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SwaRon FF : Alpha's Territory #2 | CH 11 : PG 21 | 6th' Oct 2014 (Page 20)

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I can't wait for the next update

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plz plz update 
and sry for the late request 
but plz update 
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i want updateUnhappy
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please please please update soon
eagerly waiting Day Dreaming
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Next page.
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C h a p t e r # 11

Words : 4,061
Word checked.

Afterwards all Sharon could say that the meeting went on with peace and she Swayam's pack or rather her pack's enemies looking at her with out most respect which she knows her pack wouldn't have done at any cost. Swayam have ordered strict guarding to the surroundings of their land and also he was going to train new coming wolves himself this time, which an Alpha never did in his pack, neither in her pack before. Standing and listening to every work Swayam said carefully in the meeting made Sharon realize that whoever Shiv is, is trouble. She made a mental note to stay as far away from even his shadow in near future, not only because she wanted to protect himself but because she knew one single scratch on his skin and he's done.

After meeting all of the pack, who lived in the same house went to their room and those who were assigned for night protocol outside the land area went to their duties. "I am really tired but still we need to talk," Sharon said while entering in the main hall of house beside Swayam. Sharon shushed Swayam before he could protest, "No way in hell! I am not listening to you this time. Now you, come to my room. I am waiting!" Sharon snapped at Swayam while pointing his finger towards him. That hit Swayam's Alpha wolf. No Alpha can take his insult or disrespect though whoever the person is. Swayam growled enough, even though he didn't want to but his wolf wanted to show his Luna that he is superior, mate or not. "Respect!" Swayam clenched his teeth and growled at Sharon who stiffened immediately. "Sorry," Sharon muttered slowly, "I want to talk to you so come to my room, Ok?" Sharon asked and walked towards her new room before even Swayam could answer or apologize for growling at her.


It's been half an hour since Sharon entered her room and there was no sign of Swayam at yet. She felt disappointed with her, thinking that her sign of disrespect towards her Alpha mate made his upset. She knew it wasn't anything too much for human side of her but that is the whole point, you don't get to choose what you feel or do individually. Your wolf is you, she will feel and do whatever you will do and vice versa. It was her wolf who actually snapped at her Alpha mate and she knew who growled wasn't Swayam but still wolf or him, they were same. Like her! It was in every female mate to please and make her mate happy and those get Alpha as their mate is different. Alpha's are always above all, they have a natural authority and power within them and even their mate can't unseen it and no matter how much an Alpha adore and love his mate, he wouldn't take in any sort of disrespectfulness or insult towards him even by his mate.

Sharon didn't stay awake anymore after that as she planned to apologize to her mate on snapping at him coming morning, all she wanted to know, how! She knew about Swayam and his wolf will be disappointed with her behavior. So, Sharon's basic human need and WOLF need to apologize to Swayam first thing in morning.

Next morning, well, she couldn't find Swayam in the house, neither anyone knew where as he gone as Sharon was last to see him going to his room, so he should have been in his room only. ONLY, if that had been the reality. Sharon didn't tell anyone what happened and how could rudely spoke to Swayam as that would worried his family since he was missing, which she could guess but others, they took that as a simple Alone alpha time!' She knew only Sonia could help her at that time thus she told her. "Oh! So you think that is why he is not at home and not for some alone time or something? Are you sure? Was it bad?" Sonia shrugged. Sharon sighed knowing full toss that Sonia would know badly or not, it does matter once she tells her, he was displeased. "I think so. I mean he growled and scolded me, a little... but he never did that before and then he simply went to his room. It is my entire fault; I should have checked my attitude." Sharon said, waving her arms in air and dumped herself on bed.

