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Wednesday Jan 1st 2014

New year Special programs.. Star

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Vani Rani Episode 243, Thursday 02/01/14
Rajesh is sad that before his father would take away his peace and now Selvi is making his life not peaceful. CryRajesh feels sorry for Sundari as she has to carry the problems brought by her two sons. Sundari has no difficulty on carrying her son's burden. Sundari says that the same love which made Rajesh and Selvi marry each other will also give them a way to enjoy their life together. Big smile
Poo comes to MOM's house. She makes it clear that she has no interest in marrying Karthi. Big smile She tells MOM to not try to commit suicide again as Megala was really worried when he went missing. Karthi says that he will change whatever Poo doesn't like about him. Poo clarifies that she is ready to be friends with him and no-one can stop that LOL but she cannot love him as she is already loving Saravannan. All this while MOM has a smile on his face. AngryKarthi cries once everyone clears off. Cry
Surya is riding his scooter and on the way he spots Devi waiting for a bus. Surya offers to give her a lift and he goes in his usual snail's pace LOL and prides himself on obeying all the traffic rules. Devi points out that he isn't wearing a helmet and he could be arrested. LOL Once Devi gets off, Surya decides to push the scooter home as he is not wearing helmet. LOL Devi meets Vetri, a cast change from Sai, and says that she will take revenge on Bhoomi through Surya. Shocked She also tells him to not meet as often as Vani is wanting to find out the truth behind Thenu's kidnap.
Some guys block Saravannan's path and he gets in to a fight with them Dead and Sara chases them away. This is seen by Poongodi. Ouch
To be Continued

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Saravanan trying to chase the boys, all this is watched by Poo. Poo spots out his purse and bag scattered in the college ground. She picks it up, meanwhile Sara returns. Poo says, that you are a good fighter and is there any wounds around you..Sara looks..Poo continues, I know you will not reply and you will not bother about any wounds too..Sara in tension, pulls his bag and leaves. Poo chases and says that earning money is important but taking care of your belongings  is also more important and hands over his purse, requesting him to check, whether everything is fine. Sara replies thanks and says, I need not check, everything will be correct. Poo emphasises him to check and he spots her photo was missingShocked. Poo silently, smiles and questions him, that whether he was searching for her photoEmbarrassed. She says she has understood that he loves herClap. But this sidumunchi denies. She says, why do you cheat your own self. Is it not happy to both of us that we love each other. He says I dont love you and I have told you several times..She bets that she will make him propose his love to her..Big smileShe finally leaves telling him that he does not possess the guts to come and confess his love, why does he requires a useless beard and vetti angerClap(Habbada..Shree and Karthi..director will soon solve our problem of Sara's beard..But combing his hair..Day Dreamingwe need to wait for another 100 episodes)..

Poo get backs home and says that she is very happy about a bet, but she will not reveal anybody as its a suspense. Mano is happy to see her, but this Sr. Ananconda tells the junior to be careful..

Selvi wakes up and questions Rani, why is she here?..Rani shocked...feels as what has happened to Selvi..In the meanwhile Rajesh arrives and hands over her dress and says that he has left her in Rani's house and leaves. Swami comes back from work and notices Selvi sleeping again. He inquires Rani, whether Selvi had her dinner. Rani says, just now she spoke with her and asked her to wait for 10 mins for dinner, but she slept. Rani tries to wake up selvi, but Swami stops. Later Rani was asking Swami, Can we have Selvi treated by a doctor. But this Swami says no..Rani confirms had it been my akka, she would have first treated her and then only, she would have concentrated on the restClap. Swami barks. Do you wish to get selvi treated, or use this as a reason to go and see your sister. If you wish you go and see, but dont make my daughter Scape goatAngry. Meanwhile, Selvi polumbifies"Rajesh Mama, Rajesh Mama". Everyone arrives. Rani confirms, whatever Sura said was right. Swami denies. Rani continues, for your vetti veerappu, my daughter is bali, and leavesCry. Sara questions, what is all this. Swami confronts he will take care.


