I can never miss watching a glimpse of them every week! Further, the efforts put in by the entire team, both crew and creative members should not be ignored. I will continue to remain a loyal fan of the show and of the cast for ever, no matter how idiotic the story gets at times. Big smile I am hopeful that the quality will surely improve someday. But till then, I will remain the fan that I have always been.

debasree04 - I just want to say it's my oxygen & no one can dislike oxygen.Approve

Person1 - OMG !!! What should I say !!! Shocked

Person2 - I think that no other show can ever gain this kind of fandom from the audience.Thumbs Up

-Shruti - You are right. Not only in India, there are crazy fans of CID all over the world.

Person1 - You guys are super-crazy!! WackoClap

-De.De- - Now what do you think? Should not we celebrate this achievement? Wink

Soni. - Okay, tell me one show that has been running for 16 long years on Indian television? Cool

subha. - Tell me a name of a crime show which continues for such a long time?Cool

suhaani.cidmjht - There is no such show which can compete with CID. CID was the best, CID is the best & no doubt CID will remain the best. ApproveStarClap

Person1 - I agree with you guys. There is no such show on Indian television. Undoubtedly, it's a big achievement.Clap

Padmapriya - So guys lets ignore the loopholes and keep away the frustration today.Dancing

DreamyDeepz28 - Its time to congratulate and celebrate the tireless efforts put in by the entire team of CID for the past of 16 years.ClapStar - Yes. Let the party beginParty.  I can't wait more.LOL

It's the time to C E L E B R A T E this S U C C E S S !!!  Party



Sar utha chalte rahenge
Yeh kadam badhte rehenge...


On 21st January 1998 the journey started.

SET and Fireworks launched a weekly crime thriller named CID.

Time passes, episode after episode, month after month, year after year...but their journey continues...

For a weekly show to reach the 1000 episode mark is a kind of a milestone that every show dreams to achieve. After making this impossible task possible, CID now steps into its 17th year of being aired continuously on the Sony Entertainment Television.

Shivaji Satam's admirable acting skills, Aditya Srivastav's intense and stylish performances, Dayanand Shetty's heroic acts, Dinesh Phadnis's comic timing and Narendra Gupta's experience in the field of acting and the dedication and enthusiasm of the newer additions to the team has been some of the many reasons that the show has managed to gain this unmatched level of fandom all across the globe.

Kudos to the entire team of Fireworks Productions for giving their best for the very first show of their house - CID and for continuing to rule the TRP charts even after 16 years.

In the present world, where a show finds it difficult to compete with other shows of the same genre, CID has always managed to prove itself better than all those that came its way one after the other.

Once ACP Pradyuman said - "Success ke liye koi shortcut nehin hei"

This glorious achievement becomes possible due to your dedication, determination, passion & hard-work. 

We salute you.

We would like to congratulate all the persons behind the making of CID for this huge success and we shall be ever thankful for making it.

We hope CID runs for another 16 years to entertain us.

Wish & Congratulate the CID team & Fireworks Production House !!!

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CID is an investigative series consisting of hard-core police procedural stories dealing with investigation, detection and suspense. Dramatic and absolutely unpredictable, C.I.D. has captivated viewers glued to their television sets with its thrilling plots and excitement.
Also interwoven in its fast paced plots are the personal challenges that the C.I.D. team faces with non-stop adventure, tremendous pressure and risk, all in the name of duty. While the stories are plausible, there is an emphasis on dramatic plotting and technical complexities faced by the police. At every stage, the plot throws up intriguing twists and turns keeping the officers on the move as they track criminals, led by the smallest of clues!

CID has been a trend setting show !!

Be it ACP's finger twisting and eyebrow raising!!
Abhijeet really stylish "Hain !!!"
Or Daya's trademark slap !!

Be it I N V E S T I G A T I O N

Or T H R I L L I N G A C T I O N

CID creates H I S T O R Y. ClapClap

Though DUTY comes always first for them still they are human being like us, they are not stone-hearted.
TRUST among each other is the basis to make a PERFECT TEAM in other words a FAMILY IN BOND.

21st January 1998, CID started with 30 minutes of Air Time.
10th March 2006, Air Time is increased to 60 minutes.
24th July 2009, Running Time increases to an average of 48 minutes.
12th March 2010, Air Time is increased to 90 minutes.
23rd April 2010, Air Time is reduced to 70 minutes.
29th June 2012, CID turns into Tri-Weekly [Fri-Sun, 10:00 PM] with air time of 1hr each
24th August 2012, CID turns Bi-Weekly again[Fri-Sat, 10:00 PM] with air time of 1hr each
1st February 2013 CID turns into Tri-Weekly [Fri-Sun, 10:00 PM] with air time of 1hr each
1st February 2013 CID Chhote Heroes starts [Friday,9:00 PM] with air time of 1hr each
24th May 2013 CID Chhote Heroes end
31st May 2013 CID turns Tri-weekly again [Fri-Sun, 10:00 PM] with air time of 1hr each
30th August 2013: CID turns Bi-weekly again [Fri-Sat, 10:00 PM] with air time of 1hr each

Not only Mumbai, CID shot in different places of India including

Jaipur & Jaisalmer [Case of Engraved Grains, 2005]
Kerala [Case of Runaway Bride, 2009]
Himachal Pradesh (Manali & Shimla) [Manali Murder, 2010]
Delhi [Desh Drohiyon Ke Virudh CID, 2010]
Pune [Pune Mein Aatank Ka Khatra Khoon Ka Raaz...Ek Tattoo, 2011]
Aurangabad [Khoon Ka Raaz Ellora Caves Mein & Lapata Ladki Ka Raaz, 2011]
Kolhapur [Kolhapur Mein Serial Killer & Kollahpur Ka Palace Ka Raaz, 2011]
Goa [CID Mission Goa, 2011]
Kolkata [Kolkata Mein Target Daya, 2011]
Shirdi [Mission Shirdi, 2012]
Rishikesh-Haridwar-Mussoorie [Ganga Series 2013]
Satara [Satara Mein Khoon 2013]

Even it shot in abroad also

London in 2005- Trail In London
Paris-Switzerland in 2010 - Aakhri Chunauti Last Part

There have been short & long sub-series which have been aired in the Last 15 years:


