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FF: With a Difference (Updated Part 10 on Pg 17) (Page 17)

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Posted: 18 April 2014 at 6:05am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sinalbest

Amazing update.. Clap Star Thank youSmile
hats off for this updte.. Clap Star  Thank you so muchBig smile
thanks for pm.. Mention notSmile
Continue soon.. Smile Will try to update asapSmile

SaTi4ever Groupbie

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Posted: 18 April 2014 at 6:07am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Ani---Anisah

Amazing update...Thank you..Big smile Thanks for the pm.. Mention not Smile Do continue plz Big smile Will surely do..Smile
vipraja26 Goldie

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Posted: 19 April 2014 at 2:17pm | IP Logged
wonderful  update !
As  mentioned  by Padmini , your  points  wrt to kunal knowing about  Raveena  was  quite a big satisfaction !

Sure  cvs  did  messup a lot  after  a certain point  and it was only  Sinal  who kept us hooked  .

Sidhi  in your update  was  just  too good  while  handling kunal  against Raveena  and  Kunal's  guilt  was  well portrayed  .

looking foward to the interesting  part  of kunals  confession   soon .

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Posted: 20 April 2014 at 8:15am | IP Logged
Originally posted by vipraja26

wonderful  update ! Thank you Smile
As  mentioned  by Padmini , your  points  wrt to kunal knowing about  Raveena  was  quite a big satisfaction ! Glad to know thatSmile

Sure  cvs  did  messup a lot  after  a certain point  and it was only  Sinal  who kept us hooked  . Certainly, SiNal enchanted meTongueEmbarrassed

Sidhi  in your update  was  just  too good  while  handling kunal  against Raveena  and  Kunal's  guilt  was  well portrayed  . Thank you so much..Big smile

looking foward to the interesting  part  of kunals  confession   soon . I will try to update soonSmile

divya.d Goldie

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Posted: 03 May 2014 at 6:54am | IP Logged
First of all sorry for late reply Manashi... Nice update as usual... thanks to you atleast here kunal knows that Raveena was the one who stole the evidence... good job Thumbs Up and loved the way Siddhi handled Kunal... only she can do that... as she always overpowered him... loved it Embarrassed  so kunal wants to confess his love for siddhi great... will be waiting for next part... Thanks for the PM dear Big smile

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Posted: 03 May 2014 at 10:46am | IP Logged
Originally posted by divya.d

First of all sorry for late reply Manashi... Never mind Nice update as usual... Thank youSmile thanks to you atleast here kunal knows that Raveena was the one who stole the evidence... good job Thumbs Up Thank you againBig smile and loved the way Siddhi handled Kunal... only she can do that... as she always overpowered him... so true loved it Embarrassed  so kunal wants to confess his love for siddhi great... will be waiting for next part... Trying to complete the part at the earliestTongue Thanks for the PM dear Big smile Mention notSmile

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Posted: 11 May 2014 at 5:44am | IP Logged
Sorry for such a late update, but I'm trying to make it up with a longer part this time. Tongue Here it is...

Part 10

Siddhi awoke to the dots of sunshine dancing across the room through the lace of the curtains. She found Kunal sleeping on the chair with his diary folded across his chest. She knew he must have not been at ease last night after he came to know a bitter truth. She sat near him for a while and observed some unusual peace on his face today. It seemed as if he was still in deep sleep. She got up from the bed, careful not to disturb Kunal and went towards the window. She took in a deep breath of morning fresh air. The dew drops on the potted plants outside caught her sight. She enjoyed hearing the birds chirp, though the song would soon get faded away in the noise of the traffic of the city. Siddhi always loved early morning time but today there was something special about the morning. She felt that the morning was more beautiful and cheerful than ever. It felt as if the morning had brought a new hope and a new beginning with it today.

