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Raesha FF: Finding Home thread 2 link added.. (Page 68)

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Originally posted by jia03

Loved their nok-jhoksClap
aisha's mission is interesting..

Originally posted by naina25

awesome update 
cont soon

thanks dear..stay tuned Embarrassed

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rimi_invisible IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 March 2014 at 11:38am | IP Logged
Originally posted by skrafty

Awesome update
Loved it
Raesha were amazing
Poor sam,Aisha ne usse niche gira diya
Waiting for the next part
Continue soon

thanks skrafty...stay tuned,,Smile

rimi_invisible IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 March 2014 at 11:40am | IP Logged
Originally posted by misakiscarlet

awesome update...
loved it
sam last part was amazing
contd. soon
thnx for pm

thanks aradhya...keep reading...SmileSmile

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Originally posted by MriduB

Awesome update! :)
Love is in d air na? Last tym pucha toh bataya nahi iss liye dubara pucha :P
Cont. soon n thnx for pm! :)

mridu in the last comment i thought it to be a statement from you and not a question... ke bare mein mujhse maat hi pucho..ask sam...he could tell you better..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

thanks dear...stay tuned..

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Posted: 13 March 2014 at 11:42am | IP Logged
Originally posted by _Nikita_

loved it
cont sooon
thanks for PM

thanks dear..stay tunedSmile

fatiLuvShaleen Senior Member

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Posted: 14 March 2014 at 2:03am | IP Logged
Originally posted by rimi_invisible

Originally posted by NatkhattFati

awesome update Clap

really loved it Heart

the way Sam roll around and Ayesha pulled him LOL

and the usual relation is so touchy Wink

Sam confused he hates everything totally opposed towards Ayesha LOLWinkTongue poor he Cry
it was damn funnyROFLROFL romantic BlushingBlushingEmbarrassed & awesome updateDancing

Please update soon really excited Big smile

ahaa new reader??glad you liked the updates...keep reading and commentingSmile

keep reading huh?? ConfusedConfused

kaha se karo jab u ne post nhi ki tu?? CryCryCry

kiu nhi ka posttt??? AngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngry

plz doona i beg u plz doo so for me pljjj Big smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smile
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Posted: 14 March 2014 at 6:10am | IP Logged
Hey all,sorry got late this time...but finally i am here with a long update this time...WinkBig smileBig smile

read and replied to check if you please EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

and again wrote this update in my crazy if you fell it boring,abrubt or going on a wrong track please do inform me in your comments...

okk now over to the next update but before that...the character of Aisha and sameer in this story are much different than the one shown in the serial,so please dont try to match the two characters...if you want you can imagine someone else in their places. EmbarrassedEmbarrassed(I do Approve)

Chapter 12

The morning was busy for both Sameer and Aisha.Both had to get to their respective work.Aisha needed to meet the commisioner about her misson and Sameer had to reach the ETF office early,compensating the absence of Arjun,who had gone to Delhi to brief on an old solved case along with Riya.

Though Rathore was lucky coz the day was one of such rare ones when they didnt get a case at hand,but it was the worst one for him and every other member in the ETF.No case always indicated paper work,which used to frustrate him beyond one's imagination and topping the cake was an urgent report,to be sent at the ministry which required their immediate attention.

Sameer was barking orders at the team and the team in turn assigning work at their subordinates.Work was in progress but the long pending reports were taking a toll on him.Sameer sat down on his chair with his coffee mug and looked at the table.There was open files and papers all over his desk.He took the mug of coffee and sipped the steaming coffee.He needed to relax.

He tried to divert his mind,thinking something else but everytime he tried to think,the last night encounter with Aisha and her cozyness came in his mind and it brought a smile to his lips.The thought itself brought in the fear of accompaning her to the pub.Now he was more scared.He tried thinking of reasons of rejecting the party tonight but he couldnt come up with a convincing alibi,which would not expose his inner fear.