Next morning when Sharon wanted to wake up with the plan to apologize to Swayam, she woke up due to heavy terror screams and shouting, she ran out of her room and saw Swayam's mother coming towards her with a panic expression, "You need to hide!" She ordered Sharon who was completely confused. "What? Why? What's all this, where is Swayam?" Sharon asked his mother. "Rogues attacked. We have mind linked Swayam, he is on his way. Our warriors our outside, it's a war! You need to go to the basement with other women and children. Please go?" His mother pleaded Sharon. What? Rogues attack! Holy shit, this is bad. Sharon got scared thinking what if something happens to Swayam, "No I can't stay there while my mate will fight with rogues out there. I have to be there with him." Sharon obliged. "No, Sharon! You can't, it will only increase the chances of hurting Swayam. He will get distracted; he would want to make sure you are safe and not him. Rogues can't know he found his mate; it will be bad for him! They will use you as distraction. It's for his own good, if you care about him than you have to go to the basement, please listen to me." His mother pleaded again and Sharon realized his mother is indeed right but the inner turmoil to be there with her mate was eating her inside. "Go to the basement, we can't become distraction and put our mate in danger. Go!" Her wolf said to her, more like begged her.

Sharon ran towards the basement but tried to mind link herself with Swayam. No reply! Shit, only if they have marked each other. She was scare shitless. She didn't even know if Swayam reached or not, just listened to the howling and growling of many wolves, fighting outside. The door opened and she saw Sonia stepping in with her baby, who was crying her heart out. Poor soul! "Oh thank Goodness, you are fine!" Sharon quickly walked towards her and exclaimed to her. "I am fine, are you? Swayam have reached." She said in pained expression looking at Sharon's pale streak face. "He's good?" Sharon asked softly. "He's good! Don't worry nothing will happen. I don't know why suddenly rogues attacked her, when they never did before?" Sonia said while soothing her daughter's back. "I have no experience with rogues, never. What are they and what are they like?" Sharon asks Sonia. Sonia took a deep breath, "They are those wolves who get kicked out of their pack or doesn't believe in pack, they are alone, on their own, but our world doesn't run like this. Moon Goddess has made packs to every wolf and who don't belong with them are rogues. They like their freedom, they hunt on humans, and they are merciless, ruthless. God, they don't care. They are bas***ds, who don't even care about their own blood!" Sonia cried loudly in frustration while telling Sharon, like she has lost someone in Rogues hands.

Sharon didn't say anything for a long time, just sat in the corner, tears spilling from her eyes like no end and all she could hear was children crying and wolves howling in pain, only if she could find Swayam's voice in it. Her face was blotchy due to tears and her heart was telling her to run outside to his mate but on other hand she knew, she can't. She saw a woman who ran inside and inform another one that his husband lost his life in the battle; that scared her. Scared her to see how broken and incomplete all of a sudden that woman looked, how devastated she looked. Her pain was evident on her face, she didn't scream neither cried but fell on the floor with shock, like a lifeless body.

After a while there was no sound suddenly, no howling, nothing. Sharon panicked and ran out of the room but before she can step out of the pack house, Swayam's mother stopped her. "Where are they?" Sharon asked while her lips shivered. "Don't worry, beta! Come here, he is fine. Swayam is fine, nothing happened to him. Few of our warriors are injured, few also... died but we couldn't stop it. He is gone with the warriors towards the border, they will shift back and will come in a while, may be few minutes. I have to go and check on other women and children, don't worry. Go to your room, he will be back soon!" His mother said while tracing Sharon's temple soothingly. Sharon saw how calm Swayam's mother was even if a battle happened just few minutes back in her own pack, she understood that being Luna made her calm that she knows that whatsoever happen, she had to stand like a rock and protect her pack and one day it will be her in Swayam's mothers place. Sharon wiped her face with the back of her sleeves and went straight to the basement again, trying to help those who lost their loved ones.

