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FF: Yes Boss #3 - Link to #4 on pg 1 (Page 102)

goingreen IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by --starstruck--

and i know you well enough to know that this suhagraat won't be like those typical suhagraat! for all we know Zoya might go to sleep or maybe Asad enters to see her eating a pizza... uff a major turn off ROFL

do update soon. Haaye why don't I get a boyfriend resembling hritik roshan OuchLOL

Hahaha you've got one guess right! You'll see :p Narges told me about her love for HR that's why hahaha. Glad you liked it Sadie (:

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goingreen IF-Dazzler

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Lo aagayi main. Miss kiya tha ya nahi?? :p

Yes Boss: Part 34

"You okay Zoya?" Anu whispered softly into Zoya's ear, trying not to attract the attention of the other girls. Zoya nodded weakly, before swinging her legs over the side of the bed and settling down on it. Anu remained slightly unconvinced, but let it go anyway. Maybe she was just nervous. Monica and Navi came forth, cutting off the conversation anyway, as they helped Anu arrange Zoya's clothes properly while she sat on the bed.

"Excited...?" Navi asked, giggling uncontrollably. Monica and Anu joined suit as they watched Zoya's face redden up. Anu shook her head as the laughter died down, deciding that she was totally wrong in reading Zoya's expressions just now. No unwilling bride would blush as much as Zoya was.

"Chalo, ab hum chalte hai. We still need to pull your beloved husband's leg before letting him in here!" Monica announced, before erupting into yet another round of giggles. Anu felt a frown coming on, when she saw Zoya's face drain of colour again.

"Zoya, it'll be okay. Don't worry," Anu reassured her yet again, before Monica began tugging her arm to drag both her and Navi out of the room. Zoya squeezed her hand and smiled as broadly as she could, before letting go. She watched silently as the three girls walked out of the room and closed the door, leaving her to stare at the door... in wait.

Asad sighed loudly as he finally saw off the final string of guests with his mother. He was exhausted. It was both a physically and mentally draining day. He began to walking towards his room, as his mother held onto his arm and stopped him.

"Tum khush ho na Asad?" Dilshaad asked worriedly, having caught the sound of her son's sigh. Asad closed his eyes as he composed himself, before snapping them back open and turning to her. He covered his mother's hand with his own, smiling very slightly.

"Ji Ammi," Asad answered curtly, hoping that would be definitive enough for Dilshaad not to pursue the topic. Thankfully Dilshaad nodded, before linking her arm with his and leading him up to his door, where Anu, Monica and Navi stood, talking to each other animatedly. They stopped when they noticed Asad approach them.

"Ab yeh sab kya hai?" Asad asked, his tone clearly showing signs of crankiness. He rolled his eyes as he found his simple question being met with a round of giggles, some of it contributed by his mother as well.

"Aise kaise andar jaane denge aapko? Aapko pehle naik dena padega," Monica informed him, crossing her arms in front of her chest confidently. Anu and Navi nodded in agreement, tapping their feet on the ground impatiently.

"I'm your boss, aap log ko main har mahine paise deta hi hoon na," Asad grumbled, clicking his tongue in disapproval. Dilshaad whacked him on his arm lightly, admonishing him silently for his rude behaviour.

"Haan, lekin aap mere aur Navi ke boss toh nahi ho na. Waise bhi, naik is vastly different from giving a salary. Naik toh hak hota hai, hum saaliyon ka!" Najma cleared the air, as she joined the girl force blocking his room door. Asad glared at his sister, as he lifted his hand to massage his forehead.

"How are you involved in this Najma, you're my sister! Why aren't you supporting me?" Asad complained, pouting without meaning to. Najma just shrugged nonchalantly while the rest of the girls giggled again.

"Well, I switched loyalties to my new bhabhi as soon as the nikaah was over," Najma admitted unabashedly, as Navi patted her shoulder, cheering her on. Asad's shoulders finally dropped as he admitted defeat, digging his hand into his pocket to find some change. He passed the amount to Anu, who stared at it disapprovingly.