He picked up the phone to cancel the plan posing his hectic work schedule but then the thought of spending some hours with her,he couldnt dial her number.He kept the phone back on the table,muttering a 'dammit' when the fax machine beeped again and he again got back to his chief mode.He looked at the paper and walked out angrily of his cabin.In next few minutes he was again found shouting at his team members.

Ayesha was unusually busy too.She had to get all the arrangements done and cross check them again and again.It was a difficult mission and she had to take an utmost care to prevent her mask getting blown.The mission was a secret one and she would only report to the commisioner,no one else would ever come to know about it.

A proper background and identity was set for her,incase a background check was done. She looked into the details again and nodded approving it.She spoke to the commisioner and plotted out the required datas.Everything being sorted and taken care she walked out of the security cell and walked towards the bus stand.

She took the bus and dropped at the market mall.She bought herself a few dresses,few more accesories and few essentials she would require later during the mission. Everything done there she moved towards the men's apparel section.She had never bought anything for a man except for her dad,that too accompanied by her mom and with her suggestions,and it was a weird experience for her now.

She looked around the section at the various men's clothes and made a confused face.She wanted to buy something for sameer but she didnt know the size and she didnt wanna spoil the surprise, she had suddenly planned this morning,by asking him.She even didnt know the type and brand of clothes he prefered,his choice of colors and fabric nothing.

She looked around bewildered at the various collection when the helper at the shop came forward.Unwillingly she had to take his help.She gave him an approximate height and health.The helper showed her to the stack of clothes with a particular size and helped her to choose.She looked through them keenly but was more confused. All of them looked similar,with similar style and almost smiliar colors.She rejected all of them and again started looking around.The helper brought him some more clothes and she again rejected all of them.

Finally after rejecting almost every cloth present in the shop and searching for an hour,she finally found the one she was searching for.A pitch black,V neck,Tshirt.She took it while the helper started giving her the brand details,fabric details and various reasons why she should buy that.She looked at it,it was good and he would look handsome but then she was confused whether he would like it.

The helper was still continuing his rant.Aisha was now getting irritated.She would have chocked him to death with the same clothes if he had not stopped then.She gave him the tshirt to pack and walked to the billing counter.She cleared the bill and walked out with her bag,happy and contented.

She walked to the food counter and ordered something to eat.She relished the food quitely,smiling at her buy and walked back home,sipping a cold drink.

It was quite late and Sameer was trying hard to wrap up the work for the day.In the hurry of completing his work he had missed his lunch and then his coffee breaks too.One of his team member,the tech expert,Shree had brought in coffee for him but he had rejected owing to the increased pressure of the paper works,which was already irritating him.

He was still quite uncomfortable with the idea of going to the pub with Aisha.He had never been there in his life except for the raids or cases where he had to enquire about some suspects.Some of his informers had met him there a few times but thats solely for work.He had never been there for fun.For him an outing would have been a movie,or a dinner,or maximum a late night long drive.But among all the uncomfortness, he was excited for their official first ever outing together.

He still couldnt call it a date,coz none of them does love each other,or feel for each other.Their relation is still stuck at friendship or may be a bit more than that,but not love. He had seen lovers and have heard about their dates too.The lavish arrangement,the gifts,the songs,everything they used to woe their girls has always made him think twice about the love they flaunt about.

He never liked to flaunt about himself or his worth.He never believed in it and never needed to.Now when he was going out finally with someone in his life he was confused how to approach and what all to do.His only help Arjun was also absent and must be busy with his fiance.

He gave up on his thoughts and collected the scattered papers on his desk,tugging them in a file.He picked the file and walked out,giving a few instructions more to his team.He drove back home quickly and stood at the door,waiting for aisha to open the door.

Aisha was giving the last touches to her makeup when the door bell rang.She was quite irritated at Sameer for getting so late but didnt probe as she knew his work.When the door bell rang she instantly sprinted down and opened the door.