Swayam was taking a bit longer to return but she knew that he is safe as the screeching terrifying feeling she was feeling in her heart from so long stopped just few moments ago. She went to her room but couldn't stop crying, the fear and terror of those who were locked in that basement, sound of wolves, howling and growls of pain wasn't leaving her mind and moreover the face of that woman who lost her mate, her husband was haunting her. Suddenly she couldn't stop herself; she unknowingly sat on the floor, while hugging her knees and cried as hard as she could. She needed Swayam right now! Sharon heard a light tick sound of door's lock opening and saw Swayam stepping inside the room, his arm and neck injured but bandaged. Sharon gasped and ran towards him, without even giving second thoughts she clung to him and hugged him as tight as possible like she is hugging her life and can't let it go.

Swayam on the other hand hissed in slight pain but didn't utter a word, to see that she was totally fine erased all the fear he was feeling up till now but seeing her to so broken and lost broke his heart too. He wrapped his arm and picked her up from her waist, hugging her back. He nuzzled his nose in his hair and soothed the back of her head. He didn't say anything; the reality that she was in his arms was enough for her. "Hush, nothing happened. I am fine, Sharon!" Swayam whispered lightly in her ear while he sat on the bed and placed her on his lap. Swayam kept saying soothing word to her by the time her crying turns into soft sobbing. "I was so scared and then I saw that woman, she lost her husband and then..." Before she could complete her sentence. Swayam placed his lips on her to shut her up, he couldn't see her so much stressed and scared. He kissed her tenderly which helped her calm down completely. Sharon broke the kiss and Swayam rest his forehead with hers and said, "I am fine, look? I am not going to leave you. I love you Sharon! I will never leave you ever." Swayam said. Sharon gasped after hearing this because Swayam has finally confessed that he loves her, it was first time. She thought whatsoever he won't feel the motion pure love towards her but listening to him confessing his love to her overwhelmed her. "You do?" She asked him, "Yes, I do. I do, Sharon!" Swayam replied and kissed her forehead. "I love you too, Swayam. I love you so much," She said and hugged him again. "You should sleep." Swayam told her, "Can I sleep with you in my room? I don't want to sleep here alone." Sharon told Swayam who tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear. "For that I have already arranged, from now on we will be sharing one room. You will stay in my room. I can't let you stay even a second away from me. Is it fine, baby?" Swayam said as he traced her temple with his thumb. "Absolutely, baby!" Sharon replied and then giggled. "You called me baby so I did too!" She replied which made Swayam go crimson red. "Ok ok, let's to go our room now. I will ask someone shift your stuff in my room, it is big enough you know!" They went to their room and Swayam made Sharon sleep for a while with him.


Sharon couldn't sleep for long. She was exhausted. She lay in the bed next to Swayam hugging her knees while watching Swayam sleep. He was curled around a pillow hugging it closely to his chest. She had placed it there when she slipped out of his arms an hour ago. She had a nightmare which wore her up. Her body was crying out for sleep but she was too scared to face another nightmare alone. So instead she stayed awake watching Swayam try to spoon a pillow. It was a like she wished that she had a camera phone. Part of her was melting inside when she watched him snuggle his face into the pillow with that sexy messy bed hairs. But then there was another part of her that wanted to get a sharp stick and poke him awake so he could suffer sleep deprivation too.

Swayam sighed in his sleep which caused her heart to turn over. It was in these moments she always thought it was so funny that she could love him with such intensity despite he ignored his all the time he knew she was his mate. Secretly I kept little mental note of all those things he did to me for future emotional blackmailing in arguments. In the start she struggled to dislike him and for that she really hated herself. Now, she was completely and utterly dependent on his love and she knew if he ever walked away from her again; she would crumble into nothingness. She reached across the bed and gently swept ran her fingers through Swayam's dark brown hair. He immediately opened his eyes and looked down at the pillow. His head snapped up as he searched the room frantically for her. "I am here." Sharon whispered. Swayam rolled over and spotted her huddle in the corner. His eyes glazed over with the concern and he propped himself up on his elbow. "You show be here." He said patting the blanket next to him. "I can't sleep." I replied. "Neither can I when you're all the way over there." Swayam said.