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OK Nithyakka Smile Sorry for the late update yaar...Cry
Vani Rani Episode 242
Tuesday 31st January 2013
Last update of 2013
Sura's house
Shenvi (short for Shenbagam in Selvi - Thanks Karthi LOL) is shown putting the poison in the sambar Ouch and mixing it. Scary BGM. Confused After that, she paces up and down, all the time staring at the sambar. Sura is shown coughing and unwell and Shenvi hears this and quickly yescapesss... Sura comes out of her room and sees that it is almost 2 p.m. - lunchtime! Shocked She looks at the food and walks away...Shenvi comes down the stairs and watches her as she brings some plates and food from the kitchen.

Sura serves herself the food and some sambar...and this is seen by a smirking Shenvi. Angry She is about to eat when thank goodness, Rajesh comes in talking on his phone. Clap Sura looks at the clock and is puzzled that he has returned home so early today while Shenvi is worried that her plans have gone to waste and hides from view. Sura keeps away the food for herself and starts to serve some food for Rajesh. Shenvi is worried that harm will befall her dear husband... 

Rajesh explains why he came home early and says Sara is coming to collect some money Kali owed and asks Sura to get the money. He asks Sura to put more sambar...Shocked As he is about to eat, Shenvi is not able to tolerate it anymore and screams Mama... Shenvi asks her mama why he is home so early and tries to prevent him from eating. But Sura says never mind and asks her to sit down and eat too. Shenvi says no she and Mama will eat later and tells her to eat first but Rajesh says he has to eat since he is going for auto ride later. 

She tries to stop him from eating..Phone rings and Rajesh says he will leave in 10 minutes...Sura scolds Shenvi for trying to stop him eating. Shenvi screams that this is food is for Sura, not him. Both mother and son do not know what to say. Shenvi says he should not eat it. Rajesh demands to know why and Shenvi confesses that she has mixed poison in it... Both shocked. Shenvi says this food was intended to poison Sura. She says she cannot unite with him unless Sura dies.

She says what are you looking at, I am not Selvi...I am your Shenbagam, Mama! Dead Both shocked. Rajesh asks again and Shenvi confirms it. Rajesh slaps her and tries to strangle her while Sura tries to stop him. He shouts that he is going to make Shenbagam leave. 

At that time Sara is arriving in his motorbike D'ohPochu da...Saravoda timing Sariyaana timing 
He sees Rajesh slapping his sister and in anger hits Rajesh and releases Shenvi. He asks if Rajesh is trying to torture his sister and Rajesh says he doesn't understand. Saro asks if they are all acting like good people in front of Rani and torturing Selvi behind their backs.Angry He scolds Selvi asking her if she has no brain and asks her if she is fated to live with Rajesh like this and asks her to come home.

Sura scolds him but Sara continues screaming that he only thought Kali was a criminal but Rajesh is also one and says Selvi will no longer be in this house. He asks if Rajesh's peace is spoiled by Selvi and says now they can be peaceful, and brings Selvi out of the house. All are protesting, even Shenvi but to no avail. Sara makes her get onto the motorcycle and both of them ride away, leaving an upset Sura and Rajesh. Sura laments that Selvi's family will soon learn about the truth that she has been trying to hide. Rajesh tells her not to start an oppari and says they are leaving for Selvi's house now to tell the truth, if not they will be separated for eternity.
Rani's house