Case of the Engraved Rice Grains (15-29 April 2005)
Face Off (21 October - 11 November 2005)
Trail In London (18 November - 2 December 2005)
Azzadi Ki Jang ACP Pradyuman Ki Sang (12-13 August 2011)
CID Mission Goa I & II (2-3 September 2011)
Kissa Ravaan Dehan Ka I & II (7-8 October 2011)
Kissa Daya Aur Lapata Bache Ka I & II (20-21 January 2012)
Mission Shirdi I & II (6-7 April 2012)
Rahasyamy Bullet (6-8 July 2012)
CID Virudh Adalaat  (14-15 July 2012)
Khatre Mein CID Officer I & II (27-28 July 2012)
Abhijeet Ka Inteqaam I & II (12-13 October 2012)
Red Suitcase Murder I & II (23-24 November 2012)
Khatarnak Virus Ka Rahashya I & II (25-26 January 2013)
Nakli Chehra I & II (2-3 February 2013)
Mahabharat I & II (22-23 March 2013)
Abhijeet Khatre Mein I & II (19-20 April 2013)
Nari Raksha (26-28 April 2013)
Jungle Ka Darinda I & II (13-14 July 2013)
Maut Ka Telephone I & II (9-10 August 2013)
The Mouse Trap I & II (13-14 September 2013) [1000th Episode]
Forensic Rahashya I & II (20-21 September 2013)
Satara Mein Khoon I & II (11-12 October 2013)
Kaali Diwali I & II (1-2 November 2013)
Invisible Gun I & II (13-14 December 2013)
Khaufnak Haveli I & II (27-28 December 2013)
ACP Aur Nakul Ka Raaz I & II (10-11 January 2014)


Aakhri Chunauti (24 September - 17 October 2010)
Abhijeet Ke Ateet Ka Raaz (24 December 2010 - 22 January 2011)
CID Chase (18 March - 2 April 2011)
CID Dhoom (22 April - 7 May 2011)
CID Asambhav (23 September - 1 October 2011)
CID Rakht Chinha (11-19 November 2011)
Veerta Special (16-31 March 2012)
CID Mein Daraar (20-28 April 2012)
Kids' Special (11-19 May 2012)
CID Par Grahan (21 December 2012 - 5 January 2013)
Forensic Files (10-19 May 2013)
Ganga Series (31 May - 9 June 2013)
Rahasya Dweep (27 September - 5 October 2013)
Daya Ka Diwali Dhamaka (8-16 November 2013)
1.Raaz Boarding School Ka I & II (8-9 November 2013)
2.Daya In Danger I & II (15-16 November 2013)

Till now Abhijeet Ke Ateet Ka Raaz is the longest series with 10 Episodes.

Apart from these series, there are numerous episodes with wonderful investigation, interesting gripping stories, and with cool and improvised Forensic techniques !!

Apart from the series, episodes like Missing Bullet, Stolen Gun, Stolen Dynamite, Injured Witness, Missing Father, Blind Witness, Impossible Murder, Stolen Car, Undercover Cop, Accused Officer, Healthy Patient, Clinching Evidence, Father's Revenge, Blackmailed Victim, Target CID, Abhijeet In Danger, Man on the Bus, Deadly Betrayal, The Inheritance or CID 111, Staged Murder, Code Name Banjara, Man Eater, Mad Bomber, Return of Jewel Thief, Yeh Phool Chaman Mein Kaisa Khila, Secret Code No 571E1115, CID Undercover, Mysterious Gift, Traitors In CID, Motor Cycle Thief, Flashback, Bomb Robbery, CID At Ransom, Talking Parrot, Murderous Affair, Revenge of the Criminal, Don's Final Revenge, Inspector Daya's Abduction, Khoon Bhari Holi, Crime Target ACP Pradyuman, Beherupiya, Khooni Piracy Racket, Nanhi Gawah, Happy Diwali, Raaz Lapata Kidney Ka, ACP Pradyuman Gireftar, Khoon Ki Holi, Sr Ins Abhijeet, Manali Murder, Khatra Chemical Bomb Ka, Abhijeet In Coma, Desh Drohiyon Ke Virudh CID, Daya Ki Dulhan Ka Raaz, Abhijeet In Jail, Khatre Mein Tasha, CID Aur Nanhe Detectives, Kolkata Mein Target Daya, Khoon Khabri Ka, Raaz Breaking News Ka, CID Ki Kidnapping, Bhoot Ka Khel etc are very special for the fans of CID and always touch the heart whenever they watch & it doesn't matter how many times they watch these episodes.

"hey bhagwan uthale mujhe"
"kuch to gadbad hei"
"ab jail mein baith kar intezaar karna Phaansi ki order milne tak"
"jab daya ka haath padhta hein to much ke andaar daaton se piano bajne lagta hein"
"hum vi dost hein tumhare humhe to aajtak kuch na diya"
"mana ke acp sahab bohot gussa karte hein magar pyar vi to karte hei na"
"meine to pehele vi kaha hein sir ke - dil chahe jitna vi kaanpe par goli chalate waqt haath kapna nehin chahiye"
"CID officer ke zindegi mein kadam kadam par maut hei...maut se kya ghabrana...hum jab subah ghar se nikalte hei humhe thodi malum hota hein ghar wapas lautenge yah nehin..."
"...Daya, uss Samsher ko malum nehin ke Abhijeet bik nehin sakta aur ACP ke office ka raasta Pradyuman ke laash ke upar se nehin jata..."
"aap hi ki tarah ziddi aur irade ke pakke hei aapke officer kahin faulad ke to nehin bane..."
"Success ke liye koi shortcut nehin hein..."
"ateet ke yaadon mein zindegi ko  itna vi nehin jakad lena chahiye jisse zindegi se ghutan hone lage"

CID's popularity has reached in such a pinnacle that every actor want to promote his/her movies through CID. In the last year TV show promotion started in CID.

Aamir - Rajeev Khandelwal [Case Of The Missing Bride, 30 May 2008]
R Madhavan [Mystery Code Murders, 6 March 2009]
Wanted - Salman Khan & Inder kumar [Khooni Piracy Racket , 11September 2009]
Once Upon A Time In Mumbai - Emraan Hashmi & Prachi Desai [Once Upon A time IN Mumbai, 31st July 2010]
No One Kill Jessica - Rani Mukherjee [Abhijeet Ke Ateet Ka Raaz Part 4 , 1January 2011]
Ragini MMS - Ekta Kapoor [Ekta Special MMs Qatil , 13 May 2011]
Dirty Picture - Emraan Hashmi [Raaz Khooni Awaaz Ka , 2 December 2011]
Rowdy Rathode - Akshay Kumar & Sonakshi Sinha [Raaz Gayeb Maa Baap Ka , 1 June, 2012]
Raaz3 - Bipasa Basu [Bhutiya Haveli, 2 September 2012]
Heroine - Kareena Kapoor [Heroine Ka Khaatra, 21 September 2012]
Talaash - Amir Khan [Red Suitcase Murder, 23-24 November 2012]
Commando - Vidyut Jamwal [Commando, 7 April 2013]
Bajate Raho - Tushar Kapoor, Vinay Pathak & Vishakha Singh [Teen Mujrim, 9 July 2013]
Once Upon a Time In Mumbai Dobara - Imran Khan & Sonakshi Sinha [Sonakshi In Danger, 16 August 2013]
Singh Saab The Great - Sunny Deol [Singh Saab Ki Jung, 22 November 2013]
Boogie Woogie [TV SHOWS]- Khatre Mein Boogie Woogie [6 December 2013]

