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Thursday 02 Jan 2014
Episode : 315

First update of Bommalattam in the year 2014!!!

Entire family in dining room eating breakfast, while the ladies are serving sweets and tiffin. Everyone showering extra affection on Madhan by piling sweets on his plate. All tease and have fun. Ram enters and wishes everyone "Happy Diwali". Devi gifts him a shirt while Ram reciprocates giving tickets for some movie. Chids doesnt want to go, while Devi teases only six tickets are there, so Chids cant come anyway. Everyone happy and laugh for even small jokes.

Finally the six (Ram n Rajesh, Devi and Madhan, Santhosh and Bharathy) prepare to leave. As they are about to enter their SUV, Devi expresses her desire to travel in bike with Madhan. Everyone agrees except Sivagami. Finally all decide to travel in bikes(as the above mentioned pairs) While riding they all try to race and out do each other (Actually they initially travel in the OMR road, then move into some small street at Adyar...donno what cinema theater is there...) All this while they show Sivagami worrying about their safety and remembering the bad omens. Suddenly the garland from Devi's mother's picture falls down (Another bad sign for some impending doom?)

Meanwhile since its Diwali, there are people bursting firecrackers everywhere. One such firecracker (atom bomb to be exact) spooks Madhan and both Devi and Madhan fall down. Madhan skids on his belly (?!) and hits a lamp post on his head Ouch. Graphics (like the film Sethu) shows that his brain is affected and he becomes unconscious. Everyone panics and Rajesh calls an ambulance.

Chids, Badri, Nats and Sivagami arrive at the hospital. Everyone glum faced. Chids demands to know what happened to his mappillai. No one answers him. Devi is in a trance and Chids manages to rouse her out of it. She initially says that Madhan is all-right and nothing bad can happen to him. But after sometime she breaks down and cries into Chids lap Cry, saying that this all her fault. She was the one who insisted on bike ride, so if anything happens to him, she will also die. Now it is Chids turn to console her. Doctor comes out and vaguely replies about Madhan's current state. Says some tests are pending and currently MRI Scan is going on. Only after all reports are available, he can say anything about Madhan's health and leaves. Badri advices Devi to pray. Sivagami and Devi leave to offer their prayers while Chids sits dejectedly on a hospital chair and cries.

Dance Continues Dancing

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Wednesday Jan 1st 2014

New year Special programs.

Nithya escapee...

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friday - new year updates
- Bararthy at sivan temple, praying for Kathir and her family. Telling Gog that everything was ok and they were enjoying diwali and now all gone. She ask God to show mercy on them and help Kathir
- Now Devi turn. She and Siva at Amman temple for prayers. She doesnot know how to pray and Siva teach her. Seva tells her to tak to Amman in her mind, Amman can hear her. Then Siva tells devi to join her to do walk around the temple, but devi want to continue her prayers alone with Amman. Devi talk to Amman and apologize for the past action which she did unintentionly. She wants God o help her husband as he is very kind human being. She knows that God will plan something for and make sure God plan a good destiny for her. And also she warns God, telling if there is something wrong with Madhan she will not spare God as well. Then she go and sit together with siva.Siva console Devi
- At hospital, Barathy wants to put vibuthi, and they ask Doc permission. Docs allows only one person to do it so. Santhosh asks Bar to apply viboothy. Bar goes inside and feel sad to see Kathir on the bed with head kathu. She apply viboothy and come sout. Everyone who is outside ancious to know about Madhan state. Bars tell them that he uncpncious but with a stable pulse. Ask them to be patient. Then Bar request all of them to go and have something to eat. Its not good for Chids to be starving due to his bp n sugar. She asks Santhosh to bring them to canteen and have something. She will wait here until tey return. Bar and Ram wait outise ICU room
- Devi at temple, siva console her, telling her god will help her and ask her to pray hard. Then the temple bells rings, Siva says its a good sagunam, her husband will alright

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Bommalaatam Episode 317, Saturday 04/01/13
Bharathy and Ram are the only ones waiting outside the ward. Bharathy doesn't know whether to cry for Madhan or Devi and asks why swami always creates problem for the good people when there are so many bad ones left unpunished. Madhan is back to normal and he kids to Bharathy that he won't die before making his film Bommalaatam a hit. Madhan goes back to sleep as he has been heavily dosed. Bharathy phones Devi to tell her the good news. Devi thanks swami but when she leaves the 'maalai' around swami drops. Everyone gets to the hospital and the doctor calls them in to witness Madhan's activities around his relatives. Madhan wakes up but he doesn't remember any of them apart from Ram. He says that his name is not Madhan but Kadhir and Bharathy hides herself and thinks. 
The Dance Continues  

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Monday Jan 6th 2014 Written Updates
Episode 318

Madhan unable to identify Chids and Co. He says I am Kathir, a bachelor and Ram is my friend. Chids & Co are sent out. Devi gets hyper and Santosh consoles her.Doctors do a qiuck chat with Ram and then question Kathir.  They summon the crowd to announce their study on Kathir.

