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ashni bas ashn4pg147 dukh to apna saathi hai....... (Page 71)

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Originally posted by rajanigandha26

Bye girls! Time to leave.

Bye Rajani nice chatting up with u

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Induji what news of Sony ??
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Nidhi finally extricated herself from dr ashutosh's arms and rushed to bathe, emerging in a crimson n white churidaar kurta , and then slipped a sweater over, pulling dr ashutosh out of bed.."chaliye...nishu bhi uthega ...ready ho jaaiye..aaj man mrs hudson ko gaajar matar aur parathe sikha rahi hoon...aur hare chane bhi" dr ashutosh smiled lazily..as he slipped on his clothes ...n then called out to nidhi"hey..nidhi..mere kapde to do" n nidhi returned..smiling as she took out jeans, blue shirt and a black pullover ...and added"yeh suit shaam ke liye..shirt tie pressed hai...shoes bhi polished hain..."dr ashutosh smiled"thanx...but mere joote nahi chooa karo...i dont like you doing it...i can polish my shoes..."nidhi smiled"kyun...aakhir ab kuch months me aapko to mujhe sandles pehnane bhi padenge...nahi pehnaayenge kya"?? Both recalling how during nishu's time , nidhi had grown so big that she couldnt bend down to wear her sandles from 6 month onwards...dr ashutosh looked at her...n then caressing her belly that was just begining to show a baby bump said"i hope ...its not such a big baby...if it is ,..then we d have to..." nidhi pulled herself away"we will have to do what????chahe kuch bhi ho...i will not go for abor...plz"and nidhi's eyes filled with tears,..hat began to flow...her eyes seeming angry...dr ashutosh regretted his faux pass as he hugged her..overpowering her "jaan...mai sirf yeh kehna chah raha tha...ki if its a big baby, we d have to take great care...maybe have a cesarean 2 weeks before the expected date...nidhi i know ..yeh baby tumhari jaan hai...dont worry...iss baar kuch nahi hoga...have faith on me" he kissed her forehead...n then bent down to kiss the baby bump...as nidhi quitened and ashutosh cuddled her...saying"chalo..ab i m hungry...phir shopping karni hai" and as nidhi went out...he bit his lip...he had a gut feel that the baby was a big one again...n knowing nidhi's emotional state...he would have to go on with the pregnancy...but maybe he was wrong...he hoped so...

As dr ashutosh nnishu n nidhi sat for breakfast, mrs hudson said"dr, i cooked those green chana...with nidhi's help..." nidhi smiled at ashutosh who seemed apprehensive"sirf stir kiya hai..unhone per kahiye kiachcha banaaya hai"!!dr ashutosh smiled as he ate n looked up to exclaim"supeb mrs hudson..u are an awesome cook"!!nidhi ate her breakfast and as ashutosh got up to get her milk..she wrinkled her nose..as he said"chalo close ur eyes n nose and drink...come on"!!and nishu laughed"oh mamma is a baby"!!and gulped down his own milk saying'"see mamma, i am first.."and nidhi smiled!!!