Shenvi and Saro arrive at Rani's house. Thenu is happy to see her sister and tells Rani that Selvi has come. Rani is happy to see her but is concerned that Selvi seems upset. Swami also arrives at the scene. Saro starts his tirade that Rajesh was slapping Selvi in front of him. The whole family is aghast to hear this.
Rajesh and Sura arrive at Rani's house and try to explain but Saro and Swami shut them off. Rajesh and Sura try to convince Rani's family that they would never try to hurt Selvi intentionally but Swami doesn't buy it. Cry
Finally Rajesh explains that he did it when Shenvi tried to poison his mother. Rani's family is shocked while Shenvi starts to cry...Shocked Rani asks Shenvi what is this while Sara keeps trying to say that it is a lie. Sura tries to keep Rajesh quiet and brings Rani secretly to break the news that Shenbagam is inside Selvi, since nobody would believe her. Rani is devastated to hear this.
Flashbacks of Shenvi are shown as Rani's family enter one by one, shocked to hear about their beloved daughter becoming possessed. Sura cries and tells about how sad they are about Selvi's transformation and said they loved Selvi as their own daughter. Rajesh says in order to make him remove his maalai and not go to Sabarimalai, she wants to kill his mother.
However, Swami doesn't believe it and sends Sura and Rajesh away packing, saying that they will take care of Shenvi for a few days and will cure her, if she is really "sick". With no choice, Sura and Rajesh leave. Rani's family come back into the living to find Shenvi missing. They search for her and find her sleeping in the bedroom. They stare at her for a while before leaving the room.
MOM's house
Megala goes to the back of the house to secretly contact Poongodi and to tell her that MOM has finally returned. She says she know how worried Mano and Poo were when they came to help search for MOM and thought they should hear this and be relieved. Poo says MOM has a lot of kozhuppu LOLLOLLOL to go to an old folks' home. Megala says he did not plan to go there, but he went to the beach to kill himself. Poo is shocked. Megala says a kind Samaritan ended up saving MOM and admitting him to an old folks' home.
Poo starts scolding MOM for his insolence and stubbornness. Mekala says even now she is calling Poo secretly. She said the only way to convince MOM to return home was to swear never to agree to Karthi and Poo's wedding. Poo says no need to swear on that, since it is a fact that she does not love Karthi. Clap Megala says she knows that, but she is worried that MOM still suspects her of coming up with a plan to bring Poo into the house, or Karthi thinking about Poo or both of them talking to Poo behind his back. Poo says the only solution to this problem is for her to come there to sort things out. Clap Megala is worried and begs her to reconsider but Poo hangs up.
Rajesh's house
Rajesh is staring into space. Sura comes up and is worried about him. She starts asking why he is stopping his commitments for preparation to Sabarimalai. Rajesh looks at her and walks her around. He says he cannot think about Selvi being in this situation. Sura consoles him and says she thought that Shenbagam would have disappeared once and for all after she died, but instead she came back to torture them all Cry Rajesh is worried what Selvi's family will think about them and says he is ashamed. He says when he brought Selvi from her house, he said that he would treat her like a queen and says if problems like these arrive, surely they will think badly about him. Sura says that we did not do this on purpose. She says she has gone to all the priests she has known and done all the parikarams and even brought the Kerala Samiyar to drive out the ghost (it was a funny episode though LOL) but Shenbagam does not want to go away.
Rajesh says we should have told her family about this problem from the start and that is why now we are suffering. He says think about it, now will Saravana believe me? Everyone in that house looked at me in a you know how upset that made me? Sura says that is your imagination...shall I say something? If tomorrow Selvi becomes alright, do you know what she will say to her family? Only Rajesh is important to her. And she will come back to us. Clap
Rajesh says he is clinging onto that hope only. Cry

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Monday Jan 6th updates

Episode 245


Devi summons Surya at a park. Surya updates Devi that he is a regular visitor for the park and that he spends time reading and sleeping in the park bench. Devi introduces him to a guy Sounder who is a potential client for Surya. Surya is perplexed. Devi updates that Sounder her neighbour is fired from job without any notice or explanation. Sounder was looking for an advocate. I brought him to you. Please fight the case and help this guy. Sounder teases Surya's outlook, scolds Devi for selecting such a songi lawyer and walks off. An irked Surya yells at Devi and drives off. Devi rolls her eyes and says plan success. Wait and see you will face more.


Karthi in soga kadal.. crying non-stop recollecting Poo's words. Megala tries her best to cheer him up and begs him to forget Poo and move on. Manikkam walks in mocks Karthi and lectures for 5 minutes (irritating dialogues and acting).. net net he too wants Karthi to move on erasing Poo's memories.


