Arakshi FF: Ajeeb si daastan.. Chapter 18C - Pg.101 27/4 (Page 65)

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First of all, talking about Mr. Khanna and Sakshi's relationship, they share more a father-daughter relationship.She neither had to talk in her defence nor clarify about herself being innocent in front of him.Their relationship was beautifully potrayed.Glad that her Mamaji is out of danger now, his presence and comforting support is her strength to fight all the ups and downs in her life and stay sane & strong.
Shree has been feeling guilty for the mess he has landed Sakshi into unintentionally, his acts proves him to be a genuine gentleman who accepts his mistake and apologises for the same.Arjun too has apologised and taken responsibility of the mistake of his, even if he isn't at fault he was the one to give orders.Him apologising to Arjun's uncle with so much honesty and not much ego, it was such an gentleman act from his side.
Arjun-Sakshi's convo, it was as if I too was there nearby hearing them..I know ki dusro ki baatein sunna bad manners hote hain, but what to do?? Big smile The convo between them was so beautifully penned down.
Then, the chat flashback, even without meeting eachother just hearing about them they became such a good friend and also respected eachother.Their talks gave them the courage and strength to move on.
They are there right in front of eachother but don't recognize them, unki dimaag ki batti kab jalegi??
The chat, that was so sweet, I read it umm..I forgot how many times but yeah a lot many times.They were both unknowing taken back to their past memories where they had eachother to trust.
That was a beautiful update as always.
Loved every bits of it.
Will read the next part too soonish.
P.S. Had been away for a while so wasn't able to comment on the previous chapter.Sorry for the delay.

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I have never been to Dhanualti and having been living in terai region neither have I seen snow other than on TV but the way you described it, I felt as if I was right there playing with the snow..kash main bhi waha snowman bana rahi hoti!! Big smile
"If magic existed for real, this was it.."
This must have been true as it really seems magical.
Despite everything that happened, Sakshi didn't lose hope and there she was again in the school helping out the little kids.Even Arjun had a smile on his lips recalling his childhood memories.
"Aap barf mein bhi jog pe jaate hain?"
And Arjun's casual reply, they are getting more comfortable around eachother.
Trivedi might have been upto something bigger and it isn't so easy to make him open his mouth.He will try everything possible to keep silence but our ACP Rawte is no less, nothing escapes his eyes and ears, he will find some way to bring out the truth and provide justice to Sakshi.
Jay's worry is evident, he seems to be trust-worthy helping out Sakshi in the time of need.
Mr. Abhinav Krishna, he seems to be an hard-working and inspiring person giving chances to the new comers and working to aware the people, Sakshi was lucky to have him as a mentor.
Sakshi work life was described in a brilliant manner.They way she would go deeper into every matter and the fact that she had become popular in such a short time and her articles being liked by all is even more great.Her articles are still in demand and her mentor is looking forward to bring her back.Will she accept the offer and return to Delhi?Will she go back to doing what she loved?Or she will leave it and focus on her current work?
Arjun going to the hospital and staying with Sakshi throughout the surgery was such a sweet gesture.Glad that he went to her, it had been really tough for her too.Imagining the loved ones in the OT undergoing the surgery is itself dreadful.Even after being in medical field, I too fear to imagine somebody close to me undergoing it.So, Sakshi's tension and turmoil can be related to.Finally, he's out of danger, that's such a relief.
Aisha is back and she's right in time to see her two most favourite people dining together.But there's also a lot that she's unaware of.
That was another beautiful update.
Loved every bits of it.
Once again thanks for the PM.

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wonderful updated..
wriiten beautifullyClapClap
since summer is going on i could feel cold near me and could imagine was amazing
thank god mamaji is okay.
sakshi and arjun having dinnerShockedShocked and ayesha watching themLOLLOL
contd. soon
thnx for pm

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This story always takes me to another plane..
And I would like to tell how..
Have you ever seen bioscope..
Its like that to me..
I read each word..
N I connect to it like that only..
A faded yellow something rolls on..
Its beautiful Avantika..
Other than this story I couldn't have experienced it ever..
I can see through it everything. .
The snowfall..
Sakshi's visit to her past..
The suspicion in those ladies' eyes..
Sakshi at her school..
Arjun watching her..
Their convo...probably I can see some music notes around..
Arjun in jogging robe..
Hospital. .
Sakshi waiting outside. .
Arjun talking to her...
"Something has changed" in Arjun..
Taking dinner together..
Sakshi's hesitantly opening up of her recent past in Delhi. .
Its been an awesome start of the day for me Avni..
Reading this story is an awesome n different experience for me..
Thanks..n take care...
N continue. .
I am feeling so full n happy..thanks..