Nidhi was scanning through jackets for nishu..and picked one that was quite big..ashutosh laughed"nidhi its so big...fit for a 6 year old"nidhi replied innocently"so its fine na...ab phir kab aayenge ..." ashutosh smiled..shaking his head ,he added"bus thoda bada lo...as soon as the baby is one year...we d come..aur hur summers me aaya karenge...abhi europe kahaan dekha hai tumne.." nidhi 's eyes reflected her deep happiness as she kept the jacket back..and picked two ..fit for right now n one slightly bigger...n then looked for sweaters...finally they came to the toys section..and nishu seemed wonderstruck..as dr ashutosh showed him around..asking "bolo nishu ,..kya loge baby"??nishu seemed confused as he held ashutosh's hand and pointed to a teddy bear..a big one..ashutosh smiled..knowing his weakness for teddies..just like his mother...he picked it..n then took him to choose a toughened plastic golf set...nishu looked at it...n then to ashu's surprise held the adjacent cricket sat"papa...this one"!!ashutosh ruffled his hair n asked"will u play cricket!,?per kiske saath"??niishu clapped n said"chacha ke saath"!!and ashitosh held him...his eyes joyous that the affection for armaan was as strong in nishu's heart...
Ashutosh looked at nidhi...n took her to mother n baby section..n looking at her with reassurance said"lets pick pink..."and holding nidhi's hand , he touched cute lil frocks...socks...bibs..nidhi was overcome with emotions..as she took on..picking dreams...lil nishu came..."papa ..mamma yeh kiske liye hain"?? Nidhi smiled..as dr ashutosh took him in his arms and said"nishu..tumko ek lil baby sister ya brother aane wala hai...loge kuch uske liye..."?? Nishu wriggled down n ran ...to come back..dragging a doll with him..."yeh lo..meri sister ke liye..."!!!nidhi bent down n hugged nishu...as she kissed the doll...and put it in their shopping basket...ashutosh took out a lovely dress ..with floral print for nidhi..nidhi smiled n reminded"dr ashutosh...it d take me atleast 6 months after the delivery to get back inyo shape...so sirf gowns n undergarments ..thats all"!!as she moved on looking at maternity bras,...lovely padded lace..but so expensive..as she kept yhem back..n moved on , dr ashutosh smiled and picked them..and more...now he was an experienced husband and knew exactly what nidhi would require...nidhi looked back "yeh kiske liye..."she said looking at the heap of undergarments, silk gowns ..ashutosh raised his eyebrow n replied "woh tumhare liye nahi...meri biwi ke liye hain..she is pregnant ..you see"!! Wink n nidhi pouted"very funny..."!!!!
As dr ashutosh looked at his watch..it was 2 in the afternoon, nidhi must be tired...he thought...n then looking at nishu , he said"nidhi, i feel baaki phir paris se aake karenge...ok..nishu is hungry ..i feel"nidhi complained"per abhi baba armaan ji..meri friends ke perfumes...plz..." ashutosh smiled indulgently..."dont worry..sab ke liye shop karenge ..perfumes paris se lena..you d get really good ones there...nd rest ..aake ..ab chalo..."n he pulled a pouting nidhi...
As they sat to a hot cutlet n sandwich lunch with hot "ghar ki coffee" ..ashu reminded.."kal we d drive to oxford..n blenhiem palace...you d love it..long shaded walks...main student days me bahut jaata tha wahaan...i want to take you there...aur phir next day paris...4 days at the novotel..near champ de elysee..bahut achchi jagah hai...bus we d take it easy..tum theek to feel kar rahi ho na'"??nidhi nodded "i am fine...achcha kiya waapas aa gaye...i am sleepy...n hungry"!! Ashutosh helped her to more cutlets as he looked at her sleepy eyes...knowing that pregnancy always made her v sleepy...as mrs hudson cleared the dishes, n nidhi tried to help her, she exclaimed"nidi..u need to rest..look fagged out..go..the baby needs rest..." n nidhi blushed as she came to the bed...and by the time dr ashutosh came having put nishu in the quilt, she was fast asleep...her hand outstretched on his side..searching for him...he sighed as he lay..n put her hand on his chest...but before that he looked at the fingers,..kissing each of them..feeling their girth...nidhi was finally gaining weight...