Devi drags Surya to an optician, pulls out his spectacles and buys him contact lenses. She drags him to a parlour and then to a cloth store. The MAKE-OVER happens.. A completely changed, stylish charming Surya walks in to his home (in his trademark style) with Devi.  Gautam does not recognize him initially. He drags Surya to Vani's room and says medical miracle ma.. Vani is surprised and happy. Bhoomi says you look so smart. Surya says Devi is the reason for this change. Devi walks in. Surya and Devi explain the reason behind the get up change. Devi tells Vani I thought Surya's outlook was a bottleneck for people to understand his value. Vani asks how did you mange the money to spend. Devi says from the amount Bhoomi gave I had saved some. Bhoomi says saved money should be invested in bank for bright future and not spent like this. Devi says I will be more than happy to see Surya kalaking at the court in his new get up. Vani says Nice.. Thanks Rani. All are shocked. Vani continue.. That day you lit lamps at home, cooked for us and today you have changed Surya's outlook. Only you can do it Rani. Surya points out that it is not Chithi but Devi. Vani apologizes for the name confusion and advises Surya to change his character to a bold one. Gautam teases Surya. Bhoomi asks Surya to throw away his two-wheeler and buy a bike. Surya jumps up refusing saying I cannot drive geared vehicle. Vani says if you think you can you can do it. Vani thanks Devi again, Devi says I changed him without seeking your permission. I was worried that you might not like my interference. Glad that you are happy. Bhoomi says why would one be angry if something good happens. Hope his character changes too. Devi says he will change soon. While all of them are commenting about Surya's look and laughing, Devi walks out, stares evilly with a scary BGM and vows to change the laughter into wailing.  




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Tuesday Jan 7th Written Updates

Episode 246


Poo meets Sara and pleads him to accept his love for her. Sara refuses, screams, speaks rubbish and hurts Poo. A teary eyed Poo tells I will not meet you again I will die. Sara tells Do that. I will be relieved of a pain on my neck and drives off. Poo's friend Gayathri calls Sara and tells Poo hit and run by lorry. Admitted in GH. A crying Sara rushes to hospital and searches for Poo like a mad. Friends scold Sara. A hale and healthy Poo walks out smiling. Friends escape. Poo tell Sara I won the bet. I made you come in search of me. Accept that your love on me made you come here. Sara agrees yes my love on you made me come here. I accept my defeat. Poo smiles. Sara wails some more pouring out his hidden love and the pain he went through every time he hurt her. Poo asks why this act of hatred. Sara says money. We are not rich like you. Poo says why should that be a reason. Sara correcta points out Jo's reaction when their proposal came up.. Sara says they did not think about my qualification, our relationship or horoscope match. Only social status was seen and they clearly pointed out that. Poo pleads haven't such rich-poor relationships worked in past Sara says nope. It works only in cinema world. Please forget me. My only aim now is to earn money a bring the lost smiles on my family members face. I accept that I love you buy you can never be in my life. Please understand that and marry the guy your mother chooses. Good bye. Sara walks of and Poo stands crying.                


Rani, Thenu and Selvi come to a temple. Selvi walks in without hesitation and Rani is confused. Rani prays for pei to run off and restore Selvi's happiness. Thenu prays to fulfill Rani's prayer. The duo open their eyes and find Selvi missing. Rani is even more confused seeing Selvi lighting nei deepam, doing adi pradakshinam. Thenu scolds Rani. Rani says pavam Slevi.. first FIL kodumai, then Shenba's torture, studies left midway, then continued from home, accident, FIL in jail, Sheba's death and then now pei.  I am so worried. Thenu cheers her up. Selvi talks to Rani sweetly and Rani is assured that Selvi is her daughter. Selvi walks out and spots Rajesh driving off in his auto. She shouts Rajesh mama and runs behind the speeding auto. A perplexed Rani and Thenu follow her wondering Rajesh mamava.. A speeding auto hits Selvi and she falls down. Rani bangs her head, cries ayoo and screams Selvi. Rani and Thenu run towards Selvi.     