Sameer was looking around when he heard the latch open and finally saw the beauty standing in front of him in a black short dress reaching to her knees,showing her skiny long beautiful legs.He checked her out completely and looked at her.She had stern face with a questioning gaze.He smiled at her as the answer to her question and she blushed at the compliment.

Sameer directly walked to his room opening the buttons of his shirt on his way.Aisha followed him slowly after closing the door.She peep inside the room and found sameer taking out another shirt and throw it on the bed,matching it with a pair of trousers.She quickly walked in and held the shirt by its color,

'ye shirt?ye pehenoge tum?'she asked him shocked,

'haan kiyu?acha nehi hai?'sam asked confused,

Aisha shook her head negatively pinching her nose.Sameer looked offended and looked back into the wardrobe for another shirt but Aisha held out the shopping back to him,

'ye peheno,'she said with a beautiful and excited smile,

Sameer was surprised at the sudden gift but composed himself and took the bag.He opened it and brought out the Tshirt.Aisha was continuously looking at his face waiting for his reaction.He looked at the tshirt and then her with confused eyes.

'ye tum leke aai ho?'he asked her softly,

'haan wo shopping gayi thi to socha le aati hu,tumhare kapre waise bhi sirf office ke liye thik hai,disco mein aise kapre thori koi pehenta hai?kaisa hai?tumhe pasand nehi aya?'she asked nervously,

Sameer wasnt too fond of black but this one was special.He looked at her confused face and smiled,

'acha hai,mein abhi fresh hoke ata hu,fir nikalte hai,'he said,

Aisha finally smiled a beautiful,big smile and nodded her head.Sam went away to the washroom and she stood infront of the mirror.She looked at her one final time and went out to wait for Sameer.
Sameer came out in the next 20 minutes in the black tshirt and a pair of jeans.The tshirt was a bit loose for him,but he didnt mind as he was comfortable.He walked to aisha who stood up excited to look at him.They smiled at each other and set out.

They drove to the pub in complete silence.Aisha was looking outside enjoying the view while Sameer concentrated on the road.They reached outside the pub and both came out giving the keys for the car to be parked they went inside.

Inside the party has already started.Loud music with a bunch of young people dancing on the dance floor,the almost dark disco was swinging with them.The loud music was already taking a toll on sameer.He made an irritated face and looked at his partner.He found her already swinging herself with the music.

Aisha felt his gaze on her and smiled at him,questioning him with her eyes.He nodded his head hiding his discomfort and stood straight looking around.Aisha held his hand and walked to the drinks counter.Both sat down and she ordered a manhattan for herself and sat on the stool turning towards sameer.

'tum kiya piyoge?'she asked him coming close to his ears,

'ek glass pani,'he replied still glaring at the people dancing on the floor with awkward movements and starnge dresses,

'one lemonade for him,'she ordered the bartender and looked towards the direction he was gaping.

They sat their silently sipping their drinks.Aisha was enjoying the different atmosphere of the pub.The dark corners,the shaded lights,the spot lights,the loud music and the crowd..Everything was just as she had wanted.She was enjoying the music sipping her drinks one after another and swaying her body with the rythme.But the confused and lost look on Sameer was bothering her.

She understood he was forcing himself to enjoy the place and the atmosphere but he was failing at every instance.She elbowned him and moved towards his ears.Finally she asked him,

'kya socha rahe ho?'she asked him loudly,

'kuch nehi,'he replied smiling at her,

'to aise khoye hue kyu ho?batao na kya soch rahe ho?'

'music thora zyada loud nehi hai?'he asked her embarrased,

She laughed a hearty laugh at that and patted his shoulder.The laugh mesmerised Sameer and he kept looking at her.She was still laughing.He knew alcohol had started its effects on her.Finally she stopped and looked at him.She wasnt smiling but her lips had a slight curve.She tilted her head and looked at him quitely.

Both were looking at each other when the music changed and she looked around with a big smile.That disturbed Sameer and he frowned,but before he could open his mouth to speak,aisha jumped up from the seat,shouting,

'sameer mera favourite song,'Aisha said and sprinted towards the dance floor holding his hand,but he stopped and shook his head vigorously.