She knew he wasn't going to go back to sleep without having her in death hold, so wearily she crawled across the bed into his open arms. Swayam's arms circled around her pulling her against his body. The breath in her lungs stilled as she felt the heat of his bare skin through flimsy material of her night dress. Her insides knotted and she went from feeling absolutely exhausted to wide awake. Swayam on the other hand had dropped off to sleep leaving her breathless. Of course, he was injured and tired to no end.  Sharon thought it should be illegal for a man like Swayam to wear nothing bit pajama pants or less to bed. No woman could ever sleep peacefully with those muscles pressing up against her.

Sharon couldn't sleep so she slipped from his deadly grip, again. Thinking of what to do she decided to go check on other people outside her meet Swayam's mother. After changing into something reasonable she went out of the bedroom in search of his mother since finding a single soul in this house cum huge castle was a hard work. Thank Goodness people didn't live in single house in her pack but on the other hand she was overwhelmed to see how much people adored and love each other here, not like in her pack. It isn't like they love each other, they do but the love and affection she sees here is beautiful. There her hundreds of people in this house and when she sees them, she sees a family. A family who love and care for each other in every manner. Sure her parents and cousins loved her, but there was something missing, the connection, that bond.

Sharon felt hungry and decided to have breakfast first as she didn't eat anything yesterday. She entered in the kitchen and found Swayam's mother with few other ladies, cooking and smiling at something. "Good morning!" She said loudly for all of them to hear. His mother's head turned towards him and a huge grinned crept on her lips. "Oh, Sharon! Good morning, beta! Come in, are you hungry?" She asked happily. "Sort of, actually I wanted to meet you but then I started feeling hungry so here I am. How are you, umm... aunty?" Sharon asked nervously. His mother smiled and came closer to Sharon while resting her palm on her cheek, "Aunty is fine with me, Sharon. And I am fine, are you?" She asked. "Oh yeah, I am fine, now." Sharon replied thinking of what happened yesterday. "Swayam is sleeping? He must be, my boy was way too tired yesterday." His mother sighed and anyone could see deep concern written all over her features. "Yes, he is sleeping. I couldn't sleep but of course he was really tired. He will wake up whenever he will feel like!" Sharon replied and took another step in kitchen and smiled towards other ladies who smiled back. "Good. Oh I forgot to introduce you to them. Sharon these are all of my friends, some cousins, some relative. Basically they are all family and you will start to know them personally soon enough as time passes but one thing I must tell you, they all are sweethearts and this is my younger sister, Jiya." His mother introduces me to all of them and S met Swayam's aunt as well. Well, she was undoubtedly beautiful and sweet. She was 22 and was 13 years younger than Swayam's mother. Yes, 35 years old mother is seemingly weird but what can anyone do when werewolves stops aging after a certain age, so does his parents.

"Breakfast is almost ready. Sharon would you like to help as arranging table?" Swayam's mother asked her. "Oh yes, sure. What do I do?" She asked and his mother gave her a stack of plates, spoons and folks to be arranged properly on table in dining hall, which Sharon does perfectly. There were about 37 females of his mother's age and around 25 of Sharon's age group. "We are dining alone? I mean what about men?" Sharon asked the ex-Luna aka Swayam's mother. "Oh, they would take their time with their sleeps. You know how tired they are, for now it's only us females." She answered and Sharon made a little Oh' sound. There were almost 4 rectangular tables placed in the hall and also the dining hall was so large that almost 300-500 people can dine there. They took entire one table which has sixty two seats, thirty-thirty on each side and 2 opposite to each other on which Sharon and her Swayam's mother sat. Sharon wanted someone she knew to sit next to her and saw Jiya walking towards her and sat next to her. "Don't be scared, everything will be alright. It is just a matter of time, honey." She grinned at Sharon which erased some of her nervousness. "Thanks!" Sharon whispered and smiled at her. They ate their breakfast and Sharon could not resist asking who made that yummy cheese pasta since she loved it.


