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Sadda Haq Season 2

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Hey guys... most of you may not know me.. im safrena..this is a KiSha converted OS as my friend Supriya insisted and thus its dedicated to her...dont worry this will be the 1st and last of my writings or as i call crap.. as i somehow quit writing..This is written with the story of A Walk To Remember so all credits of the idea to the beautiful writer Nicolas Sparks also how can i forget this will kinda give a aboard setting ..this will continue once Sanyukta get to know that her treatment isnt working and wants to spend the rest of her days peacefully at home and college..!! well i didnt want it to be a senti one so i have tried something which i had come across while i was reading a may not be realist i know...and it really sucks as well a complete i guess enough of this i better move on and go to the story!! 

"What is your dream, Ms Sanyukta Aggarwal? What is the last thing that you want to do?" I asked her holding a pretend  mic towards her. "The one thing that i want." She paused placing her cold, small hand within mine. "The thing I want to do while i am still. . . . here, I guess that is the best way to put it." She smiled towards me, "All I want to do is get all dressed up and go to a my college dance. I want to just go there and dance to our song" She turned to look at me.
"What would you be wearing, any ideas?" I asked. "I would be dressed in a black dress, well it may be short one I don't know for sure. My heals would be 4 inches, then I will be able to reach your shoulders easily when we dance," she laughed, God it was so beautiful I haven't heard it in a long time. I missed it so damn much. "Never Tear Us Apart by INXS" I said in a rush before even she could say it. She was still facing me when her face went pale and her eyes went darker, her smile disappeared all together. Placing her forehead in her hands, her breathing was heavy as it hit my hand. I didn't know what was wrong, I have never seen this happen before. I was scared out of my mind...scared of losing her...losing her forever! i wasn't prepared for this yet...!
Her hand still rested on my hand. "All I want is to look pretty again, not this pale, skinny girl, If I'm going out, I'm going out with a bang, complete Sanyukta Aggarwal style" she said with a cute little smile on her face...!! 

_______________The Next Day At College_________

"Sanyukta Aggarwal you will get your dream, the college is hosting a dance for just for you. The college will pay for you to go get what ever you want. We all know that you are still pretty, but we want you to feel that you are beautiful inside and out." the morning announce meant continued on,,I know what she was doing right now... she for sure was crying. They made her dream come true, our dream. I wanted to be with her. I wanted to hold her, want to kiss her, drag her away from the world, and go somewhere where it would just be the two of us.
"And the first song of that dance will be Never Tear Us Apart. It will a dance meant only for Sanyukta and her boyfriend Randhir Shekhawat." My eyes began to water, I didn't care I let them fall.. I didn't care who saw me...I did not care about what they would say ..just this once i dint give a damn about anything... but the one person I care about the most.. my Sanyukta. I stood from my seat, grabbing my bag and running out of the room. I ran through the hallways, making my feet go faster with every turn I made. I reached the door that I was searching for, slamming it open. The room full of students, all looking at me. I looked to my left and there she was staring right at me, eyes bright red and tears running down her face. 
Even now she was beautiful. I wanted to tell her that but I knew that she would push me away. Her hair was long, way past her waist, pitch black. Her face was pale, her eyes were brown with the bright red around them, the lases were long and her make-up was running down her face. I didn't care what she looked like I love her and she was more than beautiful for me.,..she was an angel..!
I stood there for only God knows how long. Blinking finally, looking down and pulling a small box out of my jeans. I walked over to her. Grabbing both of her hands with one of my hands. I got down on one knee and i asked her to be mine forever. I opened the box which held the ring. It was a small ring, it had a Blue Diamond in it, it was her favorite stone and around it was pink and red stones that were smaller in size. She didn't look at the ring, she just jumped in my arms and kissed me, it was filled with love, more love than ever before. Her forehead resting on mine, she whispered "yes". Sliding the ring on her finger. I kissed her lightly. she
looked down after some time, she gasped "Dear God it's beautiful, Randhir! It's perfect!"
Within the next few days the dance was being planned. And my mother and I are now making our way to pick up Sanyukta. To go to the church. It is September 24th. The day that Sanyukta will finally become my wife and I will be her husband. Pulling into the drive way, i saw her standing there wearing a white dress, it was a little above her knees and it was a v-neck. She had flats on, in orange color, and she had bracelets on. She did her best to walk on her own. I knew she was in pain so i jumped out of the car to prevent her from this walk, placing her in my arms, walking her to the car where we sat in the back. As I held her, I realized that she just got even more skinnier than before.
_______________After the Wedding________________