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My dear Avantika,
I am dismally and unforgivably late,  having been stuck in Yudh  land for the past over 5 weeks,  but  I am here at  long last--  der aaye  durust aaye.I was relieved to see that Chapter 11 was not up  yet!
This  one is really about, no, not love blossoming between Arjun and Sakshi, but something which I think is rarer - a real sense of belonging together, with all the caring for each other that comes with that territory.
It is as yet mostly on Arjun's side, for though Sakshi feels, to use the beautiful and apposite Urdu word,  mehfoos  with him,  she is too beset with 3 separate sets of worries - about  her campaign to clear her father's name,  about her current assignment with Jay, and now about her uncle - to have  any time or emotional energy for anything  else. This is not sakshi_stargazer,  at least not for the present.
But Arjun does not know why he feels  what he feels and does what he does. Neither why he goes to the hospital  nor why he  stays there for hours on end, holding Sakshi's hand, metaphorically speaking, helping thru that long agonizing wait outside the OT.  It is as yet nascent in him,  this need to comfort her and ease her worries, and he is puzzled by such unfamiliar emotions. But I was relieved that he does not want to fight them, which would have been an additional complication!
You have handled this delicate transition with a very sure  touch, Avantika, and have managed to preserve its  as yet will o' the wisp quality. There is magic in this tentative reaching out to each other, just as surely as in the snowflakes that pile into Sakshi's outstretched palm. I loved that line of yours  after Arjun follows Sakshi into the ICU, and again, he  knows not why.

Something had changed in that moment..

As for the Arjun-Sakshi, a walk to remember,that the precap offers, I  hope it is to the Kempty  Falls. That was  the in place in Mussoorie for moonlight rambles, even 40  years ago! As I am sure your grandmum  would know. I hope you get on that train to Dehra Dun with her  soon.
I liked the new entrant, Mr. Abhinav Krishna, a  nice Tamil name, though of  course these days,   with the new fads in names, he could be from anywhere in India! He sounds interesting and  also flexible, in that unlike with, say, Arjun, you can, if you so choose, make this AK white, black or grey.  I hope it is grey!
Now some questions.

-Why is a blessedly Roshni-less Arjun so  perennially agonized, so inhibited, and so afraid of any emotions at all? You say "Over the years, loneliness and the anguish contained within him had rendered him incapable of accepting a change, for fear of losing a grip over his restrained emotions; or so he forced himself to believe."   But why? Is it only the  calumny that besmirched the  honour of his dead mentor that causes him to become  so closed in? It seems a bit too much to me. Or is there something else that you have not  revealed as yet?

-I shall not ask you who is the client for whom Sakshi, on a 6 month sabbatical from the India Post Enterprises, and Jay are working  right now,   for you would hardly want to open up that card  at this point. But how would investigating or even getting to the bottom the arms smuggling racket centred on the Garhwal Police Academy help Sakshi  progress with her crusade to clear her father's name?  

This is besides my  other doubt about the size of an arms smuggling racket  where the  smuggled goods can be fitted into the storage compartment of a scooty.  And where would the guns come from anyway?  The Academy stock of guns and ammo would be carefully  entered into registers and  checked every few days.

To revert, my second question arises, of course, because we are still in the dark as to how exactly Col. Anand was framed, arrested, probably sentenced on   trumped up evidence, and then disposed of for good in an explosion triggered  in the  police  van  in which he was being taken back from the hospital. I hope at least some of these questions are answered in the next chapter. 

Shyamala Aunty



Heylo everyone.. The next one is up! It's longer than usual but I couldn't stop in the middle.. Tongue

Do read and review, please.. 

I've replied to your previous comments. Take a look, if you'd like to.. Smile

                                                    Chapter 10

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i love ur writing and i already hv read every story of yours  this one is awesm as well  it has all the elements to make it special.i have a request.i want to read  all the chap of the story  if u pm some of the chaps can u pm me as well i will be thankfull to you.i m new to this forum and with this my id also has some problems that i cant send buddy request to any one.and so no pms.please.

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Originally posted by kunchu

Abla nari on res Embarrassed
Hope i am not in between

Haye snowfall
Its a dream for me to see once in my lifetime
all white and cold...
If magic existed for real, this was it..
true, my dear
wo shirt abhi bhi wahi hai?? hihi... dekho aur dekho... hihihiEmbarrassed
Jay and ye Abhinav Krishna wala funda bohot seedhe look denewala twisted funda lagtha hai. I am not a fool to think its as simple as it looks
lolipop banana shuru kardo my Genie
wo school wala part was too cute re. and hospital scene so warm. 
I loved the khamoshi wala support.
love you...
Silly talks me kuch kuch puch rahe hai Sakshi ke bare me. abhi bhi bohot kuch jaana hai
Aisha ko jhatka hi mila. that precap made me love you more 
The memory of her dad's last time was indeed painful. How much did that man suffer?
hit by number of bullets, branded traiter and even burnt into flames in a hospital car park!!
No wonder Arjun is taking the event too personal just like Sakshi
waiting for more n more
even I am greedy u see
This is my first comment to any updates after my superb holidays and loads of food that I am already missing