Kunal's sudden movement resulted in his diary slipping off from over him. Siddhi turned around at the sound of diary hitting the floor while Kunal was least disturbed. She went towards the diary and picked it up. One part of her mind wanted to peak in through those pages, to read all of what Kunal had written, to know what was going in his mind. What are the secrets which he keeps only to himself, she always wondered. She got the same pangs of curiosity whenever she saw his forbidden book. She opened up the first page but caught Kunal's glimpse from the corner of her eye. "What if he sees me reading? No, not now. Waise bhi I should not read his personal accounts, certainly not at this time when he can get up at any moment." She immediately closed it and turned to keep it on the table when Kunal opened his eyes. On seeing Siddhi with his diary in front of him, his eyes broadened.

Kunal : Kya kar rahi thi tum?

He immediately snatched the diary form her and kept it in the drawer.

Siddhi : Maine kya kiya? Aapki diary neeche gir gayi thi. Main toh bas upar rakh rahi thi.

Kunal : Achcha, toh tum padhne ki koshish nshi kar rahi thi?

Siddhi had to save herself anyhow.

Siddhi : Main kyun padhoongi appki diary. Mujhe aapki boring diary mein koi interest nahi hai. Haan, agar aapko ise secret rakhne ka itna hi shauk hai toh agli baar theek jagah par rakhna. Subah - subah jhagda toh nahi hoga phir kam se kam.

Siddhi quickly moved out not giving Kunal any chance to speak any further. She didn't want to get caught. "Andar se toh aa gayi, par Kunal naraaz ho gaye toh! Unhe toh manana bhi kitna mushkil hai..."

Here Kunal was lost in his own thoughts, "Phew! Achcha hua theek time par uth gaya. Sidhhi ka kya pata, sach mein padh leti toh? Par main bhi na, subah - subah jhagda karne ki kya zarurat thi mujhe? Par jab baat meri diary par aati hai, toh main aise hi react karta hoon. Maine soch ke thoda na kuchh kaha, sab kuchh reflexly ho gaya... Raat ko kya kya socha tha aur subah uthte hi jhagda! Pehle hi usse ye sab kehna mushkil tha ab gar wo naraaz ho gayi toh baat karna bhi mushkil ho jaaega..."

After breakfast, Seema asked everybody to get ready. She informed everybody that her father had invited them for a small get-together at his home. Since it was a holiday, everybody readily agreed except Kunal who wasn't keen on going there, for two reasons. First was because he did not enjoy such get-togethers much and second was certainly Raveena. He made some excuse and thus everybody decided that they would be leaving without SiNal. Siddhi made no complaints either. Everybody started getting ready to go out while some idea stuck Kunal. "It's good that everybody is going out. Now since me and Siddhi will be alone at the house, may be I will find some way to convey my feelings to her." Just then the door bell rang and Siddhi welcomed Shilpa in. Shilpa exchanged greetings with everyone and then started talking to Siddhi.

Shilpa : Siddhi, tu aaj free hai?

Siddhi : Haan, kyun? Koi kaam hai tujhe?

Shilpa : Haan Siddhi, woh mujhe na shaadi ki shopping karne jana hai. Bhaiya ko toh aur bhi kitne arrangements karne hain, toh maine socha ki main tere saath hi chalti hoon.

Siddhi : Theek hai, baaki sab bhi baahar jaa rahe hain, main abhi ready hokar aati hoon. Phir hum market chalengein.

Strike 1! Kunal felt uneasy at this development. He had to talk to Siddhi. He would be left alone to the empty house while Siddhi would be going out. Kunal soon got another chance.

Shilpa : Jiju, aap bhi baahar jaa rahe ho?

Kunal : Nahin toh...

Shilpa : Toh phir aap bhi humaare saath chaliye na!

He obviously wanted to go but could not say it himself.

Kunal : Nahin, main tumhare saath aakar kya karoonga?

Raj : Kunal tu toh waise bhi ghar par akela hi rehna wala hain na. Chala ja in dono ke saath. Siddhi aur shilpa ko thodi asaani bhi ho jaayegi.

Kunal : Theek hai papa, aap keh rahe ho toh chala jata hoon.

Soon the three of them left for the market.