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The reason behind this achievement is not just one or two men but a huge number of people whose hard work has paid off. With an extraordinary cast and a tremendously hard working team of crew members, the show has turned out to be the longest running show of our nation.
Characters like ACP Pradyuman, Sr.Inspector Abhijeet and Daya, Freddy, Dr.Salunke and many others have become household names.The actors behind these famous characters are some of the strongest reasons behind the show's success.
Doesn't matter if an episode has a poor story or simply a weak direction, the entire cast of the show, no matter the old ones or new, give their 100% and make it a worth watch for all the fans. It's believed almost half of the Television Industry has been a part of this show at least for once in the past 16 years. Well, that in itself is something to boast of, isn't it?
Now, if CID has achieved this unmatched milestone, a major part of the credit goes to the people who work day and night behind the camera for turning the show into reality.
Starting from the spot boys to the producers of the show, without the tremendous effort put in by each one of them, it would have been impossible even for the best set of actors, to bring this show to where it is today.
With utmost dedication and hard work, hundreds of people work together as a family to touch the hearts of millions of fans all over the world.
Let's acknowledge some of those few men without whom, this celebration today will remain incomplete.

It's true that On Screen, CID is known by the face of ACP Pradyuman, but the real ACP behind the camera is none other than Mr.B.P. Singh. The Creator, the producer, the director, the cameraman, the story writer, the screenplay writer, the dialogue writer; Yes, in word we can say, B.P Singh is the FATHER of the show. The one to have dreamt this dream called CID. Co-producing the show with Pradeep Uppoor, Singh Sir has been the only director of the show for the first few years. It was him who provided the strong base that was needed for such a show to reach this landmark today. Many a times, we have seen him with the writer's cap on and guiding his team on the path of improvement. Today, we find him directing the show occasionally, but when he does, he never fails to make the audience hold their breath till the last scene of the episode thanks to his terrific direction skills. It seems, under his direction, even the lead cast feel at ease and give their best shots naturally! How can we ever forget his portrayal of DCP Chitrole (earlier known as DIG Shamsher Singh) that makes us laugh our heads off and bring a little comic element in the show? This man deserves a Big Round of applause for making CID a reality and taking it to heights that one can't even dream of.


From 1998 - Till date

ACP Pradyuman is known to all as an inspiring and efficient leader of the team marked with indomitable courage and unperturbed focus. A sharp detective and a no-nonsense cop, he's known for his unmoving dedication towards duty, which he believes comes above everything else. He proves this by killing his own son Nakul, a criminal, placing duty ever over his fatherhood. Once he takes up a case in his hand, then no matter how many perilous journeys he has to undertake, he does it with the utmost zeal. Not a single criminal, no matter how clever, has ever managed to outwit him for long. No hurdle can throw him off his path. He expects perfection from his team and cares for them, but when it comes to work, he exonerates his juniors off suspicions only if their alibi is proved. No matter how badly he scolds his juniors, he always has a soft corner for them and loves them like his own children. As test for his tenure, he had lost his eye sight to catch a criminal and was going through a tough time. He solved few cases in spite of his blindness. Later he regained it. He's a living example of dedication, decorum and humanity.

From 21 July 1999 - Till Date

Senior Inspector Abhijeet is second in command and he joined CID as an Inspector in the episode "Case of Stolen Dynamite". He is a tough cop, who believes in out-thinking criminals. During a high-risk operation in the past, some criminals brutally assaulted him and left him to die. Somehow, he managed to survive, but lost his memory permanently. In course of time, he proved himself a worthy and efficient cop and an outstanding leader of the team, next to ACP sir. He is comparatively more accessible than the ACP, but his personal life remains a great mystery. Abhijeet has an ingenuity to to shoot at the target accurately however far it is by just hearing the sound. Adding to this, he has a rare talent to shoot with his eyes closed. He is by far the best marksman in C.I.D. He shares a harmonious bond with everyone in the team especially Senior Inspector Daya in whom he sees a true friend.He is an inspiring senior and lauds his juniors for the efforts. He's also known to be extremely helpful and protective towards those in need, particularly children. He has some feelings for Dr Tarika. When it comes to work, he is unbelievably sharp and an expert at what he does. He's headstrong, rational and firmly believes in fighting for what is right. Though his memory keeps testing him at times, he is lauded as one of the most intelligent, honest and bravest cops of the team.

From 6 May 1998 - Till date

Originally joining the team as a Sub-Inspector, He is another long-standing member and a very integral part of the C.I.D team. and is currently the Senior Inspector. Apart from using his amazing investigative skills, he's well-known for his imposing stature and extraordinary physical prowess. His athletic and muscular build makes him a nightmare for criminals. This tough cop can break open any door and one slap of his can distort one's face.Whispers of terror start slithering like phantoms amid criminals once they learn that Sr. Insp. Daya is on their trail. At the same time, he has a heart of gold and will be first to rush to his colleagues' assistance, irrespective of any danger involved and often at great risk to his own life. He's well-known and respected for the affection and care he displays towards children. He is looked upon by his juniors as an admirable and patient senior who never tires to answer his juniors' queries. He shares an indescribable bond with Senior Inspector Abhijeet in whom is trusts and confides everything. They have overcome innumerable dangers together and developed an understanding so close that it wouldn't be inaccurate to term them brothers in bond. He's extremely loyal towards ACP Pradyuman. He has some feelings for Ins Shreya. He is often the target of criminals but faces them with undaunted spirit and titled as the toughest cops of the team.

From 16 Dec 1998 - 30 May 2003 , From 13 July 2007 - till date

Dr, Salunkhe is the Senior Most & the greatest Forensic Expert CID has ever had. He had an unexplained exit in the year 2003, but made an appearance again in 2005 to save Daya in the episode Case of the Staged Murder. He believes that ACP Pradyuman was the one to pass the transfer orders against him, however ACP has something else to say. Dr.Salunke finally joined the team once again in 2007 with The case of the Dangeorous Lady and has been an integral part of the show since then. He is said to have the ability to predict the time of death looking at the dead body ! He examines every single detail right from the tip of the hair to the heel and never misses anything. He often gets into a row with ACP Pradyuman or Senior Inspector Abhijeet but cares the most for his team. His boss, ACP Pradyuman is most close to him and they share an excellent friendly bond.