We walked hand in hand out the doors of the church. She was mine, and I was hers. i wanted to be with her forever, but we both knew that it couldn't be forever, never that way. We spent the night at my house. we lay in my bed, just talking, kissing, and holding each other through the night. we didn't sleep that night, we were to focused on each other. i never wanted this to end, i wanted to be with her, just laying with her for the rest on my days. But now all i want is to be with her on her last day... to be there for her when she takes her last breath.
__________At the Dance_________________________

She was wearing a short dress, it was back but it had a hot pink ribbon like
line going down it. she wore this dress before, our first formal dance, the first
where we went together. Her hair was left just the way i liked it... Her feet had at least 4 inch heals on. The only  jewery she had was the ring. I pulled her hand in mine, as our song played. She smiled wide as everyone made a path for us to get to the center... no one was dancing...placing my hand on her waist and another still holding her hand. Her own hand was placed on my shoulder."Sanyukta I have to ask you something." I said as we swayed to the music.
"Yes, what is it?"
"Whats with the pink ribbon?" She laughed. 
"It's for cancer, I wear it because I have it" She smiled weakly at me.
"Randhir let me ask you something." 
"Yes, love."
"Why did you marry me?"
"I want you to be mine, like really mine."
"I will forever be yours"
I smiled at her. The song ended and I pulled her in for a kiss. The whole room
started to yell, having it filled with love. She got her dream. I was over joyed that she did. We don't know how long she had left. Other songs stared to play and we stayed in the center and danced all night to every song. It was around 11 o'clock when the last song started to play, it was a slow song. Sanyukta was tired so taking off her heals she stood on my toes and I
danced for the both of us. I laughed as this was the best night ever that I could wish for.
"Randhir, I love you!" she said. She said it right before she started to fall. She fell from my hands I grabbed her waist catching her. Make-up rolling down her face again along with the tears...the look she gave me scared the shit out of me.
She looked straight into my eyes, grabbing a huge chunk of my hair, pulling my face toward hers. Our lips met, it fit perfect together. There was so much love and emotion, this is the best kiss. I somehow  knew that it was going to be our last. I pulled away I only heard her words.
"God Randhir, I love you. I love you so damn much that you drive me crazy. Promise me that you will keep me in your heart forever... but also go and find another girl to love you back. Love me but also love the other one!"
"I can't promise that Sanyu."
"Just do it, for me."
I didn't want to, I wanted her forever and ever. she was my soul mate. I promised her 
what she wanted but I will die an old man, and I will die alone till i would see her 
again, my wife.
"I promise you"
"Good. Thank you, my Randhir."
"Sanyu, i love you so much."
"i know you do, and i do the same. With everything i have." 
she pulled my hair again, pulling it making my face fall to hers. our lips 
touched. It was a painful kiss, knowing it would now be her last. her hand fell 
away from my hair. Her lips didn't move with mine and her last breath was 
drown when I finally pulled myself away.
"Sanyu?" Nothing "Dear god Sanyukta come back!" I knew it would hurt, but I 
wanted her back. I screamed her name, so many times, I pulled her body 
closer to my own. I made her head rest on my chest, with the rest of her body 
sitting on my lap. My hands were on her back, slowly dragging one to rest on 
the back of her head. I wanted to be close to her. I just waned to die along with 
her. I didn't want to move on.
I didn't want to die an old man. i wanted to die right now. She was gone for 
not even a minute but i missed her so much. I screamed her name one 
last time before the people came to get her. 
They placed her small body into the casket. It was as if she was a doll. One 
of those dolls, that were easy to brake. She was my doll, my girl, my dream, 
and all together my world. I cried right there as I still sat on the dance floor. They rolled her away from me, from the world. I 
missed my Sanyukta..all my memories flashing before me.
_______The dreams died with Sanyukta___________
We had her in the ground.
The day before I got tattoos on
my wrists 'Love Never Fails' on one, and on the other it said 'Sanyukta' 
She wrote love never fails on her wrist all the time, she said that it gave her 
hope. I got her name there too, so that she will always be with me at all times.
I knew I would never love another girl again. Not after what she gave me to remember. She 
gave me everything her love, hope and joy. I will remember that for the rest of 
my life. . . . .