In the market, Kunal only kept following the ladies from one shop to another quietly. But he was carefully noticing Siddhi's likes, dislikes, the colors she chose and the the sort of designs she preferred. Soon it was time for lunch. Kunal took a breath of relief that finally he will get a break from visiting saree and accessory shops. They went to a nearby restaurant to have their lunch. Shilpa met her friends at the restaurant and she decided to spend some time with her friends while Kunal and Siddhi were left alone. They ordered their food but nobody was talking. Kunal broke the silence.

Kunal : Tum log kitna time lagate ho ek hi cheez ko select karne mein. Jitne der mein tum ek saree lete ho, usmein toh main poori wardrobe khareed loon.

Siddhi : Waise Kunal, aaj humein kuchh zyada hi time laga. Shilpa ko koi cheez pasand hi nahi aati. Main itna time nahi lagati.

Kunal : Siddhi, tumhaari choice bhi tumhaari tarah hi hai.

Siddhi : Matlab?

Kunal : (In the flow of the conversation, somewhat intentionally) Matlab tumhaari choice bhi tumhaari tarah acchi hai.

Siddhi : (stopped eating and looked at him with a smile) Thank you

Kunal smiled back at her. Soon after lunch, Shilpa joined them back. They spent the rest of the day shopping.

In the evening, they went to Kapil's home to drop Shilpa and had their evening snacks there itself among some light-hearted discussions. SiNal were in the car on their way back home when Seema called Siddhi.

Seema : Siddhi, kahan ho tum.

Siddhi : Bhabhi, bas ghar hi aa rahe hain hum log. Raste mein hi hain.

Seema : Nahin, nahin ghar mat aao.

Siddhi : Kya, kyun bhabhi?

Seema : Humein ghar aane mein der ho jayegi Siddhi. Ghar ki keys bhi humaare paas hain. Tum log aaj Kapil bhaiya ke ghar hi ruk jaao na.

Siddhi : Theek hai bhabhi, hum dekh lete hain. (She hung up the phone)

Kunal : Kya hua, kya keh rahi thi Seema?

Siddhi : Bhabhi keh rahi thi ki un sab ko aane mein der ho jaayegi. Keys bhi un ke paas hain...

Kunal : Phir, ab kya?

Siddhi : Kunal, car rokiye.

Kunal hit the brakes and the car came to a halt.

Siddhi came out of the car. Kunal followed her outside.

Kunal : Hum yahan par ktun ruke hain?

Siddhi : Dekhiye Kunal, aapne pehle kabhi itni shanti dekhi hai yahan par?

Kunal looked in the direction Siddhi was looking. Some 20-30 steps below the road level there expanded a beautiful sea shore. Usually over crowded throughout the day, the beach was almost deserted at this hour. The big waves crashed against the shiny shells illuminated by the moonlight. The slight breeze added to the charm of the place. Both of them stood there admiring nature's beauty.

Siddhi : Hum thodi der yahin wait kar lete hain.

She descended the steps without waiting for Kunal's answer. She went and sat on the sand where the waves periodically came and washed her feet. Kunal followed her to the shore and sat beside her. None of them spoke anything for several minutes. Siddhi watched the waves come and go while Kunal continuously looked at Siddhi from the corner of his eye. Finally they had got some time alone. Kunal remembered what he had thought to do last night, this was the best time and the best possible place for speaking up his mind, for telling Siddhi how much he loved her and how important she was in his life. He wanted to tell her that he did not want to let her go away from him ever but he hesitated. He did not know where to start from and how to speak. What if he is not able to express himself, or even worst what if she turns and goes away on hearing him? But he could not confine his feelings inside him anymore. Today he had to vent them out. Finally he brought up some courage and looked up at her seeking to start some coversation. Siddhi was busy in her own world. She had found a small stick and she started scraping the wet sand with it drawing different patterns.

Kunal asked : Kya kar rahi ho Siddhi? Kya bana rahi ho?

Siddhi : Kuchh khaas nahi, bas aise hi. (excitedly) Aapko pata hai, jab main aur Shilpa bachpan mein beach par aate the tab hum hamesha ek game khelte the.

Kunal : Kaunsa game?