Abla naari.. Woh kaun hai?! ShockedSilly Tathastu, K.. I really hope u get to make a snowman someday! Embarrassed

hai na! He's not just a khadoos boss, here hai na.. Watch out for more on him.. Wink
There's a lot to Sakshi's father's death and I soo hope I could write it all at once.. But khair! OuchSleepy

Thank you so much.. Hug next one in a day or two, hopefully! Ermm

P.S. Haan haan.. Thuso aur! LOL

Originally posted by SeasonOfLeaves

Avniii Avniii AvniiiHug
Acha, tell me one thing, how do you manage to keep me hooked until I see the stars at the end and realise that it's all over?
And you said it was long ROFL
Like. Honestly.
Why couldn't you just go on and on and onnn..I was beginning to enjoy the snowww (even though its so summery here!) when you stopped!Ouch
I was like this 
First of all, that scene by the window when Sakshi was thinking about her father...and those memories, they just took me to another world. Especially what you said about the snow - 

"If magic existed for real, this was it..."

Snow is magic Embarrassed
I think your writing made it even more beautifulEmbarrassed

Eesh! I am getting hugely inspired by none other than you, your Highness.. Heart
Oh yes! Snow is magical.. Of the few things that I miss, snow is definitely one of them.. Tongue

And then the school scene where they meet Day Dreaming I was so reminded of my school and the prayers! 
Btw every time they met I was like 
This cracked me up so bad ROFL

"Aap barf mein bhi jog pe jaate hain?", she casted a glance at his casual attire and raised a brow.

LOOOLLL barf mein jogging...although that would be quite an eye pleasing sightBlushing Hayeee mujhe wahan jaana haiii
Hmmm wonder what Sakshi is planning now...Ermm

I feel the same about hospitals as SakshiOuch but then she has a painful memory associated with it...that was sadOuch

LOOL Arjun had a break and where did he decide to be? By her side. SighhhDay Dreaming
Yeah you have awakened the hopeless romantic in me again Embarrassed
I realise I am typing an essay out of the comment but I am sure you wont mindLOLLOLLOL

Achaaa so, that scene by the temple was just...

Even silences can speak volumes..sighhh. He was there for her when she needed someone the most *dreamy eyes*Day Dreaming

Arjun pursed his lips and nodded, "I'm glad you didn't mind me coming here. I just wanted to make sure that he was fine." That you were fine, a voice corrected him..  

Yess yesss just what I thought lol LOL
You're soo falling for her ACP RawteWink
This part was just beyond beautifully written AvniiiBig smile
Then the scene at the hospital mess just made me hungryLOL Even though I have just had dinner lol
It was such a simple moment and yet I think your words made it so much more beautiful Heart
Am I making sense here?LOL
The last he wants to get Sakshi back? But the question still remains as to what assignment she is on! You're not gonna reveal that until later are youLOL
Anyhooo waiting to
Thank youu for the PM and hope you update that TS soonWink
Am being greedy don't mind meeeROFL

Thanks soo much for giving a "long" update (it wasn't long ..not when it's your writingLOL)
I wanna go back to Dhanaulti! *pouts*
Update sooon and love youuHug

Haha.. Thank you for that entertaining comment.. I always look fwd to these.. Heart
Oh and before I forget, I did mention about Sakshi's assignment.. Maybe u missed it.. LOL But no worries.. 
Oh! And I'm trying to make the next update a bit more dreamy, but sigh! D'oh I think I'm losing it.. Wacko

P.S. ACP Rawte is obviously clean bowled.. Heart
Thank you soo much Rituu.. Love you.. Hug

Darn! That smile.. Haaye.. Palat! Heart Blushing

Originally posted by sisodia_shefali

nice update 
sakshi trying to get to her normal life but will take time and so will people around her it is said na time heals everything 
both arjun and sakshi can't help but to think abt eachother and have that strange feeling that r they strangers or r connected somewhere some how 
arjun and sakshi convo at school gave arjun some thing to think may be she has more then what meets his eyes 
arjun had started feeling for her may be it is just concern but then it is strong enough for him to go to hospital so that he could be there for her and how so ever sakshi may believe that she is strong enough and don't want anyone's support but then u always need some one who can be there for u even silent support is also more then enough 
aisha back and getting shocker seeing these two together 
precap looks good will sakshi realize that who he is after knowing his first name 

Yes, they're both suspecting something unusual but it's too early for them to figure out what that may be.. 
Sometimes just being there for someone means a lot.. 
Who knows, maybe!Tongue
Thank you.. 