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Jan 9 - Wednesday


Selvi running towards the auto calling Rajesh maama and hit by another auto - Rani and Thenu running after her calling Selvi Selvi - she is unconscious on the sidewalk - wake up Selvi wake up Selvi she is not opening her eyes


Rani ask phone somebody gave her the phone she is calling Samy tells him come quickly - we see Samy riding his bicycle like he is in the race - he reached the kovil calling Selvi - no response - ( I missed how Vani came to the temple) anyway she tells Samy carry her to the car we take her to the hospital - but our proud Samy saying no this is my daughter and I know how to take care of her you leave from here - I don't want to embrass you in front of people - Vani looked really hurt and helpless ( I want to give real slap to Samy what is important here taking Selvi to hospital use Vani's van so what ) Vani thinking Sam's words she is my daughter you don't have no rights over her ( he hurt Vani badly with his words)


Devi sitting Bhoomi's chair imaging - Bhoomi's PA came to the room and saw it - she got up and saying her pen drive fell she is trying to go under but accidentally fell in the chair but the PA telling her I know you are not good you act like a good girl I will tell the boss - when Bhoomi reached the office PA tells him he laughed and saying she is a good girl and chair is nothing you do your business only - she overheard the conversation she came to the office and do the little drama - telling Bhoomi that she is sorry about the incident - he laughed loudly and telling her I don't care about the chair you have right to use it too - she asked what - he tells her you are young and intelligent right to sit in this chair


Devi come out telling herself I want to push you from here not legally then I will sit in the chair


Manikam yelling at the lawyer taking long time to solve the land matter - he is telling him you are not worthy for the fees we are paying - lawyer telling you don't pay my salary - I have to ask you so many times - he tells then hire different lawyer I don't mine - son in law ( don't know his name) says maama it's not his fault we go to high court and we will win this case - but you have to say sorry to him - Manakam walked out from there


Mekala's husband telling her the visit with lawyer didn't go well - your appa is angry and go calm him down - the person holding the land have political connections and it's hard to win the case - Vani is the only one can save the case I talked to her but she won't take it - you talk to her maybe she will take it - Mekala tells him no I am not going to do anything against my father - he would lose the land rather than talking to Vani - if he loses his land he is going to die too what then - she tells him I don't feel right - I am not going to hurt him


Samy ask Rani why did you call Vani - she looked at him what are you talking - he ask her again you call her first then me why - Rani tells him I didn't call her I don't know how she did know - I don't lie - you are changing - you get angry, impatient and doubt in your mind and you question whatever I do - I don't like it and it shows that you don't trust me - but he keeps asking her you don't trust me enough to take care of our daughter


Rani is hurt and telling him I didn't call her - Saravanan call Appa - Amma is right - Perriamma goes to court that route - maybe she saw Rani and came to help why don't you trust her and don't question her for everything - Rani saying I know Acca is my weakness that doesn't mean I lie - I never lie - Sara telling his father she told you her weakness is her acca don't make her strength too


Ok - I don't like this Samy - he lost his commonsense and good nature - Sara has temper at least he is using his brain too


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Vani Rani Episode 248, Thursday 09/01/14
Poo is depressed. Mano comes and offers her support as you cannot force someone to love. Poo says that Sara is loving her for sure. Mano says if he is then he will persuade everyone for the marriage. He will persuade Jyothi, chase out Anaconda if she refuses and make Swami agree too.
Vani comes home and Bhoomi asks her to taste the food he cooked today.  Vani refuses and tells him that she is sad because of Swami's reaction. Vani stops Bhoomi from going to avoid further problems and says that she will handle this. Gautham phones Sara who cuts the call. Surya tries and asks why Swami acted like that. Sara tells Surya's family to leave his family alone.
Mano meets Swami as he is selling coffee. He says that Sara loves Poo and he might be hesitant because of the family situation. Swami says that they will clarify this now and phones Sara to come to a temple. Mano apologises for Jyothi's behaviour and praises Sara (Romba mukiyum). Sara comes and refuses. Swami asks what will clarify this ridiculous doubt, will you belive if Sara swears on a sudam? Sara goes and swears on a sudam.
To be continued

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