A perplexed bharathy runs into to chat with Kathir and puts Ram on guard. Kathir talks all lovey-dovey to bharathy. Ram too walks in. Kathir asks Bharthy to freshen up illata your parents will get to know that we are in love.. Bharathy and Ram shocked.  Kathir says We shall declare our love after I direct my first movie. Bharthy quietly walks off.. Kathir stops her and says I love you and I shall wait for your arrival tomorrow. Kathir sleeps and Bharthy runs out with Ram. Bharathy and Ram conclude.. Kathir has forgotten incidents of recent past and only remembers the days when Bharthy and Kathir were in love. Bharathy is scared that the hidden dark secrets will soon be out in open.


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Thursday 9 / 1 / 14 Episode No 321

Roja rOmba nOndhu pOi irukka - blow hot blow cold laam too much for her !!

First segment - Chids and Bharathy are shivering about Madan exposing their story and an unassuming Santhosh says that Madan will be ok soon ( Yovv, bakra bakra apdinnu solvaangale, athu nee thanaa?? Ithunga rendum crow bar ai muzhungittu sukku kashayam sappidara thieves ppa !!) "both of you relax and go to bed " Chithappu joins the artha jaama meeting and says the same. The Chids jing bang leaves and Sivagami tries to be lovey dovey to darling hubby - who in turn barks as usual. After everybody leaves the arena Nats once again gloats - intha kOdumai yai thaanga mudiyalai ppa !!

Blow hot blow cold Madan - Well he opens his eyes as Madan now (kathir kakka Oosh?? ) Asks for Devi - who is waiting outside . Ram sends Devi in and informs the rest of the clan "Kathir is back to being Madan now, all of you hurry up and come here " Some cootchi cooing between Madan and Devi - intha amma kOjam padutharaanga , showing some subtle emotions is a must mam. Not just Roja , the whole family believes in romance killing - Eljay ditched Roja !! - the short romance goes south and the whole clan cootchi cooes . Doctor comes , pronounces that Madan is all set - he actually said quite a few words for the pittance he got as pay !!

Office - Nats is alone and Naidu arrives - while Nats gloats about Madan going nuts and how the property can not be touched by him whether he lives or dies - Santhosh comes with the good news - "madan is fine " Nats and Naidu are not happy - of course !!


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BM Wednesday Update 08/01/13

Episodes starts wit Devi crying out infront of chids n says she started living her life now only but why everything goes wrong suddenly.Chids try to convince her n an emotional sequence btw dad n daughter..

Bharati is sleeping n suddenly she heard kathir sound n wakes up from sleep.She started worrying by recollecting all the incidents(kathir saying ILU scene,doc explained his pblm) n cries.Santhosh woke up n ask her wt happened ?. She tells she is worried abt devi.He convince tat madhan will be recovered soon n not to worry much n tells her to take rest as she is conceived now.

Bharati comes out n sees chids who is worried abt devi.She comes n ask him abt devi's condition.He tells she is crying like a baby n he is unable to convince her.Bharati tells him tat she spoke to kathir twice n she is very scared as he told ILU.Chids is super shocked n convince her not to mistake Jim as he is a memory loss person.Bharati tells she can understand tat wt wil happen if he speak like dis infront of Santhosh or Devi.
Chids started crying why god is punishing his kids , instead of this he can his life..

Thodarum Wink

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Tuesday  7 / 1/ 14 Episode No 319

Azhugachi KAviyam - Memory loss VS memory slip  (whatever that means !!)

Roja is thoroughly bored folks and so gonna be real brief - azhugai, azhugai and more azhugai uh huh.

The family has a meeting with the doctor - obviously a neuro guy who pretends to look at the MRI. Finally tells the family that all is well with Kathir aka Madan but his memory  has gone back in the time machine " All he remembers now is the life he had three years back. That is why he knows Ram and the rest of you are aliens." Devi wants to know if Madan will ever remember her and the doctor is optimistic. Devi cries and feels guilty that it was her decision to use the bike - usual blah blah folks, Roja is tired. Ram stays behind to keep an eye on Kathir (thank God, at least one confusion is out of the way ) and the rest leave.

Again - house, sOgam , Chids has a hearty talk with wifey darling who hangs as a picture from the wall. She tells him that all will be fine and Chids needs to console darling daughter . Chids comes out and has some vetti talk with Badri about "US and treatment " . Sivagami comes and says that Devi has gone back to hunger strike. Chids goes in to console her and she is pretty candid about self evaluation "for a woman like me, Madan is a treasure Vu  Vu  Vu..." Daddy darling is lost - A Haa, all your past treachery is acting up, selfish old man - time for you to pay !!


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