Sharon walked back in their room and saw Swayam stirring in his sleep, like he was about to wake now. Sharon smiled and sat next to him, massaging his hair which made him sigh and in relaxation. "Good morning, sleepy heads!" Swayam whispered close to Swayam's ear as he was fluttering his eyes to open. "Good morning, I want to sleep more!" Swayam winched like a baby. "Mr. Sleeping bunny, you are sleeping from 14 hours now, wake up!" Sharon said and poked in his stomach. "Aw, stop!" Swayam said while rolling on the bed. "Wake up than, I asked a servant to serve your breakfast here, now." Sharon said. Swayam growled and opened his eyes, seething Sharon's warmth by nuzzling his face in her neck which made Sharon laugh. "OH, come on boy! Get up and have a warm shower, it will help with those throbbing muscles, Ok?" Sharon asked him. "Ok, just give me a second." Swayam replied and nuzzled more which Sharon hugged him.

Swayam was eating his breakfast sitting on their bed while a question was eating up Sharon from very long. "Swayam?" She called. "Yeah?" He asked while gulping down his scrambled eggs like he is eating for the last time. "I wanted to ask you something but..." Sharon stopped mid line. "But?" Swayam asked sensing Sharon's nervousness. "You know yesterday during the fight, I wasn't in pain. Scared? Yes, but not in pain which means you didn't get these wounds during the fight, right? But I felt that pain when the fight was over and you went... somewhere?" Sharon said playing with her finger tips. "So I wanted to ask..." Sharon said but Swayam cut her mid line, "that what is the reason behind all these injuries when I was fine after fight?" He asked calmly while eating more. Sharon simply nodded. "Sharon, I love you. I love you a lot and I want to protect you. You met my half brother Shiv, right? You can say he... um help those Rogues in attacking our pack. He wants to take over my pack. He wants to be an Alpha; he thinks it's his rightful position. He thought by lessen us in number will make it easy for him to win over this pack. He knows we are the strongest pack of all pack and I rule all the packs. He thinks I have this power because of my dad and if he was born first then he is the pure heir of this position but I wasn't select to rule above all because of my genetics, it just happened. Mother Goddess did this and whatever I do and say, he thinks I am just trying to soothe out the way for him to be what I am; what he doesn't understand is that, he can't. Even if he gets succeed to kill me, mother Goddess will never accept him and he won't be able to rule. I want to protect you even if it means stepping off from my position and letting go of my powers and authority." Swayam calmly told everything to Sharon.

Sharon gasped after hearing everything. She couldn't believe that a brother could something like to another, even if Swayam is his half brother. "What? No, Swayam. You won't anything like this. This is absurd! Talk to him, make him understand." Sharon said as she got really tensed. "I did, many times. He just doesn't want to listen or understand anything and also I am tired of convincing him over and over again. That bas***d sent those Rogues to kill us! He doesn't care about our father ever. He is impossible, if he wants war than war it is." Swayam said while clutching his fist tightly. "No, this isn't the answer. One is always possible. Don't give up. I am with you, Swayam." Sharon said coming closer to him and soothed his back, while smiling lightly towards him. All Swayam could say was, "If you think so."

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Well hello,

Sup people? Ok, i apologize for not updating this story from a very long time now. I mistook that the people who aren't giving feed back to my stories are the only one who read it, i didn't realize there are many more so i sincerely apologize for keeping you waiting for very long.

Now, whoever gonna give feed back, i am more then happy and don't forget to hit the like button to keep me motivated in writing further. I am planning to end both of my stories, i might update twice or thrice in a month. Approve


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wil edit soonishEmbarrassed
so sowwie for the delayEmbarrassed
d update was amazingggClapClap
shiv sent rogues to kill swayamAngryAngryAngry
d swaron part was beautifully penned downHeart
so they confessedSmile
dono wat s this shiv gonna do againOuch
continue soonishSmile

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