From 1998 - till date

Inspector Fredricks is a long-standing member of the C.I.D team who finds humour even in the darkest of situations. His character had a rather serious role from 1998 to 2005, but has been considerably lightened from then. Though tough towards villains, he's extremely caring towards each of his colleagues and their wellbeing, that's why he suffers most when anyone is injured. He's adored by everyone in the team for his big heart and affectionate attitude. He was a good friend of Sub-Inspector Sudhakar. He shared an entertaining and elder-brotherly bond with sub-Inspector Vivek. His friendly tussles with Vivek can't be forgotten. He loves his wife a lot. He is afraid of ghosts yet he sometimes utters something out of the blue which crops up as a valuable clue to solving the case.He is always upto something mischievous and loves being scolded by Abhijeet or stared at by ACP sir.

Cast-Crew details are continued to the next post.

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2005, From 2012 - Till date

In 2005 Face Off- Trail In London series, DIG Samsher Singh was present. Later he appeared as DCP Samsher Singh Chitrole better know DCP Chitrole in the episode Kissa Daya Aur Lapata Bachhe Ka Part I [20th January 2012]. From then, he occasionally appears in few episodes. Whether as DIG or DCP, he is always known for his criticisms. He finds happiness in ridiculing his juniors, especially ACP Pradyuman. He does what he thinks is right instead of doing according to the situation. He has one good quality of admitting his fault.

He was present in the episode named Case of 639 Coins (21 & 28 June 2002). Superstar Ashwin Kumar was kidnapped. As it's very sensitive issue, he came to monitor the case.

In the Case of Thief Within (11 March 1998), he was present. He gave the promotion news to ACP Pradyuman. He completely trusts ACP Pradyuman. In 2000 Case of Blind Witness, DCP again appeared to support ACP Pradyuman as he lost his eye sight.

His name was never mentioned on-screen. He appeared first in the Case of the Invisible Bullet (16-23 August 2002) and again in the Case of Staged Murder (3 & 10 June 2005).

His name was never mentioned on-screen. He appeared first in the Case of Staged Murder (3 & 10 June 2005), again in Face Off Series (2005).

He is actually ACP of CID Special Bureau. In 2005, CID & CID Special Bureau team worked together in few cases to catch the criminal, like Mad Bomber. ACP Pradyuman ordered him to lead the case of Mad Bomber and both the team worked together under him.

From 4 November 2005 - 2 December 2005

Prithviraj entered in the Face off Series as a replacement of ACP Pradyuman. He had the knack of coaxing the truth out of criminals and he was a student of ACP Pradyuman. He was a very dynamic and versatile cop. But he left in Trail In London episode as ACP Pradyuman returned to CID.

From 22 December 2012 - 5th January 2013

ACP Digvijay entered into CID in the episode "CID par Grahan-2". He was appointed by DCP Chitrole to replace ACP Pradyuman. He danced to DCP's tunes and tried to break the friendship of Abhijeet and Daya so that the seeds of disharmony be sowed. But he wasn't successful. ACP Pradyuman has the doubt that Digvijay killed one criminal who became the informer.

11 March 1998 - 17 February 1999

He was a very brave, intelligent & honest cop. He was the right hand of ACP sir in early days.

From 29 June 2012 - 23 November 2013

Rajat made his entry into CID in the episode "Khooni Paani" as a Senior Inspector. He is no-nonsense & sharp cop. He respects his seniors & has good relation with his juniors. He was accused of kidnap in an episode but proved himself innocent. In the absence of any of his seniors, he leads the team effectively to success.

He was present only for few episodes in 1999 when Viren already left. Before joining CID, he was posted in the computer section.

From 9 April 2004 - 25 November 2005

Daksh originally joined CID to find our the murderer of his brother. Later he betrayed the CID team by revealing the secrets to the Nakul, son of ACP Pradyuman. He was shot by ACP Pradyuman, later killed by Nakul in the hospital.

He was present only in the case of Murder in Safety Vault [12 May 2006]. He was a sharp cop.

From 7 May 2010 - Till date

Inspector Sachin joined the CID team in the episode Khooni Deewar, under a misleadingly shady alias of Siddharth and actually working with a covert team referred to as CID Undercover. He's a bold and daring officer who greatly respects his seniors, and is often seen taking charge of the investigation in their absence. His remarkable physical prowess and agility enable him to overcome opponents in combat. He's shown to be quite reserved about his personal life and views.

From 30 June 2012 - 21 June 2013

Vineet was introduced in the episode "Raaz Sar aur Haat ka". He was a tough cop. He greatly respected his seniors.

From 1998 - 8 April 2005

Sudhakar was a very silent officer and showed great bonding with the team. He was a very close friend of Inspector Fredreicks. He was a very capable officer.

From 29 September 2006 - 18 June 2011, 12 August 2011 - 8 July 2012

Vivek entered in the episode "Case of the Killer Eyes". He shared an inexplicable bond with all especially Inspector Freddy. He was often some pranks on Freddy but cared for him the most. This was very evident in the "Aakhri Chunauti" Series. He was good friend of Tasha & her death affected him a lot. Though he returned after a temporary break from CID, he is no more a part of CID.

From 8 July 2011 - Till date

Nikhil joined CID after rigorous training from Senior Inspector Daya and he has profound respect for him. He often tries to be like him and it is his wish to be like Daya sir. He is a capable officer.

From 23 December 2012 - 10 February 2013

Suraj was appointed by  DCP Chitrole to keep an eye on ACP Pradyuman when he resigned. Later, he tried to destroy evidence and create chaos among the team, but was not successful. He was never interested in doing his work.

From 23 December 2012 - Till date

Pankhaj joined CID in the episode "CID par Grahan-2" as appointed by DCP Chitrole. He was actually appointed as one to destroy peace within CID. In the long run, he proved himself a capable and trustworthy cop.

Cast-Crew details are continued to next post.

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From 1998 - 20 February 2004

Asha was one of the best female cops in the CID team. She stayed with the CID team for a very long time. She was the only female cop to have been raised to the rank that sometime she addressed Abhijeet & Daya by their name. She shared emotional bonding with the team.

From 17 September 2004 - 19 August 2005

In the beginning, Aditi did not get along well with Abhijeet as she presented evidence to his presence in a crime spot, but later Aditi shared a good relation with him like other senior officers. She was a very smart officer but she was stabbed in the line of duty and later sacrificed her life in an explosion to save other people.

From 30 July 2011 - Till date

Purvi joined after being helped by Abhijeet and Fredericks in thwarting a gang of drug smugglers on her last case. In a later episode, it was revealed that she had a traumatic childhood, having been kidnapped at a young age by her treacherous stepmother, before being saved and adopted by a kind man named Girish. She's a dedicated officer who assists her seniors in investigations, enquiries and close contact with enemies, especially female criminals.