Originally posted by life93

hi avani diHug...
what a magic u create! haye ! beautiful snowfall all i can imagine Day Dreaming...
but really u write each word with a magical touch that i just land into the sceneClap...
sakshi watching the snowfall and her memoriesSmileSmile...and yes ! sakshi is back Big smile...
ACP is always on !WinkWink...always om right time at right place Wink...i'm going to be insane ! just imagine arjun n sakshi snowy atmoshphere Tongue..
n he went to meet sakshi and their conversation in front of the godess idolSmile loved it !
arjun ke silent gestures n sakshi's thanks ...Heart...loving it !
and now dinner ! Wink...chalo baat yahan toh pahuchiLOL...ayesha LOL...
sakshi's past work clearly shows how effiecient she isClapClapClap...
waiting for Sakshi S...back in actionBig smile...
thanks a lot for all the brave awesome female characters u create be it ...sakshi, riya, Ro, Reva...n Priya ...they r my insipirationBig smileBig gave me immense strength...thank uHug ...
precap is super interesting !!!!!

BTW  what about SYHTPH ??...update soon diHug
p.s - the " kuch kuch hota hai" wala AVI Day Dreaming...seriously kuch kuch hota hai dekh kar :PLOLWink

Thank you Nee.. Hug Ab he's THE ACP Arjun na.. Kya karein! Heart
Yes, Sakshi S. will be back in action pretty soon.. But a few realisations need to happen before that! Wink
Aww.. Thank you.. I think a major chunk of credit goes to the Arjun in our heads, be it Vidya, Shilpa or myself.. And of course, humare dear CV's who band-bajofied the original story.. LOL

Shayad is on hold, for now.. I barely have time to write these days.. Will get this one and Lady moving first and then switch to Shayad.. 
Hai na.. Wink Heart

Originally posted by Humzy

Lovely update
Loved it
Very nicely written
Continue soon

Thank you! Big smile

Originally posted by drunkiiebabe

Awesome update
Thanks for the pm 

Thanks! Big smile

Originally posted by Shivi1997

Its awsm
grt writing haan
aww she is missing her dad..that pain is so unbearable..i bet... :(
arjun n sakshi ke bich ackward toh khatm hue..
Ab arjun ko kaun bachaye aisha or shree se..
I love it
nice update
update soon

Thanks! Big smile
She does obviously.. Ouch
Lol.. Wait n watch.. Wink
Thank you.. 

Originally posted by SeasonOfLeaves

Just wanted to say that I unreserveddd my comment but I think you'll notice it anyway. 
It's super longROFL

Heart I did.. Hug

Originally posted by Devangana

Wonderful update.  Sakshi and Arjun's feelings were so well portrayed.  Unknowingly Arjun has started becoming a moral support for Sakshi and she also looks forward and welcomes it.  Arjun still feels responsible for what happened but now it is more than just guilt perhaps he himself does not realize it.  Sakshi's telling him that there has to be a loophole somewhere might just be the small push Arjun needs to crack the case.  Update soon please.

Yup! They're really comfortable with each other, without even realising it.. 
Of course, he's changing and he does realise it.. 
Thanks! Big smile

Originally posted by ...Maha-Srk...

just amazing 
wonderful update
eagerly w8ng 4 next

Thank you.. Big smile

Originally posted by rajeeviansonai

mindblowing update yaar.plz send me pm.update this story soon

I will.. Thank you..Big smile 

Originally posted by yams.s

Wonderful update

Beautifully written

A new warm relationship probably friendship blooming between Arjun and Saakshi

Aisha sees Saakshi and Arjun together. How will she react when she comes to know about the truth

Will Saakshi join the newspaper back?

 Eager to know

Continue Soon

Thank you.. 
Yup.. They're not friends yet, but slowly getting there.. 

I'll let the next update answer that.. Tongue

Originally posted by shreya09

Aisha is back Big smile Big smile i was waiting for her Embarrassed especially after seeing her her bonding with Arjun.
very nice update it was.
A warm soothing & comfortable friendship is forming between Arjun & Sakshi.
the Dinner scene was really sweet. i was imagining Arjun scrutinizing the food with full concentration. and Sakshi's laugh noticing him doing it. it made my day. Smile
very well written Thumbs Up
waiting for more Embarrassed

LOL Thank you! 
Well, now that Ayesha is back, she has a lot of work to do.. Tongue

Originally posted by riyaishita

arakshi tymings r mind blowing!!!!
her mamaji is gud nw...thnkgod
i must say ur writing along with d description of nature in dis whole story is unbeatable...keep it up...all d best!!!!
thnks fr pms...
waiting fr further reading...

Thanks a lot.. Glad you like it.. Big smile

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New bonding between arakshi
Mamaji out of danger
U have written nicely 
Arakshi unknowns Ki wo ik dusre k bare me kya feel karte he
Continue soon

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