"Arre, aap log mere hi room ko block kar rahe ho, paise kahan se laaun! Kal de doonga, promise," Asad reasoned with the girls, who gave in after some thought, separating onto two sides to reveal Asad's door behind them. Asad smiled at them gratefully before walking up to his door, pushing it open after taking in a deep breath. This was it.

Zoya heard the door open, and quickly shut her eyes again. Given so much spare time to think of what to do, she'd decided to sink down on the pillow and behave like she'd fallen asleep. She heard the click of the door as it closed again, and tried her best to keep her breathing as even as possible. She couldn't possibly open her eyes and see him, or her cover would be blown, and not knowing what he was doing was a lot more nerve-wrecking that she thought.

Asad stood in front of his closed door, staring at Zoya for a long time, not sure what to make of it. She was lying on her side at the very edge of one side of the bed, her hands tucked under her head and her eyes closed... sleeping. He walked over to the side of the bed, sinking down to his knees on the ground next to her face.

With her eyes closed, Zoya suddenly found that her hearing had become sharper, and she was sure that she could hear Asad's breathing, right next to her face. Her speculation came true, as his breath began to hit her face, right before she felt his hand cup her cheek, tenderly. She sucked in her breath slightly, before trying to even it out again, hoping he hadn't caught it.

Asad didn't notice any response from Zoya, so he decided it was safe to stroke her cheek slightly. He stared at her thick eyelashes, glad that her eyes were closed. He wasn't sure if he would've been able to take looking into her eyes and ignoring the pain in it. He snatched his hand away suddenly when Zoya shifted slightly, one of her arms dangling off the bed.

Zoya continued trying to keep the tension from showing on her forehead, as she moved involuntarily when Asad stroked her skin gently. She immediately regretted it when she felt the loss of the warmth of Asad's hand, but was still grateful when she didn't hear Asad say anything. At least he hadn't figured out that she was awake. She stayed still for a few more minutes, before realizing that Asad was no longer there, since she couldn't hear his breathing anymore.

Zoya sensed that the lights were being turned off first, and a few minutes later she felt the bed sink next to her. He was going to sleep on the bed as well...? Suddenly, she felt his arm snake around her waist, and her eyes flew open. Her eyes trailed downwards slowly where she found Asad's arm, pulling her backwards. She closed her eyes again when she realized that Asad was behind her, and he probably didn't see her open her eyes. But what was he doing?

Asad moved Zoya slowly, until her back hit his chest. Actually, all he intended to do was pull her inwards because she was sleeping right at the edge of the bed, and he didn't want her to fall off in the middle of the night. But when he started pulling her, he got so involved in the lovely scent of her hair which lay fanned on the pillow, that he didn't even realize how much he'd pulled her in. He buried his nose in her hair instinctively, before he could stop himself.

"Zoya," Asad whispered into the back of her head ever so softly, but Zoya caught anyway. She sucked in her breath again, her stomach doing extreme somersaults as she felt, Asad's nose trail away from her hair and brush her ear slightly. If the ticklishness wasn't a problem enough for Zoya to deal with, she felt his hot breath on her ear as he tilted his head, his mouth dangerously close to her face.

Asad pressed his lips lightly on the side of Zoya's face that was exposed, and his eyes opened in alarm as he heard Zoya whimper softly. He scanned her face at that point, just to see her eyes crack open slightly, the glimmer in them obvious even in the darkness. He immediately made an attempt to remove his arm and create some distance between them, but he stopped short when Zoya placed her hand on it, keeping it still on her waist. He stared at her silently, sucking in his breath. Why was she stopping him??


HALF SUHAAGRAAT HAHAHA. Okay I think I'm gonna lose readers now because everyone's gonna hate me forever.

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hmmm Ouch

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i shouldnt have given you any ideas! damn who sleeps on their suhagraat! Angry LOLLOL

but this is half suhagrat. make them wake up in the middle of the night feeling hot and bothered so that they can finally do the monkey tango ROFL

I'm sorry i get a little carried away with the words AsYa and Suhagraat together in one sentence LOLLOL

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Nice update!!
AsYa 's half suhaagraat!!
want to know what was in those papers in previous updates

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U can't do tiz...hw cn u juz stop like tiz Cry
I need the full SR update na Ouch LOL

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nice update

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