From 30 June 2012 - Till date

Shreya made her entry in the episode "Raaz Sar aur Haat ka". She always stands up for what is right and shares a friendly bond with Purvi. Despite an ongoing soft side tracks of hers, she is a very brave cop.

Mridula worked with the team in few cases of 1998.

From 23 September 2005 - 2 December 2005

Priyanka was a headstrong officer and often took matters into her hands. This was evident in the "Face off" series wherein she suspected ACP sir of a crime. She was present only for few episodes.

From 18 November 2005 - 19 May 2006

Anushka was a very capable cop and tough cop. She helped ACP Pradyuman when he was in London by giving information of CID, later she conveyed ACP Pradyuman's message to ACP Prithiviraj.

From 26 May 2006 - 7 September 2007

Muskaan was a very smart officer and shared an excellent bond with everyone. However, when Divyana came into the team, she began to feel insecure. She ridiculed her and took credit for her work.

From 10 August 2007 - 23 November 2007

Divyana was scared of corpses and blood but learnt to overcome her fear. She was often scolded by ACP sir but later proved herself a worthy cop and helped solve many cases.

From 21 March 2008 - 20 March 2009

Lavanya initially followed the team during the episode "Khooni Bhari Holi" and later merged with the team in the next episode. She was a very good officer and got on well with Kaveri.

From 21 March 2008 - 3 October 2008

Kaveri joined CID in the episode "Khooni Bhari Holi" She was a very soft natured person unlike Lavanya who was tougher. She was a very capable officer and she got on very well with her colleague, Lavanya.

From 12 June 2009 - 4 December 2010

Tasha joined CID in the episode "Khoon Ka Raaj.. Ek Aawaz". Initially she wasn't allowed to join CID for drugs were found in her bag of which she was unaware of. Later ACP tested the drugs ad proved her innocent. She proved herself to be one of the best cops. She was very brilliant and sharp officers. She is shot in the line of duty in the episode "Khatre Mein Tasha". She breathes her last in the hospital surrounded by her team with whom she shared wonderful bonding. Still the team can't forget her.

From 14 May 2010 - 25 February 2012

Kajal joined CID in the episode "Maut ka Aashirwaad". She wasn't allowed to join the team as her brother Rahul was suspected of a crime. She was later exonerated and became a very good cop. She got on well with Tasha.

From 20 July 2012 - 29 July 2012

Roma joined in the team in the episode "Khooni Khabri Ka". She was very good in handling computers. She was in the team only for 5 episodes. She was killed in the episode "Khatre Mein CID Officer-2".

From 20 June 2003 - 20 February 2004

She is quite efficient in her work.

She was present only for the episode of Invisible Bullet (16-23 August 2002). ACP Pradyuman needed a second opinion for this particular case along with Dr Salunkhe, so she came. She is also very efficient.

From 27 February 2004 - December 2005

She was a widow of a deceased CID officer. Initially there existed a rift between her and ACP sir as she thought ACP sir responsible for her husband's death. However, after ACP sir was proven innocent, they got on well. She was a very able expert, but she failed to create bond with CID team like others.

1 August 2003, 23 December 2005 - 8 September 2006,  9 March 2007 - 13 April 2007, 22 June & 6 July 2007

She first appeared in the episode of Case of Nailing the Suspect & she was seen for the last time in the case of Perfect Murder. She was a very efficient forensic expert. She often got into disagreements and fights with ACP Pradyuman. However, they later reconciled. She used to crack jokes with Abhijeet & Daya. She shared good relations with the team.

[We can't able to find the actress name. We apologize for this.]

From 6 October 2006 - 10 November 2006

She was an able forensic expert. She was present only for few episodes.

From 17 November 2006 -  9 March 2007

She was a very brilliant forensic experts and was often lauded by ACP sir for her efforts. In the episode of Dangerous Lady, she was unwell & left.


From 10 August 2007 - Till date

Dr. Tarika made her debut in the case The Don's Final Revenge. She is a very efficient forensic expert earnestly assisting Dr. Salunkhe in examining minute details of the corpses. She has immense respect for Dr Salunkhe.

From 21 May 2010 - 4 June 2011

Dr. Sonali entered in the episode "Rahasyamai Darwaza". Dr. Sonali is revealed as a college friend of Dr. Salunkhe and both of them often got into disagreements. She was very efficient. She was the 1st to be kidnapped by HD in the Aakhri Chunauti series.

He was present only for 2 episodes - Forensic Rahasya (20 & 21 September 2013). Dr Sameer came from Delhi in place of Dr Salunkhe as he was in leave.

Cast-Crew details are continued to the next post.

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There is hardly any actor or actress in the television who has not been acting in CID.

Whether be a criminal or cop, forensic doctor or supporting character many a celebrity has emerged from this show.

Even from Bollywood - the successful actor-director Asutosh Gowarikar, actor K K Menon, actor-director Mahesh Manjerekar, actor Rajat Kapoor, Vetaran Actor like Om Puri, Super Villains like Prem Chopra & Sadashiv Amrapurkar, heroines like Bhagyashree & Gauri Karnik ,actor Yashpal Sharma , actor Viju Khote came in CID as a cop or criminal.

Singer like Abhijeet Sawant & Baba Sehgal also acted in CID.

Even Kapil Dev (All-rounder & Ex-captain of Indian Cricket Team) came in CID in the episode of Howzzat (2003).

Other popular faces are Aastha Chaudhary, Aman Verma, Amit Pachauri, Arif Zakaria,
Aashif Sheikh, Achint Kaur, Akhilendra Mishra, Ali Hasan, Abir Goswami, Arjun eka Feroz Khan, Avinash Vardhan, Ashish Kaul, Bharat Chawda, Chetanya Adib, Chetan Hansraj, Daya Shankar Pandey, Gaurav Chopra, Imran Khan, Jagat Singh Rawat, Jay Thakkar, Karan Singh Grover, Kunal Verma, Madhura Naik, Makrand Deshpande, Milind Gunaji, Murli Sharma, Manoj Joshi, Mohan Kapoor, Micckie Dudaaney, Manish Khanna, Mandira Bedi, Maya Alagh, Melanie Pais, Narayani Shastri, Nagesh Bhosle, Pawan Malhotara, Pankaj Berry, Pankaj Vishnu, Payal Rohatgi, Pradeep Kabra, Rahil Azam, Rajesh Khera, Raju Kher, Raj Zutshi, Ravi Dubey, Ronit Roy, Rajeev Kumar, Raju Shrestha, Ravi Gossain, Ravindra Mankani, Rio Kapadia, Rushad Rana, Salil Chaddha, Sangeeta Ghosh, Shishir Sharma, Shahbaaz Khan, Shalini Kapoor, Siddharth Shukla, Siddarth, Sara Khan, Satyajit Sharma, Seema Pandey, Shyam Pathak, Sumana Das, Sreejita De, Sudeep Sarangi, Sunaina Gulia, Vinod Singh, Yashodhan Rana, Yashpal Sharma   etc.