'mein nehi,tum jao,'he voiced out,

'kya sameer kitne boring ho,'she pouted and swayed herself towards the dance floor

Jogi nachle ..
Rang rachde ..
Jogi nachle ..
Rang rachde ..
Lehraake balkhake tu, duniya bhula ke naach
Dhun ko ae gunguna le, gaane tu gaa ke naach
Rangeeleon mein to kho ja, pee ke peela ke naach
Matt bhare naino se tu, naina mila ke naach

Uff teri adaa, I like the way you move
Uff tera badan, I like to see you groove
Uff teri nazar, it says I wanna dance with you

Sameer was watching aisha dancing and enjoying herself at the dance floor.He was finally contented and satisfied with his decision of not cancelling the plan for any reason.She was moving with the rhythm,swaying her hips and moving her hands but her eyes never his.She was continuously looking at him with a pleasant smile on her face.She looked calm and happy.

Aisha could feel sameer looking at her.The gaze was soft but piercing.She looked at him and couldnt take her eyes off.She was getting attracted towards him.She could feel an urge to get close to him.She walked to him and held his hand.She dragged him with her towards the floor.Sameer tried to interupt but the feel of her hand in his was intoxicating and he walked to the dance floor with her.

Sameer kept his eyes intact on her while Aisha held him by his neck.She brought her face close to his and trailed her fingers on his face down to his chest.Their eyes locked and Sameer felt an sudden urge to hold her in his arms.He knew she was drunk and he had to control everything now,but her close encounters was making him lose his senses.

Dekh ke bhi nahi ho yakeen
Itni kyun hai btaa tu haseen
Tere husn se zindagi haseen
Tere husn ke aagey koi haseena kujh bhi nahi

Sameer breathed in heavily when Aisha rubbed her body around him,moving her hands on his shoulders,chest and back.He held her by her waist tightly and dragged her close to him.He cupped her face and slowly moved the strip of hair,fallen on her face,to the back of her ear.The lights and music around,the people,everything had suddenly disapperared for him.He was swaying with her slowly holding her close to himself. Aisha kept herself steady in his arms looking straight in his eyes and moved with him.

Aankhon mein mere saare sapne saja ke naach
Mujhko tu dil mein rakh le, dil ko dhalka ke naach
Pyaar agar hai mujhse, pyaar jaga ke naach
Jaan o dil hai jo teri, mujhpe luta ke naach

She lowered her lashes blushing and moved away from him but sameer held her wrist and pulled her towards him.She twirl around and fell on his chest.Sameer held her firmly by her waist.Aisha looked at him shocked while his hands moved up to her back and she curved herself backwards closing her eyes.Sameer trailed some soft flying kisses along her neck and stopped at the color bone.He held her hand again and twirled her round bouncing back to his chest.Their eyes met and aisha held him back,keeping her head on his shoulder while they both swayed with the music.

Uff teri adaa, I like the way you move
Uff tera badan, I like to see you groove
Uff teri nazar, it says I wanna dance with you 

Sameer jerked out of his lost state when the music changed.He looked at Aisha and found her smiling shyly near his neck.They were enjoying this closeness.He softly touched her back releasing her relutantly.Aisha looked at him with a frown.

'chalo aisha ab ghar chalte hai,'

She smiled and held his hand.She dragged him again towards the drinks counter and gulped down 3 shots of taquilla before sameer could stop her.She offered the fourth to sameer which he rejected promtly and she gulped it down as well.She again started dancing walking towards the dance floor but Sameer held her and dragged her towards the exit holding her protectively by her shoulders.She was shouting at the top of her voice,even when they had gone out at the silent parking,

'Sameer,kitne boring ho tum,mujhe thori der aur rehena na,please chalo na dance karte hai,uff teri ada,i like the way you move,'

Aisha started singing in a shrill toneless voice.Sameer couldnt help and smiled at her.He had seen her angry,stubborn,frustrated,sad,lonely but this was the real aisha.She wasnt at all like the way he had ever imagined but he liked this aisha much more than his own imagination.She was sweet,carefree and jovial bird who is also matured enough to understand her responsibilites.He was mesmerised at her when she started banging her fists on bonnet of his car,creating some awesome music for her rhythmless song.

