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VM FF || DIL MIL GAYE #6 | CH 92 N 93 on PG 141 (Page 132)

chandiniebinda IF-Dazzler

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Pleaseee update soon...

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Update pls
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Lovely update
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Please update soon Disapprove
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first of all i wanna apologise... i know i disappeared but couldnt make myself write something... was struck up in somethings... i also have a life, remember... Wink Wink  but now im back... Big smile actually yesterday night i actually wanted to write something and i wrote this update... its not that long... but i guess its better than getting nothing... Wink

THIS IS THE 90th CHAPTER OF THE FF... Big smile Big smile Big smile Big smile Big smile 
congratulations to all and thank you all for your all love and support... soon DMG will hit a CENTURY...!!!!! yeyyy Big smile Big smile Big smile

         ~~  aaj fir tumpe pyaar aaya hai
RECAP : virman go on a movie date and mohit takes kasak to an ice cream parlour where they meet naina.

waking up in his arms and wrapped around him like he was her only world; literally; was the best feeling manvi ever knew besides the one which she had when she took kasak in her arms for the first time. manvi smiled and closed her eyes on an attempt to relive the moment when she first took her little angel in her arms. she still remembers that moment... that moment when her hands were shivering while holding that little life in her hands, her eyes were drinking the sight of that little baby sleeping peacefully in her eyes... and heart guilty of snatching her mother from her... and the minute when that feeling erased and she became her mother, not the one who gave birth to her but the one who will take care of her and love her with all her heart.

manvi opened her eyes and snuggled close to virat and placed her head on his chest and that smile still adoring her face. last few days have been great... as in really great... blame her pregnancy hormones or their "basic" need, their personal life has been awesome... correction romantic and passionate. she blushed thinking how shameless she has become in the last few days... vanshika gave manvi a book on pregnancy and manvi read it very carefully and it felt as if each word of that book got imprinted on her mind. every now and then she would sit and think, she would come up with something... she read in that book that while a woman is pregnant, she feels she is not being loved enough by her husband given her growing body and changing moods... so manvi examined herself and most of all virat's behavior with her which was full of love and care... and as a weird result she tried talking to virat regarding it.

" i do look a little big... dont i...??? "
" no... you dont... " replied virat.
" no virat..." manvi said in a low tone " you should stop telling me lies... it wont break my heart..."
" arrey babu... trust me... you are fine... just perfect..."
" but what about the time i actually will grow...?? " asked manvi raising one of her brows.
" i will still love you the way i now do... is my love supposed to change with any change in your appearance...??? " asked virat in an attempt to make manvi understand that his love for her is free of any stupid thing like that.
" no... but the book said -
manvi was cut in between by virat who locked his lips with hers. yes he loves when she talks... no blabber... but cmon... this wasnt the time for talking. her talking like that with hundreds of expressions crossing her face always turns him on and so did it now. just a second later manvi kissed him back with her fingers reaching this hair and his arms wrapped more protectively around her pulling her towards him. virat sucked her lower lips and she moaned in the kiss and one of her hand making its from his neck to his broad well built chest. manvi happily opened her mouth giving him the chance to enter her mouth. if it was any other time, manvi would have fought for dominance but these days, all she craves for is his love and most importantly him.
virat was about to pull back from the kiss when manvi grinded his body with his and moaned "dont stop" while kissing him. soon the events turned hot... a passionate love making that followed... 

" morning..." said virat.
manvi smiled to virat and kissed his cheek and whispered " mornin handsome... " in his ear.
" ohh god... dont tempt me early in the morning... " groaned virat.
" what if i do...??? " asked manvi.
" then there will be round two... " virat replied with a smirk on his face.
" poor you... but i have lot of things to do... but i love u... " said manvi after kissing his cheek and making her way to the bathroom..
virat smiled and looking at the time decided to catch some more sleep.

manvi took a bath and on coming out of the bathroom found her husband again sleeping, she smiled at him and went out of the room to see her little princess. manvi opened the curtain of kasak's room and got in bed with her and hugged her little body.
" januuu... kasuu... " manvi cooed.
kasak turned around and hugged manvi taking in the warmth of her mother's body.
" cmon mela baby... its morning kasu..." said manvi while brushing kasak's hair.
" no morning... pleaseee... " whispered kasak.
" why...??? you have school... remember...??? " 
" no... no school... pia also not coming... she is going to goa... " kasak reasoned in a low yet complaining and yet requesting tone.
" kasu this is no reason... your friend isnt coming doesnt mean you will skip school... you will miss your lessons sweetheart... cmon now be a good girl and get up... i will get you ready for school... " manvi told kasak.
kasak first made a face and when she caught manvi looking at her with seriousness in her eyes, kasak got out of the bed and followed manvi to the bathroom.
manvi got kasak ready for school and waved at both her husband and her daughter, while they drove in the car.