Over 100 popular actors got chance to act in CID through these years sometimes as cop, criminal, victim or important side characters.

Mr.Pradeep Uppoor has been co-producing the show since 16 long years. His belief in the show and his partnership with Mr.B. P.Singh has been some of the biggest reasons for bringing CID to this stage. He might have never been a part of the creative team, but without his support, this day would not have been possible.

Do you know why the early years of CID is still known to be its Golden Era? Well the answer lies here. These men are the reason. Without the unconventional stories written by Sridhar Raghavan and Sriram Raghavan, the show would not have been able to gain all the fan following that it still boasts of. Now, a renowned writer-director of thriller films, in their early days, the Raghavan brothers have been an inevitable part of CID and have rendered it some of the classics of all time. Needless to say, CID team and the entire set of loyal fans that continues to watch the show even today miss the Raghavan brothers immensely and wants them to return very soon.

Better known today for movies like "The Dirty Picture", "Once upon a time in Mumbai" and many others, has been an important part of CID in its early years. With gripping investigative stories and amazing dialogues, Rajat Arora has strengthened the show and has helped it to live up to the expectations of its audience for years.

The creative head of Fireworks Production, Christebelle D'Souza has been associated with the show since the past 14 years and is still going strong. She has had hundreds of stories by her name and has done the screenplay for many more. It's obvious that her dedication and love towards the show has seen no limits and has a big role in making this day come alive.

11 years and still counting!  Siba Mishra is considered to be one of the most experienced directors of the show, for being associated with it for over 11 years now. In the words of our very own Shivaji Satam (AKA ACP Pradyuman), "Mishra Sir shoots CID as if he is shooting a film." Undoubtedly, his constant support to the show has played an inevitable role in the show's success and has proved itself to be a wonderful guiding light for the newcomers in the field.

In the year 2001, CID got yet another associate who has played an important role in CID's journey. Santosh Shetty has been a successful writer apart from directing a number of famous episodes. His most admired episode till date has been "Behroopiya" (2008) which manages to bring tears to the eyes of every viewer even when watched today. Kudos to this man!

Elder son of Mr.B.P Singh, Salil was first seen enacting a role of a drug addict in his early days in the episode named "Case of the Undercover Cop" (2000). After assisting his father for many years, he has finally turned into a director himself. Needless to say, he has his own style of direction which makes his episodes unique and different from everybody else. He surely has managed to play an important role in helping CID reach this level of accomplishment.

He began as a dialogue writer and now has come all the way to become a successful director. His association with Fireworks and CID has been long and he has indeed become a very important part of the family today.

Presently, the Chief Editor of CID, Shachindra Vats has also been seen wearing the Directors cap for many episodes that have won the hearts of CID fans all across the globe. His association with Fireworks productions has been long enough to be recognized on this special day.

In the past 16 years, CID has had as many as around 9 title tracks, each of them unique in its own way. The credit goes to none other than the well-known music director Raju Singh. All of these have been his creation and it goes without saying that each one of them has a charm of its own that provides a perfect precursor to the show.

Directors(as well as creative heads) like Nandu Kale, Rajan Waghdhare, Prabal Barua, Rajesh Ranshinghe, Virendra Shahney , Yash Puri, Rakesh Sarang, Suleman Quadri, Kabir, Santaram Varma and many others who deserve to be a part of this list because of their sheer hard work towards CID have been immensely responsible for helping CID to complete this 16 year long journey. Today, many of these personalities have started their own production houses or many might be working for other shows, but their efforts towards CID can never be denied.

The real heroes of CID are none other than the young set of writers who spend sleepless nights to come up with the most intriguing stories all the time. It's a tough task to come up with a new story every week, rather sometimes 3 stories per week and to continue to maintain the standards of the show that have already been set by itself in its early years. Nitica Kanwar, Gopal Kulkarni, Chirag Sailan, Naila Chogle, Pakhi Kartik, Abhishek Garg, Pronati Sengupta are some of those young minds, who try to give their best and live up to the expectations of the fans always. Another writer, Tanmay Singh has given some of the very interesting cases for CID to handle and at the same time, has been serving as the dialogue writer for the show for over 6 years now.

Last but not the least, the ones who literally work day and night to make CID what it is today, are the ones whose selfless efforts make it easier for the creators to bring out the final product successfully. Satish Dubey, Jerry & Denzic, Saleem Ghazi, Yogesh Pundir, Chandrakant Bhandari Sushil Sharma, Rajesh Diwakar, Raju Bulchandani, Sanjay Wandrekar, Ashok Kadam, Anup Mishra, Ajay Waghmare, Sushant Shinde are some of those countless number of people without whom, CID would have never been possible. It's the support of these men and women, who are responsible for making CID what it is today. Don't you think, they deserve a huge round of applause for their boundless devotion towards the show?

NB: We tried our best to include all cast & crew, it may also be possible that we missed few names. If it happens then it's not intentional. Apologize in that case.

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"A Journey of Thousand miles begins with single step"

On 21st January, 1998, CID starts its journey. When they started CID, they never imagine that one day it would turn into the longest running show , longest running crime thriller on the television. They focus on the JOURNEY, not the destination. IT IS THE REASON OF THEIR SUCCESS!

Ye Teen Pehr ka Qissa hy
Jin Teen Pehr Hum Jaag pary

Pehly Pehr mein "C" aaya
Cast, Crew aur Case aaya
kya Complete Stories theen
kya Concrete Theories theen
kya Concise say Dialogues thy
kya Confined say wo Log thy

Dujy Pehr mily "I" say yun
Intelligence, Investigation aur Interrogation huh
hoti theen Intense sii Situation
milti theen Intellectuals sii Tension
Clues say Intra-communication hoti
Evidence ki Interpretation hoti

Teesry Pehr mein "D" sy mily
Duty, Death, Dosti ky Raaz khuly
Donate kiya hy Life ka
Dare liya hy Rise ka
Don aur Don'ts ki Baat nahi
Strength barhai Double kai

Ooncha rahy CID ka naam
jis mein basi hy Humari jaan
Haq sy is say Larty hain
Pyar jo is sy kartay hain
Saal ky Saal jo aayein gy
Oonchi Shaan barhayein gy

Ye 16 saal jo Beet gaye
Wishwaas ye aisa Jeet gaye
koi khauff na Hum ko Yaar abhi
aagy bhi hoga Paar sabhi
ye Baazi Hum hee Jeetein gy
Dil ko Yaqee'n bus baat yehi

Investigation has, obviously, been the very heart and soul of C.I.D since the beginning. The show has always given special attention to the investigative aspect and delivered intriguing mysteries and thrillers. No stone is left unturned as the sharp sleuths use everything from sharp logic, quick thinking and wit to advanced forensic techniques to search for the smallest of clues that aid in building upon a meticulously developed trail leading to the culprits. "No crime is perfect" - the motto rings truer than ever as ACP Pradyuman and his team prove it again and again, in every episode.

