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Monday Jan 20th updates


Madhan and Devi inter room. Some lovey-dovey moments between the couple. Both thank each other for coming into their life. Kathir is overwhelmed that he has so many sondham who feel for him and it was all coz of Devi. Devi feels it is Madhan who brought colour in her life. 


Dinner time at Chids home. All wondering if it will be Kathir or Madhan who will come down. Santosh feels if it is Kathir, we should tell the truth upfront and prove to him that he is married to Devi and is already directing a movie called Bommallattam. Devi is skeptical, Bharathy and Chids thiru thiru. Chids pleads Ram to stay with them to handle Kathir. Ram agrees. Chids warns all to be careful. Bharathy is highly nervous. Rajesh suggests lets act as if this is hospital and we are all doctors if it is Kathir. Santosh snubs it as a rubbish idea. Nats taunts - to cure a mental we are all going to act as a mental. Devi fights with her chithappa for calling Madhan a mental. Nats manages to fumble and convince Devi but in his mind he is confident of swindling Devi's share of 500 crores. Chids wonders if Kathir will believe if they act as doctors. Ram feels we can try. Rajesh decides to stick to the role of being Ram's friend . Chids says Kathir has already seen me. How will he believe that I am a Dr. Rajesh says we will say we are specialists and were testing him. Chids agrees and says we need to do something to manage. Kathir/madhan comes down. Ellaram giving ghili expressions. He asks Bharathy to serve food for him. Bharathy super scared. After some tense moments, the family gets to know he is Madhan and all are relieved. Some happy moments at the dining table as they dine together.


Next morning, Devi comes with coffee and wonders who (Kathir or Madhan) will wake up. Kathir wakes and screams where am I? What are you doing here? Devi says this is a hospital and I am nurse. Sir please have your coffee. Kathir refuses to accept and runs out screaming Ram. Ram runs to him and asks yenna machan. Bharathy walks out of her room at the same time and Ram is super tensed.




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23-Jan-2014  Thursday Ep-330

Ayioo ennalla mudiyala...donno why they r dragging this Madhan aka Kathir episode

Ram,Kathir and Bharathy @ park:
Bharathy tells the positives about the house treatment to Kathir and he accepts it. She also cautions against meeting in the park again and promises that she will meet him at the house/hospital. As they prepare to leave, Kathir comments that Bharathy has put on weight and asks her to take care of the health. Once Ram and Kathir leaves, Bharathy touches her stomach and cries. Outside the park, Kathir feels that Bharathy has changed and he does not feel like he is talking to Bharathy anymore. Ram rubbishes this idea and they leave.

Chids home:
Devi frantic and crying over phone, complaining
to her father that Madhan has not yet returned. As he consoles her, Kathir arrives. Devi still in tears. Kathir notices this and motions Ram to come closer and asks the reason for Devi's tears. Ram samalichifys saying that her husband ran away. As Kathir prepares to go to his room, he consoles Devi and asks from when her husband has gone missing. Devi replies from this morning. Kathir says that he is not missing but maybe gone out for some reason. Devi replies that this happens frequently, to which Kathir questions if her husband is mental. Devi refutes it saying he is normal. Kathir wonders whether her husband has contact with some other girl. Devi again in tears. Ram tries to interrupt Kathir but is rebuffed. Kathir gives free advice to Devi, telling her not to shed tears for this useless fellow and finally leaves with Ram to his room.

When Devi brings coffee, Kathir declines it. Instead he takes the tablet. Devi asks him, if his lover due to some reason marries another guy and if she comes back to Kathir after her marriage, will Kathir accept her? Kathir firmly says that their love will never fail and so this will never happen. Devi says so does her love for her husband. Kathir praises Devi for her confidence in her love and assures her that her husband will come to her soon enough. When Devi smiles at Kathir, he further comments that his husband is very lucky to have such a nice person as his wife. Asking Kathir to take rest, Devi and Ram leave. Kathir sitting on the bed and thinking

Dance continues Dancing

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Tuesday  21 / 1 / 14 Episode No?? Aama roMba mukkiam, Madan aa kathir aa nnu theriyame muzhikkum pOthu !! Roja quickly recollects her inky pinky ponky ritual