As dr ashutosh emerged from the washroom, nidhi gave him the white shirt that he wore over his warm inner,and then turned around to her..for the tie,nidhi had selected a deep violet tie that she put around his collar and as she worked upon a knot, dr ashutosh worked ..his hands around nidhi's widening waist..his thumb caressing the base of her breasts...as nidhi said"ho gaya...done" but dr ashutosh caught her"hey doc!!i am not done as yet..."and taking her face in his hands, he kissed her in the forehead...as she lowered her eyes and handed him the coat..helping it over his shoulders...and as he combed his hair..she turned around to see if everything was perfect..dr ashutosh looked for nishu...n called out "nishu"???n could hear the clatter of his lil feet running ,"yes papa..."n then seemed to stand ..mesmerised by his stunningly handsome father...ashutosh smiled n said"nishu..i am going for a meeting...mamma ko trouble nahi karna...aur dinner kha lena ..kal chalenge ghoomne saath saath" nishu nodded...seeming delighted at the idea of the picnic that nidhi had been briefing him about..dr ashutosh looked at nidhi..and smiled seeing she had already fixed the dvd player to tv to record the coverage...she smiled n added"baba ke liye...bbc ka yeh channel nahi aata wahaan pe ..."ashu smiled"i know...chaloon ab"?? Nidhi smiled n said"best of luck..."n as dr ashutosh left, he shouted"nidhi khaa lena...mera dinner wahin hoga...plz kha lena"!!nidhi smiled as she closed the doors...and switched on the tv..and the phone rang.."nishu..aao dekho chacha ka hai"n nishu came running...waiting impatiently as nidhi talked to baba telling him"jee, aapki di hui violet tie pehen ke gaye hain...main record ker rahi hoon..."n then explained as baba asked "tu kyun nahi gai meri bachchi"??..."baba, nishu kaise rehta..."??nishu pulled at her gown asking for the phone as nidhi said"leejiye nishu..."nishu spoke excitedly"baba...papa ne mere ko bahut sare toys khareede...kal hum jaayenge picnic pe,..."n then as armaan took the phone n said"nishu..kaisa hai tu meri jaan"??nishu pouted n replied"uuunnn okay...per aako miss ker ra hoon..."!!as armaan chatted on, nishu added prodded by nidhi "chacha...main aapke liye kya laaoon"??armaan felt touched...how he a loner had found a family in ashutosh's world...nidhi being more than what a sister,..a bhabhi could have been ...and nishu had filled that void...which had been there in his heart...armaan was pulled out of his thoughts as nishu repeated"tell na chacha..." n armaan added naughtily "bus mujhe to ek cheez hi chahiye...mera nishu"!!!
Dr ashutosh was welcomed in the auditorium of the historic college, he was ushered to the first row..to the seat marked for him..to the left was a seat marked"mrs ashutosh mathur" dr ashutosh smiled n addressing the junior dr said"my wife hasnt been able to come...but could you keep this chair unoccupied"??the usherer smiled as he said"sure sor..all yours"!!soon dr ashutosh was greeted by his friends n then dr watson"hello dr ashutosh...i hope you have thought about the offer...i am sure your wife must have convinced you...all young girls love london...the night life..the discos...you see"!!
Dr ashutosh did not reply...but his mind flashed to their disco visit...the fiasco that it was...but nidhi..had she been to a disco ever since...n now she was in a family way..."hullo!!ashutosh.."it was dr mallik with mrs mallik followed by meera , clad in western formals..looking devastatingly pretty but dr ashutosh hardly obseved that!! As he bent to touch the feet of the malliks n made them sit on the chairs in the front row, marked for them..mrs mallik asked"nidhi ..where is she"??ashutosh replied"mam..she stayed back...she didnt want to leave nishu alone ..".."but isnt there a house keeper.."asked meera..dr ashutosh looked at her..n in a tine half stern n half mocking he replied"nidhi..did not think it proper to leave nishu alone with the house keeper...she ia a v good mother..you see"!!...meera seemed absolutely floored by the personality of dr ashutosh ..in his dark steel grey suit n violet tie..immaculately dressed ..his hair ..combed in the side oarting, side burns completely grey..and his light trimmed beard adding to that intense look...and as dr ashutosh took his seat to the left of malliks, meera came to his left and nearly took the vacant seat..to his left..but dr ashutosh spoke firmly"dr meera, i am sorry, this seat is reserved for my wife...for nidhi" meera straightened..feeling highly stung..as she shot back"but nidhi is not here, she chose not to come..surely the seat wouldnt remain vacant ..would it"??dr ashutosh raied his eyebrow n answered firmly"dr meera,you may feel nidhi isnt here...so her seat will certainly remain vacant...no one..no one else can take her place ever...thank you"...as he signalled to the usherer to make meera sit..'"she is my wife's guest".she was taken to the second row...for guests of dignitaries..