There are no holds barred in the line of duty. Service to the country and upholding law and justice come before everything else, and nobody upholds it like the CID. Unafraid and daring, the cops unhesitantly hurl themselves into the most dangerous of situations to protect the innocent, defeat evil and let truth prevail. Whether it is relationships or personal safety, no matter how fearsome the odds, all take a back seat when duty calls, when it is time to walk the right path rather than the tempting one.

Forensic science is one of the most important and vital aspects of the department, a pillar of the CID. When all hope seems lost, when no visible clues meet the eye and recovering crucial evidence seems impossible, Dr. Salunkhe comes to the rescue with his incomparable expertise and immeasurably sharp brain with the miracles of forensic science, to obtain subtle and almost invisible clues which provide the team with vital leads in the case. Fingerprints, DNA analyses, postmortem, fascinating poisons and creatures, from the tiniest shred of hair to exotic serpents, they've seen it all. The meticulous detail and well-researched forensic techniques portrayed in the show have influenced generations of loyal viewers. Eminent forensic characters like Dr. Niyati, Dr Anjalika, Dr. Wagle and Dr. Tarika have also contributed significantly to the department.

Undercover missions are a part and parcel of the CID. Several crucial missions have requirements which cannot be accomplished without camouflaging into the enemy ranks and either obtaining crucial information behind the lines or decimating the foe from within. From drug peddlers, workers, gang members, doctors, drivers and junkies to rich barons, foreigners, hippies, hermits and various exotic disguises - they've done it all. The "master of disguises" is none other than the incredible Senior Inspector Abhijeet, with no less than at least a whopping 60 disguises in various episodes. ACP Pradyuman, Senior Inspector Daya and Inspector Fredericks with their immaculate expertise in the same have delivered several stunning and memorable scenes as well. Dr. Salunkhe and several other courageous officers prominently including Tasha, Muskaan, Purvi, Sachin, Rajat and many more have engaged excellently in the same.

Like the old adage goes - "no sacrifice, no victory". If the officers have anything unanimously in common, then it is their sheer dedication to duty and truth. ACP Pradyuman was among the first to set an infamous but striking example when he shot dead his own blood son, Nakul, when the latter turned a criminal. The tragic scenes of brave lady officers  Aditi and Tasha losing their lives in the line of duty tore at the hearts of every single CIDian, a humble tribute to and portrayal of what innumerable brave warriors of the country do for us everyday. Whether it is Senior Inspectors Daya and Abhijeet surviving near-death experiences in episodes like "Beherupiya", "Father's Revenge", "Bomb Robbery" and "Abhijeet Ka Intequaam", or Dr. Salunkhe, Senior Inspector Rajat, Inspector Purvi, Inspector Sachin and many other valiant officers preparing to sacrifice themselves for the greater good innumerable times, the message has hit home more powerfully than ever.

Nothing is possible without trust, loyalty, support and most importantly friendship when working together as a team. While some exceptions like Daksh and Suraj always do exist, the CID team has always been a harmonious family where the officers, both senior and junior, co-exist together in a warm environment full of mutual respect and love, something most of them lack in their personal lives. United by their singular dedication to the law and care for each other, they never hesitate to go to each others' aid at the first opportunity. The friendship and understanding between Daya and Abhijeet is legendary and has captured the hearts of millions of viewers all across the world, as has the duo's incredible loyalty towards ACP Pradyuman and the latter's fatherly care towards everybody in the team. Inspector Fredericks, with his magnanimous heart and unconditional love towards every single colleague of his, sets an example of an ideal friend in a hostile world. Whether it is Daya and Abhijeet, ACP Pradyuman and Dr. Salunkhe, Asha and the duo, Vivek and Fredericks, Purvi and Shreya or many others, one thing in common is the genuine bond of friendship between all of them. 16 long years are impossible to work together without the same bond in real between the actors, which has inspired tens of thousands of fans since the beginning.

In brief, this is the journey. StarClap

[made by Shagnika]

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It's difficult to say only 16 moments from this long journey of 16 years. Embarrassed At least the number should be 50. LOL I know some of us can't find our memorable 16 in this list, even this is not my memorable 16, LOLEmbarrassed  but it's CIDian's memorable 16. Blushing

 The very first case of Aditya Srivastav in the role of Abhijeet. Inspite of a lost memory, Abhijeet helps the CID team to solve the case and also risks his life in order to prevent a bomb from taking many lives. Noticing this act of bravery and his intelligence, ACP asks him to rejoin his team as a Senior Inspector. He compares the duty of a police officer with that of the skills of a swimmer; says similar to a swimmer who never forgets to swim, a police officer too never forgets his duty towards the nation and remains a true Officer for ever. This scene surely made a huge difference to the show that is still running so successfully even after 16 long years.

It's the case where Dr.Salunke makes the dead speak! After rigorous inspection, the forensic doctor of CID proves to the team how a dead body turned out to be the killer of another man. Yes, you read it right! Catch the episode as soon as possible, if not already seen.


After getting back his eyesight, ACP re-joins his team and is touched to see all the preparations made for his grand welcome. His team mates gift him with bouquets. ACP says he is surprised to see that his team has not changed at all, and is still the same. Dr Salunkhe asks him not to strain his eyes much as they have been recently operated. This one was one of the very first episodes that expressed the real bonds of friendship between the team members. Their love and respect towards their ACP is so well depicted. Even for CIDians, this was a great moment of joy, as their favourite ACP Pradyuman had returned.


A scene full of tension. CID team comprising of ACP, Abhijeet, Daya and Asha find a bomb in the parking area of a well occupied building. The timer was ticking constantly and there wasn't enough time to wait for the bomb squad. Abhijeet tries analysing the bomb and find the correct wire that needs to be cut in order to defuse the bomb. Although he asks his team to leave the building before taking the risk, ACP refuses and decides to face the situation together. Thanks to Sudhakar's call at the right time that Abhijeet is finally able to cut the correct wire at the very last second and successfully defuse the high intensity bomb. There have been instances when such a scene has been recreated in the show. However, being one of the first of its kind, this scene surely gives you a nail biting experience.