Suspense vaikkaraangalaam - silly aa irukku - Bharathy walkkksss and Ram calls "yey kathir saOlluda " Thank God that Bharathy picks the hint and hides Ram blabbers and Kathir rightly points out "inge yaaru kku accident aachu??" Chids enters the arena and Kathir goes nuts again - literally Wink " Pray why this honor? " Chids says that he is the doctor who treats him and the atmosphere is all housey housey because it is a new technique. The rest of the clan makes an appearance - ore halla gulla - Devi is still adamant about making Kathir drink that coffee - which by now should be Ice coffee - Kathir walks out saying that he wants to be out of this lunatic asylum (can not blame him though - the whole clan put together has an IQ of minus 10 !!) Bharathy calls Ram and asks him to handover the phone to kathir "no one else needs to know " As Kathir has conveniently adjourned to the portico Ram's job becomes easier

To cut a long story short, Bharathy convinces Kathir that it was her decision to put him there "will you listen to what I say ? " The blackmail works - Kathir reluctantly agrees. Goes in to the house and apologizes for his behavior - he even drinks cold coffee. After he goes in Devi wants to know the mystery caller "one call and he goes all docile?" Ram says that it was a director for whom Kathir has great respect - peace for now - absolutely temporary folks, don't raise your hopes.

Office - Chids calls Bharathy in and points out that she has been making mistakes in her work. Bharathy says that she is afraid to wake up in the mornings "You brought kathir home and how do you expect me to live in peace? I am walking on fire here, do you understand?" (aww , that selfish old coot does not care, my dear. Even now all his worry is about how he is going to save the lives of his children . If he needs to sacrifice the likes of you he wouldn't care , that man is incorrigible!! Wonder if this guy has any remorse about his treacheries !!!) Consoles Bharathy and says that all will end well. Just then Devi calls and announces "appa , Madan is missing , Kakka Ooosh "  pOchu da, marupadi beginning le irunthaa??? Roja vaale mudiyathu ppa


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Updates by nithya

Wednesday Jan 22nd updates


Madhan missing.. Devi crying.. Chids tensed. Bharathy feels she can guess the location. As guessed Bharathy spots Kathir in their regular meeting spot - Park. She quickly calls Ram and asks him to come to the park ASAP and switches off her phone.


Kathir all lovey-dovey while Bharathy feels very uneasy and replies in monosyllables. Kathir notices the change and questions Bharathy.. You have changed. The boldness in you has disappeared. You seem to disturbed, tensed.. Why this distance from me.. What is the problem? Chids wonders why Bharathy has switched off her phone. He calls Ram. Ram says Kathir found by Bharathy. I will get him home ASAP. Please inform Devi I found Kathir. Chids nods and hangs up. Kathir says no one can separate us. We will be united forever. Bharathy nervous. Ram comes to rescue on time. He scolds Kathir for running away from house hospital without informing. Kathir gets angry and polambufies to Bharathy that doesn't look like a hospital at all. Haven't ever heard of a home hospital. Morever the doctors there don't seem like real ones. I am the only patient and I have 2 Drs, 1 dietician, 1 nurse and 1 manager. Sounds scary. I ran off to save my skin. Bharathy tells You need to undergo treatment for some time. May be max 1 week. Please remain in that hospital since I chose that for you. Won't you listen tome. Kathir falls for Bharathy and says anything for you. Ram and Bharathy relieved. Ram says nurse crying inconsolably.. Kathir is gilli about that over concerned nurse.   



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araca maavu araipoma
Chids with doc asking whether they can transfer MatKat back to hospital as they unable to control him. Docs says cannot, home envirenment is better and faster to cure him. But be careful not to force MatKat to remember anything. He must do it slowly...
At home, family talks with Madhan.. about his family and his gratitude over chids family later transfer to his bedroom
At Devi room, husband wife lovey dovey talks
Morning, Chids ask Siva to wake up Devi and start her drama as nurse. Meanwhile Bar making kolam in front of house. Kathir comes down  lookibg around, to escape without notice. Bar saw him and quickly cover her head with saree. Kathir confuse to see lady with head covering doing kolam. and he is curious to see the lady...

