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VM FF || DIL MIL GAYE #6 | CH 92 N 93 on PG 141 (Page 128)

rida001 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 22 August 2010
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Posted: 25 June 2014 at 7:11pm | IP Logged
Give more of Virmaan and remove Rishabh Naina Maan Madhu Mohit
I love ur FF but only for Virmaan
Continue soon

priya_nishal Senior Member

Joined: 03 November 2013
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Posted: 25 June 2014 at 8:00pm | IP Logged
Update please
hangok IF-Rockerz

Joined: 24 July 2012
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Posted: 27 June 2014 at 3:36pm | IP Logged
naina where are you dear??
Angelic-Catty Senior Member

Joined: 04 April 2014
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Posted: 01 July 2014 at 6:13am | IP Logged
Amazing updt.. it ended at an interesting mode.. wanna read further..

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naina927 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 July 2014 at 6:11am | IP Logged
         ~~  teri zaroorat hai
RECAP : maan leaves naina. manvi and others plan to get mohit married.

" are you sure...?? you wont ditch me... right...??? "
" why do i feel you have travelled back in time... we are no more in college manvi... " said virat with a smirk on his face.
" im used to this ditching of yours... and how many times have we really gone out for a movie ALONE... i dont remember... you tell me... " manvi said frowning thinking about this.
" you never really agreed... this is apparently my fault now... i know... though you had the excuses ready all the time... kasak is a kid... her eyes will get weak... she has to sleep... she has to sleep... she has to play... she has to ---

manvi cut virat in between but this time romantically. she sealed her lips with his and just when he was tempted to pull her towards him, manvi broke the kiss and looked at virat with a wicked smile.

" what was that...?? " 
manvi could very well hear the hidden irritation in virat's words, so she giggled.
" nothing sweetheart... you were talking way too much..." manvi replied casually.
virat pulled manvi back in his arms and placed his chin on the nape of her neck.
" so does that mean everything time i irritate you or piss you off, i will get shut up like that... i will get my lips sealed... " said virat.
" may be yes... may be no... " manvi replied trying to hide the blush on her face.
" tell me na..."
" virat..."
" what virat...?? "
manvi turned around and leaned close to virat and standing on her tippy toes whispered into his ears " raat ko...". before virat could react, manvi pushed him away and moved out of the room.

" so its a date... right bhabhi...?? " asked pragati who was working on manvi's nails painting them with a nude pink nailpaint.
" sort of... i think... but im really excited... " replied manvi with a wide smile on her face.
" are you by any chance blushing...??? " teased pragati.
" no... because im not a teenager going on a first date... " replied manvi winking at pragati.
" so thats final... today we will take care of kasu and you both go out and enjoy..."
" hmm... but i feel bad for not taking kasak..." said manvi.
" cmon bhabhi... bhai also needs your time and looovvveee... " pragati said intentionally stretching the word 'love'.
" i think i should find a good guy for you... you are becoming way to romantic and naughty... " manvi said teasing pragati.
" yeah yeah... anyday..."

in the office, virat was working when his mobile rang. he thought it will be manvi but it was someone else.
" hello..." 
" virat its maan... " came the reply.
" hey... how are you...??? and this number of yours... "
" im calling from somehwere else... mobile's battery going to die soon... " replied maan.
" ohh... so how come you remembered me...??? naina spared some time of yous, i can see... " virat said in a playful tone.
" actually..." 
maan told virat about the argument that happened few nights back. he told virat how he over reacted and left the place in haste and how he regrets his action... how he is unable to talk to naina and how things are getting complicated. maan didnt expect virat to help him, but he 
needed someone to hear him out and his feelings and virat was as expected being the patient listener.
" you know... i can talk to naina... " virat suggested.
" no... i will talk to her once things get sorted... i have to sort out some things... some things which are of utmost importance..."
" okk as you wish... but you can talk to me buddy... and nain will understand you... " said virat.
" i hope so... bye... take care... "

after the phone conversation, virat thought he should tell manvi as he knows how important naina is to manvi but telling manvi would mean stressing her out and that is clearly not good for her health, so he dropped that thought. next thing virat did was to wrap up his work as soon as possible... 

virat reached home to earn teasing looks from pragati and vanshika. virat wanted to reply to them but decided against it and made his way to his bedroom. the moment he opened the door, he was greeted with another pleasant sight. (note the sarcasmWink) manvi was sitting on the chair opposite the bed and kasak was jumping on the bed. looking at kasak, virat knew that she must be cribbing and blackmailing manvi to take her as well to the movie.

" baby its a horror movie... you will get scared na... and " manvi said to make kasak understand.
" no... im a brave girl... " kasak reasoned.
" if you will see nightmares... then what...??? the ghost will haunt you kasu... " manvi tried the last time.
" ghost...??? " asked kasak.
" yes... with dirty black long nails... clumsy unkempt hair... long teeths to suck your sweet blood... hooohhahaaoooaaa... " virat said to scare kasak.
" mumma...???" kasak looked at manvi helplessly.
manvi nodded her head when virat secretly winked at her, and kasak ran out of the room screaming.
manvi looked at virat with an angry glare but burst into laughter soon when he gave her a flying kiss and pouted like a child.
" you shouldnt have scared her... my poor baby... " manvi scolded virat.
" my poor baby ki hot mumma... get ready fast... i dont want to miss the movie... " said virat.
" that should be my line my dear husband... " manvi said while wrapping her arms around his neck.
" what...??? im hot... yes... but definitely not mumma... " virat replied.
"  i meant not missing any part of the movie thing... " 
" ohhh..."
" now get ready dad... we are getting late... " manvi said and pushed virat a little.
" okk mommy... " saying this virat went to freshen up.