He looked around and found few people looking at them.He felt embarrased and held aisha and almost pushed her inside the car.She sat down glaring at him.He closed the door and moved towards the steering.He sat down and started the car.He drove away quickly from the place.

He drove for some time and then looked at aisha beside.She was still singing but softly to herself and making the fancy straps on her handbag dance.She was lost in her own world.

'aisha,aisha,'he called her tugging at her hand,

'hmm'she hummed without looking at him,

'tum thik ho?'he asked her alternating his gaze between her and the road,

'hmm,'she again replied back,

Sameer stopped the car at the side of the road and leaned towards her.He held her by her shoulder and asked her lovingly,

'kya hua aisha?'

Aisha looked at him with droopy eyes.She was still humming the tune but he felt her face was sad,her eyes had hidden tears.He again asked her indicating with the movement of his face.She kept her dropping head on his shoulder and spoke,almost to herself,

'mere jane se tum bohot khush hona?'she said more of a statement than a question,

sameer looked at her to speak but she continued,

'per mein khush nehi hu,per mujhe khush hona chahiye tumse chutkara jo mil raha hai,per aisa nehi hai,'

Sameer couldnt speak a word.He kept holding her tightly looking away afraid to face her that his own secret might get revealed.He felt her starighten in his arms pulling her chin up at him and looked at her again,

'batao mein khush kiyu nehi hu?'she asked him,

'pata nehi,'sameer replied looking away holding his breath,

'per mujhe pata hai.Mujhe daar lag raha hai.Agar mujhe kuch ho gaya,to tum mujhe bhool jaoge,mein aisa nehi chahti,per kiyu nehi chahati?'she asked him again,

Sameer could feel his throat dried up and his voice was chocked.He knew he was feeling something special for her,but he was yet not confirmed.It might be mere attraction or a habit of staying with her.He had a feel but not too strong enough for him to accept.

But her words were making him wonder.He looked at her and found her muttering to herself.It felt so good to think she loved him,but then she had never accepted anything between them except friendship and the thought about any other relation had always irritated both of them.It could only be a mere attraction for both of them.He couldnt spoil their friendship for her blabberings in a drunk state.He convinced himself and slowly removed his arms from her shoulder.

He drove fast and reached their house.He parked the car and looked at her.She was sleeping peacefully.The handbag had fallen down from her hand.He picked it up and kept it on her lap.Her hands lay limp on them.He walked out to her side and picked her carefully in his arms.He walked inside the house and laid her on the bed softly.She turned her side smiling with half open eyes.

He covered her with the blanket and sat next to her.She was sleeping peacefully.Sleep was no where near him.He leaned towards her face on the other side and kept looking at her quitely.He caressed her hair and made her fingers linger on her skin.It was a great feeling.He couldnt define his own happiness with the slight touch and closeness.He bent down and kissed her forehead.He slowly started kissing her hair,then her eyes.Aisha moved in her sleep.He cupped her face and made her turn to him.He again started kissing her forehead and came down softly touching her cheeks.

His lips lingered for a long time near her lips when suddenly he jerked out and took his hand away,striaghtening up.He felt a sudden pang of guilt run through him.He couldnt lose her trust.He covered her properly again and walked out of the room.The long night was now disturbing him.


thats all for now...okk before you leave this page...the next update would only be written if i get the desired number of comments...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

as it is i am writing in a crazy state of mind so wont mind discontinuing it or shifting it to my silent readers i know you read...comment is mandatory...warna no update...Approve

nd long update means long comments..short comments no update too..Cool

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unresd my comment on pg 65Smile
awesome update di
Loved it
long comment later
Thanks for pm

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