__________________two years later___________________ 
I looked around as walked through the black iron entrance. This place has
changed since I was last here two years ago. The last time I was here it was 
spring time and it was raining heavily. I had stood there for at least three hours 
before finally leaving. And once I did, I never came back, until now. 
It was now summer and warm here in Delhi. I missed it here, in my hometown, 
but there are just too many memories here for me to stay. Too many memories 
of her. I needed a fresh start. And I got that after I graduated college. 
The past two years I have been in North Carolina working for a company.
I've made some great friends and continued with my career. I'm happier 
now than I was two years ago. But I still think about her every day. 
I started to think as I walked up the stone path. I think about how I wished I 
wasn't here right now. About how I wished she wasn't here now. But I am and 
so is she.
I came to a stop once I reached my destination. I sat down on the grass, not 
really caring if my shorts got dirty or not. I looked ahead of me and read what 
the stone said, out loud.
"Here lies Sanyukta Randhir Shekhawat. A beloved daughter, a wife and a best friend. 
May you forever rest in peace."
"Hey Sanyukta. I miss you." I whispered to the gravestone.
"I've been good, in case you have been wondering. I'm trying to move on without you. But it's really hard. You're one of the reasons why I came back this summer." I whispered to her.
"I'm sorry I haven't been back since your funeral. I just couldn't handle it then. I still don't think I can, but I needed to be near you. I'm really trying to move on. But you keep flooding my mind. I can't even look at another girl without thinking about you. And all the couples around me are a constant reminder of what we could have had. We should have been.
"I loved you so much and you just left me like it was nothing. I wanted a life with you. I know we were young but it would have worked...but life had it own things...!!
I would always Remember you...i will only love my sanyukta..noone else..I promise you that one day i will see you.!!" I shouted with tears running down for the millionth time that day.. 
so here this shit ends...its nothin but utter crap i know...and i am ready for the comments..!!

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it's not a's just awesome
I am just speechless. I don't cry a lot on stories but this one seriously made me cry.
u portrayed randhir' s character very well.I cried with him
and ur writing style is also just awesome.I could imagine the things around me very easily.u r very gud at writing imageries
plz plz plz do write more

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That was too good!! Was crying throughout the whole os... An this is not shit/crap!!Angry This is a wonderful piece of writingTongue

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Originally posted by iluvrainaarti

That was too good!! Was crying throughout the whole os... An this is not shit/crap!!Angry This is a wonderful piece of writingTongue
well im glad did atleast get out tears out of ur eyes...!!  n i am happy u liked it...!! hahaha i always called all of KiSha work crap so its jzz a copy paste!LOL
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simply wow..

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Originally posted by georgia

it's not a's just awesome
I am just speechless. I don't cry a lot on stories but this one seriously made me cry.
u portrayed randhir' s character very well.I cried with him
and ur writing style is also just awesome.I could imagine the things around me very easily.u r very gud at writing imageries
plz plz plz do write more
i am glad u liked it...!!! 
oh well i guess the words really make ppl cry..!!
hahaha i actual gave up on writing when KiSha my favourite which inspired me to write drowned in well...!! ROFL so i kinda quit writing..this is posted just coz my friend insisted...!!! 
but i really happy that u liked it so much..!! 
ur name? :O n thankyou so much for the lovely comment!!Embarrassed
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Originally posted by unishaz

simply wow..
smileroy Senior Member

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dude u really. Don't knw d difference between a crap and a masterpiece...really..kitta Sai story ta..plzzz don't stop to write..i just loved one Te j really cried..

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