manvi after getting ready in a light blue jeans and a baby pink body hugging top, went out and looked for kasak in her room. manvi came in the dining hall and saw that kasak was sitting on the dining table with crossed legs and a cute pout adoring her face. mohit was sitting on one of the chair and listening to what kasak was whispering to him once in a while. manvi went close to them and sat on one the chair.
" what are you talking about...??? " manvi asked.
" nothing..." kasak replied.
manvi and mohit smiled at each other.
" accha tell how is mumma looking...??? " manvi asked kasak.
" pretty..." replied kasak  who was trying not to smile.
" we will take you to a cartoon movie... i promise kasu... " manvi again said trying to bring a smile on her angels' face.
" okk... but abhi main b jaa rahi hoon... ghumne..." kasak replied with a grin.
" ghumne...?? where...?? " asked manvi.
" with chachu... hai na chachu...??? " said kasak.
" yes bhabhi... we are going to an ice cream parlour... " replied mohit.
" ohhh wowww... i also love ice creams..." manvi said with a fake sadness on her face.
kasak showed manvi her tongue and giggled. but after minutes, kasak looked at manvi and hugged her. manvi with a smile hugged her princess back and kissed her hair.
" baby ko bhi ice cream khaani hai...??? small baby also likes ice cream... " kasak asked manvi.
" hmm... small baby also likes ice cream... but now only kasu will eat it... " explained manvi.
" why not the small baby...??? " kasak asked again.
" because small baby will catch cold and then it will be harmful for him... "
" ok... so only kasu will eat the ice cream small baby... (touching manvi's stomach) okk baby...?? " kasak said sweetly.
" the baby is saying okk..." manvi replied and kissed kasak's cheek.
" good... i love you baby... "
" mumma and baby loves you too kasu... " replied manvi with teary eyes.
" and i love you all... especially this shaitan ki naani... " said virat joining the trio at the dining table.
" who shaitaan naani...??? my naani...?? " kasak asked virat.
" no... you sweetheart... " virat said to kasak.
" i am a naani... am i naani...??? mummaaa...??? " kasak somewhat understand and complained manvi.
" dad is joking honey... you should learn to laugh at the silly jokes... " manvi explained kasak and glared at virat.

mohit enjoyed the whole scene and smiled. " this is life... this is what life is supposed to be... full of happiness... " thought mohit.

" shall we...??? " virat asked manvi.
" yes... " manvi replied and continued " and kasu dont have too much ice cream and dont trouble chachu... and mohit bhaiya dont listen to every demand of hers, though i know you are rarely able to resist the temptation to turn her demands down... ".
" trust me this time..." mohit assured manvi.
" okk then  bbye guys... take care... " virat said dragging manvi out of the house.

" chale chachu...??? " asked kasak.
" lets first have dinner budhu..." mohit told kasak.
" okk..."
while having dinner, everyone took extra care of kasak and made every effort to make her happy, so that she doesnt miss manvi or virat. pragati sat with kasak and she herself fed kasak with her hands while kasak continued telling stories... stories of her class... stories of her classmates and everything and anything.

after the dinner, mohit took kasak to an ice cream parlour and bought her four flavours of ice cream as she demanded.
" taste it chachu... " kasak forwarded her spoon towards mohit asking him to taste the flavour.
" like it chachu...??? " kasak asked mohit as if she was the one who brought him here and he was a kid.
" i love it sweetheart... but i thought you liked chocolate more... " mohit said.
" i like all flavours chachu... " kasak replied and giggled.
mohit smiled looking at kasak and how she was enjoying her ice cream spilling it here and there and then looking around to check if she is being watched or not, then slowly taking the napkin and wiping the ice cream stains on her face.

suddenly kasak got up and ran towards somewhere. mohit stood and turned back to see kasak talking to a girl, who was now on her knees. kasak hugged that girl and looking at that 
angelic face, mohit also smiled. kasak broke the hug and ran back to mohit, who was still standing near their table. but then kasak again ran back to that girl and held her hand and 
joined mohit on the table. the girl did sit but never did she look at him again, she stared at the floor as if it was the most interesting thing in the world. kasak looked tro and fro from the girl to mohit and then back again.
" chachu... "
" hmm..." replied mohit looking at the girl in front of him. the girl who was and will be his destruction.
" talk to nain na... " kasak suggested.
" naina... naina i " mohit fumbled with words. he couldnt believe naina was sitting in front of him. she was with him.
" i shouldnt be here... i... should leave... " naina said.
" no... please... " mohit said.
" no... dont leave nain... please eat ice cream with me na... please... " kasak requested naina.
naina looked at mohit's pleading eyes for few seconds and then at kasak's cute pouting face and agreed to stay. she doesnt know what compelled her to stay but staying there, somehow felt right... may be it was the need of the hour.


A/N: sometimes its important to focus on other characters and the side story... just because they will ultimately affect the main characters and their lives. so its important for others to understand this little thing and enjoy the story, if possible.



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kokubaba Senior Member

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Posted: 02 July 2014 at 6:18am | IP Logged
i agree with you naina...after a long time u updated...thanks a tonn

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chandiniebinda IF-Dazzler

Joined: 05 July 2012
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Posted: 02 July 2014 at 6:41am | IP Logged
Awesome update...
Loved it...
Loved the whole update...
Kasak is soo sweet...
Love the part with kasak and Mohit...
Loved te little Virman part...
Update soon..
naina927 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 24 June 2012
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Posted: 02 July 2014 at 6:46am | IP Logged
Originally posted by kokubaba

i agree with you naina...after a long time u updated...thanks a tonn

Atleast someone understood...
Thanks... Big smile

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