Siddhi : Koi ek aise hi ret par kuchh banata tha, aur dusra usey guess karta tha. Toh mujhe yeh stick mil gayi toh maine kuchh bhi draw karna shuru kar diya.

Kunal : Achha dikhao tumne kya banaya hai.

He peeked at what she drew.

Kunal : Ye kya hai? (He sounded confused) Ye do bade-bade ellipse kya hain? Nahi yeh toh ellipse bhi nahin hain. Dekho ends par pointed hain. Aur dono ke andar do chhote circle hain aur upar chhoti-chhoti curved lines bhi hain... (What she had drawn were eyes and the curved lines were the eyelashes!)

Siddhi : (irritated) Kunal, eyes banayi hain maine. Aap kya geometry teacher ho? Ellipse, curved lines...!

Kunal : Eyes, eyes aisi hoti hain kya?

Siddhi : Toh aur kaisi hoti hain? Aap toh aise keh rahe ho jaise aap koi bade artist ho. Aap banake dikhao na agar aapko aata hai toh.

Kunal took the stick from Siddhi's hand and started scraping the sand. Within seconds, he drew something and asked Siddhi to have a look. Siddhi started laughing at watching what he had made.

Siddhi : Aisi hoti hain kya aankhein, aise do circles bas. Aapne kya kabhi aankhein nahi dekhi? Accha meri aankhein dekhiye, aisi gol-gol hain kya?

Kunal looked into her eyes while she looked into his. Both were lost in each other's eyes and completely forgot about everything else. He could die looking in her beautiful eyes. She would always read what he could not actually say in his eyes. A small shell hit Siddhi's foot due to a wave and she got distracted. She lowered her eyes, looked here and there out of her shyness. He lowered his gaze too. She got up saying,

Siddhi : Kunal ab tak toh sab log aa gaye hongein. Ghar chalte hain.

She turned around slowly.

Kunal : Hmmm...

Kunal smiled at one side. With the stick still in his hand, he doodled what he could not speak through his mouth. He wrote "I Love U" on the sand. After a moment or two of gazing on the scraped words, he threw the the stick and got up with a sigh thinking, "Some other day, may be". When he looked up, he was rooted to his spot. To his utter astonishment, Siddhi stood there, her eyes repeatedly moving from the scribed text to Kunal and back again. Soon the waves washed away everything and now she fixed her gaze at Kunal questioningly, rather expectantly, searching for an answer for his act. Her heartbeat started racing violently and a hope grew up in her eyes. All of it was so sudden that Kunal could not make out what to do next. He closed his eyes for a few seconds, took a deep breath and finally he confessed his love for Siddhi.

Kunal : I... I love you Siddhi, I love you...

Siddhi's happiness knew no bounds. The moment she had waited for so long had finally arrived. Kunal on the other hand was still waiting for an answer. After a few seconds, which seemed like an eternity to Kunal, Siddhi finally did her part.

Siddhi : I love you too...

She took a slow step, and then almost ran into Kunal's arms. Kunal quickly wrapped his arms around her. He felt as if he had embraced his whole world. Both of them were overwhelmed with their emotions. They finally got what they had been craving for so long which was evident by the fact that none of them let go of each other for long.

To be continued...

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d.padmini IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 May 2014 at 7:04am | IP Logged
wow ..amazing update ..Star
u made my sunday  worth it..
was really tired of studying so a great and refreshing break from those books.. 
Finally SINAL confession..ClapClap

 I loved the beach part..
I always wanted to see SINAL, in the show walking along the beach holding hands..with some romantic song in the back ground ..
Many times I have imagined a scene where SINAL are sitting on a beach watching the waves and enjoying each other's company . not speaking to each other but  just their silence doing the talking , sidhi  falling asleep resting her head on Kunal's shoulder , Kunal then  warping her in his arms, so that her sleep doesn't get disturbed ..just staring at her , with love, care and affection admiring his sleeping beauty Wink.   but  EK, channel and CVs just  ruined everything by showing negativity and unwanted crap Angry which lead to show going off air ..

i.e I liked that part because u almost penned down my imagination ..
Thanks so much ...

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