on the way to school, virat noticed that kasak was a bit quiet today.
" what are you thinking my doll...?? " asked virat.
" its nothing... mumma doesnt listen to me anymore..." said kasak.
virat stole a glance at his five years ol daughter who was suddenly talking like a teenager. that was what he was scared of... he just cant imagine kasak getting older, becoming a teenager, may be turning into a rebellion, falling in love with a guy and someday marrying someone and 
leaving him and manvi all alone... he cant imagine his little princess going away from him.
" you also dont listen... no one loves me... everyone loves the new baby... " shouted kasak and crossed her arms against her chest making a pout.
" im listening to you kasak... and we love you more than anything... just remember that... " virat said without even thinking once.
" then take me to goa... " immediately came the wish.
" huh...?? from where did goa come in between...??? " asked virat.
" i want to go goa... my friend pia going to goa... "
" kasakkk... we cant go now... mumma cant travel baby... " virat replied.
" mumma cant travel... why...?? "
" small baby... it gets tired and remember its too small... "
" but how much small...??? just the size of my little finger..." asked kasak curiously.
" may be..."
" we will go later then...?? "
" yes... for sure... " promised virat.
" i love you daddy... "
" i love you more baby... "

manvi back at home was these days was treated like a queen and all the credit goes to her M.I.L the great. vanshika had been taking so much care of manvi... may be even more than mitali would have cared for manvi all her life and this very fact made manvi feel so lucky and happy.
" you come and meet me na mum... " manvi suggested mitali while the maid was massaging her feet.
" you come over na manu and bring my honeybun too... " replied mitali.
" i cant mom... M.I.L wouldnt let me drive and the driver is also not coming these days... " manvi said to vanshika who brought fresh fruits for her " M.I.L you tell mom to come today na... "
" ok... give me the mobile... " said vanshika.
that day mitali came for lunch and even offered to pick kasak from school on the way. it was a great get together for all and they all planned of getting some things for the coming baby and talked about every topic possible.

a week later manvi had an appointment with the doctor for her regular check up and as always virat accompanied her. the doctor asked only manvi to come with her while virat waited outside and he thought of getting a cup of tea in the meantime. while returning from the cafe, virat heard a familiar voice and he looked around. he froze when he found that that similar voice belonged to naina who was talking to a lady doctor with a serious expression on her face.
" she might be ill... thats why she is here... " virat thought to himself... "ofcourse its a hospital... not a central park where she would come to roam around... "
virat was almost convined when he realised that that was a maternity floor... the one for the women who are  already mothers or for the one who are gonna be mothers or for new born... but what was naina doing here; he thought.
" is she...??? naina is...??? is she... ohh wow another good news... another baby... " virat smiled to himself and before he could go to naina, she hurriedly made her way towards the lift.
manvi came out and found virat grinning like an idiot.
" why are you smiling...??? " asked manvi.
" ummm... its nothing... how is everything...??? " asked virat.
" everything is good... the baby is doing great... " manvi replied with tears of happiness and joy in her eyes.
" greatt... you wait here and i will go see the doctor... " suggested virat.
" no... arrey i asked and understood everything... lets go home..."
" sure...??? " 
" very sure my dear husband... "

once home, virat purposely asked manvi about naina and manvi became sad immediately.
" i dont know... she is going missing these days... virat... virat i feel she is not the same... my nainu is changing and its scaring me... she doesnt call me nowadays... earlier she used to call me twice or thrice a day... andf now... not a single call... maan snatched away my nainu... i hate him... " manvi started sobbing and acting like a kid.
" these hormones... " groaned virat.
" i hate you also... you dont understand me anymore... no one loves meee... "
" jaan i love you and i suggest why dont you call naina... talk to her na... may be something is bothering her..." virat said and conviced manvi immediately.
manvi wiped her tears and immediately called naina but she never picked up the call.
" i will call her later... " said manvi.
" hmm... "

next day manvi called naina and everything seemed quite normal. infact naina told manvi how things got worse and maan left her and after that day he hasnt even bothered to call her once. manvi felt so sad for naina and asked her to come and see her but naina said that she will come and visit her soon but not today. later that night, virat came home late and told manvi that he has to go out of station for a day. listening to this piece of information, manvi burst into tears thinking that she got two bad news in just one day.
" its a bad day... nainu is sad and alone and now you are leaving me... this is so unfair... " manvi said between her sobs.
" ohh god its just a day manvi and talking about naina... we will discuss it later hun... " said virat in a considerate voice.
" take me along... you me and kasak... plzzz... "
" okkk... but you promise me you wont be sad and stress yourself..."
" promise... " manvi said while wiping the tears off her cheeks and smiled at him.
" thats like my girl... love you... " virat said kissing manvi's forehead.
" i love you too... "


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Awesome update
Kasak cutie pie wants to go to goa
Y is naina in hospital?
Continue soon

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Me first..

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Originally posted by virmanxyz

Lovely update

Thank u... Smile

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