Talk of friendship and the first name that comes to the minds of CIDians is this particular scene. Daya tells Abhijeet that he had visited the jewellery shop to buy a gift for his "friend" to which Abhijeet naughtily replies, "Dost to hum bhi hain tumhare. Humein to kabhi koi gift nahi diya" and walks off. Daya is left embarrassed and smiles. Well, this one is a scene that surely makes one go "Awww..."


ACP's famous dialogue, "Dil chaahe jitna bhi kaanpe, goli chalaate waqt haath nahi kaanpne chahiye" to DIG Shamsher on being praised by the latter for being able to shoot his own son, is the highlight of this scene. Further, ACP Prithviraj confesses that ACP pradyuman was his sole idol since his early years. When DIG is about to leave, Daya asks him to wait and returns him the gun that he had given Abhijeet and Daya to shoot ACP Pradyuman. DIG says that he just wanted to check whether Abhijeet and Daya had become traitors to the nation like Daksh and so had given his own service gun to them. That's undoubtedly one of the proudest moments for any CID fan.


For the very first time, one gets to hear Trio sing! Daya tells ACP about the song "Yeh Phool chaman mein aisa khila" that was used for the crime. He adds that it was a song from a Hrishikesh Mukherjee film and ACP starts humming it. Soon, Daya and Abhijeet join in and start singing the song as well. A treat for every Trio fan!


Recognized as one of the most touching scenes of all time, here Abhijeet and Daya decide to carry the Bomb found at the hotel along with them instead of handing it over to their ACP even after being constantly forced by the latter to do so. They express their respect towards the ACP and say that his life is much more precious than theirs. Seeing their helicopter in flames, CID team thinks that Abhijeet and Daya are dead. But when they are called to the hospital the next morning, they are overwhelmed to find the two alive and smiling. ACP's watery eyes and Daya's dialogue : "Sir, Hum itni asaani se marne waale nahi hain" surely bring goosebumps to every CIDian.


The scene depicts how Abhijeet wins back the trust of ACP Pradyuman. How he proves himself innocent by bringing the truth in front of everyone. The real culprit confesses his crime and finally, Daya welcomes Abhijeet back to the team by shaking hands like best friends do.


It's the sequel to the most emotional episode of CID- Behroopiya, where Daya had almost died. ACP Pradyuman and Abhijeet reach hospital to check the present condition of Daya when they find Freddy crying outside his cabin. They rush inside, only to find Daya sitting on his bed and smiling naughtily. ACP is about to scold Freddy but Daya defends him. He becomes emotional and thanks Freddy for doing so much for saving his life. He tells ACP how Freddy and his wife prayed day and night for his well-being. This episode has another iconic scene where Daya returns to the Bureau after being discharged from the hospital. The smile on ACP, Abhijeet and Tasha's faces to see their favourite Daya re-joining the team was enough to depict how precious Daya was for each one of them. This episode surely makes you smile.


Finding the entire team of CID tied to their chairs with bombs attached to their body, Trio is left shocked. They try to untie their mates, but they notice they don't have enough time as the timers were ticking every second. Abhijeet and Daya ask ACP to leave the room, but obviously the latter refuses. Abhijeet blackmails him by pointing a gun at his own self and Daya forcefully carries ACP out of the room and lock it from inside. CIDians are left shocked at the sight of the bomb blast that puts up the entire house in flames. This is followed by an out of the world performance by Shivaji Satam to express ACP Pradyuman's deepest regret to save his own team.


As their mission succeeds, Daya's fake affair with Ansha comes to an end and the lady inspector leaves the site with ACP Pradyuman. Abhijeet asks Daya if he had really fallen in love with Ansha, to which Daya refuses. Abhijeet adds that if Ansha turns to look at him before leaving the room, it would mean she had fallen in love with Daya. However, when she doesn't turn, Abhijeet sympathises with Daya and says "Yeh nahi to, koi aur sahi" and start laughing. Daya too joins in and they have a good laugh about the entire thing.


ACP, Daya and Freddy disclose the truth of Abhijeet's past in front of him and make it very clear that he was a brave CID officer even before he had lost his memory. Now that everything was sorted out, Abhijeet apologizes to Daya for being so rude with him throughout the case and also for hurting him with the crane to gain the trust of those criminals. Daya smiles and says there is no need for any apology in their friendship. Freddy adds that he was very sure of Abhijeet being innocent and asks him to return to the bureau as he was being badly missed. Abhijeet too confesses that his life is incomplete without CID. At this note, Freddy tells ACP that it was finally time to celebrate and the 4 of them laugh out loudly. This scene is a clear example of the strong bonds that the team share among them.

On finding an abandoned baby boy at Daya's house, Duo struggle to take good care of him. Inexperienced, they try every possible method to make the crying baby smile. They act like jokers, dance and of course sing the famous song - "Aari aa jaa" together to entertain the baby as much as they can. ACP too joins in and sings the song for the baby and finally puts him off to sleep. This reminds the ACP of his dead son and brings tears to his eyes, which he tries to hide from Duo, but Abhijeet notices this and sympathises with him, all with just expressions. The perfect combination of fun, cuteness and emotion in the scene surely deserves a huge round of applause.


This is a purely a "TRIO" scene where the father-sons relationship between ACP-Abhijeet-Daya is depicted. ACP is badly injured and brought to the hospital. Abhijeet and Daya are seen waiting outside the operation theatre in depressed mood. Inspite of a successful operation, the doctor says that ACP's condition was critical. When Abhijeet and Daya go inside the cabin to meet him, they try their best to control their emotions and be strong in front of their ACP. They tell him that he should have informed them before visiting the place where the incident took place. When asked about the details, ACP explains them the details of the incident. How an informer betrayed him and put him in a trap. Abhijeet and Daya promise to catch the culprit and solve the case as soon as possible. Seeing ACP in extreme pain, Daya loses control over his emotions and starts crying. However, Abhijeet remains calm and tries his best not to cry in front of the ACP and console him that he would be perfectly alright very soon.


This scene is surely one of most touching scenes in the present era. It begins with Nikhil losing his balance while they were on top of a cliff at the waterfalls of Satara, leading to Abhijeet falling off from the cliff. Daya gets hold of him and tries his level best to pull him up. However, when Abhijeet realizes that there was a chance that his entire team would lose their balance in trying to save him, he intentionally frees his hand and puts his own life at risk. Daya, Nikhil, Purvi and Shreya run down the cliff to find Abhijeet there, covered in blood, but thankfully alive. They scold him for trying to sacrifice his own self for their safety and express how hurt they would be if anything had happened to him.


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