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Bommalaatam Episode 332 Saturday 25/01/14
Madhan tells Bharathy who is hiding her face that he is running away. Bharathy calls Ram to search for him who thinks that he might be in their old house.
Madhan is fighting with the landlady for apparently renting the house to others without consulting him. He also demands his money back leaving the landlady very puzzled. Ram comes and tells him that he had to get the money to cover the hospital cost. Masham apologises, he and Ram leave.
The Dance Continues

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Monday Jan 27th updates

Episode 333


Kathir comes back home. Devi questions. Kathir says I went for walking, advises her too to walk to reduce weight and runs upstairs. Bharathy quickly covers her head. Kathir thanks her for not potukudthing him to dietician when he escaped, advises her to think again on changing the hospital ASAP and runs to his room.  


Devi questions Ram where did Kathir go. Ram says to his room. Thank God I went on time and managed the situation. Santosh says it is high time we tell all the truth to Madhan. Devi, Ram and Chids refuses. Santosh and Nats feels it is required. Santosh feels better to get Madhan's ex-lover to tell the truth. Nats feels good idea. Ram says that girl is married. Chids gets tensed and screams why spoil that girls' life. Nats says Looks like that girl left Madhan for a wealthy guy. So we can give her some money and solve this problem. Santosh fears that Devi's life will be at stake if Madhan runs away. Bharathy says Madhan will not run away since he loves cinema. So don't do anything in haste. Lets wait for some more time. Devi walks off cribbing. Devi cries sitting beside a sleeping Kathir.


Santosh and Nats meet the doctor without the knowledge of family members. Santosh is not comfortable but Nats convinces him. Dr is scheduled to come to Chids home for a review as visiting Dr. Nats requests the Dr to explain to Madhan that he has memory loss. Dr corrects it as memory slip and it might lead to negative results if Madhan is explained the truth. Nats says we are facing a lot of problems. He absconds often and we are worried what if he absconds permanently. Dr says please wait for some time. Nats says not possible to wait without knowing till when. Nats says that Kathir's ex-lover would have definitely hidden the love matter from her hubby. What if Madhan meets her and talks to her when her hubby is around, Will it not create problem in her life? Dr agrees that this is an issue. Nats says during the review please let Madhan know that his ex-lover is married and change his mind. Dr assures to do his level best.        


Santosh wonders Why Nats compelled the Dr. Nats says all for the benefit of Devi's happiness and Madhan's ex lover's happiness. Mind voice la Nats says No happiness in your lives till the time I am around.


Next morning, Dr comes to Chids home. Badri is also around. Chids asks Dr what brings you here? Dr says for giving Madhan a counseling session. Chids asks who requested for it. Santosh says naanga dhan. Chids is shocked.




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Tuesday 28 / 1 / 14 Episode No 334

Folks , if you thought that what you talk to your doctor falls under patient - doctor privilege , forget it - serial world has no respect for such niceties uh huh. Just watched the episode and Roja is just livid. She is all red and angry and so here she gives a brief update ,not just that only this morning she got a compliment Wink from thalai about her "brief' updates ...

After some silly quip from Badri about keeping the doctor waiting, the doctor finally gets to see his patient. Doctor starts a conversation with kathir ( for now folks ) Badri wonders about the conversation inside " we will have no knowledge, eh?" Well, Nats has planned for such contingencies - he has a live relay net work. Chids objects but Nats is categorical " I am concerned about Devi . Want to know if it is only Kathir who longs about his ex or it is also Madan who craves " Bharathy grants permission saying that it is time that the clan appreciated the goodness of Kathir aka Madan.

The whole jing bang listens while kathir talks - well, nothing dangerous, he does not disclose the name of his ex, says that his ex was some one who just descended from the Garden of Eden with wings thrown in for support, calls her a good friend blah blah ---- the conspiring foursome heave a sigh of relief ..and finally the doctor asks "do you still think of her?" Kathir says "yeah sure .I will always remember her "


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