As the felicitation started, dr watson gave a glowing introduction to dr ashutosh, calling him "one of the greatest neurosurgeons ever..a great administrator..strict n fastedious that has earned him the sobriquet of DR HARDSTONE ...buta complete human being ..a name that instils pride in the medical fraternity n awe n inspiration to society at large" as dr ashutosh stood up...and walked to the stage, the entire hall consisting of about 1000 elite guests ..mostly drs clapped ..dr ashutosh bowed as the dean of surgeons international community honoured him with his doctorate n dr watson putbon his raduation gown n hat...and dr ashutosh was invited to speak...as dr watson said"ashutosh..i am awaiting your reply"!!dr ashutosh stood ..behind the podium...ready to address the august gathering..
Nidhi having fed nishu aloo tamaatar n poori n herself also had the same, settled in front of the tc..with nishu playing with his abacus right there...waiting for his father to appear on the screen...and get "a prize...for coming super first ..a"as nidhi had explained to him...nidhi's eyes scanned the crowd as the telecast started..her eyes fell on dr ashutosh being called to accept the honour..and then as the camera spanned the audience ,she saw a lovely looking meera sitting in the second row...
"Doctors, ladies n gentlemen, "spoke dr ashutosh"this is a very special moment for me to be honoured by the best college of superspecialisation in medicine n surgery..well my relationship with this college goes back to the time when i was but 13 or 14 years of age...when my father..dr sagar mathur filled in me the burning desire to grow up not only to be a surgeon but also to come to this great august college n do my FRCS from here..friends, many of you d not beknowing that he too had done his FRCS from here and was a gold medalist in his batch...so i only repeated what he had already achieved...and i as a father i also have a dream...just as my fatherhad...if my children ..one of them is goingl to be born..if they do choose to be drs, then i d love to see them come here to study...it shall certainly be a rewarding moment for me...and now i must share with you the wonderfully magnanimous honour that dr watson has bestowed upon me..to stay back in london n to head this esteemed college...friends to tell you the truth it was an extremely attractive offer..to teach n do research...because as a middle aged man i know ..these fingers are not going to remain nimble enough to perform neuro surgery ..for ever...n yet..my family ..my hospital ..small as it is seemed to call me...i was in a dilemma...when ...i asked my wife...nidhi..dr nidhi ..n incidentally she is 18 years my junior...n let me share with you..what she said to me ,..she said that much as she loved london...she was very clear that our home was back..in india..at lucknow..she said that birds may fly the whole day in the open skies..testing the invisible boundaries of the blue skies ...n yet when evening falls ,,they fly back home to their nests...n friends that settled it,..cleared my dilemma.yes i am honoured ..i m proud of having stufied n having taught here..i am grateful dr watson for the honour that has been bestowed upon me...but the simple fact is that..i need to go back..i need to fly back to my nest..to my nation..my city..my hospital n my family...i end..dedicating this honour to baba..my father for making me what i am ..n to nidhi..my wife..for having accepted me the way i am...thankyou..the pillars of my life..."and there was a thundering ovation as everyone got up n cheered...in the second row dr meera got up..quietly..finally realising that nidhi was not only the love in dr ashutosh's life...but also the force behind him...she inspired him...though just half as qualified and a generation younger...she was his true love..his soul mate...meera clapped slowly...but surely as she blinked her tears back...n looking at the vacant chair marked"mrs ashutosh"she said...in a whisper..."nidhi...this is your place..no one can ever claim it...never ever..." and blinded by tears..of sorrow n grief ..of realisation n shame...meera fumbled through the crowd...as dr ashutosh raised his graduation hat n pointed his degree at that vacant seat...reserved for the girl who had filled his life...his heart..his home..his world...nidhi..only nidhi...

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Me first

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Was just about to log off .. U made my day off to read

Jackpots galore

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me second

Induji...Story So Far Updated 

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Indu, just read the update.  Once again brilliantly depicted.  Nidhi's apprehensions, her fears and Ashu regretting his mistake and trying to soothe her nerves.  The shopping reminded me of the previous pregnancy and the marked difference in Ashu now.  Nishu overjoyed at the revelation and impulsively dragging a doll - this boy is too endearing.

Dr. Ashutosh addressing the august gathering and holding the audience enthralled with his firm but decisive speech - acknowledging the huge influence of the two pillars in his life. Felt sorry for Meera but glad that she finally accepted the truth and graciously gave credit to Nidhi which she so deserved. 

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Thanks Indu ji...will read it asap...

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